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    Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2'', very hard flexibility
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  1. "Yes. She has very good friends." Or a very protective family, depending on who was asked - even if not expressed publicly, Evelyn had a secret hand at vetting her daughter's friends. She didn't want her child to be hurt by people who cared little for anything but themselves, and that was why she was more than okay with the girl being so close to Amber in the first place - if there was someone who lived with her heart on her sleeve and would die for Alyona, it was her. The pair made their way to the stands. Jo had chosen one in particular that seemed to sell tea. Who was Evelyn to ever doubt a Dhampir's nose? "Well, it's been, what's the word... hectic? As I'm sure you know." It was starting to get under the blonde's skin, even if she didn't want to admit it - it had been well over half a year since the Auror Force had been turned upside down and they were still scrambling to make sense of things. It also threw a wrench into her ascension up the career ladder; but, if anything, if she were to catch a certain person herself, she'd be guaranteed a promotion or three. As she received some tea from the stand's employee upon request and paid for the beverage, she watched Jo pour herself some beer with amusement etched upon her face. "I thought it was meant to be a healthy event." She couldn't resist the jab, but the smile on her lips indicated she was merely joking. "Or are you making fun of the rest of us by stating you can afford to drink that on top of your fitness?"
  2. Evelyn was fairly certain she was starting to hold some resentment towards the resident professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts - they had the gall of requesting her to perform a substitute lecture for the second time in a single year, having little to no regard as to the Auror's busy schedule. Her outer persona demanded she'd take on the task with a smile and a kind word, yet the negative feelings were bubbling under the surface ever since; at least, they had given her the outline of the class that time, instead of having her fly blind. Boggarts. It was meant to be a pure review class as the exams were just around the corner - its intricacies were always a common matter in SPIDERs and STINGRAYs, and a refresher of a third year matter wouldn't hurt too much. If anything, it'd serve to ease the students back into class after the break, rather than hitting them over the head with a hardcover book. However the half-Veela wasn't too keen on part of the preparation for the class: she had to get into its container herself, which meant facing it. It wasn't a problem for her to do so, as she knew how to defeat one without batting an eye, but she still didn't want to see the image of her dead daughter hovering the ground under her again anytime soon. She wrote the key word of the day on the board just as the bell rang out for students to shuffle into their respective classrooms - the rest of the room had been arranged previously, much like the last time, as she made the desks and chairs sit upon either side of the classroom in clusters so to free up the middle of the room, in which stood the container. Once she was done, she turned around and moved to lean backwards onto her desk, almost sitting on it as she surveyed the scene before her. "Good day, everyone. As I'm sure you've noticed, your Professor couldn't be present today." 'Again.' "And as such, You have to deal with me a second time. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience." She let the various students get their bearings before continuing, momentarily glancing over at the word 'BOGGARTS' inscribed in big letters on the board. "This will be a quick and easy review class, I assure you. In any case, let's get started. What is a Boggart? What does it do, and how do you defeat it? What do you all know about them? Let me remind you that this very subject will be covered in your exams at length, so, even if it's a review class, let's take the matter seriously, shall we?"
  3. Evelyn's smile widened as the little joke was batted back her way, playing it all up as her eyebrow raised suggestively for just a moment. As Jo made her way down, the blonde looked around to see if anyone's eyes were on them; with a little Legilimency to ensure there were no Muggles present, Evelyn tossed the little rock in her hand upwards after catching it, and after a wave frontwards of her finger, the platform flew back to where it once had been and latched itself back on the wall, as if it had never fallen to begin with. "If they serve tea around here, I'll very much take you up on your offer, thank you. At least they should, it's not exactly known to be harmful..." Nothing too sugary would do; she didn't want to, however, repeat the mistake that was consuming bubble tea at the behest of her younger family members. Fruit juice was also a possibility, she figured, but it didn't hold a candle to the beverage of the Gods in her opinion. "But to answer your question, that would be 'family activity', as you put it." She glanced over towards her daughter, whom was playing around in the jungle gym along with her friends and family. "Alyona wanted to meet with some friends and I brought her over, but you stole my attention. Quite the performance you were putting there." She spoke while finally directing her gaze back at the Dhampir. It didn't hurt to flatter, after all. "By all means, lead the way."
  4. It was rare when Evelyn was let go of work so early - a blessing, if anything, given the absolute disarray the Auror department had been in for the past several months. She was determined to enjoy the afternoon off and made her way home to kick relaxation off with a nice cup of warm tea; her plans were thwarted as she saw her daughter ready to head out the door, having scheduled to meet with a few friends over the 'Just Do It June!' initiative running through the little town. It was something she thought the girl should most definitely do, and she offered to walk her to the Narrie Lakes - any extra moments spent with her daughter were moments well spent. The walk had been a bit too slow for her liking. The chilly weather was biting at her skin, something the half-Veela didn't particularly enjoy. While she had initially thought of just Apparating to the location, as she usually did, Evelyn felt like it would be counterproductive to shirk a long walk given the theme of the month; she walked her daughter all the way to the adult jungle gym installed upon the premises, and felt an inner sense of relief when noticing Amber was a part of that meeting. If there was anyone she could entrust her daughter with, it was her, in a roundabout way; even if she was a particularly boisterous individual, she was family, and Evelyn knew she'd do anything to keep Alyona safe if push came to shove. Bidding farewell to the small group, the blonde decided to take a gander at the various activities spread out around her immediate vicinity. It was impossible not to get her attention stolen by the gigantic structure placed near the water, and hazel eyes idly followed its walls upwards to their peak. Closer to the sun was a thing she'd like to be. Perhaps she should give the challenge a shot? She didn't think she'd have much difficulty with it in the first place. As she approached the wall, she noticed an individual had started taking on the challenge by herself; a particularly familiar one at that. "Would you say that if you jumped off the top, you'd make it down in one piece?" She announced her presence with a little joke, an amused smile splaying across her lips as she watched the fellow Auror make her way up. Jumping off the top in such a manner would likely be a very bad idea for potential Muggle onlookers, but who was Evelyn not to at least entertain such an idea? As she spoke, she saw one of the small rocks fall off the wall, broken off its base with the strength Jo had put it under. She caught it without much difficulty, bouncing it upwards off her palm a few times afterwards. She couldn't help but find the situation highly humorous.
  5. I don't understand why people refer to me as such a teas. It's called being friendly!

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      Keira Hammond

      Oh god. I don't think I can handle two days of this in a row...

    2. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Guiltea as charged! Though, you look like you need some more positivitea in your life, Miss Hammond.

  6. Some people in this world are just so pu'erh...

    1. Keira Hammond

      Keira Hammond

      And you're not one of them.

    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Keira Hammond Leave her be, Keira, I suspect that one's been brewing for a long time.

    3. Keira Hammond
  7. What a pity. I've spent the whole afternoon trying to think up of some sort of koalatea pun for you all but I couldn't think of anything. My apologies.

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      I'm starting to regret getting this thing...

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      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      That's unfortunate, but I'd argue leaving doesn't suit you. Perhaps bags...?

    4. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Okay, okay, that was enough, I have to get back to work.

  8. A few more reports of unsanctioned duels around the area... I really don't understand, can't we all just get oolong?

  9. Last night's fundraising event turned out to be quite tearrific, if I do say so myself.

  10. @Tecri @Andrea Riverpond Fire and ice, or so it seemed. What an interesting little dynamic - the pair was at complete opposite sides of the spectrum when it came such a thing, yet sparks flew between them. Could it be considered a simple case of opposites attracting? The thought amused Evelyn, but she was quickly brought out of such a line of thinking when Andrea decided to pursue her in a more flirtatious manner, much to the blonde's surprise. "You bring up a valid point." She commented as she finished her drink, glancing over at the three quarters full pitcher sitting upon a surface near the two. It seemed the beverage wasn't nearly enough to appease the Professor's apparent thirst and more drastic measures had to be taken. Had the mild tease earlier worked so well that she unwittingly made her friend desire that type of fun? And at the end of the day, who was she to say no? Her gaze followed Andrea's to the windows of her office. She'd have to permeate the room with a muting spell, lock the window from the inside, and obscure it from view... Nothing the two couldn't handle in the blink of an eye. "In that case, lead the way."
  11. @Tecri @Andrea Riverpond A knowing smile spread across Evelyn's lips as her little tease had its intended outcome, but she opted not to pursue it further. Given their current situation and how many people were just a few heads below them, they could never be too safe on what could potentially be picked up by wandering ears. "I suppose it's just in the nature of my species." The blonde decided to take the ball to her own court to keep conversation going smoothly. "I'm very fond of heat, and I'm pyrokinetic. I've set my hand on fire before and I didn't get burned." Holding out her free hand away from the other so not to melt the ice left in the glass it was holding, she glanced over at it as fire seemingly formed out of thin air, enveloping it, flames licking the skin without leaving so much of a mark. "Like so." And just like that, it was gone. "Heated places or situations, it's what I feel at home with."
  12. @Tecri @Andrea Riverpond Cold was something Evelyn had never appreciated. She was a creature of heat, fire, and blistering temperatures. The cold made her somewhat comfortable as it presented herself, but it was perhaps for the best the fact that she had a superb amount of control over her own posture and face - she didn't show it one bit, pleasant smile spread across her lips as always as she lied through her teeth. "It's quite alright." A small sacrifice to make for her friend. It was the curse of the Veela heritage; she could only see herself as lucky to be born in Australia, rather than someplace like Norway. "I take it you're feeling better, my friend. Although, this is quite surprising. I pegged you for being the kind that liked things to get quite heated." She joked, a callback to a few less than proper activities shared by the two as soon as the night before.
  13. "Perhaps you should." Said Evelyn as the lovely meal progressively disappeared from her plate. It briefly occurred to her that she was eating too fast (despite impeccable composure), but at that point she couldn't care any less for it - they had both waited more than long enough. It was rare when the blonde got impatient at her very own brand of teasing; but, as fate would have it, the mere touch of their legs was enough to send her mind into disarray. Had she been overworking herself that hard? For a workaholic such as herself, it was quite jarring to notice her body had its limits. "I aim to please, you see." She continued just before finishing lunch, finally allowing her gaze to fixate on the Professor's. Legilimency allowed her to read Andrea's mind on what such 'suggestions' could possibly be, but for once, she shut the spell down. The surprise always served for a good portion of the excitement, after all.
  14. @Tecri @Andrea Riverpond "Well, regardless of any potential idea, mine or yours, your comfort comes first." The blonde spoke prior to taking a sip of her beverage, and shifting her body slightly to face Andrea, as well as maintain an open field of vision of the party happening downstairs. She watched as her two cousins darted out of the water and started to play a game of tag with each other, diving back into the pool on occasion. While Amber had the advantage on solid ground, Samantha's affinity with water gave her the edge in swimming. "I'm sure we can cool ourselves down without bothering anybody else. Perhaps some sort of spell on the balcony?" Evelyn suggested, not wanting Andrea to have a heatstroke in case she was particularly vulnerable to the unforgiving sun.
  15. Evelyn could easily make the assumption that Andrea had studied for some sort of teaching degree, without even peeking into her mind; but given that she had been there at the same time as her shorter friend as well back in the day, it was more than obvious that there had been far more to it than that. Evelyn's time in college had been somewhat shorter than average due to the type of employment she was pursuing, which was why the two had lost contact. 'Truth be told, I don't remember actually asking her what she was majoring in...' Pupils dilated as she felt what she deemed pleasant contact pushing against her own leg after the successful attempt of starting a little game of footsie under that dinner table. The effect it had was a bit jarring - she hadn't expected the desire to grow exponentially, but perhaps that was merely an effect of having focused on work for so long. Nevertheless, she kept a straight face, the only indicator of approval being her own foot continuing to rub against the woman's calf. "It depends. If I'm on my own, I normally read a book. If I'm with company as pleasant as yourself, however, I give myself permission to be more creative." She discreetly hastened the consumption of her meal. The sooner that appetizer was done with, the sooner she could get to the main course. "Although, I appreciate any input you may have. You could say I enjoy trying new things."
Evelyn Greta McCarthy-Parsons
Corrupt Auror, Socialite 0
28 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age:  28
Date of Birth: August 14th, 1990
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Corrupt Auror, Socialite
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Goshawk - she hates it
Wand: Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2'', very hard flexibility
Play-by: Dianna Agron
  • 1st to 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Auror Training Degree in VMU
  • While not exactly a secret to those who caught her in her early school years, she is very short sighted and had to wear rather thick glasses as a result. During her 'change', she decided to wear contacts instead;
  • Corrupt: you scratch her back, she scratches yours;
  • Planning to attain a high position, aiming for Minister of Magic ultimately. If she doesn't actually reach it in her lifetime, she will probably get close;
  • She absolutely loathes her middle name, chosen by her father, because it's 'too pedestrian' in her eyes;
  • Incapable of bearing her own children;
  • Killed her father in self-defense but decided to cover it up as a robbery casualty for the sake of giving her name a boost in the wizarding world (and oh boy, did it work);
  • She cannot sing, at all. It's sad to watch;
  •  Contrary to popular belief, her true specialties are Occlumency, Legilimency, memory charms and the Dark Arts, which she practiced in secret all her life;
  • She has a hard time processing the fact the deep motherly love she holds for her adopted daughter might actually mean her own soul isn't beyond saving;
  • Has a terrible orientation sense. If she has to go somewhere, she either has to know where it is to begin with or someone has to take her there, or else things end up going very wrong. It's hard for her to actually admit this, as it makes her feel quite pathetic;
  • Apparates absolutely everywhere unless impossible to (or within walking distance). While that is not a secret in itself, the reasoning behind it is - she has a penchant for taking unnecessary risks physically, and loves the adrenaline that comes with the notion that she might be splinching herself if she's not careful;
  • Her whole actual personality, really;
  • Her marriage is a sham strictly for political gain;
  • A number of both long time affairs and one night stands, either for fun or information (even though her husband is entirely aware of this and it's mutual);
  • Deep seated fear of powerlessness, it being by far the biggest reason to her every action and thought;
  • Clinically depressed and takes medication for it;
  • Has Autophobia - the phobia of abandonment. This makes her covertly obsessed with ensuring the people close to her stay close and never are inclined to either leave the general area or eliminate their bonds;
  • Unconscious hatred of any being with wings/able to fly, especially birds (which is very ironic, considering her ancestry), and this includes her very own Patronus;
  • Victim of physical abuse and neglect from early childhood until her father's death;
  • Is a tremendous lightweight when it comes to alcohol;
  • Has experienced the Cruciatus Curse numerous times in her life, courtesy of her late father;
  • Said late father became a monster when his wife passed on, but she insists on portraying him publicly in a good light;
  • Takes great pleasure with the knowledge that her paternal family’s bloodline will die off with her… Or so she thinks.
General Knowledge
  • Half-Veela and important figure in the fight against the discrimination of halfbreeds;
  • Her wand's wood is associated with nobility and a heroic death, which helped people rally behind her when her father passed (something she finds deeply ironic);
  • Comically obsessed with tea;
  • Turns, twists and plays with her wedding ring unconsciously as a nerves/stress/pressure habit;
  • Pyrokinetic;
  • Ambidextrous;
  • While she travels a lot pretty much everywhere, the McCarthy's manor was relocated from Melbourne to Narrie around twenty years ago and that's her home still;
  • Extremely competent Auror, and as such, she's someone not to be trifled with in any way;
  • Formerly a part of Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Happily married and very proud of her adopted child;
  • Became an Auror so to finally catch whoever killed her father;
  • Given her flirting habits, whilst harmless, it's widely rumored that she swings both ways;
  • Sometimes gives lectures in schools about a variety of subjects - especially Tally, where her daughter is;
  • While an abnormally impeccable and powerful wizard all around, she specializes in DADA;
  • Said to have a very bright future within the Ministry of Magic ahead of her, with some even speculating she can potentially become the next Head of Magical Law Enforcement later in life;
  • Was actually a Sturt in Tally;
  • Doesn't drink, even in social events;
  • A people person through and through, she seems to help people whenever she can.

Cold, calculating, manipulative, power-hungry, sadistic, obsessive, vindictive. Almost anyone would laugh at the thought of those adjectives being used to describe Evelyn; little do they know that it is nothing but the truth.

Her presentation paints a very pretty picture - a youthful, well-mannered, friendly Auror whom seems to befriend everyone with her charming smile, an easygoing laugh, understanding and caring behavior, and harmless teasing quips. It's rare to witness her going for too long without making a tasteful joke, even if a situation is serious, just to amuse herself and others. She is quite often successful in this endeavor. She's also the embodiment of serenity, with very few things seemingly fazing her on a daily basis.

A natural born leader, Evelyn is very charismatic and finds it easy to rally people to her cause or to contain a given situation. She is able to keep herself composed when unexpected things happen, and she has a knack to twisting situations into a way they'd benefit her the most. Despite her need for self preservation, however, she doesn't seem to have much of a habit of leaving behind those whom contribute to her in any way unless they blatantly betray her.

She is very much a wordsmith, tactful and cautious about every word that leaves her mouth. It comes across as concern for others, but it's more out of concern of what can be used against herself. She makes sure to be on everyone's good side, make them relaxed and off guard around her. It certainly makes them more malleable, more likely to impart information, and if all else fails, more susceptible to Legilimency.

She is, in truth, someone who's become everything she once detested and every bit her father's daughter. She is out for herself and her immediate family, perceiving everyone else caught in the blast a casualty she has no business concerning herself over. The world's motto is 'survival of the fittest' and she's making sure she stays at the top of the food chain.

Her core was shaken by fear for very many years, and that fear shaped her to become what she is today. She feared her father and his torture, which caused her massive problems early in life; as she grew up, she grew enough confidence to defend herself, to the point she accidentally killed him. The fear of someone became the fear of powerlessness, and she erroneously perceives as becoming stronger for overcoming him, when she became weaker; even broken.

This fear spurred on a very sudden change to her personality - the second brutal change in a row. While she retained most of her first change in a social manner - friendliness, flirtatiousness, and so on -, the person borne out of overpowering fear became deeply distrusting of others, obsessed with being in a position where she wouldn't be hurt again. Power for the sake of power, with no true direction. Her darker tendencies manifested and she closed herself off completely from everyone save for a few. Manipulation and deception became the words of the day, all behind a friendly smile. Sadism came to life as a means to take out the suffering she endured for so long on others. Coldness came as a lame justification to self hatred, as people are only tools and life has little value.

But maybe, just maybe, she's not beyond saving.


True to her Veela ancestry, Evelyn certainly turns a lot of heads - some say she greatly resembles her late mother with her mildly wavy golden hair, deep hazel eyes and smooth skin, almost as if she was fully Veela herself. Her often modest wear hides a fit and lean frame, although she isn't at all afraid to show a little bit of skin if the situation calls for it. Her expression is perpetually jovial and her demeanor very calming and tastefully playful, and very few ever caught her with anything but an amused smile on her face. She stands at 168 cm.

While she lets her hair loose more often than not outdoors, at home she actually prefers to wear her shoulder length hair on a ponytail or a bun, a small detail privy only to her family. She seems to have a taste for fashion despite her modesty, and consequently she's always well dressed. Her inheritance certainly helps with that.


Evelyn was born in a pureblood household, daughter of Seth Alfred McCarthy, a very prominent and powerful Ministry figure. Her mother was his wife, an unnamed Veela woman whom passed away during childbirth. She is left unnamed because Seth never told Evelyn anything about her, and instructed his house elves to do the same out of a sick, sadistic sense of revenge.

She was blamed for her mother's passing by a mentally unstable father, and lived as the remembrance of what she had taken away ever since - and certainly was treated in such a manner. As she got into elementary school age, that sadism morphed into the occasional employment of the Cruciatus curse. In moderation, of course - wouldn't want the girl to get too damaged to continue this little game.

The house elves were sworn to secrecy, and Evelyn grew too scared of her father - if she didn't tell anyone, perhaps she wouldn't set him off even more. She was a very quiet child, keeping to herself and her books, studying magic on her own. As the sadistic behaviors escalated, her father decided to move to a slightly more isolated town - Narrie - so he could continue his deeds unpunished. This, however, provided her with the opportunity to attend the local dojo. Her father had the presence of mind of making it seem like Evelyn had a normal life, and knew she had to look the part - he didn't think too much about enrolling her once she requested it.

Her activities in Hapkido and Krav Maga, as well as the friendliness of people she met at school as a Sturt, both combined to make her feel more confident about herself slowly over time. As the years went by, she started showing that confidence more and more - she grew an excellent sense of humor, made many friends, became flirty, took excellent care of her looks and wear, and near the end of her academic life she seemed very far removed from what a Sturt should embody.

Of course, this also meant she came to resemble her mother too much. At home, things got worse - her father started to beat her up physically rather than just settling for watching her squirm, needing to take out the violent anger bubbling inside from watching the woman that took the love of his life away also take away her looks and personality. It all came to a head when one time, near the end of her last school year, she accidentally killed Seth in self defense.

At first, she was shocked - not that he died, but that she killed someone. But then, she realized she didn't feel particularly bad about it, such was the hatred she harbored for the man. Able to keep her cool due to lack of attachment, she eventually came to a conclusion: if she was to come out and claim her father abused her, her name would be devalued and she would be looked at with pity for the rest of her life. If she made it look like a robbery, she could turn it into a redemption story that kept the name strong going forward.

And so she did. Shedding away as much evidence as she could, she made sure to change the elves' memories before she reported the incident. When questioned, she employed her incredible Occlumens skill as her defense. It all went very smoothly and the people whom knew her rallied behind her, wanting her to succeed. It was her first taste of manipulation, and she rather liked it.

It was all downhill from there as she descended further and further into these mannerisms and behaviors as time went by. Her excellence in magic made it so she was actually a candidate for Auror training, which she aced - she became a full-fledged Auror as soon as she was able, and made sure her competence was always on display just so to allow herself an easier climb up the career ladder later down the line. She arranged her marriage to someone whom had the same intentions, and whom also had reasons to keep themselves hidden. She became a close friends to her husband in reality, and a very loving couple to everyone else. They don't love each other, and they're perfectly okay with the fact.

The only speck of hope in her life came in the form of her adopted daughter, just a few years after the life changing incident. While traveling to a location that was protected from Apparating, Evelyn had gotten lost and wound up in a small town in which a tween was being chased to death due to fear, due to being magical. Her parents had died and her powers had revealed themselves on accident very publicly. Evelyn decided to take her in so to save her, out of an unknown urge; she has grown to care for the girl very deeply ever since, even willing to give up her power so to ensure this girl is alright. Perhaps this is a sign of Evelyn not being too far gone.

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