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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "'Scuse me?" Hang out with different people? Shane took offense to the statement, brows furrowing. He wanted to reply further but ultimately opted not to, letting the statement stew further in his mind. The problem wasn't so much who he hung out with, as them hanging out seldomly those days. With his schedule going completely against theirs it was quite difficult to have a group hangout with his friends at any given time. Maybe Jo was right. He should hang out with different people, just not for the reasons that came across in context. "Wouldn't mind that much myself. Problem is, when most people wanna go out for drinks, I'm working. Would hafta be sometime before happy hour, or in one of my odd days off, which if my mom has her way... It's, like, never." He finished his burger and cleaned his mouth with the paper that came with it, before crumpling everything up within his hand and tossing the waste ball into a nearby trashcan. Fortunately, it fell in instead of rebounding and hitting him square on the forehead. They came up to the bar in no time at all. Reminding himself that Jo was in the middle of her shift, he managed to have enough presence of mind not to invite her inside for a cold one. "Speaking of which, you know you can drop by early, right? If the bar looks closed just text me about it, and if I'm around I'll open for you." A deep breath followed, and he lightly tapped the side of her shoulder. "Thanks for this again! Yeah, I know, but I wanna say thanks anyway. I'm gonna go in to get yelled at, see you soon."
  2. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "I dunno. Time will tell." Shane gave the Auror a shrug of his shoulders. There was no way of telling whether the spell had been successful or not without tampering with the vial, which was most definitely something the man wasn't willing to risk - it was a very precious potion after all, and hopefully it would actually be able to be put to use at some point down the line if he happened to reach some sort of desperate time. 'I hear it has a come down type of deal attached to it, but, not like shit can get much worse for me anyway...' As far as his mother drinking it went, while he didn't want it to happen, it was better that she got the effect out of it than having nobody enjoy the momentary luck. Plus, he was living in her house still. If anything, it was good payment to make up for the bills he racked up at the end of the month from water, food and electricity. 'I really need to move out at some point... Once I get a half decent gig.' The pair kept walking side by side down the crosswalk, closer to the nightlife of the town; and, consequently, closer to The Tipsy Mozzie. He gave his burger a hearty bite while Jo continued speaking, though he did swallow the food prior to replying. "Huh? Sure I would, but still..." It was hard to put it to words - he always did things for people, but never expected something to be done for him, or such was his luck. "Guess I'm being weird. Truth is, I'm not really used to this type of thing. My bad." Then again, judging by how his life usually went, it was likely that the Muggle burger would wind up giving him some sort of intestinal issue half an hour down the line. "I'd say I'd get you a beer on the house back at the bar once you're done with your shift, but, you already earned yourself a lifetime supply." He joked, chuckling in good humor.
  3. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    Shane's eyes squinted as he was referred to as a possible natural bad luck rod, as Jo so eloquently put it. While he knew it to be true, it didn't make him very comfortable to hear it out loud - if anything, it confirmed that it was more than just paranoia on his end. 'Maybe I'm just cursed or something...' Though, it wasn't all bad. He did have good times, and good luck occasionally came his way; it was just that the bad far outweighed the good, and he let that get to him on occasion. "I still have that vial you gave me." He decided to mention after taking another bite out of his burger and properly ingesting it. "To be honest with ya, I'm fulling expecting the vial to crack or something when I needed, or for me to lose it. Though I did cast an unbreakable charm on the glass, so here's hoping it worked..." Though, knowing his temperamental wand, chances were he had successfully cast the exact reverse of what he wanted. "Or maybe my mom finds it and drinks it, who knows." He gave a shrug as they continued walking down the street. He looked up at the night sky, dotted with all manner of stars, and let out a sigh. "It's not all so bad though, y'know. When a lot of bad crap happens to you, you learn to appreciate the little things." Looking back down and at Jo, he waved his burger lightly in the air. "Like this! Thanks again."
  4. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    Shane's nose wrinkled as Jo pointed out a technicality in his line of questioning. It was entirely beside the point and nitpicking at best in his view, but before he could open his mouth to protest after swallowing the portion he had bitten off of his 'meal' she went on and he was compelled to stay put and listen as they kept walking. Perhaps she had a point. One could never enjoy a positive life if all they lived for was the negativity, or so the saying went. 'Some have it rougher than others though...' "Easier said than done." He spoke up, consciously lowering his burger somewhat so he wouldn't be lured in by the delightful scent and be tempted to bite into it again halfway through the conversation. He wasn't the most gentlemanly person in the world, but he still had some manners and didn't want to keep talking with his mouth full. Not that he thought Jo would mind it too much, of course, but he could practically picture his own mother decking him in the face if he ever did that in front of a woman. "It's also more complicated than that, I think... Stuff's been happenin' ever since I was born. I'm pretty sure I wasn't born negative..." Even if he could be dumb as a sack of bricks at times, he did understand most personality traits and behaviors were learned. His negativity was learned, it was a direct reaction to what kept happening to him. "Sorry. Startin' to feel like a dick about it, but I just can't help it." He gave the woman a shrug, although his expression displayed heartfelt guilt over having put her on the spot in such a manner.
  5. It's probably time I start considering moving out for real...

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    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Shane, I swear to god...

    3. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      @Jo EstradaNo, not really. I guess I'm just a bit tired of living here. Plus I think it would do me some good to wake up in a place where I don't get woken up with something thrown at me 9 out of 10 times.

      @Alex LinHey, not like that! I'm staying in Melbourne, I promise.

      Though it's gonna be a bit rough, everything's crazy expensive around here.

    4. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Why would people throw things at you? 

      Never mind I think I know why.

  6. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "What?" Shane spoke up as soon as he had swallowed his food, visibly puzzled. Some big bad monster? Shane hadn't meant it like that - yet, it was a fact that Jo was a Dhampir, and consequently had a natural propensity to be rougher towards other individuals. Shane dated mostly Muggles (he didn't want to think what it would be like to date a crazy girl with access to magic) and dealing with a Dhampir Auror could likely end up horribly, even if unintentionally. "I think accidents happen." If there was an expert on 'accidents' in that Merlin forsaken Earth, it was Shane. He accompanied Jo as they kept on their way towards The Tipsy Mozzie, which wasn't exactly near just yet. "Plus, it ain't like you're gonna control crazy people unless you outright charm them. Are you gonna charm Muggles? Sounds like career suicide to me." If they got violent, Jo would have to defend herself. If Jo defended herself, they'd most definitely end up in a hospital. "You never know when one of them's gonna try to sock ya in the face, or send someone to." His free hand reached to rub his recently afflicted jaw. While it was mark free out of healing magic, he could swear it still felt sore from the jab he had eaten several hours prior. Despite the physical tell he remained quiet about that particular situation, not needing another hunt on Jo's part. "Don't get me wrong though. I appreciate what ya did. It's just... Guess I'm used to bad stuff happening. This sorta thing spooks me."
  7. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "Of course it matters! I don't need those rumors flying around!" Shane's bad luck already did enough to screw him over on a daily basis and he didn't need those chances to be greater than they normally were. He was usually discreet for his own safety, as well as whoever his partner could be; though if the rumor went out that he was dating a cop, or even a criminal, that invited terrible things to happen if they bothered to chase after Jo - he was more scared of the Auror than he was of all his crazy exes put together. He watched, flabbergasted, as his food was shoved into his grip before he could protest much further. The action reminded him he was very hungry, and so he ironically managed to calm down from the realization just enough to be able to take a hearty bite out of the stuffed burger he had ordered from the truck. Shane ultimately exhaled deeply as Jo talked him down from his embarrassment even if his face looked like some sort of permanent grimace. "...Fine..." He spoke, placing his fist in front of his mouth as he kept on chewing the street food. "S'just..." He decided to lead the Auror away from the truck whom was presumably staring at him weirdly; Shane believed that to be the case but didn't look to confirm his suspicion, it being too late for him to deal with people's judgement. "...I have a long string of crazy exes, and normally when they hear of stuff like that, they, well... Do crazy shit. And I don't want anything bad happening to them, is all."
  8. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    A breath of relief escaped Shane as he lowered one of his hands. At least Jo had believed him. It was quite embarrassing to admit he had no cash on him, but it was through no fault of his own - it was a bank error. In those situations he figured he'd better be safe than sorry, especially with his rotten luck. He didn't want to wind up in jail for using one cent too much of what he actually had left on accident. Nevertheless, he followed Jo to the food truck as his stomach protested going for so many hours without anything decent filling it. His mood was temporarily raised the moment he got to make his order and he mentally salivated over the food, even if it was nothing fancy. His eyebrow raised in suspicion as the Dhampir mentioned the woman's house wasn't the most secure. "Huh?" He truly wanted to believe Jo hadn't broken into the house (can Aurors even do that to Muggles? Didn't that equate toa criminal offense nonetheless?) but his hopes were quickly dashed as she went on about how she had scared the girl off. He had to admit, Jo was scary, Dhampir nature and Auror badge notwithstanding. He could very much envision why the woman would be scared of her, as he was half the time despite their somewhat friendly relationship; what he couldn't have guessed was that she probably thought they were dating. "W-What?!" The man's cheeks turned into a deep shade of scarlet with the implication. The last thing he needed was for there to be potential rumors circulating about his love life. "And you just let her think that?!" Despite his words, there wasn't a shred of anger in his tone. It was panicky in fact as he struggled to keep his voice down in the middle of the night, and it wasn't like he wanted the food truck server to fuel said rumors. "We're not d-d--I mean, it's not like anything's wrong with you or anything, i-it's just--GAH!" The food was mostly forgotten on the counter as the man hid his face in his hands. 'Great. Just great!'
  9. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    And there it was. Shane's lie had been seen through as if it weren't even there and the man visibly grimaced as he was caught in it. Dhampirs were walking lie detectors, why had he even bothered to try? He couldn't even fool a child to give him a lollipop, let alone get past a talented, trained Auror like Jo. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid...' "I'm fine now... I think..." He hoped. He didn't plan on touching his bank account for a single dollar for the time being, voiding that issue altogether; his charges were dropped, and he had gotten out of his predicament safely. Past the eventuality of his ex-girlfriend's new guy seeking him out there was nothing in relation to all those incidents that could affect him in the future, or so he thought. 'Though, knowing my luck...' "U-Uh... I suppose I'll take you up on that one." He muttered at the idea of going to a food truck. "I don't... actually have any money on me, so..." It took him a few seconds to realize how that sounded, after which he quickly raised his hands defensively with such momentum he tripped backwards a step. "I-I wasn't robbed or anythin'! I just honest to Merlin don't have anything on me, that's all!" "A-Anyway... She hasn't bothered me, no." The man shook his head, one hand dropping while the other reached back to scratch at his head. "I'm starting to grow curious though... What exactly did you do? I tried for forever and she wouldn't let go of my arm, and you just got there and did whatever it is you did and she's gone... Do you have some dirt on her or something?" It made sense. At least he didn't want to agree with Jamie and Alex regarding something bad having happened. Jo was an Auror. She wouldn't have done anything bad to her, right? Right?
  10. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    Bad luck boy? Did Jo really have to remind him of it? Shane grimaced at the moniker. If there was anything he wanted to be renowned for, his legendary streak of misfortune wasn't it. Even if the Dhampir had meant it in jest it stung a little, especially after the day he was having, causing his positive mood to dissipate just as quickly as it had sprung up not a moment ago. Shielding his hands from the chill within his pants' pockets, the man stood at the entryway of the alley, the pair illuminated by the street lamp lights - outside of that the street was mostly deserted, and hopefully nobody would think he was some sort of thief if they bothered to peek out of a window. He opened his mouth to reply to Jo's question but was promptly cut off as she continued, which gave him a few moments to consider whether he should tell her about what had happened. She was an Auror, and she'd had his previous problem disappear at the drop of a hat; on the other hand, what was it she could do that time? There wasn't any specific target, just sheer bad luck. "...I'm okay, thanks." He ultimately said with visible hesitation. The following day would be better, surely. Shane had always been a horrible liar but he still had to try. "Though I'll take the offer if my place isn't too out of the way of your patrol area." He certainly didn't envy that type of schedule but at the same time he could somewhat relate to it given his mother ran a bar.
  11. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "Might as well just crawl under a rock and die at this point..." Such was the utterance by one Shane Robbins as he strolled down Lygon Street at an hour he'd be too ashamed to verify for himself. It was so late even the bustling street was quiet, the various restaurants having closed for the day so their employees could rest up and tackle another business day the following noon. It wasn't his usual path back home but it was the one he had to take. With his luck that day, if he were to Apparate back to The Tipsy Mozzie he'd probably sever his own spine and live to tell the tale. His most recently girlfriend turned out to be cheating on him. He then got punched out by the guy she was cheating on him with, but since it had been near the police station, both had been arrested just as Shane was about to lunge at this fellow. After being released on no charge later in the day and completely missing work, he rushed over to the studio to try to make up for it. He wound up getting suck in a closet for hours as his wand refused to cooperate with a simple Alohomora spell. As he managed to finally leave the studio, he tried to get some money from his bank account so to eat something; it was then that he noticed his money was abnormally inflated to the hundreds of thousands, the first sign of a bank error, and as he didn't remember how much he had beforehand he couldn't withdraw any amount without risking being accused of stealing funds. Heavy, slow steps carried him all the way towards an alley. The sound of footsteps coming from it gave him pause. Was the cherry on top of that clusterfuck of a day going to be a bunch of thugs trying to traffic his insides? "...Wait..." He muttered as he looked on, recognizing who it was that seemed to be headed his way. "You!" He called out to Jo, his face brightening up. Finally, someone he knew! As far as he was concerned, even if Shane was aware of Jo's occupation, she was a sight for sore eyes that day and a friend as far as he was concerned. "Long time no see, why're you out so late?"
  12. Anybody noticed how this QuillBook thing went down precisely just before and during my birthday? I swear to Merlin this crap just wanted to mess with my plans...

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      Shane Robbins

      Let me know if you ever hear of some place where I can get some...

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      If I ever get my hands on it I'll bring it to you. 

    4. Shane Robbins
  13. Ran into my walking nightmare earlier today but she ignored my existence.

    @Jo Estrada I owe you a million favors for this.

    1. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Glad it's taking care of. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. 

  14. Business is slow during these days... Can't wait for the summer to come.

  15. We have a small discount going over at The Tipsy Mozzie until the end of the day!

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Don't do this to me...

Shane Alexander Robbins
The Tipsy Mozzie Bartender, Musician 0
23 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  23
Date of Birth August 9th, 1996
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation The Tipsy Mozzie Bartender, Musician
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus N/A
Wand Dogwood, 7 3/4'', Hippogriff Heartstring core
Play-by Derek Theler
  • 1st - 7th Year: Tallygarunga - Bourke House
  • Victoria Magical University - Musiciary
  • Secret even to himself, his unknown father's side of the family is under a bad luck curse. As such, so is he;
  • Has suffered a multitude of injuries, some of which prevent him from going into Taekwondo competitively anymore, and it hurts to move sometimes;
  • Is scared his education will be for naught during performances due to his propensity for failure;
  • Despite having a crush on Alex Lin that resurfaces every other year, he's vowed never to go after his best friend's sister, inadvertently avoiding the one not-crazy girl (debatable) he's ever liked;
  • Has a small vial of Felix Felicis, provided by Jo Estrada.
General Knowledge
  • Legendary bad luck;
  • Can't lie to save his life;
  • A virtuoso, he can play several instruments, although his specialty is the piano for which he's in college for;
  • His wand tends to backfire a lot, and it's a miracle he graduated out of Tallygarunga;
  • Keeping himself away from the wizarding world in general (save for his education, which is about to end);
  • Very excitable when something good happens;
  • Has a bit of a streak in having crazy exes;
  • Prone to get himself into trouble;
  • His mother runs a bar in Melbourne called The Tipsy Mozzie and he can easily be found there, bartending or hanging out.

Shane is a moderately social person - while not particularly well versed in such a thing he enjoys hanging out with his friends, although his buttons are very easy to push. Almost anyone has tremendous ease in making him get embarrassed, frustrated, happy, or any of a full range of emotions that come through his face as clear as water.

He's a terrible liar as a result, even more so when it comes to hiding what he feels - at least, if the person isn't too dense, like Alex some of his friends are. As such, he just opts to go where his very impulsive feelings take him unless it goes against his principles, being more of a feeler than a thinker.

He tends to submit to authority very quickly because he doesn't want more trouble than his natural bad luck already gives him as well as not wanting to disappoint his mother. This makes people think he's a coward a lot of the time, when it couldn't be further from the truth. He often steps up to intervene in situations he deems unfair, lacking much of a survival sense in those occasions, and having gotten into physical fights over bullies and petty criminals because of it.

He appreciates the little things in life, such as a good meal and a nice sports game, rather than thinking long term and defining goals for himself. All he wants is to spend a good time on this Earth with his friends and family, and if possible, stop any injustices he may walk into.


Shane is a very tall young man with a muscular build attributed to bodybuilding. Despite being 22 years old, he looks to be considerably older due to a family curse he is presently unaware of.

He has well kept blonde hair hair and blue eyes eyes, and keeps a neatly trimmed beard. It's very rare when he's seen without his trademark blazer. Under it rest quite a few tattoos, as he's grown a bit of an obsession with ink during college.

He's been mistaken for a criminal based on his appearance before, having ended up in the local police station one too many times for questioning.


While he doesn't have many friends and his posture is mostly unapproachable, Shane proves to be a caring friend to those who bother. Given the sheer amount of bad luck he runs to he's learned to appreciate every little good thing in his life and to pay mind to them, friendships included - anyone investing time in the man will find themselves repaid with loyalty and kindness.


Having never met his father nor having any idea of who the man is to begin with, Shane is entirely removed from that side of his family. He couldn't tell you if he's a muggleborn or a halfblood, or if he has siblings he hasn't heard of. It bothers him at times, but he doesn't feel the need to seek out his father in the least.

He's somewhat afraid of his mother, willing to do her bidding because he doesn't like it when she yells at him. Nevertheless he cares for her very much and she's his most important person by far, and he'd do anything for her. They live together in an apartment above The Tipsy Mozzie.


Shane's curse influences his love life the most - he's only capable of being attracted to women who are toxic, not all up there in the head, or with whom he'd otherwise have no chance with (see: Alex Lin). As such, he has a string of very questionable exes and admirers, and he usually doesn't notice things until it's too late despite his friends' warnings.

He's very much a relationship kind of guy and very devoted to his partner at a given time. It could be that his earnest behavior eventually makes it so he actually finds his lucky charm someday.


Of these he has plenty - whether it be in the police force due to the frequent (unfair run ins), crazy exes, bullies he used to beat up and anything in between, there's a lot of negative energy directed towards Shane. In fact, one would argue he can't go a day without running into someone who'd like to see him end up in a ditch.

The story so far

Shane Alexander Robbins was conceived in a one night stand between the owner of a bar and a distraught wizard, the latter being part of a prominent family known for having a bad luck curse. This bad luck manifested in the form of an accidentally punctured condom, and Shane's mother was left with a child to raise, along with no name for the baby boy's father.

He grew up in the upstairs floor of the bar, which doubled as lodgings for the duo. They were semi-comfortable with the earnings of the bar, but it wasn't always stable. Shane developed most of his musical talents with instruments that he found in pawn shops rather than going to a music store and purchase something new because of these occasional financial difficulties.

Eventually, as the boy started to show magic abilities, he was sent to Whitlam Bilby - and later, Tallygarunga. It hurt a great deal to be away from his mother, but he was there that he befriended his roommate for the duration of his entire stay, formed a tight friends group, and engaged in sports activities he was never allowed to before - he wound up taking on Taekwondo, but after displaying promise, he had to retire several years later due to injuries.

A void was left in his life as his Tallygarunga career came to an end - while he wasn't particularly fond of magic, he missed hanging out with friends all the time and was unable to practice his sport of choice competitively anymore. In an odd stroke of luck, given his curse, all his close friends relocated to Melbourne to pursue further studies and careers; his best friend being one of them, whom then pushed him into bodybuilding.

Now, as his studies near their end, he is unsure of whether he wants to take up his mother's mantle in the bar or if he wants to pursue music. Hopefully he can make a decision soon.


Deciding to remain a freelancer for the time being when it came to his music, Shane soon found the need to find some way to more consistently support himself - unwittingly he fell into the trap of continuing his bartender stint for the sake being able to continue living in the apartment above the establishment for free, and have some pocket money to boot. Though, as per usual, various things got in the way of saving up - such as having to find a new, more expensive gym to work out in so to avoid his newly obtained Muggle stalker (whom Jo Estrada eventually got rid of, fortunately). Things aren't looking up for him, but, have they ever?

Perhaps it was a stroke of luck that both Jamie and Cole decided to move to Narragyambie, leaving Alex stranded with him. With increased time spent together, he might have a chance.

Active OOC Completed
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