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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    It seemed that Robin hadn't noticed. Jamie had to fight releasing a sigh as pure relief washed over him - but, of course, he knew he wasn't out of the woods just yet. He still had to make it out of that mansion without Robin being able to tell the difference, and from there he had to actually make it to the magic artifact store before going home. He likely had to come up with some sort of excuse, or potentially sneak out of his own home since the redhead had a clear view of his movements from her house across the street. 'Wasn't signing up for this when I decided to take on getting some knowledge on magical creatures, let me tell ya...' As she proceeded to explain what they had to do, Jamie took the chair resting next to the desk near him and sat facing the back of it, arms lazily hanging on the top of the backrest as he listened to her. "Can't say it's my favorite past time." He didn't resist the joke, letting a small smirk fit his lips as he spoke. "But, then again, I don't have a whole lot of hobbies, do I? Sounds like an interesting new way of spending time. I'm in." He said with a nod. It was an easy decision for him to make - if the various things surrounding that case could have the same effect as that pesky box, it would likely be in their best interest if Jamie joined the little adventure so to keep an eye out. "There's a whole lot to copy in this room, though. It might take a while." He briefly let his eyes scan the room. Books upon books, maps upon maps, journals upon journals; to copy everything with magic would be a strain even for him, a charm expert. It was a two people job, as far as he was concerned. 'Good thing that there are two people in the room, huh?' "Might as well get started while there's still some sun out, huh?" Not that they could see a single ray within that room, but he figured he may as well take on the task with good humor.
  2. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    Jamie nodded in agreement, and proceeded to pretend to look around through the various books and maps while he waited for Robin to get too distracted to look in his general direction. At the earliest opportunity, the Seeker whipped out his wand and tapped the box once, immediately reducing its size by roughly four times; figuring that if she were to go through his pockets she'd find the box, he performed a second spell, transfiguring it into a coin. Afterwards he slid the new shiny object into his wand holster, something Robin wouldn't be able to reach into so easily. However, he needed to cover his tracks. Holding out a hand, he Accio'd the nearest book, not bothering to read through its contents. Another tap of the wand caused it to greatly resemble the box he had just hid instead - everything was the same save for the alluring aspect of it. He placed it roughly in the same location he had left the other box beforehand so Robin wouldn't suspect a thing. 'Hopefully she won't be drawn to my wand holster now...' He thought to himself as he placed his favored magical instrument within the same container. "Hm?" He reflexively voiced as Robin spoke again and looked at her once looking through the various books and maps once more, that time actually paying attention to what he was doing. It was all gibberish to him as he wasn't the most academically inclined person in the world, but he was trying his best. At least the books weren't trying to bite his hand off, nor Robin's, which was progress as far as he was concerned. "What's in those?" Jamie asked, wondering what was worth a copy. "I have a few maps over here but I'm not entirely sure what they're for. Feels like I'm reading Chinese..."
  3. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    Robin really had no idea. Jamie momentarily looked back at the lone box as the redhead verbalized her confusion, seeing it as an enemy rather than a potential artifact to study in their little adventure. He couldn't shake the feeling that Robin was in danger if she were to touch it - but, what he could do? Short of having it disappeared, he couldn't exactly interfere with the woman's free will. It didn't feel right to steal someone else's belongings anyway. Things changed in his mind suddenly, however, as he came to notice that the way Robin moved around the room kept inching closer to where he had placed the box. Keen observation had become an occupational hazard over time as a Seeker, and it was fairly difficult for things such as those to go over his head. It made him conclude she was magically drawn to the item, given she was having no reaction to anything else in that treasure trove of books and knowledge. He needed to get rid of the box, but, how? More importantly, why was she attracted to it? He certainly wasn't. What was the cause of its selectiveness? If he could sneak the item out of the room without Robin noticing, perhaps he could take it to the local magical item store and see what it was all about. But first, he needed to distract her. He took advantage of the redhead having her back turned to pop open his wand holster's button, free to make any sound due to the girl's deafness, the handle of the magical instrument sticking out mildly to the side so he could draw it out quickly when he felt prepared to charm the box into a far more portable size. "That's not what I meant." He forced a smile as his friend turned to talk to him. His hand let go of the holster so not to seem suspicious, and he crossed his arms under his chest. "Actually, nevermind. There are a bunch of maps here, what should we be looking for? Looking for an X doesn't count." He tactfully maneuvered himself to lean against the very same table the box was resting on, blocking Robin's view of it just to see how she reacted.
  4. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    Jamie held the music box momentarily out of reach from the redhead before setting it down. She seemed to be snapping out of it, yet her reaction was quite strange - he found a box? He was taken aback by the statement, brows furrowed in confusion. She had found the box. She had been so enamored by the box for a few moments that it looked like there was nothing else of note in the room. It only added to the suspicion. "You don't remember..." He muttered to himself as he watched the redhead, whom, right on cue, was drawn to the box again. "That's enough of that." He spoke, nudging the box away with his fingers so it would slide near the end of the table, after which he grasped the girl's shoulder again - that time, it was to get her attention. "Something's not right here." The fun was drained from his face. His expression of mischievousness was replaced with one of concern - he did want to have fun exploring the place, but he felt like they had crossed a line. Adrenaline junkie or not, there were things in that room that could take their lives or consciousness without them realizing. That was worse than facing off against a danger they knew and were minimally in control of. "You found the box." He informed her hesitantly. "And you were growing fainter by the second when you were holding it. I don't think you should touch that. We should be careful around here, too..."
  5. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "We should be careful. If the previous owner went through pains to keep this place hidden from Muggles, it's because it's probably dangerous." Jamie noted as he straightened his posture, more than happy about being inside a proper room rather than a cramped, dusty and cobweb filled passage. He wasn't as taken to the room as Robin was given it was not his area of expertise (by far), but he'd be lying if he were to say he wasn't curious about what was hidden in the various tomes and maps surrounding them. It seemed that, however, his words were for naught as Robin wasn't even looking at him anymore. Instead the redhead had made straight for a music box laying atop a nearby table. She watched as she took a hold of it without checking for a potential trap; he felt relieved as it didn't seem to bite back at her or anything and allowed himself to relax for a brief moment, making his way towards her once she called on him. He looked at the box as well, but something was off. Robin's voice sounded fainter by the second; short of her playing a prank on him at that moment, it was always a bad sign when that happened in a magical environment. Acting quickly, he took the box from her hands, holding it away from his friend. He noticed he felt no differently, unlike his friend who looked utterly hypnotized and out of it. "Robin?" He momentarily forgot she was deaf with the concern. Placing their book atop the table where the box had once been, he then shook his hand in front of her face to see if she snapped out of it. 'Hopefully...'
  6. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    Jamie watched in awe as Robin used her magic for the both of them instead, Fae in nature rather than the one the Seeker was used to. An orb of light seemingly formed itself out of thin air in Robin's hand, illuminating the way down the secret passage the further they went along. He could feel various cobwebs rustling around in his hair as they walked, even if he was hunched over. 'I need a shower all of a sudden...' He was glad he wasn't allergic to dust with the large amount of it accumulated in such a small area. It seemed they were in a Muggle house that had been built by Wizards. It was an interesting concept. It was quite amusing to imagine various Narragyambie citizens inhabiting the house over the years without a clue as to having a lot more space than they thought they had, and possibly having something lurking under the house that any person with a modicum of common sense would flee from. He found that the reverse was more common - Wizards acquiring Muggle homes, and getting permits to expand them. It wasn't necessarily cheaper, but it was certainly more customizable. Little squeals filled his ears and he looked downwards just as the mice raced past their feet and into the distance. Presumably they went to the house, and it was a bad idea in itself to let them wander into the place, so Jamie momentarily turned around and waved a hand towards the initial entryway of the passage. Magically closing it, he placed that same hand back where it belonged shortly thereafter, which was on top of Robin's shoulder. He didn't speak until the redhead was out. Taking her hand, Jamie pulled himself past the hole in the wall and into the room. He lowered the book to have it rest securely between his own two knees as he lowered his head momentarily, brushing it with both hands to get rid of excess cobwebs. He could only hope there weren't any spiders crawling up his shirt or trousers, as spider poison didn't go too well with athletic regimens. "I'm sure you understand more of all of this than I do." He joked at his general academic incompetence with a grin, seeing that many books and maps were laying around. "Though a treasure map would be cool."
  7. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "Hm?" Jamie intonated inquisitively on reflex, temporarily forgetting Robin couldn't even hear him. His curiosity was satisfied once he felt the woman's hand on his, lowering the wand further and further until it was no longer lighting up the path much past being pointed straight at the ground. As Robin brought an orb of light to existence he saw what she planned to do; letting go of her shoulder temporarily, he took the book from the hand that was gripping it - the same as the wand - so to be able to put the magical instrument in its proper holster. He then retrieved the book to the same hand that had been holding it and the other one went back to the redhead's shoulder. "Right." He nodded once she looked at him. Instead of holding a wand in front of her, he held up the book, opening it in the appropriate location that listed the passage in detail. He let the girl use her light so they could properly read, peeking over her shoulder to see if he could make heads or tails of it. "This is a Muggle house, right?" He spoke as soon as he was able to catch Robin's attention once more. She had mentioned a thing or two about needing to learn Muggle history earlier that day. Anything that Muggles had devised for hiding places or any possible traps probably wouldn't hurt them that much at all, and as they were capable wizards they'd likely be just fine. "Do you think they've hidden anything interesting down here?" She knew about the house far more than he did, after all. "Feels weird for them to go out of their way to cover up the passage unless they have something to hide."
  8. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "I'll make it work." Robin was smaller than Jamie. Perhaps if she went ahead of him on the broom he could better accommodate for two people, as he was awfully used to being nearly prone on it for the sake of speed, as a Seeker. The best way to avoid that tendency would be to have an obstacle in front of him to keep him from doing so, and that worked for the purpose of giving Robin enough space as well. It all came together in his mind easily enough. "Though I feel like I should warn you, my broomstick's a Firebolt." The fastest in the world. Even if he had to slow down in general, they'd still be moving quite quickly through the Murrigal Bushland if they so wished. He watched as Robin went on into the passage. He kept his wand out just in case as she goaded him to follow her, nodding at the little joke. "Alright, alright." As he approached, the light of the room made the closest part of the passage very visible to them. Candles lined it, indicating it was for Muggles to walk through, but as a wizard and a witch they had something much better. A light of the flick of Jamie's wand caused it to emit a small light from its tip, somewhat illuminating the path ahead of them. As he entered the passage directly behind Robin, he ducked the cobwebs, being tall enough that they'd have hit him square in the face. Before they proceeded forth, however, he had to think of something - unless the space opened up enough for two bodies side by side, it was unlikely that they'd communicate much from that point on. "Lesse..." She could speak to him, but the reverse wasn't true. He could only warn her physically, and he had a plan. "Here's hoping you don't mind this too much." He motioned Robin to turn around to face the path ahead of them, after which point he held his wand past her and in front so she could see where they were going. His free hand moved to her shoulder - a neat trick to get her to stop or turn around on command without needing to speak up. They were finally ready to proceed.
  9. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    Robin hadn't exactly succeeded in her quest to scare the young man with her actions. Rather, as the redhead circled around Jamie, he found himself smirking with confidence and mischievousness. When was the last time he had been dragged into an adventure of any sort by a friend? Everyone had gone out their own path after Tallygarunga days, everyone was too busy working and studying to afford to plan such activities; and, unlike Robin, most people weren't spontaneous enough to drag Jamie along to do just about whatever. While part of it was his own fault as he wasn't the spontaneous sort either, the former Bourke was visibly raring to go and explore the mansion from top to bottom with his friend. The more floors and hidden passages, the better. "You can decide what you get if you win." Jamie spoke as he let the spell cover the entire room. "I bet no cement. Either some sort of magic covering it, or a more Muggle-like passage, or something of the sort. Sounds fair?" He didn't have time to claim what he wanted if he were to win as the spell revealed something - there was a piece of paper on the wall. Before he could walk up close to inspect it, Robin had handed him the book covering the house. "Well, first things first. If you got to get whatever you wanted, so do I. If you're free sometime soon, how about I take you on a broom ride through the Bushland? And I mean that quite literally." It was starting to be obvious they were pushing at each other's buttons to do things they shouldn't do. That was only a potential escalation of it: dashing through the woods at high speeds with a broomstick supporting two people and trying to dodge trees and animals sounded like their type of activity. "And now, to answer your question... Ladies first, I still have my manners." Holding the book safely with one hand, he motioned with his free one towards the wall, daring her to go through with it. He didn't mind the idea of going in first, yet he couldn't deny the intense curiosity growing in him to just see what Robin was truly capable of.
  10. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "Diving headfirst, are we? Secret passage it is." So much for slow, but despite his words, that didn't actually bother Jamie so much. In the old layout there was indeed an entryway to a secret passage, which was entirely absent in the new sheet. "Did it have multiple stories?" He asked her, the fleeting look across the book not being enough to decipher such details. Nevertheless, he followed the redhead deeper into the house. Hopefully nobody would catch them moving through the windows, as he was fairly sure he could be sued for trespassing at that point. The house was enormous. Calling it a 'house' was an understatement in his point of view - even if he had a lot of money saved up, his own home couldn't hold a candle to what he now dubbed to be a mansion. He felt quite diminutive when standing in the living room despite his impressive stature and build, and he felt like a kid in a candy store as his eyes feasted in the sights that was the intricate construction. "Well, you know why they call them secret passages." He attempted to joke, a roguish grin stretching on his face as he retrieved his wand from its holster. It felt like cheating, but if someone wanted things hidden, there's no way people would find it without magic no matter how hard they tried. "Maybe it's still here, maybe not. Let's bet on it, yeah?" He took a few moments to look around. Charms were his specialty, and surely a good one could cover for the area. Waving his wand in an specific motion, he exhaled. "Revelio." Hopefully it would reveal something for them to work with; if not, then it would be truly gone.
  11. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "If you say so, I guess it's fine then." Jamie replied as he accompanied Robin to the front desk so she could check out her book, as well as the one she had recommended to the Seeker. He felt horribly out of place in that library, and consequently uncomfortable. As he waited for the redhead to be done he looked around awkwardly with a wry smile and pursed lips as he visually greeted the various library-goers without a word, whom didn't seem to take too kindly to his presence in general - in hindsight, he looked like too much of a jock to be welcomed in a place of studying. He held onto Robin's arm once they were somewhere more secluded, bracing himself for the Apparition. It was something he had to do every day for practice (thank goodness he had teammates willing to make the stomach churning trip for him every time) and he wished he could do it himself, but the circumstances demanded he rely on the Spencer alumna anyway. The two reappeared on the porch of the house in question. It prompted him to quickly look behind towards the street to see if anyone had spotted them, but it didn't seem to be the case. "Uh, let's see..." He said as he stepped inside carefully, then refraining from speaking much as he left Robin to her book. With careful steps he walked forwards deeper into the house, looking around to peek past any nearby door frames. He only spoke when he managed to get her attention next. "Maybe start slow... Something like the living room or the dining room. No need to go to the main event first thing. Lead the way, miss."
  12. A Small Start

    It seemed Jamie had just given Robin a lot of bad, risky ideas, all of which he was perfectly fine enabling and tagging along for. He could practically hear Alex screaming at him for engaging in such dangerous activities, as well as his manager, but that only served to make him even more interested in them. Perhaps it was for the best his twin wasn't aware that the Seeker was the most targeted person in a Quidditch game and thrill seeking activities were commonplace for those whom took on the position. "Ready or not, I'm going. Though now I'm curious." He affirmed, Robin's mischievous expression reflected on his face. If it weren't for his otherwise passive demeanor he could swear the Tallygarungean stump got his house wrong and he should have been a Spencer. While he couldn't Apparate, Robin probably could, and that meant she could take him pretty much anywhere for an adrenaline fix - that notion greatly exacerbated his curiosity, but perhaps it would be more fun to keep it as a surprise. "I can go, I don't really have training today, but... Weren't you here for a book? I don't want to eat into your work time." His expression softened while he put the book he had grabbed earlier away where he belonged. "I don't know how urgent that is. If you're up to it, I'll go, but if you gotta do some reading I don't mind waiting."
  13. A Small Start

    "Formal, huh." With the request, a recent memory of himself, Alex and Cole gathered for drinks in The Tipsy Mozzie a few months before, poking fun at each other. At a point the conversation had led to Alex and Cole claiming he wouldn't look so good in a motorcycle gang member outfit, but he was the type to look dashing in a suit and to have a suggestive smirk on his lips. The thought brought a proper smile to them, at least he wouldn't look so silly when accompanying Robin to the event. 'Other photographers might have a field day though.' The smile only grew with the redhead's suggestion, mischievousness starting to glint in his eyes. He had always been a sucker for adventure and that time was no exception. "You really know how to lure me into things. First the Reserve, now this." He idly commented as a good natured joke. "What's next, a catacomb raid? Jumping off of cliffs? Hiking?" Though, now that he thought about it, he'd be more than available for all three. "That's to say, of course I want to. When can we? So I check with my coach if there's training that day." Why hadn't he moved to Narragyambie sooner? He had been bored out of his mind in Melbourne with very little to do outside of visiting Shane's bar. It only took returning to his mother's hometown for Jamie to feel at peace once again.
  14. A Small Start

    Jamie nodded to reinforce the idea. He didn't recall Robin and Alex getting along poorly back in the day - and, if anything, Alex was more tolerable those days than she used to be. Hopefully the pair could rekindle their friendship. They had never been particularly close to begin with (at least to his knowledge, as Alex had never gone haywire over losing that friend too, after all) but perhaps things would be different that time around like they were being for him so far. "Is it bad if I say I suck at Wizarding history too?" He let out a chuckle at first, but reminding himself of where he was, he quickly cleared his throat and quieted it as he wasn't too positive on the notion fellow library visitors would be keen on their much needed silence being disturbed. An apologetic smile was sent towards a random passerby before he refocused his attention on his redheaded friend. "Say, if you need someone to tag along to watch your back... I could? Free of charge. So long as it's not as the same time as practice for me." Or a photo op. Or an autograph signing. Or whatever the hell management made him do on a given day. His schedule was so random it got on his nerves at times. But at least he felt like it was something he was willing to risk: exploring a haunted house, even if for work purposes when it came to Robin, sounded really fun and exhilarating.
  15. A Small Start

    "Really? Thanks, though I must look useless right now." A light chuckle escaped Jamie's throat. He needed help with near everything when it came to books and studying, his grades having never been impeccable (except charms and combat magic, he wasn't half-bad with those!) and he was afraid he was starting to sound like one of those vapid celebrities that didn't know one's rear from their elbow. In an odd way, he felt like his public persona was dripping onto his actual personality in his friend's perceptions, which was quite the unsettling thought. "Ah, I see... I don't know much about that myself. See the pattern?" He grinned as he spoke. At least he was still capable of poking fun at himself. "Though... I suppose you could ask Alex about it. I'm sure she knows a thing or two about it. And I'm sure she'd appreciate the company, she's always complaining about being alone nowadays." Plus, Robin qualified as good company; and with their antics, he figured they'd get along swimmingly. "Maybe you should focus on that first, though? I really don't want to dig into time you'd spend working." He continued, visibly self conscious about bothering the redhead. "But... If you're looking for Muggle history, why are you in the Wizarding part of the library?" That was quite confusing to him. Was fate playing a little game with him and forcing Jamie to embarrass himself with his own lack of knowledge?
Jamie Devin Collins
Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine 0
22 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  22
Date of Birth January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Fox
Wand English oak, unicorn hair, rigid flexibility, 9''
Play-by Cody Christian

1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House

  • He actually detests being a 'living merch machine';
  • Sometimes gets the urge to just leave and travel the world, but would never do it because of what happened with his father;
  • Is pansexual, but is scared team management won't like knowing that;
  • Sometimes goes around town wearing his hoodie to avoid being recognized;
  • Cannot Apparate to save his life;
  • Has a needle phobia;
  • Despite his ladies man persona, he hasn't actually dated anyone in his life.
General Knowledge
  • One of the few people around whom actually owns a Firebolt;
  • Has a thing for bodybuilding, although not on a competition level;
  • Lives in Narrie but seems to visit Melbourne a lot;
  • Doesn't seem to have too many actual friends, even within the team;
  • His Quidditch style makes it seem like he has a death wish.

Contrary to popular belief, Jamie isn't an irredeemable ladies man with a smack talking mean streak - that's just to sell merchandise, and it works. While he is playful and a bit of a jokester around his friends, he's actually a somewhat shy and quiet man around everybody else whom keeps to himself.

While easy to befriend, it actually takes a very long time to earn his trust due to past events in his life. He's not as bad as his sister in that endeavor, certainly, but one could argue he's not too far behind. That lack of trust also created a very closed off family mentality, meaning he tends to care for himself and them first, and everyone else comes after. He's sometimes mistaken as selfish for that.

He doesn't really like making enemies, able to keep his cool in most hostile situations, although saying the right couple things will make him snap and swing his fists at the provoker. He's particularly touchy whenever someone references his father in any way.

Jamie is very much a thrill seeker, and his dangerous (yet effective) tactics while playing Quidditch are a testament to that, and part of what he's known for. The adrenaline makes him feel like his survival matters, in sharp contrast to how he felt when his father left.

He's very private and resents the type of life his fame brought him, but his unwavering loyalty to his mother keeps him from throwing it all away and makes him give it his best. He's also very idealistic and a romantic, but he rarely gets to display those views at all due to his fractured upbringing and its consequences.


Jamie is 185 cm tall, just above average for the country. His body is very athletic, muscular and well built from working out constantly for fun. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, much like his twin sister. His hair is somewhat short, but he occasionally gels it upwards. He tends to keep a stubble, and grows a chin patch every now and then.


While often a little awkward and shy towards new people, he quickly becomes a bit of a jokester when surrounded by people he deems as friends, a direct influence from his sister. He has a hard time trusting people but he's a dedicated friend overall, even if sometimes absent/prone to creating rifts in relationships due to throwing himself at Quidditch. He doesn't seem to have any 'type' when it comes to getting along with people, being quite capable of befriending them if he sees them as being good.


Family is everything to Jamie and the vast majority of his decisions in life keep them front and center, especially when it comes to his mother. Having been the victim of child abandonment at the hand of his father, Jamie goes out of his way to ensure they're all provided and care for regardless of personal cost as seen with him willingly catering to his employer's PR needs. Despite not agreeing with them on multiple occasions (especially with his sister), the trauma created a very strong bond among them all and they seem to move past issues between themselves more easily than most people would.


Jamie has no experience in this area, having never dated before, and is quite dense when it comes to it - he's so used to people fawning over him due to his newfound fame (which deliberately places him as a heartthrob due to PR, no less) that he has a hard time distinguishing: people are either catering to his Quidditch persona, or they're just being friendly. 

Being the awkward and shy sort, it's likely that having such feelings grow for someone would exacerbate such things and it would be hard to miss. That being said, it's likely that he doesn't pursue anything unless very serious about it as his contract explicitly states he's not allowed to date anybody.


With fame comes detractors. He lets such things roll off his back, having learned the hard way not to take it personally; he might even be motivated to amp his fake attitude up to eleven for the sake of free publicity. As for 'haters' beyond his work, he's yet to face any; he does perceive his father as an enemy, however, and if he were to see him again, he'd find it difficult not to punch the man in the face.

The story so far

Jamie Devin and Alex Melody were born to a pureblood mother and a muggle father in Melbourne, Australia. Their mother had fallen madly in love with a cartoonist whom lived in the area, and wound up moving from Narrie to Melbourne because of it, leaving the rest of the family behind. It so happened that Jamie was born a wizard, and Alex a squib.

Their early childhood was fairly uneventful. His mother homeschooled him for the basics of wizardry rather than shipping him off to school so soon, while their father focused on Alex and her talent for gymnastics. All seemed well and good in their upbringing until the point when they were around eight years old - their father just decided to leave without so much of an explanation, breaking everyone to varying extremes.

Jamie thinks he got the least of it - he wasn't the man's lover, and Alex was far more attached to him. This was displayed over the course of their lifetimes, as Jamie managed to keep himself somewhat grounded while Alex rebelled and treaded the line between stupid and dangerous many times.

The family soon fell on hard times financially. They decided to send Jamie to Tally because it was a public school, and because his uncle's family lived nearby. His uncle became a father figure as he grew up attending that school, and his father's departure never had much time to set in and take over his mind in the first place.

Eventually the rest of the family moved back to Narrie - they hadn't sold their house and they needed support from the uncle's family, whom was glad to provide it. Alex had grown somewhat distant despite still befriending Jamie, perhaps out of jealousy for his powers and isolation. Despite all the issues between them, however, they remained the best of friends.

Jamie quickly figured out he wasn't cut out for academic work, having an extraordinarily hard time to keep up with anything that involved theory - Potions were by far his worst subject, and it threatened to hold him back in his education many times. Instead he excelled in combat magic, charms, and primarily: Quidditch.

Throughout his school career he became a fantastic Seeker for his house, even becoming the Captain of the team at one point. This unnatural talent didn't go unnoticed by Melbourne's local team either - he was recruited straight out of school to play in the big leagues, and his hard work paid off almost immediately.

A side talent was discovered, however - the man was very marketable. Building a bad boy, ladies man, faster than sound type of persona for the public, the team managed to churn out all sorts of merch. The fortune he made out of it made it possible to buy a Firebolt out of his own earnings at a young age, even before he was recruited by the Australian national team.

It's a recent promotion. Now, Jamie must figure out how to prove himself to all the doubters whom think he was handpicked precisely because of his merch selling talents. But he can't help but question the team's intentions himself, sometimes. Does he really belong?


With the year rolling over and most of his buddies graduating from college and moving on with their lives, his own twin included, Jamie found himself to be too solitary to his liking. The loneliness, coupled with the pressure coming from his PR management, was starting to become too much to bear. Luckily, after the grand return of one of his friends, he became inspired to work more on himself for a change - and perhaps even move back to Narragyambie, where he feels he truly belongs. He can't help feeling poorly about leaving Alex behind, though.

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