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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Let's have a chat

    Oh, a snowstorm. Jamie had the feeling Viktoriya hadn't been the first person to suggest such a thing, but he couldn't quite recall who had said it before. Regardless, he was glad it wasn't that popular a thought or else his coach would grab it and run with it. He loved Quidditch to hell and back, but he wasn't sure if he could withstand that kind of punishment. It looked like he was in for a big scolding, like he had predicted. Deja vu. He lowered his head, gaze cast at his knees as Toriya let him have it. He didn't know why he had hoped to keep it a secret from the former teammate. There was no way he could, and it was time to bite the bullet before he needlessly infuriated - he hated confrontation. He closed his eyes at the final question and sighed out before responding. "...Overcompensating?" He offered, opening his eyes once more to look at one of his favorite short stacks. "I just..." He looked away for a moment, biting his lip. It was hard to put it into words. "...We had a bunch of crap happen to us over money, y'know? Mom's sacrificed a lot to get me 'n Alex to where we are today. A couple years of this in return won't kill me." Just enough to make the family be well off. After that he could distance himself from PR, hopefully.
  2. Stuff

    Breaking news! Energizer Bunny arrested - charged with battery.
  3. Hey man, can you drop by real quick?

    I gotta run and your girl is bolted to her desk chair and determined to work to death and I've already been cursed out for trying to get her to live a little. She's not been sleeping too much and doesn't really go out anymore, or even eat properly, and I need someone to knock some sense into her.

    I'll leave the door unlocked in case you drop by since she won't hear a damn thing from her bedroom, anti-sound charm and all.

    Sorry for the impossible task mate, cheers.

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      My. . . Girl? I have no idea what you're getting at there, man. But I have noticed she'd been going a bit crazy there. She hasn't been showing up to much. I'll try to get her out and some fresh air but I don't think I'm Hercules strong for that. 

      I'll think of something, swing by after I handle some stuff.

  4. Open Injustice

    Of course his rest day also had to be the roughest of the week. After collapsing at home at around 3 AM from the extreme training session he had endured, Jamie was woken up just a few hours later by a close friend and she nearly yelled his ear off during an extended discussion. After that, he had to clean the whole house since his sister had neglected to. When he was about to sleep, a frantic manager blew up his phone to demand why he had been spotted with a girl down at the park. It took him at least ten tries to get across the point of that girl being his sister, and so he wasn't in a breach of contract. That call had taken a solid 30 minutes. At some point he just figured he wasn't getting any sleep anyway, so he decided to watch a movie and make some lunch. Noticing Alex wasn't coming home and wasn't responding to texts, he got mildly concerned and decided to visit their usual bar to see if she was hiding out there. Bingo. As he walked into his best friend's bar, he spotted his target seemingly out of it at their usual booth. She was hunched over the wooden table, face hidden in her arms as she apparently dozed off. There was an orange juice filled glass near her - and what an odd choice it was - that she hadn't touched. He slid into the booth and sat down in front of her, which elicited an unintelligible groan for a greeting. "You didn't even bother coming home yesterday, did you?" He got a mild shake of the head as a response. After watching her for several seconds, he decided to take her beverage and sip it himself. Her head shot up in protest, revealing a copy of 'Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team' opened where her head once was. "Hey! I was gonna drink that..." Even so, the usual spunk that accompanied Alex's attitude was mostly absent, and she didn't complain much further. Jamie, on the other hand, visibly winced upon seeing her face. "What happened to you?" He spoke as he saw the bags under her eyes and the utter and complete exhaustion full on display in his twin sister's face. "You bombed your exam, didn't you?" He asked as her face landed once again on the book she was supposed to be studying. As it did so with a light thud, she raised one of her hands just enough to show him her middle finger. That got a good chuckle out of him, and he used his free hand to grasp hers and bring it back down to the table, mildly surprised at how quickly she gave that one up as well. "Oh, man. I needed that." It was astonishing how Alex always managed to bring his spirits up, whether from hanging out together or at her own expense. "...Not fair..." He heard a muffled mumble and shook his head, trying to contain his laughter to sip some more of the precious orange juice.
  5. Yo, why didn't you leave pancakes ready before you left?

    1. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      ...That was nearly a month ago...

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Oomph. Savage.

  6. Let's have a chat

    "Thanks." Jamie sighed, not too upset at Captain Obvious. In fact, a small smile tugged at his lips at the bluntness - it was rather refreshing to know it came from a place of concern rather than someone telling him to dodge as many bludgers as possible with impaired visibility. It was then that he realized that his living room was an absolute mess, and he inwardly cringed at his carelessness. How he wished Alex had seen at least some of it and fixed it herself... "Eight? Earlier than I thought..." He stifled a yawn with much difficulty, and wound up sniffling instead before concluding his reply. "Uh... Coach said he wanted to train 'till 3 AM or so." Jamie recalled putting something up on QuillBook about it, but it was all a blur at that point to him. "So... I assume we finished up at that hour, or close to. I hope. I didn't really look..." Good thing it was a day off that day, and a rest day from bodybuilding at that. He could sleep all day without any problem. Well, he could once Toriya left, of course. He retrieved a pitcher of cold, fresh orange juice from the fridge - Summer was fast approaching and they needed to keep up with their share of cold beverages, of course. Serving a glass to both himself and his friend, he handed Toriya hers before taking a sip of the refreshing drink. Hopefully it would serve to wake him up. As she went on, he realized he was about to get 'the talk' - at least, what he dubbed so after Alex cornered him about it one day. He sat on the armrest of the couch and pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking up. "Is it getting any worse than before?" He knew it was. It was most likely the sole reason why he was brought up to the official Seeker position anyway. "If it works, it works, yeah? Why does it bother you so much?" While he didn't mean it in a hostile manner, he certainly saw how it could be interpreted as such. "Uh, I mean... If it works, it works, yeah? My wallet's happy." He wasn't. He was completely torn up inside about it, in fact, a fact privy only to his twin sister. "I doubt it'll last too long. The way things are going, I'll save up enough for the stuff I need in no time." No, he wouldn't. He'd stretch it out as long as possible. His mother wouldn't suffer again.
  7. Brother From... a Different Set of Parents!

    Jamie Collins
    Now if only Jamie shipped his sister with this guy instead of with Shane.
  8. Let's have a chat

    Jamie wasn't sure what sort of overly sadistic urge had overtaken his coach the night before. A last minute meeting all the way in the Outback stadium, when it was predicted to rain. A lot. And they practiced well into the night. He recalled making some sort of post about it, and a teammate Apparating him back to his apartment, but past that, it was all pretty fuzzy. What he did know was that he just woke up with a loud knock on the door, cheek first against the armrest of his couch, having been asleep on his stomach. He inhaled deeply before yawning, scrubbing at one of his slightly damp eyes as he struggled to sit up. It seemed he never bothered to make it to his bedroom - his shoes were carelessly discarded, along with his bag, halfway down the path between the front door and the couch he had collapsed on. Remembering he woke up because someone knocked, he spoke up. "One moment..." Stiffling another yawn, he got up. His coat was still on and it was still soaked from the rain. Not only that, but his noise was sniffling. Did he catch a cold? He'd have to ask Toriya for a Pepperup potion? He took the drenched thing off, he placed it on the nearby coat hanger. His shirt was in a better condition, fortunately, so he didn't bother changing it. He opened the door to meet a very demanding friend, first thing in the morning. He hadn't entirely woken up yet, and the tone sent a chill down his spine. 'Speak of the devil.' He lightly scratched the very mild scruff beard he had accrued before speaking up. "Uh... Hi?" It took him a moment to step out of the way and let the girl in, motioning her towards the somewhat messy living room. "What time is it...?" He muttered to himself. Probably late enough that Alex left for class. But, had she even been home to begin with? It's not like she woke him up before leaving. Maybe she just missed him entirely, too. "And why do you look like you want to kill me? Actually, before that... Want anything to drink, or something?" He asked while closing the front door. Tired as he was, he still didn't forget his manners.
  9. Training in the outback under pouring rain until 3 AM is... something...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      It's karma for leaving without making my dinner.

    3. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      Thanks guys, love you too.

    4. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Worked out in my favor! Who turns down free food?

  10. Gotta Get Juiced

    Jamie Collins
    There's no shortage of muscle between these two.
  11. Sure Thing, Shortstack

    Jamie Collins
    Jamie & his armrest.
  12. Twin Magic

    Jamie Collins
    Two sides of a coin.
  13. Jamie Collins

    Jamie Collins
    Jamie Devin and Alex Melody were born to a pureblood mother and a muggle father in Melbourne, Australia. Their mother had fallen madly in love with a cartoonist whom lived in the area, and wound up moving from Narrie to Melbourne because of it, leaving the rest of the family behind. It so happened that Jamie was born a wizard, and Alex a squib. Their early childhood was fairly uneventful. His mother homeschooled him for the basics of wizardry rather than shipping him off to school so soon, while their father focused on Alex and her talent for gymnastics. All seemed well and good in their upbringing until the point when they were around eight years old - their father just decided to leave without so much of an explanation, breaking everyone to varying extremes. Jamie thinks he got the least of it - he wasn't the man's lover, and Alex was far more attached to him. This was displayed over the course of their lifetimes, as Jamie managed to keep himself somewhat grounded while Alex rebelled and treaded the line between stupid and dangerous many times. The family soon fell on hard times financially. They decided to send Jamie to Tally because it was a public school, and because his uncle's family lived nearby. His uncle became a father figure as he grew up attending that school, and his father's departure never had much time to set in and take over his mind in the first place. Eventually the rest of the family moved back to Narrie - they hadn't sold their house and they needed support from the uncle's family, whom was glad to provide it. Alex had grown somewhat distant despite still befriending Jamie, perhaps out of jealousy for his powers and isolation. Despite all the issues between them, however, they remained the best of friends. Jamie quickly figured out he wasn't cut out for academic work, having an extraordinarily hard time to keep up with anything that involved theory - Potions were by far his worst subject, and it threatened to hold him back in his education many times. Instead he excelled in combat magic, charms, and primarily: Quidditch. Throughout his school career he became a fantastic Seeker for his house, even becoming the Captain of the team at one point. This unnatural talent didn't go unnoticed by Melbourne's local team either - he was recruited straight out of school to play in the big leagues, and his hard work paid off almost immediately. A side talent was discovered, however - the man was very marketable. Building a bad boy, ladies man, faster than sound type of persona for the public, the team managed to churn out all sorts of merch. The fortune he made out of it made it possible to buy a Firebolt out of his own earnings at a young age, even before he was recruited by the Australian national team. It's a recent promotion. Now, Jamie must figure out how to prove himself to all the doubters whom think he was handpicked precisely because of his merch selling talents. But he can't help but question the team's intentions himself, sometimes. Does he really belong?