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  1. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "You know what they say. Go big or go home!" Samantha grinned as she spoke, proud of her nefarious actions. She couldn't help but laugh as Travis listed her offenses out loud, in particular at the mention of 'Meadow-napping'. "Meadow-napping? I'm offended. She didn't say no, and I'm just borrowing her for a little while." She spoke with a little singsong tone to her voice at the end of the phrase. "I'm just a young, innocent maiden looking for a fun night. It's not my fault that I live under your tyranny, Mr. Franklin. Perhaps you'd be more willing if I managed to persuade you to join in this little adventure of ours. Maybe you're not 'cramping my style' at all." It didn't escape her that she had inadvertently accurately described herself, but kept on playing the part to extend the enjoyment of the joke. It did escape her, however, how out of context it could be taken. "Innocent bean? That's a new one." She couldn't hold a chuckle back at that one. "You're anything but, that much I can tell." She didn't mean it in a derogatory way, but it was blatantly obvious there was a chasm in between each's level of comfort even thinking of anything past a certain line, let alone alluding to it out loud. "Could it be my deliberately crafted good girl image will be shattered by learning anything from the likes of you...?" She trailed off despite the smile on her face at the continued joke. "Mr. Franklin, you're a very dangerous man." With the 'next top model' comment, Travis earned a wink - though the laugh that followed made it abundantly clear she wasn't flirting in any way. "Why, thank you. Your sacrifice won't be forgotten." She still found it rather curious that he first resisted the idea but she let it be. It was probably over something personal and it wasn't her place to inquire. "Yes, yes, you win." She eventually managed to say after the laughter died down. She straightened herself up and let go of his arm after muttering an apology, trying to even out her breath back to normal once more. Her left hand was planted on her right side as she panted slightly from the dull pain that the excessive laughter had caused. "They'll just have to eat their heart out, that's excellent company."
  2. The United Front

    Samantha Hammond
    Not actually blood related. Given that Amber is her good friend (and cousin), Sam visits Sib's household frequently and indulges in conversation as much as she can.
  3. The Slashing Opera

    Samantha Hammond
    Not actually related. Sam likes visiting a lot to hang out with Gem & her daughter because she's a proud cousin bear.
  4. Soul Reaper

    Samantha Hammond
    Not actually blood related. Their familial relationship is unknown to the public. Samantha feels like there's something fishy going on when it comes to Evelyn but can't quite pinpoint what it is just yet.
  5. Strawberry & Peach

    Samantha Hammond
    Their familial relationship is unknown to the public. Of course all the popular girls had to come from the same family.
  6. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "I can see that..." Even if Samantha could tell that wasn't the whole truth, Travis had a point. Despite being unable to entirely relate to it she could see how someone like Meadow could process things that way. Hopefully it would give them the edge they needed to break her out of that shell. "Maybe I'll steal her away now that I know you aren't." Samantha joked with a not-so-innocent smile, though having the very same plan that he did. She let go of her own chin once nudged. "Smooth talking? That would be over your own influence, I think." She raised an eyebrow in a false accusatory manner. "What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Franklin? Subliminally teaching impressionable, young, innocent girls like that? You should be ashamed of yourself." Despite her speech, she couldn't help but smile. "Then again, I guess that proves you're a good teacher. Maybe I should take you up on the offer after all." Samantha nodded. Indeed, she was quite adamant about it. "You'll be the talk of the ball under my counseling. Just watch and learn." She had always been told she had excellent taste in clothing and design and general. She would certainly employ it for those two! Not being able to hold it in anymore, Samantha burst out laughing at their antics as Travis pushed the envelope further than she had. She clamped her mouth shut with her free hand so not to alert others, while clinging for her life to Travis' arm so not to knock herself over. "Oh... Oh god! That was too good... Hahahaha!" Her sides were starting to ache, but it was well worth it.
  7. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Because I don't really want to deal with what comes with that if I can help it." Sometimes, Samantha wished she could just hide under a rock for a month. Or not be half-Veela. Whichever one felt to be more plausible at the time. The other girls could surely use the ego boost though, and she would be happy to help them in that regard. They'd just have to pardon her reluctance to join them fully. "Me?" Outside of her charm, what did she have on Travis that she didn't realize? She was visibly confused with that remark. When it came to Meadow, surely he could more easily hold a conversation with her, as well as her full attention. "I can try, at least... No harm in that." Samantha nodded to herself. The problem wouldn't be her own performance anyway - it would be dealing with the fact that their friend was definitely not a champion for 'nerves of steel'. "There are a bunch of dances anyway, right? I can't stand by her side all night, you'll have to help me." She would if she was asked, of course, but it would smash her heart to bits if she didn't get at least one dance with Tyson. "I think being good company is detrimental to a studying environment." She ended up chuckling as she talked. Regardless, she hoped he'd help her catch on to the little nuances in learning in general, at least a little bit. "But a good mood is also beneficial for making you want to learn to begin with, hm? Whatever should I do, risk your company or be on my own...?" She pretended to think on the matter by crossing an arm, cupping her own chin with her free hand, and looking away as if deep in thought. As far as she could tell, Travis hadn't fully understood what she was trying to say, or at least completely aware of Meadow's issues. She decided to let it go. "It's not an overnight change. And if the person isn't all too brave to begin with, well..." She trailed off. They had quite the fight on their hands. Little pushes would do the trick, but they would succeed one way or another, she was certain of it. "...First comes the dress. And your suit, don't think I forgot. Then... We'll see." The thought of flirting with someone made her giggle. "Maybe I should sometime. It's interesting to mess with the rumor mill every now and then." Were people up in arms about her date to the dance? She wasn't aware if her QuillBook page was being assaulted by her 'flock' over it, but that would prove to be simultaneously annoying and hilarious. At least she wasn't surprised at Travis' incredulity at her acceptance of the little deal. "Of course it does. You're my friend. I want to see you have fun, and I'm gonna be a part of that fun too." Taking the joke one notch further, she decided to cling to Travis' arm somewhat loosely, swinging it lightly from side to side. "Oh, yes. I should just perform that glue spell again, you know? Be forever stuck to the pain. Sounds delicious."
  8. Bleach

    Samantha Hammond
    One of Samantha's closer friends in Tallygarunga, as well as one of the easiest to read. She finds it much easier than usual to get comfortable about Amber specifically because, despite her disclosed attraction to women, she doesn't seem to even eye Samantha in the least regardless of Veela charms. This makes it so Sam prefers her company in comparison to most others.
  9. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "If you don't participate, you can organize." Samantha was quick to dismiss the complaint. "Besides, at this point, I think you've talked to more girls than I have." She had most people beat in the male department by a long shot - unfortunately, this wasn't exactly entirely of her own volition, so it wasn't like she actually looked forward to exercising that network. Even if she would be most likely successful in the vast majority of the attempts. Travis' remark, however, seemed to bring down her spirits just a little. "Maybe I shouldn't participate either..." The last thing she needed was a horde of mindless zombie students drooling over something that was actually mostly out of her control. "Mm. I could do that too I guess." Did Meadow know how to dance, she wondered. If she did, she could take the saying very literally and whisk her away for some dance floor fun - although she had the sneaking suspicion the Flinders would melt with her own embarrassment if such a thing occurred. "Let me know if you need any help." "Well... I'll take it then." Samantha ended up concluding with a small smile. Travis was entirely correct. There was nothing wrong with asking for a little help when needed, it was in fact a show of strength. And having a sixth year help her would surely improve her performance, right? "Why, do you think you're the best company in the world?" She took the joke in stride and countered with one of her own, raising an eyebrow to emphasize it. "It's not that black and white, Travis." She laughed as she responded, although it wasn't the most cheerful of chuckles. It wasn't arrogant for Samantha to say she was attractive - it came with the baggage of being a half-Veela, it was something she didn't even have much of a vote in. "On the one end, someone who's attractive might not even want that sort of attention because they realize that they are, indeed, attractive." She imparted her side of the spectrum first. "On the other hand, someone might not see themselves as such at all. It's... Complicated." She briefly wondered if Travis would make the association of who was who in those examples. "What if I am?" She mused aloud, and then smiles mischievously as it worked. "A slow dance? Make it the first one of the night." It was a bullet she was willing to take to have Travis actually show up to the dance, and even then it felt more like a little harmless poke than a bullet. Despite Travis' flirtatious ways she was actually comfortable with him, all things considered. "Yes, a masochist." She repeated. A little glint of mischief shone in her otherwise innocent eyes. "I'm talking to you, aren't I?" It seemed Keira was rubbing off on her a little. Though she was sure Travis would take it for the joke that it was. It was fine. "It's a bit of a drug to me. I can't help but want to keep doing it." She ultimately settled with honesty once the gag had run its course.
  10. An Ordinary Abnormality

    Samantha's gaze followed Travis as he circled around her, visibly amused by their little antics. Once he stopped, she twirled around on the spot so to emphasize the point, as if showing off her choice of wear - for as eye-catching as a simple Bourke uniform could be, anyway. "Thank you, Mr. Franklin." She showed her honest gratitude to the pretentious fashion consultant before breaking into a light laugh. The idea of a fashion show was one that came too literal to her, evidenced by her eyes widening slightly - it was an eureka moment to her. "Oh! We should totally do one of those sometime!" Just like that, she was way in over her head over something that wasn't exactly feasible. But it seemed fun, thus she couldn't care less about that little detail. "How are you gonna trick her?" It wasn't necessarily malicious coming from Samantha, but she found it of the utmost importance to learn how to push Meadow's buttons better - she would have an easier time convincing the girl in partaking in various activities later on, after all. She always seemed to shy away from anything outside of her comfort zone, and the pair would have a hard time on their hands to convince her to go to the ball. "Oh, that's alright... I don't mean to bother." It was a bit embarrassing to need that sort of help in a year everybody breezed through without issue. She's never heard of someone being held back in the fourth year. She was probably just doing something wrong. She would've been far more comfortable in requesting her family's help in such a thing, but unfortunately for her, they were in Melbourne - and the brainiac of the family was a Squib, no less. She was running out of options in that department. Samantha visibly caught on to the hesitation. There was something Travis was hiding. She didn't know what. She hesitated as well, her gaze scanning him for hints and her lips pursing as she did so. However, was it really her place to figure it out if he didn't want to tell her? "She... She's always had a problem with that kind of attention anyway, I think." She ultimately took the bait. "I can relate to an extent, can't really hold it against her. We just have to remind her that those things can be done for herself, hm? She doesn't have to care about what others think." "Well, I know I could leave with one or three." There were more tactics in her book. Buttering up was one of them; but so was goading. "I don't know if you could if you didn't go with one to begin. I'd like to see you prove me wrong." It completely contradicted what she had just said, but she looked too amused to take the line of thought seriously. The little booping action on her nose made her giggle as she spoke despite the serious intent of her words. She eventually shook her head to get rid of the mirth momentarily. "Maybe I'm just a masochist in that regard, don't mind me."
  11. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Sensing pressure upon her shoulder, Samantha turned her head to meet the concerned gaze of her Bourke upperclassman. Despite the awkward situation, she managed to crack up a smile towards the older teen. "I'm okay." She reassured him as she straightened her composure, just before her second spell failure hit her - quite literally, square in her forehead. As she rubbed the reddened area in an effort to alleviate the sting, Tyson took the more practical approach of applying healing magic to the little sore spot. She let go of her forehead and sighed out, almost as if defeated by her own failure. "Thanks..." It was demoralizing to say the least. It most certainly was in such a public fashion. She was used to it, but she still didn't like the little whispers that would often reach her ears regarding her accidents just like they were in that very moment. "...Right. Concentrate." It was a mantra at that point. Did it even work? Didn't matter, she had to get it done anyway. Gathering every bit of energy she had from her near endless supply, she wielded her wand once again. She wasn't going to let such arbitrary events defeat her. How hard could it be? "I'd like to still try it now..." Stubborn as always, Samantha spoke the incantation and accurately moved her wand in accordance to what Professor Ackers had told them. Surely enough, the third time was the charm - a fist-sized rock came to be in front of the wand, standing in mid air, awaiting her command and ready to follow it through. "Okay, okay... It's not that hard..." She commented to herself. The rock didn't seem to prepare itself to try and knock her out cold which was a considerable amount of progress. With as much concentration as she could muster she send it on its way - the X marked target just a little ways away from them. It all wasn't as it seemed - the rock missed the target by roughly a centimeter, instead flying right past it and hitting the classroom wall. It should have ended there, but it didn't; instead, it ricocheted off the wall, straight towards the students. "Hey! Watch it!" Came the yell from across the classroom as an Irish-sounding redhead had to duck, nearly smashing her face into the desk in the process. The rock flew past where her head had once been and rebounded off the wall behind her. "S-Sorry!" Came the meek apology as the rock hurtled in random directions all throughout the classroom.
  12. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Are you saying I'm not always a knockout?" Samantha joked a little in good humor, smile splayed across her lips. "Though, I was talking about myself too. Practice what you preach and all that. You know." She wished she could take things in half as good form as Travis did, but at that point she just resented it all too much. "You know what I meant." She chuckled as well, shaking her head. "But to be fair, she'd be too shy to stand alongside anyone. Maybe you can nudge her a little bit out of that shell, hm?" Samantha would like to help in that, certainly, but she wasn't nearly as smooth as Travis was in the matter. She wasn't the person for a job and had no trouble admitting it. "I'll make sure she won't pick a dress ripped out of the Medieval era though, that much I can promise." "Ah, studying..." The mood soured, even if just slightly. "I should probably get into that myself." She already studied every night, two hours at that! It wasn't enough. She was still making mistakes. She had to get better if she wanted to even hope to be able to conclude her education. "Why not?" It felt like a perfectly normal thing to do. "I can just help both, can't I? Is there a problem?" She was honestly curious, wondering if she had stepped into a social landmine without noticing and preparing all the tools in the manual to disarm it. "It is, isn't it?" She raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Is it working, though?" She looked like she was ready to double down on it if necessary. "I'm sure a dazzling chap such as yourself will have no problem finding a suitable date, regardless. It's just one day, anyway. What's life without a little fun?" She wrinkled her nose at the prospect. "I don't think so. I need everyone to have fun. Isn't that the point?" She didn't think she could if she wasn't sure everyone else was. "If you don't go, I understand, I just want to be sure you don't end up regretting it. Better regret something you did than something you didn't do, so on and so forth."
  13. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Oh, I've heard of that." A horror story, as far as Samantha was concerned. And she knew for a fact it could have happened to her - she was just that disastrous with magic, usually, even if she knew all the theory (which she seemed to fail at as well, somehow). "I'm not so sure, but I'm just going to hope it doesn't..." Hard work didn't hold a candle to sheer talent, after all. "Neither. Just wear what you'd like. Dress for yourself." She suggested. It was exactly what she was going to do. She couldn't care less about what others thought - actually no, that wasn't true. She cared that they looked away, wished for it. But, given her ancestry, that proved to be an impossibility and she just had to live with it. It didn't help that the effects were amplified by one's emotional state, and she would most likely be elated at the ball. "You should totally go." She encouraged with her trademark grin, as well as a nod. "You two would look great together there! That reminds me, I should probably ask her to go out to find a dress. Probably doesn't have a nice thing left after that growth spurt of hers..." Meadow was practically unrecognizable when put next to a picture of her from the start of that same year. It was like puberty on steroids. She would offer a dress of her own, but not only she had just one formal attire, but the other girl wasn't her size. "You'll just have to show up early to dance with as many as possible then." Samantha countered. "And the ones you don't get this year, you can always get the next year. Gives you something to look forward to. Win win!" She couldn't help but wonder who'd she dance with herself. While she did want a go with all her friends, she wanted to avoid the more handsy ones. Travis was more of a gentleman in her eyes, and so he was okay. "Oh, I'll go with you!" She quickly offered at the mention of suit-shopping, taking one of his hands with both her own in a fluid movement so to emphasize her point. "It shouldn't be too expensive, right? There are places that rent out suits too, anyway." One night of pampering didn't hurt anything but your wallet, but it was Christmas season - perhaps she should contribute to help with that at some point? "I think we all sorta need this, you know? With the kind of year we've all been having." The murderer scare, collapsing grades on her end, and a number of personal catastrophes she's gotten the wing of every now and then. It wasn't a fun year by any means. "Give it some thought at least, alright? It's not a real ball without one of the most prolific social dancers out there." She teased, referring to his flirty ways. She didn't approve of that too much, but if it was what it took, she was willing to use it.
  14. An Ordinary Abnormality

    Fortunately for Travis, for as much as Samantha could be considered a walking body language reader, she was too busy falling over to catch his visible hesitation. Instead, she took his hand as she got back up and straightened out her uniform, feeling her rear get a bit sore. She completely mismeasured her strength again, didn't she? "Stuck to the flyer...?" A chill ran down Samantha's spine as such a horrifying image invaded her mind. Knowing her usual performance of such spells, it was actually a miracle that it hadn't happen. Have it glue to her forehead and rip the skin away while trying to yank it off or something, even. She's gotten injured one too many times out of silly mistakes, and a renewed sense of relief washed over her with the realization of the bullet she just dodged. As Travis looked to the extravagant flyer, she did too. A smile crept up her lips once more at the dancing students in it, looking like they were happy and having the time of their lives. She couldn't wait. "I'm definitely breaking out my best dress for this." The Hammonds weren't particularly well known for their wealth, but she did have a dress or two passed down from her mother that actually fit her frame rather nicely. "Are you going?" Samantha questioned, excitement visible in her eyes. "You'd better go! I want one dance with you." She proclaimed, giving him the best smile she could at the moment. "Plus, many girls are bound to be there, right? Plenty of fish in the sea!" Although, she wondered just how many would be willing to dance with someone other than their partner, given that a lot of them would be there on romantic terms, unlike herself. "Unless... It's not your thing?" She could see how it could be overwhelming for some people, and could not exactly blame Travis if that were the case.
  15. Among the Fearful

    Samantha Hammond
    She is unaware he's a werewolf, he's unaware she's a Veela...