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  1. "Nah, he's too busy sucking off his management team. You get me instead." Alex couldn't resist the stab at her brother's passive demeanor regarding the blatant mistreatment. It got under her skin far too easily, as she wanted to protect her twin from them; but, he had signed a contract. He willingly signed a contract that put him in such an egregious position. 'Fucking idiot.' That word wasn't strange to her. Auror. Her cousin had brought it up himself a couple months before when he pondered joining the program. Before that, she knew her family had some sort of passing underlying connection to the job, although she wasn't sure what it was exactly - she hadn't bothered to ask any of them, not being really connected to the Wizarding World in general to such an extent even basic concepts were alien to her at times. Although, she did have the knowledge that it was a dangerous job. Tyson had seemed like a very fit individual to her, wall climbing notwithstanding, so by all accounts she held the belief that he was more physically apt for the task than Cole was. "I was curious about this place when I saw the flyer, s'why I'm here. Didn't expect a wall though." The drummer looked up the structure until her gaze met the top of the climbing wall. "Never actually did much climbing myself, but, how hard can it be?" Despite her words, she was quite aware that a misstep could cost her dearly in the situation. She decided to remove her coat (the chill made her momentarily regret her decision) and set it down by Tyson's bag, not bothering to ask if it was okay. She reached into it for the extra gloves he had mentioned, putting them on - given that his hands were larger than hers they were quite loose, but it would have to do. "Gotcha. Sounds straightforward enough. Lead the way, King Amateur Climber." She spoke while taking a hold of the safety harness.
  2. People drifted away because of their lives. It was a fact Alex had been having some trouble contending with lately, much like her brother. As a Squib, she was quite used to being solitary growing up in most regards; it was still quite jarring, however, when each person within her circle of friends went their own way, inadvertently pulling themselves apart from everyone. It was what was occurring with her little group, and she was equal parts to blame, having gotten a stress-prone job that ate at most of her time. However, for once, she had a full weekend off. Wanting to actually do something about her problems rather than just complain, the young adult took her car late Friday afternoon and drove all the way to Narragyambie. It was a longer drive than she'd like it to be, but it was as good of an opportunity as any to make a surprise visit to the rest of her family. Of course, that didn't mean she'd spend every waking moment in either the Collins or Lin households - she was still the type to need a refresher. It often was the simple act of walking that cleared her mind and spirit, and as such, the Squib had decided to take a trip to the Narrie Lakes: she had spotted a couple flyers of some sort of event called 'Just Do It June', its catchiness appeasing her naturally curious nature. It was the perfect excuse to explore the little town she had spent the better part of her teenage years in, and there was a strong possibility she'd come across someone she knew given how lively the event seemed to be, regardless of biting cold. The drummer eventually strolled over to her destination to survey the various activities available to the populace. She could spot a playground nearby, as well as a few food carts to provide visitors with healthy street food; but a colossal structure almost immediately caught her eye, drowning out every other potential avenue for fun - a gigantic climbing wall. She lacked the proper equipment to climb it, but being the daredevil that she was, she was considering doing so unassisted. "Well, you're a sight for sore eyes." She commented to the wall as she walked up to one person she did recognize standing just before it, warming up to take the challenge on as well. "Oh, and, hi to you too." She joked once speaking to Tyson, poking fun at the prior initial hostility from when they had been introduced by Jamie. She wasn't fully comfortable around the man just yet, but it was a fair assessment to say he was a level above the rest of the strangers inhabiting the area at that moment. "You came prepared." She stated the obvious with a hint of respect in her tone. "Do you do this whole climbing gig often?"
  3. Alex figured Jamie's order of staying outside for the day had expired as the sun set in the horizon. It was quite a rude thing for him to do, in her opinion - it was really cold, it occasionally rained, and after so many hours outside she felt nothing short of uncomfortable. Her drawing adventures hadn't lasted for too long as her hands were freezing with the temperatures. She eventually left the park and shoved her hands into her coat's pockets as she walked, starting to make her way home. As she did, she walked past Oliphant Lane. It was a place Muggles were oblivious of; Alex, however, was a squib. Even though she didn't have a shred of magic ability in her body, she had the ability to peek into the magical world the rest of her family belonged to. Fleeting curiosity struck her and she veered off course into this unknown realm. As she strolled through the alley, the place looked quite normal, if it weren't for the matters each and every shop seemed to cover - magical robes, wands, prank items, and any and all magical device one could ever even imagine. It didn't take her too long to come across a store that apparently sold sports good. She stood outside, looking over at the building's window, perusing the various items on display. It gave her an idea - she had just gotten her paycheck, so perhaps she should purchase something for Jamie. If anything, just to make it up for him putting up with her for so long. "...The hell did he play again...?" She muttered under her breath. It was something starting with a Q, but she always forgot the alien-sounding name. Her gaze eventually landed on a poster with some sort of team on it, which read 'Australian National Team', although it didn't indicate the sport; she did, however, notice that one of the people in the moving picture was Jamie himself, looking very uncharacteristic of the man she knew personally. "Is this what they meant by PR...?" She questioned herself out loud, forgetting about the fact she didn't even look like she belonged in the area.
  4. With getting a job came the pure joy of days off - or so one would have you believe. Alex Lin was never one to enjoy any length of time when she had absolutely nothing to do. It didn't help that her brother had kicked her out of the house for the day, spouting something along the lines of her being cooped up in her room far too long for his tastes the past few months. Being unable to work, practice drums and play videogames left her with very limited options. For a moment she considered heading to The Tipsy Mozzie, although she was quickly reminded that she was actually trying to cut back on alcohol. "The park it is!" The squib proclaimed while reaching for a few art supplies, stuffing them inside a worn out backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. She had the perfect idea to decompress - something she hadn't done in ages, drawing from life and people watching. It didn't take her too long to get to the nearest park. Acquiring a warm latte in a cup to go along with a straw, the recent graduate went to sit on a bench at an area that she deemed to be the most busy one of that little location out of experience. She crossed her legs in her seat, let the beverage rest neatly on the wood beside herself, and got to work. At some point, her activity was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her backpack. Reaching for it, she saw a number of messages from her old boss - all of which listing a few tasks that would almost certainly make her work overtime the upcoming day. She didn't mind that in itself; instead, she minded how bossy and uncaring the wording of the text made the man seem. The man hadn't rubbed off on her too well as it was upon first meeting, and that didn't help. But, unlike with the list of people she dubbed as 'clients from hell', she had a face to this man. She could give herself a little stress relief from the situation! It was an old habit of hers. She flipped the sheet over to have a blank page in front of her, and made a quick sketch of the man that was bothering her - gave him an appearance more akin to the side comic she was writing those days, and let her imagination fly. The end result was the little sketch man meeting his demise in a variety of situations as the tip of her pencil glided across the various sheets, each drawing more revolting to look at than the last. Jamie had chastised for this method of coping before, but she just couldn't help it...
  5. Maybe I should cut back on the alcohol for the time being...

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      What happened?! Are you alright?

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      The really super short version to it is I got lost.

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      . . . Alex. . . 

  6. The worst thing about breaks is getting into gear in your first day back...

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      ...You were only out for a day...

  7. You know what? All the kids are going on about a break these days, and today I take mine.

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      It's a holiday, you know.

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Shut it.

  8. Yo, why didn't you leave pancakes ready before you left?

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      ...That was nearly a month ago...

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Oomph. Savage.

  9. ...Oh my god. There's an F-Zero anime. Screw the beach, I now know what's gonna eat up all my time in the upcoming Summer break!


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    2. Alex Lin
    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      I think that means Jamie technically won.

    4. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      Oh yeah, I did, she just threw her phone at me 🤣

  10. Never one without the other, it's a package deal type of thing.
  11. Alex and Alex, Alexing it up out there yo.
  12. One of two people she'd watch the world burn over. She seems unaware of his affections due to being dense as a cement wall or hilariously stupid, or both. As of recently, they've added some 'benefits' to their already close friendship.
  13. If he needs something done, he knows who to call.
  14. One of the Collins twins' victims.
  15. A fearsome duo in the realm of wizardry political satire, from the pens of two Squibs.
Alexa Melody Lin
Cartoonist, Session Drummer 0
22 year old Squib Human She/Her
Age:  22
Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Cartoonist, Session Drummer
Blood Status: Squib
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: Marie Avgeropoulos

Latrobe College of Art & Design - Graphic Design

  • For as much as she hates her father, she really wants him back;
  • She resents her brother's powers, erroneously seeing herself as someone who has to work twice as hard to get anything she wants and lacking talent in comparison;
  • She credits her cousin for saving her life, as she was harboring highly destructive thoughts when they met;
  • She's very afraid of needles;
  • Shane Robbins started teaching her guitar and bass when she moved back into Melbourne for college. She's grown very competent in both disciplines over the years, but still vastly prefers drums;
  • Is starting to be convinced she's aromantic, when that's not the case;
  • Is heavily considering opening some sort of online video channel for cartooning tips and metal covers of music she likes;
  • Very, very sensitive neck;
  • Her father taught her how to ice skate, but she only does it alone now;
  • Good vocals that she doesn't give herself enough credit for;
  • She first got into art professionally to prove she was better than her father, but in truth she just wants him to notice her;
  • A second reason of getting into art professionally over music is that she doesn't want the touring lifestyle and wants to stay close to her mother.
General Knowledge
  • While her name is Alexa, she vastly prefers 'Alex', and will be visibly irritated if you refer to her as anything but that (only her cousin may do this without dying);
  • Her original surname was 'Collins', but her hatred for her departing father blinded her to such an extent she legally changed it to 'Lin' once she was 18 - it's her mother's maiden name;
  • Hates being helped, no matter the task;
  • Detests being interrupted in any way while working;
  • Can't cook;
  • Detests tickles;
  • Academics just aren't her thing, as well as working under anyone, having far more success in self-planned and motivated projects than anything else;
  • Hates sappy romantic media of any kind;
  • Powerful stage presence;
  • Plays Street Fighter competitively, and her main character is Guile;
  • Former competition-level gymnast, but has kept up with her fitness and flexibility ever since;
  • Any mention of her father equals a punch in the face;
  • Is a bit of a jokester around people she does trust;
  • Living with her twin brother in Melbourne, but goes to Narrie when able;
  • Despite learning jazz drumming at first and excelling in it, she definitely took on a more metal pathway once entering college;
  • Unlike her brother, she isn't closeted at all.

Despite having mellowed out over the years and being considerably calmer, Alex is known for having bursts of rebellion when the mood strikes her. Alcohol occasionally goes hand in hand with this.

She has very deep trust issues based on her father disappearing - as a result, she's grown skeptical of new people she encounters, and skin deep friends take a much longer while to get to the meat and potatoes of a friendship with her than they do with her twin brother. Even then, she can't say she trusts any given person fully outside of her immediate family.

She's particularly inept at dealing with her emotions, which she always bottles up - they always end up blowing up in spectacular fashion. Once realizing this occurs or is about to occur, she opts to take long walks to calm herself down and only returns home when she can breathe easy.

Alex is very much a workaholic, working three different jobs at once while finishing her degree - professional drumming per commission, taking care of children, and actually trying to get a foot into the art world early on. She deliberately avoids being associated with the fame of her father in her art, not wanting to be in his shadow.

To the people that manage to get through that thick skin, she's the most loyal of individuals, deathly afraid of breaking any more bonds. She bends herself backwards to make sure the people she likes are okay, and even if she's not the best person to give advice, she always offers a listening ear.


Alex is 172 cm tall, and very flexible overall. She keeps herself fit through a strict gymnastics regimen, mixed in with CrossFit. Like her brother, she sports dark brown hair and blue eyes. While she used to wear her hair short, she's let it grow during college.

She doesn't like dressing up much, keeping mostly to casual styles of wear - hoodies, beanies, jeans, etc. While she can definitely dress well on occasion, she doesn't seem to care much half the time.


Alex Melody and Jamie Devin were born in Melbourne, Australia. They had a pureblood wizard mother whom dropped everything to be together with their Muggle father, a cartoonist residing in that city. Alex is a squib, and Jamie is a wizard.

There isn't much to speak of regarding their early childhood - the only thing of note is that she was enrolled in gymnastics as means of dealing with her energy, as it was the closest physical activity to their home. Wanting to make her father proud, she gave it her best and proved to excel in it - she was even considered for actual competition by her trainers.

It all came to an end, however, when the twins were 8 years old. Their father left without a trace, and a severe economic burden followed. While Jamie managed to escape that hell due to his magical abilities by enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alex was forced to live through it with her mother. They had to pull out of gymnastics because it was too expensive, and she soon had nothing more than her father's pencils to spend her time with.

She didn't take this well at all. In fact, it spawned numerous anger and behavior issues which her mother was having a very hard time quelling. They only got worse when she was ripped from her hometown and brought to Narrie, the saving grace being that, over time, she gradually opened up to the cousin that she met there.

Somehow, this cousin got through to her. Somehow, Alex found that she could trust someone again. Over the years this gave her enough of a solid foundation to calm down, mellow out and start over. For once in her life she was content, wanting to do things for herself and her family rather than out of spite for someone whom wasn't even there. Her art became impeccable, and she focused some time on a drum kit her uncle had purchased for her. For once, she actually had skills that could serve her well.

Eventually, as Jamie went to play for the local Melbourne Quidditch team, she moved out of Narrie alongside him to pursue her art studies. Just about to graduate, she is hoping she manages to break out sometime soon - whether it be in drums, or in cartoons.

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