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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  2. Adoptable Savannah Renee Ryan

    Hello @Rika! Definitely not too late! I'm sure the Admin would be great and move her profile into public so you can see her, and make any adjustments ❤️ I'm so happy you want her ❤️ She was such a sweet character but I just don't have the time to dedicate to schooling her
  3. Splotter Roar!

    Bump! Looking for connections for @Michael Grant-Jones! You can post here, PM me, or hit me up on Discord -> ThistleProse#0459
  4. Work, work, work...

    Okay, so! I’ve been kinda absent and I appologise. Works been more than I anticipated but apparently t should be slowing down over the winter months. Before that, however, I have 5 completely work free days... within the next 25. So yeah. Im pretty exhausted and obviously prioritising my site but I will be back! I wanna finish my wolf and of course Michael needs friends and drama <3 ive been doing my best to log in each day to check over the site, but I haven’t actually been doing much more than that so I’ll be around, I just might not be very vocal <3
  5. Adoptable Savannah Renee Ryan

    Hey all! I'm putting @Savannah Ryan up for adoption. Unfortunately I simply do not have the time to dedicate to playing a Student, but I don't want to see her fade away and forever be dusty! I had a lot of fun building her, and I think she has a lot of potential as far as development and growth. You can read Savannah's profile here if you would like, but I'll give a bit of a rundown of her current info! - Bourke Student - 5th year, 15 years old (February birthday) - Listed as Muggle Born, she's actually a Half Blood, though there was no knowledge of who her father is to realise this at present. - She's absolutely atrocious at Potions - She's intelligent, bookish and book smart, - She has a deep fondness of animals both magical and non, and is good with horses (and presumably) magical veins thereof. - She is one of the few who loves History of Magic! - Her mother is a muggle NPC. Threads she's currently been involved in are located here - I won't be playing her any further, so she can be considered an NPC until she is hopefully adopted <3
  6. HIYA!!! *cartwheels*

    Hello! Welcome Nessie! I'm an Aussie too <3 and I didn't know about google aliases, either! I'm glad I do now, best thing ever
  7. Male romantic partner | <30 years old | For Alic Eron

    If you're interested in a REALLY slow burning romance, I can offer up @Michael Grant-Jones - He's a bit under 30, and he's still mourning the loss of his husband in December, but I'm totally down for him making friends (and he needs a job, though he isn't qualified to be a professor he could like, work on the grounds XD) and slowly going from there. He does have a toddler daughter he's responsible for, but she can easily be in daycare during the day, especially if he were to only work part time at the school (which is what he'd be looking at until she's old enough for the preschool) No pressure, I know he's not exactly what you're after, so if you wanna just leave him on the back burner in case you don't get any other offers, I'm totally cool with that. But he could still use some friends! Lol! ETA: If you wanna go the slow burn route, I'd be totally into Alic dating other guys during their friendship+ building stage (yay supportive best friend role!), and Michael slowly coming to terms with his interest in him and realising he wants more when Alic is in another relationship and he can have a "karma hates me" meltdown... Because I love that shit and Michael has drama opportunities oozing from his pores because the poor bastard can't catch a break and did I mention I love that stuff? Haha <3
  8. WIP i herd u liek karacterz

    FIRST: Input is welcome! If you have ideas for connections etc, please hit me up! You can post here or reach out on Discord! Name: Hezekiah Riley Knight Gender: Male Age: Approximately 35 Date of Birth: June 17th Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria Pronouns: He | Him | His Occupation: TBD Species: Werewolf Patronus: TBD Blood Status: Muggle Born Play-by: Gerard Butler Education: High School, Home Schooled. Secrets: - He really doesn't have many - Due to his status as a werewolf, he's never been able to travel abroad, something that he pines to do; he could, technically, but the hoops he has to jump through haven't let him seriously consider it. Then there is the whole money aspect. - His muggle parents freaked the F out when he got bitten by a werewolf in front of them. They had their memories wiped and he was fostered with a magical couple, for everyone's safety. Knowledge: - Registered werewolf Personality: - Information Appearance: - Information Connections: - Information Significant Dates: - Information History: - Was bitten when he was ten; As he had muggle parents who did not cope with either the knowledge of the magical world, or his new status in life, UNNAMED was removed from their care, being entered through the Foster Care System via strings pulled by appropriate people, and memories adjusted where needed. - UNNAMED was placed with an elderly couple, who had moved to Australia from the USA, and had previously worked with children with lycanthropy. They were capable of answering his constant flow of questions, and did their best to make him feel like he wasn't a complete freak. He did miss the love of his parents, but was also rather scarred by their reaction to the whole situation. He came to develop a deep affection for his foster parents, though they sadly passed away when he was just shy of twenty. - UNNAMED turned eleven, and his magical status was revealed. Until previously, he'd been assumed to be a muggle; as a result, he could not previously be given the Wolfbane potion to control his changing, due to something in the typical ingredients and its disagreement with non-magical bodies. The relief when he took the first dose, and the difference it made to his change, was astounding to the young boy, who had been tortured for nine months. - After much exchanging of letters, UNNAMED was refused entrance to any of the schools, due to his circumstances and the obvious well being of the other students.He was carefully home-schooled, with approved teachers coming in a couple of times a week to pad his education and have him sit exams when he came of such an age; thus he received credit for a full education after passing his 7th year exams - he even received a couple of 'O's! (Notably on the Essay he did about lycanthropy for DADAs, which he found amusing) -
  9. All The Little Characters

    Michael Joseph Grant-Jones Text of Text Current Threads25.02.2018 - Shopping Trip -- Michael takes his two year old daughter shopping. Is roped into buying her a giant ass Sulley toy. 26.02.2018 - Tell That Devil -- Joining a running group, Michael crosses paths with ex-girlfriend (and mother of his daughter), Penny. Past Threads Date -- Information~
  10. All The Little Characters

    Savannah Renee Ryan Text of Text Current Threads 21.01.2018 - Be Humble -- Out for a ride on a pony, Savannah meets @Keeley Monroe and her horse Mr. Peete 06.02.2018 - In The Garden - PC Lesson #1 [Herbology] -- First PC lesson for Herbology. 10.02.2018 - Care of Magical Creatures - PC Lesson #1 -- First PC lesson of CoMCs 10.02.2018 - HoM Term One- PC Lesson #1 -- First PC lesson of History of Magic 22.02.2018 - Ancient Runes - PC Lesson #1 -- First PC lesson of Ancient Runes. Past Threads Date -- Information~
  11. HALOOO

    Welcome! I just got back from two years abroad in Canada, but I'm an Aussie born and bred! It's lovely to have you on board!
  12. Splotter Roar!

    O_O well DAMN! Those poor witnesses x.x Good to know thoug =P and don't worry, I'm a terrible person too >D
  13. Hello

    It depends on the timeline I think there are... three robins? Four? I get confused lmao. I know he's the Robin that becomes Nightwing, so its heavily implied that he's the Robin in the Teen Titans, but I don't think it's ever specified - certainly not in the cartoon series.
  14. Splotter Roar!

    What happened to the kid? Neither of their histories specify. Is it general knowledge? @Aiden Longhurst and Ava could definitely have study sessions together! She takes classes and homework far too seriously and likely studying is her primary source of connection with other students lol. From there it would be fun to see how they develop! Ava is probably a bit slower than some of the other kids in her year, as far as romances go. I think she'd be mortified if someone had a crush on her but she'd certainly be a good listener to the woes of a friend!
  15. Hello

    Hello! Welcome Its great here, I love it, I'm glad you do too! I don't know much about Dick Grayson specifically, but I love the Teen Titans <3!
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