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  1. Watch Your Step

    Adele just smiled at Amber, and nodded. The kid was going to need a lot of resilience if she was going to handle Lauren, and from what she'd seen---Amber could just about be it. Thank goodness. Lauren was so certain that she could live life just doing whatever she wanted, but one day the girl was going to wake up and realise how lonely it actually was. Adele knew. Adele had been in that position, more than once. She lifted a hand and waved Amber off, and watched as both girls moved quickly back toward the school. Hearing Amber's voice, Lauren stopped. Reluctantly. What was this, Torture Lauren Day? Had the girl now forgotten how to get back to the school? She let out a long, very disgruntled sigh. "What is a "redbird"?" she snapped, completely and utterly confused by these bizarre references the girl was insisting on using. "Did you hit your head as well as injure your arm?" That wasn't as stupid as it sounded though, and Lauren wondered if she should have checked for signs of concussion. Surely the Librarian would have looked into that, but... well. You couldn't rely on the Librarian for anything. "If you did not know the way back, you should have gone with the Librarian," she murmured irritably. "Then you could be useless together."
  2. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Lauren nodded, as sagely as a teenager could possibly sage nod. She managed it scarily well, the "old soul" in her shining through. The elder woman was a puzzle, and in a way it was almost like talking to the Librarian. Only with less spite and swearing, an actual conversation. Was this what she actually wanted to say to the woman? No----no, she had far more awful things to say there. Lauren did recognise though, the same determination to not get hurt, and the self-destructive tendencies that went with it. And if that wasn't the perfect cautionary tale, Lauren didn't know what was. "It is important. Even one," she said, folding her hands in front of her. "Otherwise you will become the Librarian. So used to nothing to live for, she knows not how to live for what she does have now," a darkness lurked behind the words. Sadness and anger. More than a little hurt. And the desire to be alone, but also not lonely---that was relatable too. Lauren knew she was an outsider, and that she didn't have a good connection with others her age. She didn't really want to be part of their social circles, she liked having her freedom and being separate to them. And yet, as she was just here lecturing Andrea about, she wondered what it might be like to be one of them, too. What would it be like to be a normal child? Live in the moment and be carefree, to not have to be perfect every single moment of every day? To live like her parents' love was actually unconditional and she didn't need to walk on eggshells to maintain it. It looked like fun. It looked chaotic. Messy. What would it be like to be Amber Cross for just one day? She assumed---of course---that Amber had a perfect family to go with those uncouth ways, how could anyone possibly feel confident acting like a steaming trash pile if they didn't have absolute assured security in their family? "Is there anyone you might consider a friend?" she asked, hoping to prompt an answer from the professor. Perhaps she could save Andrea from making all the wrong choices, that... that would be something.
  3. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    She had a point? Well obviously. It was absurd to Lauren that someone could have been on the planet as long as Andrea and not realise how pointless life was if you weren't actively involved. Also, it didn't work. You could get hurt just as bad, even worse, when you only lived on the outside. It annoyed her that someone would make the choice to do that. Especially when they had so many opportunities around them to connect and be a real, proper part of everything that was going on. How could you just throw that away for fear of a little pain? "You ought be careful," Lauren said ominously. "Or you'll wake one morning and realise you have nothing. No connection, no place --- and this pain is far greater than any pain from mere loss." Odd as it was to be passing advice to an elder woman, Lauren felt duty-bound to do it. She had her own bizarre experience of the world and she didn't like to see others so adrift in society. The few connections she did have, she held onto fiercely. And she had never made a real pretense of being "normal" either, except for to her father who was easily spooked by things he didn't understand. "Beneath this, do you crave connection?" she asked, that creepy grey gaze unwavering. "It is lonely to live this way, is it not?"
  4. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Her father wouldn't be disappointed? Lauren blinked and tried to believe that. She knew that Alan wasn't anything quite like the other side of her family, but she wasn't game enough to chance it either. If he turned away from her the way that Adele had, she would have nothing left. Going back to that outside-in life, watching from the shadows and having no real meaning in the world... it terrified her. Some days she wondered if that was Lillian's entire goal in bringing her back, to prove that she didn't belong here. Felt like it was working, most days. "I was a mistake," she murmured, so quietly she hoped that Andrea missed the words entirely. Her biggest mistake in life had been being born at all, coming into a world that had no place for her. This was why she had to prove herself. Her arrival hadn't exactly been convenient for Alan either, so she felt almost as if she had to apologise for that too. At least she could understand Andrea's rationale a little more on the subject of magic trouble. The honesty was also refreshing, and it gave her slight hope that maybe Andrea wasn't lying about the mistakes thing either. She chewed on the inside of her lip a little before answering. Honesty deserved honesty. "Lillian did take away my magic," she said slowly. "If Lorelei is not around, I cannot reach it." Whether Andrea understood or accepted that was irrelevant, Lauren wasn't about to get into fine details over it either. It was enough of the truth. She frowned again through Andrea's explanation on caring, attachment, and pain. To this she could only shake her head, was the woman stupid? Lauren sighed. "So you would rather sit on the outside and watch life happen, than be part of it?" she asked, one eyebrow primly raised. "Riverpond, when you live to miss nothing, you miss everything," and that was a feeling Lauren knew all too well. She couldn't believe there was an adult here that felt this was a viable course of action. The fact that she looked and sounded just like her mother while she said it---was a fact that thankfully escaped her attention.
  5. Watch Your Step

    Lauren gave Amber a look that clearly suggested that horse riding and music were not both an option. At least not in Lauren's mind. "When I do get my horse, I must give it all my attention," she said, as though that were the most obvious thing of all. She shook her head, a little disappointed as DJ began to squirm in her arms and leaned outward toward Adele, his arms outstretched. The elder woman took him, and balanced the toddler on her hip with such maternal ease that Lauren remembered where she was. Who she was with. The knife in her gut made itself known again, twisted hard. The scowl settled back on her face, Lauren crossed her arms. Whatever small love she had found for DJ was quickly evaporating as he tugged at Adele's ears, played with her hair, and was just... happy. A normal, happy kid. And Adele, a normal doting mother. "Daddy will get one for me," she hissed between her teeth, trying to hide the rage that boiled in her. "He is a good parent." Adele pinched the bridge of her nose, gave Amber an apologetic smile. This was never going to get less complicated, it seemed, and while it hurt every day to see it happen---she'd done all she could. At this point it was Lauren clinging to the past and refusing to move forward. She was a kid, Adele couldn't blame her for that (it would be hypocritical if she didn't, given her own attitude toward Lillian) but that didn't make it easier to deal with. "I'm glad, sweetheart," was all Adele could say. Fighting it was pointless. "If you want an instrument, though, I'm sure we can find you something." The glare she got back for that was so sharp and so blazing Adele felt it burn all the way through her. Perhaps if she got the damn horse she could buy Lauren's affection for a little while, but that seemed... underhanded. Music she at least knew something about, and Alex could help too. Maybe she could oust the dusty piano from the front room, get it out of sight where Alex could no longer demand that she play it. Only if the girl was willing. That was going to take time. Lots of time. "Do you girls need help getting back to the school?" she asked, bouncing DJ just a little. "I can take you, I just need to wait for Father to come back and watch DJ. He won't be far away." Wait for her overly enthusiastic maternal grandfather to return from whatever errand he'd got distracted on this time? Lauren did not think so. Amber could do what she wanted, Lauren didn't want to be in this house any longer. Didn't want to watch the happy families any longer. "I will walk," she hissed, before heading toward the front door. "Do as you wish," Lauren added to Amber with a dismissive wave. Now that she was fixed enough to be functional, Amber was not her problem. She'd done enough here.
  6. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Lauren wasn't sure what this was. It didn't seem like the professor wanted to help and yet she was still suggesting Lauren talk to her about it. Seemed counter-intuitive to the young girl, and she wasn't sure just how it would be better if everyone else in the class had to do one thing while she was given an easier task. Wasn't that a gigantic red flag that screamed, "Lauren can't do magic"? She frowned as Andrea talked, trying to make heads or tails of it was nigh on impossible. "I do not want Daddy to be disappointed," she pouted, which was, of course, her primary concern. The students and teachers could think what they liked, it was what got back to Alan that concerned her. He was a simple man, and something like failing Wandless because she didn't currently have access to her magic was a concept that wasn't easy to understand. Nor had anyone really explained it to him either, which didn't help. Lillian still wanted to keep the specifics under wraps, so the story was that Lauren was just being very good about not using underage magic. And Lauren, of course, was doing her best to be utterly perfect. Not as a person, but in all the ways she thought a daughter should be. Neat, punctual, talented, well-behaved and a leader. She was scared, quite scared, that letting that slip for just a minute would be enough for him to walk away. People were fickle like that. At the question about questions, she frowned some more. While she didn't quite understand why Andrea would want to make her work easier so she could save face (or completely ruin her image by being the only kid in class that didn't have to perform the spells) that wasn't playing on her mind. She levelled an eerie grey gaze up at the professor, almost accusatory in nature. Lauren had spent a long portion of her life watching others move about the world, and believed she had a good grasp on how to read people. What she read into all of this gave her nothing but questions. Just one would suffice for now. "Why do you teach, Ms Riverpond," she said softly. "When you do not care?"
  7. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Europeans weren't weak? Lauren begged to differ, but given her current situation she wisely kept her mouth shut. Besides, she was still very confused by what appeared to be Amber clumsily coming to her "rescue". The Librarian had teased her about her "friend" and no amount of refutations would change her mind. Worse, her father had got in on the joke and Lauren was scared he actually believed it was true. Something about her making friends with the "cool" kids and he was proud that she could spot a good Spencer. Lauren wanted to gag at that. She didn't, because she knew that her father had been a Spencer too, and if the tales were to be believed, a wild one. It was therefore natural he would have some lingering affection for the uncouth hellions that occupied the Eureka Underground Hallway now. She wondered if he had become blind in that affection, no longer able to see just how awful someone like Amber Cross really was. Now the teacher was asking for a word in private. Did she mind? Of course she minded. Talking to a teacher in private was the last thing she wanted after all of this, but she knew it also wasn't really a question. The professor had the same tone in asking as her grandmother did when she said, well, basically anything. Made it all sound optional and at her convenience, but the slightest deviation from instruction would have dire consequences. Or so Lauren believed. So she waited, her mind running at top speed coming up with the various things the professor could want to talk about. Her poor performance? Did she want to admit that European wizards were naturally pathetic with magic (at best) requiring something as cliche as a wand to cast a basic useful spell? Was it about Lorelei? Was the professor about to unleash a horder of scathing remarks, likely gathered from The Librarian? Or did the professor want some sort of favour from her father and needed Lauren to secure it? She frowned softly, watching the students dribble out one by one. And then it was time. Lauren stood, but didn't leave her desk. Hands folded primly in front of her, she held her chin up as if she were about to face a firing squad. Proud to the last. "You wished to speak?"
  8. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Oh. Oh no. Had that actually just happened? Lauren stared in abject horror as Amber came to her defense. Not that the professor seemed to give two hoots about anything that Lauren may or may not have been feeling, and while Lauren had no desire to become the focus of Andrea's attention, it irked her all the same. Weren't teachers supposed to be caring, kind, and compassionate? It seemed that this one had missed the mark entirely, though she was hardly the first woman to let Lauren down when it came to giving a shit. It figured. Probably a friend of the Librarian, if either of the elder women were inclined to care about other people at all. At least the indignation of Amber speaking up for her had quelled the beginnings of her tears, leaving her instead to grip the handle of her wand so hard her fingers almost glowed with the pressure. Indeed, her father would be hearing about this. Lauren was certain he was the only one who had any semblance of humanity, he at least listened to her. He didn't ask what was wrong and then tell her he didn't care, or couldn't deal with it. Even though he very rarely could comprehend what was going on in her head, he did at least try. Mostly it just involved him messing her hair up and giving her a big cuddle. She wanted a big cuddle now. "Wands were invented to focus and amplify magic to a level where it could be manipulated and useful to beings with lesser natural magical affinity," Lauren said softly, quoting back her grandmother's words upon being given her own wand. "Are Europeans simply weaker, and less able to naturally control the magic around them? Or does the brand of magic found in European wizards not lend itself as well to body-focused casting?" It was a guess, but an educated one. Lillian had never gone into detail on how it worked, so Lauren was unsure of the specifics. She knew that a proper wand would wreck havoc with her own magic, but that others unaccustomed to wandless casting would be powerless without one. It seemed like a strange and problematic tether, and she assumed it had to be quite necessary to the process of magic to have become so widespread.
  9. Watch Your Step

    Lauren actually hadn't considered dumping Amber on the Librarian's doorstep and walking away. The idea did have merit. But then how would she be sure that her duty had been carried out properly, it wasn't like she could trust the Librarian to do the right thing. And so Lauren shook her head, continuing to walk with Amber as they came up to the back fence gate. "If she is not home we will need another plan," Lauren said with a grimace. Curse that sense of duty, that desire to not disappoint her father. It didn't even occur to her that he would have no way of knowing, only that she would know and feel obliged to tell him if her actions didn't meet the standards she believed he had of her. A mistake too far and he would, she felt, turn away from her. She would never get her horse. The world would crumble back into the limbo of being nothing, living outside the real world again... and would Lillian take her back? Probably not. A bleak outlook. Therefore, she had to be the perfect daughter. It was her only option. She approached the back door, knocking sharply on the flimsy screen. A cry sounded within, it seemed that DJ was waking up---which meant the Librarian would definitely be home. That was one hurdle overcome. The next would be---yep. The look of confusion on the Librarian's face seeing Lauren there with the injured Amber. "Why are you here...?" Adele started, Lauren motioning for Amber to step forward. "This girl has an injury. You must fix it." The sooner, the better. Once Amber was healed, they could take her back to the school and Lauren could resume her bushland wandering. The Librarian still seemed confused, but motioned both girls inside, into the clean white tiled kitchen. "Alright, just give me a minute," Adele said, before vanishing off down the hall. DJ was still crying, the house was tidy enough but starting to show signs of overcrowding. Through the doorway, a blanket on the couch suggested that Adele still wasn't sleeping in her own bed. Toys, books, instruments, all stashed at the edges of rooms giving it a well-lived in look. Almost as homey as Alan's house. For the first time, Lauren wondered what it would be like to be here with them. To live under the same roof as her mother, uncle, and brothers. Could she even do that? Could she forgive Adele long enough to stay even a single night? Adele returned with the baby on her hip, gesturing for Amber to take a seat by the breakfast bar. "Take him, please. And I'll fix your friend up," Adele murmured, handing DJ over. He was heavy. He smelled of milk and sleep and was still red in the face and damp from crying. He put pudgy arms around Lauren's neck and clung to her, leaving her frozen and unsure of what to do. He was her brother, and it was the first time she had held him. A lump began to form in her throat. Her nose rested just above the reddish-tinged hair on his head, he was fat and mostly happy. Looked after. Loved. Lauren couldn't even find the words to deny that Amber was a friend of hers. She was having feelings. "Goodness, Amber -- what did you do to yourself?" Adele muttered, unwinding the makeshift sling and having a closer look. She was more gentle than Lauren, feeling along the length of the arm with her fingertips to find the problem spot. "You've done a good job of it, whatever you did. This isn't going to tickle, and you'll need to promise me you'll take it easy for the next few days," Adele raised an eyebrow at the girl. She knew Amber had a habit of being a little reckless with her body. Meanwhile, Lauren had forgotten about Harvey, letting him gently slide to the floor--still wrapped--as she tried to balance her baby brother on her hip just as Adele had been doing moments ago. DJ was cooing in her ear now, grabbing at her nose with sticky hands. She didn't mind. It seemed... nice in a weird and disgusting way. With her hands positioned over Amber's arm, Adele closed her eyes for a moment. Hot tingles set to work, charging the air and raising the hair on her forearms. It wasn't painless, but it was fast. It wasn't perfect, either, the bones would take a few days yet to set properly in place. This was enough to get it started. When it came to bones, there was no true substitute for time and natural healing. Adele also wasn't an expert in the field, it was good enough until someone could see to it properly. "How does that feel?" Adele asked, moving her hands back. Behind Adele's back, Lauren was making faces at DJ, as if there was no one around to see her being so foolish at all.
  10. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    The doll was on the floor, gathering dust and grime as Lauren repeatedly ground it into the floorboards with one foot. An ache opened up inside her, one of hopelessness and humiliation. She didn't know when, if ever, Lillian intended to return her abilities. What if she was stuck like this for the rest of her life? Clinging to Lorelei for the slightest scraps of power, unable to do anything meaningful for herself? Boiling hot tears pricked at the corners of her eyes, and she willed them away desperately. Surely it was enough that she was so mortified now, how was it fair that she should begin to cry as well? And then the final death knell, the professor had noticed her. "I am making it more dirty for better cleaning," she snapped defensively. There was no help she could be given here that would allow her to do the spell, nothing short of Lillian's interference or Lorelei entering the room would do. But she would not admit that she couldn't do it either. No one had bothered to tell her father about her predicament, which just made it all the worse. He wasn't supposed to know the finer details so she couldn't explain it. How would he feel when he heard that she had failed such a basic task, something she ought to have been able to do with her eyes closed? He would be disappointed, she was sure of it. Lauren Burdett, daughter of the wonderful Headmaster Alan Burdett, useless as a squib. Her body betrayed her. For all her pretence and bluster, she was still a young girl with emotions running high. The first of the tears crept out slowly, her hand darting up to blot it away before it could be seen. Others threatened to come faster, and she glared at Andrea as if that might make the professor look away and ignore her. "It is a stupid task anyway," she added, figuring refusal might be a better option. "What use could we have in the real world for cleaning dolls? I don't think Daddy will be pleased with this... useless class you teach."
  11. Complete Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    Lorelei wasn't here. That was a problem. Lauren sat primly in her seat, staring down the doll that was about to prove her entirely impotent. In front of everyone. The teacher, and Amber Bloody Cross. She was certain that the doll was staring back at her too, smirking at her as she sat there in the middle of all these students getting the task done, some of them so easily. Lauren knew that feeling. She should have been one of them. Showing off, dirtying the doll and cleaning it all over again---but no, once again her grandmother's "great ideas" had left her high and dry. "It is not funny," she murmured to the doll, lifting the useless hunk of wood and pointing it square in the doll's belly. A weak crackle ran down her wrist and through the length of it, zapping the doll with nothing more than static electricity. Her lips turned into an irritated scowl, and she drove the wand further into the soft belly of the doll. Pushed it backward, sliding it off the table and kicking it where it fell. Her nostrils flared with a huff, and for once in her life, Lauren tried to shrink into the background. Fade out, escape the notice of her classmates and teacher. She did not want anyone to see her in this powerless state. It was far too much humiliation.
  12. Watch Your Step

    Lauren was terrible with people, but she had an odd way with creatures. Harvey vibrated under her arm in soft snores, and this was acceptable. It wasn't causing trouble, and Lauren would not stand for trouble. Amber's incredulity at the turn of events only served to fuel a smug smile, a moment of what appeared to be actual superiority at something. "It makes perfect sense," she disagreed. "You are injured. Daddy will be disappointed if I allowed you to become more injured due to your foolishness. What happens to you when I cannot be responsible for ensuring you remain safe, that is where I am indifferent." And that was the point. She was here, she knew that Amber wasn't entirely okay. She had a duty to make sure that the girl at least got out of the bush without breaking more bones. There was still no sign of Lillian, which was annoying---but not unexpected. Lauren was starting to suspect this was some sort of test, forcing her to engage with the people around her. That it was closer to her mother's house and not the school, well that was just perfect wasn't it? There was every chance that Lillian had a hand in making Amber fall, it wasn't outside her capabilities. Lauren decided to keep that nugget to herself. After a while, the trees began to thin out, making way for a shallow creek less than a few steps across. A fallen tree made it easy to cross, and from here she could already see the low back fence of Adele's property just a few hundred metres away. They were almost there. She nearly skipped along the log, turning and waiting for Amber to cross. "That is the Librarian's house, there," she pointed. "I hope you have returned all your books on time, and in good condition."
  13. Watch Your Step

    Robin? Now she was Robin? Lauren didn't understand, but she was loathe to query it. Asking the question would just mean Amber had a reason to talk more, and Lauren wasn't overly keen on that. "This is what I wear in my own time. When I do not expect to be bothered," she said, pointedly. The pygmy puff stared back at her, vast pools of empty black, and Lauren understood. There was no winning here, only mutually assured destruction. If that was how it had to be, though, she supposed that was how it had to be. Amber's protest made her break her gaze away, rolling her eyes in exasperation. "Then your cousin needs better taste in pets," she said, dismissively. "Something less troublesome. More noble. Like a horse." Horses were, obviously, the perfect pet. Her father was yet to let her get one, but she was working on it, still. She tended to the gorgeous specimens at the nature reserve now, something she looked forward to. Horses just got it. They didn't ask dumb questions or call her names that weren't hers. They were proud and strong, dignified. "Besides. If your cousin chooses to kill you, that is not my concern." Lauren's answer was brutally honest. She still had the pygmy puff by the scruff of the neck, and made no effort to obstruct it as it threw the twig back at Amber. Fair punishment for moving the arm she had only just put back, Lauren figured. Yet it seemed that Amber wasn't going to calm down and get moving unless the puff was contained, and so Lauren tore more from the bottom of her skirt, until the ragged edges hung almost too high on her thighs. She didn't seem to care, deftly swaddling the pygmy puff in the material like a well restrained infant, or a straight-jacket. Once bundled, she tucked it under her arm. "Pick up the pace. It will not do to be out here after dark," she said, urging Amber to walk faster. Sooner they got to help, the sooner she could make Amber someone else's problem.
  14. Watch Your Step

    Stunt... granny? Lauren blinked, though surely by now she shouldn't be so surprised or taken-aback by the nonsense that came out of Amber's mouth. It likely wasn't worth asking about, and so she left it. Adele's house wasn't quite in the bush, but did back on to it---picking through the side tracks and into her back yard would be far easier than aiming for the main road and walking into Narrie that way. She was still hoping that Lillian would make an appearance, she could swear she felt the woman hovering somewhere near by. That didn't mean much, though. Lauren knew from her own time on the edges of existence just how long Lillian could spend observing, and not lifting a hand to assist. "Get up...?" Was Amber talking to her? Lauren couldn't see anyone around called "Damian", so she had to assume that. Maybe the girl had hit her head so hard she was seeing someone who wasn't there? Or had become terribly confused and thought that Lauren was someone called Damian? Either way, Lauren knew she was dressed quite differently, so it almost made sense. "You do not think I wear uniform at all times, do you?" This outfit was comfortable. Free. Much as Lauren liked the perfect presentation of a spotless school uniform, it wasn't comfortable. And it wasn't even for herself, really. It was so that people knew, without having to ask, that she was in control. That she was the headmaster's daughter, the ideal student and everything that a girl of her ability and talents should be. The image was exhausting, ensuring that not so much as a hair was out of place, or that no dust or dirt had marred her pristine collar. Here, out in the bush, where there was no one to see her - it was okay to be dirty. Relaxed. To literally let her hair down and tangle in the wind. But the fuzzy demon was at it again, and while Lauren appreciated the terror's desire to repeatedly smack Amber (who wouldn't have such an impulse, after all?) the sound of Amber's protests was intolerable. She stopped walking, grabbed the pygmy puff by the scruff of the neck and held it in front of her face until her own unsettling grey eyes could stare deep into the black abyss. "You will behave," she chastised the struggling thing. "Or you will find yourself in the river. Do not test me."
  15. Watch Your Step

    "The mother of Adele," Lauren answered curtly. She didn't really think it was that weird that she had family that could, and would, hide in the background until they were needed. She had spent so long being that person that it was second nature to her. Normally all she would have to do was call Lillian's name and there she would be, but it seemed that Lauren was really being punished. Or Lillian just didn't care. Both, probably. Lauren grunted in annoyance, still looking about incase the woman was merely tardy and not ignoring her. Nope? Nothing. "I was here alone. Lillian would be able to get us safely to help swiftly, but it appears," Lauren looked sharply about, certain that her grandmother was there and listening. "She has better things to do." There was nothing left but to strike out for town, and hope that the world opened up and swallowed her whole. How much worse could this experience get? No doubt Adele would take some perverse joy in being the one who had to assist, Lauren was absolutely dreading that moment. She dusted dust and blood from her hands, wiped it off on the edges of her tattered skirt, and began to walk. At which point, she realised she hadn't even asked Amber if she was okay, broken limb aside. Should she? Was it really necessary? "You are okay to walk, yes?" she asked reluctantly. "Perhaps Lillian will decide to be helpful before we reach the road." Another sharp look around. Still not sign of the elder woman. Well, there was no helping it. Amber needed medical attention, daft sod that she was. And then there was that fuzzy thing, which Lauren was absolutely not comfortable with. She felt like it was staring into her soul, getting ready to launch from Amber's shoulder and take out her eyes with that stick. .. Would that be so bad right now? "The scrub is most worn down this way," Lauren added, gesturing to a subtle pathway that had been trampled through the bush by successive walkers. It would be faster, and less likely for Amber to fall over and hurt herself more.
Lauren Meredith Burdett
Fifth Year
16* year old Halfblood Sorceraic She/Her
Age  16*
Date of Birth February 20th, 2003
Birthplace Narragyambie
Player  ★ Sadrienne
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Natalie Dormer

Fiercely independent and determined to prove she doesn't need her family, Lauren's attitude is what some might describe as bitter, arrogant, and generally terrible. She refuses to accept her mother and claims she will never forgive the woman for all the things she did before and in the time after Lauren's birth. The separation from her family only served to cause her wound of being unwanted to fester and worsen, loneliness seeping deep into her soul.

She pushes back connections that may do her harm, believing that her own self is the only person she can truly rely on. She seems to delight in humiliating and hurting the members of her family, Adele and Améa specifically, as punishment for the things she believes they did wrong. Lauren speaks in sarcasm, sharp words in dry amusement but designed to harm.

Her father is the one person she regrets leaving behind, though she's not particularly sure how to be a child as he understands it. She's not even sure how to be a daughter, or fit in with other people in a family setting. Her abrasive and aloof nature is likely to cause problems, she is difficult to relate to and very clearly sees herself as from a different world to others. 


Lauren is a perfect mix between her mother and father. With her mother's pale skin and her father's rounder face and light brown hair, there's no question as to who she belongs to. At least, not visually. Like the rest of her mother's family, Lauren's grey eyes have an unsettling quality that can't be quite placed. It's as if she can see more than most, and understand far more than any teenager should be capable of. 

She is of average height with a slight build, and a very expressive face that soon indicates just how trouble you're in with her. Her favourite expression seems to be one of amused condescension. Her style leans toward more childish items, creating an innocent look that fools most. 

The story so far

Technically Lauren was born in 2008, and to the best of public knowledge, died later that year just six months of age. Even her parents, Adele and Alan, had no clue that Lauren had already fully accepted her sorceraic blood, and was not in fact gone. She sought to escape what she believed was the humiliating prison of an infant form, and gain the freedom she felt entitled to. That Adele's life was in a shambles and her actions were getting progressively more and more destructive left Lauren in the belief that she had no other choice, she did not want to stick around for her mother to constantly prove how unwanted and uncared for she was.

She took advantage of an altercation between her father and a Ministry official to feign an accident, throwing her family's life into turmoil as they believed her truly deceased. Her grandmother, Lillian, had spirited her away and left a decoy in place of a body. Lauren spent the next ten years under her grandmother's care, in the background of her own family's life but never able to truly participate. It was their job, her grandmother said, to watch over them and ensure their safety. Lauren did as she was told, and though Lillian hoped that the exercise would push the girl into rejoining the family, it had the opposite effect as Lauren watched her siblings and mother grow and connect, having the life she wished she could have. All the while, mourning her death in ways that Lauren didn't feel were genuine.

Occasionally she stepped into the foreground, in the form of a young girl named Flora. This she did to help avert family crises, but always took the opportunity to land a few scathing blows while she did. Often by laughing at their foolish failures, or pointing out the flawed logic in their plans. 

Still, loneliness plagued her. In ensuring her life, Lillian had fused her soul with that of a long-ceased sorceress known as the Grey. The Grey's matched pair, a non-romantic soulmate of sorts, was the Brown. Knowing that Lillian knew the location of the Brown's resting place, when her niece Lorelei was struck by a death-like sleeping curse and forced from her body, she formulated a plan to fuse Lorelei with the Brown to resurrect her pair. Lorelei consented, and the process was a success. Finally Lauren had that connection she had desired, but Lillian was not finished.

She had decided that it was time for Lauren to rejoin the world, and her family. She put the girl into the body of a teen, approximately fifteen years of age, and stripped her of all magical gift. Now helpless to act without the assistance of others, Lauren was sent to live with her father and his growing family in Narragyambie. One of the conditions was that she attend Tallygarunga, and learn to relate to those she loved to look down upon.

Lauren is not happy about any of this. Though she's happy to be back in her father's life, she's frustrated by her lack of independence and power. Being sent to Tallygarunga just adds insult to injury, but with her father as Headmaster, her mother as Librarian, and her uncle a student there---there's only so much trouble she can get into.

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