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  1. Let's Jam

    Alex Lin
    Alex and Alex, Alexing it up out there yo.
  2. Not So Platonic Soulmates?

    Alex Lin
    One of two people she'd watch the world burn over. She seems unaware of his affections due to being dense as a cement wall or hilariously stupid, or both.
  3. Invite Surprise Visits

    The Squib was, of course, utterly oblivious as to the reason why her cousin's hair color had changed - she had seen him with that specific color so many times she just assumed he liked it that way, and it didn't bother her in the least. In addition to that, she had no clue of his gaze dancing along her frame. She was all too busy serving his favorite dish, after all! "Mm? Why should I tell you? This way I can trick you into having dinner with me more often." She joked as she put two plates down on the counter, and fetched the silverware that would accompany them. Of course, the bag broadly advertised the restaurant - and as she retrieved both doses from it, the wonderful scent of freshly made lasagna filled her nostrils. She would be lying if she said she wasn't salivating at the thought of ingesting the whole meal at once. "Beer, soda or lameness?" Alex asked after placing the meals on each plate, and then retrieving two glasses. For herself, she carefully opened one of the blue raspberry soda bottles and poured half of the liquid in. It was an odd flavor, but she loved it. It was a good thing this wasn't her first time having dinner at that apartment (or second, or third, or tenth for that matter) as she already knew where the trays were. She placed the food and drink properly on the first one, her own, and took it to where they'd be eating. Once setting it down, she went back to the kitchen area. "Why not both? I got time to kill." After pouring whatever drink he requested, she did the same with his tray, setting it down next to hers. "There, I did all the hard work. What a gentleman." She proceeded to remove her jacket and let it hang from a nearby hook on the wall, and proceeded to plop down on the couch in front of the TV. She then removed her boots, carelessly tossing aside while stretching out her legs and feet afterwards. "Most people in our little group are graduating next month, yeah?" She decided to strike up a conversation while the movie wasn't yet underway. "I was thinking --shocking, I know--, what if we ask Miss Robbins to make some sort of Christmas-slash-Graduation day? Spices things up a little at least, I feel like I've been stuck in a routine for too god damn long."
  4. Invite Surprise Visits

    The woman lightly leaned upon the door frame as she waited for Cole to answer the door. "No, it's the boogeyman!" She replied, and silently winced as she heard a thud from beyond the entry barrier. It seemed she caught him by surprise on a whole new level - this was totally okay for her, it made the situation funny if anything else. As the door opened, she raised an eyebrow at the 'demands' presented to her. "Don't push it, boy, or else I'll take this fantastic lasagna elsewhere." A wink later, she walked past him, headed straight to the kitchen area without pause. She set both bags down on the counter surface - the drinks bag, and the meals one proper - and proceeded to remove the beers and sodas from the plastic. "I need a reason now? I'm offended." She joked, despite her straight face as she handled all the products she purchased. "Maybe I just want to spend some time together with my favorite baby cousin. If that's okay, that is." But then again, the truth would come out later, right? "AndJamieleftfortrainingsoIwantedcompany." She spoke quickly, and proceeded to hum an unintelligible song while seeking out some plates and silverware for their dinner. Clearing her throat, she glanced at him briefly. "You got any B-movies laying around?"
  5. Invite Surprise Visits

    "God damn it, Jamie, you asshole." Such was the annoyed comment that echoed throughout the respective boy's apartment as soon as one Alex Lin found a note directed at herself, the sticker glued to the door of the fridge. It read 'Impromptu training at the Outback - didn't have time to make food'. This usually proved deadly for the girl - she only knew how to ignite nuclear bombs in stomachs, and she didn't particularly feel like having to spend the next week or so stuck in bed due to severe food poisoning. She couldn't say she was much of a fan of eating alone either. Grabbing her keys, she left and decided she'd bring a surprise to a good friend instead - it would make her look like less of a trash mate, too. Two birds with one stone. Swinging by an Italian restaurant, she ordered two individual doses of lasagna - along with the choice of sodas and beer, of course- and rushed over to her cousin's apartment while it was all still piping hot. She was lucky enough to encounter someone leaving downstairs as she reached the entrance, thus not having to ring the doorbell. Quickly jogging upstairs to the correct door, she rang the doorbell once and then lightly knocked on the door with her knuckles. "Room delivery service! Open up!" She spoke loudly towards the door, and couldn't help but smile at her own joke. She hoped Cole was home, at least, and she didn't go and waste her money for no reason. Then again, she could always just sit there and eat her portion...
  6. Prolific Artistry

    Alex Lin
    If he needs something done, he knows who to call.
  7. Ahoyoy, Gremlin

    Alex Lin
    One of the Collins twins' victims.
  8. Pen Warriors

    Alex Lin
    A fearsome duo in the realm of wizardry political satire, from the pens of two Squibs.
  9. Friendzone Level 10

    Alex Lin
    Friends for forever now, but she seems unaware he's been having one or ten crushes on her over the years.
  10. Alex Lin

    Alex Lin
    Alex Melody and Jamie Devin were born in Melbourne, Australia. They had a pureblood wizard mother whom dropped everything to be together with their Muggle father, a cartoonist residing in that city. Alex is a squib, and Jamie is a wizard. There isn't much to speak of regarding their early childhood - the only thing of note is that she was enrolled in gymnastics as means of dealing with her energy, as it was the closest physical activity to their home. Wanting to make her father proud, she gave it her best and proved to excel in it - she was even considered for actual competition by her trainers. It all came to an end, however, when the twins were 8 years old. Their father left without a trace, and a severe economic burden followed. While Jamie managed to escape that hell due to his magical abilities by enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alex was forced to live through it with her mother. They had to pull out of gymnastics because it was too expensive, and she soon had nothing more than her father's pencils to spend her time with. She didn't take this well at all. In fact, it spawned numerous anger and behavior issues which her mother was having a very hard time quelling. They only got worse when she was ripped from her hometown and brought to Narrie, the saving grace being that, over time, she gradually opened up to the cousin that she met there. Somehow, this cousin got through to her. Somehow, Alex found that she could trust someone again. Over the years this gave her enough of a solid foundation to calm down, mellow out and start over. For once in her life she was content, wanting to do things for herself and her family rather than out of spite for someone whom wasn't even there. Her art became impeccable, and she focused some time on a drum kit her uncle had purchased for her. For once, she actually had skills that could serve her well. Eventually, as Jamie went to play for the local Melbourne Quidditch team, she moved out of Narrie alongside him to pursue her art studies. Just about to graduate, she is hoping she manages to break out sometime soon - whether it be in drums, or in cartoons.