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  1. A kangaroo managed to sneak into our stadium overnight (for some reason????) and it nearly knocked our coach's lights out this morning. It was simultaneously the cutest and most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed up close.

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      Did someone say drinks?

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      Anytime this week is fine. Friday would be for the best. I'll confirm later. 

  2. Whatever happened to @Shane Robbins's stalker?

    Anyway, glad that the new gym we found is a good fit, but kinda miffed about having abandoned our last one, honestly. We were there for years. Kinda feels like I just stabbed the owner in the back or something.

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      Then don't doubt my skills Pretty Boy 

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      I don't. I've seen them up close and personal. Well, my stomach did. Part of me is glad you're not a Beater anymore, no offense.

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      I take it as a compliment. 

  3. "...If you go back on that promise at any point in time, I'll never speak to you again. Got it?" Alex riposted, feeling the need to at least get the last word in - although, that need made her gloss over the fact that if Olivia decided to take her leave once again, there wouldn't be a way to contact her in the first place unless the half-Veela so wished. It seemed that things had met a peaceful conclusion. Jamie felt like a colossal weight had just come off his shoulders - he had known the nurse to be around for a considerable amount of time at that point and had avoided telling his sister about it to avoid confrontation, pushing it until the very limit where he couldn't dodge the situation anymore. Yet, Alex seemed to be calming down. He figured she'd need a walk to gather her thoughts afterwards, but at least for the time being she seemed to be in minimally better spirits. "Well yeah, have you see who's in the room?" The Seeker joked back - a half-Veela and a twin with an explosive temper served for a deadly combination. Just had she had finished speaking, Alex seemed to prove his point by throwing a pillow from across the room that hit him squarely in the face. Reflexively, he caught it as it fell down, later glancing at his defiant looking sibling. "That's how it's gonna be, huh?" With frightening accuracy and force, the pillow was launched back where it came, hitting Alex in the face as well - she lost her balance and fell onto the couch.
  4. Seeing his sister and Olivia having their somewhat heated back and forth (more one sided than anything on that front), Jamie took the opportunity to slip his wand back into its holster. He didn't feel at all comfortable holding it to stop his kin to begin with, and it was quite relieving to put it away; moreso when Alex didn't seem to notice the fact and didn't make a run for it as a result. The Seeker crossed his arms as he leaned back on the closed door instead, finding it commendable that the half-Veela had been able to keep her cool in the situation - Alex was quickly losing a solid foundation to stand on in his point of view, and maybe, just maybe, things would be okay. Alex felt effectively disarmed as Olivia promised to contact them should something happen. While she had no reason to trust her, the drummer had no reason to believe her friend would break her promises. With initial defiance she scrunched up her nose, although she visibly settled down the longer Olivia spoke. The little joke didn't make her smile or chuckle, but a sigh of defeat was released instead. "...Okay, fine." She finally conceded. Her brother was surprised that the bomb was defused so quickly but said nothing of it. "I guess I just wish people would get their heads out their asses and realize they don't have to do shit alone. That's what the people close to them are for. No need to drop off the face of the Earth." "Look who's talking." "Shut it."
  5. A look of skepticism met Olivia's gaze as Alex refused to believe the half-Veela had considered every option in the book prior to simply leaving. To acknowledge such a possibility would be to acknowledge that her father was better off leaving the family behind for whatever reason as well; it was a pill she refused to swallow. There was always some way that didn't involve abandoning those who cared for them. She would never hear a single argument claiming otherwise. "Phones don't exist all of a sudden, I guess." She wound up barking out the first thing that came to mind. Jamie opted to leave the two arguing amongst themselves, but the belated plea for some sort of contact took him back several years - he had overheard their mother discuss with their uncle the fact that their father had written one last note to them, to tell them not to look for him. Jamie never told Alex of the fact so to spare her, and given her mental state at that time, it was likely the wise thing to do. It made him think that sometimes a 'last message' was the worst possible thing that could happen. It would make people lash out in denial and refuse to process the inevitable future ahead of them. Nevertheless, in Alex's rage-filled mind, she could see Olivia's point despite the disagreement. The drummer didn't exactly know how those 'Veela' things worked, but she did know they involved a lot of 'fire', in Jamie's words. If they were influenced by emotions, it would be likely that they'd be burned to smithereens (moreso herself than her brother) before they could say hello; it clashed greatly with her need to hold her friends close at all costs after the great loss she endured in her youth. "What about now? How the hell do I know you're not just gonna go up 'n leave again? I don't know if that's how you react to everything bad happening in your life, whatever it is that happened." Was that a rollercoaster ride Alex was willing to partake in?
  6. Several long, awkward minutes passed as the twins stared each other down, both bent on imposing their will on the other - except only one had the means to actually do so. Alex felt inadvertently more irritated with the compounded pressure that was being forced to face the situation whether she liked it or not, and crossed her arms while waiting for the one she deemed a former friend to show up. Jamie couldn't help but release a sigh of exasperation. Alex was the oldest of the two, but she could certainly be the more childish one. Eventually, the doorbell rang - the upstairs one, no less. Jamie saw Alex glance over at the door and tense up; guessing her to want to make a mad dash for it, he immediately brought up his wand against his own kin while walking to the door himself. "Don't even think about it." He spoke, but that only served to irritate her further. "How about you stop pointing that god damn hand nuke at me first?" She spouted back, and the man relented. Lowering his weapon, yet not releasing his white knuckle grip on the object, he finally decided to give Alex a modicum of the benefit of the doubt and turned to face the door. Opening it to greet Olivia, the half-Veela would be able to see a look of desperation on his face - they had a powder keg on their hands, and it could go off at any moment. He let his friend in and closed the door, taking an extra precaution by magically locking it as well. As the Squib heard the lock clicking close, her eyebrow twitched with annoyance. "I'm sure this is illegal somehow!" She barked at Jamie, whom didn't bite at the statement that time. He crossed his arms, wand firmly enclosed in his right fist, and leaned back on the door as he watched the pair. Extreme situations had to be met with extreme measures, and Alex's abandonment issues certainly called for such a thing. As Olivia spoke, Alex gave her the privilege (in her mind) to finish; only to retort almost immediately. "Oh, I don't know, turn to us, maybe? I don't know what the hell happened, but we still exist." Came the hostile tone. She was never one to mask her emotions, and the pain of such a betrayal ran deep. "That's what friends are for, but I guess you never saw us that way, huh?" Jamie winced at the scathing words. He knew them to be far from the truth - though, it didn't help that he hadn't told Alex what was going on in the past, depriving her of that ground for understanding. In hindsight, if he had done so, regardless of it being a breach of the confidence Olivia had placed in him, it could have been the case that Alex would have gone to the half-Veela to help her out due to the common issue. It could be that she never left, and the whole thing could have been avoided. He couldn't help but start to consider that his sister's pain was partially his fault, and that made him feel ill.
  7. 'This is not going to end well. Not even a little.' Jamie thought to himself as he watched his sister's face contort in anger. It wasn't nearly as bad as it used to be, to be fair; although, it still disturbed him when Alex flew off the handle like that. Perhaps he could've worded the news better? Nevertheless, short of wiping her memories and trying again, there was not much the Seeker could do to soothe her rage at that point. "Are you kidding me, Jamie?" Came the obvious change in tone from the man's twin. "There's no way I'm giving her a second chance. Not any god damn way. I don't do that with people who walk out on others just because they fucking feel like it." It was not something Alex could withstand. Not after witnessing her father walk out of her life the way he did, without warning. Olivia hadn't been that close to her in comparison but they were friends, and she had done the same. In her point of view, none of that ilk should ever be forgiven. Jamie, on the other hand, sighed in frustration. He and the aforementioned woman had spoken at length about what occurred and he couldn't fault her for it, coupled with the fact of what he knew about the woman's past. If anything, he found it hard to believe Alex and Olivia couldn't relate in that manner. To see her sister blindly at odds was quite painful. "At least talk, okay? That's all I'm asking you to do." "Talk? Here's some talking for ya. Suck my imaginary dick." The woman reached for her bag to leave, not wanting to give her brother the time of day, and actively needing a walk to air out her anger; Jamie, however, had other thoughts. A trained hand reached for his wand and he wordlessly cast a spell on the front door, effectively locking it and blocking Alex's passage. The girl was bewildered when the lock wouldn't open, no matter how hard she tried. "...The fuck did you do?" She barked at her brother, looking at him incredulously. "Trying to help you be civilized, is all." He maintained an even tone despite the frustration, not being one to tackle confrontation so openly like his kin. As soon as he watched her go to her room instead, he repeated the spell; and then he followed it with all other doors of the apartment. Olivia was likely about to arrive, and he didn't want Alex barricading herself anywhere. "Just sit over there." He pointed towards the couch with his wand. "And wait. Okay? If this doesn't go well you can punch the hell out of me afterwards or something. But be an adult for once." "Tch." The squib clicked her tongue, and sat down in the couch with strong downward momentum, crossing her arms much like a petulant child having to do what they're told. 'This better be fucking quick...'
  8. I keep seeing people complaining about the weather... But to be perfectly honest with you, I prefer to train under rain with lower visibility and be sopping wet a million times to training under a 40 ºC+ sun like last Summer. Yeah. Just my two cents.

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      Alex Lin

      Of course you prefer that, it's the only way you ever get any wetness to begin with.

    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      ...I had a feeling I'd be walking into that one as soon as I posted it.

    3. Alex Lin

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      I try not to disappoint~

  9. Alex was about to consume some more of her now refilled drink when Cole threw in his joke, and she found herself snorting - fortunately, just before the cup reached her lips. She covered her mouth quickly and set the cup down, somehow without spilling a drop, keeping her hand where it was until she was calm enough to keep herself from giggling when speaking up. "You know, we might get some action by proxy if he gets that hot. Sounds like a plan." She didn't much care for such things, but she'd grab onto whatever excuse she could to make her brother's life hell. Jamie just shook his head at the banter in exasperation. Those two were just impossible to deal with when it came to such things, he thought. At least he knew it was a joke, which kept him from getting irritated at the prospect of feeding into his management's whims. He could handle the job he had just fine without having to subject himself to such blatant false advertisement that would only make him deeply uncomfortable. 'To be fair, it already does.' "I can go with if you want." The female twin mentioned once Cole talked about graduation. "A nice tie would make you go a long way too. It's all about presentation. Charm their, uh... Dollars, off. That sounded better in my head." She blinked as she made the realization, prior to shrugging and finally taking a sip of her prized beverage. "Glad I don't have to go through that whole song and dance, to be honest. It sounds nerve wracking." Jamie knew job hunting kept Alex up at night, at least; he didn't mean to gloat about his position in life at all, but he couldn't help feeling relieved over the fact he had a number of contracts on his desk for him to sign the moment he graduated out of Tallygarunga.
  10. "Can I, really?" Jamie sarcastically replied at the idea of trusting Alex with his fashion choices. That woman had a wild imagination, and knowing her, she'd go to extreme lengths just to make fun of him in any way she thought possible. She'd probably suggest something like wearing cowboy hats or gentlemanly goatees or even playing Quidditch in a full suit to prove how manly he was - and it was quite frightening that she could actually do much worse than whatever he could come up with on the spot. "Hm... How about we install a seat on it and some huge handle bars chopper style? Go full Harley Davidson on the thing. Nothing sexier than a Harley Davidson." It would be a pretty funny look to watch soar through the air, the Squib thought. She wasn't that big a fan of Quidditch at all (specifically when it came to her twin playing), but she could see herself watching that for the hell of it. "Hey, don't touch my Firebolt." Jamie shoved his sister's shoulder lightly, which prompted her to laugh. "Or my hair. Or my outfit. Or anything." "Your self-consciousness is adorable."
  11. "We seriously need to work on your look." Alex spoke, a hint of mischievousness glinting in her eyes as she looked over at her brother. "Don't you think, Cole? He looks too much like a douchebag school boy right now. Maybe a little more beard, and have him let his hair grow a bit on the sides... Would do wonders for your ladies man self, my dear brother." She was a genius! Of course that would rake in even more money. If he was so follically gifted, why not take advantage? It looked like a waste, almost as if the demographic for his PR was just 'high school age females'. The man's ability to appeal across all sorts of demographics was being shamefully ignored. "You're both nuts." The man uttered with exasperation at his family's antics. Biker look? Formal look? He thought he was fine just the way he was. At least his management hadn't gotten oppressive enough to control what he wore, so long as he played his part to a T; but the two seemed more than content in covering that little oversight themselves. "You're welcome, Jamie's Vroom Brooms." Alex joked with a chuckle, taking on the idea Cole had tossed out onto the table. "If you're a celebrity, you gotta look like a million bucks. We'll handle it." A playful wink followed, one Jamie couldn't help but have a very bad feeling over. "...Why are you helping them again...?"
  12. "Oooooh, that's some heavy competition." Alex aided Cole in the little joke as he posed; although, in his defense, as well as the twins, she thought they were all very good looking. It was a bit of a mystery to Alex as to why she had been more successful in collecting stray, honest crushes from various people; it was exceptionally odd that Jamie had never even been out on a date at that. Maybe she should try to twist the arm of some of her contacts for that purpose. Briefly glancing at their cousin, she wondered if the pair could conspire about that behind Jamie's back. "Please, draw the attention away from me. You'd be my savior. I'll even pay you for that." It was quite nice to have such a lighthearted conversation with his family. It had been quite a while. Jamie had been so desperate that he was considering acquiring a property in Narragyambie for the sake of being close to someone, anyone at all. "Though you say that as if I can't pull off the look." "You can't. You're more of a... Formal suit with a naughty smirk kind of dude, if you wanna go all in with the charm." Alex enthused, having seen pictures of him at his last ball in Tallygarunga. "It'd be hilarious though. Guess I know what drawing I'm putting up on the Internet next." "H-Hey!"
  13. Before Jamie could reply to Cole's ideas, Alex had already interjected. "Bullshit, it's for you too. It's been us three against the world for like forever now, so don't gimme that. Go out of your apartment and meet a person or three and that's when we're doing this." While it was Cole's idea for that sort of meeting, it didn't sit well with Alex to watch her best friend sit on the sidelines. He deserved his time on the spotlight too, and she'd be willing to put in the work for him and his friends to have a good time. "...Anyway." Jamie cleared his throat. "I don't think any of that's necessary... This is still a Muggle bar after all. I meant more in the sense of, I get along with a given person, am hanging out with them somewhere outta here and then suddenly boom, photos. That's when it'd bother me." He already had to be particularly careful whenever he was in the company of a woman, almost any woman; not even for a paparazzi concern, but a management concern. They were very trigger happy when it came to the subject. "All the more excuse to stay indoors." His sister chimed in with an eyebrow wiggle, which prompted the Seeker to laugh, having to cover his mouth so not to bother the other patrons.
  14. Jamie shook his head at the idea of wanting to date someone. He didn't really knew anyone who catered to his interests - not that he knew anybody to begin with, but it was hard for him to find that one needle in the haystack that was a mountain of crazed fans following him wherever he went, or such was the curse that the team's managed cast upon him (at least metaphorically, or so he hoped). Unless someone introduced someone else to him, he didn't think he'd feel tempted to bend the rules anytime soon. However, the idea of asking old friends over gave him pause. Olivia had recently gotten in touch with him and would be a very valid candidate for such a thing; but, there was the issue that Alex didn't know she was back, and that girl had a bit of an explosive temper when it came to people vanishing off the face of the earth. Should Jamie let her know their friend was back? Should he try to have them meet up again prior to this event, whenever it would end up being, and hope for the best? Or should he just invite Olivia anyway and watch the spectacular explosion that would certainly soon ensue? "You don't even have classmates you can invite?" Alex asked Cole, placing her drink down on the table and leaning back on the comfortable booth. "I mean, I guess I can introduce you two to a bunch of Muggles, but you'll need some nice excuses when it comes to what the hell you do in your lives. Easier said than done. Especially you." She nudged Jamie with her elbow. "You're famous in your 'wizarding world' and all, but you're a nobody out here. You're gonna have to come up with a good excuse as to why there are cameras following you everywhere." "...On second thought, maybe no Muggles?" The boy gave a nervous smile. He really didn't want to deal with that.
  15. "Who should we invite, though?" Jamie asked aloud, although he was more thinking to himself than anything. The idea of a social gathering was something that very much catered to recent interests - with Alex's, Cole's, Shane's, Toriya's and Ana's sudden disappearances over the past few months to do who knows what, the Seeker had been left to his lonesome and it was a bit jarring to the man. He had never been social himself, having always benefited from other people's social circles. Once they all left, he didn't have much of a clue on how to approach people anymore, and his peculiar situation made it a fairly risky endeavor to even consider. "I could ask some teammates, I guess." He didn't necessarily get along with any of them, but they probably had their own circle of people they'd be interested in bringing, which in turn would make things easier for Jamie in general. "A couple people from back in the day got in touch with me recently too, but I think that's about it. What about you two?" "Friends? What even are those?" Alex joked between sips. "I mean, I can ask former coworkers? I'm not exactly big on 'wizard friends' like you guys are, and I'm gonna go ahead and assume this surprise of yours has some weird magical nature." She motioned her head towards Cole as she spoke. "So it'd probably be a bad idea to bring a Muggle in." At least she had the presence of mind to speak in a bit of a lower tone, knowing they were in what was very much a magic-free area. "Outside of that though, my contacts list is pretty slim. Whaddya got?" She asked her cousin. He was in college. It was likely that he knew more people than the twins combined.
Jamie Devin Collins
Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine 0
22 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age:  22
Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1997
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, Living Merch Machine
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: He/Him
Patronus: Fox
Wand: English oak, unicorn hair, rigid flexibility, 9''
Play-by: Cody Christian

1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House


While often a little awkward and shy towards new people, he quickly becomes a bit of a jokester when surrounded by people he deems as friends, a direct influence from his sister. He has a hard time trusting people but he's a dedicated friend overall, even if sometimes absent/prone to creating rifts in relationships due to throwing himself at Quidditch. He doesn't seem to have any 'type' when it comes to getting along with people, being quite capable of befriending them if he sees them as being good.


Family is everything to Jamie and the vast majority of his decisions in life keep them front and center, especially when it comes to his mother. Having been the victim of child abandonment at the hand of his father, Jamie goes out of his way to ensure they're all provided and care for regardless of personal cost as seen with him willingly catering to his employer's PR needs. Despite not agreeing with them on multiple occasions (especially with his sister), the trauma created a very strong bond among them all and they seem to move past issues between themselves more easily than most people would.


Jamie has no experience in this area, having never dated before, and is quite dense when it comes to it - he's so used to people fawning over him due to his newfound fame (which deliberately places him as a heartthrob due to PR, no less) that he has a hard time distinguishing: people are either catering to his Quidditch persona, or they're just being friendly. 

Being the awkward and shy sort, it's likely that having such feelings grow for someone would exacerbate such things and it would be hard to miss. That being said, it's likely that he doesn't pursue anything unless very serious about it as his contract explicitly states he's not allowed to date anybody.


With fame comes detractors. He lets such things roll off his back, having learned the hard way not to take it personally; he might even be motivated to amp his fake attitude up to eleven for the sake of free publicity. As for 'haters' beyond his work, he's yet to face any; he does perceive his father as an enemy, however, and if he were to see him again, he'd find it difficult not to punch the man in the face.

  • He actually detests being a 'living merch machine';
  • Sometimes gets the urge to just leave and travel the world, but would never do it because of what happened with his father;
  • Is pansexual, but is scared team management won't like knowing that;
  • Sometimes goes around town wearing his hoodie to avoid being recognized;
  • Cannot Apparate to save his life;
  • Has a needle phobia;
  • Despite his ladies man persona, he hasn't actually dated anyone in his life.
General Knowledge
  • One of the few people around whom actually owns a Firebolt;
  • Has a thing for bodybuilding, although not on a competition level;
  • Living with his twin sister in Melbourne, but goes to Narrie very frequently;
  • Doesn't seem to have too many actual friends, even within the team;
  • His Quidditch style makes it seem like he has a death wish.

Contrary to popular belief, Jamie isn't an irredeemable ladies man with a smack talking mean streak - that's just to sell merchandise, and it works. While he is playful and a bit of a jokester around his friends, he's actually a somewhat shy and quiet man around everybody else whom keeps to himself.

While easy to befriend, it actually takes a very long time to earn his trust due to past events in his life. He's not as bad as his sister in that endeavor, certainly, but one could argue he's not too far behind. That lack of trust also created a very closed off family mentality, meaning he tends to care for himself and them first, and everyone else comes after. He's sometimes mistaken as selfish for that.

He doesn't really like making enemies, able to keep his cool in most hostile situations, although saying the right couple things will make him snap and swing his fists at the provoker. He's particularly touchy whenever someone references his father in any way.

Jamie is very much a thrill seeker, and his dangerous (yet effective) tactics while playing Quidditch are a testament to that, and part of what he's known for. The adrenaline makes him feel like his survival matters, in sharp contrast to how he felt when his father left.

He's very private and resents the type of life his fame brought him, but his unwavering loyalty to his mother keeps him from throwing it all away and makes him give it his best. He's also very idealistic and a romantic, but he rarely gets to display those views at all due to his fractured upbringing and its consequences.


Jamie is 185 cm tall, just above average for the country. His body is very athletic, muscular and well built from working out constantly for fun. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, much like his twin sister. His hair is somewhat short, but he occasionally gels it upwards. He tends to keep a stubble, and grows a chin patch every now and then.


Jamie Devin and Alex Melody were born to a pureblood mother and a muggle father in Melbourne, Australia. Their mother had fallen madly in love with a cartoonist whom lived in the area, and wound up moving from Narrie to Melbourne because of it, leaving the rest of the family behind. It so happened that Jamie was born a wizard, and Alex a squib.

Their early childhood was fairly uneventful. His mother homeschooled him for the basics of wizardry rather than shipping him off to school so soon, while their father focused on Alex and her talent for gymnastics. All seemed well and good in their upbringing until the point when they were around eight years old - their father just decided to leave without so much of an explanation, breaking everyone to varying extremes.

Jamie thinks he got the least of it - he wasn't the man's lover, and Alex was far more attached to him. This was displayed over the course of their lifetimes, as Jamie managed to keep himself somewhat grounded while Alex rebelled and treaded the line between stupid and dangerous many times.

The family soon fell on hard times financially. They decided to send Jamie to Tally because it was a public school, and because his uncle's family lived nearby. His uncle became a father figure as he grew up attending that school, and his father's departure never had much time to set in and take over his mind in the first place.

Eventually the rest of the family moved back to Narrie - they hadn't sold their house and they needed support from the uncle's family, whom was glad to provide it. Alex had grown somewhat distant despite still befriending Jamie, perhaps out of jealousy for his powers and isolation. Despite all the issues between them, however, they remained the best of friends.

Jamie quickly figured out he wasn't cut out for academic work, having an extraordinarily hard time to keep up with anything that involved theory - Potions were by far his worst subject, and it threatened to hold him back in his education many times. Instead he excelled in combat magic, charms, and primarily: Quidditch.

Throughout his school career he became a fantastic Seeker for his house, even becoming the Captain of the team at one point. This unnatural talent didn't go unnoticed by Melbourne's local team either - he was recruited straight out of school to play in the big leagues, and his hard work paid off almost immediately.

A side talent was discovered, however - the man was very marketable. Building a bad boy, ladies man, faster than sound type of persona for the public, the team managed to churn out all sorts of merch. The fortune he made out of it made it possible to buy a Firebolt out of his own earnings at a young age, even before he was recruited by the Australian national team.

It's a recent promotion. Now, Jamie must figure out how to prove himself to all the doubters whom think he was handpicked precisely because of his merch selling talents. But he can't help but question the team's intentions himself, sometimes. Does he really belong?


With the year rolling over and most of his buddies graduating from college and moving on with their lives, his own twin included, Jamie found himself to be too solitary to his liking. The loneliness, coupled with the pressure coming from his PR management, was starting to become too much to bear. Luckily, after the grand return of one of his friends, he became inspired to work more on himself for a change - and perhaps even move back to Narragyambie, where he feels he truly belongs. He can't help feeling poorly about leaving Alex behind, though.

Jamie Collins December 2, 2018
Type: Open Jamie Collins.
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