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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    "Which one?" Alex tilted her head as she watched Tyson with curiosity. Did he mean Basil's Internet Cafe? "If you mean the one around here, it's not really a place I can afford going constantly, y'know. With the whole 'living in Melbourne' and 'no easy transport' and all." It wasn't like she could just pop in to Narragyambie whenever she liked. Granted, she could ask for someone to take her there via Apparition; but, given that she was someone who detested asking for help, she likely wouldn't. Hell, even that same day she decided to drive out on her own to the town, which meant a two hour ride back home expected her later. But perhaps it was a good idea. She had been out of the competition scene for too long, and she wouldn't be surprised if her name had gone completely forgotten to those who played any Street Fighter iteration. Maybe she should let Tyson take her to such places. Maybe she should mentor him in the basics of fighting. Perhaps she should look into getting a cheaper fighting stick. Her own was too expensive to just get a copy of it, and Tyson's college student budget wasn't all too willing to let him get one of the cheaper brands, and in that she could help - such were the perks of having a job and not having to spend a cent on rent or utilities (for as much as she complained about it). "Well, in any case, let me know if you ever want to head out somewhere. Batting cages, arcades, internet cafe, a ditch, I don't care. I'm pretty sure staying at home for so long after work without a drop of alcohol in my system will drive me insane eventually, so this sounds like a good distraction." Even if most things were money sinks, it was fortunately something they didn't have to concern themselves too much over - past food and savings, Alex had a comfortable amount of expendable income. "But first, we should probably head down before people start throwing rocks at us to get outta here. They probably wanna climb too, before the sun goes down."
  2. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    "In secret, he says." Alex couldn't resist making the joke in a lower tone. Action and B movies were her jam, and watching people fly around the screen to land their ridiculous moves in what was obvious to be a wiring act usually threw her into laughing fits. Some could argue she was a masochist for putting herself through those flicks, but she didn't think wanting to laugh qualified as that. As the humor dissipated, she watched the teenager with a tilted head, legs dangling off the edge and kicking back and forth, careful not to bang the heels of her feet too hard against the structure they were perched upon. She shrugged at the idea of going with Tyson to scout for batting ranges - she had little to no knowledge about how to hit a ball with a baseball bat, but she wasn't averse to trying. This knowledge made her for a poor scouting companion, but hilariously failing at whatever assumption she made in their adventures was half the fun, right? She nodded when he inquired about the arcades. She played Street Fighter, for the most part, using Guile constantly and climbing the various ladders with the character, even having competed in a few local tournaments when she wasn't so busy with school and work. Times surely had changed, but perhaps hanging out with Tyson more often could make things go back to normal. Or, at least, as normal as they could be at that point in time. "You don't know much about me at all, Mr. Broom Rider." Not that she ever thought that there was a lot to know to begin with, but nevertheless it was the truth. "It can be a bit of a money sink if you don't know what you're doing. I'm partial to fighting games, but I circumvent getting my wallet destroyed by practicing at home with consoles. A bit of an investment, but... What works, works, y'know? Maybe you should give it a shot too."
  3. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    Alex shrugged at the accusation with a good humored smile on her face. Did that make her absolutely ancient? Yes. Did she care? Of course not! Especially when it played well into their little joke. "You're very welcome, young grasshopper." The woman joked. Perhaps she should indeed recruit Tyson for her fast dwindling number of friends whom could actually go out and do fun things - he was 'cool to hang with' as well, in her point of view. The humor quickly disappeared as Tyson mentioned that he had been kicked out of his house. For whatever the reasoning may be, the very notion made her feel sick. Being abandoned by one's own parent was something she could intrinsically relate to and empathize with, and at that moment she figured it was probably a good thing that she didn't know Tyson's parents - otherwise, she would've socked them in the face. Nevertheless, his reality effectively disarmed Alex - what could she say to that? Work a bit less and live under a bridge? "If you find a decent batting range, I'll tag along. Need some sort of way to decompress nowadays anyway." She already worked out alongside her brother and Shane, but that could hardly compare with the potential of discharging her stress with a violent whack of a bat against an incoming high speed projectile. Looking over at him, she shrugged - despite the jerk of her shoulders, she didn't seem to minimally lose balance upon the edge of the wall. "Or, go to the arcade. That's what I used to do back in the day. Pick a game and teach people their place. Climbing up the ranking ladder's a great feeling, y'know?"
  4. I think I need glasses.

  5. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    "Yeah, you do. Old man." Alex joked as her smirk threatened to break into a full grin as she watched the man perch himself atop the wall. It felt a bit uncomfortable to do so with so much gear hampering her movements, but eventually the Squib was able to join Tyson upon the upper edge of the structure so to proper look out into the distant horizon. A few kilometers ahead of their location stood Tallygarunga, the school she never had the opportunity of attending; briefly, she wondered how different her life would have been if she had been born with the magical powers she craved on occasion. "Honestly, you sound like you need some time off. I have no idea how busy your life is, but if you're getting all philosophical on me, that's not a good sign, y'know?" The hypocrisy of her words wasn't entirely lost to her - she too didn't know what 'taking a break' meant, forcing herself to break her back in order to make 'ends meet': a completely imaginary concept at that point since Jamie insisted in covering for all the bills pertaining their apartment, even when it came to food. "At least I assume you need a break. Do you have anything you do for fun nowadays? Climbing excessively tall walls doesn't count." Perhaps she could get a clue or two regarding time management, even if Alex did have her own hobbies to tend to periodically. When was the last time she hit up an actual arcade for a round of Street Fighter?
  6. Since everyone's ditching, I guess I just have to go out more.

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      Cole Lin

      A portkey. It's a magical device that teleports you to a specific destination. I can make one for here and then one to your place. 

    3. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Oh goodie, a vomit button.

    4. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      @Cole LinSeriously? I've been trying to get a portkey to the national stadium for years and the Ministry keeps blocking me! How'd you get it done?

  7. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    While Alex understood what the Bourke alumni meant, it was hardly the same thing - at least, if the Auror force worked anything like the Muggle police did. They did have run ins with the media - members of higher authority in the force often had to respond to public concerns over various crimes and scandals, and were pursued to no end about it; but, one could barely even compare such a thing to the relentless pursuit of celebrities by paparazzi and media at large. Tyson seemed to agree with her thoughts and she merely nodded - though, truth be told, she couldn't name a single cop in Australia no matter how much news of the sort she'd consumed up to that point. "In the end, if something makes you happy, you can't really put a price on it, I don't think. Even if you gotta get a million bucks for the next stage. And, I'm not that helpless, Mr. Muscle Man." Alex shot back as she reached the top, climbing as far up as she could on the edge under the constraints of the harness and ropes so to be able to turn around and appreciate the view. Narragyambie was truly a beautiful town, she had to give it that much - not necessarily her cup of tea, but as she looked on to the horizon, a part of her felt like she could minimally understand why the rest of her family was so attached to the place. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, she was more of a city girl than anything else; not only that, but her Squib status made her feel out of place in the town, even if Muggles resided there without a clue of the existence of magic. "I'd take my phone out for a picture but I'm pretty sure that crap'll slip off my hands easily." Even with the gloves preventing sweat from reaching the device, the fact of the matter was that her fingers were aching - a minor tremble could send the smartphone plunge down to the grass below, and gravity dictated it wouldn't survive.
  8. I suppose I could throw a huge party and @Jamie Collinswon't give me any crap for it now.

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      Jamie Collins

      I can read this, you know.

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Well duh, why the hell else would I have tagged you?

  9. This apartment feels so empty nowadays...

  10. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    It seemed that Tyson had reached the top. Alex wasn't too far behind, though the distance was still considerable enough where she'd have to speak in a slightly louder tone for the former Bourke to be able to hear. During the silent part of the ascent, she quickly came to the conclusion that she hadn't warmed up properly as her muscles started to ache from the sudden strain - for as much as she worked out on her own time, her sedentary lifestyle made it so she wasn't nearly as ready to take on such adventures as she had once been at a point in time. Something had to change. "Can't blame ya." She had witnessed the dark side to fame first hand due to Jamie himself. The man had very little privacy, had to dodge sports journalists and paparazzi constantly, and his PR made it so his public image was drastically different than how he was in person. More often than not he seemed uncomfortable with the whole thing, and she knew him well enough to realize it was sapping away his love for Quidditch - it was something that could ruin his life and everything he'd ever worked for. She waited until she reached the top herself before further indulging in conversation, breathing heavily from the strain. Clinging with one arm to the edge of the structure, she looked out to the horizon as they spoke. "Shit's not easy, nah. But that doesn't mean it's impossible, yeah? You just gotta take steps towards what you want, for as hard as it may be." It was what she lived by - Alex refused to take help from others, and her goal was to be able to support herself while freelancing, or perhaps even create her own comic. For that, she needed experience. She needed savings. And for as much as she detested her current job, she would do it no matter what it took, despite the complaints she often threw its way. "Gonna stay here and see the sights or are we going back down?" She asked afterwards, wiping a very thin layer of sweat that had accumulated on her forehead with her shirt's sleeve.
  11. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    It seemed the speed of the ascent was finally picking up. Given the length of the conversation they didn't have that much of a way to go to begin with, meaning their conversation wouldn't be on hiatus for too long; that was, if it went on one at all. Alex did still very much possess vocal chords after all, and was very capable of using them in a louder tone to reach the man making the climb above her. "Maybe you can climb so fast you can chat with me again on the way down!" As it turned out, looking up and forcing herself to speak more loudly put quite the strain on the cartoonist. It being all in good fun, she didn't exactly mind it or take the easy way out - with a dry throat and failing concentration she pressed on, still moving with surprising grace for an amateur. Fortunately, she was conscious of not discussing certain things out in the open at that volume - should a Muggle walk by, it could spell out serious trouble for them. "Are you thinking of playing professionally? Even if it's just for some sort of college team or something." She carefully picked her words while overcoming some obstacles before speaking them, not wanting it to sound odd to a stray ear. "Not judgin' if you don't or anything, just curious."
  12. I should start running a betting ring on how long it will take for me to rage quit this job.

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      Hopefully she won't set a salad on fire.

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      Cole Lin

      So, just to make sure - I -shouldn't- make random dinners of her favorite dish anymore? This is the consensus?

    4. Jamie Collins
  13. Is Narrie giving out free candy to new home owners/renters or something? I don't see why everyone has such a hard on for the place.

    First Cole, now Jamie. Seriously now?

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      Alex Lin

      @Olivia Teagarden Please do.

      @Cole Lin Well I'm sorry if I don't look forward to having my stomach turn itself upside down every little 'trip' wizard-style.

      @Jamie Collins Quietness is boring.

    3. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      @Alex Lin I know a trick that prevents you feeling sick. I'll bring it it to you next time we meet.

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      You act as if you wouldn't benefit from having to deal with it after. @Alex Lin

  14. Are you magic people able to do some sort of cloning spell or some crap like that? I need one of those.

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      I can get you a replacement 

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      @Alex Lin¬†Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today¬†ūü§Ē

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      Alex Lin

      @Robin Shaw Yes please.

      @Jamie Collins Go fall off a broom.

  15. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Alex Lin
    Splitting the check over a nice lobster meal brought a chuckle out of Alex's throat - that was a quick and easy way to bring Tyson to financial ruin, even if he only had to afford half of it, or such was the curse of being a college student: if it weren't for Jamie, she could easily claim she knew the plight all too well. "I'm more of a curry girl myself. Let's go for lobster curry." Was that even a thing? She didn't much care, as she was amused by the little joke. Tyson then went on to thoroughly described the sport that had eluded her for so many years. Given that she hadn't bothered to memorize details while her brother was a professional athlete, she doubted the little explanation would stick to her mind for much longer than a minute or two. Nevertheless she listened to him (as much as the attention split permitted anyway, along with the climb) and indulged in his rambling - right up until he mentioned the 'Beaters', of course, which made her mildly grimace through the ascent. She really didn't enjoy visualizing her twin getting hurt as it made her feel sick to her stomach. "He didn't use to be so big back in the day. I think he only bulked up when he graduated. And we probably gotta blame Shane on that one. He doesn't do any of that fighting stuff though, you could probably knock him unconscious without even trying." She knew the man was the one who introduced Jamie to the activity in the first place, but if he had made it into the national team, it meant it didn't hamper his performance so much. That, or the management merely saw his marketability so valuable that they could take a hit to potential future results. "Though your 'Chaser' or whatever part just reminds me of handball. Why not play handball instead? It sounds way less dangerous. And by the way, I thought this was a race." She spoke as they climbed up the wall, having noticed the man kept his pace alongside hers.
Alexa Melody Lin
Cartoonist, Session Drummer 0
22 year old Squib Human She/Her
Age  22
Date of Birth January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Cartoonist, Session Drummer
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Squib
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A
Wand N/A
Play-by Marie Avgeropoulos

Latrobe College of Art & Design - Graphic Design

  • For as much as she hates her father, she really wants him back;
  • She resents her brother's powers, erroneously seeing herself as someone who has to work twice as hard to get anything she wants and lacking talent in comparison;
  • She credits her cousin for saving her life, as she was harboring highly destructive thoughts when they met;
  • She's very afraid of needles;
  • Shane Robbins started teaching her guitar and bass when she moved back into Melbourne for college. She's grown very competent in both disciplines over the years, but still vastly prefers drums;
  • Is starting to be convinced she's aromantic, when that's not the case;
  • Is heavily considering opening some sort of online video channel for cartooning tips and metal covers of music she likes;
  • Very, very sensitive neck;
  • Her father taught her how to ice skate, but she only does it alone now;
  • Good vocals¬†that she doesn't give herself enough credit for;
  • She first got into art professionally to prove she was better than her father, but in truth she just wants him to notice her;
  • A second reason of getting into art professionally over music is that she doesn't want the touring lifestyle and wants to stay close to her mother.
General Knowledge
  • While her name is Alexa, she vastly prefers 'Alex', and will be visibly irritated if you refer to her as anything but that (only her cousin may do this without dying);
  • Her original surname was 'Collins', but her hatred for her departing father blinded her to such an extent she legally changed it to 'Lin' once she was 18 - it's her mother's maiden name;
  • Hates being helped, no matter the task;
  • Detests being interrupted in any way while working;
  • Can't cook;
  • Detests tickles;
  • Academics just aren't her thing, as well as working under anyone, having far more success in self-planned and motivated projects than anything else;
  • Hates sappy romantic media of any kind;
  • Powerful stage presence;
  • Plays Street Fighter competitively, and her main character is Guile;
  • Former competition-level gymnast, but has kept up with her fitness and flexibility ever since;
  • Any mention of her father equals a punch in the face;
  • Is a bit of a jokester around people she does trust;
  • Living with her twin brother in Melbourne, but goes to Narrie when able;
  • Despite learning jazz drumming at first and excelling in it, she definitely took on a more metal pathway once entering college;
  • Unlike her brother, she isn't closeted at all.

Despite having mellowed out over the years and being considerably calmer, Alex is known for having bursts of rebellion when the mood strikes her. Alcohol occasionally goes hand in hand with this.

She has very deep trust issues based on her father disappearing - as a result, she's grown skeptical of new people she encounters, and skin deep friends take a much longer while to get to the meat and potatoes of a friendship with her than they do with her twin brother. Even then, she can't say she trusts any given person fully outside of her immediate family.

She's particularly inept at dealing with her emotions, which she always bottles up - they always end up blowing up in spectacular fashion. Once realizing this occurs or is about to occur, she opts to take long walks to calm herself down and only returns home when she can breathe easy.

Alex is very much a workaholic, working three different jobs at once while finishing her degree - professional drumming per commission, taking care of children, and actually trying to get a foot into the art world early on. She deliberately avoids being associated with the fame of her father in her art, not wanting to be in his shadow.

To the people that manage to get through that thick skin, she's the most loyal of individuals, deathly afraid of breaking any more bonds. She bends herself backwards to make sure the people she likes are okay, and even if she's not the best person to give advice, she always offers a listening ear.


Alex is 172 cm tall, and very flexible overall. She keeps herself fit through a strict gymnastics regimen, mixed in with CrossFit. Like her brother, she sports dark brown hair and blue eyes. While she used to wear her hair short, she's let it grow during college.

She doesn't like dressing up much, keeping mostly to casual styles of wear - hoodies, beanies, jeans, etc. While she can definitely dress well on occasion, she doesn't seem to care much half the time.


One could easily argue Alex isn't one of many friends, given the hostility she often displays to people she doesn't know that much; however, over the years, through the connections of her family members, she's built quite the solid social network. She's more lenient when it comes to people introduced to her, being on more of a 'leash' so to speak when it comes to interacting with them for the sake of their mutual connection.

She has a big problem regarding trusting people in general, making it so she's highly resistant to having whatever friendship she does form reach some sort of deeper level. She's afraid of being wounded and abandoned, like she has been before, and thus consciously softens the blow by ensuring she's not too close to any given person. She has to actively fight her own tendency of getting attached as well.

She feels like she has to often prove herself as someone worth her friends' time, and as such she tends to be a bit too selfless for her own good in that regard. She has very little notion of what a relationship balance is due to her warped perspective and needs someone to take her down a peg every once in a while.


Due to past events, she is very attached to her family members and highly biased towards them, and strives to remain close to them - in particular to those in her age range. She keeps a friendly relationship with her mother, uncle and aunt (even if she can't relate much to them, being a Squib).

Her brother Jamie and her cousin Cole are her best friends - one could argue they're her platonic soulmates, such is the devotion she has to the pair. She'd watch the world burn for them if needed, and wants to shield them from harm to the extent she feels physically ill if any is to come to them in any way (in particular, if she's the cause).

Lastly, there's the matter of her father - his departure left a hole in her life she has been entirely unable to cover up. He was the most important person in her young life prior to his departure and the only family member she could relate to as he was a Muggle with many of the same talents. Nowadays, given she doesn't know where he is, their relationship is non-existent and the departure wound up coloring the way she sees the world and relationships. Though, secretly, she wishes he would return.


Alex has never been romantically attracted to anyone, and it's getting on her nerves - given that her dream is to settle down, marry and have a family, having nobody to do that with throws a bit of a wrench into her plans. While she's open to dating casually, it never really gets past the first date because she gets bored. Whether someone can break through this apparent mental wall or not is unknown.

As for flings, while she is someone with a very low sexual drive (and, consequently, rarely goes out to look for anything), she's open to someone she finds attractive flirt with her in that manner and to have something happen, regardless of frequency: she often adapts to the other person in that respect and keeps an open mind. Luckily for her, she's always been the popular kind in that realm.


It's likely she's earned plenty of these with her hostile attitude, even if Alex didn't intend to make them; there's also the chance that her general unwitting popularity has made it so some women are jealous of her and try to sabotage her.

Being the vocal type, if someone rails against her in some way, Alex calls them out on it and isn't afraid to pick a fight, verbal or otherwise. It's perhaps for the best that Jamie and Cole can keep a leash on her when they're around...

The story so far

Alex Melody and Jamie Devin were born in Melbourne, Australia. They had a pureblood wizard mother whom dropped everything to be together with their Muggle father, a cartoonist residing in that city. Alex is a squib, and Jamie is a wizard.

There isn't much to speak of regarding their early childhood - the only thing of note is that she was enrolled in gymnastics as means of dealing with her energy, as it was the closest physical activity to their home. Wanting to make her father proud, she gave it her best and proved to excel in it - she was even considered for actual competition by her trainers.

It all came to an end, however, when the twins were 8 years old. Their father left without a trace, and a severe economic burden followed. While Jamie managed to escape that hell due to his magical abilities by enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alex was forced to live through it with her mother. They had to pull out of gymnastics because it was too expensive, and she soon had nothing more than her father's pencils to spend her time with.

She didn't take this well at all. In fact, it spawned numerous anger and behavior issues which her mother was having a very hard time quelling. They only got worse when she was ripped from her hometown and brought to Narrie, the saving grace being that, over time, she gradually opened up to the cousin that she met there.

Somehow, this cousin got through to her. Somehow, Alex found that she could trust someone again. Over the years this gave her enough of a solid foundation to calm down, mellow out and start over. For once in her life she was content, wanting to do things for herself and her family rather than out of spite for someone whom wasn't even there. Her art became impeccable, and she focused some time on a drum kit her uncle had purchased for her. For once, she actually had skills that could serve her well.

Eventually, as Jamie went to play for the local Melbourne Quidditch team, she moved out of Narrie alongside him to pursue her art studies. Just about to graduate, she is hoping she manages to break out sometime soon - whether it be in drums, or in cartoons.


As graduation from college rolled around, Alex started feeling like most of her life was collapsing in one way or another - she was stuck in unemployment, everyone was busy with their own lives, and her cousin was actively pondering in joining the Auror training program after an invitation, something Alex wanted to rail against; but, did she truly have the right to?

Halfway through the first six months of 2019, an old friend returned - or, at least, she thought it was, as her brother kept the fact hidden from her for a while so they could make sure that Alex wouldn't flip out when it came to meeting this friend again. While she did get angry with the whole thing, she ultimately forgave both - perhaps an indicator she's ready to work on her personal issues regarding abandonment in one way or another.

Said indicator was put to the test recently - as she got a job she hates and became further isolated, both her cousin and her brother decided to move back to Narragyambie. She doesn't like the town at all and refuses to go there. Despite knowing the logic behind their decision, the cartoonist can't help but feel like she's being left behind by her own family. Was that the fate of every Squib? Was that why her father left? Why didn't he take her with him?

Alex Lin Thursday at 08:14 PM
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