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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Open Engine Failure

    It only took a few moments for Samantha's phone to start buzzing with replies to her post. A defeated gaze perused the comments as they lit up the screen of the otherwise locked mobile device - Max was asking if everything was okay, and her own mentor was explaining the situation. The Bourke didn't bother opening up the app to reply proper, instead placing the smartphone in her bag in an effort to forget about it. Reaching for her cup once more, she managed to takee a sip prior to being approached by a vaguely familiar Sturt. Enhanced senses (even if they paled in comparison to those of a Dhampir or a Werewolf) picked up on the mumble without much of an issue, a sheepish smile filling her lips consequently. "Guilty as charged." Despite her mind state, the half-Veela's cheerful greeting was sincere - she had never been one to stay down for the count for too long, especially when people demonstrated any type of concern. "In a manner of speaking, I guess." She nodded, continuing. "But I think it will be fine. Thank you for the concern." While the face was familiar she couldn't quite pin a name to it. Mentally berating herself over forgetting, she wasn't too sure about how to bring it up without sounding rude. "Heading back to school?" She tried to divert the subject towards the most obvious topic at hand - perhaps she could even accompany this student if they had the same destination in mind.
  2. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    While Samantha would agree that she had been doing spectacularly in the subject for the duration of that school year, there was a reason why - both earlier terms had dealt with the two elements she held complete mastery over. At any other time Samantha was doomed to fail. She knew it, and she knew Professor Ackers knew it too, but as a result his attempt at boosting her confidence fell flat. All she could do was smile awkwardly with disagreement barely hidden in her expression. "Cheer up, Sammidoodle." Her favorite Spencer spoke up. "Practice makes perfect! Y'know everyone's gotta start somewhere, yeah? Just give it a few tries 'n don't worry too much about it." The little speech made an amused smirk grow on Samantha's lips, and she arched an eyebrow. "You, of all people, saying that? You always get things the first try." "Oh right, I hafta do it too." Amber blinked dumbly at her own statement, having become so embroiled with the Bourke's success that she forgot it was her own turn to try as well. Brandishing her wand she was about to perform the spell when her feet moved and she heard an odd, wet sound coming from the soles. Looking below Sam's seat, she noticed water pouring onto the floor and covering the whole row. Following the trail with her eyes, she noticed Lexi was having a bit of a predicament. "You alright? I got you." Ian interrupted his own moderately successful attempts at fusing the elements, getting up from his seat. In the meantime, Amber took a deep breath and decided to focus, lifting her feet off the floor so not to ruin her shoes. "Here goes." She started by creating a tightly packed, dense sphere of water the size of a fist. Once it was normalized, she attempted to create air around it, and slowly push it towards the water in an attempt to 'fuse' it; for as well intentioned that idea was, she didn't fuse anything, only creating an ungodly amount of pressure in the water. Eventually its need to break free overwhelmed the air pressure, resulting in an explosion of the liquid - it sprayed everything in a considerable radius. Ian was caught by the brunt of it, having stood up to help Lexi. He was thrown off enough that his foot slipped on the already drenched floor, and the boy came crashing down on his back, his body producing a loud 'splat' sound on impact. "...Um..." Samantha was soaked from head to toe, still holding onto her wand, hesitating to proceed given the state of affairs. 'At least it wasn't me this time...'
  3. Oh no, I've made excess cookies again on accident... I think my brain's trying to tell me something 😆

    Who wants them this time? Free of charge! Well, mostly. You might have to hang out with me for a little while in exchange.

  4. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Samantha frowned as Amber suggested there was something wrong with Harvey. She looked at the pink ball of fluff presently nuzzling against her own and Meadow's fingers; how could the Spencer consider such a lovable, cuddly creature to be bad? Harvey was innocent, from the Bourke's point of view. She could tell Meadow felt the same way about it. However, there was an indescribable amount of a mixture of fear and dislike emanating from Amber that she couldn't understand at all how it came to be. "Don't mind her, Sam." Meadow advised the fifth year with a reassuring smile. "In any case... I figure it's time for things to get started." As the Flinders spoke, Samantha looked over at the few people who were strong enough to face their fears, getting up from their seat and stepping in front of the creature. It was something she had done before; certainly, she could do it again. "Wish me luck." She spoke with an awkward smile. Once she led Harvey to Meadow's desk for safekeeping, she got up to face the task head on. Harvey's eyes met Amber's from the shortened distance, the sheer apathy in its face and the unblinking look in its eyes being nothing short of disturbing to the Spencer. She could feel a chill down her spine as their gazes locked. "...Odds are your god damn face is my Boggart now..." As the Boggart had been defeated yet again, Samantha took a deep breath before stepping forward. The magical creature immediately shifted and contorted until it assumed a silhouette floating just above the ground. Upon further inspection one could detect that simulated person to be Samantha's mother; not only that, but she looked very dead. The Bourke let out a shaky breath as her eyes processed the information, but before she could react, the image had shifted again. Instead of her mother, it was her father. And then Keira. Shreya. Zeke. The Boggart was rapidly flipping along the various people in her family, and the sight stunned her every time - she had witnessed it before, but it wasn't any easier to stomach. At one point she ran out of cousins on her father's side and it started going through the Townsends instead. Samantha had to act before it reached the Parsons family; it was dangerous territory and she couldn't have anybody infer that family link. "Riddikulus!" She cast the spell once the Boggart had shifted to Amber's form. There had been no outward change for a moment as the silhouette remained suspended in mid air; but, in the next shift of its image, it changed into an absurd-looking doll accessorized to a ridiculous degree. The class erupted into laughter at the silliness of this doll, and the one after it, and the one after that, and so on; Samantha couldn't help laughing herself after calming down, shaking her head and letting out a sigh of relief. Sitting back down, she didn't expect to see Meadow getting up herself. She knew the teenager avoided that type of class like the plague in all the time she'd known her. The Flinders looked quite nervous, yet held an apparent strong determination to see it through. "You can do it." She spoke the encouraging words with a smile for which she got a nod in return. She then retrieved Harvey back to her desk and watched her friend overcome her issues, and be brave for once. Meadow Richards had never been the courageous sort. In fact, everyone would describe her as a bit of a coward. Due to her health issues and various brushes with death in her early years, she had never been entirely comfortable with putting herself through any sort of strain, physical or mental - an irony, given how much of a mess her life was at that point. But the fact of the matter was she had promised Travis that she would do better and face her fears, and more importantly, stand up for herself and succeed. If there was a good time to prove her intentions to the man, it would be to face off with her own Boggart. With some hesitation, the minimally shaking girl stepped onward to face the Boggart. It quickly took shape - one she hoped she'd never get to see. It was that of her parents looking quite livid, glaring at her, advancing towards her and yelling at her. She couldn't quite make out what they were saying as a direct result of being absolutely horrified; as they stepped forward, she stepped backwards, wand pointed at the two. She could make out some words, such as 'disowned' and 'disappointment'. Eyes grew watery with the fear, but after a few moments of nearly drowning in it, a sense of fury welled up within her. Why on Earth did she allow them to have such a power over her? "Riddikulus!" The girl cast the spell with anger in her tone, as if she couldn't deal with the fact that imagery existed in the same realm that she did. The parents kept advancing, however, after two steps, they slipped and fell to the ground. Grumbling, the pair got up, only to slip again; it quickly became obvious that this would be ad nauseum. Seeing her parents in such a predicament brought a small smile to her lips. After clearing her eyes from the water inhabiting them, she chuckled, enacting her revenge on the dastardly creature. "Way to go, Amy Lee!" Amber congratulated the Flinders as she returned to her seat. After a shaky breath, she looked over at the Spencer whom seemed to be mostly disinterested in facing her own fears - an odd sight, given how much of a reckless airhead she was known to be. "You're not going? Did we swap personalities today?" Meadow said in jest, though Amber seemed visibly affected by the choice of words. "Hey! Ya don't remember last time?!" Amber was deeply afraid of the Boggart indeed. "I nearly died! I'm not gonna risk that again. One thing's t'face a representation of your fear, another is to go toe to toe with somethin' that might literally kill ya before you can blink!"
  5. I need to find a pocket of free time somehow so I can go climbing soon. It's been a while... Since Just Do It June, I think? If you can call that climbing...

  6. Invite Up The Wall

    "Oh, oh! That sounds really good!" Samantha beamed at the Spencer. Warm, sweet dough sounded like the right thing to treat oneself to in a cold day such as that Sunday afternoon, and the freshly baked temperature was always something her physiology appreciated - the warmer, the better, outside temperatures notwithstanding. A chuckle brought her back to attention, and her head turned to see Natasha being the perpetrator. "Yeah, we agree. I get to criticize it like something straight out of MasterChef." The oldest of the three joked with an amused smile, playing up to her baking reputation; Natasha didn't actually much care for taste testing other people's food, and was certain her stomach would be all too happy with ingesting those goodies even if they weren't up to her standards. "That'd be a sight to see." Samantha tried not to laugh, though a grin spread her lips wide. "Come on, let's go. We'll get to plan out our little adventure course during it. Though, a place with some sort of drink would be nice..." Maybe a milkshake? Or would that be overkill on the sugar department?
  7. Open Engine Failure

    Samantha Hammond
    One of the washing machines in The Sweet Tooth bakery had some sort of mechanical failure, causing the whole place to be flooded with water. Samantha wasn't much help when it came to the little predicament - unable to use magic to clean the place up and lacking the technical know-how to fix the issue to begin with, she was let go for the day by the owner of the establishment. Last she heard of it, Natasha had been getting rid of the water, but they still very much required some Muggle to come fix the machine: something that cost money, and unfortunately for the business, time. It was the first time in a while Samantha had a free afternoon, not counting with the recent break (during which she had been forced to take a week off). All that was left for the girl to do was for her to return to the Tallygarunga campus. Crossing Footy Park as she went, the Bourke purchased a simple orange juice cup from a nearby stall, quietly sipping through its straw every now and then as she walked down the beaten path. Feeling herself mentally slowing down, she ultimately decided to take a seat on a nearby bench. She had never come to that realization before, but it seemed that she had little else going in her life at the moment other than baking - at least, anything that made her feel fulfilled. Usually school work kept her distracted enough not to notice, but with the long hours of nothingness ahead of her, Samantha's mind was quickly drawn to her own insecurities which she always strove to shove down under a thin layer of cheerfulness and verbal diabetes. The moment she managed to gather her thoughts, she noticed she had already sent out a notification to the masses through QuillBook pertaining her state of mind - or, at least, alluding to it. Wrinkling her nose in frustration, she clicked the screen of her smartphone shut and leaned back on the bench, resigning herself to people watching as she tried to clear her mind. Was her life truly that much of a void?
  8. That's not how I wanted to have a free afternoon... :( 

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      A dishwasher broke and flooded the bakery.

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      I'll go visit as soon as it's up and running again c: 

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      Tomorrow! We'll be waiting :) 

  9. I think I found my calling. I should be thankful, there are lots of people out there who don't find it so quickly :) 

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      You're a good baker too Natasha <3 

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      I'm watching you, little lady...

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  10. Invite Up The Wall

    Samantha held her own speed back on the descent - after a certain point she could have jumped off if she so desired with little to no harm to herself, though her physiology would most certainly be called into question; plus, she figured it would be better if she let Max win, if only to reinforce the idea that Samantha would have to pay for the treats. She did have a job, after all, and she wanted to do something nice for both her mentor and redheaded friend. Her feet touched the ground just a second after the Spencer's did. It scared both bakers when Max did a bit of a fumble on her way down, but fortunately it was alright and neither had to react to prevent anything bad from happening. Natasha had freed herself from all the gear in the meantime and readjusted her clothing. "Looks like we have a winner." She spoke up, having noticed Max had reached the ground first. "Yes, yes. It's on me, alright?" Samantha spoke with a grin, taking the apparent loss with a smile. "What are we having? Winner's pick." The Bourke motioned away from the wall for said winner to lead the way, although she hoped some sort of hot food would be picked. She never dealt too well with colder things after all, especially in that weather.
  11. Ah, sorry for the double post! Speak of the devil, Harvey also gave me a magical pencil! Is someone missing theirs?

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      Amber Cross

      'Speak of the devil' is right...

  12. Harvey just gave me a stick... I don't get it.

  13. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    Through half of the year, Samantha always looked forward to Elemental Magic. Fire and water were her bread and butter due to her Veela heritage, and they were two of the very few topics across the school curriculum wherein she had little to no difficulty achieving all goals with flying colors. However, as the year kept going by, she realized she had to contend with the rest of the element she wasn't so savvy with. Earth, and air. She was under the assumption they'd be tackling one of the two in the third term as both of her preferred elements were expanded on in the first half of the school year, and that was quite demotivating to say the least. "Good day, Professor." She greeted cheerfully nonetheless, not letting such a thought get her down - at least not when it came to her manners. Spotting a Spencer friend of hers already in class, the Bourke made her way to sit beside her. They had already met through the lengthy school day but she greeted her as well nonetheless with a wide smile. The lecture began immediately, much to her surprise. She sat still and paid attention, difficult as it was to do so, only to hear that the class wouldn't be what she'd expected; instead, they'd be pushing the boundaries of what they knew with their elements, and fusing water and air to create and manipulate ice. On the one hand she felt relieved, being able to utilize someone that was second nature to her; on the other hand, she'd have it clash with another thing she wasn't so good at, if at all. It didn't bode well for the young half-Veela, and she felt like she had a fifty-fifty chance of succeeding. She retrieved her wand from its holster and inspected it with the warning given out. It had always been quite the stiff little piece of wood, though she had never actually have an issue maintaining it or its potency; if anything, her many accidents were solely her own fault. Samantha's nose wrinkled as she lowered the wand back to desk level, confidence shaken by what was supposed to be her favorite class. "Is there any special method we should keep in mind to make the combination easier on ourselves?" She decided to ask after her Spencer friend got her answer. Hopefully so. Having such a disparity of competence between elements could result in unfortunate accidents.
  14. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Another term, another class. Samantha had been strangely looking forward to the school's third term that year - having gotten well into the routine of studying and working before, being hit with vacations from both sides did a number to her and suddenly hadn't known what to do. It was quite jarring to have so much free time all of a sudden, but as school picked back up again she'd have less time to worry about things due to having to get her hands dirty. Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn't a class she was particularly fond of - while self-defense was important, her accident proneness put others at risk more often than not due to the combative nature three fourths of the classes seemed to have; as for the rest, she made too many mistakes to make a dent in any exam. But, for once, fortune blew her way as she spotted her blonde cousin leading the lecture for the second time that year. Greeting her with a smile and a wave, Samantha quickly shuffled towards her usual seat roughly in the middle of all the rows - or, at least, squeeze herself into it due to how cramped the classroom's furniture was to make way for what was to come. Boggarts. The Bourke didn't verbally reply to the questions the lecturer brought up, feeling that Max and Chloe's replies had been sufficient. She knew very well what her own Boggart was, and the graphic nature of it made her feel uneasy; nevertheless, Riddikulus was a spell she never had much trouble performing. She would do what she had to do and win a few points for Bourke in the process. Sensing his owner's mild distress, Harvey, the pygmy puff whom had been sitting on Samantha's shoulder, tugged lightly at her hair to get her attention. Sam couldn't help smile a little and retrieved the pink fur ball from its resting place, setting it down on the desk and rubbing the top of its head with the side of a digit. "Your friends should be here soon enough." She whispered to the lovable creature.
  15. Invite Up The Wall

    "I think I'm good, actually..." Voiced the older of the three, as looking backwards to enjoy the view was starting to give her some muscle soreness. It was time to come down, and she looked at the ground under them; they were far higher up than she suspected, and a mild sense of vertigo had a chill run down her spine. "How... How do I get down again...?" She muttered, as they hadn't gone over the procedure; last thing she wanted was to splat her body on the floor despite all the gear keeping her safe. Samantha had checked the gear beforehand, knowing it to be safe, and so she skipped right into teaching the baker the proper method. "Okay, first, plant your feet on the wall." The Bourke stated while moving back down to a climbing position - not having the luxury of gear, she'd have to go down the hard way. "Like so." She momentarily demonstrated, carefully not to lose any balance for the brief time she had to step off the platforms. Natasha imitated her somewhat awkwardly, her arms being too short for the venture. "Hold onto the rope instead, you'll be fine." Obeying after a hint of hesitation, Natasha got a grin of encouragement from the young Bourke; it was perhaps for the best that she wasn't as light-skinned as the others, as the heat bubbling under the skin of her cheeks wouldn't be so visible. "Just pretend you're sitting on a chair. After that, just move down in short leaps and keep the flow going." It wasn't a simple procedure, but the fact they not climbing an actual rock formation made things easier for all involved. It didn't take too much of a try for Natasha to get the hang of it and rappel down to ground level. As the baker made her way down, Samantha looked up at Max. "If we're going to eat, then, so much for a race upwards... But, what about a race downwards?" She wiggled her eyebrows once in good humor so to entice the redhead to join her in the silly activity, figuring they could shove a little more fun into the whole thing.
Samantha Michelle Hammond
Apprentice Baker Fifth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth January 1st, 2004
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Apprentice Baker
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (would be Occamy)
Wand Hard flexibility, very resistant, Rosewood, 7 1/2'', Merfolk Hair core
Play-by Melissa Benoist

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • Is actually extremely talented in singing, Musiciary and Muggle instruments, but is horrified of anyone finding out;
  • Is a halfbreed;
  • Deeply troubled psychologically because of her academic failures;
  • Self conscious of her highly silly and random sense of humor, and tones it down whenever possible;
  • Likes Eurobeat a bit too much.
General Knowledge
  • Has a million nicknames and doesn't seem to mind any of them;
  • Proud owner of a little pink Pygmy Puff given to her by her cousin Amber, and the fella was named Harvey by her oldest sister;
  • Dislikes cursing/perversion/really dark humor and tends to scold people who do so - even Keira, her own sister, whom thrives in this sort of speech;
  • Many people think she's a Legilimens due to her ability to read people like a book (she can't even perform Legilimency);
  • The Hammond Challenge: She seems to shoot every single suitor under the sun down, and it's become a game;
  • She really likes fishing and cooking/baking as a way to decompress;
  • Visits Whitlam Bilby a lot to visit her nephews;
  • Is a big fan of camping, hiking and rock climbing, as well as most outdoorsy activities;
  • Left handed;
  • Is a precious cinnamon roll that should be protected.

Sammy is an ultra friendly, fun loving girl with a penchant for helping others whether they want her to or not. She's very lively and can quickly inject energy into a room, and her smile is contagious. This excessive kindness might make a few people uneasy, but she means every last bit of it.

She faces things head on, very impulsively at times, even if she's terrified. She's quite adventurous and doesn't hesitate much when it comes to her own well being, but is quite caring and cautious when it comes to others since all she wishes is to naively spread love and happiness in the world. This is a double edged blade, however: her naiveness and willingness to believe everyone has a good side to them makes her highly susceptible to any type of charm that might take advantage of her.

Her natural talent is to read person's body cues and facial expressions, something she does unconsciously, and acts accordingly. As a result it's hard to lie to her, and she gets hurt very easily when someone does that to her due to how trusting she is of everyone.

She has quite a few self esteem issues, mostly stemming from her lack of an academic success (due to an undiagnosed learning disability) and the fact most approach her romantically only due to her Veela heritage. She feels like she's just another pretty face in the crowd and has little worth to provide to the world. As such, when she is competent at something, she tends to feel too embarrassed to do it in front of everyone despite her courage in most other things.

In a group, she often takes up the 'mother hen' role and is quite happy to do so.


When she enters the room, it's like the whole place lights up - her smile so large and bright one could mistake it for a metaphorical sun. It does not seem to ever go away, complimenting her Veela-accentuated looks.

Much like her mother, she has bright blue eyes that seem to bewitch most staring into them (unwittingly, at that); but unlike her, she has the deep brown mane that's familiar to the Hammond wizarding family. She's also on the tall side of things. She's not the most sporty individual in the world but she makes sure to stay fit for the sake of health.

When outside of her uniform, she's very fond of summer dresses, frilly blouses and skirts, but she's known to experiment in a variety of styles - not only with her clothing and shoes, but on occasion with her hair as well, liking a change every now and again, be it dyeing or a new hairstyle.

The fact she's a half-Veela makes it so her looks are rather accentuated as unnaturally beautiful, and very captivating to those attracted to women. From her generation in particular, she's the Hammond sibling whom has benefited from this the most (although she'd say it's a curse) - to the point the eponymous 'Hammond Challenge' started because of a combination of her looks and consistent rejection of suitors.


Samantha likes thinking of herself as someone capable of befriending everyone. She's a cheerful individual always armed with a kind word to impart to the other person, and actively wants to spread happiness and joy to others, at least as much as possible of it without discriminating.

Unfortunately she is plagued by the issue that is her passive half-Veela charm; even at a minimum, it does damage.  As such, she prefers to befriend people who aren't affected by it, or are and refuse to do something about it.


Samantha is very close to her family - brought together by a common secret, they're all very protective of one another. She's particularly close to her brother Zeke, whom she sees as her best friend.

She is frequently seen with Amber, her cousin, and the two are inseparable on school grounds; she even trusts the Spencer with the care of her dear Pygmy Puff, Harvey. She also often goes to visit her nephews Michael and Jason over in Whitlam Bilby and is apparently on good terms with the Parsons side of the family. When Keira comes to visit, despite them being apart for most of their lives, the two seem to get along very well despite completely contradictory personalities.

Samantha is quite afraid of being judged by them as someone not worth their time and patience due to her academic failures, despite knowing they wouldn't just cast her out of the family; she simply does not want to disappoint them.


Being a half-Veela - and genetically gifted when it comes to their charm, at that -, Samantha has always been one to attract suitors wherever she goes, completely unintentionally. She's known equal parts for her beauty and track record of rejecting suitors left and right. This has led to a bit of a game with a few students in the school pertaining who'll finally be able to break through this student's shell, something that deeply upsets her.

Being very skilled at reading people, she can tell these suitors' intentions at first glance which contributes heavily into her rejecting without a second thought. Coupled with the fact she's a hopeless romantic, Samantha's built quite the high standard for herself that few can ever hope to match: as she knows people won't be able to consciously resist the charm unless she actively lets them know she's a half-Veela, she's grown fearful of never meeting someone who will love her for who she is as opposed to what she looks like and what the passive charms tell others to think.

On the flip side, should she ever be romantically interested in someone for any given reason, she's the type to chase things down herself so to see if it's a good idea at all with her own eyes.


It's not uncommon for Samantha to unwittingly draw the ire of girls around her age whom she happens to outshine due to her charms. Despite any harsh treatment she may receive from them, she refuses to stoop to their level, showing compassion and kindness instead. Unfortunately, being disliked makes the girl quite self conscious as she already does her best to befriend everyone - what did she do wrong? And if it wasn't her fault, how can she help the situation?

The story so far

Samantha Michelle Hammond is the last of four children to be born to a rather quirky and gigantic Pureblood family whom are historically known for their size. Her mother stuck to tradition and decided to have a child every four years, give or take.

Her degree of closeness to her siblings varies - Keira, the oldest sister, left the house when Sam was only 4. This meant they never spent a lot of time together despite being on friendly terms. She is closer to her other two siblings. However, due to her undiagnosed learning disability, she demanded a lot more attention from her parents - this made it so they wound up somewhat neglected, a fact Samantha will never forgive herself for.

Mental issue aside, her childhood was mostly uneventful - she was always social and friendly, and passed through all her grades, even if with some difficulty. Instead she watched the convoluted life of every other person in the house and quickly acquired the skills to comfort them and read through them in a trial by fire, contributing to her social butterfly ways of present days.

She isn't entirely sure if she'll pass to the sixth year, and is hoping not to disappoint her parents and friends. In the meantime, all she can do is keep studying hard.


Barely squeaking by into the fifth year, Samantha found herself worrying too much about whether she'd even make it to the sixth grade or not. Confiding in Travis Franklin, she was able to minimally open her mind to the possibility of having some sort of mental issue preventing her from achieving her full potential; though, after much consideration, she still felt quite ashamed and didn't bring it up to her family. Instead she threw herself at school work tenfold.

As her birthday rolled around with the new year, Samantha decided it was time to get herself a job - not having the guarantee on whether she'd graduate at all some day or not, she knew that learning some sort of trade was the way to go so to ensure an income in the future. She managed to get hired by The Sweet Tooth bakery as a trainee, and, with a new mentor, her baking expertise reached new heights; at least she could do something in her life she didn't feel too poorly about...

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