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  1. @Tecri @Andrea Riverpond Evelyn's gaze never left Amber as Andrea spoke to her. She watched as the girl jumped on their cousin and couldn't help but smile a little to herself - it was for the best that the two were such good friends. Sometimes she wished she had been so fortunate in her youth. "Yes, everything is in order." She replied nonetheless. "Miss Cross' little party is underway, and it's our job to supervise it now. Isn't it just lovely to spend a full afternoon looking after a large group of teenagers?" Despite the rhetoric question, a genuine smile escaped her lips - it didn't actually bother her so much. Once Samantha had dunked the young Spencer into the pool, Evelyn finally tore her gaze away and looked directly at the Wandless Magic Professor. "Even so, we shouldn't make this a complete and utter torment for ourselves. Would you like something to drink? Non-alcoholic, of course." The blonde offered, having had the thought of getting some sort of iced tea beverage for herself as well.
  2. Evelyn watched as the dish was prepared without much difficulty, without a single soul touching any ingredient or utensil to get it done; yet, the accurate, quick movements each and every piece of the puzzle made felt like the meal was being prepared by an actual chef. It was certainly quite the amusing thing to watch to those who weren't used to it. Perhaps it was fortunate that the blonde was accustomed to it, as her eyes were fixed on her friend instead. It was a minor struggle to keep her composure with the chosen euphemism, but she did manage to hold a laugh back. A gentle smile sprouted in response to Andrea instead. "In a manner of speaking. I'm certainly partial to it at the moment." Despite her mostly innocent composure and demeanor, her eyes were glinting with something else. "Although, keep in mind I'm not that much a fan of layers." She leaned slightly on the island counter top in the middle of the room sideways, letting her palm rest against its surface. "I can only assume you aren't either."
  3. Teenage-proofing a house was more difficult than Evelyn had anticipated. It took the blonde a solid afternoon to curse, jinx or otherwise protect every single item in her household that she deemed in peril: whether it could be stolen, tampered with, or anything in between. She ensured there was no alcohol in the house either. Truth be told, even though she was used to dealing with Alyona, her cousins could be a handful - meaning, things were to turn into a nightmare with their friends on board as well. Drinks and snacks were served, the pool was clean, and there were various lounge chairs near the edge of the main attraction. Adding to that, the half-Veela managed to recruit the help of a select few - her husband was gone due to work and she wasn't about to chop up her own patience to bits. The teens were allowed around the house if supervised, and they were already exploring the premises. One of them, the person fully responsible for the party happening, was spotted out the corner of her eye as she arrived fashionably late through the front door. "You don't have to sneak in like that, my dear. Although, it pains me to see that you avoid me at all times except when you need something." Evelyn couldn't resist teasing the Spencer. "Perhaps I should ensure you need me around...?" She saw the pleading look Amber shot her, and chuckled in good humor. Ruffling her hair very lightly, she motioned her towards the backyard. "Okay, okay. Not today. Go on. Don't let me keep you." Released from the sweet torture, Amber snuck her way past the backyard glass doors, aiming to sneak up on her cousin Samantha, who was standing near the pool... --- (There is no specified turn order to this thread, as it is a large event with a number of people in it. When you post, please tag the characters and/or the player you're posting to. On Discord, only tag the people you're posting to, unless it's something meant for every character to notice.)
  4. Evelyn watched with amusement as her kitchen was, in her point of view, destroyed - in the best meaning of the word, of course. Cabinets and drawers opened, ingredients were retrieved and chopped, utensils were used, all of which without a person touching them, and accompanied by music. She wasn't a particular fan of the media in general (something she was certain the rest of her family would disown her for), so she made a conscious effort to tune it out and focus on her company instead. "Hogwarts. Now that's something I'd like to hear about at length." She couldn't help but feel somewhat envious. If she had been allowed to go to a school outside of Victoria, let alone Australia, she would've dodged the brunt of her abuse. 'Then again, he wouldn't have perished, would he?' "But first, I'm wondering if I should prepare my dessert without touching it as well." Might as well make her intentions more obvious. She was certain her walls had no ears; they could drop their pretenses at long last.
  5. It seemed that a good portion of the students was able to perform a Patronus, at least partially. Better than she expected - perhaps the small crop of students she did manage to gather in that classroom were the cream of the crop? Evelyn's concerns were unfounded. There would be very capable Aurors in just a few years time if that was what expected them. She could only hope Penrose and Greyheme would keep up. She didn't add much to each student trying to explain what their Patronus meant - truth be told, she didn't know much about animals in general, much less their behavior. Though she could see that her own would mean 'bird of prey', and why it did. It saddened her to see Samantha was not very happy about not being able to conjure the Patronus. She needed to have a conversation with the Bourke later, away of curious ears. "Oh, no, that's quite alright." She eventually spoke as another Bourke, a shyer one at that, voiced his concerns. She smiled at him pleasantly as means to try and make him feel slightly more comfortable with speaking up. "It's not a matter of whether your life has been enjoyable or not. Like previously stated, the nature of the spell is quite finicky. One could argue some people who have lived truly miserable lives..." Evelyn herself came to mind. It took quite a bit of self control not to let out a self deprecating chuckle. "...Can perform the spell. It's a matter of clarity, understanding, and letting the feeling of that memory overwhelm you. Please, don't think the inability of producing the spell illustrates a measuring stick of how fulfilling your life is. It couldn't be further from the truth. It is, in fact, a very advanced spell far beyond what you're usually taught in school." Straightening her posture, the blonde took two steps forward, with the intent of putting all eyes on her rather than let the discussion continue back and forth. The hand holding her wand gracefully fell to her side before she spoke. "Well then. As many of you may realize, this is not a spell you're expected to perform. However, it is a part of your curriculum, as it is required for those planning to pursue an education in any branch of Magical Law Enforcement. With that being said, for those taking on SPIDER and STINGRAY exams this year, performing this spell successfully to any extent awards you bonus points, so I'd suggest you to take the class seriously, even if you wouldn't otherwise need to know this." She raised her cypress wand and waved it in a small, perfect circle in front of her. The happiest of memories came to her mind, and she willingly let its emotion flood her heart and body. "Now, for a quick demonstration. Expecto Patronum." From the tip of her wand emerged a blueish-silver swirling, shiny mist that quickly formed the image of an ethereal creature - a goshawk. The blonde let the bird roam free for a few moments. Its shimmering presence hovered along the students attending the class, some of which reaching out to the Patronus, which deftly dodged all of them. "Now, now, these creatures are tangible. Be careful with your hands, yes?" She warned the students as the bird made its way back to her. She let it land upon her shoulder for the sake of keeping the demonstration active. "I've organized the class seats today in the way you're witnessing so to give you plenty of room for the incantation. Some Patronus can be bigger than others, but don't take it as a display of how strong they are." She motioned towards the middle of the room, which was largely empty. "I urge you all to try out the spell. Those who succeed in its complete form, please, help your colleagues. If there are any more questions or anyone needs help, you can ask for me. Begin."
  6. "Thank you." Evelyn minded her manners as always. They walked into the house. Once Andrea had walked past her in the entryway she closed the door, and placed the keys on a small bowl nearby without much of a concern for them - the bowl was jinxed, after all. There was no staff in sight - for such a big house one would think that was necessary, but Evelyn found that her magic could handle most of their home issues; not to mention, it ensured their walls didn't have ears. It was hard enough to dodge Alyona in her conversations with her husband, she didn't need to make matters worse by having random people walking about. "Actually? Yes, I could use your help. Please, follow me." Evelyn moved further into the household and showed Andrea the rooms on the way to her destination - and only those. There was no point in a full house tour just yet. That could wait until after they had something in their stomachs. The blonde led the way towards the very large kitchen, with counters lining the walls and with a large counter island running across the length of the room in the middle. She continued once there. "I want to issue a little challenge, if that's alright. I want to see what you can prepare without touching a single ingredient or tool. If you are to be the Wandless Magic professor, you might as well show me what you've got. I'm entrusting you with my daughter after all." While her words were quite serious, her tone had a strong sense of amusement to it. She leaned back on one of the many counters, eager to watch the woman agree to (hopefully) and complete the challenge. "Of course, feel free to use any and all resources present." Not only would she watch, but she'd also occupy herself with imagining what said magic could accomplish after lunch.
  7. Evelyn had taken her sweet time showing Andrea around that morning, as well as grilling her with all manner of teases, as was customary of her. She introduced her to places that could be of use, people that she could befriend, among other things; but it was time to the main event. Uncharacteristically enough, she took the long way around to McEwen Lane, wanting to milk every second of torture. Eventually they reached the McCarthy manor, her place of residence, standing tall within the affluent neighborhood. The sun being high above their heads indicated it was roughly noon. A good thing, as she was getting rather hungry. "Here we are." She declared as they walked past the gates. There was no staff in sight, and nobody at all came to greet them - Alyona was at school, and her husband at work. It all worked out for the best. She slowly made her way up to the front porch, unlocking the door to the house and motioning the woman in. "By all means, make yourself at home, dear."
  8. The blonde took a moment to decide where to take Andrea, outside of the obvious finish line. They were already in the Tallygarunga Road, so perhaps they could walk up all the way to the Murrigal Bushland on one side of the road and back to town at the other; from there, she could take Andrea to the Narrie Lakes. After that... It would depend on how things were going between them, as well as how toasted her friend would feel under the unforgiving sun. "Eager, aren't you. Lead the way." Evelyn motioned towards the exit of the little store once getting up, grabbing her purse. What a wonderful morning that was turning out to be. She wasn't about to complain the one time fortune decided to grace her with such pleasant company. Those two next couple of hours would be delightfully agonizing, wouldn't they?
  9. The eye contact never broke, the intentions obvious between the two of them; however that was not necessarily a good thing. The intensity of their gaze could let others in on their little allegory. Not being one to miss a beat, Evelyn was the first to break the shared look. That was something they'd have to wait until lunch to get to. Instead she called in an employee after placing some change on the table to cover for Andrea's treat. "You'll find that I've picked up a few new tricks since the last time we shared a meal." Understatement of the year, if anything. "I'm certain they'll suit your tastes. Regardless, there's plenty to choose from so I'll most definitely serve something that strikes your fancy." She placed her purse back in her bag and leaned back on her chair, hands resting on her lap under the table. "But before that, I have to show you the local sights, don't I?" Evelyn's eyes were pretty content with what they were seeing as it was, but she masked the thought with a smile that made her look as if she were a beacon of virtue.
  10. The smile on Andrea's face was mirrored by the blonde, who was more than a little amused with the ongoing conversation. She managed to keep a pleasant expression despite the nature of the conversation so not to give it away to other patrons. The last thing she needed was for rumors to run rampant about it. Good thing she had grown to be an excellent actress. The Legilimency spell she kept up at all times somewhat passively gave her a good look of what was going through Andrea's mind, and the direct eye contact made it that much easier to get a clear picture. Not only had the teacher reacted to the mild teasing, she was just short of openly propositioning to a married woman - something Evelyn found fascinating. Eyes glinting with mischievousness, she replied with a perfect little smile to go with. Strange how she made it sound like a perfectly innocent conversation between two friends. "Who am I to say no to that?" It wasn't something she was counting on doing when she first woke up that morning, for certain, but not something that she was against doing to begin with. "Perhaps it's something to be discussed pertaining today's lunch as well? I wouldn't want to disappoint." Something about the fact they had still a few hours to go until that time made the situation all the more tempting. Having to wait always made that type of encounter much more worth it for her, and she could definitely use a few extra hours to verbally torture the woman until time came.
  11. "You do, yes, Miss... Williams, was it?" The girl's face was familiar from past lectures. She should probably take a glance at the class sheet again just to be sure. "That's the motivation to do so. However, I completely understand that there are students whom aren't comfortable with doing such a thing on a somewhat public forum such as this and I want to ease their nerves. With that said, go on." As the Spencer gave her guess as to the question, the blonde nodded in approval. "That is correct, although achieving the animal form in itself is a bit of a feat. Five points to Spencer." She smiled back at Samantha when she was waved at. She took pride in seeing the younger members of her extended family taking on that class, although it was quite jarring that there were plenty of students she knew of that weren't signing up to it, seemingly. Did the current generation not care for self defense? It was rather disheartening. They couldn't leave everything to Magical Law Enforcement. Not only that, but what could this mean for the Aurors of tomorrow? "Miss Knotley." She called upon a certain blonde she was all too familiar with when the girl had raised her arm, taking a mental note of how shaky it looked. "It does have quite the finicky nature, yes." The lecturer added upon the end of the girl's answer. "It is often said dark wizards cannot perform the charm under any circumstance as they're incapable of feeling something pure to such an extent. Although not being able to execute the spell doesn't necessarily entail you're a dark wizard or heading in that general direction. The reverse is also true: a dark wizard may perform the spell. Them turning to the dark arts doesn't always have something to do with how stunted their heart naturally is. Five points to Sturt." Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed her Spencer cousin trying to make an escape. As a family member, she would've let it slide, even tease the girl about it; but at that moment, she was her teacher. And as such, she'd have to treat her as her student, and nothing more. "Miss Cross, I'd suggest you to sit down and pay attention to class. The bell is still quite a ways away. Five points from Spencer for trying to escape the lecture." Of course, she hadn't missed the entire scene. "And five points to Bourke, as Miss Hammond seems to have enough presence of mind to keep you in your place." She motioned the Flinders at the back of the room to speak. She brought up something interesting, which Evelyn was happy to elaborate on. "Among other creatures, indeed, but those are the most documented cases of this spell's use. As for the communication part to it, it was discovered by Albus Dumbledore, a former headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in Scotland. He devised a way with which to send your Patronus to other people to deliver secret messages with the caster's voice. It's also the case that multiple can be used at a time. Five points to Flinders. Good work, everyone." "I would like to know who has been able to cast a Patronus, corporeal or otherwise, at any point. If corporeal, what was its form and why do you think that is?" Perhaps a bit of a personal question, but she was sure to obtain some interesting answers should anyone have succeeded at the remarkably difficult charm.
  12. The more Andrea described Tallygarunga, the more uneasy Evelyn felt over enrolling Alyona there. It was a public school, after all. It wouldn't have the same amenities or concerns to keep some sort of standard that Penrose would. And in her experience, it didn't sound like it changed much at all ever since Evelyn herself enrolled in the institution, as a Sturt. What a shame. It wasn't like she could just take Alyona from there - it was for the best that she stayed closed to home -, but perhaps she could make some sort of donation to the school. Maybe they'd put it to good use. Then again she could always make it a demand. Her smile widened with Andrea's little joke, but she couldn't help but feel a bit thrown off guard at the fact her little flirt hadn't worked as intended. Was she missing her touch? No, of course not, that couldn't possibly it. It didn't seem to faze the woman outwardly. She could always press on if she wished, if anything for her own amusement. "Tolerate? You wound me, I'd hope for you to be head over heels." She indeed joked again. "But, in any case, yes. I'd very much appreciate that. A nice lunch with excellent company is not something I'm known to turn down. But if you want to cover it next time, as you claim, how do you plan on making that outing... enticing?"

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Because you're absolutely irresistible, of course~

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      Amber Cross


  14. Bummer. Evelyn had been hoping she wouldn't be called in to give a Defense Against the Dark Arts lecture that term due to the overwork the Auror division had been enduring as of late, but there she was, ready to teach a class on the Patronus Charm. As usual, she arrived early to prepare the classroom; given the usual scope of the spell, she had pushed the desks as much against the walls as she could to create a bit of a corridor in the middle of the room as space to practice. She wrote her name on the board, highlighting she was merely a substitute teacher, as well as the name of the spell they would be learning that day in big, bold letter: the Patronus Charm. It was a spell she wasn't terribly fond of. Not because she couldn't perform it or because it had some semblance of difficulty to her, but because hers was of the fowl variety. She hated birds. Students soon started arriving, taking their strangely placed seats. The blonde leaned back lightly onto her desk and smiled pleasantly in greeting. "Good morning, everyone. My name is Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons and I shall be your guest lecturer for today's Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Unfortunately I can't remain in the position after this, but I'm sure it will be a very productive class." She took her cypress wand out of its holster, not yet producing magic with it. Instead, she held it vertically and let her chin rest upon the tip. "Now, ladies and gentlemen. Before we begin, I request of those who actually know what a Patronus Charm is..." She motioned towards the board, indicating the theme of the class. "...To mention what you know about it, what it does, its various uses, the intricacies to produce it, so on and so forth. Don't worry if you don't wish to respond, I won't take away points from you for not participating."
  15. A mocktail certainly couldn't hurt her, being alcohol free. She made a simple 'mm' sound in agreement before finishing off her drink while Andrea went on about her class. She briefly wondered if she'd be recruited to give another lecture in the incoming term, but she hoped not - stress was at an all time high, and she needed some time to focus on herself first and foremost. Maybe she should pay Travis a little visit sometime soon. "I don't think teaching is the beacon of free time that you're making it sound. My issue is that I'm on call at all times, but you have to work outside of work, don't you?" Though, as far as she was aware, teachers had the opportunity to organize themselves around a schedule. Evelyn, in the meantime, had to go to work at 3 AM if she was alerted to do so by the Chief Auror. "With making exams, preparing classes, tutoring, staff meetings, and such things... Don't worry too much about my schedule, alright? We'll just make do. Unless you're just that eager to see me again, of course." The devilish smirk returned, and her right eyebrow wiggled once suggestively at the woman. Too easy.
Evelyn Greta McCarthy-Parsons
Corrupt Auror, Socialite 0
28 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age:  28
Date of Birth: August 14th, 1990
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Corrupt Auror, Socialite
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Goshawk - she hates it
Wand: Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2'', very hard flexibility
Play-by: Dianna Agron
  • 1st to 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Auror Training Degree in VMU
  • While not exactly a secret to those who caught her in her early school years, she is very short sighted and had to wear rather thick glasses as a result. During her 'change', she decided to wear contacts instead;
  • Corrupt: you scratch her back, she scratches yours;
  • Planning to attain a high position, aiming for Minister of Magic ultimately. If she doesn't actually reach it in her lifetime, she will probably get close;
  • She absolutely loathes her middle name, chosen by her father, because it's 'too pedestrian' in her eyes;
  • Incapable of bearing her own children;
  • Killed her father in self-defense but decided to cover it up as a robbery casualty for the sake of giving her name a boost in the wizarding world (and oh boy, did it work);
  • She cannot sing, at all. It's sad to watch;
  •  Contrary to popular belief, her true specialties are Occlumency, Legilimency, memory charms and the Dark Arts, which she practiced in secret all her life;
  • She has a hard time processing the fact the deep motherly love she holds for her adopted daughter might actually mean her own soul isn't beyond saving;
  • Has a terrible orientation sense. If she has to go somewhere, she either has to know where it is to begin with or someone has to take her there, or else things end up going very wrong. It's hard for her to actually admit this, as it makes her feel quite pathetic;
  • Apparates absolutely everywhere unless impossible to (or within walking distance). While that is not a secret in itself, the reasoning behind it is - she has a penchant for taking unnecessary risks physically, and loves the adrenaline that comes with the notion that she might be splinching herself if she's not careful;
  • Her whole actual personality, really;
  • Her marriage is a sham strictly for political gain;
  • A number of both long time affairs and one night stands, either for fun or information (even though her husband is entirely aware of this and it's mutual);
  • Deep seated fear of powerlessness, it being by far the biggest reason to her every action and thought;
  • Clinically depressed and takes medication for it;
  • Has Autophobia - the phobia of abandonment. This makes her covertly obsessed with ensuring the people close to her stay close and never are inclined to either leave the general area or eliminate their bonds;
  • Unconscious hatred of any being with wings/able to fly, especially birds (which is very ironic, considering her ancestry), and this includes her very own Patronus;
  • Victim of physical abuse and neglect from early childhood until her father's death;
  • Is a tremendous lightweight when it comes to alcohol;
  • Has experienced the Cruciatus Curse numerous times in her life, courtesy of her late father;
  • Said late father became a monster when his wife passed on, but she insists on portraying him publicly in a good light;
  • Takes great pleasure with the knowledge that her paternal family’s bloodline will die off with her… Or so she thinks.
General Knowledge
  • Half-Veela and important figure in the fight against the discrimination of halfbreeds;
  • Her wand's wood is associated with nobility and a heroic death, which helped people rally behind her when her father passed (something she finds deeply ironic);
  • Comically obsessed with tea;
  • Turns, twists and plays with her wedding ring unconsciously as a nerves/stress/pressure habit;
  • Pyrokinetic;
  • Ambidextrous;
  • While she travels a lot pretty much everywhere, the McCarthy's manor was relocated from Melbourne to Narrie around twenty years ago and that's her home still;
  • Extremely competent Auror, and as such, she's someone not to be trifled with in any way;
  • Formerly a part of Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Happily married and very proud of her adopted child;
  • Became an Auror so to finally catch whoever killed her father;
  • Given her flirting habits, whilst harmless, it's widely rumored that she swings both ways;
  • Sometimes gives lectures in schools about a variety of subjects - especially Tally, where her daughter is;
  • While an abnormally impeccable and powerful wizard all around, she specializes in DADA;
  • Said to have a very bright future within the Ministry of Magic ahead of her, with some even speculating she can potentially become the next Head of Magical Law Enforcement later in life;
  • Was actually a Sturt in Tally;
  • Doesn't drink, even in social events;
  • A people person through and through, she seems to help people whenever she can.

Cold, calculating, manipulative, power-hungry, sadistic, obsessive, vindictive. Almost anyone would laugh at the thought of those adjectives being used to describe Evelyn; little do they know that it is nothing but the truth.

Her presentation paints a very pretty picture - a youthful, well-mannered, friendly Auror whom seems to befriend everyone with her charming smile, an easygoing laugh, understanding and caring behavior, and harmless teasing quips. It's rare to witness her going for too long without making a tasteful joke, even if a situation is serious, just to amuse herself and others. She is quite often successful in this endeavor. She's also the embodiment of serenity, with very few things seemingly fazing her on a daily basis.

A natural born leader, Evelyn is very charismatic and finds it easy to rally people to her cause or to contain a given situation. She is able to keep herself composed when unexpected things happen, and she has a knack to twisting situations into a way they'd benefit her the most. Despite her need for self preservation, however, she doesn't seem to have much of a habit of leaving behind those whom contribute to her in any way unless they blatantly betray her.

She is very much a wordsmith, tactful and cautious about every word that leaves her mouth. It comes across as concern for others, but it's more out of concern of what can be used against herself. She makes sure to be on everyone's good side, make them relaxed and off guard around her. It certainly makes them more malleable, more likely to impart information, and if all else fails, more susceptible to Legilimency.

She is, in truth, someone who's become everything she once detested and every bit her father's daughter. She is out for herself and her immediate family, perceiving everyone else caught in the blast a casualty she has no business concerning herself over. The world's motto is 'survival of the fittest' and she's making sure she stays at the top of the food chain.

Her core was shaken by fear for very many years, and that fear shaped her to become what she is today. She feared her father and his torture, which caused her massive problems early in life; as she grew up, she grew enough confidence to defend herself, to the point she accidentally killed him. The fear of someone became the fear of powerlessness, and she erroneously perceives as becoming stronger for overcoming him, when she became weaker; even broken.

This fear spurred on a very sudden change to her personality - the second brutal change in a row. While she retained most of her first change in a social manner - friendliness, flirtatiousness, and so on -, the person borne out of overpowering fear became deeply distrusting of others, obsessed with being in a position where she wouldn't be hurt again. Power for the sake of power, with no true direction. Her darker tendencies manifested and she closed herself off completely from everyone save for a few. Manipulation and deception became the words of the day, all behind a friendly smile. Sadism came to life as a means to take out the suffering she endured for so long on others. Coldness came as a lame justification to self hatred, as people are only tools and life has little value.

But maybe, just maybe, she's not beyond saving.


True to her Veela ancestry, Evelyn certainly turns a lot of heads - some say she greatly resembles her late mother with her mildly wavy golden hair, deep hazel eyes and smooth skin, almost as if she was fully Veela herself. Her often modest wear hides a fit and lean frame, although she isn't at all afraid to show a little bit of skin if the situation calls for it. Her expression is perpetually jovial and her demeanor very calming and tastefully playful, and very few ever caught her with anything but an amused smile on her face. She stands at 168 cm.

While she lets her hair loose more often than not outdoors, at home she actually prefers to wear her shoulder length hair on a ponytail or a bun, a small detail privy only to her family. She seems to have a taste for fashion despite her modesty, and consequently she's always well dressed. Her inheritance certainly helps with that.


Evelyn was born in a pureblood household, daughter of Seth Alfred McCarthy, a very prominent and powerful Ministry figure. Her mother was his wife, an unnamed Veela woman whom passed away during childbirth. She is left unnamed because Seth never told Evelyn anything about her, and instructed his house elves to do the same out of a sick, sadistic sense of revenge.

She was blamed for her mother's passing by a mentally unstable father, and lived as the remembrance of what she had taken away ever since - and certainly was treated in such a manner. As she got into elementary school age, that sadism morphed into the occasional employment of the Cruciatus curse. In moderation, of course - wouldn't want the girl to get too damaged to continue this little game.

The house elves were sworn to secrecy, and Evelyn grew too scared of her father - if she didn't tell anyone, perhaps she wouldn't set him off even more. She was a very quiet child, keeping to herself and her books, studying magic on her own. As the sadistic behaviors escalated, her father decided to move to a slightly more isolated town - Narrie - so he could continue his deeds unpunished. This, however, provided her with the opportunity to attend the local dojo. Her father had the presence of mind of making it seem like Evelyn had a normal life, and knew she had to look the part - he didn't think too much about enrolling her once she requested it.

Her activities in Hapkido and Krav Maga, as well as the friendliness of people she met at school as a Sturt, both combined to make her feel more confident about herself slowly over time. As the years went by, she started showing that confidence more and more - she grew an excellent sense of humor, made many friends, became flirty, took excellent care of her looks and wear, and near the end of her academic life she seemed very far removed from what a Sturt should embody.

Of course, this also meant she came to resemble her mother too much. At home, things got worse - her father started to beat her up physically rather than just settling for watching her squirm, needing to take out the violent anger bubbling inside from watching the woman that took the love of his life away also take away her looks and personality. It all came to a head when one time, near the end of her last school year, she accidentally killed Seth in self defense.

At first, she was shocked - not that he died, but that she killed someone. But then, she realized she didn't feel particularly bad about it, such was the hatred she harbored for the man. Able to keep her cool due to lack of attachment, she eventually came to a conclusion: if she was to come out and claim her father abused her, her name would be devalued and she would be looked at with pity for the rest of her life. If she made it look like a robbery, she could turn it into a redemption story that kept the name strong going forward.

And so she did. Shedding away as much evidence as she could, she made sure to change the elves' memories before she reported the incident. When questioned, she employed her incredible Occlumens skill as her defense. It all went very smoothly and the people whom knew her rallied behind her, wanting her to succeed. It was her first taste of manipulation, and she rather liked it.

It was all downhill from there as she descended further and further into these mannerisms and behaviors as time went by. Her excellence in magic made it so she was actually a candidate for Auror training, which she aced - she became a full-fledged Auror as soon as she was able, and made sure her competence was always on display just so to allow herself an easier climb up the career ladder later down the line. She arranged her marriage to someone whom had the same intentions, and whom also had reasons to keep themselves hidden. She became a close friends to her husband in reality, and a very loving couple to everyone else. They don't love each other, and they're perfectly okay with the fact.

The only speck of hope in her life came in the form of her adopted daughter, just a few years after the life changing incident. While traveling to a location that was protected from Apparating, Evelyn had gotten lost and wound up in a small town in which a tween was being chased to death due to fear, due to being magical. Her parents had died and her powers had revealed themselves on accident very publicly. Evelyn decided to take her in so to save her, out of an unknown urge; she has grown to care for the girl very deeply ever since, even willing to give up her power so to ensure this girl is alright. Perhaps this is a sign of Evelyn not being too far gone.

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