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  1. Invite Motel Hell

    "T-That's...!" Alex started to protest, although it was halfhearted at that point - she was very annoyed indeed, but the guilt trip worked like a charm. The very thought of her beloved cousin doing the same thing made her stomach turn. She ultimately pointed her electronic pen at him in an accusatory manner. "Cole, for god's sake, that's a low blow, man! A low blow! Fucking hell..." She shuddered lightly. It was the one thing that actually got to her in a bad way those days, a loved one in distress. 'Stupid Cole and him knowing every blasted thing about me...' She spun back in her chair to face her desk and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She really, really could use a walk at the moment, but she didn't have time for one to just kick back and relax and let all that pressure fade away. At the same time, she was only going to get nagged into complying by her cousin, knowing him - it was that persistence that got through her so many years ago, after all, and he'd surely have no trouble getting through to her at this point. It seemed that all that was left for her to do presently was to talk and hope it wouldn't eat up too much time. "...Okay, fine." She finally spoke, and let the pen fall off her hand. It landed with a light thud upon the desk before she turned to face Cole once again, opening her eyes and furrowing her eyebrows in a pained expression. "It's been... a week? I'unno, haven't kept track. I'm on a bit of a deadline here, so make it quick. My client's waiting." 'Please.'
  2. Invite Motel Hell

    Of course, Alex hadn't heard Cole come into the house at all. Right up until the man walked in, she kept on drawing and redrawing the stupid logo that kept getting rejected over and over and over again, occasionally muttering a string of expletives towards the client from hell that decided to hire her services. However, that all came to a halt the moment she heard a small click, signaling her own bedroom door had been opened. "Jamie, I swear to god--" As she turned to the door, all too ready to tell her own brother to eat a shoe (as well as far less kind things), the words died in her mouth as she saw her cousin instead. The anger stopped for a moment - but just for that one moment. It was soon back in full force as seen by the annoyance of her gaze. Had Jamie sent him? Didn't Cole know she loathed being interrupted? She could feel herself gripping the electronic pen a bit more than she probably should. He just went on and on, and she didn't bother replying to any of it. Instead, her face contorted further and further in irritation as he went on, not really caring for a single word. By the time he picked up the book, she was just done. "Are you done?" She snapped, glaring at the man - wholly undeservedly so. She HATED when someone took her attention from work, no matter the reason.
  3. Invite Motel Hell

    The anti-noise charm cast upon the walls and floor of Alex's room was certainly effective - she didn't even hear her brother slam the house's front door on the way out. Perhaps it was for the best, as he didn't hear her throw her copy of 'Branding: In Five and a Half Steps' across the room. It collided with her bed's headrest with a loud smacking sound before falling harmlessly onto her pillow. Jamie knew better than anyone that she needed to pull her own weight, or else she'd be back where she was back when they first moved to Narragyambie. The fact he frequently nudged her to do otherwise incensed her, more so during one of her infamous work stretches. One could argue the current one was misplaced and had gone for way too long, but she wouldn't listen. She wanted to pay for Christmas gifts for everyone out of her own pocket, and she wouldn't have her twin cover for it. Why was that so hard to understand? She used both hands to rub her own face, trying to calm herself down and spark some life into her system. She felt exhausted, having not slept well in ages, nor eaten properly. Time was of the essence. The more commissions she could get through, the more money she'd receive. The more money she'd receive, the more she'd have to spend on everyone's little treats. She grabbed her Wacom tablet again, as well as its pen, and got back to work. She would straight up refuse to attend the holiday celebrations if she couldn't get to her goal, and there was nothing Jamie could do about it. She'd just have to ignore her intense stomach rumbling, crippling exhaustion and burning eyes until she was done.
  4. Complete Surprise Visits

    Alex chuckled a bit about being called 'cheesy'. It certainly wasn't on her bucket list, but at the moment, Cole was right. It led to a small squeeze of his body within the hold she had on him. "A lifetime membership?" She seemed amused, seemingly not making the connection of him wanting something else, or something for life - it was just a joke in her point of view. "I do reward loyal customers, you know. Just keep visiting and you might earn it." The adrenaline of the sudden realization slowly died down as she felt Cole's finger trace her skin, and with it, the apt magical effect of her muscles healing from the intense activity. Even so, she didn't think she'd be anything other than exhausted the next morning, sore or not. "...Y'know, you need to give me a crash course on all the weird magical stuff you can do. I think it might end up being very useful." He could transform parts of his body into various things, right? She could think of a few ideas to abuse with that. Her eyes closed as the spell took effect and her body felt more comfortable. "Still gonna be dead tomorrow. Lack of proper rest and all." She commented. As she did, she felt her hand being taken and kissed - it made her cheeks heat up slightly, as it was something she hadn't experienced before, and it definitely enhanced the tender mood between them. She opened one of her eyes halfway to watch him. "...Yeah, I know." She spoke up after several moments. "I'm not really able to do much, but, right back at you." She could massage him at least. That didn't take magic, that took skillful hands, which she had. That, and occasionally, oil. She could swing both. "Take me home in the morning? I'll need a change of clothes." She closed her eye again. For all she knew he had a spell to change clothes on her or something anyway. Wizards can do it all, and she couldn't help but feel jealous at times.
  5. Yo, why didn't you leave pancakes ready before you left?

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      Alex Lin

      Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

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      Jamie Collins

      ...That was nearly a month ago...

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      Cole Lin

      Oomph. Savage.

  6. Complete Surprise Visits

    The odd sense of comfort Alex was feeling was greatly exacerbated by Cole's intricate display of affection - perhaps it felt like the most natural thing in the world and he didn't think much of the finer details, but to her it was something that hadn't ever been done before. She hadn't been aware intimacy could be so paradoxically soothing and emotionally invasive at the same time without being bothersome. It was certainly a feeling she was starting to relish, to crave, to wish to repeat. It was weird how what she didn't even know she was looking for was staring at her right in the face for so many years. "Yes, cancel it." She went along with their little joke. "Now you have a membership to me. Inexpensive, fun, and you don't even have to get out of your house to access the full body workout. The all-in-one package." Her eyebrows moved suggestively as she spoke, although she didn't intend to set the man off into another round. No matter how tough she was, she didn't think she could withstand it. "I think I want to be asleep in a couple hours actually." Her cheek firmly planted itself against the fabric of the armrest as if to reiterate her point. She then slid her face close to his just enough that the tips of their noses were brushing. The relaxation was soon replaced by a jolt of panic, however, when Cole mentioned 'the school year'. She had completely forgotten she had an exam the next morning, and it was probably really late in the day at that moment - not to mention how she'd be feeling the following morning. "...Oh, shit. I'm going to die tomorrow, aren't I?" If it weren't for their position and lack of clothing, she would have completely forgotten what had transpired just a few moments before out of sheer fear of what was to come. "Can... Can we take a bit of a raincheck on all this fun stuff, but not for that long? Maybe Friday night or something. I gotta cram..." She didn't want to wait all the way until the exams were done. One encounter couldn't hurt.
  7. Complete Surprise Visits

    The usage of her actual name always had an odd effect when it was Cole whom uttered it. Rather than eliciting anger and annoyance from the woman, it acted as a pacifier - she knew he wouldn't have done it unless he was being serious. The grip on his face relaxed a bit, and her thumb lightly brushed the skin of his cheek as a sign she had calmed down. A more pronounced sign was the defeated sigh she let out, as well as momentarily closing her eyes to gather her composure. "...No, I'm sorry." She ultimately spoke after the gentle kiss was stolen, regret over her knee jerk reaction plain as day in her eyes; though his attempt at cheering her up worked, and it took next to no time for a small smile to show up. She pressed her nose to his momentarily before meeting his lips with hers for a fleeting moment, and then moving just enough to rest her head beside his on the armrest of the couch. "You're right, y'know. It's good stress relief." Perhaps fortunate for the situation was that it hadn't gone through her mind just how dead she would feel the following day, during an exam no less. "Great workout too. Could save us a few trips to the gym." And she could most certainly keep up with her flexibility training during it. Two birds, one stone. After a few moment, a light chuckle erupted from her throat. "Oh, man. I need a shower..." She didn't want to move, though, being so tired that she could fall asleep right then and there.
  8. Complete Surprise Visits

    Alex couldn't say just how long it had been since the pair got distracted. As her breath struggled to calm down and she rested her head upon her cousin's chest, her gaze ultimately fell on the TV - it had been long enough, at least, for the Zombie Strippers movie to clip back into the initial menu. They had missed the whole thing. She was too weak to chuckle, but a humored smile crossed her lips at the idea of that movie enticing someone to sleep with another. 'Some kink, eh?' Despite the exhaustion, she moved her head just enough to look at him, chin rested upon his skin. Her arms held him for warmth - as they came down gradually from that high, she was becoming quite aware that the weather was still chilly at night and there was nothing to cover them with at the moment, so she had to cling to as much body warmth as possible instead for the time being. "High praise." She commented with a smirk. "Are you trying to ensure you get another go sometime in the future? Mr. Smooth Talker." It was odd. From the very few times she had shared a bed (or in this case, a couch) with someone, she never cuddled up to them afterwards and felt the need to leave, and she never even had a repeat customer. This case was much different - she relished in the intimacy and wanted to stay until the next morning. Was this over the unspoken, unconditional trust they had in one another? "You weren't half bad yourself." She'd go as far as saying he was the best she ever had by a country mile, but there was no point in comparisons at the moment. She was pleasantly surprised to know that the attraction had been happening for a while. That explained a lot of things - in particular, his sheer enthusiasm and need the whole time. At points she had even felt overwhelmed in the best of ways, and even kind of bad that she didn't seem to mirror it in full. "Coulda just said something, plenty of opportunities." It wasn't like they struggled to be alone together after all. However, her eyebrows furrowed in displeasure as Cole displayed something she didn't quite understand the reasoning to - fear. "Me? Slap you?" The mood had tanked somewhat. "I thought you knew me better than that, Cole." The very thought of hurting someone she cared about in any way was one that always made her violently physically ill in a very literal manner. She didn't need that feeling at the pit of her stomach during their afterglow. "Look." She exhaled deeply, trying to purge that line of thinking before she had to rush to the bathroom. Moving quickly with the last bit of energy her body had left, she wound up barely hovering over him just so to be face-to-face with the man, cupping his cheek with a hand. The grasp was firm, as if trying to get him to pay attention. "I'd never do that bullshit to you. Got it?" It was something personal. It was in her eyes. Almost if a nerve from her past had been struck.
  9. ...Oh my god. There's an F-Zero anime. Screw the beach, I now know what's gonna eat up all my time in the upcoming Summer break!


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  10. Complete Surprise Visits

    Idle conversations and the Zombie Strippers movie went completely forgotten in the background as Alex's mind short circuited. She completely lost her train of thought and was internally panicking as her overprotective older cousin instincts kicked in with full force in face of her sudden (minor) arousal for the man in question. She froze. She couldn't do this to him. Definitely not to him. He was one of the most precious people she had in her life, and she couldn't corrupt him in such a way. He should look for someone he loved and be with them, instead of following her shoddy example. However, it was as if Cole knew what she was thinking. As if he sensed her hesitation, her concern, her unwillingness to do anything; and as such, he started things himself. She felt her head being moved, and the shushing didn't have much of an effect on her at all as she immediately parted her lips to speak. However - whether this to her benefit or otherwise, of course, is debatable - she promptly felt those lips again, more demanding, more confident, with a greater purpose. What escape was a whimper-like noise instead which she ended up stifling by biting down on her lower lip. Her brain descended further into madness as her weakness was exploited over, and over, and over, and it dawned on her that she wouldn't be doing any sort of corrupting. That was what he was doing to her instead. Something snapped within her. She wasn't sure what, but it made her break away from him the moment his lips reached her jawline. It made her move to straddle him, cup his cheek and crash her lips onto his in a single fluid movement. She didn't care about protecting him anymore, she just wanted him.
  11. Complete Surprise Visits

    "Oh, shut up." The Squib rolled her eyes as Cole downplayed himself, the joking tone quickly disappearing from her tone - almost as if him put himself down got very much under her skin. "You can charm anyone's pants off if you want to, and you don't need magic to do that. Don't underestimate yourself. I've had girls question me about you before, y'know?" About Jamie primarily, yes, of course, but if she was spotted with Cole in public, it wasn't the most uncommon of occurrences. "And now you can rock their socks off. Among other things I guess." The movie quickly brought her mood back up from the sheer ridiculousness of the premise. With the food gone and cuddly mood settled, she finally could relax and have a calm night with her best friend in the whole world, and forget about everything else. Or not! She never even noticed Cole moving at first - instead, she felt the familiar, immediate electrical jolt that usually followed someone pressing their lips to her neck. The 'arousal button' she had thought about not too long ago had been pressed without her even expecting it. Perhaps it was good that it was like that, she was able to somewhat hold her own with its faintness and suddenness. At least it wasn't outright a kiss, that would have very much been game over for her. As the shiver ran down her spine, she felt herself grow more receptive to such attention. The blue in her eyes slowly diminished as her pupils dilated mildly with faint desire and her body tensed up as she glanced over at Cole without moving her head. "Uh...?" She was too stunned to form words, not expecting her own cousin to ever do such a thing. Was he aiming for a cheek kiss rather than push her buttons? Yeah, that was probably the case. Not like he would've known, right? 'Stand down, Alex. Stand down. It was an accident. Curse hypersensitivity instead.'
  12. Complete Surprise Visits

    "A cat? Or a bunny?" Alex suggested. It'd be a bit silly to think of something so small that it couldn't hold itself up at the collar of her shirt without choking itself to death. Plus, the bigger the head, the more petting area she had available to her. An eyebrow raised at what she perceived Cole making a joke pass at her. She didn't seem at all upset by it; instead, her gaze was challenging, inviting. As if she was daring him to try to find out what her buttons were. Then again, it's not like she could consume alcohol that night, so she might as well find fun in other ways, right? "Well, you don't usually need to put on the charms in that way, do you?" Alex complimented him with a smile. "Besides, if you're gonna take me out, I want all the girls at the party to be jealous of me for having such a nice date. Can you blame me?" She joked. She honestly didn't care if they were the center of attention or not, she just wanted to have fun with her best friend. It's just that him looking dapper would make it extra fun in her book. "Probably gonna be one of those 'so bad it's good' types. My favorite." Her lips broke into a glee-filled grinned at the prospect, although she wasn't entirely looking forward to potential gore while she was eating, and thus she picked up her pace with the food. "We can go to a strip club or something? I don't know. I don't think I'd hold a candle to those girls or something so I'm not even gonna try." As the movie went on, the lasagna quickly disappeared from her plate. She was more hungry than she thought she would be. Her blue raspberry flavored beverage also soon disappeared into her stomach. Once the tray was put away, she leaned her head on her cousin's shoulder, preparing to cuddle up for the rest of the movie like usual.
  13. Complete Surprise Visits

    "Hm? Sure. Just morph into a little pet or something and peek your head outta my shirt. Don't squeak too much or everyone will notice though." Alex didn't honestly mind the idea - not like it would be a form of cheating anyway, and her teacher was crazy enough to deem it a 'form of inspiration'. A little pets as stress relief in the middle of the exam would probably feel amazing, too. "You'll have to find that out yourself, buddy." Alex joked back, regarding what turned her on. Then again, past her surefire way which she dubbed her 'arousal switch', she couldn't speak much for it due to lack of experience. It wasn't something that tended to grip her mind for too long anyway, given how low her drive normally was. She nodded in confirmation. "I don't see why not." However, what he said next took some enjoyment out of her meal ever so slightly. She didn't reach for the second bite immediately. "Hey. You know you're top of the list for me." She protested, despite the obvious playful tone. "Regardless, that's not even the point. I'm probably chatting with the twins about this too. Just picked you first because you have more of a stable head on your shoulders." With the misunderstanding cleared, she finally could stomach something. A second bite occured before she spoke up again. "Hey, hey. No way. I wanna see you looking all dapper too, you're not dodging it." She was adamant about it, too. That would be one weird pairing if she looked like a million bucks and he looked like he just got out of bed. "Maybe just give the choice, but encourage formal? Not like full ball formal, just... Looking nice." Seemed like a fair compromise in her mind. She glanced back at the movie on the screen very momentarily - her gaze was cast down the moment Cole said he was proud of her, focusing a bit too much on the mostly uneaten lasagna on her plate. The heat of embarrassment rushed to her cheeks - she wasn't too used to blushing, and wasn't quite sure how to react to that involuntary reaction. After a few moments, she opted to close her eyes and clear her throat, trying to get a hold of herself. "...Thanks." She ended up responding in a bit of a softer tone than she had intended, before looking back at the movie and forcing her own insecurities out the window. It wasn't time for that - it was time for good food, good company, and a so-bad-it's-good movie. That's what she went there for and that's what they would do. "Wow, this looks terrible." She wound up commenting, looking quite amused despite her words. "I'm all in on this." A third bite made its way into her mouth as her attention was dragged to the screen like moth to a flame. Now that was her type of movie. "Whole new meaning to 'death by snu-snu'."
  14. Copy Paste

    Alex Lin
    Never one without the other, it's a package deal type of thing.
  15. Complete Surprise Visits

    "Oi. Shaddap." Alex made a face as Cole teased her about not drinking alcohol. "I have an exam first thing in the morning tomorrow. Y'know me, one beer leads to another, and I'm not really into precision drawing while hungover." It wasn't just an exam - it was a final one. She was in the last exam season of her life, and she wasn't quite sure how to feel about it. It was going to be weird to leave a schooling setting permanently, but on the other hand, she'd have a lot of free time on her hands. "Please? I don't think I'll get off on people stabbing and eating amid lap dances. Then again, there's people for everything." She joked as she reached forward, retrieving the tray from the coffee table and setting it down on her lap. It wasn't her favorite dish but she'd be lying if she said the combination of the delectable sight and hypnotizing scent didn't make her salivate. Her elbow moved to collide with his lightly as a response to the mild tease, a halfhearted way to get back at him. "We could go, if you want." She didn't honestly give it much thought - it was either him or Jamie, and the latter needed to actually go out with someone. Instead, she wondered if she should play cupid for her twin, or if he'd have the cajones to ask someone out - PR contract be damned. "Well. I'm not gonna ask Shane because he's the most disastrous person I know. Not gonna ask Jamie because I'm pretty sure there's a stick up his ass over all of us graduating and him not being in college." The darker side to having a soulmate - she knew everything about him, even the worst things, without him having to say it. "I... don't really have a reason why I didn't ask Toriya or Ana, really, but you're my best friend so you're above them by default. Congrats." Grabbing the silverware, she proceeded to gather a small portion of the lasagna on her fork. "You're still not helping though. What kind of celebration should we make? I was thinking of suggesting something like... Hm... More formal? Yeah, more formal. Well, not like super duper formal, but... Casual formal? Is that a thing?" Noticing she was rambling, she sighed and shook her head. Maybe she needed Cole to explain her own line of thinking to her. That happened sometimes. "Well, whatever. I need to get myself a dress. I skipped my prom so I don't have any. Can you teleport me to Narrie sometime? Mom's addicted to that sort of fancy schmancy shit, she could help me find something nice." And with that, she finally took a bite out of the divine dish. She really needed to eat out more... If only her wallet permitted.