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  1. "Can I, really?" Jamie sarcastically replied at the idea of trusting Alex with his fashion choices. That woman had a wild imagination, and knowing her, she'd go to extreme lengths just to make fun of him in any way she thought possible. She'd probably suggest something like wearing cowboy hats or gentlemanly goatees or even playing Quidditch in a full suit to prove how manly he was - and it was quite frightening that she could actually do much worse than whatever he could come up with on the spot. "Hm... How about we install a seat on it and some huge handle bars chopper style? Go full Harley Davidson on the thing. Nothing sexier than a Harley Davidson." It would be a pretty funny look to watch soar through the air, the Squib thought. She wasn't that big a fan of Quidditch at all (specifically when it came to her twin playing), but she could see herself watching that for the hell of it. "Hey, don't touch my Firebolt." Jamie shoved his sister's shoulder lightly, which prompted her to laugh. "Or my hair. Or my outfit. Or anything." "Your self-consciousness is adorable."
  2. "We seriously need to work on your look." Alex spoke, a hint of mischievousness glinting in her eyes as she looked over at her brother. "Don't you think, Cole? He looks too much like a douchebag school boy right now. Maybe a little more beard, and have him let his hair grow a bit on the sides... Would do wonders for your ladies man self, my dear brother." She was a genius! Of course that would rake in even more money. If he was so follically gifted, why not take advantage? It looked like a waste, almost as if the demographic for his PR was just 'high school age females'. The man's ability to appeal across all sorts of demographics was being shamefully ignored. "You're both nuts." The man uttered with exasperation at his family's antics. Biker look? Formal look? He thought he was fine just the way he was. At least his management hadn't gotten oppressive enough to control what he wore, so long as he played his part to a T; but the two seemed more than content in covering that little oversight themselves. "You're welcome, Jamie's Vroom Brooms." Alex joked with a chuckle, taking on the idea Cole had tossed out onto the table. "If you're a celebrity, you gotta look like a million bucks. We'll handle it." A playful wink followed, one Jamie couldn't help but have a very bad feeling over. "...Why are you helping them again...?"
  3. "Oooooh, that's some heavy competition." Alex aided Cole in the little joke as he posed; although, in his defense, as well as the twins, she thought they were all very good looking. It was a bit of a mystery to Alex as to why she had been more successful in collecting stray, honest crushes from various people; it was exceptionally odd that Jamie had never even been out on a date at that. Maybe she should try to twist the arm of some of her contacts for that purpose. Briefly glancing at their cousin, she wondered if the pair could conspire about that behind Jamie's back. "Please, draw the attention away from me. You'd be my savior. I'll even pay you for that." It was quite nice to have such a lighthearted conversation with his family. It had been quite a while. Jamie had been so desperate that he was considering acquiring a property in Narragyambie for the sake of being close to someone, anyone at all. "Though you say that as if I can't pull off the look." "You can't. You're more of a... Formal suit with a naughty smirk kind of dude, if you wanna go all in with the charm." Alex enthused, having seen pictures of him at his last ball in Tallygarunga. "It'd be hilarious though. Guess I know what drawing I'm putting up on the Internet next." "H-Hey!"
  4. Before Jamie could reply to Cole's ideas, Alex had already interjected. "Bullshit, it's for you too. It's been us three against the world for like forever now, so don't gimme that. Go out of your apartment and meet a person or three and that's when we're doing this." While it was Cole's idea for that sort of meeting, it didn't sit well with Alex to watch her best friend sit on the sidelines. He deserved his time on the spotlight too, and she'd be willing to put in the work for him and his friends to have a good time. "...Anyway." Jamie cleared his throat. "I don't think any of that's necessary... This is still a Muggle bar after all. I meant more in the sense of, I get along with a given person, am hanging out with them somewhere outta here and then suddenly boom, photos. That's when it'd bother me." He already had to be particularly careful whenever he was in the company of a woman, almost any woman; not even for a paparazzi concern, but a management concern. They were very trigger happy when it came to the subject. "All the more excuse to stay indoors." His sister chimed in with an eyebrow wiggle, which prompted the Seeker to laugh, having to cover his mouth so not to bother the other patrons.
  5. Jamie shook his head at the idea of wanting to date someone. He didn't really knew anyone who catered to his interests - not that he knew anybody to begin with, but it was hard for him to find that one needle in the haystack that was a mountain of crazed fans following him wherever he went, or such was the curse that the team's managed cast upon him (at least metaphorically, or so he hoped). Unless someone introduced someone else to him, he didn't think he'd feel tempted to bend the rules anytime soon. However, the idea of asking old friends over gave him pause. Olivia had recently gotten in touch with him and would be a very valid candidate for such a thing; but, there was the issue that Alex didn't know she was back, and that girl had a bit of an explosive temper when it came to people vanishing off the face of the earth. Should Jamie let her know their friend was back? Should he try to have them meet up again prior to this event, whenever it would end up being, and hope for the best? Or should he just invite Olivia anyway and watch the spectacular explosion that would certainly soon ensue? "You don't even have classmates you can invite?" Alex asked Cole, placing her drink down on the table and leaning back on the comfortable booth. "I mean, I guess I can introduce you two to a bunch of Muggles, but you'll need some nice excuses when it comes to what the hell you do in your lives. Easier said than done. Especially you." She nudged Jamie with her elbow. "You're famous in your 'wizarding world' and all, but you're a nobody out here. You're gonna have to come up with a good excuse as to why there are cameras following you everywhere." "...On second thought, maybe no Muggles?" The boy gave a nervous smile. He really didn't want to deal with that.
  6. "Who should we invite, though?" Jamie asked aloud, although he was more thinking to himself than anything. The idea of a social gathering was something that very much catered to recent interests - with Alex's, Cole's, Shane's, Toriya's and Ana's sudden disappearances over the past few months to do who knows what, the Seeker had been left to his lonesome and it was a bit jarring to the man. He had never been social himself, having always benefited from other people's social circles. Once they all left, he didn't have much of a clue on how to approach people anymore, and his peculiar situation made it a fairly risky endeavor to even consider. "I could ask some teammates, I guess." He didn't necessarily get along with any of them, but they probably had their own circle of people they'd be interested in bringing, which in turn would make things easier for Jamie in general. "A couple people from back in the day got in touch with me recently too, but I think that's about it. What about you two?" "Friends? What even are those?" Alex joked between sips. "I mean, I can ask former coworkers? I'm not exactly big on 'wizard friends' like you guys are, and I'm gonna go ahead and assume this surprise of yours has some weird magical nature." She motioned her head towards Cole as she spoke. "So it'd probably be a bad idea to bring a Muggle in." At least she had the presence of mind to speak in a bit of a lower tone, knowing they were in what was very much a magic-free area. "Outside of that though, my contacts list is pretty slim. Whaddya got?" She asked her cousin. He was in college. It was likely that he knew more people than the twins combined.
  7. Was AQL what Jamie wanted to do in the long term? Absolutely. His lips pursed in hesitation but he ultimately nodded to his cousin. Before he could expand on it, however, an arm moved in front of him and he leaned back into his booth on reflex - Alex was getting her drink refilled on the spot. He watched as she dove in for another sip almost immediately, and couldn't help but mirror Cole's words in his thoughts. 'It's been that bad, huh...?' He was snapped back into attention by the suggestion of festivities. "Huh? Ask Shane?" He reflexively looked around. There was no Shane in sight, but Jamie seemed uneasy on the thought in the first place. "I'unno. Do you think that'll fly, it's a full day of missed profits in the Robbins' point of view. Then again, I can cover for that, I think..." "Surprise?" Alex perked up, leaning her chin on her hand while glancing at Cole. "What kind of surprise?" "If it's a surprise, he won't be telling you." Jamie stated as a matter of fact, which earned a grumble. After a chuckle, he had an idea himself. "You can always be the one to ask him, you know. He's always listened to you way more than his old pal." A bit of a joking smirk crossed his lips, and he got the reaction he was looking for - a look of disgust in his sister's face. "Go to hell, Jamie." She said, taking a bigger chug out of her glass than she intended. 'Gross...'
  8. Alex gave Cole an annoyed look with the quick clapback, but didn't verbally answer to it; rather, she just took a big chug of her drink instead. She could feel a headache setting in at that point. Why did people have to be so hard to deal with? It only worsened the need to throw herself at work. At least her pages wouldn't nag her about various things, and her wallet would be quite happy with her creative output. 'Unlike some people.' Jamie shook his head at the (fairly disturbing) idea that Cole had put forth - assigning people for the Seeker to day? That was quite warped in his point of view, but he didn't think management would let the notion fly at all - a single, flirty Jamie was worth thirty taken Jamies. Though, an equally chilling thought occurred to him: it could be they considered having him flirt with fellow players. And that would mean he'd have to hit on Viktoriya if they were to ever meet in the Quidditch pitch. The thought alone made something in his stomach revolt, as evidenced by the mildly queasy look on his face. "It's just a temporary thing for me, you know. Just wanna make some money first. I can always go back to AQL when stuff explodes, right?" He suggested. A loud sound of glass clapping down on wood got his attention and he looked at the source, noticing his twin had finished her drink and was signaling to a roaming bartender. "Refill, please!"
  9. Alex watched on with skepticism as Cole voiced his decision to pursue both things. "Well, you just lost yourself the right to get in my face about me working too much." She declared, pointing out the hypocrisy in his choice - she'd very much prefer if Cole took his time and didn't do the same stupid mistakes she had done. She had very little in the way of a social life anymore, was stressing out over finding work, and had to drop a number of hobbies just to get by - and that was with one course. She couldn't even imagine what it would be like for Cole to pursue both things at once. Jamie, in the meantime, nodded - he was oblivious to how bad college workload could get. "I wish you the best, man." He would have to cover for him regardless in one thing in particular: Alex's temper tantrums once she read more about the job description and questioned their mother about it, whom had been a Hit Wizard herself. To that day, Jamie was thankful that she had no idea what such a thing was, but something told him those days were about to come to an end. The conversation took a bit of a bad turn, in the Seeker's opinion, as his cousin decided to question him on what he deemed the dark side of the sport he played. "Ah, you know... Surviving..." He let out a forced chuckle, though it was fairly obvious he wasn't minimally comfortable with the subject. "Have ya read his contract? It's bonkers." Alex interrupted. "They'll fuckin' fire his ass if he dates someone for the whole PR bullshit. Feels like something straight out of the Asian idol industry." Quite sickening, in her opinion. "Plus, it doesn't help his kissless virgin record, now, does it?" "Thanks, sis."
  10. "Can't you pace yourself and do both?" Jamie chimed in, not knowing much of anything about college education. He himself had elected not to enroll in VMU when the time came, throwing himself at the one thing he knew he could do competently - Quidditch. He never had the same plight that Cole was having, as he knew what he wanted to do ever since he first got a flying broom in his hand. All he had to do was to follow his nature, and it led him to fame and riches at a young age. Something he partially resented, of course, but it could still be considered as a measure of success. "Or, y'know. Neither. Take a gap year and find out what you like more." Alex suggested with a shrug, before roughly half the liquid in the clear glass she was holding disappeared past her lips. Much like her twin, she had been dead set on her career path from a young age; but, unlike him, she had a bit of experience in terms of having multiple interests. "There's no rush. With the kind of pressure you're placing on yourself right now, you make me feel old." "You're one to talk." Countered Jamie, shaking his head; Alex merely rolled her eyes at his statement. "Anyway, Cole, if you need some time off after the course, you can stay with me, okay? In case your parents don't let you go back home. I don't mind covering for you for a while." Family always came first, and he didn't mind being his kin's safety net.
  11. "I'll be fine." Alex was quick to dismiss Cole's help, much like she had ignored Jamie's, which prompted an eye roll from her twin. She detested having help on anything at all; her pride made it so she had to do things on her own, to prove that she didn't need anyone in such a way anymore. It was a matter of being able to sleep at night and living with herself at that point, and she wouldn't have it otherwise - very much the reason why she scoffed at the idea of living off of Jamie's dime while trying to establish herself in the world of freelancing. Cole then went on to the plight that had struck him just a couple months back - being asked to pursue Auror training. Alex had flipped out considerably at the time, and Jamie couldn't help but think it was for the best that she didn't understand most magic jobs and conventions - he didn't want to know how she'd react to learning their family had a bit of a history with Magical Law Enforcement at all. He wondered if that was why Cole was still considering it to begin with, to keep up with the legacy. "Easy solution, just ditch 'em." That phrase earned Alex a light bump of her elbow with Jamie's, as if telling her to shut up. "What? I'm assuming we're here for some sort of advicefest. Don't gimme that. Gimme that." She made grabby hands at the drink that was being served to her by one of the bartenders, promptly bringing it to her lips for a sip. "Well, do you want to enroll?" Jamie spoke up, having always had more tact than his sister. "You should ask yourself that first. It's something you'll be doing for the rest of your life, so, if you don't want to, ditch it. No point waking up every morning to do something you hate."
  12. "My offer's still standing, you know." Jamie reminded the nurse, and took a sip of his beverage in between phrases. "I'll go with you. How about next Saturday?" Olivia had said she was a nurse in a school in Narragyambie. Given the nature of her craft, that had to be Tallygarunga, right? "At least I don't think you're on call on weekends, right? I don't really remember how it works. I really should, shouldn't I? Since I used to get injured all the time..." Quidditch - it was the nature of the beast. Olivia herself had gone through the same. It was the grim part of the sport, how recklessly violent he could get. He had heard of people whom had broken a lot of bones, gotten permanently injured, and even got knocked out cold for weeks based on school games. Surely this woman would have her hands full...
  13. Once seated, Jamie reached across the booth's table to hold out a hand for Cole to shake in greeting. Alex crossed her arms under her chest and her legs under the table, leaning back in the comfortable booth as she waited for her alcoholic beverage to be served. "Not commissions. Been out looking for a job. It's insane the number of people that turn up for interviews in this area, portfolio'd to their eyebrows. And on top of that, they wanna make people work for scraps. Not that I don't have a safety net, but I have a minimal amount of self respect, y'know?" Alex rolled her eyes and shook her head. It was criminal how underappreciated artists were in this world, and most people hiring them didn't actually understand the service they were hiring them for. It was even worse in the freelance world, but at least she wouldn't have to subject herself to such crap. If only she wasn't such a proud person. "...Yeah, the League's lookin' pretty hot. Training's been hot too, in a hellish sort of way." Jamie decided to veer the conversation out of that topic for everyone's sake. "Kinda makes me wish I was still playing in it. It's gonna be a bit of a scouting year for us too, we need a couple replacements. The fresh blood helps keeping things interesting for sure." Alex didn't like Quidditch, but at least she wasn't complaining, which was a victory for him. "How about you, man? Haven't heard much from you lately."
  14. "I'm kidding." Jamie chuckled, holding a hand up defensively. Even if Alex wasn't particularly prone to violence (even feeling sick about it when it came to a particular group of people), he could picture her decapitating him if he were to try to keep whatever it was Olivia had gotten for her. "You can use whatever you got for her when you meet her next. Maybe it'll help in calming the beast down." He joked, but he could only hope his sister wouldn't fly too much off the handle when the time came. "I need to get you something in return though. How about next round being on me?" He suggested, holding his glass up as if to make a point before sipping its contents once more. "Or maybe this is just me bribing you to stay a bit longer. Say, have you told anyone else that you're back in town?" He hadn't heard about it at all; either he was one of the first, or she had told the people she visited to keep quiet about it.
  15. "Oh, you're alive." Jamie deadpanned as he watched his sister burst through the front door, slamming it shut and pressing her back against it as she slumped downwards in exhaustion. It felt like he hadn't seen her in weeks. "Actually, no, you don't look it." That earned him an eye roll, prompting the Seeker to chuckle. Alex looked exhausted, which was definitely a feat for someone as energetic as her. "Just kill me now." The woman muttered as she closed her eyes, not moving much farther from her seating position - not by her own will, at least, as Jamie crouched down to pick her up and over her shoulder. Not expecting it in the least, she momentarily struggled. "It's fun to watch you like this and all, but Cole texted me. We're off to the bar, and I won't hear otherwise." "Wait, what?" Reaching for her pocket while held up in mid-air, she retrieved her smartphone. "He didn't text me--" He had. It was just that she was too busy running around to notice. The girl sighed in defeat. Rest would have to wait. "...Nevermind. Fine, but put me down, god damn it." --- The pair (half-begrudgingly) made its way to The Tispy Mozzie, their friend's bar, to meet with their cousin. It was easy to spot him in their usual booth a bit out of the way. Alex was pushed forth by Jamie with a hand to the back as means to make her move, exhaustion having made her lag behind. "I'm going, I'm going, sheesh." She grumbled, almost tripping as she did so but catching herself in time. She was the first to slide into the seat in front of the VMU student. "'Sup?" She asked, but then she immediately waved at the closest bartender to get her alcohol fill that day. "Already?" Jamie asked as he sat down next to his sister, and gave a nod to his cousin in acknowledgement. "Isn't it a bit too early? Even for you." "Fuck off, Jamie." She really had no patience for her twin's crap that day.
Jamie Devin Collins
Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine 0
22 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age:  22
Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: He/Him
Patronus: Fox
Wand: English oak, unicorn hair, rigid flexibility, 9''
Play-by: Austin Theory

1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • He actually detests being a 'living merch machine';
  • Sometimes gets the urge to just leave and travel the world, but would never do it because of what happened with his father;
  • Is pansexual, but is scared team management won't like knowing that;
  • Sometimes goes around town wearing his hoodie to avoid being recognized;
  • Cannot Apparate to save his life;
  • Has a needle phobia;
  • Despite his ladies man persona, he hasn't actually dated anyone in his life.
General Knowledge
  • One of the few people around whom actually owns a Firebolt;
  • Has a thing for bodybuilding, although not on a competition level;
  • Living with his twin sister in Melbourne, but goes to Narrie very frequently;
  • Doesn't seem to have too many actual friends, even within the team;
  • His Quidditch style makes it seem like he has a death wish.

Contrary to popular belief, Jamie isn't an irredeemable ladies man with a smack talking mean streak - that's just to sell merchandise, and it works. While he is playful and a bit of a jokester around his friends, he's actually a somewhat shy and quiet man around everybody else whom keeps to himself.

While easy to befriend, it actually takes a very long time to earn his trust due to past events in his life. He's not as bad as his sister in that endeavor, certainly, but one could argue he's not too far behind. That lack of trust also created a very closed off family mentality, meaning he tends to care for himself and them first, and everyone else comes after. He's sometimes mistaken as selfish for that.

He doesn't really like making enemies, able to keep his cool in most hostile situations, although saying the right couple things will make him snap and swing his fists at the provoker. He's particularly touchy whenever someone references his father in any way.

Jamie is very much a thrill seeker, and his dangerous (yet effective) tactics while playing Quidditch are a testament to that, and part of what he's known for. The adrenaline makes him feel like his survival matters, in sharp contrast to how he felt when his father left.

He's very private and resents the type of life his fame brought him, but his unwavering loyalty to his mother keeps him from throwing it all away and makes him give it his best. He's also very idealistic and a romantic, but he rarely gets to display those views at all due to his fractured upbringing and its consequences.


Jamie is 185 cm tall, just above average for the country. His body is very athletic, muscular and well built from working out constantly for fun. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, much like his twin sister. His hair is somewhat short and always parted to the right, with the left side mostly shaved. He tends to keep a stubble, and grows a chin patch every now and then.


Jamie Devin and Alex Melody were born to a pureblood mother and a muggle father in Melbourne, Australia. Their mother had fallen madly in love with a cartoonist whom lived in the area, and wound up moving from Narrie to Melbourne because of it, leaving the rest of the family behind. It so happened that Jamie was born a wizard, and Alex a squib.

Their early childhood was fairly uneventful. His mother homeschooled him for the basics of wizardry rather than shipping him off to school so soon, while their father focused on Alex and her talent for gymnastics. All seemed well and good in their upbringing until the point when they were around eight years old - their father just decided to leave without so much of an explanation, breaking everyone to varying extremes.

Jamie thinks he got the least of it - he wasn't the man's lover, and Alex was far more attached to him. This was displayed over the course of their lifetimes, as Jamie managed to keep himself somewhat grounded while Alex rebelled and treaded the line between stupid and dangerous many times.

The family soon fell on hard times financially. They decided to send Jamie to Tally because it was a public school, and because his uncle's family lived nearby. His uncle became a father figure as he grew up attending that school, and his father's departure never had much time to set in and take over his mind in the first place.

Eventually the rest of the family moved back to Narrie - they hadn't sold their house and they needed support from the uncle's family, whom was glad to provide it. Alex had grown somewhat distant despite still befriending Jamie, perhaps out of jealousy for his powers and isolation. Despite all the issues between them, however, they remained the best of friends.

Jamie quickly figured out he wasn't cut out for academic work, having an extraordinarily hard time to keep up with anything that involved theory - Potions were by far his worst subject, and it threatened to hold him back in his education many times. Instead he excelled in combat magic, charms, and primarily: Quidditch.

Throughout his school career he became a fantastic Seeker for his house, even becoming the Captain of the team at one point. This unnatural talent didn't go unnoticed by Melbourne's local team either - he was recruited straight out of school to play in the big leagues, and his hard work paid off almost immediately.

A side talent was discovered, however - the man was very marketable. Building a bad boy, ladies man, faster than sound type of persona for the public, the team managed to churn out all sorts of merch. The fortune he made out of it made it possible to buy a Firebolt out of his own earnings at a young age, even before he was recruited by the Australian national team.

It's a recent promotion. Now, Jamie must figure out how to prove himself to all the doubters whom think he was handpicked precisely because of his merch selling talents. But he can't help but question the team's intentions himself, sometimes. Does he really belong?

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