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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Shane Robbins

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  • Birthday 08/09/1996

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    Shane Alexander Robbins
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    The Tipsy Mozzie Bartender, Musician
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    Derek Theler

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    Dogwood, 7 3/4'', Hippogriff Heartstring core
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  1. Anybody noticed how this QuillBook thing went down precisely just before and during my birthday? I swear to Merlin this crap just wanted to mess with my plans...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      Let me know if you ever hear of some place where I can get some...

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      If I ever get my hands on it I'll bring it to you. 

    4. Shane Robbins
  2. Ran into my walking nightmare earlier today but she ignored my existence.

    @Jo Estrada I owe you a million favors for this.

    1. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Glad it's taking care of. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. 

  3. Business is slow during these days... Can't wait for the summer to come.

  4. We have a small discount going over at The Tipsy Mozzie until the end of the day!

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Don't do this to me...

  5. The things I'd do for a bit of liquid luck sometimes...


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    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      @Shane Robbins I think I took care of the problem. Let me know if it continues.

    3. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      @Jo Estrada Wow, seriously? Well, I guess only time will tell.

      You mind dropping by The Tipsy Mozzie so I can properly thank you?

    4. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      It wasn't too hard. Sure, I can stop by later, but there's no need to thank me, but I will tell you the details of what happened. 

  7. @Jamie Collins, mind switching up gyms with me before the next time we go to one? Thanks.

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      This is about the girl from the other day, isn't it?

    2. Shane Robbins
    3. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      No worries man, I'll look around.

  8. Things are looking up :) Met a really nice girl yesterday at the gym, and she gave me her number. Feels good!

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      I saw this and I'm heavily betting on her being one of those crazy stalker types.

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Psh, that's too tame. It's Shane we're talking about. I'm gonna go with psycho axe murderer!

    3. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      Come on, it's not always that bad...

  9. The Tipsy Mozzie is now looking for part time bartenders! Please contact me or submit your application at the bar/through e-mail! No experience needed.

  10. I need vacations...

  11. Okay, who was the smartass who cast a Disillusionment Charm on the bar's door yesterday?

  12. Next Friday, The Tipsy Mozzie will be closed for the duration of the day to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Thank you~

  13. Somebody's left their wand over at The Tipsy Mozzie last night. Whoever it was, we're holding it for you, but please remember that despite some wizarding clientele, this is a Muggle bar. Please be careful with this sort of thing. You're lucky I found it before anybody else did. Thanks.

  14. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

    It was a well known fact that Shane Robbins had one of the worst luck streaks in the country (if not the world), but that morning was definitely taking the cake. An issue at the bar made him miss half a final exam, he was mistaken for a sexual harasser after bumping into a woman on accident and was nearly tackled by another random pedestrian because of it, he was branded as creepy for helping a child get a balloon they lost, he got his face scratched up after retrieving a cat from a tree at the request of a neighbor (thank heavens Jamie was actually nearby to heal him), and he witnessed Alex and Cole being a little to chummy for his liking. All in all, too many bad things in the space of just three hours. His school work was already complete for the day at least, but he had a bad feeling about going home. He didn't want to be held accountable for accidentally breaking half of the bar's supply and the last thing he needed that day was to have his mother scream his ear off. Figuring a somewhat deserted location would make him mostly impervious to whatever was out to get him, Shane decided to head down to the beach. Not a whole lot of people would be there on a cloudy Monday anyway. He ended up sitting by the water, settling down at the stairs near a large pier. He stared out into the distance, but soon he found himself quite bored - he wasn't accounting for that, but it wasn't like he brought swimming trunks along anyway. Plus, the water would probably be freezing cold. He was better off just staying put and let whatever dark cloud that had decided to stay over his head to go away on its own. For all he knew, he was summoning a tsunami just from being in close proximity to water. He did 'summon' something, alright - he felt a drop of water land on the tip of his nose, a few more on his face, and just like that it was raining down in the area. "Of course..." Murphy's Law - if something could go wrong, it would. He sighed to himself and got up, seeking shelter under the entryway of a nearby building. He was dripping from head to toe and couldn't exactly use magic to dry himself off. Not only was he in public, but he'd probably set himself on fire instead anyway. All he could do was sit down on the floor and ride it out.
  15. Friends by Mutual Friends

    The Collins twins brought the two together, and they've struck up an unlikely friendship over time.
Shane Alexander Robbins
The Tipsy Mozzie Bartender, Musician 0
23 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  23
Date of Birth August 9th, 1996
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation The Tipsy Mozzie Bartender, Musician
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus N/A
Wand Dogwood, 7 3/4'', Hippogriff Heartstring core
Play-by Derek Theler
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga - Bourke House
  • Victoria Magical University - Musiciary
  • Secret even to himself, his unknown father's side of the family is under a bad luck curse. As such, so is he;
  • Has suffered a multitude of injuries, some of which prevent him from going into Taekwondo competitively anymore, and it hurts to move sometimes;
  • Is scared his education will be for naught during performances due to his propensity for failure;
  • Despite having a crush on Alex Lin that resurfaces every other year, he's vowed never to go after his best friend's sister, inadvertently avoiding the one not-crazy girl (debatable) he's ever liked.
General Knowledge
  • Legendary bad luck;
  • Can't lie to save his life;
  • A virtuoso, he can play several instruments, although his specialty is the piano for which he's in college for;
  • His wand tends to backfire a lot, and it's a miracle he graduated out of Tallygarunga;
  • Keeping himself away from the wizarding world in general (save for his education, which is about to end);
  • Very excitable when something good happens;
  • Has a bit of a streak in having crazy exes;
  • Prone to get himself into trouble;
  • His mother runs a bar in Melbourne called The Tipsy Mozzie and he can easily be found there, bartending or hanging out.

Shane is a moderately social person - while not particularly well versed in such a thing he enjoys hanging out with his friends, although his buttons are very easy to push. Almost anyone has tremendous ease in making him get embarrassed, frustrated, happy, or any of a full range of emotions that come through his face as clear as water.

He's a terrible liar as a result, even more so when it comes to hiding what he feels - at least, if the person isn't too dense, like Alex some of his friends are. As such, he just opts to go where his very impulsive feelings take him unless it goes against his principles, being more of a feeler than a thinker.

He tends to submit to authority very quickly because he doesn't want more trouble than his natural bad luck already gives him as well as not wanting to disappoint his mother. This makes people think he's a coward a lot of the time, when it couldn't be further from the truth. He often steps up to intervene in situations he deems unfair, lacking much of a survival sense in those occasions, and having gotten into physical fights over bullies and petty criminals because of it.

He appreciates the little things in life, such as a good meal and a nice sports game, rather than thinking long term and defining goals for himself. All he wants is to spend a good time on this Earth with his friends and family, and if possible, stop any injustices he may walk into.


Shane is a very tall young man with a muscular build attributed to bodybuilding. Despite being 22 years old, he looks to be considerably older due to a family curse he is presently unaware of.

He has well kept blonde hair hair and blue eyes eyes, and keeps a neatly trimmed beard. It's very rare when he's seen without his trademark blazer. Under it rest quite a few tattoos, as he's grown a bit of an obsession with ink during college.

He's been mistaken for a criminal based on his appearance before, having ended up in the local police station one too many times for questioning.


While he doesn't have many friends and his posture is mostly unapproachable, Shane proves to be a caring friend to those who bother. Given the sheer amount of bad luck he runs to he's learned to appreciate every little good thing in his life and to pay mind to them, friendships included - anyone investing time in the man will find themselves repaid with loyalty and kindness.


Having never met his father nor having any idea of who the man is to begin with, Shane is entirely removed from that side of his family. He couldn't tell you if he's a muggleborn or a halfblood, or if he has siblings he hasn't heard of. It bothers him at times, but he doesn't feel the need to seek out his father in the least.

He's somewhat afraid of his mother, willing to do her bidding because he doesn't like it when she yells at him. Nevertheless he cares for her very much and she's his most important person by far, and he'd do anything for her. They live together in an apartment above The Tipsy Mozzie.


Shane's curse influences his love life the most - he's only capable of being attracted to women who are toxic, not all up there in the head, or with whom he'd otherwise have no chance with (see: Alex Lin). As such, he has a string of very questionable exes and admirers, and he usually doesn't notice things until it's too late despite his friends' warnings.

He's very much a relationship kind of guy and very devoted to his partner at a given time. It could be that his earnest behavior eventually makes it so he actually finds his lucky charm someday.


Of these he has plenty - whether it be in the police force due to the frequent (unfair run ins), crazy exes, bullies he used to beat up and anything in between, there's a lot of negative energy directed towards Shane. In fact, one would argue he can't go a day without running into someone who'd like to see him end up in a ditch.

The story so far

Shane Alexander Robbins was conceived in a one night stand between the owner of a bar and a distraught wizard, the latter being part of a prominent family known for having a bad luck curse. This bad luck manifested in the form of an accidentally punctured condom, and Shane's mother was left with a child to raise, along with no name for the baby boy's father.

He grew up in the upstairs floor of the bar, which doubled as lodgings for the duo. They were semi-comfortable with the earnings of the bar, but it wasn't always stable. Shane developed most of his musical talents with instruments that he found in pawn shops rather than going to a music store and purchase something new because of these occasional financial difficulties.

Eventually, as the boy started to show magic abilities, he was sent to Whitlam Bilby - and later, Tallygarunga. It hurt a great deal to be away from his mother, but he was there that he befriended his roommate for the duration of his entire stay, formed a tight friends group, and engaged in sports activities he was never allowed to before - he wound up taking on Taekwondo, but after displaying promise, he had to retire several years later due to injuries.

A void was left in his life as his Tallygarunga career came to an end - while he wasn't particularly fond of magic, he missed hanging out with friends all the time and was unable to practice his sport of choice competitively anymore. In an odd stroke of luck, given his curse, all his close friends relocated to Melbourne to pursue further studies and careers; his best friend being one of them, whom then pushed him into bodybuilding.

Now, as his studies near their end, he is unsure of whether he wants to take up his mother's mantle in the bar or if he wants to pursue music. Hopefully he can make a decision soon.


Deciding to remain a freelancer for the time being when it came to his music, Shane soon found the need to find some way to more consistently support himself - unwittingly he fell into the trap of continuing his bartender stint for the sake being able to continue living in the apartment above the establishment for free, and have some pocket money to boot. Though, as per usual, various things got in the way of saving up - such as having to find a new, more expensive gym to work out in so to avoid his newly obtained Muggle stalker (whom Jo Estrada eventually got rid of, fortunately). Things aren't looking up for him, but, have they ever?

Perhaps it was a stroke of luck that both Jamie and Cole decided to move to Narragyambie, leaving Alex stranded with him. With increased time spent together, he might have a chance.

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