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  1. If Lauren is what I have to look forward to from Sarah, Tavi and Merrilea... Cam and I might just go hide in a cave somewhere. No horses allowed.

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      Audrey Adagathguarde

      Oh come on now, they'll have my wonderful influence! And I'm the best, right? 

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      Derrick Ackers

      That's Auds way of saying, 'No chance of survival even in caves!'

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      Audrey Adagathguarde

      Let's be real. There's not a hiding place of Alan's that I haven't found. And never will be. :D 

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    Edmund and Ammelie were, as expected, very confused by the notion of Lauren suddenly being "not dead" as Audrey described it. Unfortunately, Alan wasn't able to describe it any better. He tried, though, in between attending to Audrey and being abused (as he expected would happen, and he made notes of her more amusing insults to remind her of later). The whole thing was beyond his own comprehension, and the best he could really say was that it was "some weird thing about Adele's family" and the end result was that he now had a teenage Lauren living with them. The blank stares and empty nods were the best he could hope for. They would meet Lauren herself soon enough. And then... there was crying. First the baby, then the rest of them all at once as his newest daughter made herself known in the world. Alan's chest tightened and expanded simultaneously, he would never get used to this feeling. He never wanted to. The world could be a terrible and bleak place, but this moment was everything. He couldn't speak, just held Audrey's hand tight and hoped that the look on his face, the squeeze in his palm, the tears on his cheeks---all of that would do for now, and she would know he was so proud of her. So amazed by her. What she had just been through was no small feat and he couldn't believe it was even possible. Audrey had done this. She was... she was everything. Absolutely everything. Words still weren't happening, and so as the doctors brought the baby girl over he listened to Audrey's tired words and nodded. Whatever she wanted, she could have. She had to have. He wouldn't allow her to be disappointed, or hurt, or anything bad he was going to protect her from everything for the rest of time. He swore it. No one who could produce miracles like these deserved any pain. Ever. All of Alan's emotions were brimming over, he didn't even notice that Meri had a hand to her mouth and was also crying happily at the name. Perfection. Utter perfection. "You are... so many kinds of incredible, Auds," he said finally. "Please marry me. Really. Please." That wasn't at all how he'd intended to propose. He cursed himself after, this was not the speech he'd had prepared (he couldn't remember a damn word of it now) or the place, or the time, or anything. None of it was right, but it had just happened.
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    "I think she might have said 'golly gosh' at one point," Edmund mused. "That's when I knew she was in extreme pain." It was about as close to swearing as Ammeleine had ever got in the entire time Edmund had known her. She was prim and proper to a fault, and while Edmund did love that about her, he was also glad that his daughters had developed a wider sense of freedom in what they could say and be. He knew that if Audrey was unhappy with something, she wouldn't keep it locked behind a wall of proprietry, she would do something about it. The swearing and brutal honesty might have upset Ammeleine's delicate properness at times, but Edmund was much happier knowing his daughters were happy, rather than perfect ladies. Meri, on the other hand, seemed quite anxious just being in the room. Her gaze darted between the monitors and Audrey, each sound making her flinch. The smell of chemical cleaning was stuck in her nostrils, and Meri had never liked hospitals to start with. But this was a big day for Audrey, she had to be here---had to be supporting her sister, even though just being here made her sick with fear. She kept her silence, but Alan noticed. "I hate to ask, Mer," he said casually after checking QuillBook. "But we could be here a long while yet, and Mum's got all four kids there now. Steve and Baz are no help, would you mind going and giving her a hand?" Marie could handle the kids. Even with Steve and Barry hanging around. But Alan could see that Meri needed to get out, and while he couldn't offer a less stressful option, he could at least offer her an out that didn't have so many doctors. "We'll send for you when it's time, the kids love you---so maybe you'll be able to keep them under control." Alan gave her a lop-sided smile. Meri dithered. "I--I guess I could do that, I mean... if it's okay with you, Audrey? I'll be straight back soon as you message. Promise." Meri said, somehow unaware that this was a favour to her, and not to Alan's mother. Alan hadn't wanted to hurt her pride, after all. He squeezed Audrey's hand. He was here, her parents were here, there was no need for Meri to be tortured by staying in the hospital room through all the drama. And besides... an extra pair of eyes was never a bad thing when Tavi was around.
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    Each of Audrey's family leaned in and gave her the kiss and hug as demanded, Meri first with a smile stretching her lips uncomfortably. She hoped, maybe, that the smile would distract Audrey from the red around her eyes. She knew about David, and was devastated. This news had at least pulled her away from that grief, though not entirely. This was, in Meri's eyes, the most frightening part of Audrey's pregnancy. This was the point where Adrian had been forced to choose between Meri or their baby, and Meri hadn't yet forgiven the choice he made. She didn't know if she ever really would. Edmund was next, leaning down with a proper and excited smile to greet his youngest daughter. He gave a nod to Alan, the silent communication between the two men enough to suggest that Edmund was content with the happiness he saw in Audrey and wasn't about to whisk her off back to England and to some posh twat who would treat her "better". Alan relaxed visibly after that nod, but knew he was still getting The Eye from Meri. He knew the tragic story of her first and only pregnancy, the rift that had destroyed her marriage to Adrian. How she could have expected that Adrian would choose the baby---well. Alan didn't know what he would do in the same circumstance. Either option made him want to be violently sick. Last was Ammeleine, who was lucky enough to press her lips against Audrey's forehead at the exact same time as Audrey let out the most unlady-like string of words she'd ever heard out of her daughter's mouth. Appalled, she gave a firm tap of disapproval to Audrey's shoulder, because you were never too old to be scolded by your mother. "Enough of that language, Audrey dear," she tutted, before busying herself about the bed, making sure that everything was tucked in where it should be---that Audrey had enough pillows, fussing around as mothers do when there's nothing else they can do to help. Alan pretended to yawn, the only good reason he could think of to lift a hand to his mouth and hide his amusment---and pride. Audrey was a proper Narrie girl now with expletives like that. "We need to get a doc in here, Auds?" Alan asked, once he had finally got his face back to some sort of respectable frown over the pain Audrey was clearly in. "Or is there something else we can get to help?"
  6. Invite Unbreakable

    Alan couldn't help the smile that crept across his face when she called him Batman. He was also glad that the bags had been sent, rather than taken over---there would be time enough later for the overwhelming flood of well-wishers and stickybeaks. They didn't need anyone else here right now. Except her parents, obviously, because that's what Audrey wanted. Alan wasn't too sure on that personally, but if it made Audrey happy then it would be done. Alan wasn't able to go through the pain of childbirth for her, so he would have to settle the pain of dealing with the in-laws. He snuggled a little closer, determined to enjoy this moment before Audrey started hurling abuse at him. It would happen, and Alan was certain it would also be mildly hilarious. Still, he preferred to cuddle rather than be yelled at. Alan grinned at the suggestion of Kate dressing up, snorting in amusement as Audrey added Matt to that list. "Dunno if you remember quite what Matto's like," he said with a grin. "But he ain't big on dressing up. Or fun. Or even drinking, which is pretty weird considering what he does." But mentally, Alan was already imagining Matt in a Robin suit. Something that was too short at the arms and legs for the man's lanky body, and the severely unimpressed frown that would come with it. Kate would find it very amusing, and the charm idea wasn't half bad. Surely between the three of them, they could get that to work? Convention wasn't that far away, it was definitely something to look into. He checked QuillBook again quickly, huffing a small laugh. "They're here," he said. "Mez sure doesn't waste time. You want me to have them sent in?"
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    With his free hand, Alan checked Quillbook again. "Meri's got them rounded up and out the door already, by the look of it," he reassured her with a smile. Audrey's bag was waiting for them in the room, which wasn't a surprise either. Stuart was good at things like that. Heck, Alan was pretty sure Stuart was good at everything. Had Alan more confidence in himself, it might have been a rivalry---but Alan had always known he couldn't compete. Stuart was naturally smarter, stronger, better-looking. Alan had his own strengths, that he never gave himself enough credit for, but the biggest factor was that he'd never been as ambitious as Stuart. Nor had he really wanted anything more glamorous than he had. Alan was annoyed enough by the politics involved in running a school, he didn't mix well with career politicians (having a habit of pointing out they were full of shit) and never did well in the city. That didn't stop him from comparing his achievements to Stuart's success, and feeling just a little like the backwards country cousin. While he was extremely grateful that Stuart had sent the bags over, he wished he'd bloody thought to get them himself. Given himself a chance to be the hero of the day, because that was what he did want. Alan didn't really care that outside of Narrie, he was just some relation to the Australian Minister of Magic. A nobody. At the school, he was the headmaster. At home, he was Dad. To Audrey, he wanted to be her hero. "I'm not gonna let you go," he promised, settling himself against the bed. Alan knew that he couldn't promise that everything would be fine, even if there was a very big chance it would be. He wouldn't lie. He wouldn't make promises he couldn't keep. What he could promise was that he would be there. That they would be alright, even if the day was not. Whatever came next, they would face it together. "We will be alright, sweetheart. It's all pretty scary, though." Alan admitted. "If there's anything you need or want, you tell me. Okay? I'll make it happen."
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    Damnit. He'd forgotten the bag. That was four out of four times, now. Eventually he was going to learn, right? The excitement of rushing off to the hospital had always meant that the little things got skipped, and he cringed. It wasn't the end, though. Just as he had three times before, he could fix this. Alan squeezed Audrey's hand, walking fast alongside the bed as they moved through corridors. "Hey, I'm not going anywhere," he reminded her. "I'll get someone to bring it up, it'll be here when you need it. Promise." Alan had more than enough family in Narrie to sort it out, and if they were unavailable---there were plenty of other people around to help outside of them. He was pretty sure Ems would have it here in seconds, all he had to do was ask. Once they got settled in the next room, he would send off another few messages. If---of course---Stuart hadn't already realised and sent it over. That was a big possibility too. At least Audrey seemed calmer. Alan's own concerns had been quickly flooded by excitement, he'd been counting down to this day from the moment Audrey told him about the pregnancy. Whatever happened from here, was going to happen. Good or bad. There was no point in holding back, worrying about it. Alan was going to throw himself into the moment and if that ended in pain, then it would have always ended in pain. He doubted it though. So far, aside from their dramatic arrival, everything seemed quite normal. "Anyone particular you'd like to bring it up?" he asked, aware that whoever got that honour would no doubt want to stick around and be one of the first to see the baby. Alan's job, for the forseeable future, was going to be ensuring that people didn't overwhelm Audrey in their eagerness to meet the new arrival. Everyone would want to come all at once, and that was exhausting at the best of times, let alone with a newborn to look after. This part, Alan was confident would go well. It was after that he worried about. After, when the excitement was over and the reality of five kids in the house was weighing on them. While he believed Audrey would handle it better than Rachel did, the worry niggled at him all the same. But all he could do was make sure she had all the support she could possibly need, and let life go as it would.
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    "She, hm?" Alan raised an eyebrow with a grin. He was also glad that Audrey recognised her own inability to sit still, because as much as he would have backed her choice to wait, he hadn't been looking forward to making sure she took things easy. Although, it was probably just karma for all the times he'd made her chase him around the school yard when he should have been sitting at his desk, doing paperwork, like a good headmaster. They were going to have their baby now, and with the decision made, Alan felt that familiar thrill flutter through his stomach and throat. He would never get used to this. The anxiety, the joy. A terrible and gruelling process, but the rewards were always worth it. Alan had always wanted a big family, he had always wanted kids. This morning he'd had three kids under his roof, and tomorrow it could be five. Some would be daunted by the sudden increase, but Alan was excited. Lauren was going to be a challenge, but they would straighten that out. Once she realised that coming back from the dead didn't entitle you to special treatment, that she was equally as loved as the other children and not above them, he felt like she would fit in. The Lauren who had visited his dreams had always been sweeter, and he figured that girl must be in there somewhere. "What a Christmas we're gonna have, eh?" he said with a broad and unstoppable grin. "You and me, our five kids. Unless you're hiding twins in there, Auds?" his eyes lit up with a mischevious hope. He knew there wasn't, but it would have been wonderful. For him at least. Not so much for Audrey who would have to push out more than the expected one baby. He pulled the chair closer in, and sat down, still not letting go of her hand. This part, he knew, could take some time. And it could be over in a blink, too. Tavi had all but fallen out of Rachel before they even got to the hospital. With his free hand, Alan took his pocket-sized Quillbook out, scrawling a quick note to Stuart, his mother, and other relevant family members to let them know it was Go Time. Ems responded with a very excited drawing of a stick-figure version of herself screaming "Yay!" within seconds. Alan showed it to Audrey with a half-snorted laugh. "Pretty sure Ems never pulls her nose out of her damn Quillbook," he said. "Sent your parents and Meri a note too... anyone else you want me to tell?"
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    Alan nodded as the doctor spoke. The baby was okay, so was Audrey, and that was really all he needed to know---the rest was just a matter of logistics. Have the baby now, or have the baby later, it didn't really make much of a difference. Naturally Alan wanted sooner, from the moment he'd found out about the pregnancy he'd been over-eager to meet his new child. It wasn't his body that would take the strain though, and this decision belonged to Audrey. Who... was already thinking she'd done something wrong here. "No, sweetheart. It's not you. It's life," he said softly. "It might not be as planned, or by the book, but all of what he's said I bet he says a few times a week at least. He doesn't seem worried at all, see? Sounds like whenever it happens, we're going to have a very healthy, handful of a bub." he gave her a smile, and he believed every word he said. None of Rachel's births had gone smoothly, he'd learned to accept that everything was going to go tits up but at the same time, it was rarely anything the doctors hadn't dealt with regularly. "And it's up to you what you want to do, whether you're ready to do this. Don't worry about the house, don't worry about anything else---just focus on what you're ready for. I can contact your parents and get them here, you know they will drop everything to be here in time. No doubt Stu's jumped a few steps ahead and even done that already. As for the house, Lauren can squeeze in with Sarah for a bit. It won't harm her, might even be good for her to share space with someone for a while. Never did my sisters any damage, and they still have to share a room when they come home. Everything else will happen, I promise." Babies were not good at being "convenient", even when they arrived at the right time. No matter how much preparation you did, there was always something that could still be done, should be done, before the baby got there. And Alan didn't really like the chances of Audrey "taking it easy" with that on her plate either. Still, it was up to her. "You can do this, though," he reassured her. "Whether it's now, or later---you're going to be amazing. And I'll be here for you to yell at. Promise." he added, with a lopsided smile.
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    Alan Burdett
    Alan's apparition skills were passable. They got him from one point to the next, but he lacked the finesse that Audrey was likely used to. Alan much preferred more muggle modes of transportation, he apparated when he had to. This was one such moment, and Audrey's wishes weren't to be ignored for his personal comforts. He held her tight, murmuring soft reassurances to her as they arrived in the foyer of the wizarding ward at Narragyambie General Hospital. To get here, you either had to apparate, or know which of the broom closets on which hallway of the regular hospital to go poking around in. Even in Narrie there wasn't enough need for a fully dedicated wizarding hospital, and most of the wizarding staff had a grounding in muggle medicine as well---they worked on both sides. But Alan didn't have time to marvel at the neat interaction of muggle and magical worlds here at the hospital, he was busy getting Audrey checked in, following doctors, and not letting go of her hand as she was brought further into the hospital for assessment. Someone brought him a seat, sat it beside the bed---but he remained standing. One hand firmly holding hers, the other stroking her hair. Repeating over and over, the only promise that he could give: I'll be here no matter what. Even as he tried to keep Audrey calm, he wasn't immune to the worry himself. What if there was something wrong? What if their little dream was doomed for a tragic end? Perhaps it was something genetic that Meri and Audrey shared, perhaps it was just terrible luck, he knew it would crush Audrey absolutely, and he feared that more than anything. His own grief he could bear. Had done for years. It would rot him from the inside out, and he would never be the same, but even so---to watch Audrey go through it would be worse. To know he had done this to her, put her in the way of getting so horribly hurt... could he live with that? He had to. He'd promised. He wasn't going anywhere. The doctors promised answers soon, and left the room. A quiet moment. Time went too fast and too slow. "You doing alright?" he asked her. "The doctors will be back soon. We'll know what's happening soon."
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    Alan almost counted the seconds between "I'm fine" and "I'm not fine", like he had known it was coming. Everything else was suddenly less important, secondary to what was happening to Audrey. The situation with Lauren was confusing and overwhelming, but ultimately it would be the same in a few hours. He didn't know what he was supposed to even do with the information right now, except be grateful, and so the pressing distress from Audrey took precedence. In an instant, he snapped from his laid-back, casual self to Alan the organiser. He'd always been good in a crisis. "Mum, reckon you can watch Lauren and Tavi? Cam and Sarah are with the boys, they'll be back in a few hours," he said. Marie nodded. That sorted, Alan turned back to Audrey, locking his gaze onto hers and lowering his voice to a soothing firm tone. "We'll go to the hospital, and find out, mn? We're in the safe zone now, so if you're going into labour early, just means we get to meet our baby a bit sooner than expected, okay? No matter what happens, we will be okay. I promise." he smoothed his fingers along her cheek, not caring that the room was full of family. He needed to bring her down from that panic. "Rachel got stuck on the kitchen counter when she went into labour with Sarah, so until we're told otherwise, we're gonna think positive. Can you do that for me?" he kissed her forehead, squeezed her hand. "I love you." As he spoke, his arms had slid under her knees and around her back, lifting her onto his lap ready to move off. Audrey was much lighter than Rachel, even pregnant. He stood, holding her tight and secure. "Did you want to try apparating there, or would you rather the car?" he asked.
  13. Invite The Drop

    Tavi and Audrey's special bond never failed to make Alan smile. Any time he was ever unsure, any time he doubted that he was enough for Audrey, he only had to see her with Tavi to feel those doubts slip away. Their little family was something that could only get bigger and better, and everyone was right where they wanted to be. Well.. except Lauren, who didn't seem thrilled to be here at all. Or was that just how she looked all the time? He didn't even know if Lauren had inherited her mothers' resting bitch face. Probably. Tavi, however, was all smiles at the idea of this new big sister in her life. And the prospect of possibly another sister, as both Sarah and Tavi were hell bent that Audrey was having a girl. Alan didn't really care, healthy was the priority----but in his deepest heart, he did hope that Cam got his wish for a brother. If not, there was still plenty of time to make it happen. Turning from Audrey, Tavi marched herself over to Lauren, leaning over the bigger girl's knees with her usual lack of consideration for personal space. Alan felt himself tense up, unsure of this, and wondering if there was some sort of "adjustment" process they should be going through. Like with introducing new cats to one another. Tavi didn't care. Tavi pulled herself up onto Lauren's lap, to the great and visible confusion and shock of Lauren herself, and began playing with the soft sandy-brown ringlets that hung around Lauren's shoulders. "You got pretty hair," cooed the smaller girl. "I'm Tavi. And that's my nan, and my pop," Tavi turned and pointed to Laurie and Marie who were now lurking in the doorway. Marie was not-so-subtly wiping tears from the corners of her eyes, and Laurie simply stared. There was absolutely no question that the girl was a Burdett, but how? At the center of it all, Lauren was beginning to look a little uncomfortable. "I like grey..." Lauren answered after a moment. "And purple. I don't know about flowers, or animals, I don't... I don't know..." with all the people assembled here, the cockiness had gone out of her. There was a child on her lap and she didn't know what to do about it. This was her home now. She had to be part of this. Did she even know how, when she couldn't name a single flower or animal she liked? How did she want a room decorated? A room of her own? Her quarters with Lillian had been functional. Nothing extravagant. She'd never bothered with decoration or colour, it simply... was. Alan, on the other hand, was watching Audrey like a hawk. "Should we be looking at getting you to the hospital, Auds?" he murmured, trying not to let his mother hear lest she break out the panic.
  14. Open The Girl With No Name

    "Oh, he had his demons, don't you worry," Alan replied with a half-smirk. "Be easy to get the wrong idea about him, if all y'did was watch him cycle through women like he used to. One week was all he gave 'em, and that was it. No more. Some bizarre rule he made up, and stuck to it like the world might end if it didn't. Hurt himself a lot of times with that, he'd be on the moon one week and the next he'd be miserable 'cause he walked away. Never wanted to get too close to them, y'see. Afraid he might turn out like his Dad if he got the chance." Alan shrugged. He still didn't understand it, but he'd never had that fear. "Still, for a long time there weren't many women of age in Narrie that didn't know Matt in the more intimate way, if y'know what I mean." And it had always seemed rather pointless to Alan, who knew Matt had never enjoyed living like that. He'd never tricked anyone, he made sure they knew the rule from the start. It had never been some sort of conquest, Matt was far too much a gentleman to brag or talk at all about the people he was seeing. Alan wondered sometimes if this was Matt thought he needed to do just to have some companionship, it was all... very sad, really. "Katie's the one that refused to leave. Stayed in his face until he admitted he didn't want her to go. Stuck by him when there was no promise he would wake up. Only hope she's still got strength left, 'cause it looks like this part is harder on her than anything that come before." Alan frowned. "As for secrets, well. Matt ain't exactly a sharer. Keeps everything locked up inside, where he thinks it can't hurt him. He could have a whole double life and none of us would know, y'know? He just don't talk about himself much. Weren't even 'til he said he was starting at VMU that I even knew he had a desire to be a nurse, so. Katie's probably the one to ask about his secrets, she's likely the only he'd tell. Her, or Adam."
  15. Invite The Drop

    "Hey, hey," Alan kept his voice soft, calm, reaching up to try and bring Audrey back down to the seat beside him. "If you wanna start sketching, I'll get the book for you, hm? Maybe Lauren has some ideas on what she might like? Colours, shapes, that sort of thing," he turned his head a little to raise an eyebrow at his returned daughter. From what he had heard so far, he had no doubt that Lauren had a nice list of wants. The brow was a warning not to upset Audrey any further. The process of sketching though, he felt, might soothe her. Give her something to focus on, something she could solve. Once his parents got wind of what was happening, they wouldn't delay in coming over. Alan supposed he should send a note to Steve and Baz too, get all the kids here. Have them meet Lauren. Was that... a good idea, though? All three of them, Sarah especially, were impressionable and easily influenced. And Tavi already had more than enough attitude, she didn't need lessons from Lauren. Cam... well poor Cameron was just going to be devastated that he had a third sister. Alan rubbed at the bridge of his nose, before summoning Audrey's sketchbook with his wand. No, he had to be more positive about this. Lauren just hadn't had any good role models herself. She wasn't here to corrupt the kids, but learn from them. And him. And Audrey. He wondered how it was that the girl had developed this way at all, but realised that Lillian being Adele's mother too, clearly didn't have any sort of talent for the parenting thing. There was a lot to undo here. Where had she been all this time? And how had she visited his dreams? Those were questions for another day. True to form, the front door opened and Alan heard the tell-tale sound of his father wiping his boots. The house had belonged to Laurie's parents before Alan, and some habits died hard. Smaller footsteps thundered along the floorboards until Tavi burst into the room, making a beeline for Audrey. Alan couldn't help a smile there. Tavi couldn't fit on Audrey's knee comfortably anymore, but she hugged her shins with gusto. "Hey Tavi," he said. "Got some exciting news, kiddo. This is your sister Lauren. She's going to be living with us now." Octavia frowned in confusion, and looked from Lauren to Audrey and back. That made no sense. "Nan said when I get a sister or brother Audrey won't be fat anymore," she said, tilting her head to one side, and pointing at Audrey's belly. "You're still fat." Alan winced, and tried not to laugh. "Pregnant, Tavi. Not fat. And this is a different sister. You still have another sister or brother on the way."