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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Breaking the Same Old Ground

    The mildest of ear twitches escaped through Evelyn's composed facade as she picked up on someone minimally focusing on her, courtesy of a passive, yet forever present, employment of Legilimency. It seemed that she wouldn't be so lucky as to avoid having her task interrupted and she mentally reminded herself she should've known better than to hope for such a silly thing in that school. A deep breath followed the sound of Rhys' steps heading towards her, and after a few she looked up. 'Ah, he got himself some tea. All is forgiven.' "Of course not, Mr. Barrows. I've been sitting here by myself for so long, I was actually starting to think you were going to stand me up." The joke escaped without much effort as a welcoming smile spread through the half-Veela's lips in greeting. "I must say, however, that this is quite the odd place for a date. I understand the need to try new things, but I hope you have something interesting in your mind." With the ice breaker out of the way, the blonde set her pen down upon the half corrected sheet of paper. It happened to be her daughter's assignment, and the only one she didn't mind having last longer than the others in the first place - the girl had a bright future ahead of her, though Evelyn hoped she wouldn't stray too far out of Narragyambie upon graduation. "I don't mean to be rude by saying so, but you look like you're just about done with the day as is."
  2. Invite Breaking the Same Old Ground

    Another day, another lecture. It irked Evelyn somewhat that she had been called on by the school yet again to fill in for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - she didn't mind the classes themselves, as it was as good of an excuse as any to see her younger family members, but it got under her skin that it was generally believed her schedule was so flexible. It had already become quite chaotic ever since the hunt for Mr. Sollozzo had begun, but as of two months at that point they also had to deal with the Franklin situation. It was something that put people such as herself and Jo in a great deal of pressure from the force, and it was quite rough juggling duties with sucking up to their boss so not to get lumped in with the halfbreed prejudice mounting over the incident. 'Why not just throw classes into that cocktail?' Yet, she didn't complain. Evelyn took on the responsibility with a kind smile and a seemingly cheerful take on the activity despite inwardly resenting it, sticking to whatever it was the Professor had left for her (which often wasn't that much at all, and she had to wing it). Though, she wasn't so naive as to think her work was done as the bell announcing the end of the class rang out and students proceeded to leave the classroom; no, she still had to add points to the House points counter, and she still had to correct the papers she had the students do. It had been a more theoretical class, after all, and because of the Professor's decision Evelyn would pay the price. She was fairly sure they had decided that deliberately. The quicker she got through with it all, the quicker she could return to the station. The blonde sat down at a lone corner of the staff room, hoping that Miss Riverpond wouldn't come over to distract her too much - something she wouldn't actually mind, given how entertaining her friend normally was - and got herself busy with the various assignments, going through each at a steady pace and correcting them as necessary. Tuning out most of the noise around her, she was getting some work done fairly quickly...
  3. Cleansing Fire

    Evelyn's expression lit up minimally with the agreement. She usually had very little to genuinely look forward to those days outside of affairs surrounding her own career's ascension (or her husband's), so to be looking forward to such a little event between the two was surprisingly uplifting. She finished sipping the little tea that was left as Andrea went on with suggesting the very place the half-Veela had expected, and she placed it on the table once again before responding. "You sound like you speak from experience." She commented with a glint of amusement in her gaze. Turning towards the professor somewhat on the couch, Evelyn brought her bicep to rest along the top of the back rest of the couch and used the respective palm to prop her own head up, eyes fixated on the American witch. She certainly knew how to make things sound enticing. "How about you be my guide in that foreign land instead? You should know by now that I don't care half as much about what I'm doing as to who I'm with. I'm positive it'll make for a wonderful experience for the both of us." Of course, a few ideas of her own were already swirling in Evelyn's mind, but it was likely a bad idea to give them much thought in the one day she was meant to make Andrea more relaxed than anything else.
  4. Cleansing Fire

    "Not hard? I suppose I've been overestimating it in that regard, then." Evelyn admitted. She always figured teaching to be one of the toughest occupations around, one that commanded respect from those willing to take on it. There were always too many variables to keep track of and too much work to do in a very limited time span, all the while being affected by external influences one had no control over such as scheduling, budgeting, school trips and the like. Perhaps it wasn't that it wasn't hard, but Andrea was tougher than the average Joe. "Well, we wouldn't want to have you wait all the way until December, would we?" Andrea's thought reached Evelyn's mind as they all usually did. Ibiza? She watched the woman curiously while thinking of it. It was in the Northern Hemisphere, and at that time of the year it was still very much Summer, even if on its death throes. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to visit the area - especially if the blonde were to tag along, as they could be more open about their inclinations without the prying eyes of a Narragyambie inhabitant. "I suggest... A weekend getaway. Perhaps one or two days longer than that. With the break coming up, you should have ample opportunity to do so... If you still have vacation days left to spend, of course." To suggest that specific place would be too on the nose and a giveaway to Evelyn's boundary-crossing abilities. "I can also offer my company, if you'd like. With everything that's been happening around town, I don't think a day or two off could hurt. Plus, if they need me so much, I can just temporarily Apparate back and handle what's needed." The idea of leaving Alyona on her own during the break didn't sit too well with her, such were the half-Veela's clinging tendencies; nevertheless she rationally realized it was about time the girl started relying on people her age rather than the Auror herself. "What do you say, do you have a place in mind? It's Winter here still but that's not the case for every other location, now, is it?"
  5. Cleansing Fire

    "Maybe later, then. One thing at a time." It wasn't like the idea was unappealing to Evelyn - it was what she had visited for to begin with before being thwarted by the recent events affecting most people in town. At that moment, she had a genuine desire of taking care of Andrea as a friend and nothing more. It was odd to think about it like that, but perhaps the extensive exposure she'd had for a near year at that point to the woman contributed to a honest sense of familiarity and concern; plus, it wouldn't kill the half-Veela to act in something that wasn't necessarily her own best interest for once. With the idea of kids not being a handful, Evelyn let out a chuckle. She had never taken Andrea for being the naive type but it was certainly amusing to see her admitting to such a thing. "I think you will do just fine if you apply yourself to it. It's just like any job... It has its strengths and weaknesses. Though, I have to admit, it's one of the most stressful occupations you could have picked..." Rowdy teenagers, policy enforcement, lectures, homework, exams... Even the small classes Evelyn covered for could be stressful, let alone the sheer amount of work Andrea had in the area. She couldn't imagine having the patience for it despite most people portraying her as the living incarnation of serenity. She leaned forth to retrieve her tea once again, taking yet another sip of the wonderful beverage before continuing. "Besides, I've heard that if something's worth it, it won't be easy. With that in mind it could very well be the case you're on the right path, no?" She thought Andrea would be doing a disservice to herself if she quit so quickly. While a career change was a perfectly viable direction to take she thought her friend should see at least some of the current one through. "You just need to manage your 'you' time carefully because of it, and that's what I can help with."
  6. Cleansing Fire

    "A fundraiser?" Now that was something Evelyn could help with. Being a socialite with a silver tongue and a modicum of influence, she was fairly certain she could lure in potential investors to such a thing in exchange for a favor or three if she so wished. Plus the half-Veela herself had plenty to gain from the situation - with her own and her husband's names attached to the potential charitable event, they surely would curry the favor of various parties. Andrea's momentary lapse didn't surprise the Auror much at all. Displaying a gentle smile towards her friend, she set down her tea cup on its plate before placing it down on the coffee table before them. "Don't worry about it." She was quick to dismiss the concern as she couldn't blame Andrea at all for it - truth be told, Evelyn occasionally had similar issues due to the strenuous effort her occupation seemed to permanently demand out of her, it was was just that she was good at hiding it. Moving a hand to the woman's closest shoulder, she gave it a friendly, harmless squeeze through the fabric covering it. "It's like I told you, you look like you could use a break. I suppose it's good that the term will end soon, but you need something more immediate..." She tilted her head ever so mildly as she considered the situation, wanting to find an optimal method of dealing away with the stress her friend was facing. "...What say you to a massage? If you expect me to stay until dinner, I might as well get my hands busy." She had no problem with staying otherwise but couldn't resist the little joke, lips spreading wide with good humor. "Void of second intentions, I promise." She retrieved her hand from the professor's shoulder to raise it defensively as a joke alongside her free one, eyes glinting with geniality as she did.
  7. Cleansing Fire

    Finally, the wonderful beverage that was tea had been prepared. Evelyn poured it into two cups, adjusting the amount of sugar according to each of their preferences before carrying them towards the living room area, where Andrea had been expecting her. She served the cup to the professor before sitting right beside her on the couch, crossing a leg over another and leaning back for comfort while her friend continued speaking. She took a sip of the drink that immediately brought a small smile to her lips despite the heaviness of the topic. 'Delicious, as expected.' "Well... When it comes to staff matters I hardly have any clout, my friend." She spoke up after a second sip. "It's something to be discussed internally. Perhaps it's not very doable due to budgeting concerns... But that's nothing a donation wouldn't fix." Evelyn had been seriously considering helping the school out monetarily - her own family attended it, after all, and she wanted to ensure they could benefit from the best possible facilities that they could (within reason, as it was a public facility). She had been postponing talking to Patrick about it but perhaps it was finally time to pull the trigger. 'If anything, it would make for good PR.' "And, you're correct. The staff does have a number of halfbreed individuals in it. It's likely in their best interest to organize some sort of supporting branch within the school for those specific cases. Plus, talk to Miss Sullivan since providing support to students is her field, she will likely have more insight in it than I could ever hope to have." For as much as she could sympathize with the situation, being a halfbreed herself, the community couldn't expect Evelyn to do everything. She could fill in for the monetary void, but for the time being she was occupied with the case proper.
  8. Cleansing Fire

    "I would love to." Evelyn spoke as she carefully went through every step of the very simple brewing process, yet paying so much attention to it one would think her life depended on the outcome of it. She wasn't too sure of what the pair would do given Andrea's state of exhaustion - perhaps watch a movie? - but it was probably for the best. "I'll have to call my husband so they don't wait for me." From the look of things, she'd sure be home early enough to bid goodnight to her daughter. "In any case." She looked out towards the doorway for a split second before paying attention to the boiling water. "I regret to inform you, my friend, but I don't believe things will ever go back to normal... At least, not when it comes to the halfbreed community." A werewolf, right under the Ministry's noses. It would give ammo to the anti-halfbreed crowd, and in turn create more pressure on people like herself. Consequently they'd be more prone to lash out, and the vicious cycle would repeat itself. "This might have some serious ramifications throughout Victoria, at least. Or so I hope it remains confined to those borders. Tallygarunga is already a very diverse place in itself, but I think it wouldn't be too bad an idea to create some sort of support service for its halfbreed community. You should also expect a spike in bullying and retaliation..."
  9. Cleansing Fire

    A nod followed Andrea's statement. Halfbreeds were easy to demonize, to ostracize. Being one herself, Evelyn had a very good idea of what Travis would endure at school should he bother to attend classes at all during that situation (they had managed to legally excuse him for five days and the funeral, though it had been far longer than that at that point). Some not so well intended students would be delighted to poke the bear in this situation as well which would be very bad - as far as Evelyn was concerned, the Bourke was a powder keg at that moment, ready to burst at the slightest of sparks. "Mm, I see." Andrea's instincts were correct, as Travis hadn't killed his mother. Nevertheless, she couldn't confirm it in one way or another, having to leave her friend in the dark regarding the case. She didn't think the Professor would be revealing any data she imparted about the case to anybody but protocol was protocol. 'Oh, how times have changed.' "It seems to be affecting you in a different way, if you don't mind me saying so." The blonde spoke as she got up from her seat. Once she adjusted her minimally wrinkled dress due to having been sitting down for a little while, she finally made her way to the adjacent kitchen area, keeping the door open between rooms so Andrea could easily hear the half-Veela through the wall. "By that I mean to say you look like you need a break. No offense once again, of course." She spoke in a lightly louder tone to support easy hearing as she started handling the various tasks and objects needed to produce what she deemed to be the beverage of the gods. "It's... Interesting, in a way, to see the ripple effect this has had on the town's inhabitants. Though perhaps you need a distraction? At least for the day."
  10. Cleansing Fire

    "I think you should sit down, actually. I could prepare something for you instead if you'd like." It wasn't Evelyn's home but it was very obvious that Andrea just needed some good old fashioned resting to recoup energies lost to the most recent town commotion. Hopefully she would ask for a nice cup of tea, as Evelyn could go for one at the moment. 'I can always go for one, actually...' She scooted away on the couch to give room for Andrea to sit down and turn to her in her seat, an elbow resting atop the back of the seating as she took in Andrea's words. She wasn't telling Evelyn anything new, Legilimency notwithstanding, because it was like the Professor said - it was her very job description to know what was going on. "Not only that, I'm one of the Aurors assigned to the case." She cleared that up, but never intended to share a single detail about it. "My apologies for the Force not being so forthcoming with information, it makes rumors spread and mutate. But it is how it is. Information leaks compromise the investigation... And, unfortunately, those involved with the situation have to pay the price for the time being regardless of complicity." Travis was innocent. She knew it. Jo knew it. Anyone with a good nose at the crime scene knew it. They had their reports filed, but unfortunately they were halfbreeds. For as competent as they were, their claims still held no water against humans. "What do you think?" It was morbid curiosity and Evelyn figured it would be far more fun to ask than to prod. If anything, it was excellent fodder for conversation.
  11. Cleansing Fire

    It didn't take too long for Evelyn's passive employment of Legilimency to start flooding her own mind with Andrea's thoughts. Much like most other people she dealt with, they were overflowing with Travis Franklin's situation - except, for her foreign friend, it felt somewhat more personal, even if not by a whole lot. Evelyn was quick to conclude she wouldn't be so lucky as to draw out the right mood from the Professor and so she let that thought go, deciding to focus on cheering her up instead. "Why, my friend, I'm positively ecstatic to see you as well." The blonde joked in return, not bothering to move from her seat. Her eyes were trained on the woman as she made herself comfortable. Evelyn's choice to remain present for her was an odd one - even if she was the type to remain on someone's good graces, it was a rarity when she bothered to dig in to their issues out of genuine interest. Perhaps all the time they'd spent together was starting to make her somewhat concerned over Andrea. 'How quaint.' "You look like you had 'one of those days', as they say. No offense meant." She spoke up again, watching her with curiosity. "Perhaps it would do you well to discuss what's on your mind. From what I hear, shoving things down does you no good." She could just extract whatever information she wanted, but where was the fun in that?
  12. Cleansing Fire

    Evelyn had to admit recent times had become far more interesting than they had been for a near solid year at that point, for as morbid as it was. Instead of being thrust onto the wild goose chase that was tracking down Thomas Solozzo, the Ministry had been thrown into complete disarray by a macabre murder of a Ministry employee happening right under their noses - committed by a werewolf running around unchecked, no less. It was a mystery as to what move they'd ultimately take, but Evelyn could make an educated guess of it. Nonetheless, she still needed to wait a little while longer before it was adequate for her to make a move on the chessboard that was Wizarding politics. Being let go for the day, the blonde decided to pay a visit to a dear friend of hers. Upon reaching her own home, she promptly Apparated to Professor Riverpond's own home without anyone to see it happen. As she appeared in the woman's living room, she soon realized that there was nobody home. Good thing she came prepared - sitting on the couch, the half-Veela crossed her legs gracefully and retrieved a book from her bag that she had been reading lately, letting its words entertain her for the time being. It didn't take too long for her to hear the door, signaling Andrea's arrival. The Auror bookmarked the page she was on and put it back inside the bag resting on the seat next to her own, and proceeded to cross her arms under her chest and lean back on the back of the couch while waiting for her friend to make her grand entrance. Evelyn had showed up uninvited so many times at that point she didn't think she'd frighten the teacher in any way.
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  15. Going as high as a kite

    Given their self imposed limitations pertaining the speed of their ascent, the pair climbed at roughly the same pacing - Evelyn was using Jo's speed to gauge her own, and ultimately they reached the top of the structure in sync. The ropes and the harness made it quite uncomfortable for the half-Veela to join her work colleague sitting atop the wall but she made it work, legs dangling off the edge as she watched the sunset with perfect balance. "We're too used to living in a hurry in general, I'd say." She replied, agreeing with the woman - it was truly a remarkable view. It was rare when Evelyn actually took a moment to stop and appreciate the beauty of the world with all the time her work, family and general scheming took up. It served as a reminder that every now and then a little break from pressing matters didn't hurt anyone. "Our lives go by so quickly with our type of job we don't even take the time to stop and appreciate what's right in front of our noses. It's truly a shame." It was something Evelyn had to work on, but she couldn't help struggle with the notion that, with her type of life, it might not be worth it.
Evelyn Greta McCarthy-Parsons
Corrupt Auror, Socialite 0
29 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  29
Date of Birth August 14th, 1990
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Corrupt Auror, Socialite
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Goshawk - she hates it
Wand Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2'', very hard flexibility
Play-by Dianna Agron
  • 1st to 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Auror Training Degree in VMU
  • While not exactly a secret to those who caught her in her early school years, she is very short sighted and had to wear rather thick glasses as a result. During her 'change', she decided to wear contacts instead;
  • Corrupt: you scratch her back, she scratches yours;
  • Planning to attain a high position, aiming for Minister of Magic ultimately. If she doesn't actually reach it in her lifetime, she will probably get close;
  • She absolutely loathes her middle name, chosen by her father, because it's 'too pedestrian' in her eyes;
  • Incapable of bearing her own children;
  • Killed her father in self-defense but decided to cover it up as a robbery casualty for the sake of giving her name a boost in the wizarding world (and oh boy, did it work);
  • She cannot sing, at all. It's sad to watch;
  •  Contrary to popular belief, her true specialties are Occlumency, Legilimency, memory charms and the Dark Arts, which she practiced in secret all her life;
  • She has a hard time processing the fact the deep motherly love she holds for her adopted daughter might actually mean her own soul isn't beyond saving;
  • Has a terrible orientation sense. If she has to go somewhere, she either has to know where it is to begin with or someone has to take her there, or else things end up going very wrong. It's hard for her to actually admit this, as it makes her feel quite pathetic;
  • Apparates absolutely everywhere unless impossible to (or within walking distance). While that is not a secret in itself, the reasoning behind it is - she has a penchant for taking unnecessary risks physically, and loves the adrenaline that comes with the notion that she might be splinching herself if she's not careful;
  • Her whole actual personality, really;
  • Her marriage is a sham strictly for political gain;
  • A number of both long time affairs and one night stands, either for fun or information (even though her husband is entirely aware of this and it's mutual);
  • Deep seated fear of powerlessness, it being by far the biggest reason to her every action and thought;
  • Clinically depressed and takes medication for it;
  • Has Autophobia - the phobia of abandonment. This makes her covertly obsessed with ensuring the people close to her stay close and never are inclined to either leave the general area or eliminate their bonds;
  • Unconscious hatred of any being with wings/able to fly, especially birds (which is very ironic, considering her ancestry), and this includes her very own Patronus;
  • Victim of physical abuse and neglect from early childhood until her father's death;
  • Is a tremendous lightweight when it comes to alcohol;
  • Has experienced the Cruciatus Curse numerous times in her life, courtesy of her late father;
  • Said late father became a monster when his wife passed on, but she insists on portraying him publicly in a good light;
  • Takes great pleasure with the knowledge that her paternal family’s bloodline will die off with her… Or so she thinks.
General Knowledge
  • Half-Veela and important figure in the fight against the discrimination of halfbreeds;
  • Her wand's wood is associated with nobility and a heroic death, which helped people rally behind her when her father passed (something she finds deeply ironic);
  • Comically obsessed with tea;
  • Turns, twists and plays with her wedding ring unconsciously as a nerves/stress/pressure habit;
  • Pyrokinetic;
  • Ambidextrous;
  • While she travels a lot pretty much everywhere, the McCarthy's manor was relocated from Melbourne to Narrie around twenty years ago and that's her home still;
  • Extremely competent Auror, and as such, she's someone not to be trifled with in any way;
  • Formerly a part of Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Happily married and very proud of her adopted child;
  • Became an Auror so to finally catch whoever killed her father;
  • Given her flirting habits, whilst harmless, it's widely rumored that she swings both ways;
  • Sometimes gives lectures in schools about a variety of subjects - especially Tally, where her daughter is;
  • While an abnormally impeccable and powerful wizard all around, she specializes in DADA;
  • Said to have a very bright future within the Ministry of Magic ahead of her, with some even speculating she can potentially become the next Head of Magical Law Enforcement later in life;
  • Was actually a Sturt in Tally;
  • Doesn't drink, even in social events;
  • A people person through and through, she seems to help people whenever she can.

Cold, calculating, manipulative, power-hungry, sadistic, obsessive, vindictive. Almost anyone would laugh at the thought of those adjectives being used to describe Evelyn; little do they know that it is nothing but the truth.

Her presentation paints a very pretty picture - a youthful, well-mannered, friendly Auror whom seems to befriend everyone with her charming smile, an easygoing laugh, understanding and caring behavior, and harmless teasing quips. It's rare to witness her going for too long without making a tasteful joke, even if a situation is serious, just to amuse herself and others. She is quite often successful in this endeavor. She's also the embodiment of serenity, with very few things seemingly fazing her on a daily basis.

A natural born leader, Evelyn is very charismatic and finds it easy to rally people to her cause or to contain a given situation. She is able to keep herself composed when unexpected things happen, and she has a knack to twisting situations into a way they'd benefit her the most. Despite her need for self preservation, however, she doesn't seem to have much of a habit of leaving behind those whom contribute to her in any way unless they blatantly betray her.

She is very much a wordsmith, tactful and cautious about every word that leaves her mouth. It comes across as concern for others, but it's more out of concern of what can be used against herself. She makes sure to be on everyone's good side, make them relaxed and off guard around her. It certainly makes them more malleable, more likely to impart information, and if all else fails, more susceptible to Legilimency.

She is, in truth, someone who's become everything she once detested and every bit her father's daughter. She is out for herself and her immediate family, perceiving everyone else caught in the blast a casualty she has no business concerning herself over. The world's motto is 'survival of the fittest' and she's making sure she stays at the top of the food chain.

Her core was shaken by fear for very many years, and that fear shaped her to become what she is today. She feared her father and his torture, which caused her massive problems early in life; as she grew up, she grew enough confidence to defend herself, to the point she accidentally killed him. The fear of someone became the fear of powerlessness, and she erroneously perceives as becoming stronger for overcoming him, when she became weaker; even broken.

This fear spurred on a very sudden change to her personality - the second brutal change in a row. While she retained most of her first change in a social manner - friendliness, flirtatiousness, and so on -, the person borne out of overpowering fear became deeply distrusting of others, obsessed with being in a position where she wouldn't be hurt again. Power for the sake of power, with no true direction. Her darker tendencies manifested and she closed herself off completely from everyone save for a few. Manipulation and deception became the words of the day, all behind a friendly smile. Sadism came to life as a means to take out the suffering she endured for so long on others. Coldness came as a lame justification to self hatred, as people are only tools and life has little value.

But maybe, just maybe, she's not beyond saving.


True to her Veela ancestry, Evelyn certainly turns a lot of heads - some say she greatly resembles her late mother with her mildly wavy golden hair, deep hazel eyes and smooth skin, almost as if she was fully Veela herself. Her often modest wear hides a fit and lean frame, although she isn't at all afraid to show a little bit of skin if the situation calls for it. Her expression is perpetually jovial and her demeanor very calming and tastefully playful, and very few ever caught her with anything but an amused smile on her face. She stands at 168 cm.

While she lets her hair loose more often than not outdoors, at home she actually prefers to wear her shoulder length hair on a ponytail or a bun, a small detail privy only to her family. She seems to have a taste for fashion despite her modesty, and consequently she's always well dressed. Her inheritance certainly helps with that.


Many people would claim to befriend this charming half-Veela: always having a friendly smile on her face, kind words and a willingness to help out, she's gotten on many people's good sides and they see her that way. Evelyn finds it to be in her benefit to string them along and make them believe she cares about them, if only to ensure she has allies to watch her back down the line.

She can count the true friends she has on one hand. While her outward demeanor towards them doesn't change so much, what does is what she's capable of making herself do for them. They enjoy a layer of protection others don't, and become (mostly) immune to her scheming ways.


Her family became everything to her the moment she realized there were more living beings willing to care for her in such a way past her excuse of a father. She treats them the same as everyone else but goes the extra mile to ensure they are safe while at the same time not keeping them too close to comfort - her extended family, that is.

When it comes to her immediate family, it's a different story. Her husband is her best friend and partner in crime; even if their marriage is a sham, they function like a well oiled machine and confide in each other for everything. Their 'happily married' act has been able to fool people for years and they plan on keeping that up for as long as they can.

Ultimately, her daughter is the most important person in her life. She has a hard time grasping the concept that she'll have to let go on the subtle vice grip she has on the girl as her teen years go by, and is willing to throw her own career under the bus if it were to benefit her. If anything, her devoted parental love for her child is the proof she's not yet too far gone, for as misguided as it can be at times.


From a certain point in her life and onwards, Evelyn has always kept plenty of these - all of them purely physical, at least in her eyes. Whether it be for fun or with a laced second intention, it's not common for her to pursue a conquest or two at any given point in time despite being married. As for those she pursues for the sake of career advancement and information, she's not above stringing them along romantically to get what she wants, not having to employ her natural charm to know exactly what to say and do to make them give in to her. Once they've outlived their usefulness, she's partial to erasing the memory of the little affair.

It's unknown how she'd behave when it comes to a true significant other - even to herself. She has never fallen in love in the past or dated anyone other than her husband as an arrangement of mutual benefit. It remains to be seen whether she can or not, and if so, how strongly her controlling urges would manifest towards that person.


As with everything else, her act isn't perfect and her activities/apparent selflessness may have attracted more than a few watchful eyes. She always treats her enemies with faux politeness, going as far as referring to them as friends, feigning innocence and continuing her game of manipulation and deceit - if she manages to work on them to bring them back to her good side she wins, and if not, she can always use their paranoia to entertain herself, making her win as well. When she perceives the person who dislikes her is too much of a threat, she has them handled one way or another.

The story so far

Evelyn was born in a pureblood household, daughter of Seth Alfred McCarthy, a very prominent and powerful Ministry figure. Her mother was his wife, an unnamed Veela woman whom passed away during childbirth. She is left unnamed because Seth never told Evelyn anything about her, and instructed his house elves to do the same out of a sick, sadistic sense of revenge.

She was blamed for her mother's passing by a mentally unstable father, and lived as the remembrance of what she had taken away ever since - and certainly was treated in such a manner. As she got into elementary school age, that sadism morphed into the occasional employment of the Cruciatus curse. In moderation, of course - wouldn't want the girl to get too damaged to continue this little game.

The house elves were sworn to secrecy, and Evelyn grew too scared of her father - if she didn't tell anyone, perhaps she wouldn't set him off even more. She was a very quiet child, keeping to herself and her books, studying magic on her own. As the sadistic behaviors escalated, her father decided to move to a slightly more isolated town - Narrie - so he could continue his deeds unpunished. This, however, provided her with the opportunity to attend the local dojo. Her father had the presence of mind of making it seem like Evelyn had a normal life, and knew she had to look the part - he didn't think too much about enrolling her once she requested it.

Her activities in Hapkido and Krav Maga, as well as the friendliness of people she met at school as a Sturt, both combined to make her feel more confident about herself slowly over time. As the years went by, she started showing that confidence more and more - she grew an excellent sense of humor, made many friends, became flirty, took excellent care of her looks and wear, and near the end of her academic life she seemed very far removed from what a Sturt should embody.

Of course, this also meant she came to resemble her mother too much. At home, things got worse - her father started to beat her up physically rather than just settling for watching her squirm, needing to take out the violent anger bubbling inside from watching the woman that took the love of his life away also take away her looks and personality. It all came to a head when one time, near the end of her last school year, she accidentally killed Seth in self defense.

At first, she was shocked - not that he died, but that she killed someone. But then, she realized she didn't feel particularly bad about it, such was the hatred she harbored for the man. Able to keep her cool due to lack of attachment, she eventually came to a conclusion: if she was to come out and claim her father abused her, her name would be devalued and she would be looked at with pity for the rest of her life. If she made it look like a robbery, she could turn it into a redemption story that kept the name strong going forward.

And so she did. Shedding away as much evidence as she could, she made sure to change the elves' memories before she reported the incident. When questioned, she employed her incredible Occlumens skill as her defense. It all went very smoothly and the people whom knew her rallied behind her, wanting her to succeed. It was her first taste of manipulation, and she rather liked it.

It was all downhill from there as she descended further and further into these mannerisms and behaviors as time went by. Her excellence in magic made it so she was actually a candidate for Auror training, which she aced - she became a full-fledged Auror as soon as she was able, and made sure her competence was always on display just so to allow herself an easier climb up the career ladder later down the line. She arranged her marriage to someone whom had the same intentions, and whom also had reasons to keep themselves hidden. She became a close friends to her husband in reality, and a very loving couple to everyone else. They don't love each other, and they're perfectly okay with the fact.

The only speck of hope in her life came in the form of her adopted daughter, just a few years after the life changing incident. While traveling to a location that was protected from Apparating, Evelyn had gotten lost and wound up in a small town in which a tween was being chased to death due to fear, due to being magical. Her parents had died and her powers had revealed themselves on accident very publicly. Evelyn decided to take her in so to save her, out of an unknown urge; she has grown to care for the girl very deeply ever since, even willing to give up her power so to ensure this girl is alright. Perhaps this is a sign of Evelyn not being too far gone.


With the Auror force in complete disarray, Evelyn found herself swamped with work over the course of several months - it threw quite the wrench into her own career plans and became the source of constant stress for the woman, and she ended up taking it out on newfound affairs for the purpose of fun rather than advancement. Inadvertently, she wound up befriending the main one: it was odd to care for someone that wasn't a family member yet it also wasn't the first time, exactly, so she decided not to worry about it.

Her responsibilities to the local school were heightened as well, and everything cost her the time she used to spend with Travis Franklin; although she's starting to consider to actively pursue such a thing, if only to teach the boy Occlumency. The last thing she needed was for a halfbreed to run around with certain secrets locked in his brain for less savory folks to peruse if they so wished.

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