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  1. Lauren was a picture of focus and innocence, ignoring Amber's strife as if she had nothing to do with it (of course she didn't, what nonsense to suggest that she could have!) and placed the little locked box precisely in the center of her desk. Tucking a strand of hair behind one ear, she examined the box with quiet curiosity, before sitting perfectly still, hands clasped across the desk as she made the lid dance up and down as it opened and closed and opened again. Showing off, but in that ever-so obnoxious way where she simply sat there and repeated the task, not even bothering to draw attention to herself. As if she was too bored by the simple (to her) task to even bother bragging. Around the classroom, students were getting mixed results. Some opened it easily, others struggled. Some were getting so frustrated with the boxes that they threw them to the ground. Lauren simply sat there, watching the waving lid until that too got boring. She turned, finally acknowledging Amber and Meadow, checking briefly to see if Amber had been at all injured by intense contact with that horrible bag. "That would not have happened if you had got rid of the bag," she noted airily. "I believe I did warn you."
  2. Well now she was running late. Still on time, but late enough. This subject was one her mother, and grandmother, insisted she do. Lauren couldn't understand why, especially given her current situation. Was the whole point just to humiliate her in class? They knew she couldn't cast at the moment, Lillian had made it that way. Nevertheless, Lauren would not disgrace herself by being late. Her shoes were spotless, her uniform perfectly pressed. Her Sturt tie was aligned so absolutely to the center that she might well have used a ruler to get it right. Lauren cast her eye about the room as she entered the doorway, soft curls bobbing either side of her face as she assessed the situation. Not good. Her lips pursed into a petite frown. She should have got here earlier. Now she'd stood in the doorway too long, it was becoming painfully obvious that she didn't know who to sit with. Lorelei, of course, would have been her preferred choice. Alexander possibly her second, though he was overly sympathetic to the librarian. The only other person she really knew, was... ... Amber. People were starting to stare, recognise her dilemma. She needed a reason to have dithered this long. Lauren lifted a hand, gave Andrea a sweet smile and a delicate wave. "Good morning, Professor," she said, as if she wasn't internally agonising over seating choices. "Daddy and I hope you're settling in well, I'm very excited to be in your class." She wasn't. Nor had she and Alan discussed the new professors. It was something to say, something to explain why she was still standing here like an idiot. She had to make a choice. It was only for the duration of the class. There were no seats near enough to Lei, Alex was probably going to try and get her to reconcile with her mother, so Amber it was. Lauren fluttered across the room, sliding herself into the spare seat on Amber's other side as if she'd been meaning to all along. Once seated, she ensured her books and belongings were arranged just so, and pushed back any of Ambers that had wandered over into "her" space. Hands folded on her desk, she threw a look back to Lorelei, feeling comforted that the girl was here. And the small trickle of power that leaked from her was like water to her thirst. Tapping into it, Lauren kept her eyes directly ahead while her magic swept all of Amber's belongings to the floor. Wandless Magic? ... Check.
  3. The girl was mad. Stark, raving mad. Maybe it was her limited upbringing outside of the "regular" world, maybe it was the fact that her mother was a librarian with a secret love for romance books---but Lauren could not comprehend the enjoyment that could be found in fiction. As Amber listed off the possible sources of pop culture, Lauren merely shook her head. She had not read a fiction book, played a video game, watched any shows or films. What was the point? None of it was reality, and therefore it didn't count in the grand scheme of things. "So popular?" Lauren raised a perfect eyebrow. "No wonder this world is at war. Too much attention focused on what is not happening, not enough care to fix what is." The assessment seemed fair enough to Lauren. It was logical. She didn't understand why it wasn't so clear to everyone else around her, the flaws in the system. Alas, they were all too busy being buried in fiction, it seemed. It certainly wasn't that Lauren couldn't read---she could. Her favoured reading material was just.. factual. In fact, her favourite book at this present moment was a guide to interior design. Amber's bag was still ugly, and that cap was... Lauren tried not to look at it. "Is this stuff in the library here?" Lauren asked after a moment, a new crusade forming in her mind. Here, she could do the Australian wizarding world a true favour. Eliminate the rot from the library and then students would be far less likely to indulge themselves, they would have to read things healthier for their minds than this fictional trash. A smile turned up the corners of her lips. Yes, this was a good plan. She could help her father make this school a better place. It was so simple too! Of course, it was only step one of a bigger plan, students would no doubt have their own sources of material, but it was a start. "You will take me to it, yes?" she asked, a dazzling smile thrown Amber's way.
  4. Some slow-brained people left a few cards out with some chocolate outside my door. I'm burning the cards, do you want the chocolate? I don't really need them.

  5. Lauren had debated with herself a long time over what time she ought to make her way into this class. Her father was forcing her to take it, as an introduction to proper wizarding culture. And then he had gone and asked the librarian to teach it this time around. Lauren wasn't blind enough to miss the clumsy manipulation involved in getting her in a room where she would be expected to treat Adele as her superior. She had thought at first that she would flout the rules entirely, and arrive at the very last minute---but this would be no good for her personal reputation. Lauren had no desire to be branded as disobedient simply for the sake of making a point. No. Also, her father would probably be disappointed at lateness. She swanned her way in, an excruciatingly neat pile of books placed on her desk. The colours matched in a pleasing and contrasting way, like something out of a magazine. She sat on Lei's other side, throwing a single genuine smile at the girl before delicately tugging a pristine history textbook from the pile, ensuring all of the other books were spaced in the stack with military precision, and turned the hefty tome to the marked page. Her eyes skimmed the page, before she looked up. Sat so perfectly straight, shoulders back, and lips held in a prim frown. Lauren didn't raise her hand, or wait to be called on. When silence fell, she simply spoke up. "The school also allows miscreants such as yourself to instruct new generations," she said coolly. "I would consider this a negative impact on wizarding society as a whole." Well, she had asked for the adverse affects of Tallygarunga's approach to inclusiveness.
  6. I have found alcohol and cigarettes concealed in the library. Where do I dispose of these?

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    2. Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Oh, those are Grandmiere's. It is ok.

    3. Lauren Burdett

      Lauren Burdett

      It is not "ok", @Lorelei Valentin-Blair. They were hidden between books where students can get them. This is only one hiding spot it is likely there are others. Irresponsible! 

      I will bring them to you immediately, @Ashkar Gastrell. At least someone here has common sense!

    4. Ashkar Gastrell

      Ashkar Gastrell

      Thank you, Miss Burdett. I shall be in my office with the appropriate method of disposal waiting.

  7. "Fictional?" Lauren raised a single eyebrow. All of this was about some person that didn't even exist? While Amber took her time considering material options, Lauren was steadily losing faith in the world. This... Bat... man was something made up. What was the point of that? It seemed there was a lot of it to consider too (though it was also very likely, she felt, that Amber was simply taking some time to remember how to breathe. Or maybe she had forgotten her own name. Lauren wondered if she should help, but only very briefly). In what sort of world was there so much material about... something that didn't exist. It boggled her. "There is more than enough to know in the real world, what fool would fill their brain with useless nonsense," she said primly. Of course, she knew, this included her father. And likely everyone she would encounter, ever, which was just... why had she come back? Why hadn't she noticed that everyone here was unfathomable? Lauren would do many things to find her way in this world but she could not stomach the thought of lowering herself to such a level as to willingly and enthusiastically occupy her mind with fictional garbage. At every turn, it seemed she was being asked to reduce herself to a mindless idiot, like... Well. Like Amber. Lauren's pretty little frown was turned into an expression of deep disapproval. There was a lot of work required for this girl, but maybe---and this was just a theory---maybe if she could be convinced to cease with the useless rubbish and focus on what was real and true, she might have the capacity to hold a few facts in that empty head of hers. But could Lauren handle such an intensive project? It was for the greater good, certainly, but Lauren was seriously doubting whether she could manage. Oh, the dilemma.
  8. Too many? Too many what? Lauren was beginning to think this girl was deliberately speaking another language. Or was she damaged like Améa, and couldn't form proper sentences? It seemed that whenever she decided something about this girl, something else happened to make her question her assessment. The constant shifting was beginning to annoy her, an irritation that was not at all brought on by this lingering sadness and regret that had infiltrated her heart. She still didn't understand the significance of this Batman thing, why this girl had the same symbol on her ugly bag as her father had on her shirt, or how her father could possibly resemble a bat of all things. In Lauren's opinion, he was more like a bear. She hadn't seen a bear in real life, but she'd seen plenty of pictures of bats and bears both, and it was not the bats that bore the most resemblance to her father. "I see," she faked her understanding. Her father did do some weird things, that much was true. Her mother was a prime example of Alan's poor choices. None of this would have turned out like it had if Adele hadn't been part of it, and for Lauren that was more than enough reason to blame the woman for all of it. Questions bubbled up inside her. Questions she refused to let herself ask, because that would mean she didn't know things, things that Amber did know and therefore the girl had the upper hand. You couldn't rule when others thought you an uneducated git, she would have to find another way to solve the mystery of the Batman. Fitting in with the other students was going to be significantly harder than she expected. Lauren knew her father had a lot of hope that she would do well here, and so far she was not... she was failing him. She was failing him, he would be disappointed and probably send her to live with Adele. No. No. She couldn't have that. Anything but that. Lauren kept her mouth shut, staring now at the other patches on Amber's bag. Did they also mean things she knew nothing about? Probably. Very probably.
  9. "Daddy has that on a shirt," Lauren murmured in response, momentarily intrigued by this patch on the ugliest bag in the world. And suddenly, it hit her. How little she knew about her own family, even though she'd been hovering in the shadows almost the entire time. How distant she really was, to not even know her own father's nickname. Her watch had always consisted on ensuring that no one got hurt, anything more was just agony to observe. The way Amber said it, as if it should have been an obvious answer and something Lauren definitely should have known, made her recoil with a sharp frown on her face. "Of course I did know this," she lied with a snap. "I only forgot." Because admitting that she didn't know was harder. What else didn't she know? It occurred to her that she didn't even know his favourite colour. What food he liked. What his favourite songs were, or what his life had been like when he was a kid. Lauren blinked and fought back tears. Told herself she was just angry at this stupid girl in front of her, but knew it wasn't true. She was angry at herself. Her father was a mystery to her, and he shouldn't have been. This world was a mystery to her, and it shouldn't have been either. Was it a mistake coming back? Was there too much to catch up on? "Grandmiere did not allow me this bat... man thing," she added haughtily, a messy and snotty sniff giving away her distress. It was almost true. If she had been interested, Lillian likely would have allowed her to pursue the interest so long as it didn't interfere with her work, but Lauren had refused to engage in the world. Refused to look deeper just as she'd refused to be part of it. "Why does Daddy have this nickname?"
  10. Lauren blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. What was wrong with this girl? For a second it looked like Amber was about to make the connection, and then she came out with Batman? How many times did a child need to be dropped onto its head before it reached this low point? Lauren sighed and rolled her eyes, maybe she should be taking pity on this poor creature. Was there some sort of charity she could support? Or was this just the natural condition of the Spencer students? It couldn't be, though, right? Her father had been a Spencer. "I am not a kid of any bat shaped man," she said finally. "I am the daughter of Alan Burdett, the headmaster here." As always, she conveniently forgot to mention that she was also Adele's daughter. Adele was just the librarian and a terrible person overall, Lauren couldn't see why that connection would sway anyone. She didn't realise yet that Alan's temperament made him more of a hero and a favourite of the students, while Adele struck fear into the hearts of anyone who had ever dog-eared a page before. Lauren waited, studying Amber's face for any sign of comprehension. The more she thought about it, the more this had to be some kind of defect. Which changed things considerably, she couldn't imagine that her father would be impressed by her snapping at one of the slow students. No, Lauren decided. She could do better than that. This girl needed help, someone to guide her through life and make sure she didn't try to chew the Bush Telegraph wire or something. "What is your name?" she asked, her tone almost sweet. Now that she had completed reorganising this room, she was ready for her next project. Amber needed a lot of work, but Lauren was up for the challenge. She wasn't an entirely ungenerous soul.
  11. Daddy gave me this journal, he said it is for connecting to people. If you can see this, please tell Daddy that I should have a horse. He will not listen to reason!

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    2. Lauren Burdett

      Lauren Burdett

      Good. Then it is settled. For how long will I need to care for the horses at the reserve until I may have my own? Daddy?

    3. Alan Burdett

      Alan Burdett

      I did not agree to this plan.

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      @Alan Burdett Could think of it as the ultimate learning experience! Caring for other beings and their welfare are pretty important qualities to develop!

  12. "There is no horse here," said Lauren, who was not as well versed in idioms and figures of speech as the average student. She looked around, waving a hand to prove her point---indeed, there was no horse here in the games room. It was a sore point too, she'd always wanted a horse. Her grandmother had never seen the point of having animals around, and now her father was digging his heels in too. There were perfectly good dirtbikes out in the back paddock, what did she need a horse for? Lauren was slowly making Sarah and Octavia her allies in her campaign for a horse though, and soon Alan would be overwhelmed and give in. Hopefully. This was the goal. She was sure, as well, that what Amber was saying had some sort of meaning but she couldn't figure it out. Why would anyone run about the hallways with a stick placed there? Was it a requirement of policing fun? What was the role of the fun police anyway, was it to ensure everyone was having fun, or to prevent it? How did one go about applying to be part of the fun police (it sounded like a role that came with some prestige, given Amber's warning about them) and would she really have to have the stick? "I do not think I know who I am, I know who I am," Lauren's oblivious corrections continued. "I am Lauren Burdett."
  13. As Amber called the bag her "baby", Lauren looked to the heavens as though seeking strength from a higher power. This was not the welcome she expected, nor the gratitude she believed was owed for her miracle working in the room. She sighed and returned that critical gaze back to Amber, listening out of sheer politeness though it was evident that Lauren's assessment of the girl was complete. The result was not in Amber's favour. "I can't see why any points could be awarded for that... clutter," she said with a disapproving frown as she remembered the mis-matched projects in various states of completion. Lauren genuinely believed that she had done a good thing here, which made the cruelty of throwing it all away all the more brutal. "More likely I have saved many from losing points over sloppy workmanship," Lauren's gaze followed Amber as she entered the room with the offending bag. "I believe I did say the bag was not permitted," Lauren's smooth and sing-song voice rang out, a delicate frown on her lips at being disobeyed so flagrantly. "There is space in the hallway, else you may place it in the trash. I am willing to assist in locating a more suitable replacement if you insist on carrying such a thing?" it was hard to know what Lauren was aiming to be, here. Helpful? Rude? It was like she was trying to make a good impression, but failing miserably. Tripping over her own idea of how things should be, and trying to fit the school and students into it with brute force. But offering to help, all the same.
  14. Lauren looked up from her magazine as the girl spoke, with all the grace and self-assuredness of a queen. She didn't answer straight away, merely took in the other girl's appearance, as if assessing whether this creature belonged in her perfectly curated room here. Not really if she was being honest, especially with that language and that... rough manner. She raised a hand, primly closing the magazine on her knee. "Why should anyone choose to---as you say, 'rip my head off'?" she asked, lips pursed in a thin frown at the very idea. Lauren couldn't grasp that others may not enjoy her minimalist approach to decorating, or that some people were using the items she had so casually tossed away. "Daddy said to make myself comfortable. I think he will be quite impressed with my efforts here, if anyone should object---he will see to it." The gaze that she levelled at Amber was a challenge. It dared the other girl to disagree, to find out for herself just how legitimate Lauren's claim to the "throne" was. As a new student, Lauren knew it was important to establish dominance. She had the connections, why not use them? Lauren didn't even bother telling Amber who her father was, she merely expected the girl to know. "You may remain," she 'allowed' Amber to stay in the room as if her haughty self had a right to decide one way or another. "But leave the terrible bag outside. It offends me."
  15. Lauren was not pleased about being dragged away by her mother. Even though it had all been approved by her father (who had no idea what was really going on, just that it was an important family event) and perhaps Lauren was just a little bit upset with him for making her go. She didn't see why she had to be here at all, it wasn't like she would be able to do anything. Adele wasn't taking arguments though, she moved Lauren onward with a tight determination that could only come from deep-set anxiety. Today was the day. In a weird twist of fate, it was Améa who seemed the most positive---at least until she heard her name and the world 'violin', followed by Alex complimenting her appearance, which made her scowl to prove him wrong. Could Caleb be the one behind delivering her violin to the house? Améa's gaze darted toward their grandmother, searching for a hint that the woman had retrieved the instrument under his instruction, but that didn't seem right either. Bethianna, on the other hand, inclined her head toward Améa at the mention of her improved health, prompting Améa to return the gesture with a respectful half-bow. "Oh good," Adele responded to Cass, glad that neither of her boys had chosen today to be difficult. She sat down beside Caleb, pulling him in to her side, inhaling the scent of his hair and his closeness. Caleb mumbled his protests, apparently she was getting marks on Sapphire. She ignored Alex's quip about her smile, that was the last thing she felt like right now. "Father will be here soon, he said he had to work on something---he won't say what," Adele shook her head. Who knew what had got into Rheldor's head now. In an effort to keep him temporarily distracted from wandering off to find his sister, Adele had introduced him to Youtube. Specifically, "how to make" videos on Youtube. Now her overly-enthusiastic father had several projects on the go, and the backyard hadn't yet recovered from his paint-pouring experiments. With Lorelei's hand in hers, Lauren calmed as she tended to. She could also feel, quite curiously, a small opening in the block that Lillian had placed on her---like a secret access point to her own ability. She glanced at Lorelei, wondering if her twin could feel it too---and if this was why her presence was required. What was available felt strangely more potent, even if it wasn't the full depth of what she normally had. It was concentrated. Interesting. "We are all present," Lillian said, as the room began to quiet. "Shall we begin?" She was answered by a shift in the air, a pull that caused most to turn and look at an empty spot that was soon no longer empty. "Starting without me, Lian?" dressed in head to toe in darkest black, a touch taller than Lillian but with the same long black hair---and eyes of disconcerting gold, the woman looked out at the gathered family with a slightly disapproving frown. Lea.
Lauren Meredith Burdett
Fifth Year
16* year old Halfblood Sorceraic She/Her
Age:  16*
Date of Birth: February 20th, 2003
Birthplace: Narragyambie
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ★ Sadrienne
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: Natalie Dormer

Fiercely independent and determined to prove she doesn't need her family, Lauren's attitude is what some might describe as bitter, arrogant, and generally terrible. She refuses to accept her mother and claims she will never forgive the woman for all the things she did before and in the time after Lauren's birth. The separation from her family only served to cause her wound of being unwanted to fester and worsen, loneliness seeping deep into her soul.

She pushes back connections that may do her harm, believing that her own self is the only person she can truly rely on. She seems to delight in humiliating and hurting the members of her family, Adele and Améa specifically, as punishment for the things she believes they did wrong. Lauren speaks in sarcasm, sharp words in dry amusement but designed to harm.

Her father is the one person she regrets leaving behind, though she's not particularly sure how to be a child as he understands it. She's not even sure how to be a daughter, or fit in with other people in a family setting. Her abrasive and aloof nature is likely to cause problems, she is difficult to relate to and very clearly sees herself as from a different world to others. 


Lauren is a perfect mix between her mother and father. With her mother's pale skin and her father's rounder face and light brown hair, there's no question as to who she belongs to. At least, not visually. Like the rest of her mother's family, Lauren's grey eyes have an unsettling quality that can't be quite placed. It's as if she can see more than most, and understand far more than any teenager should be capable of. 

She is of average height with a slight build, and a very expressive face that soon indicates just how trouble you're in with her. Her favourite expression seems to be one of amused condescension. Her style leans toward more childish items, creating an innocent look that fools most. 


Technically Lauren was born in 2008, and to the best of public knowledge, died later that year just six months of age. Even her parents, Adele and Alan, had no clue that Lauren had already fully accepted her sorceraic blood, and was not in fact gone. She sought to escape what she believed was the humiliating prison of an infant form, and gain the freedom she felt entitled to. That Adele's life was in a shambles and her actions were getting progressively more and more destructive left Lauren in the belief that she had no other choice, she did not want to stick around for her mother to constantly prove how unwanted and uncared for she was.

She took advantage of an altercation between her father and a Ministry official to feign an accident, throwing her family's life into turmoil as they believed her truly deceased. Her grandmother, Lillian, had spirited her away and left a decoy in place of a body. Lauren spent the next ten years under her grandmother's care, in the background of her own family's life but never able to truly participate. It was their job, her grandmother said, to watch over them and ensure their safety. Lauren did as she was told, and though Lillian hoped that the exercise would push the girl into rejoining the family, it had the opposite effect as Lauren watched her siblings and mother grow and connect, having the life she wished she could have. All the while, mourning her death in ways that Lauren didn't feel were genuine.

Occasionally she stepped into the foreground, in the form of a young girl named Flora. This she did to help avert family crises, but always took the opportunity to land a few scathing blows while she did. Often by laughing at their foolish failures, or pointing out the flawed logic in their plans. 

Still, loneliness plagued her. In ensuring her life, Lillian had fused her soul with that of a long-ceased sorceress known as the Grey. The Grey's matched pair, a non-romantic soulmate of sorts, was the Brown. Knowing that Lillian knew the location of the Brown's resting place, when her niece Lorelei was struck by a death-like sleeping curse and forced from her body, she formulated a plan to fuse Lorelei with the Brown to resurrect her pair. Lorelei consented, and the process was a success. Finally Lauren had that connection she had desired, but Lillian was not finished.

She had decided that it was time for Lauren to rejoin the world, and her family. She put the girl into the body of a teen, approximately fifteen years of age, and stripped her of all magical gift. Now helpless to act without the assistance of others, Lauren was sent to live with her father and his growing family in Narragyambie. One of the conditions was that she attend Tallygarunga, and learn to relate to those she loved to look down upon.

Lauren is not happy about any of this. Though she's happy to be back in her father's life, she's frustrated by her lack of independence and power. Being sent to Tallygarunga just adds insult to injury, but with her father as Headmaster, her mother as Librarian, and her uncle a student there---there's only so much trouble she can get into.

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