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  1. I'm not sure if the fact people actually pay for my tutoring these days means that I'm good at it or that they're desperate.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      If they are willing to pay it's means you're good. There are plenty of students who do it for free, and one a handful are good at helping others.

    2. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      It's a nice ego boost, though I do feel bad for charging. Not much of a choice though.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      If you need it you need it. No one should blame you for charging people a service. 

  2. ...Yep, this break spoiled me, I'm starting to dread Monday's arrival :( 

    Is this what I get for spending my vacations around here? Ow.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      You don't need to fear Monday's arrival if you chill a little in the afternoon, get into the schedule slowly. If you want to hang out you know where to find me.

    2. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      Thank you, I'll keep that in mind :) 

  3. Is it just me or did this little break go by really quickly? Time to go back to the grind.

  4. I've been reintroduced to the concept of 'resting' during this break... I feel spoiled now.

  5. "Thank you." Meadow spoke, and just as she had finished replying, the Professor had declared that the class was officially dismissed. Perfect! If she dragged the Sturt student quickly enough to the Hospital Wing, it could be that she would have a chance of napping in one of the beds prior to the next class. Everything was turning out even better than the Flinders had hoped for, which served to boost her spirits minimally. It seemed that a Spencer student had taken the initiative to help carry the latest flying doll victim - not something she'd complain about, as it was less weight for her to carry, even if she had initially planned to lower it with magic. Noticing instead that the girl's desk had a bag on it, she raised a hand, wandlessly performing an Accio without bothering to mutter the incantation. The backpack quickly flung itself towards the Fliders' hand, which she deftly caught and then hung over her shoulder. "Let's go." She nodded to Alexander in gratitude as she took the other arm of the unconscious girl, hoisting it around her shoulders much like that same student's bag, and proceeding to lead her out of class so to get the help she needed - Meadow hoped the girl wouldn't be knocked out for too long, as head injuries were nothing to play with.
  6. The sniffing sounds made the angered teenager's eyes squint. Looking in that direction, she saw Travis acting as if he had no filter - openly sniffing her in the middle of a class. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked with confusion, feeling her temper quickly slipping through her fingers. She leaned her head away with visible discomfort, and her brows furrowed with bewilderment at the shoulder poking. She had never seen the man acting so off the wall, even with his condition. It led her to think something very simple. 'What sort of hallucinogens did he consume?' Was the task truly unavoidable? Did Meadow truly have no choice but potentially meet her end in that class? It was a grim fate to consider, but she had promised to be somewhat more courageous - not that she actually gave much of a damn about that promise when running on fumes, it just served to irritate her further. Resigning herself to her fate, she let out a frustrated exhalation prior to rising from her seat. It seemed that fate was on her side with the string of occurrences within that class, however. She first noticed that Travis had made his move to take a shot at the spell. She opted to let him finish doing so prior to making her own attempt, but the results were quite disturbing - she hardly had any time to process what was happening before a loud sound of raw impact echoed through the classroom and various limbs were sent flying in all directions (which, fortunately, entirely missed the Flinders even if by just a few centimeters). She watched the wreckage with mouth agape for the second time in just a few minutes. No sound came out, so strong was the shock; her eyes were trained on Travis, wide from being perplexed. She had no idea how to react, what to say or think, nor anything else, frozen in space and time with the situation. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for another poor soul), there was another crash in the same room not too long after. It served to snap her out of it. She shook her head roughly to bring herself to reality, gaze zeroing in on the unconscious Sturt a few ways away from them. 'This is my chance!' "Professor, if you'd like, I can take her to the infirmary." The Flinders girl raised a hand while she spoke to get Andrea's attention. Not only did she work there, but carrying that student to the room wouldn't take half as much effort when she could merely use her wand to artificially lower her weight.
  7. "Mm." The sound was all that Travis got in greeting from his best friend as her gaze fixated on a mannequin's head, looking as if she wanted to decapitate the poor thing. The fury boiling under her skin was the only thing keeping Meadow awake at that point, and a questionable replacement for caffeine. The name of said mannequin had gone completely over her head; what didn't was what they were meant to do with it. Lips parted slightly and brows furrowed in shock at what was expected of her - a physically demanding task. She had been very fragile since birth, and to engage in such an activity would be akin to suicide. However, she knew she couldn't protest. Closing her mouth, her jaw clenched and her fingers dug at her biceps as her rage augmented tenfold. It just wasn't a good day for her, was it? For once in her life, she had to find a way to get out of class without penalty. But how?
  8. "Well... Alright. Thank you." Meadow left it at that, though there was a pleasant, warm feeling leftover from Travis thinking of doing such a thing for her just because. She had always been someone who struggled to get such attention in her life, and to have something done for her out of seemingly nowhere was quite surprising, but pleasant - even if it was just a gift, something with monetary value. It was something she wouldn't mind getting used to, and hoped she'd get the opportunity to later down the line. As per usual, while Travis attempted to divert her attention from whatever it was that ailed him, he only succeeded in worrying her further. An eyebrow arched in skepticism at the notion that she shouldn't bother with it, although, uncharacteristically, a second thought sneaked up to her: what if it was something related to the nature of a werewolf, something that she effectively couldn't understand? She had admitted aloud that it was difficult to do so a few minutes prior, and it was the crux of their argument. She had to trust him when it came to such things as he knew about them far better than she could ever hope to, even if she hit the books regarding the subject (which she has many times in the past). Her facial expression relaxed with this realization, analyzing glance gone and forgotten. "Whamma Samma?" She repeated with amusement in her tone. "What are you, Amber?" Had those two formed some sort of tag team for nicknames? Meadow was secretly glad it was moderately difficult to make a nickname out of her own first name. Unfortunately, Samantha suffered from the exact opposite. She had heard more names for the girl over the years than she bothered to count or even remember. "In any case, I still have a life beyond studying... I hope. At least, I'm trying. It's a bit difficult with my parents and the exams breathing down my neck, but... I suppose I'm managing. Remi will end up eating most of it." She wondered how the girl was doing after her pet's passing. It had been a few months, certainly, but for someone as isolated as her, it couldn't be easy.
  9. "That was my way of asking you to elaborate. No need to be condescending." The Flinders spoke, although the irony of her words wasn't lost to her - Meadow herself had always been one to lean towards the ways of tough love when it came to those close to her, which inevitably led to some ill placed assumptions on her end from time to time. If anything, the response she got from the Bourke made her a smidge more self aware than she would have been otherwise. It was odd how they kept finding ways to improve themselves through the mutual strife; but, perhaps, that was why they were so attached to one another to begin with. Adjusting her skirt, the girl walked back to the picnic alongside her friend and sat in the exact same place that she had been in a few minutes prior. Her gaze wandered the assortment of food and drink on display on the towel before them, just before Travis spoke up again, diverting her attention before she could even decide what to reach for. Confusion settled in. She had always taken Travis for a big eater, and to see him reject a feast of his own making felt quite alien; not to mention Meadow herself didn't eat much, making the picnic seem quite overwhelming all of a sudden. Had she said something she shouldn't? Brows furrowed in confusion momentarily as she went over her recent words mentally, not finding a single wrong thing with them - she had been left under the impression that they had patched things up, and despite their natural clashes, everything was hunky-dory. "Are you alright?" She opted to ask, nursing chops taking over rationale and attacking the issue on reflex. Perhaps he felt ill?
  10. I wonder if I can stay here over the break again, that would be nice. Though, I still don't know what people do with so much free time. I'm too used to just hitting the books...

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    2. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      Well, alright. I didn't expect that but I'll take you up on it, thank you.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      No need to thank me :) you can meet me at the Spencer Common Area or I can meet you. However you prefer.

    4. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      I don't mind going to you, I'll let you know when I have some free time.

  11. @Samantha Hammond I found Harvey in my pocket again, just so you know.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Hah, I think he likes you more than he does me!

  12. Meadow had had that sort of rumor flung her way far too many times to her liking (not that a single one would have been well received to begin with), and things only got worse, unfortunately, after the Flinders had decided to barge into Travis' room a few months before. Their relationship had a truly strange dynamic, but it was one that functioned beautifully when in full gear - and other people took notice. Even if the Bourke was merely joking about it, she could see why people would think such a thing about them. She wished that they wouldn't as the very notion gave her chills down her spine, but at the same time she wasn't about to stop treating Travis how she did over some silly rumors that wouldn't affect her life in the long run. The book collection comment, however, caught her off guard. Perhaps it was because she had been trained under years of constant torment to always be careful when it came to Travis; she just couldn't tell if he was making a quip at her studious tendencies, or if he was aware of the secret hobby she had kept under lock and key. Just in case, she opted not to indulge, instead shaking her head at the joke. Though, he posed an interesting question - what did Meadow want? She knew that she wanted to become a nurse, but, was that all? What did she want out of life? She couldn't help feeling uncomfortable with the fact she wasn't able to answer that question just yet, and that point in her life wasn't the most conducive to self discovery. Not only did she have to live in fear, but also in doubt, it seemed. What followed was an unexpected, yet unsurprising, spark that made Meadow bolt upright. The girl had never been comfortable with the idea of doing anything of the sort with the fellow teenager, and she never particularly enjoyed when he alluded to it either; his persistence made her feel uneasy every time as well, but after the conversation they had just participated in, it didn't feel right to scold him about it. She got off the man's lap in record time, standing beside him as she straightened her skirt. Eating sounded like a much better endeavor than anything possibly going through Travis' mind at that moment. "Jewelry...?" She mused aloud with his strange question. Did he intend to get something for her? While she didn't really look forward to the idea of explaining what a piece of jewelry was doing among her belongings whenever it was she returned to the Richards household, she didn't exactly mind being pampered every once in a while. 'And after these potions, I deserve it.' "Maybe necklaces." Easy to conceal in comparison to anything else - both in luggage and when wearing them. It was her preference on that default notion, as well as due to lack of use to any other kind. "Why?"
  13. Were they different situations? Meadow had never brought it up before, but the truth of the matter was she was slated to perish if she let herself be kept under her parents' thumb. They intended for her to bear children despite her body's inability to do so - not that she couldn't conceive, but that the act of giving birth would likely kill her. Given their obsession with bloodline as opposed to the individual, the Flinders didn't think they'd be all too upset if she were to meet her end so long as the child was safe and sound under their oppressive guidance. She needed to get out of that household as soon as possible, before their grasp grew far too tight for her to handle. She didn't voice that concern, however, the skeptic gaze being the only tell of her disagreement with the boy. The gentle stroke, however, caused her cheeks to gain a pinkish hue. Even if Travis had always displayed this sweeter side to him when conversations got serious between them, Meadow was still not at all used to physical displays of affection regardless of meaning behind them. The kiss to the cheek made things worse and she sighed out her frustrations, although she didn't exactly pull away. "And I for you. But, have you ever stopped to consider that me helping you is selfish in itself?" Meadow suggested, her eyebrow arching as if pitching in an idea. "I'm not helping you because I feel forced to do so. I'm helping you because I want to help you. That's my desire. So yeah, you're right. Yap on all you want, I won't listen and keep at it. And you'll have to deal with that." Despite her words, there was a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She had been quite right before - they butted heads constantly. But, at least, presently it was over something as benign as whether someone should keep helping or not.
  14. Meadow gave Travis a light nod of the head upon the inquiry in agreement. The light touch upon her cheek drew her eyes to his, and a sense of comfort washed over her with their locked gaze. "In a way... It is. It's an obligation I have to myself. It's my life, isn't it? I should be living it to the fullest extent of my capabilities, and not under their thumb. I'm doing a disservice to myself by being so passive about it... And to you, too. Sometimes it almost feels as you have more than twice the strength and will to rebel against my situation than I do." The idea brought an ironic smile to her lips. It was him, and her sister. Both pulling at her constantly, moreso as of late, to get her to do something. To take out the proverbial stick up her parents' rear ends and beat them with it. Meadow had chosen to play the long game instead, but she had failed to account for the agony it would cause to those who did care for her. "Though, it was a bit of a two folded statement. I'll also do my best for you... In whatever it is I can do. I still have to figure the specifics of that one out, give me some time." She could work on that potion, that much she was aware of. Perhaps she should seek out help, despite it being SPIDER exam year. The Flinders made a mental note of visiting the nurse's office when the break came to a close - it would be far too alarming to approach the Healing magic instructor instead. 'Baby steps.' "Thank you for shoving me back into reality lately. It was much needed."
  15. An eyebrow arched as Travis decided to throw in the usual quip that Meadow thought that, every time, she would be better off without hearing; despite the visible displeasure with the verbal slip (Was it a slip? She was quite positive that he did it on purpose at that point...) she opted not to argue it, her decision reinforced by him making light of the very same thing that had rustled her feathers just a bit. She could only sigh and defeat and let him go on. "Well, you're a part of that life, so doing the best for you as well is part of the job." The Flinders countered in her usual authoritarian manner of speech towards her best friend, although her tone betrayed her, underlining the care she felt for the teenager with its softness. It seemed that their combined efforts at humor helped alleviate the oppressive atmosphere of the topic somewhat, but she couldn't help the fact the very thought of losing the man before her made her heart quake in the worst of ways. "Regardless, whether I agree with what you're doing or not... I can see you're trying your best." She couldn't fault him for that. He was aware of his situation more than she could be, even after the intensely graphic description he had given her on request. Only Travis could truly know how Travis felt, and only he could know what he was best for him - it was her job to be there to provide support no matter what he did, and pray he didn't get himself killed. She couldn't relate to how it was like to be a Werewolf, in the same way he couldn't relate to how it was like being brought up in a blood supremacist household. "It's only fair if I promise to do the same on my end, I think."
Meadow Amy Richards
Sixth Year
16 year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age:  16
Date of Birth: September 14th, 2002
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Sixth Year
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: White Mare
Wand: Pine, 10 3/4'', Unicorn Mane core
Play-by: Georgie Henley

1st Year -  Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House

  • Tendency to have a crush on random people too easily, for superficial reasons more often than not (i.e. they looked at her just right), but is too shy to pursue any of them and never had a significant other;
  • Is deeply embarrassed of her own body. Due to being an extremely late bloomer, her self image issues persisted despite filling out nicely. As such, she's very self conscious of any sort of intimacy and quite afraid of it;
  • Her parents are extremely strict, and purity-obsessed: she can only befriend people of status, purebloods, and may only see men whom intend to take on certain career paths and come from a prestigious background. She can only plan to take on certain type of career that would elevate the family name, or else she faces being disowned. They intend for her to have children, even though having any would most likely kill her. She doesn't mention this even to close friends, whom think all is fine and dandy at the Richards house;
  • Bisexual and horrified of it, since her parents are vehemently homophobic;
  • She's absolutely horrified of defying her parents based on these reasons, even though every fiber of her being screams at her to do so;
  • Is forced to take as many subjects as possible, and to take specific subjects regardless of whether she likes them or not;
  • She likes fiction and things generally seen as geeky, but isn't allowed to;
  • She dodges the friend/dating ban on people of 'lesser status' by only hanging out with them in Tallygarunga, so friends of the family won't tell on her - even if they're 2 hours away.
General Knowledge
  • Doesn't mind being called Amy instead of Meadow;
  • Has some health issues which remain undisclosed to the general public, but they had her be home schooled for the entirety of her childhood due to their seriousness;
  • Extremely late bloomer;
  • Cowardly;
  • Undecided regarding her future;
  • Has a mind-boggling distaste for a number of subjects she seems to enroll, and her grades suffer a little because of it;
  • Occasional spurts of geeky knowledge despite seeming anything but;
  • Okay with small groups but uncomfortable in large gatherings.

Meadow is a diligent and intelligent young woman whom dreams of becoming a nurse, just so she can prevent people from suffering through what she's endured all her life - or, at least, help them and comfort them. Knowing the path is extra difficult to take for someone as fragile as her, she works extra hard to ensure she's ahead of the curve and earns her spot out of merit rather than pity.

She is friendly in moderation, having no problem laughing and joking around her friends, although she doesn't like being loud, or reckless. Her speech tends to deviate from anything more than PG, and the company she keeps often reflects that. Despite this, she's very permissive in general as she knows the feeling of being shut down and told 'to behave as she's expected' all too well.

She is considerate of other's thoughts and feelings, finding that mental wellness is as important as physical wellness out of her own experience with both matters. As such, she goes out of her way not to put anybody down and is rather easy-going, so long as she feels comfortable with what's going on. Of course, this is occasionally overpowered by the inevitable snark she displays when irritated, or how defensive she can get when teased over something, which she greatly dislikes. This often causes her to come across as more strict than she intends to be.

Having been at death's door one too many times, she's grown a bit hesitant of endangering herself in any way. She feels like she's clinging to life by the skin of her teeth, she'd much rather cut and run to preserve it for as long as she possibly can rather than put on a brave face and become collateral damage. This is also true emotionally, as she's terrified of defying her parents' choice of a career for her.

She is very honest about her feelings - to herself, that is. Fear overtakes her divulging much about herself to anyone else, scared it'll spread and reach her parents' ears somehow. As such, while she's aware of them, she's mostly incapable of dealing with them due to depriving herself from their optimal outlet.


Meadow is a young woman who's met a massive growth spurt very recently. She was once known to be frail, weak, small kid whom hadn't seemingly gone through puberty despite her age; but once her sixteenth anniversary hit, pubescence hit her like a freight train. If people only saw her in the beginning of the school year, they wouldn't have recognized her at this point.

She stands at the average height of 163 cm and sports long, brown, rich wavy hair that's loose most of the time. She has blue eyes and smiles rather easily, although her cheeks are prone to go red due to shyness and embarrassment around certain folks.

She lacks fitness because of her health issues, although she tries to make up for this by walking everywhere. Said health issues seem to be under control at this point, so she doesn't look sickly in the least anymore, being able to pass for an able-bodied student with no trouble.


Meadow Amy Richards was born to a prestigious pureblood family. She was the second child, and, unfortunately, was considered the disappointment out of the two due to being very sickly from the moment of birth. It's a miracle that she survived, and that doesn't even speak for how tumultuous her healthcare was throughout her life.

Due to this, she was confined to her bedroom most of her young life. Her body couldn't withstand going to school - instead, she was home schooled. Still obsessed with status, her parents pushed her in this education, often too hard. She came to crave fleeing and leaving Melbourne behind, but she couldn't. That was, until her body started to get better.

Her body managed to strengthen itself just enough by the time she could enroll in a proper magical education. While her parents were momentarily considering not letting her go, they soon became keen on the thought of having someone else deal with the responsibility - they didn't want to be permanently thought of as 'that one couple with the pathetic daughter'. She was sent there and told to stay in the dorms after making a laundry list of behavioral demands she was too scared not to comply with.

Being enrolled in Tallygarunga gave her a much needed medicine she had never been given before in her short lifetime - pure, unbridled energy. She visibly improved both physically and mentally when exposed to something outside of her bedroom's walls, and speech that didn't sound like either parent's berating voice. This also meant she could meet with her sister more often, whom was at the tail end of her studies herself. She fit right in with the crowd, and found her calling very quickly - nursing.

No matter how involved she became in studying and friendship, however, there was always a voice in the back of her mind - she can't be a nurse, or she'll be disowned. She can't befriend a good portion of people in the school, or she'll be disowned. She should focus on finding a fine suitor to marry, or she'll be disowned. This inner conflict affects her every day reasoning, and she sorely needs to find a source of courage to finally defy the Richards family once and for all.

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