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  1. Invite The Drop

    "Hey, hey," Alan kept his voice soft, calm, reaching up to try and bring Audrey back down to the seat beside him. "If you wanna start sketching, I'll get the book for you, hm? Maybe Lauren has some ideas on what she might like? Colours, shapes, that sort of thing," he turned his head a little to raise an eyebrow at his returned daughter. From what he had heard so far, he had no doubt that Lauren had a nice list of wants. The brow was a warning not to upset Audrey any further. The process of sketching though, he felt, might soothe her. Give her something to focus on, something she could solve. Once his parents got wind of what was happening, they wouldn't delay in coming over. Alan supposed he should send a note to Steve and Baz too, get all the kids here. Have them meet Lauren. Was that... a good idea, though? All three of them, Sarah especially, were impressionable and easily influenced. And Tavi already had more than enough attitude, she didn't need lessons from Lauren. Cam... well poor Cameron was just going to be devastated that he had a third sister. Alan rubbed at the bridge of his nose, before summoning Audrey's sketchbook with his wand. No, he had to be more positive about this. Lauren just hadn't had any good role models herself. She wasn't here to corrupt the kids, but learn from them. And him. And Audrey. He wondered how it was that the girl had developed this way at all, but realised that Lillian being Adele's mother too, clearly didn't have any sort of talent for the parenting thing. There was a lot to undo here. Where had she been all this time? And how had she visited his dreams? Those were questions for another day. True to form, the front door opened and Alan heard the tell-tale sound of his father wiping his boots. The house had belonged to Laurie's parents before Alan, and some habits died hard. Smaller footsteps thundered along the floorboards until Tavi burst into the room, making a beeline for Audrey. Alan couldn't help a smile there. Tavi couldn't fit on Audrey's knee comfortably anymore, but she hugged her shins with gusto. "Hey Tavi," he said. "Got some exciting news, kiddo. This is your sister Lauren. She's going to be living with us now." Octavia frowned in confusion, and looked from Lauren to Audrey and back. That made no sense. "Nan said when I get a sister or brother Audrey won't be fat anymore," she said, tilting her head to one side, and pointing at Audrey's belly. "You're still fat." Alan winced, and tried not to laugh. "Pregnant, Tavi. Not fat. And this is a different sister. You still have another sister or brother on the way."
  2. Invite The Drop

    To Lauren's relief, the news of David's murder was enough for Alan to break away and let her breathe again. Even when Adrian and Meri went their separate ways, Dave had stayed to be with Adele---and through Audrey Alan had got to know him better. Liked him, even. Certainly admired the change in Adele while he was around. Now he was gone, and not just from yet another lover's spat, he was really gone. Violently, permanently gone. And the threat of Sollozzo was back and stronger than ever. "Yeah, c'mon babe," alongside his cousin, Alan helped Audrey back to a chair. Eager to push his own confused emotions to the side for later processing, he wrapped his arms around Audrey and held her tight. Dave was as much part of the family to her as his own brothers. "If you see Del before I get a chance to contact her, make sure she knows to take all the time she needs. Library books will still be overdue when she's ready to come back," he tried to make a joke. It didn't work very well. "Want me to get you anything, Auds?" he murmured, slipping fast into what he did best: looking after others. Lauren in the meantime took a seat herself, opposite her father and his girlfriend. She watched them with a sharp and critical eye, the levels of emotion here were beyond intense. Not something she dealt with well. Lillian simply sat quiet and let it all unfold. Though her part in this had been critical, it was better that the most of this came from Stuart, who both Audrey and Alan knew and trusted. "I don't have any clothes suited to this climate," Lauren said lightly, carrying the previous conversation back from lack of anything else to say. "I should be very interested to see what there is to purchase, whenever is convenient. Obviously Adele is in no condition to assist in these matters, but if we are being honest she was always rather terrible at the mother thing. Which is why I am here with you, Daddy." she smiled so brightly, while Lillian pursed her lips. This was precisely the reason Lauren was here. Not because Adele was a terrible mother. She had been, she was always making mistakes but she tried and she learned and Lillian knew that her daughter was a better parent than she had ever been. No doubt Adele's daughters would improve on that too, and so on down the line. Lauren was so stuck in what Adele had been she couldn't see who she was now. But no, this controlling and commanding nature had to be curbed. Lillian could already see how Lauren was plotting ways to make this life more suited to herself, and she was terrible at taking no for an answer. Nothing a bit of time within a proper family unit wouldn't fix, though.
  3. Invite The Drop

    There it was. The truth Alan knew, didn't dare believe. Didn't dare even think. The bowl of cereal tumbled out of his frozen hand, crashed to the worn carpet and spilled out among the toys. He stared. And stared. And when his lungs began to protest, he remembered to breathe. Alan wasn't sure when his heart had started racing like this, but now it was thumping at top speed. He felt dizzy, confused, like his chest was about to break open and his heart burst out of its cage like a frightened bird. The lump in his throat grew, and he stared at Lauren still more. "Sorry I've been away, Daddy," Lauren said after a long moment. "Lillian says I must stay with you and attend Tallygarunga. Is that acceptable? I would like to be in Lorelei's class. Perhaps on weekends you could teach me to really ride a bike?" she referenced the dreams with such ease, when no one other than Audrey knew what he dreamed of. All this time, it had been truly her? Alan tried to find words. "You.. you had blue eyes." he managed weakly. Lauren merely shrugged. "When I was an infant, yes. They were blue. Now they are grey." her tone was so certain Alan could only nod. That made sense, didn't it? Like puppies or kittens, born with blue eyes only for them to change as they grew older. That... must have happened here. He didn't question further, and Lauren didn't explain either. "Of course you can live---Audrey, she can, can't she?" Alan doubted that Audrey would refuse, but he had to check. He wasn't sure of anything right now. Alan stood, his knees shaking slightly and he walked straight through the milk-sodden carpet, on top of the toys and soggy cereal bits. Both hands reached for Lauren, trembling fingers hovered either side of her cheeks and he wondered how he could not have known the instant he saw her. His baby girl was here, looking back at him, perfectly whole and healthy. It didn't even matter how it had happened or how she looked so much older than she should. She was alive. With a strangled sob, he pulled her in to a tight hug. Lauren, apparently unsure of how to respond to this, stared over his shoulder and allowed it to happen. Alan's face was red, his breathing was ragged and laboured, and---yes, he was crying. Lauren felt tears drip into her hair, and she worried a moment that perhaps Adele had been right about the news being too much for Alan. "Perhaps you best sit down before your body gives out," she said, at the same time a little desperate to escape this intense physical affection.
  4. Invite The Drop

    "What?" Alan protested through a mouthful of milk and cereal. "Ain't my fault they decided to come here during my breakfast!" he kept the bowl with him, still eating as he moved out onto the porch with Audrey and watched the group advanced. He wasn't ready for what was to come. How could he be? He found himself staring at the women who accompanied Stuart, eye bouncing from one to the other as he tried to figure out where he had seen them before. The elder was clearly related to Adele in some way, and perhaps that was why she looked so familiar, but the teenager... he just couldn't quite grasp it. Still, Stuart seemed serious about whatever business they were here on. He nodded and held the door open with his not-cereal-holding hand, allowing the group to pass through and into the house where the rest of his second breakfast lay out on the table. And the change table as well, a dumb grin floating to his lips as he saw it. Yeah, he'd done good with this one. The lounge was probably a better place to relax though, and that was where they headed. Through the myriad of toys scattered across the thin carpet, to hand-me-down couches that probably needed replacing but were too comfortable for anyone to go through with it. They had belonged to Alan's grandmother at one point, and still had the faded frilly floral coverings on them. Now settled in the modest, but very comfortable, room, Alan had a chance to look at the young girl more closely. There was something about her. Something that his heart knew, that his brain refused to put into words. He knew without knowing, and soon he was staring. The bowl of cereal was all-but forgotten, still in his hand, and the girl looked away whenever his eyes tried to meet hers. Unsure of what else to do, he reached across to take Audrey's hand. "Sorry 'bout the mess," Alan said sheepishly. "So um... you had news, I guess?" All the while, that feeling was building. Deflecting it with a light tone and apologies wasn't making it go away. Alan knew his life was about to change. He just... couldn't quite figure out how yet.
  5. Invite The Drop

    Alan Burdett
    There was no such thing as a sleep-in in the Burdett house. Alan was habitually an early-riser, and so too were the children. As Audrey got closer and closer to her due date, the family had also started pitching in more---Tavi had spent the night with her grandparents on a special sleepover, while Cam and Sarah had gone across the property early to help Steve and Baz with chores for the morning. This was all designed so that Alan and Audrey could have a little alone time together before the baby arrived, but relaxation was not something that he nor Audrey did well. They were both chronic nesters, and so the house had been turned around and perfected ready for the new arrival. And Alan was admiring his latest work, a change table he'd built himself without any use of magic, while eating second breakfast. He'd come a long way with his carpentry over the years. It was proving to be a more practical, and less destructive, hobby than his potion experiments that routinely destroyed his makeshift lab in the back paddock. No, this was actually useable. It even looked decent. Some might even say it was good. He had it set up in the kitchen, ready to surprise Audrey. They hadn't heard from Rachel since her late night visit, though a set of signed divorce papers had found their way to the lawyers. Alan hadn't expected the official dissolution of his marriage to be such a weight off his shoulders, and yet it was. No longer legally tied to Rachel, the future was theirs for the taking. Everything seemed to have fallen nicely into place, his life back on track, albeit many years after he'd hoped. You couldn't take back that time though, only make the most of what came next. His eye caught movement through the screen door, figures advancing down the long drive. Squinting, Alan picked up his gigantic bowl of cereal, carrying it with him to the porch as he tried to identify the group. Stuart was one, and the woman looked like Del---but not like her. He frowned. Did Stu have a new girlfriend he hadn't told anyone about? Why the heck would anyone date Adele's stunt double? Alan shrugged to himself. He'd find out soon enough. "Ey, Auds," he called back into the house. "Stu's bringin' us visitors."
  6. Open The Girl With No Name

    "He always had a way of bein' miserable 'bout one thing or another," Alan shrugged. He thought it was amusing. He was pretty sure that Matt had these additional eyes that somehow picked up on the potential bad in everything, and then worried about it. He had always worried about things that Alan couldn't comprehend, but then---Matt's life had hardly been an easy one. Alan saw it as his duty to help Matt lighten up when required, which.... usually involved pranks at Matt's expense that he didn't enjoy at all. Such a serious man he was. "Always been real independent, but. Didn't have much of a choice, the poor bloke. Wasn't like it was for the rest of us, y'know? Just had to worry 'bout school and getting decent grades so we could go do whatever we wanted. Wouldn't have mattered what he wanted to do, all his energy was gone lookin' after his Mum. Skipping classes, leaving early, that sorta thing. Even if that hadn't been the case, they never would have been able to afford him going anywhere after school. Him 'n' his brother, all their uniforms was hand-me-downs from us cause otherwise they'd have nothing, y'know? All of that, an' he still got the job here and worked himself near to death so's Adam could go to uni." Alan shrugged. "He can be a misery sometimes, but the world ain't been nice to him." Alan turned a little to watch Matt, so thin and so frail, argue with Ems. He truly didn't deserve this, that was the bit that made it all that much harder. "Matt was always the voice of reason in our lot. We bloody needed it too, y'know. Me n' Stu n' Baz n' Steve, bloody lot of idiots when we think we've got a good idea. Can't see past how fun it's gonna be to all the ways it could go bad, but Matt always did. He was a proper adult before the rest of us even knew how to tie our own shoes. He ain't ever had anyone there to look after him, and he ain't happy about it now."
  7. Invite An Uncomplicated Life

    "Honestly, no idea." Alan shook his head. It seemed like Rachel had listened, at least---she had gone away quietly. Whether it stuck was yet to be seen. It was definitely the quickest she'd given up, and the lack of screaming was good. He hoped she would take it in, assess where she was at and start taking steps toward being part of the kids' lives again. It was far too late to mend his broken relationship to her, but the kids were young and forgiving. A few years of reliable Rachel and they might even forget this had been a problem. Alan didn't dare hope for that, though. All he could do was try and ensure the rest of their lives was stable and supportive. He nestled his chin in against the crook of her neck, slight stubble against her smooth skin. Seeing Rachel always had one positive effect: it made him appreciate what he had all the more. Alan had only ever been a single parent in name. Audrey had always been there to help, and he genuinely couldn't believe that this was what she wanted. He'd long stopped arguing though, better to focus his efforts on making Audrey happy than to convince her that this was something that would ruin her life. "Ah," Alan chuckled lightly. "Can't even keep still when she's sleeping, that one." She had been sleepwalking almost since she could walk. The walls of her crib had been extended time and time again, because the little blighter didn't just sleep walk, she sleep climbed. Alan wondered what the kid dreamt about that set her so frequently down the halls at all hours, but when he asked she never could remember. Standing here, in the still of the night, everything felt strangely peaceful. Alan closed his eyes, letting it all wash over him. "I am going to ask you to marry me," he murmured after a moment. "Not now. But soon. I already asked your dad, got his permission. Bit old fashioned, but... he seems like that type," not that Alan needed the blessing. It was just nice to have. "Still working on Meri. When you tell her, I want her to be happy and get excited with you. Like it should be. I don't want it getting all mixed up with the baby, and written off as something we thought we have to do. I want the world to know that the only reason we're getting married, is because I love you. I need you. And you are the most amazing partner and mother to our children that a man could ask for."
  8. Invite An Uncomplicated Life

    Alan couldn't fathom what planet Rachel must be on, to believe she had any right to be here. Every time she came back, it was like the last episode hadn't happened at all. She never learned. Just kept returning with the same old rubbish when it suited her. She was winding up for a big attack, but Alan just shook his head and put up a hand before she could start. "I don't know what you want me to say, Rach. I don't know what you want me to do." he said. "No amount of coming here in the middle of the night to blame me is going to make that true. You broke this, Rachel. You're the one who walked out. On me, on our kids. And not just once. But every single time we began to feel settled, you ran. For a long time I wondered why, what I was doing that meant you couldn't stay here with me. Why you would come back, promising to be the wife and mother those kids need---and then leave again. Without a word. Why you could never tell me what was so wrong, what was so hard for you here, that you left our newborn daughter in the hospital," Alan shook his head. "At some point you're gonna have to face it. I'm not the reason Tavi doesn't know you. Audrey's not taking your kids away, she's trying to fill the gap that you left behind. Trying to give them what you should have been giving them all this time. You haven't been pushed out, you chose this. I want the kids to know their mum, but I can't let you just run in and out of their lives like this. Whatever I feel, it's not even relevant anymore, Rach." Rachel had fallen silent during his gentle tirade, hands falling to her sides. "What do you feel, Alan?" she asked. He shook his head. "I feel like I can't waste any more of my life trying to be what you need. I never stopped loving you, Rachel, but it's pretty clear now that this---this isn't what you want. If it was, you would have stayed. You would have talked to me. We would have got through it together. I feel like I deserve a chance to be happy with someone who does trust me," he turned his head back toward the screen door, to where he could hear Audrey running the tap. "What I've got with Audrey is real. Even before we got together like this, it was real. She was there. Always there. She put up with me, she put the kids first and no one ever asked it of her. She kept me together every time you left. Distracted the kids every birthday you didn't show up for. And I don't even pretend to understand why she'd want to be with me, but I'll happily spend the rest of my life making it worth her time." Alan stood, picking up his beer from beside the chair. "If you wanna see the kids, that's fine. Come by in the morning. I don't want you out of their lives, I really don't. Once a week at least. Make it a priority. Their hearts are plenty big enough for you and Audrey both." he turned back toward the door, opening the screen. "And bring the papers. Signed. It's time to move on, Rach. It's time we were both free." With a gentle nod, he slipped inside the door and left Rachel to see herself back down the driveway. To his surprise, she didn't argue--turned and walked away, the fight gone out of her shoulders. Alan sighed heavily, finding Audrey and slipping his arms around her. "She wake any of the kids?"
  9. Invite An Uncomplicated Life

    "I think she does," Alan groaned. Rachel never turned up during the day. It was always at the most inconvenient times, either the middle of the night or while they were trying to have dinner. Then she got upset when she was asked to leave. No doubt this would be no different, but---Alan had a few choice things to say before that happened. Now Rachel was close enough that he could see the scrunched up sheet of paper in her hand, the ferocity of her stamped footsteps. Soon as she was close enough, the shouting began. The usual "how dare you, why would you hurt me like this" spewed forth, but there was an undertone of extra nasty in it this time. "So it is true," she hissed, waving a hand at Audrey. "Students Alan, really?" Alan closed his eyes and counted to five. One hand kept firm at Audrey's belly, because having her race out and attack Rachel also wasn't a good idea. "If you're asking whether I am in a relationship with Audrey, who is a grown woman, then yes. Rachel. It is true," he said as calmly as he could. "We're also having a child, and I expect she'll be in my life for a long time yet. Probably longer than you bothered to be." he couldn't resist that last barb. Seeing her still hurt. Sure, she was crazy, he knew that. Didn't mean he didn't still see the woman he'd fallen in love with. It was hard to reconcile who Rachel was now, with who she had been. "So she's going to take my kids away from me?" "You're doing a damn good job of that yourself, Rach," Alan snapped. "Might as well make it bloody official. Tavi barely knows who you are, and it's not my fault. If you really wanna make an effort, I'm never going to stop you---but I'll be damned if I let you hurt them just because you know it hurts me. If that's all you've got, be a mother for once in your damn life and do what's best for them. Audrey has been there. For them, and for me." Rachel crossed her arms, standing on the ground opposite Alan and Audrey. "No judge alive will decide this in your favour," she said. "Maybe I'll sue for custody." "Then what, Rach? Have it documented properly when you run off again, leaving them with me? Maybe no judge will sign off on it now, but you can damn well bet that there will be a time, and there will be a place, and you have got nothing that says you've been any sort of mother to those kids. You don't deserve them. And they deserve better than you." the growl in Alan's voice rumbled through his chest, making even Max look up in surprise. "Sign the fucking divorce papers, Rachel. Or you'll lose more than just that bit of paper, I fucking promise you that."
  10. Invite An Uncomplicated Life

    "'Cause if I don't remember something as simple as that right," Alan murmured softly. "What else am I forgetting about her?" He was deathly afraid of forgetting. She had barely been in his life and then she was gone, a split-second he'd been trying to hang onto for a decade. Alan was certain that he would remember if Lauren's eyes really had been grey like his, but he seemed to be the only person who had such a memory at all. In the back of his mind niggled the worry that, aside from potentially forgetting his own daughter, this might be the start of greater memory issues to be had down the road. He let a hand rest on Audrey's stomach, but this time didn't find the comfort in it that he normally did. What if the kid grew up with a father that forgot more than he remembered? Maybe he was more like Max than he dared to admit. Old and falling apart. The thoughts vanished as he caught sight of movement on the driveway. Max's head perked up, and Alan frowned. It wasn't entirely uncommon for people to make their way to the Burdett home at all hours of the night, his brothers forgot where they lived on occasion on the way back from the Roo. Sometimes his mother couldn't sleep, and would let herself in to cook everyone breakfast. Occasionally it was Susan, trying to sneak in as a surprise. That walk, though. That determined, angry walk---he knew that too well. "Shit," he muttered. "I thought she'd been too bloody quiet." So far, Rachel had made every excuse under the sun to avoid signing the divorce papers. She was too busy, or out of the country, or whatever ridiculous reason popped into her head. After literal months of being pushed back, Alan had come back fighting. He had submitted a request to have Audrey adopt their three children legally, severing any last legal right Rachel had to the kids. He knew, for the most part, the courts would not approve it based on the newness of his and Audrey's relationship. But the intent was genuine, and had the added bonus of lighting a fire under Rachel. If she wanted the kids to be recognised as hers, she was going to have to do something. "She got my letter, I see," he said, and merely sat back with Audrey on his knee, waited for the storm to roll in. "Can't believe I need to threaten her like that for her to even bother showing up."
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  13. Chalk and Cheese

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  14. Because Adele

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  15. Cameron Burdett

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