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  1. Australia's weather is brutal. Somebody bring snow to the southern hemisphere, please. I'm burning up.

  2. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Like moth to a flame, the accidents started immediately in the magic class and Rachel's gaze was trained on every single one of them. The first accident was quite spectacular, in fact. She watched two rocks collide to form a tree. "Damn." She was rather impressed, and nodded in approval. A happy accident in her point of view. She sort of wished she could replicate it. Some rocks didn't make it to the location, some rocks didn't form, some failed the target completely. Some weren't even rocks! Most mistakes were pedestrian in her eyes, until some girl managed to completely reverse the trajectory of her spell in mid air and hit herself in the forehead with it. Rachel immediately snorted, and covered her lips with a closed fist. "Hah, boom, headshot!" She commented to herself, hopefully not loudly enough for it to be heard at the head of the class - but, did she care, really?
  3. Burn, Baby, Burn

    Rachel Ryan
    Fire sure is pretty this time of the year. Hell, any time of the year.
  4. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Blasted Tallygarunga sorting system. Blasted Sturts. Blasted Australian backwards weather. Her skin wasn't meant to survive two summers in one year! Rachel was in a very bad mood, and was in dire need of a pick-me-up. She wouldn't normally think of any class on Earth as such, but she had to admit - Elemental Magic had always been her favorite, hands down. If she had to scout anything out prior to aptitude examinations due to being away from so long, that was the one to go to. Hopefully Tallygarunga's would be half as fun as Ilvermorny's. She didn't really have to be in these classes at all, so she was in no rush - taking her time through the halls to make sure to memorize them so not to get lost (provided she didn't move out before she even got a chance to comb through the premises), she didn't seem to be in any hurry as she waded through the many students of that institution. Some girl rushed through her exclaiming something she didn't really process, rushing towards the same general direction Rachel herself was headed to. 'Gee. Firecracker up her arse or somethin'?' It didn't take her too long to reach the classroom. She slid in as inconspicuously - at least, as much as someone with bright orange hair could. She didn't really care to sit down with her colleagues, just sitting down in the back row, in the first seat she found empty. She didn't seem to be carrying anything past that gnarled wand she was lightly twirling between her calloused middle and ring fingers. She looked pretty bored, but semi-payed attention to what the teacher was saying. "Violent? The fuck?" She muttered to herself, it being barely audible to surrounding students. Her brows furrowed slightly as she spoke, incredulous. 'That's like callin' a pen a weapon because it can stab people... There are offensive spells but it ain't violent, ya eejit...' She stood just enough to be able to peek past the shoulders of the students in front of her to check the incantation. 'Child's play. Picked the wrong day.' She sat back down, deciding to amuse herself by watching fellow students fail miserably. She never missed being in a classroom all that much, no, but she'd be lying if she didn't say magic accidents didn't make her day.
  5. 2018 School Year Enrollment

    Rachel Ryan
    Year previously completed; exams only.
  6. Rachel Ryan

    Rachel Ryan
    Rachel Vanessa Ryan was born to two pureblood wizards in Dublin, Ireland. Her childhood was rather chaotic - she was constantly moving around the United Kingdom due to her parents' work demands, and never stayed in one school for too long. As a result she never formed any friendships to speak of, and her only actual 'friend' was the piano that was taken with them in every move. She also took a liking to running by herself as means of expending extra energy, as their neighborhoods were mostly safe and/or magically protected. The longest time she's been at a school was when she was in Hogwarts - for three full years, she was in the Gryffindor house. She was somewhat alienated from her peers despite the sense of camaraderie and her successes in Quidditch, becoming an alternate player for them in the first year, and quickly rising to a main roster position in the second. Just as she felt like she could start fitting in, her parents were assigned to New York, in the United States. Rachel was transferred to Ilvermorny, and drafted to the Pukwudgie house. The process repeated itself - except she felt herself growing more withdrawn, and more verbally abusive. She didn't even stand a chance before her parents had to move again to Toronto, taking her along and forcing her to take a year off of schooling. They were in a Muggle community that time, and so she had to adapt. Being used to being a Beater in Quidditch, she had an easy time taking up baseball and found out she actually enjoyed it. The introduction of Muggle (and, unfortunately, Internet) culture made her temporarily mellow out and form a few bonds, for as fleeting as they were, which made that year and a half go by a bit too fast for her liking. And as her life usually dictated, any feelings of settling in at last were soon followed by being uprooted. It happened then as well, and she was moved to Australia. By that point, Rachel was visibly angry over moving so many times - her parents opted to sign her up to Tallygarunga and leave her there regardless of where they may end up, something she honestly doubts will happen. Due to different in school times she applied just before the school year was about to end, and was accepted in to the fifth year she had already completed for the sole purpose of an examination of talents and knowledge to ensure she was prepared to take on the sixth year. With abundant free time, all there's left for her to do is to aimlessly roam the campus, as well as Narrie, and endlessly torment the people she comes across.