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    Jamie Devin Collins
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    Austin Theory

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  1. "Didn't expect any less, though kudos on you for handling the pressure. That's a heavy lineage you're carrying, and I'm not even talking about myself." Toriya had been a concurrent Seeker alongside him, and they both were National Team players at that stage, each for their own countries of origin; and before him there was Olivia herself, whom had been very competent and led them to a myriad of victories. That wasn't even touching on the several Bourkes that now populated the Australian League, and even gone abroad to greener pastures. "Actually, I'll do you one better. Come watch a training session in the Outback sometime. I've been meaning to ask Olivia to come for old time's sake, so maybe you can both go?" Jamie suggested. They weren't in any competition at that time, and thus it wouldn't hurt to have visitors; perhaps, they could even join.
  2. The hand on Jamie's shoulder was enough to snap him back into focus and glance over at Olivia once again, and he couldn't help but smile just a bit with the comforting words. That was correct. No matter what happened, he'd still have his family, and his friends - those that remained, anyway. He could count on them to help out. He didn't necessarily like the idea, but it was certainly reassuring. "I think you can help, but it's somewhat unrelated to this." He finally replied. "Would you be against visiting more often? Everybody's at that stage of moving on with their lives and I'm kind of always here, by myself. Having a friend around would make me feel a bit better, I think." He finally took his own beverage with a cup, and after a light air cheering motion, he took a sip. "If that's okay, of course. I'd do the visiting, but..." Embarrassing. He never took his Apparition License. A bit odd for someone who practically traveled for a living. "...But, I'm not cleared to Apparate, so... Unless you side-along Apparate me elsewhere, I'm kinda stuck here."
  3. The smile was infectious and Jamie couldn't help but break out a grin of his own. It was quite refreshing to see someone who respected him for his work, rather than anything else. The name wasn't strange to him, truth be told, but unfortunately he couldn't quite place her face, even with the explanation. But at that point it was something he surely wouldn't forget - she was the Captain, after all. That wasn't something to be taken lightly in any way. "A little bird told me about you." He joked, leaning back on Olivia's desk as he spoke, palms comfortably resting against its edge. "Captain of the Bourke Quidditch Team, aren't you? With someone taking it so seriously, might be a good excuse as any for me to keep an eye out for games. They're bound to be good." They did need a new chaser. He knew there were people interested in signing Tyson McKennis, but was it such a bad idea to get someone who showed promise straight out of school? He might as well do some scouting work for the crew.
  4. Jamie couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head at Olivia's concern. He wished he could take it easier indeed, but ultimately it was the coach's call. They had to train under extreme pressure and weather conditions for the sake of the World Cup the year before; but now that the competition had come and gone, that same coach had decided to keep up with the brutal training in hopes Australia would eventually have a better showing in 2022. Not that they had a bad performance before, of course. He wanted to ask Olivia to go watch a train session sometime, as it had been her playing field once before as well; instead, he found it that he wasn't able to dodge the line of questioning regarding his PR. He sighed to himself, gaze returning to his mocktail as he leaned back on the booth. "Well, y'know. It's... uncomfortable." He admitted in a lower tone, as if he had trouble facing that reality. "But... Like I said, it's a 'you gotta do what you gotta do' situation. I'm just hanging in there and hoping I can make it blow over soon enough." He didn't know how 'soon' was this soon he spoke of. How long would it take until he was satisfied with his family's financial security?
  5. It only took him a moment of recovery before tossing the candy into his mouth again. That time he was successful, point blank range notwithstanding. 'Sweet! Literally.' Jamie's chuckle was cut short by the voice of someone standing at the doorway, prompting him to finally glance at the location he was supposed to be paying attention to in the first place. "Oh, hey. Yeah." He nodded, taking a mental note that this girl seemed to be in her older teens, and noticed her uniform reflected the Bourke House's colors. "Ah, I see. You must be Aspen Clarke, right? Nice to meet you." He recalled Olivia referencing the girl directly. He smiled at Aspen and got off the table, offering a handshake.
  6. Olivia had gone and traveled all over the world, it seemed. Such a missed opportunity - Jamie had done it himself for work last year over training for and performing in the 2018 Quidditch World Cup. They could've easily met in at least one of those locations, but it wasn't meant to be. No matter, she was there now, and she was doomed because Jamie was gearing himself to hog all her time - at least, for that late afternoon. The conversations quickly shifted towards his friend hinting towards something he wasn't overly proud of, even embarrassed; definitely not a topic he liked broaching. "Just... Training nonstop, you know? You gotta do what you gotta do, 'n all that." He gave a light shrug of his shoulders, trying to shove the less than pristine PR under the rug if he could. "Though from the sound of it your life's way more interesting than mine, you've been all over the place."
  7. According to Olivia, there was some sort of fan of his life's work in Tallygarunga that she'd like him to meet. He wasn't sure why she wanted to give that girl such a kindness - anyone wanting to go pro would pay attention to the rosters and games of the league and national team - but nonetheless Jamie agreed to it. It wasn't one of those crazed fans that his management was so fond of spawning, from what he could gather; he'd take a respite like that over some lame photo op or autograph signing any day. Plus, it was Sunday. There was no training to be had. He stood in his friend's office in Tallygarunga, waiting for the girl to be brought in. He was told beforehand that he could help himself to some candy resting within one of the top drawers; it took him a couple tries to find the right one, and once he did, he took out a small wrapped candy. Leaning on his friend's desk and looking out the window, he nimbly discarded the wrapping of the candy and placed it in the nearby trash bin. "Been a while since I've tried this..." He muttered to himself as he eyed the piece of candy. Not hearing the door nearby opening, he flicked the candy into the air, aiming his head under it to try and catch it with his mouth; it hit him square on the forehead instead. As the candy slid down his face he managed to catch it, using the other hand to rub the little sore spot the projectile had left on his skin. "Ow..." He could almost hear his sister pointing and laughing at him for that little mishap.
  8. The man nearly jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder - Jamie wasn't the most jumpy of individuals per se, but he had just been that out of it at the time. He looked to his side to spot a very familiar face, one that he hadn't seen in quite a while. As if on cue, a grin formed from ear to ear. Olivia hadn't been one of the people he had hoped to make their entry to keep him from boredom that night, but was certainly the most welcome one. It cheered him up enough that he didn't tell her to keep quiet over Quidditch in the Muggle bar, instead choosing to scoot away just enough to let her sit down. "That's a light way of putting it. How have you been?" She didn't need to deal with his general moodiness of the day. "Hell, where have you been, even. I haven't seen you around here in ages. Was starting to think something happened to you." Shame on him, in that case - he never actually went out to try and see what had happened. For someone who had so much trouble with people leaving, that was a glaring flaw in his track record.
  9. Jamie wasn't sure why he had bothered to go to The Tipsy Mozzie that day. His body was sore from a double training day. Toriya and Ana weren't really available to meet, Shane was out working, and he was fairly certain Alex was spending her time with Cole - it had been the standard for the past several weeks. The young adult sat at his usual booth, ruminating over a cucumber-mint limeade he had ordered, turning the cup around atop the table without really consuming the beverage. Everyone was moving on with their lives, and he was stuck in a rut. Resting his chin on an open palm, he let his gaze get lost in the adorned liquid. He really hoped at least his sister would show up regardless. He wasn't dealing with the separation well, even if everyone was practically at a hair's distance of each other; but they were all so busy that he barely talked to anyone anymore. It could also be a sign that he needed new friends, which wasn't an idea he was particularly fond of.
  10. Training during a storm at 3 AM suddenly sounds much more doable than training under broad 42 ºC daylight. Kill me.

  11. Oh, a snowstorm. Jamie had the feeling Viktoriya hadn't been the first person to suggest such a thing, but he couldn't quite recall who had said it before. Regardless, he was glad it wasn't that popular a thought or else his coach would grab it and run with it. He loved Quidditch to hell and back, but he wasn't sure if he could withstand that kind of punishment. It looked like he was in for a big scolding, like he had predicted. Deja vu. He lowered his head, gaze cast at his knees as Toriya let him have it. He didn't know why he had hoped to keep it a secret from the former teammate. There was no way he could, and it was time to bite the bullet before he needlessly infuriated - he hated confrontation. He closed his eyes at the final question and sighed out before responding. "...Overcompensating?" He offered, opening his eyes once more to look at one of his favorite short stacks. "I just..." He looked away for a moment, biting his lip. It was hard to put it into words. "...We had a bunch of crap happen to us over money, y'know? Mom's sacrificed a lot to get me 'n Alex to where we are today. A couple years of this in return won't kill me." Just enough to make the family be well off. After that he could distance himself from PR, hopefully.
  12. Breaking news! Energizer Bunny arrested - charged with battery.
  13. Hey man, can you drop by real quick?

    I gotta run and your girl is bolted to her desk chair and determined to work to death and I've already been cursed out for trying to get her to live a little. She's not been sleeping too much and doesn't really go out anymore, or even eat properly, and I need someone to knock some sense into her.

    I'll leave the door unlocked in case you drop by since she won't hear a damn thing from her bedroom, anti-sound charm and all.

    Sorry for the impossible task mate, cheers.

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      My. . . Girl? I have no idea what you're getting at there, man. But I have noticed she'd been going a bit crazy there. She hasn't been showing up to much. I'll try to get her out and some fresh air but I don't think I'm Hercules strong for that. 

      I'll think of something, swing by after I handle some stuff.

  14. Of course his rest day also had to be the roughest of the week. After collapsing at home at around 3 AM from the extreme training session he had endured, Jamie was woken up just a few hours later by a close friend and she nearly yelled his ear off during an extended discussion. After that, he had to clean the whole house since his sister had neglected to. When he was about to sleep, a frantic manager blew up his phone to demand why he had been spotted with a girl down at the park. It took him at least ten tries to get across the point of that girl being his sister, and so he wasn't in a breach of contract. That call had taken a solid 30 minutes. At some point he just figured he wasn't getting any sleep anyway, so he decided to watch a movie and make some lunch. Noticing Alex wasn't coming home and wasn't responding to texts, he got mildly concerned and decided to visit their usual bar to see if she was hiding out there. Bingo. As he walked into his best friend's bar, he spotted his target seemingly out of it at their usual booth. She was hunched over the wooden table, face hidden in her arms as she apparently dozed off. There was an orange juice filled glass near her - and what an odd choice it was - that she hadn't touched. He slid into the booth and sat down in front of her, which elicited an unintelligible groan for a greeting. "You didn't even bother coming home yesterday, did you?" He got a mild shake of the head as a response. After watching her for several seconds, he decided to take her beverage and sip it himself. Her head shot up in protest, revealing a copy of 'Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team' opened where her head once was. "Hey! I was gonna drink that..." Even so, the usual spunk that accompanied Alex's attitude was mostly absent, and she didn't complain much further. Jamie, on the other hand, visibly winced upon seeing her face. "What happened to you?" He spoke as he saw the bags under her eyes and the utter and complete exhaustion full on display in his twin sister's face. "You bombed your exam, didn't you?" He asked as her face landed once again on the book she was supposed to be studying. As it did so with a light thud, she raised one of her hands just enough to show him her middle finger. That got a good chuckle out of him, and he used his free hand to grasp hers and bring it back down to the table, mildly surprised at how quickly she gave that one up as well. "Oh, man. I needed that." It was astonishing how Alex always managed to bring his spirits up, whether from hanging out together or at her own expense. "...Not fair..." He heard a muffled mumble and shook his head, trying to contain his laughter to sip some more of the precious orange juice.
  15. Yo, why didn't you leave pancakes ready before you left?

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      ...That was nearly a month ago...

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Oomph. Savage.

Jamie Devin Collins
Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine 0
22 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age:  22
Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: He/Him
Patronus: Fox
Wand: English oak, unicorn hair, rigid flexibility, 9''
Play-by: Austin Theory

1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • He actually detests being a 'living merch machine';
  • Sometimes gets the urge to just leave and travel the world, but would never do it because of what happened with his father;
  • Is pansexual, but is scared team management won't like knowing that;
  • Sometimes goes around town wearing his hoodie to avoid being recognized;
  • Cannot Apparate to save his life;
  • Has a needle phobia;
  • Despite his ladies man persona, he hasn't actually dated anyone in his life.
General Knowledge
  • One of the few people around whom actually owns a Firebolt;
  • Has a thing for bodybuilding, although not on a competition level;
  • Living with his twin sister in Melbourne, but goes to Narrie very frequently;
  • Doesn't seem to have too many actual friends, even within the team;
  • His Quidditch style makes it seem like he has a death wish.

Contrary to popular belief, Jamie isn't an irredeemable ladies man with a smack talking mean streak - that's just to sell merchandise, and it works. While he is playful and a bit of a jokester around his friends, he's actually a somewhat shy and quiet man around everybody else whom keeps to himself.

While easy to befriend, it actually takes a very long time to earn his trust due to past events in his life. He's not as bad as his sister in that endeavor, certainly, but one could argue he's not too far behind. That lack of trust also created a very closed off family mentality, meaning he tends to care for himself and them first, and everyone else comes after. He's sometimes mistaken as selfish for that.

He doesn't really like making enemies, able to keep his cool in most hostile situations, although saying the right couple things will make him snap and swing his fists at the provoker. He's particularly touchy whenever someone references his father in any way.

Jamie is very much a thrill seeker, and his dangerous (yet effective) tactics while playing Quidditch are a testament to that, and part of what he's known for. The adrenaline makes him feel like his survival matters, in sharp contrast to how he felt when his father left.

He's very private and resents the type of life his fame brought him, but his unwavering loyalty to his mother keeps him from throwing it all away and makes him give it his best. He's also very idealistic and a romantic, but he rarely gets to display those views at all due to his fractured upbringing and its consequences.


Jamie is 185 cm tall, just above average for the country. His body is very athletic, muscular and well built from working out constantly for fun. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, much like his twin sister. His hair is somewhat short and always parted to the right, with the left side mostly shaved. He tends to keep a stubble, and grows a chin patch every now and then.


Jamie Devin and Alex Melody were born to a pureblood mother and a muggle father in Melbourne, Australia. Their mother had fallen madly in love with a cartoonist whom lived in the area, and wound up moving from Narrie to Melbourne because of it, leaving the rest of the family behind. It so happened that Jamie was born a wizard, and Alex a squib.

Their early childhood was fairly uneventful. His mother homeschooled him for the basics of wizardry rather than shipping him off to school so soon, while their father focused on Alex and her talent for gymnastics. All seemed well and good in their upbringing until the point when they were around eight years old - their father just decided to leave without so much of an explanation, breaking everyone to varying extremes.

Jamie thinks he got the least of it - he wasn't the man's lover, and Alex was far more attached to him. This was displayed over the course of their lifetimes, as Jamie managed to keep himself somewhat grounded while Alex rebelled and treaded the line between stupid and dangerous many times.

The family soon fell on hard times financially. They decided to send Jamie to Tally because it was a public school, and because his uncle's family lived nearby. His uncle became a father figure as he grew up attending that school, and his father's departure never had much time to set in and take over his mind in the first place.

Eventually the rest of the family moved back to Narrie - they hadn't sold their house and they needed support from the uncle's family, whom was glad to provide it. Alex had grown somewhat distant despite still befriending Jamie, perhaps out of jealousy for his powers and isolation. Despite all the issues between them, however, they remained the best of friends.

Jamie quickly figured out he wasn't cut out for academic work, having an extraordinarily hard time to keep up with anything that involved theory - Potions were by far his worst subject, and it threatened to hold him back in his education many times. Instead he excelled in combat magic, charms, and primarily: Quidditch.

Throughout his school career he became a fantastic Seeker for his house, even becoming the Captain of the team at one point. This unnatural talent didn't go unnoticed by Melbourne's local team either - he was recruited straight out of school to play in the big leagues, and his hard work paid off almost immediately.

A side talent was discovered, however - the man was very marketable. Building a bad boy, ladies man, faster than sound type of persona for the public, the team managed to churn out all sorts of merch. The fortune he made out of it made it possible to buy a Firebolt out of his own earnings at a young age, even before he was recruited by the Australian national team.

It's a recent promotion. Now, Jamie must figure out how to prove himself to all the doubters whom think he was handpicked precisely because of his merch selling talents. But he can't help but question the team's intentions himself, sometimes. Does he really belong?

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