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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Up and Away

    Meadow Richards
    Meadow is unaware of the 'half' portion of their familial connection. She's forbidden by their parents to interact with her but still goes out of her way to do so. She looks up to her, but has developed a bit of an inferiority complex in comparison.
  2. Happy New Year, but most importantly, happy birthday, Sam! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there! Will make it up to you as soon as possible, that's a promise.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      That's alright, thank you! Happy New Year to you too, and don't worry about it! I'm headed to Melbourne in a few days, maybe we can hang out then.

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross


  3. Invite Standstill

    Regardless of how much she disliked Arithmancy, Meadow was concentrated enough in the problems that the door suddenly opening caught her completely off guard. She jumped lightly in place, her heart shooting up in speed and her head jerked in the direction of the sound. A sigh of relief ensued once she recognized her roommate and she put a hand over her own heart, trying to will it to calm down. "Merlin. You scared me..." She muttered. Inconvenient as it was, she did take the opportunity to close the books on her lap, and didn't seem too affected by the other ones being carelessly placed aside. She was studious, yes, but that didn't mean she actually enjoyed the activity. "...Boys?" She repeated after Remi spoke, flabbergasted. Why on God's green Earth would Remi want to talk to boys with Meadow of all people? She had taken the responsibility of providing all sorts of advice for her, yes, but the younger Flinders hadn't so much as even had a first kiss yet, let alone be qualified to give such advice. It took her a few long moments to mentally recover from the premise. "...Uh... Okay..." Her head tilted ever so slightly as she studied the gleeful friend before her. She had a crush on a boy? "...What do you need? No promises, I have no experiences in the matter..." She couldn't work miracles either.
  4. Stuff

    When taking a calculus exam, make sure you don't sit between identical twins. It's hard to differentiate between them.
  5. 2019 School Year Enrollment

  6. Invite Standstill

    The worst time of the year was approaching rapidly: school break. The time of the year where she was forced away from her friends, when she had to force herself to do piles and piles of homework as an excuse to avoid her parents. One would think that would be excellent motivation for Meadow to get out of her bedroom and have some fun, hang out with the people she cared about and have memorable moments to remember during the month and a half she'd be sulking in Melbourne. Yet instead she was cross-legged on her bed, quietly doing homework. As the sun set outside, she sipped on an orange juice bottle she had obtained outside, not feeling hungry enough to go out into the Great Hall just yet. She set it down on the nightstand and grabbed her pen once again, taking advantage of the silence of the room to scribble down the various answers she had for the questions the school's Arithmancy Professor had told the fifth year students to answer by the following week. There was no rush in doing them, and so a case for masochism could be made. Her back leaned against the wall as she flipped the page of her little notebook before placing it snugly against the middle of the open copy of 'Numerology and Grammatica' that she was presently studying. She disliked the subject heavily, but figured she might as well do the worst things first so to make the following subjects go that much quicker.
  7. Unknown Territory

    Meadow Richards
    Now stop punching people, will you?
  8. Surfer's Choice

    Meadow Richards
    Polar opposites whom seem to mesh well enough to hang out within the same friends group.
  9. Dear Lord, I Mustn't Sin

    Meadow Richards
    Not awfully close, but they enjoy each other's company... But gosh darn, why did Sam have to go and be so pretty all the time?!
  10. Fantasy is Better Than Reality

    Meadow Richards
    They have crushes too often. They discuss. Oh, she can't be his friend outside of Tallygarunga too. For shame.
  11. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  12. Meadow Richards

    Meadow Richards
    Meadow Amy Richards was born to a prestigious pureblood family. She was the second child, and, unfortunately, was considered the disappointment out of the two due to being very sickly from the moment of birth. It's a miracle that she survived, and that doesn't even speak for how tumultuous her healthcare was throughout her life. Due to this, she was confined to her bedroom most of her young life. Her body couldn't withstand going to school - instead, she was home schooled. Still obsessed with status, her parents pushed her in this education, often too hard. She came to crave fleeing and leaving Melbourne behind, but she couldn't. That was, until her body started to get better. Her body managed to strengthen itself just enough by the time she could enroll in a proper magical education. While her parents were momentarily considering not letting her go, they soon became keen on the thought of having someone else deal with the responsibility - they didn't want to be permanently thought of as 'that one couple with the pathetic daughter'. She was sent there and told to stay in the dorms after making a laundry list of behavioral demands she was too scared not to comply with. Being enrolled in Tallygarunga gave her a much needed medicine she had never been given before in her short lifetime - pure, unbridled energy. She visibly improved both physically and mentally when exposed to something outside of her bedroom's walls, and speech that didn't sound like either parent's berating voice. This also meant she could meet with her sister more often, whom was at the tail end of her studies herself. She fit right in with the crowd, and found her calling very quickly - nursing. No matter how involved she became in studying and friendship, however, there was always a voice in the back of her mind - she can't be a nurse, or she'll be disowned. She can't befriend a good portion of people in the school, or she'll be disowned. She should focus on finding a fine suitor to marry, or she'll be disowned. This inner conflict affects her every day reasoning, and she sorely needs to find a source of courage to finally defy the Richards family once and for all.