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  1. Daddy gave me this journal, he said it is for connecting to people. If you can see this, please tell Daddy that I should have a horse. He will not listen to reason!

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    2. Lauren Burdett

      Lauren Burdett

      Good. Then it is settled. For how long will I need to care for the horses at the reserve until I may have my own? Daddy?

    3. Alan Burdett

      Alan Burdett

      I did not agree to this plan.

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      @Alan Burdett Could think of it as the ultimate learning experience! Caring for another being is pretty important qualities to develop!

  2. Open Holding Court

    "There is no horse here," said Lauren, who was not as well versed in idioms and figures of speech as the average student. She looked around, waving a hand to prove her point---indeed, there was no horse here in the games room. It was a sore point too, she'd always wanted a horse. Her grandmother had never seen the point of having animals around, and now her father was digging his heels in too. There were perfectly good dirtbikes out in the back paddock, what did she need a horse for? Lauren was slowly making Sarah and Octavia her allies in her campaign for a horse though, and soon Alan would be overwhelmed and give in. Hopefully. This was the goal. She was sure, as well, that what Amber was saying had some sort of meaning but she couldn't figure it out. Why would anyone run about the hallways with a stick placed there? Was it a requirement of policing fun? What was the role of the fun police anyway, was it to ensure everyone was having fun, or to prevent it? How did one go about applying to be part of the fun police (it sounded like a role that came with some prestige, given Amber's warning about them) and would she really have to have the stick? "I do not think I know who I am, I know who I am," Lauren's oblivious corrections continued. "I am Lauren Burdett."
  3. Open Holding Court

    As Amber called the bag her "baby", Lauren looked to the heavens as though seeking strength from a higher power. This was not the welcome she expected, nor the gratitude she believed was owed for her miracle working in the room. She sighed and returned that critical gaze back to Amber, listening out of sheer politeness though it was evident that Lauren's assessment of the girl was complete. The result was not in Amber's favour. "I can't see why any points could be awarded for that... clutter," she said with a disapproving frown as she remembered the mis-matched projects in various states of completion. Lauren genuinely believed that she had done a good thing here, which made the cruelty of throwing it all away all the more brutal. "More likely I have saved many from losing points over sloppy workmanship," Lauren's gaze followed Amber as she entered the room with the offending bag. "I believe I did say the bag was not permitted," Lauren's smooth and sing-song voice rang out, a delicate frown on her lips at being disobeyed so flagrantly. "There is space in the hallway, else you may place it in the trash. I am willing to assist in locating a more suitable replacement if you insist on carrying such a thing?" it was hard to know what Lauren was aiming to be, here. Helpful? Rude? It was like she was trying to make a good impression, but failing miserably. Tripping over her own idea of how things should be, and trying to fit the school and students into it with brute force. But offering to help, all the same.
  4. Open Holding Court

    Lauren looked up from her magazine as the girl spoke, with all the grace and self-assuredness of a queen. She didn't answer straight away, merely took in the other girl's appearance, as if assessing whether this creature belonged in her perfectly curated room here. Not really if she was being honest, especially with that language and that... rough manner. She raised a hand, primly closing the magazine on her knee. "Why should anyone choose to---as you say, 'rip my head off'?" she asked, lips pursed in a thin frown at the very idea. Lauren couldn't grasp that others may not enjoy her minimalist approach to decorating, or that some people were using the items she had so casually tossed away. "Daddy said to make myself comfortable. I think he will be quite impressed with my efforts here, if anyone should object---he will see to it." The gaze that she levelled at Amber was a challenge. It dared the other girl to disagree, to find out for herself just how legitimate Lauren's claim to the "throne" was. As a new student, Lauren knew it was important to establish dominance. She had the connections, why not use them? Lauren didn't even bother telling Amber who her father was, she merely expected the girl to know. "You may remain," she 'allowed' Amber to stay in the room as if her haughty self had a right to decide one way or another. "But leave the terrible bag outside. It offends me."
  5. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Lauren was not pleased about being dragged away by her mother. Even though it had all been approved by her father (who had no idea what was really going on, just that it was an important family event) and perhaps Lauren was just a little bit upset with him for making her go. She didn't see why she had to be here at all, it wasn't like she would be able to do anything. Adele wasn't taking arguments though, she moved Lauren onward with a tight determination that could only come from deep-set anxiety. Today was the day. In a weird twist of fate, it was Améa who seemed the most positive---at least until she heard her name and the world 'violin', followed by Alex complimenting her appearance, which made her scowl to prove him wrong. Could Caleb be the one behind delivering her violin to the house? Améa's gaze darted toward their grandmother, searching for a hint that the woman had retrieved the instrument under his instruction, but that didn't seem right either. Bethianna, on the other hand, inclined her head toward Améa at the mention of her improved health, prompting Améa to return the gesture with a respectful half-bow. "Oh good," Adele responded to Cass, glad that neither of her boys had chosen today to be difficult. She sat down beside Caleb, pulling him in to her side, inhaling the scent of his hair and his closeness. Caleb mumbled his protests, apparently she was getting marks on Sapphire. She ignored Alex's quip about her smile, that was the last thing she felt like right now. "Father will be here soon, he said he had to work on something---he won't say what," Adele shook her head. Who knew what had got into Rheldor's head now. In an effort to keep him temporarily distracted from wandering off to find his sister, Adele had introduced him to Youtube. Specifically, "how to make" videos on Youtube. Now her overly-enthusiastic father had several projects on the go, and the backyard hadn't yet recovered from his paint-pouring experiments. With Lorelei's hand in hers, Lauren calmed as she tended to. She could also feel, quite curiously, a small opening in the block that Lillian had placed on her---like a secret access point to her own ability. She glanced at Lorelei, wondering if her twin could feel it too---and if this was why her presence was required. What was available felt strangely more potent, even if it wasn't the full depth of what she normally had. It was concentrated. Interesting. "We are all present," Lillian said, as the room began to quiet. "Shall we begin?" She was answered by a shift in the air, a pull that caused most to turn and look at an empty spot that was soon no longer empty. "Starting without me, Lian?" dressed in head to toe in darkest black, a touch taller than Lillian but with the same long black hair---and eyes of disconcerting gold, the woman looked out at the gathered family with a slightly disapproving frown. Lea.
  6. Open Holding Court

    Lauren Burdett
    So this was Tallygarunga. Lauren was familiar with it, but not from the perspective of someone actually living within its walls. She had spent some time in her dorm, getting things to how she liked them. Having belongings was a new thing to her, and having them arranged in a very precise and particular way was suddenly important. After a lot of fiddling (lack of magic be damned, it would have been much easier!) she finally got things to look right, and headed out to explore the rest of the school. Naturally, she avoided the library. And the Gawler Building. Running into either of her parents would be a little awkward, she felt, especially if it was the woman supposed to be her mother. So she headed for a place where she felt she would best be able to meet and assess her fellow classmates, the all-houses games room. And... it was empty for now. Not bothered by this, Lauren busied herself about the room. There was a lot of clutter in here, and it just needed a little organising. Some of these pictures were quite terrible and needed to come down, and whatever that was in the corner needed to go straight to the trash. Reading through decor magazines had given Lauren terribly high standards, and she figured that this (like her room in her father's worn down house) could only benefit from a little facelift. She was doing a community service here, and over the course of an hour or so, she had completely rearranged the room to her liking. At least, as much as she could without changing anything too much, but it was a start. A giant pile of rubbish spilled over in the bin, some of it (projects in the works, books, journals, and other personal effects) may not have been rubbish, but in Lauren's eyes it was all unnecessary clutter. It had to go. Satisfied that she had done the best she could, Lauren perched herself in an armchair at the center of the room. One leg crossed over the other, she opened a book and began to peruse more inspiration for her bedroom. And perhaps ideas for improving this room too, she was sure that her father would allow her to. He did want her to be happy here. But for now, Lauren just waited for her classmates to come and admire her work, pay their respects and give her the accolades she was due.
  7. Invite The Drop

    "Oh." Lauren felt a little foolish for the question, now the explanation had been given. Marie had left the room briefly, only long enough to retrieve Audrey's pre-packed bags and bring them into the living room, sitting back down with her cuppa as Stuart returned. Lauren took a cookie. This all felt so luxurious, in a way. Things like chocolate and sugar, items for comfort and pleasure were foreign to her. She hadn't been deprived by any measure, merely so focused on what she had to do, that everything else was unimportant. Lauren had been alive, yes. But she hadn't lived. The prospect of being a "real big sister" made her heart race with excitement and fear. She had longed to reconnect with her father, done what she can through his dreams, but that had been different. That had been an environment entirely of her own creation, devoid of chaos and interruption. In dreams, she had his undivided attention and the ability to change the scene as best suited her needs. The rush to hospital had just proven how unexpected real life was, that she had no control here. Would she be able to connect with him the same? And then what about her siblings? Audrey? Grandparents? Aunts? Uncles? Cousins? People at school? There were so many factors now it made her head spin. It wouldn't be long now before Steve and Barry bowled in with Cam and Sarah, and what she had seen of her uncles from a distance already felt like too much. Cam wanted a brother, so was she going to be a disappointment to him? The questions just kept piling up. Lauren nibbled the biscuit, sipped at her tea. It was delicious. Apparently she did like sugar in her tea. That... well that was one thing solved. "Um," she said softly. "I'm still tired from last night. Is... is there somewhere I can lie down?" Marie squeezed Lauren's knee, standing up and nodding. "Of course, sweetheart," she said. "I'll make you a spot in Sarah's room for now." "Thank you," said Lauren, not caring that it wouldn't be her own room. She wasn't that exhausted, but a place to hide away for a while as she digested all of these changes sounded like a good plan. Though she was feeling far more tired than normal, a side effect of having her magic taken from her. "The baby is lucky not to remember," Lauren murmured as she waited. "I wish that I could not."
  8. Invite The Drop

    Lauren nodded slightly to Stuart's question. She was worried, most of all, about the baby. About the trauma that her sudden presence had caused for Audrey, and the effect that would have. She didn't really comprehend that other babies didn't have the same understanding and awareness about the world that she had. For all she knew, her father's child was fully aware of the pain and the fear. Lauren's birth had not been smooth. Adele had fought it all the way, insisted she wasn't ready, and Lauren had known every second of that experience that she was not welcome. This child, she knew, would be loved and welcomed. Still---this wasn't the effect she wanted to have. And Alan, who she had waited so many years to connect with in the physical realm... he wasn't here. Lauren knew that whatever happened with Audrey and the baby was far more important, but this day couldn't have gone more wrong if she tried. She nodded again as Stuart tried to soothe her, her grandmother coming in close to sit in the chair beside her. Marie's hand closed over hers. "We're glad to have you back, sweetheart," the elder woman said, prompting a fresh burst of tears from Lauren. She couldn't reply about the drinks though, she didn't know what to say. She didn't know what she was allowed. She didn't know anything about being here, or being part of this. From the outside it had seemed so simple. Now that she was here, it was so much harder. "Two cups of tea, I think, thank you Stuart." Marie answered for her. "Very sweet, you seem like a girl who likes a good bit of sugar in her tea, hmn?" Lauren still looked bewildered. Did she like sugar in her tea? She didn't know. She'd never had anyone make tea for her before. Lillian had never really bothered asking her what she liked or wanted, she'd simply been given what she needed. Now she was drowning in choices, it seemed. What if she made a wrong choice? Could she go back? Some choices were permanent, Lauren knew that. How could she tell the difference? "Will the baby be angry at me... for making today bad?" she asked, voice barely above a whisper.
  9. Invite The Drop

    Lauren could only watch as Audrey was suddenly in pain, panic, and rushed away to the hospital with her father. Tavi continued to play with Lauren's curls, though her shoulders sagged in the knowledge that Audrey was not well, and was at the hospital. The younger girl shuffled closer into Lauren, curling in more, worried about what was happening around her but not able to put it into words. Lauren found herself equally lost and bewildered, staring at the seats Alan and Audrey had just vacated. Had her return set off a chain of events that was going to harm them? In taking her power, Lillian had also removed her insight. Lauren had no more idea of what was happening to Audrey than Tavi, and when she looked at Lillian for clues, the woman gave nothing away. It was so easy to be nonchalant about things when you had a rough idea of how it would turn out. A thousand questions and worries and concerns ran through Lauren's mind and none of them had answers. Tavi slipped from her knee, heading across the room to Laurie instead. Tavi's grandfather---their grandfather---picked her up, held her tight and carried her outside for a walk around the yard to soothe her. Lillian stood up. "No thank you, Stuart. I had best be going." she said, with barely a nod before she faded out of the room. The last link to the life she knew was gone, and Lauren found herself with Marie and Stuart. Confused, overwhelmed, and scared in a way she'd never been before. Lauren didn't know what to do with all of this, how to deal with it. The feeling only grew and twisted in her throat, made her shoulders shake until tears began to leak from the corners of her eyes. This wasn't the homecoming she had dreamed about. This was a horror story that made no sense. Instead of finding her place in her birth family, she had hurt them. Not even an hour back and she had ruined it. Lauren's head turned backward as if to try and find Lillian, though she knew the woman was long out of reach. She didn't know what else to do. So she cried.
  10. Invite The Drop

    Lauren's lips pursed as Stuart spoke. Why was he defending Adele? And why was everyone looking at her like she was some sort of villain? She had only spoken the truth after all, and it wasn't like she could do anything about David being dead. Were these people really going to sit here and feel sorry for something they couldn't change? Besides, what did it matter why Lillian had decided to place her here, and not with Adele? If she had to come back, Lauren didn't want to be with Adele anyway. Therefore, she had won, and the rest of it didn't matter. "She will require some... managing," Lillian added her support. "But from what I have seen, you are the best placed to do it. Already she has played on Adele's guilt to manipulate her, you do not carry that same weakness. If you've any troubles, Stuart knows how I can be reached." though Lillian was not entirely sure how much help she could be in this either. She had attempted to raise Lauren, and this was the result. The girl wouldn't even acknowledge their family connection. "Well, I am excited to be home," said Lauren, dismissing the barbs thrown at her. "It will be such fun to have siblings, and to do all of the things we did in your dreams, Daddy. Perhaps I could have a pet, too? Lillian would not allow me to have a horse. I've always wanted one. And when will I get to see Lorelei?" Alan stared. Blinked. Stared. It was clear that she had no concept of just how big all of this news was, and how their whole world had just shifted onto an entirely new track. Was that such a bad thing, though? "I---well, we'll see," he stammered. "But you can call me 'Dad'. You're a bit old for 'Daddy' now, and the other kids only use it when they're in trouble or want something. Dunno about a horse though, and you'll see Lei when things calm down a bit and when her parents say it's okay. She's been through a lot. You've been through a lot. We've all been through a lot, and we're gonna need some time to adjust to how things are now," Alan's voice went from shaky to firm as he found his rhythm. He stroked Audrey's hair, helpless against the grief she felt. Lauren pouted, in the disturbingly sweet way that she could. Alan felt his resolve begin to break, but no---no this was exactly what Stuart had just warned him about. Gods, maybe it would have been better to send her for a few nights with his parents first. They knew how to straighten the worst children out. How had his little girl become like this? Surely she wouldn't have, if he'd been there. If whatever happened to her, hadn't happened. And that he still felt was his fault for not protecting her well enough.
  11. Lauren Burdett

    Lauren Burdett
    Technically Lauren was born in 2008, and to the best of public knowledge, died later that year just six months of age. Even her parents, Adele and Alan, had no clue that Lauren had already fully accepted her sorceraic blood, and was not in fact gone. She sought to escape what she believed was the humiliating prison of an infant form, and gain the freedom she felt entitled to. That Adele's life was in a shambles and her actions were getting progressively more and more destructive left Lauren in the belief that she had no other choice, she did not want to stick around for her mother to constantly prove how unwanted and uncared for she was. She took advantage of an altercation between her father and a Ministry official to feign an accident, throwing her family's life into turmoil as they believed her truly deceased. Her grandmother, Lillian, had spirited her away and left a decoy in place of a body. Lauren spent the next ten years under her grandmother's care, in the background of her own family's life but never able to truly participate. It was their job, her grandmother said, to watch over them and ensure their safety. Lauren did as she was told, and though Lillian hoped that the exercise would push the girl into rejoining the family, it had the opposite effect as Lauren watched her siblings and mother grow and connect, having the life she wished she could have. All the while, mourning her death in ways that Lauren didn't feel were genuine. Occasionally she stepped into the foreground, in the form of a young girl named Flora. This she did to help avert family crises, but always took the opportunity to land a few scathing blows while she did. Often by laughing at their foolish failures, or pointing out the flawed logic in their plans. Still, loneliness plagued her. In ensuring her life, Lillian had fused her soul with that of a long-ceased sorceress known as the Grey. The Grey's matched pair, a non-romantic soulmate of sorts, was the Brown. Knowing that Lillian knew the location of the Brown's resting place, when her niece Lorelei was struck by a death-like sleeping curse and forced from her body, she formulated a plan to fuse Lorelei with the Brown to resurrect her pair. Lorelei consented, and the process was a success. Finally Lauren had that connection she had desired, but Lillian was not finished. She had decided that it was time for Lauren to rejoin the world, and her family. She put the girl into the body of a teen, approximately fifteen years of age, and stripped her of all magical gift. Now helpless to act without the assistance of others, Lauren was sent to live with her father and his growing family in Narragyambie. One of the conditions was that she attend Tallygarunga, and learn to relate to those she loved to look down upon. Lauren is not happy about any of this. Though she's happy to be back in her father's life, she's frustrated by her lack of independence and power. Being sent to Tallygarunga just adds insult to injury, but with her father as Headmaster, her mother as Librarian, and her uncle a student there---there's only so much trouble she can get into. Right?