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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. ...I'd say I can't believe people are working the 'arsonist' thing into their compliments now, but at this point I'm not sure if I can even be surprised on that front anymore...

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    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Zeke walks on by
      He sets everyone ablaze
      Hearts soar with great joy

    3. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber Cross...Okay, it was worth it just to get the haikus back.

      @Ezekiel HammondI'm sorry to hear :( I hope this stupid rumor goes away eventually...

    4. Ezekiel Hammond

      Ezekiel Hammond

      Got to give time for people to find the next big thing. 

  2. ...About that rumor making its rounds... That wasn't how Amber was acting at all...

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    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Ezekiel HammondI know, right? She looked scared out of her mind half the time.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross



    4. Ezekiel Hammond

      Ezekiel Hammond

      @Samantha Hammond Yes she was, she was scared to death. 

      @Amber Cross We're not bad influences. 

  3. Hammin' Trouble

    Samantha Hammond
    Oh dear, oh dear, if only any of you had seen what I did... Those Hammonds are trouble, I tell you. If it weren't for young, brave Spencer Amber Cross saving the day, Merlin knows what a mess could have happened over in Calder Avenue. Alas, I seem to be getting ahead of myself! In an act completely out of the kindness of her heart, Miss Cross scaled a house so to retrieve a rugby ball to a few local Muggle kids whom had gotten it stuck on the roof. How precious of her! Though, after witnessing something that I surely assume wasn't for the eyes of the faint of the heart, she fell off the roof and landed on those two hoodlums, Ezekiel and Samantha Hammond. I really don't understand why everyone's so attached to them. They're very bad influences! So to pay for her apparent affront of using them as a cushion, they forced her to break into the house. Fortunately abandoned! I couldn't possibly imagine what could have happened if anybody had been in there... But I digress. The brave Spencer Seeker was actually the first one to step in - several steps at that - before those two followed her in. Surely they wanted to use her as an escape goat while they plundered the household, disgusting. Things took a turn for the worse when the siblings tried to set the house on fire! Not only scum, they're also pyromaniacs! Miss Cross managed to stop them and finally convince them to leave the house be... Our hero, fighting her own family off for the sake of keeping the house untouched. Someone should ensure she stops having so many bad influences in her life!
  4. Leap of Faith

    "Yeah, some vote 'o confidence you'll get after betrayin' me..." Amber riposted. Despite her wand being lowered and pointed straight down at the floor, she didn't holster it, or release it from her knuckle-whitening grip. She was ready to rumble at the slightest blur, sound, odd movement, not wanting to risk a bite from a very venomous spider. 'I thought I was the idiot of the bunch...' Things, however, took a turn. As soon as she had seen Samantha hesitate from their plan, Ezekiel seemed to take her words a bit too literally - didn't he know his sister better than anyone else? The confusion was strong enough to momentarily stun the Spencer out of her nigh paralyzing fear as she watched the exchange between the siblings. "What?" The Bourke was equally confused, if not moreso. The flames dancing around her skin seemed to die out in mid air as she stopped channeling whatever little Veela magic she had due to a momentary break of concentration, her gaze falling on her brother as he lectured her about burning down the house they had invaded. She was sure he hadn't meant to hurt her, yet he did - did he truly deem her that stupid? 'He's probably right...' "...No, I don't want to burn anything..." She reiterated her earlier questioning of killing off the Redback. She said very little else, words catching in her throat as she struggled to keep a straight face through the conversation. It likely stung worse than a spider could in that house. Whatever little cheer she had initially entered that place with was null and void at that point, as if the mirth had been sucked out by a vacuum.
  5. Leap of Faith

    Perspiration accumulated on Amber's forehead as she watched Ezekiel take her hand and lower it, bit by bit, until she wasn't pointing her wand at the creature anymore. It was then that she noticed that her arm was shaking - in fact, her whole body was - and that her skin felt quite clammy. Nevertheless, despite the fright she had of such creatures, she still had some attitude left in her. "Yeah? Why am I supposed to believe you now? That's like sayin' 'you're going into the lion's den but you'll be a-okay!'" She protested. It was downright cruel that they had made her face it for so long. At first she could have brushed it off, but it was actively bothering her at that point. The Spencer took a step back as Samantha approached once summoned. "Are you sure...?" She grimaced at the thought of burning a living being to a crisp when the situation could be entirely avoided. Nevertheless, fire started to swirl around her hand - it took a bit more effort than normal as she was not naturally pyrokinetic, but given that she was drawing from Veela magic rather than the normal one it would void the Ministry sensors entirely. "...I do want to set this house on fire, yeah..." Amber grumbled under her teeth as Samantha took aim. The floor was wooden. The couch was flammable. If she wasn't precise, thing would go very, very wrong. "...Well, on second thought..." The Bourke hesitated while thinking over what her cousin had said. She had a point...
  6. Leap of Faith

    "Screw you!" Amber called back as her eyes darted back and forth within that dark house, inspecting every inch of it - even the ceiling - as if expecting something to jump out at her. The Spencer tightly held up her wand despite the wild illegality of magical use for someone her age, ready to fight to the death if need be against one of those critters, too proud to admit defeat. Amber's eyes squinted with the shift in lighting but she didn't seem deterred from finding her enemy. "Another Redback... There's another one." She told Ezekiel in response as she inspected the area in which she had spotted a blur move. Was it under the couch? Amber swallowed dryly as she lowered her wand to aim at the opening down below the expensive furniture. Perhaps if she were to blow a strong wind out under it, or flood the area... "Uh... I'm okay, but... This is starting to get a bit dangerous." Samantha motioned her head towards the girl whom seemed to be more than ready to break the law. Had they pushed her too far? "What makes ya think I even wanted to come in here in the first place?!"
  7. Engine Failure

    Samantha seemed to pick up on the fact the boy seemed embarrassed by her playing along with the joke, and as such decided to drop it, not wanting to make him even more uncomfortable. However, it struck her as odd. That type of speech usually came off as a lighthearted ice breaker for the other person to reply to, why make it at all if such a thing will result in awkwardness? It made her curious about the young man and she found herself inadvertently studying him on occasion, even if discreetly. "Oh, then, in that case..." She trailed off, implying acceptance of the snack. She still felt a little guilty over taking his food, but if he wasn't going to eat it all it was better if she did instead of letting it go to waste. She could tell from the boy's reactions and mannerisms that she had her work cut out for her in terms of reaching a friendly threshold with this student, yet she wasn't one to back away from a challenge. She couldn't help wonder if he was a Sturt. The reply she ultimately got was mostly unsatisfactory and didn't help her problem in recognizing the boy in the least. Most people in school shared one class or another; in fact, some classes were taught to more than one year at once. She figured it had something to do with budget concerns. It would be extremely unlikely for them to miss each other completely, moreso considering he seemed to be sensibly in her age range. "Ah, I suppose I must apologize..." She ultimately decided to speak out about that very issue. "I recognize you from somewhere, but, unfortunately, I can't put a name to the face. In case you're experiencing the same thing..." Despite her general popularity due to her (mostly cursed) bloodline, it was certainly a possibility. She stretched out a hand towards him as they paced slowly towards the school, so to request a handshake. "I'm Samantha Hammond. Fifth year, Bourke. It's nice to meet you."
  8. Leap of Faith

    Despite the humor of the situation, Samantha couldn't help feel somewhat bad over all the trouble herself and Ezekiel were putting Amber through. The Spencer was terrified, wand grasped so tightly that her knuckles were turning white as her gaze flitted erratically about her surroundings, looking for the smallest of excuses to unleash the most powerful spell she had in her arsenal. The house was very dark and dusty from being abandoned, even if it was in a mostly good condition; the cobwebs sent a shiver down her spine as it indicated it was that Merlin forsaken spider's lair, and possibly that of its companions should it have any. Unlike the Seeker, Samantha didn't have a hint of fear in her body - not only was Ezekiel there to protect them if something were to go wrong, but the Hammond pair had access to Veela magic, something untraceable to the Ministry as it didn't tap into normal magic like a wand would. Last case scenario, Samantha could burn this 'redback' to a crisp though she didn't exactly want to harm the animal. With that in mind she stepped indoors once recovering from the laughter. "Do you think it's haunted?" The Bourke gingerly asked as she stepped further into the hallway, walking past Amber towards the front entrance. As she peeked up the stairs once Ezekiel got near her, Amber seemed quite combative of the prospect of exploring the house still. "Pretty god damn sure a ghost is the least 'o my troubles...!" It wasn't as bad as could be - at least it was spiders and not bees. As she took a brave step forward, however, something fast moved out the corner of her eye. Quickly shifting her stance to face the would be attacker, she saw and heard nothing. "There's more?!" 'Stupid sneaky bastards...'
  9. Leap of Faith

    Samantha nodded sagely in agreement with her brother as she struggled not to burst out laughing right then and there. She was on a bit of a roll when it came to pranking Amber that week, as she had caused the poor Spencer to fall into a lake fully clothed during a fishing trip out of claiming a spider was crawling up her shirt. In a way, she could justify the pranks as getting back at her cousin for all the stuff Samantha's been put through over the years and it didn't feel too bad either. 'If you think Harvey's bad, you haven't seen a thing yet.' Latching onto Amber's wrist, she dragged the Seeker all the way around the house as she followed Ezekiel to the back entryway. It didn't matter how badly the Spencer tried to pry herself free - she was a very strong individual, but the one who held her captive just happened to be a fit Veela. She had no chance. "Hey, HEY! Lemme go!" Just a little longer. The Bourke didn't plan to make Amber actually have to go through it all, only enough to give her a good scare. The tight grip remained in place as Ezekiel opened the door, and once he stepped aside Samantha lightly shoved her cousin into the house. "AAAAAAH!" Fear took over the Spencer; to her credit, she didn't flee. Instead she drew out her wand, completely ignoring the fact it was highly illegal to cast spells outside of school grounds with her age. Fight, or flight? She chose fight. "C'mere, you creepy fuckers!" She yelled out into the house, wand held firmly in front of herself as she shakily stepped deeper into the hallway. Sam had to lean on the door frame and clasp her mouth with a hand so to keep herself from laughing at that point, a nigh impossible task with the situation developing in front of her.
  10. Leap of Faith

    Amber came crashing down atop the Hammond siblings; as Ezekiel moved to catch her, Samantha did the same, and their combined efforts contributed to none of them falling over. Despite being able to lift heavier weights in general, she still wasn't expecting Amber to have so much weight to her because of the well developed musculature. It was perhaps fortunate that her dear brother was there to help, otherwise there was a small chance Samantha would've gotten squished under her cousin out of underestimating her mass. "Agreed! W-We should go!" Amber forwent an apology, pointing at the house - any Muggle would've described the girl's face as being like she had just seen a ghost. "There was a redback in there! I don't wanna know what the hell else is!" "A redback?" Did Amber mean a spider? Those were somewhat dangerous, though with Ezekiel around there was no danger - he could just tip them with a flick of the wand if he wanted to. Exchanging a look with her brother, a mischievous light glinted in her eyes before she replied to the scared Spencer. "I don't know... I think I changed my mind." The half-Veela spoke, to Amber's shock and disgruntlement. "What do you think, Zeke? It's like Amber said, we should make the treat be a reward for an adventure. I'm sure there's plenty of interesting things in there..." "Oh HELL no!"
  11. Leap of Faith

    "Thank you." Samantha leaned into Ezekiel's hold as if it were second nature, having missed her brother far too much - even if it hadn't even been a week ever since she saw him last. The younger pair of Hammond siblings had always been exceptionally close to one another despite the age difference between them, and the Bourke was all too happy to remind her brother of ir whenever she could. She watched the exchange between him and Amber with interest, as well as a sliver of concern for the rambunctious Spencer up on the roof of the seemingly abandoned house. "You can literally Apparate back to Melbourne, nice try. And actually, gettin' up here was tough! Sammerbola over there had to help me!" "Sammer...bola...?" "Why don't we explore this place instead?"Amber ignored Samantha's confusion - not like she could hear her mutter with the distance between them anyway. "And we go for ice cream afterwards or somethin'! I'm sure it'll be a more rewarding treat if we put in the work first." She got back up to her feet in record time despite the inclination of the roof, having little trouble maintaining her balance. What proved to be a more arduous task was stepping over to the attic window a little ways away from her location due to various broken shingles that threatened to slip out from under her with each and every step. "Lesse here--WOAH!" After briefly peeking past the glass window into the attic, the illumination from the sun brought into view something she really didn't want to see: a redback spider crawling around the empty wooden room. Her fear of creepy crawlies kicked into overdrive and she lost her balance, tripping backwards and falling off the roof, straight down in the direction of the Hammond siblings.
  12. Leap of Faith

    "Oooh, oooh, looks like my birthday came early!" Amber boasted once seeing Ezekiel in the distance, a confident grin spreading in her face - he always took the pair out for a treat, and who was she to deny that? Free food was good food; so long as it went along with her specific diet, of course. Samantha blinked in confusion, gaze stuck to the Spencer for a few brief seconds before she followed her eyes. Ultimately she spotted her brother, and the issue was momentarily forgotten, her smile mirroring her cousin's. "Hey!" Samantha returned the hug with glee, not having expected her brother to show up that day. She had told him it was her day off, indeed, but they had no plans - a nice surprise, and one she cherished. Though, unfortunately, the matter was soon dragged to what she had momentarily forgotten about. Samantha's smile diminished as she let go of her brother and looked on to their rowdy family member. "I took her up to get a ball stuck on the roof for those kids..." She motioned to the children they had appeased with her head. "And... I don't think she wants to get down. Help?" "What's with ya both and getting down? The view's great. If anything, ya should be coming up here too! And, uh, hey, Chico." An awkward chuckle followed her outburst as she realized she hadn't minded her manners, mentally scolding herself for the lapse in judgement. She then crouched enough to be able to sit down on the edge of the rooftop without risking tripping off of it too much, legs dangling in mid air. "Y'all are no fun."
  13. I've been having this really bad feeling lately. I don't know what it is and I can't shake it...

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    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Really? Where?

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      I'll be tagging along if y'all don't mind.

    4. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      @Samantha HammondIt's a quiet little place, not far from the school. 

      @Amber CrossSure, you're always welcomed.

  14. Leap of Faith

    Samantha Hammond
    It seemed that luck struck twice within a week - Samantha and Amber had managed to make some time to hang out again on Thursday, two days before Amber's birthday. That afternoon coincided with Amber's rest day, of course, as well as Samantha's scheduled day off for the week. The pair had set about walking around town, with no set course in mind, just wanting to take in the feeling of freedom instead of forcing themselves to do something. Or so Amber insisted, at least, outright refusing tagging along with Samantha on a second fishing trip. The two eventually walked up a street with a few seemingly Muggle kids (from their assumptions) playing with a rugby ball. Eventually, one threw the ball far too high; it flew all the way to the roof of a nearby house. as it rolled downwards it got stuck in its gutters on the edge instead of falling, resulting in a collective whine and groan about their misfortune. "Hey! We can get that for 'em, right?" Amber nudged Samantha's elbow whom proceeded to survey the scene - the house had a rather tall foundation and she was unsure if she could make the climb without giving away the fact she wasn't exactly a human. "You could try, I guess..." It would make more sense for Amber to give it a shot - always the daredevil, people would believe it more if she retrieved the object. Nevertheless, as she ran up to the wall of the house to try to give herself some momentum and boost herself upwards, she always fell consistently short of the roof - it didn't help that the house was in a rough state, conditioning the quality of her ascent to begin with. "Damn it." Amber gave up after her third attempt, looking up at one end of the ball sticking out of the roof. Reaching down to grab a loose rock, the Spencer aimed and threw it at the offending ball; her plan backfired as the ball didn't dislodge itself, instead withdrawing further into the gutter from the impact. For a moment she shook her head in disappointment and considering breaking into the property as it was abandoned as far as she could tell, but then her eyes widened as she had an idea. A much, much better idea. "Hey Sammich, come with me." Before Samantha could protest, her wrist had been grasped by the cousin and she was being dragged around the house and to its back. Looking over the shoulder while she let Amber have her way, she frowned as she noticed the kids giving up and walking away from their playing space. Once around the back of the house, she was let go. "Boost me up!" "What?" She looked up at the roof, and at Amber. Was she insane? "What if someone sees?" "Do ya see somebody around here? C'mon, just a little boost." Samantha was a Veela - surely, her increased strength would make for an easier time making the climb. Begrudgingly, the Bourke obeyed her cousin's request - after looking around, of course, and spotting nobody in the surrounding back lawns. "Okay, okay..." Placing her hands in the appropriate position, Samantha waited for Amber to place her foot down on her palms. "On three." She said once the girl did. "One, two... Three!" With a rough push upwards, Samantha gave Amber a sizable amount of momentum - so much so the Spencer would've equated it to flying. "WHOA!" Came the yell as the girl hurtled through the air, so much so she managed to land on her feet atop the various broken shingles, crouching momentarily to keep her balance with the inclination. She ignored the shushing sound the Veela sent her way and gave her a thumbs up instead before deftly dashing to the other side of the roof, grabbing the lone rugby ball, and aiming it towards the general direction of the children walking away. "HEY, KIDS!" She yelled out at the same time Samantha was making her way around the house. "CATCH!" Just as she had spoken and the children had turned around, she threw the rugby ball at them with frightening accuracy. One of the kids caught it and they erupted in cheers and gratitude, soon returning to their game; Samantha then waited in front of the house for Amber to decide to get down, an event that never came. "What are you doing?" She inquired as the Spencer seemingly hesitated to come down. "I'm stayin' here a while! The view's great!" Samantha's eyes widened in exasperation - for all the times Amber's love for altitude could strike, that wasn't the best one. "Plus, wanna bet this is a haunted house? We should totally explore it!" "Amber, get down, please..." The Bourke was very close to kneeling and praying to all that was holy to send her help to deal with her cousin's... antics.
  15. Complete DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Samantha's eyes squinted ever so slightly as Travis alluded to it being in her best interest not to be seen talking to him. She knew why he had said that - with the truth that had been revealed in that class (that would soon spread through the campus at large, certainly), people would start looking down on the teenager and all of those who dared associating with him. Even if Tallygarunga was seen as a haven for halfbreeds in general, it would be disingenuous of her to deny the fact Werewolves were still seen as a rung below traditional halfbreeds. One had to be turned into a werewolf, and to go along with that, they were particularly known for their violence. Yet, his treatment of the girl at that moment proved he had humanity - and that was all Samantha needed. "Nonsense. You should know me better than that by now." A hand reached to gently hold the boy's shoulder from the side in a display of affection, squeezing it so to grab his attention and to try and inject some good cheer into the older Bourke. "I'm tagging along with you for lunch, alright? And I'm not taking a no for an answer." Perhaps, out of solidarity, she should tell him something she kept hidden all that time herself. With her, he had nothing to be afraid of - hell would have to freeze over for her to abandon his side.
Samantha Michelle Hammond
Apprentice Baker Fifth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth January 1st, 2004
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Apprentice Baker
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus N/A (would be Occamy)
Wand Hard flexibility, very resistant, Rosewood, 7 1/2'', Merfolk Hair core
Play-by Melissa Benoist

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • Is actually extremely talented in singing, Musiciary and Muggle instruments, but is horrified of anyone finding out;
  • Is a halfbreed;
  • Deeply troubled psychologically because of her academic failures;
  • Self conscious of her highly silly and random sense of humor, and tones it down whenever possible;
  • Likes Eurobeat a bit too much.
General Knowledge
  • Has a million nicknames and doesn't seem to mind any of them;
  • Proud owner of a little pink Pygmy Puff given to her by her cousin Amber, and the fella was named Harvey by her oldest sister;
  • Dislikes cursing/perversion/really dark humor and tends to scold people who do so - even Keira, her own sister, whom thrives in this sort of speech;
  • Many people think she's a Legilimens due to her ability to read people like a book (she can't even perform Legilimency);
  • The Hammond Challenge: She seems to shoot every single suitor under the sun down, and it's become a game;
  • She really likes fishing and cooking/baking as a way to decompress;
  • Visits Whitlam Bilby a lot to visit her nephews;
  • Is a big fan of camping, hiking and rock climbing, as well as most outdoorsy activities;
  • Left handed;
  • Is a precious cinnamon roll that should be protected.

Sammy is an ultra friendly, fun loving girl with a penchant for helping others whether they want her to or not. She's very lively and can quickly inject energy into a room, and her smile is contagious. This excessive kindness might make a few people uneasy, but she means every last bit of it.

She faces things head on, very impulsively at times, even if she's terrified. She's quite adventurous and doesn't hesitate much when it comes to her own well being, but is quite caring and cautious when it comes to others since all she wishes is to naively spread love and happiness in the world. This is a double edged blade, however: her naiveness and willingness to believe everyone has a good side to them makes her highly susceptible to any type of charm that might take advantage of her.

Her natural talent is to read person's body cues and facial expressions, something she does unconsciously, and acts accordingly. As a result it's hard to lie to her, and she gets hurt very easily when someone does that to her due to how trusting she is of everyone.

She has quite a few self esteem issues, mostly stemming from her lack of an academic success (due to an undiagnosed learning disability) and the fact most approach her romantically only due to her Veela heritage. She feels like she's just another pretty face in the crowd and has little worth to provide to the world. As such, when she is competent at something, she tends to feel too embarrassed to do it in front of everyone despite her courage in most other things.

In a group, she often takes up the 'mother hen' role and is quite happy to do so.


When she enters the room, it's like the whole place lights up - her smile so large and bright one could mistake it for a metaphorical sun. It does not seem to ever go away, complimenting her Veela-accentuated looks.

Much like her mother, she has bright blue eyes that seem to bewitch most staring into them (unwittingly, at that); but unlike her, she has the deep brown mane that's familiar to the Hammond wizarding family. She's also on the tall side of things. She's not the most sporty individual in the world but she makes sure to stay fit for the sake of health.

When outside of her uniform, she's very fond of summer dresses, frilly blouses and skirts, but she's known to experiment in a variety of styles - not only with her clothing and shoes, but on occasion with her hair as well, liking a change every now and again, be it dyeing or a new hairstyle.

The fact she's a half-Veela makes it so her looks are rather accentuated as unnaturally beautiful, and very captivating to those attracted to women. From her generation in particular, she's the Hammond sibling whom has benefited from this the most (although she'd say it's a curse) - to the point the eponymous 'Hammond Challenge' started because of a combination of her looks and consistent rejection of suitors.


Samantha likes thinking of herself as someone capable of befriending everyone. She's a cheerful individual always armed with a kind word to impart to the other person, and actively wants to spread happiness and joy to others, at least as much as possible of it without discriminating.

Unfortunately she is plagued by the issue that is her passive half-Veela charm; even at a minimum, it does damage.  As such, she prefers to befriend people who aren't affected by it, or are and refuse to do something about it.


Samantha is very close to her family - brought together by a common secret, they're all very protective of one another. She's particularly close to her brother Zeke, whom she sees as her best friend.

She is frequently seen with Amber, her cousin, and the two are inseparable on school grounds; she even trusts the Spencer with the care of her dear Pygmy Puff, Harvey. She also often goes to visit her nephews Michael and Jason over in Whitlam Bilby and is apparently on good terms with the Parsons side of the family. When Keira comes to visit, despite them being apart for most of their lives, the two seem to get along very well despite completely contradictory personalities.

Samantha is quite afraid of being judged by them as someone not worth their time and patience due to her academic failures, despite knowing they wouldn't just cast her out of the family; she simply does not want to disappoint them.


Being a half-Veela - and genetically gifted when it comes to their charm, at that -, Samantha has always been one to attract suitors wherever she goes, completely unintentionally. She's known equal parts for her beauty and track record of rejecting suitors left and right. This has led to a bit of a game with a few students in the school pertaining who'll finally be able to break through this student's shell, something that deeply upsets her.

Being very skilled at reading people, she can tell these suitors' intentions at first glance which contributes heavily into her rejecting without a second thought. Coupled with the fact she's a hopeless romantic, Samantha's built quite the high standard for herself that few can ever hope to match: as she knows people won't be able to consciously resist the charm unless she actively lets them know she's a half-Veela, she's grown fearful of never meeting someone who will love her for who she is as opposed to what she looks like and what the passive charms tell others to think.

On the flip side, should she ever be romantically interested in someone for any given reason, she's the type to chase things down herself so to see if it's a good idea at all with her own eyes.


It's not uncommon for Samantha to unwittingly draw the ire of girls around her age whom she happens to outshine due to her charms. Despite any harsh treatment she may receive from them, she refuses to stoop to their level, showing compassion and kindness instead. Unfortunately, being disliked makes the girl quite self conscious as she already does her best to befriend everyone - what did she do wrong? And if it wasn't her fault, how can she help the situation?

The story so far

Samantha Michelle Hammond is the last of four children to be born to a rather quirky and gigantic Pureblood family whom are historically known for their size. Her mother stuck to tradition and decided to have a child every four years, give or take.

Her degree of closeness to her siblings varies - Keira, the oldest sister, left the house when Sam was only 4. This meant they never spent a lot of time together despite being on friendly terms. She is closer to her other two siblings. However, due to her undiagnosed learning disability, she demanded a lot more attention from her parents - this made it so they wound up somewhat neglected, a fact Samantha will never forgive herself for.

Mental issue aside, her childhood was mostly uneventful - she was always social and friendly, and passed through all her grades, even if with some difficulty. Instead she watched the convoluted life of every other person in the house and quickly acquired the skills to comfort them and read through them in a trial by fire, contributing to her social butterfly ways of present days.

She isn't entirely sure if she'll pass to the sixth year, and is hoping not to disappoint her parents and friends. In the meantime, all she can do is keep studying hard.


Barely squeaking by into the fifth year, Samantha found herself worrying too much about whether she'd even make it to the sixth grade or not. Confiding in Travis Franklin, she was able to minimally open her mind to the possibility of having some sort of mental issue preventing her from achieving her full potential; though, after much consideration, she still felt quite ashamed and didn't bring it up to her family. Instead she threw herself at school work tenfold.

As her birthday rolled around with the new year, Samantha decided it was time to get herself a job - not having the guarantee on whether she'd graduate at all some day or not, she knew that learning some sort of trade was the way to go so to ensure an income in the future. She managed to get hired by The Sweet Tooth bakery as a trainee, and, with a new mentor, her baking expertise reached new heights; at least she could do something in her life she didn't feel too poorly about...

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