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  1. Social Butterly vs Wallflower

    Samantha Hammond
    While not terribly close, they get along well. Sam can tell something's going on though...
  2. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Samantha was about to trace her wand in the requested manner a second time when a literal tree sprouted into existence just a few feet away from her. It frightened her in its suddenness, and she wound up stumbling backwards, taking support on the desk her backside had eventually bumped into. She sighed out in relief, and her hands pushed her off the wooden furniture. "I'm sorry..." She apologized to whomever she happened to bump into on the way, bowing her head slightly in shame. That was careless, she should be more alert! 'Come on, Sam, you heard Professor Ackers. Focus! Not 'be a scaredy cat', girl!' After a deep breath, as well as the teacher's explanation, she straightened her posture and stepped forward again. She maneuvered her wand as required, recited the incantation, focused... And watched what seemed like a small pebble form before her eyes. It wasn't a nicely-sized rock, exactly, but it was something! She was making progress! The visible sigh of relief and happiness in her face was all it took for the spell to backfire, however. Her focus broke, and instead of the pebble flying in the direction of the large rock, it hit her forehead square in the middle. She reflexively clutched the now sore area, wincing as the offending object clattered on impact with the ground below. "Ow..." On the bright side, at least it wasn't a full grown rock.
  3. Dance! There's gonna be a dance! I'm so excited!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Keira! Don't be mean! And Tyson, are you going to the dance too? I really want to at least have one with you before you graduate! Pretty pleeeeeeeeease?

    3. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      Wasn't really planning on it. But I guess I can change my mind on that since ya' asked and all. 

    4. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      You'd better, I'm dragging you there! Hehehe, can't wait~

  4. Open An Ordinary Abnormality

    Samantha Hammond
    Christmas was Samantha's favorite time of the year. Ignoring the tremendous proximity to her own birthday, she very much enjoy the emphasis on family, friendship, camaraderie - and yes, even romance - that the holiday seemed to instill upon people. Every bond was important and worth being celebrated and cherished. It usually took the form of a material gift; Sam didn't care for this so much, but she could understand why it was. But more importantly, it was the time of the year where she could just shower everyone she knew with affection and they'd just have to sit and deal with it. Not only that, but Tallygarunga was throwing a Christmas/Graduation dance! Filled with glee at the prospect of such a day, the Bourke immediately offered to place the flyers all over school for an announcement. She didn't mind the looks exchanged before her due to her tendency of failing such simple tasks, and her determination won out in the end. Surprisingly things went without a hitch as she went around the various rooms and buildings in school, placing the flyers on the various walls on campus. And at last, she reached the final room of her itinerary - the Games Room, in the Southern Cross Tower. As soon as she got there, she withdrew her wand from her pocket, wordlessly directing the sheets to various carefully picked spots in the room and had the paper stick itself to the surface every time. She grinned as her work was complete, and was about to walk out when she caught something in the corner of her eye. One of the papers was upside down. Her mood deflated momentarily - of course something had to go wrong. But she wasn't about to be defeated by that rogue flyer! She made her way to the upside down announcement, and pried at the pesky little thing with her fingers. Luck wasn't on her side as she couldn't even get a nail under the paper, given how strong the magical glue spell was. "Uh...? How...?" She muttered to herself. She didn't exactly know a spell to undo it all, and thus she had no choice. After a significant amount of time, Samantha managed to slide a fingertip under each of the bottom corners of the flyer, and decided to hold onto it with her thumbs as well. Placing her foot on the wall, she leaned back and tried to pry it forcefully, to no avail. "Ngh... Come on...!" Her face scrunched up with the effort. Did the spell itself get botched as well?
  5. Hi, Senpai!

    Samantha Hammond
    Please take care of me, senpai!
  6. Generational Gap

    Samantha Hammond
    Both the oldest and youngest sibling of the new generation of the Hammond family... From this branch anyway, that is.
  7. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    "Excuse me! Excuse me!" Samantha had woke a bit too late that morning, and as a result she found herself rushing from the Bourke common area to the Elemental Magic classroom through the sea of people flooding the halls all over campus so they would seek out and enter their own classroom. The clumsy fourth year hastily excused herself through the students, clutching her supplies bag as she made her way down to the Eureka underground hallway. She couldn't help but sigh out in relief when noticing the students were still slowly walking in to the class, meaning she barely made it in time. Slowing her pace, she entered the room, sat down near her fellow Bourke classmates and sighed in relief. "Good morning, Mr. Ackers!" Samantha greeted her teacher with a wide smile before he spoke, having regained her breath. As he continued speaking she retrieved her notebook, class book, pen and wand, setting them all neatly atop the desk she shared with a fellow house colleague. It was time to pay attention, lest she cause another accident due to distraction like it was usual for her. Nevertheless, she was excited for the start of the fourth term. Listening intently to her teacher's words, she stood close to the lecture as requested made quick shorthand notes like Keira taught her to as he spoke - not that it was needed, it was material hardly of note just yet, but she knew she had to be safe. Notes aside, there was always that voice in the back of her head reminding her that she'd probably mess up the first thirty times, but that just meant that she just had to do it thirty times to get it right and that was that. And that's what she'd do. She went back to her desk to set her book down before returning, taking her place among the students trying out the spell. She tried to ignore her own nervousness. She spoke the incantation, moving her wand in the same pattern the professor had done it just a few moments before. However, just like she expected, the spell fizzled out almost immediately. Her nose wrinkled, but she didn't seem deterred - it was par for the course at that point. She'd just stay with her target and keep practicing until it worked! Hopefully she didn't create any unintended, dangerous side effects to all the experimenting. 'Strong and firm. Focus!'
  8. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  9. Samantha Hammond

    Samantha Hammond
    Samantha Michelle Hammond is the last of four children to be born to a rather quirky and gigantic Pureblood family whom are historically known for their size. Her mother stuck to tradition and decided to have a child every four years, give or take. Her degree of closeness to her siblings varies - Keira, the oldest sister, left the house when Sam was only 4. This meant they never spent a lot of time together despite being on friendly terms. She is closer to her other two siblings. However, due to her undiagnosed learned disability, she demanded a lot more attention from her parents - this made it so they wound up somewhat neglected, a fact Samantha will never forgive herself for. Mental issue aside, her childhood was mostly uneventful - she was always social and friendly, and passed through all her grades, even if with some difficulty. Instead she watched the convoluted life of every other person in the house and quickly acquired the skills to comfort them and read through them in a trial by fire, contributing to her social butterfly ways of present days. The fourth school year is about to end in Tallygarunga, and Christmas is fast approaching - she'll get to go home again. She isn't entirely sure if she'll pass to the fifth year, and is hoping not to disappoint their parents in the festive holidays. In the meantime, all she can do is keep studying hard.