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  1. Has anybody seen Harvey? I can't find it anywhere... :(

  2. Samantha was in a good mood that day; such in a good mood that she even brought little Harvey along with her. The pink Pygmy Puff stood on her shoulder, quiet and immobile, as the half-Veela made her way through the Tarnagulla Centre and into another well populated class. She didn't mind those at all. If anything, she quite enjoying watching the banter that occasionally occurred in them. A little damper to her mood would suddenly present itself, however: it was a Patronus class, as presented on the board. There was a minute falter to her smile. She had never managed to produce such a spell, not even in its non-corporeal form. She'd heard it was an incredibly difficult charm to produce, but it also drew from matters of the heart - she had happy memories to draw from, right...? She first sat down in the row directly behind Chloe's, and it was then that she took a look at the teacher - the smile came back in full force. Evelyn! She grinned and waved at her cousin before leaving her alone to handle the incoming students. Not answering the question, she just focused on retrieving her notebook and wand from her bag for the time being.
  3. Samantha couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as Travis seemed to begrudgingly get back on track, not at all convinced that he truly believed and stood by his words. As if that deeper meaning that he was looking at during that conversation - leaving on his own - was something that he truly wanted to accomplish at some point in time; as if their little metaphor could be applied as a parallel to what expected him. It was somewhat unsettling. Even if they weren't that close in the grand scheme of things, that mattered little to her - she didn't want to see one of her friends getting hurt. Why whatever matter was such a hard confession for him to make, she didn't know; she couldn't help but feel compelled to stick around long enough to find out and prevent him from doing something stupid. "You make it sound like being my friend is more trouble than it's worth." She couldn't help but tease the werewolf instead. "But thank you. I'll keep that in mind. But instead of a tick, I'd rather think of it as being stuck to my friends like this type of glue, you know?" She reached for the poster without looking at it, lightly tapping it with her fingertips where the picture with the various ballroom dancers was. She tapped the ankle of someone, causing the person in the picture to trip and cause a bit of a domino effect with the rest of the dancers -- not that she noticed. "I think this little scenario is going to end up giving me a headache." Samantha let out a hearty chuckle. "Though I can't say I like the idea of just waiting for my weapon to be brought to me, to just sit in my castle and busy myself with making the vegetation around it look pretty, if that makes any sense. I'd rather be proactive, but I don't know which way to turn." She let go of any pretense that her question hadn't been about her. Though, instead of a run of the mill weapon, she was starting to believe she needed something more akin to a bomb with which to blast her bigger issues away.
  4. Samantha agreed with most of the explanation provided, nodding along as Derrick spoke in understanding. However, there were a few bits here and there that concerned her. As such, she decided to continue the discussion as respectfully as she could, not wanting to stir up any sort of conflict first thing in the morning. "While I get that we must be aware of the dangers of the elements in practical use, is it wise to actually put students through those dangers? Shouldn't we stick to a controlled environment, at least presently? Even if the goal isn't to do anything we might end up regretting, some might be lured in by the fact there's a fire ban ongoing and might want to cause mischief." Tell someone they shouldn't do something, and they probably will. For as much as Samantha disliked the fact, it was a very common thing in that school and often led to disaster. "Not to mention a few students are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. It might not be that good of an idea to go out in the open in this heat, even with some sort of protection... We should stay here, I think." She sincerely hoped not one of them would have to put the hats Derrick requested to use that day. Even if it didn't affect her much at all, she could see how uncomfortable some students were with the temperature and accumulated sweat - and they were indoors.
  5. My room's door was blasted off its hinges this year again from the volume of letters received... Why do people put letters within letters within letters within chocolate boxes within letters within special effects, isn't one simple thing enough...?


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    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      It's the sort of thing you have to see for yourself. And quite worth it, might I add. I'm sure you'll find it delightful.

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      I'm sure she wouldn't mind me watching, only fair considering, right?

    4. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      From what I've been seeing around these parts, I'd say she quite craves you doing so.

  6. Samantha was taken mildly aback as their little joke took a bit of a turn - maybe Travis had taken the path of introspection and the conversation got a little too serious before the half-Veela even realized it. "Um, well, if you're keeping me company, it would be counterproductive to walk out on your own, wouldn't it?" She suggested as an attempt to salvage their little back and forth. "Besides, I don't care for what others think so long as I'm alongside the ones I care for. Like it or not, you're one of them." "Good thing my parents aren't in charge of deciding whom I consider a friend or not. My heart is, so, I'll hear nothing otherwise." Clasping her hands behind her back, Samantha wore a small, genuine smile for the boy. "So, I mean it, okay? You're not a burden. If you ever need anything, come to me, alright? Even if I'm not that good a helper in most situations, I've been told I'm a competent listening ear." Sometimes just talking about things in itself helped. Travis was looking like someone who kept too much to himself, and let it eat him up inside. Samantha wasn't really liking that feeling too much and wanted to help him. It didn't matter if he didn't deem her 'close enough' for such an endeavor; if that was the issue, she'd just have to get closer, and she'd have a whole year to do so. She was horrible at a lot of things, but fortunately socialization was one of her few areas of expertise - she wouldn't quit until she had her way. "Finding your own weapon... What if there isn't any?" It was Samantha's turn to be introspective. There wasn't any active deterrent that she could employ on herself against her passive Veela charms; and in a mental note, there was nothing she could do about simply being stupid. She'd studied everything to hell and back and still failed in both theory and execution. Was there a way out?
  7. "Where is she...?" Samantha stood near the entrance of Tallygarunga, growing more and more restless by the second. She had scheduled with Amber to meet up there before heading to class but the Spencer was nowhere to be found; at that point she had blown up the girl's smartphone and there was no answer either. Though, given that she and her cousins hadn't been pulled from school that morning yet over something serious happening, it meant that the bright eyed daredevil was safe, right? Right? It was about time for class to start. If she waited any longer, she'd be late; and on a more positive note, perhaps it could be that she missed Amber completely and the girl had already gone in and headed to class. With that dash of hope in her heart, Samantha finally abandoned her post and made her way to the Eureka underground hallway, where the class they meant to attend was held - Elemental Magic. Easily one of her favorites, although she hoped she didn't have to do unspeakable things to a plush toy again that year. As she got there, a few students had already walked in and most were still outside; try as she might, she couldn't find her cousin. Wading through the sea of colleagues to make it to the front of the pack, she peeked into the classroom. Once again she was met by disappointment, and the normally cheerful girl sighed in defeat, inadvertently missing the newcomers already present. She had to tell herself that the girl was alright - she probably just had a detour or something. Yes, that had to be it. No freak injuries again, just a detour. Or maybe she slept in. "Good morning, Professor Ackers." There was a lack of the usual pep in her voice despite trying to look as cheerful as usual. As instructed, she placed her bag where it belonged. Checking her phone one last time in vain for good measure, she turned it off and retrieved her wand from its holster, as well as the hat just in case. She also took a bottle of water, even if she didn't actually need one - being half-Veela did wonders for your heat and fire resistance. She didn't even need the hat, but it was still a school standard. Sitting down, she waited for some of the other students to speak before taking her turn. While having to reintroduce herself every year wasn't something that actually bothered her, it wasn't something she felt particularly excited about that day. "I'm Samantha. I picked this subject because it's one of the few I'm actually good at." The admission made her feel uneasy, but she managed to put a smile on her face. "At least, half the time. Also, I second my colleague." She motioned towards the girl she now realized she didn't recognize, whom spoke up about the fire ban. It just sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.
  8. "Wait a minute." Amber's gaze squinted as she recovered from the admittedly harmless slap, focusing on the gills this person seemed to have. "Yo! How'dya do that? Or are you some sorta mer...person...thing?" It seemed endlessly more entertaining than whatever it was Samantha wanted to have her do. Besides, knowing how the cousins were when near bodies of water, for as stupid as Amber could be, she wouldn't be stupid enough to leave her house without swimwear. One would always end up tackling the other. A simple preventive measure! She might as well join this person! "Gillyweed." The Bourke mentioned, her affinity with the element granting her a better ease of understanding anything and everything regarding that area. She set the bag down and reached into it with both hands, not having nearly the same trouble as Amber to retrieve what she wanted - a simple black tupperware box. As she opened it, fish bait was revealed to be inside - this made Amber retch somewhat and take a step back. She hated creepy crawlies. "For such a death defying little daredevil, your stomach gets upset with very little." Samantha commented while retrieving a single worm, proceeding to close its container immediately after. Turning to the duck and its carrier, she held out the live bait as means of luring the fowl off of their head. "C'mere. It's lunch time!" She proclaimed. "...I can't roast a duck, but you want to fish and are feeding worms to that damn thing... The hell's the difference here...?"
  9. "Would you lead me down those paths, though? Or would you like to keep me ready and willing to follow you everywhere?" For as optimistic as Samantha was, the little joke actually brought up potential bad scenarios in mind - while she had no contact with such a thing, she knew the underworld to be an awful place in essence and she wanted to take no part in it and its deviance. Of course, joke or no joke, she trusted Travis enough to never do such a thing to her - or to anyone for that matter. "Shh, don't be silly." The girl hushed Travis. Despite the wink Samantha got, she didn't seem convinced. "You're not a burden, you're a friend. It'd be more worrying if you didn't talk to me. Put that age stuff aside, okay?" For a moment she considered asking him who did he think would make House Captain and School Captain the following year, but the stark reminder that he thought she was gearing up for it made it so she didn't - he didn't seem to have much of a grasp on the whole subject. Touché, perhaps? Sam did lack confidence in most areas of her life, just like Travis had just mentioned; but the idea of having to see oneself in such a way to gain confidence wasn't one that inspired motivation, either. She'd have to find another way to improve herself that didn't involve 'feeling that her curves looked nice'. "Physically... I'd say I'm comfortable with myself. Sort of. Half and half?" It was a quick descent of reasoning within the same breath, but she couldn't help it. On the one hand she did like how she looked, and on the other hand she didn't like the attention she got for it and the fact that she couldn't help it. And that wasn't even touching the whole realm of how she felt about herself mentally. "Does that sound weird?"
  10. "I guess the company will have to be enough then." Samantha couldn't help but think the mental image of someone choking out on a bug after breaking out in song in such a spectacular situation was hilarious, and couldn't keep herself from having a wide grin in good humor splayed across her lips. "I'm looking forward to it, Aladdin. There's so much you must expose me to." It was rather impossible for her to be entirely innocent, given the kind of family that she had - of course, her attitude made up for that exposure. Her naivete as well. Her eyes widened slightly at the prospect of being a Head Girl one day. There was no way that would ever happen - they favored impeccable students, right? Her grades were barely hanging in the balance in most places. She wasn't the best example that could be provided for the Bourke students, and definitely not someone whom should be entrusted with representing the school to the community at large. It'd make a bigger joke out of Tallygarunga than they already were in terms of reputation. "I can relate to that." She ultimately responded, having no idea of what she wanted to pursue - or deserved to, for that matter. "But, keep me posted, alright? And if you want to talk about it, I'm here." She was probably not the first person Travis would think of when needing to talk to someone, she realized; but it never hurt to offer a listening ear and some thoughtful advice. Her eyes squinted slightly at how crass Travis' speech had gotten by the end of it. That was not where she was headed at all, and she couldn't exactly say she thought of things in such a manner. "I'd say something that specific is relative..." She personally didn't like clothes that accentuated curves, going more for the modest type of wear more often than not. "Maybe some see it that way, and that's fine, but I don't..."
  11. Does anybody know of a good place around here that's hiring students in a part-time capacity? Thank you!

    1. Natasha Roberts

      Natasha Roberts

      If you got the talent, the bakery I work in is always looking for trainees.

    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Oooooooo, perfect! I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

  12. "Are you kidding me, Sammiwammyjammy? This is why you visited?" The Spencer girl was flabbergasted, feigned indignation clear on her face. "We could've gone for food! To the arcade! Swimming! You want to fish instead? Are you insane?!" The wrestler was actually pretty happy over Samantha visiting, all things considered. Though, fishing sounded really, really boring. She knew Sam liked fishing, but that wasn't Amber's cup of tea at all. Sitting and waiting for something to bite wasn't her style and she couldn't begin to comprehend how anyone actually liked that egregious activity. "Sammiwamm--" The half-Veela squinted in confusion at how bad her nicknames had gotten. "--Okay, yeah, I guess we could have. But this is fun, you know. You just have to give it a chance. 'Fun' doesn't have to go hand in hand with the potential of getting hurt." "It's directly proportional." "I don't think so." She couldn't help but chuckle at her foster cousin. "Besides, this will give us food too, you know. How about this: if we catch something today, we'll go camping and we'll roast it then. Deal? You like camp--" "Deal!" Amber enthusiastically agreed, practically forgetting about her early grievances. It earned a harder laugh from her younger cousin. "What? And where's your stuff anyway? You don't plan to catch fish with your bag, do you?" "Actually? Yes. Yes I do." The Bourke spoke when regaining her composure, although her bright smile wouldn't leave her face. "This isn't just any bag, you see." She held it up. It had been the bag she was given during Christmas, specific for that purpose. "This has an Extention Charm on it. All the equipment we need is here." She opened the bag just before it got yanked from her hands by an excessively curious Amber. "No way." Shoving her hand carelessly inside, she yelped and immediately retrieved it - the tip of her finger was bleeding. She shook the hand lightly before taking the wound to her lips. "Think I just grabbed the hook." The duo's attention was suddenly grabbed away from one another as they heard a voice that didn't belong to either of them. Glancing at the general direction of the sound, Amber lightly suckled on the injured fingertip while her cousin made the approach. Sam seemed to brighten up upon sighting the duck on top of this stranger's head. She loved animals. The girl lowered herself, bending her knees to be at the same level as the wild bird while responding to the clearly foreign individual. "I wouldn't mind keeping it as a pet, but I don't think it would agree too much!" She said in good humor. "We can just take the duck, y'know." Amber suggested as she nursed the very mild wound. "Roast it. We don't even need to fish anymore, and we'd have some camp f--OW!" The girl stumbled backwards after a slap to the front of her right calf muscle, although she was more terrified of the death glare she received from Samantha more than anything else. 'Veelas are scary...'
  13. Samantha's eyebrows wiggled suggestively just once, following with a knowing smile, as if confirming she was 'one of such types' Travis spoke of. Maybe he was right, it was fun to play the less than innocent type. Though she couldn't help but think that she had to be careful about it - do it with the wrong person, and suddenly there would be plenty of people on her doorstep demanding answers. She did not want to deal with that in the least, even moreso out of a joke rather than reality. "Maybe I just want to be whisked away by my dear Aladdin, ever thought of that? Unless you can't take that heat, of course. Perhaps you could think I'm so innocent that you just have to show me the world." She reiterated. She didn't much like the idea of calling Travis a 'street rat', but she couldn't help but keep drawing parallels to the tale - he very much resembled Aladdin in appearance and outer personality, the heat in Australia in that time of the year was starting to soar, there were flying carpets among wizardkind, she was quite the singer (even if she wouldn't admit it aloud)... The joke wrote itself. "By a year? Next year's the fifth one for me, you're two ahead." If she passed. That nightmare was still looming over her head - she really didn't understand why she was so poor academically no matter how hard she tried, but she had to face the facts, and they dictated that there was a good chance that she'd fail this year. Or the next, or the one after that. It was likely that she'd finish school much later than she was supposed to, if she finished it at all. "Well, if you do travel, write at least, okay? None of that 'drifting away' business, I won't accept it." She wound up responding despite having a bit of a feeling on the back of her head that Travis wasn't being entirely honest. She tried to shut it out. Some things were just personal and none of her business. She nodded at the statement. It was how she felt about it, but unfortunately it had consequences for people of her heritage. Sometimes she couldn't help but wonder how nobody could tell she was of Veela descent. Maybe it was the stupidity? "This uniform is a bit constricting when it comes to style." She chuckled, motioning at her olive plaid dress. It was a bit difficult to get green in general to look good consistently in an outfit, but combining colors that were mostly perceived as boring with check and pulling it off was a feat in itself. "Maybe I should wear pants more."
  14. "I have been told I can pull most things off, so that shouldn't come as a surprise." Samantha countered in good humor. Travis was indeed correct, the half-Veela was the one who wanted him to go; she did, however, find it difficult to believe that not an ounce of his being wanted to be there, if only to chat some ladies up. She was just lending a hand! It was a win-win situation, as far as she was concerned. A chuckle erupted from her throat at the idea of that actually becoming a running joke between the two. Aladdin and Jasmine and all the romantic connotations that those names entailed. Given both knew it wasn't true, it didn't bother her much at all. If anything, it sounded fun. "People are going to assume anyway, aren't they? Might as well have some fun with it." Besides, it wasn't like they would harm anyone with the little joke - hopefully. She hoped neither person's 'fan club' would chase the other person to jinx and curse, and perhaps even maim them. Though people weren't that insane, right? Right? "I'd say getting to know you is its own reward." For as cliché as it sounded, the brunette meant every word. "About time, too. It's going to be your last year, right? Might as well get some questions in before you evaporate." The same thing was happening to Tyson. Sure, they could see each other pretty much whenever outside of school hours (moreso now that she'd be allowed to leave school unsupervised, a win in her book) but it still stung that the teenager wasn't as easily accessible as before. Thinking about it happening to Travis as well, which it would in a year, stung a little. It would sting more if she got closer to him, but perhaps she was acquiring her cousin's masochistic tendencies - it made her want to better befriend the man more than she would normally, and she was more than willing to put in the work for it. "Oh, I will." Sam wasn't the type to stare at all, but she'd surely sneak in a few glances at Travis from that moment on - and make sure he knew, of course. If he enjoyed the attention, why not? "Though, to be honest with you, I don't really share the sentiment. I'd prefer to go under the radar a little bit. Then again, I'm not really helping my case, am I?" It wasn't like she was going to stop taking care of herself overnight. But even if she did, the pesky pheromone like magic that was a part of the Veela physiology wasn't something she could just get rid of. And, if anything, she was rather surprised Travis could stand near her for so long without being affected. Maybe he was a part of his cousin's school of resistance? That would be very pleasant if true.
  15. Happy New Year, but most importantly, happy birthday, Sam! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there! Will make it up to you as soon as possible, that's a promise.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      That's alright, thank you! Happy New Year to you too, and don't worry about it! I'm headed to Melbourne in a few days, maybe we can hang out then.

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross


Samantha Michelle Hammond
Apprentice Baker Fifth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: January 1st, 2004
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Occupation: Apprentice Baker
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: N/A
Wand: Hard flexibility, very resistant, Rosewood, 7 1/2'', Merfolk Hair core
Play-by: Melissa Benoist

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • Is actually extremely talented in singing, Musiciary and Muggle instruments, but is horrified of anyone finding out;
  • Is a halfbreed;
  • Is concerned about her older sisters, whom are very obviously hiding something from her, but feels it's not her place to ask;
  • Deeply troubled psychologically because of her academic failures.
General Knowledge
  • Has a million nicknames and doesn't seem to mind any of them;
  • Proud owner of a little pink Pygmy Puff given to her by her cousin Amber, and the fella was named Harvey by her oldest sister;
  • Dislikes cursing/perversion/really dark humor and tends to scold people who do so - even Keira, her own sister, whom thrives in this sort of speech;
  • Many people think she's a Legilimens due to her ability to read people like a book (she can't even perform Legilimency);
  • The Hammond Challenge: She seems to shoot every single suitor under the sun down, and it's become a game;
  • She really likes fishing and cooking/baking as a way to decompress;
  • Visits Whitlam Bilby a lot to visit her nephews;
  • Is a big fan of camping, hiking and rock climbing, as well as most outdoorsy activities;
  • Left handed;
  • Is a precious cinnamon roll that should be protected.

Sammy is an ultra friendly, fun loving girl with a penchant for helping others whether they want her to or not. She's very lively and can quickly inject energy into a room, and her smile is contagious. This excessive kindness might make a few people uneasy, but she means every last bit of it.

She faces things head on, very impulsively at times, even if she's terrified. She's quite adventurous and doesn't hesitate much when it comes to her own well being, but is quite caring and cautious when it comes to others since all she wishes is to naively spread love and happiness in the world. This is a double edged blade, however: her naiveness and willingness to believe everyone has a good side to them makes her highly susceptible to any type of charm that might take advantage of her.

Her natural talent is to read person's body cues and facial expressions, something she does unconsciously, and acts accordingly. As a result it's hard to lie to her, and she gets hurt very easily when someone does that to her due to how trusting she is of everyone.

She has quite a few self esteem issues, mostly stemming from her lack of an academic success (due to an undiagnosed learning disability) and the fact most approach her romantically only due to her Veela heritage. She feels like she's just another pretty face in the crowd and has little worth to provide to the world. As such, when she is competent at something, she tends to feel too embarrassed to do it in front of everyone despite her courage in most other things.

In a group, she often takes up the 'mother hen' role and is quite happy to do so.


When she enters the room, it's like the whole place lights up - her smile so large and bright one could mistake it for a metaphorical sun. It does not seem to ever go away, complimenting her Veela-accentuated looks.

Much like her mother, she has bright blue eyes that seem to bewitch most staring into them (unwittingly, at that); but unlike her, she has the deep brown mane that's familiar to the Hammond wizarding family. She's also on the tall side of things. She's not the most sporty individual in the world but she makes sure to stay fit for the sake of health.

When outside of her uniform, she's very fond of summer dresses, frilly blouses and skirts, but she's known to experiment in a variety of styles - not only with her clothing and shoes, but on occasion with her hair as well, liking a change every now and again, be it dyeing or a new hairstyle.

The fact she's a half-Veela makes it so her looks are rather accentuated as unnaturally beautiful, and very captivating to those attracted to women. From her generation in particular, she's the Hammond sibling whom has benefited from this the most (although she'd say it's a curse) - to the point the eponymous 'Hammond Challenge' started because of a combination of her looks and consistent rejection of suitors.


Samantha Michelle Hammond is the last of four children to be born to a rather quirky and gigantic Pureblood family whom are historically known for their size. Her mother stuck to tradition and decided to have a child every four years, give or take.

Her degree of closeness to her siblings varies - Keira, the oldest sister, left the house when Sam was only 4. This meant they never spent a lot of time together despite being on friendly terms. She is closer to her other two siblings. However, due to her undiagnosed learned disability, she demanded a lot more attention from her parents - this made it so they wound up somewhat neglected, a fact Samantha will never forgive herself for.

Mental issue aside, her childhood was mostly uneventful - she was always social and friendly, and passed through all her grades, even if with some difficulty. Instead she watched the convoluted life of every other person in the house and quickly acquired the skills to comfort them and read through them in a trial by fire, contributing to her social butterfly ways of present days.

The fourth school year is about to end in Tallygarunga, and Christmas is fast approaching - she'll get to go home again. She isn't entirely sure if she'll pass to the fifth year, and is hoping not to disappoint their parents in the festive holidays. In the meantime, all she can do is keep studying hard.