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  1. The general poor mood of the class that day was only exacerbated as Chloe walked in - not that she had ever been an example of happiness in any shape or form, far from it, but there was something of note to the heaviness of her steps and the natural dark markings manifesting under her eyes, implying heavy sleep deprivation. The Sturt was on auto-pilot at that point, dragging her feet to the front row as usual, sitting at the same desk she always did, and placing her bag down on the desk without paying much mind to her surroundings. For a moment she sat, looking unfocused at her own school bag, not outwardly reacting to any of the greetings being thrown around nor bothering to check for that day's activity. Her body wobbled slightly, and she felt the need to support her chin on her palm. Closing her eyes for a little while wouldn't hurt that much, right? Just a little while...
  2. There didn't seem to be much of a physical reaction out of Chloe when Max beamed at her for the suggestion, face remaining blank. She then shook her head with the notion of wasting her time. "It's not the first time I do this. I don't mind." She didn't know how her schedule was going to look the following year just yet, but she would make it work, certainly. She always did. "...Well... I concur. Thank you, Chloe." Samantha spoke with a nod and a gentle smile. She had lots of trouble studying. Was prone to making far too many mistakes, got distracted very easily, and didn't seem to retain an awful lot, no matter how many long hours she put into the various subjects taught at that school. Perhaps being taught by one of the top students in the school would help her case; but, on the other hand, Meadow's tutoring wasn't doing much of a dent itself either. Could be that Travis was right and she had some sort of disorder going on? "No problem."
  3. "I'm okay." Chloe reassured. After a light bump to her own elbow, however, she spoke up again. "Thanks." Sam let out a noiseless sigh of relief as the Sturt had managed to pick up on at least *one* clue. There was hope! She wouldn't stay clueless forever, right? "Why's that?" Samantha voiced in concern. It was a feeling that kept her up at night quite regularly for a couple years at that point, and she didn't exactly look forward to spending the next several years drowning in that kind of helplessness (or any for that matter). "I can help you study if you'd like." Chloe said to the both of them. Tutoring was one of her strengths, she realized. The content Samantha had to go over was very basic for the Sturt; as for Max's, it might need a bit more work due to the year difference between the pair, but if she had helped Tyson out, she could certainly help Max as well.
  4. "Uh, sorry. I guess..." Chloe muttered the last part. She felt a bit embarrassed over being a complete zero when it came to social interactions, that situation being just another example of her failures, even if she managed to keep a straight face about it. She needed to make some sort of proactive effort; while she was left to think about what to say, exactly, Samantha took the initiative to reply to Max as always. "Well... Not too excited, to be honest." Samantha admitted, the question having lowered her spirits a smidge. "I barely squeaked by this year. I'm sort of scared how I'll end up next year." She spoke, followed by a nervous chuckle. "Though I am excited to see the new batch of first years! It's always magical to see them wandering around the school for the first time, pun fully intended." She concluded with a grin, picking up her mood from the ground like it was no issue. "...A bit." Was 'excited' the right word? "Not for school itself, but... I'll be starting to work a bit in the local Reserve soon. I'm looking forward to that. But since it'll be SPIDER year for me as well, I don't know how I'll manage the workload." That, along with training every day... Her mother's expectations would be the death of her. "What about you?" Samantha asked the Spencer. "What year are you in? Any plans?"
  5. "Her mother is a doctor, actually. From what I heard, she caught her trying to sneak into the house, so, Amber should be fine in the long run. I'm sure Mrs. Townsend knows what she's doing." Samantha tried to reassure Max, even if she didn't look that awfully concerned. If anything, it at least gave them a potential friend in common, and the Bourke was always all in to making new bonds. The little shot at the young Spencer made Samantha giggle. "Hah, I will. Or maybe you can, if you'd like to go visit. She's not moving for a little while." Samantha had lost count by then at how many times people had called Amber stupid for what she used to do; she thought the Spencer wasn't half bad, but she could most definitely see why people thought of her like that. At least Max didn't look like she meant it in a malicious manner. "...What?" Chloe felt the need to question as she felt Max's eyes on her, wondering if she had something on her face.
  6. "Mm. I suppose everyone has secrets." Samantha agreed with Max, but noticed how Chloe seemed confused at that statement. She never really had anything to hide, and had taken up the habit of answering everything with brutal honesty, regardless of context and inquirer. Why did people feel the need to keep things a secret? She would probably never know. So it seemed that Max had found Amber when she first got hurt - it had to be, because the young Spencer hadn't stepped foot outside her house ever since. "Oh, it just sounded very specific, is all." Samantha responded with honesty. "As it turns out, her injury is pretty serious. She's bedridden at the moment, and we don't know if she'll be able to make it to Christmas celebrations. I should visit her tomorrow..." Chloe couldn't help but be somewhat impressed, in a morbid way - she didn't know this girl, but if she was a Quidditch player, it meant she was an athlete of some capacity. To get stuck in bed over an injury meant, in all likelihood, that something was at risk or that she was suffering from an ungodly amount of pain; being an athlete herself, the Sturt couldn't help but sympathize.
  7. A nod came from Chloe at the statement, and not much of note was said; Samantha, however, had her two cents to throw in. "I think the Sturts are just given a really bad reputation they don't deserve. They come across as more misunderstood than anything to me, but because a lot of them have a bit of a secretive nature, it's hard to get close to begin with. It's easier to depict people you don't relate to as the devil, you know? I think that's where it comes from, for the most part." Perhaps it was too innocent on her part, she realized, but at the same time she was always one to believe everyone had some sort of good in them. There was no way that the Sturts were just full of personified black holes of positivity. The Bourke's eyes squinted at how specific Max had been. "On a bench?" Samantha's head tilted in confusion, believing there to be more to the story than Max let on - otherwise, she would've just stated 'the park'.
  8. "I see. Thank you." Samantha took being associated with her house as a compliment. She was very proud of being a Bourke - not that she had anything at all against other houses, but it was something that gave her a sense of belonging and purpose. To be associated with them was to be recognized for her efforts, and it made her quite content, as displayed by the bright smile plastered upon her lips. "I understand." Chloe spoke up, ultimately deciding not to take it personally after the reassurance from both girls. "I wish I didn't have to handle some of them myself. But since it's my house, I have no choice." She felt a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder, by the Bourke next to her, as means of comfort. While not pulling away, she wished that Samantha wouldn't touch her as it made resisting her worse; almost as if having her mind read, the girl pulled her hand away and neatly clasped her hands behind her back instead. "Amber. Amber Cross. She's the Seeker for your Quidditch team, so I'm sure you've seen her around somewhere." Even if she hadn't been, the girl was notoriously difficult to miss due to her loudness and rambunctious behavior. "She's not here today, unfortunately, since she got hurt a few days ago." Not that she'd come to the ball anyway, Samantha figured. The young Spencer absolutely detested such formal events and wouldn't be caught dead in one.
  9. "Thank you!" Samantha beamed at Max with the compliment. The redhead seemed nice, and her presence served to boost the mood of the half-Veela somewhat. When Max took a guess at what House the youngest Hammond belonged to, said Bourke nodded energetically. "Yep! I'm a Bourke. Just completed the fourth year. What gave it away?" She couldn't help but be amused at the apparent Spencer's intuition. It could be that Samantha finally met her body cue reading match? Chloe, however, wasn't too pleased with the correct guess - it made her somewhat self-conscious. If there was anything well known about the Sturts, it was their reputation. Had she messed up in such a way that she was likened to it? Reflexively, she looked at Samantha as if searching forever. Something she did not expect, however, was for the Bourke to read her gaze so easily. "You're right about Chloe here as well, but she's on the harmless side of the Sturt crop." Samantha decided to speak up despite feeling like she didn't have to for the sake of easing said Sturt's mind. "I'm surprised I haven't met you before, though. My cousin is a Spencer, so it's not uncommon for me to swing by your area..."
  10. Both student's heads turned towards the person walking into the balcony. Chloe didn't recognize the girl, but Samantha had a faint inkling that she knew her from somewhere. As she approached the two, the Bourke smiled widely at her. "Please, feel free to! It's our little refuge now, we're trying to escape too." She clarified so to reassure the girl. "I'm Samantha, by the way. Nice to meet you." Chloe watched Samantha interact with Max with bewilderment. How could she do that so easily? The Sturt was very much known for her lack of social aptitude. The girl next to her, on the other hand, was on the completely opposite side of that spectrum. Realizing several seconds had gone by without her saying much of anything, she cleared her throat. "I'm Chloe." Short and to the point. Samantha had already stated it was fine to stay so she shouldn't have to reiterate it, right?
  11. The Sturt duo had managed to complete the spell without much trouble. They had already done so the former year; it was quite unsurprising that they were successful. Following the indications of the lecturer, Chloe got up from her seat to look for people whom could use some help. It seemed that Evelyn had gone to help out a Bourke, Samantha. Perhaps it was for the best, as Chloe didn't particularly want to be near either of them. Next to them was a Flinders girl she often saw walking about taking on teaching a rambunctious Spencer how to perform the corporeal version of the spell. It seemed that she had to look elsewhere. She reached the back of the class, seeing as most people had paired up already, and looked over to where a Flinders and a Bourke were sitting. The former had managed to get a non-corporeal spell going while the latter didn't seem to be able to perform the spell at all. That would be the first target. Chloe approached Danielle after waving to get her attention. "Do you need some help?" "No." Danielle quickly responded. She was aware that it was for the best to actually take the help that she did not need at all, but given how her anxiety was minimally flaring up, it wasn't the best time to meet people she didn't know. "I'll manage. Thank you." Chloe wasn't at all upset over being shut down so quickly. It did bother her that the girl was looking to accomplish something that she didn't seem to have a grasp of on her own, but she did understand that some people just preferred to work alone, and thus she left her be after a nod. Her eyes ultimately fell upon the blonde girl next to her. "What about you?" "This is confusing..." MJ admitted as she let her spell fade, not wanting to accidentally injure the Sturt with it. It was rather odd that a Sturt was offering help, of all people, but the older girl seemed fairly innofensive. "It's not like I lead a very unhappy life or anything... Well, I mean, sure, it definitely has its big downs, but..." MJ bit her lip. She was putting her foot in her mouth again. Shaking her head in a lame attempt of getting rid of her awkwardness, she continued. "I know this is a bit of a personal question, but... What sort of memory do you use to produce the Patronus?" She knew it wasn't any of her business to begin with, but Lady Luck smiled upon her for once as the Sturt didn't seem to have a problem answering that question. "My sister's smile. I often feel like it's my life's purpose to ensure her safety and happiness. If she's smiling she's happy, which makes me happy." MJ hadn't expected such a simple thing could be capable of producing such a potent spell, but this Sturt claimed it so. MJ did have plenty of that to draw from, didn't she? She wanted to ensure Aspen and Justice were happy, no matter what. Perhaps they could be the true memory from which she should draw power from? But before she could, however, the bell rang. "Thank you." She told Chloe before the girl left to retrieve her belongings. She herself got up to leave after verifying there was nothing else to do, with the Bourke right behind her. Even if she didn't get to evolve much in that class, she certainly got the right kind of inspiration to do so.
  12. The Sturt trio met success with the task given to them, but the outcome with the rest of the class was varied. A sudden crash echoing through the classroom caught their attention; Chloe glanced over her shoulder to see some students focused on the floor around the middle rows, and taking the accurate conclusion that someone must've fallen over, she quickly lost interest and turned back to face her box. Rachel snorted and had to cover her mouth, soon following the muggleborn. Lisa sighed in frustration, as the last thing she wanted was for her interschool team Seeker to get injured. Fortunately for them, the class continued - in quite the surprising manner, at that. A bit of a difficulty spike, even without the allowed usage of a wand. There was a nice counter-spell for it, of course, but in all likelihood it wouldn't be something people new to the class would be able to successfully reproduce. Luckily, it wasn't the first rodeo for the three Sturts in front of the class. "Finite." Said Chloe, her hand motioning towards the box hopping around on her desk. It successfully dispelled the charm cast upon it, and it fell limp onto the surface. She reached for it and grabbed it as if visually confirming she had achieved the desired result. Rachel soon followed, not needing much time at all to recall the appropriate spell - her mind had always been a bit of an encyclopedia. Read once, and she'd be good for the long haul. An incantation later and the box collapsed in a bit of a clumsy manner, the lid spreading open from the angle of the fall as the chest rested awkwardly upon the desk. Losing interest in it, she looked to her left to see what her blonde companion was up to. Lisa hadn't attempted the spell just yet. In fact, she wasn't moving her arm. She had her hand pointed in the same direction as the previous spell, waiting. While under normal circumstances she'd push herself to chase the box around regardless of pain, there was too much at stake; it was time to put the 'work smarter, not harder' saying to good use. After several seconds of waiting, the box had the unfortunate will of hopping in front of her hand; it was then that she struck, casting the counter that brought it down. "Two for two."
  13. "Actually..." Chloe decided to pitch in as Lisa tried to interpret her Patronus. "...While there is some truth to that saying, wolves are actually very social, and live in packs." She saw the blonde turning to glance at her with mild interest, and continuing. "They've very protective of their packs, so maybe it can be referring to that. For it to draw from the 'lone wolf' saying, it would have to be the case of one that either left it or was cast away from it for a reason or another." That made sense, Lisa thought. She loved those whom had gotten close to her deeply; but she betrayed every last one of them, and was on her own - either by casting herself away or being shut away. It wasn't the original meaning she'd given it, but it was still pretty on the mark. "Mm. Thanks, Big Stewart. I'll keep that in mind." Was her pack Eddie, Jane and Hailey? Was that why she was a loner now? No matter. It was time for class and she had to produce a Patronus. Simple enough. The girl got up from her seat, walking past a few over to the clear space in the middle of the room like a good portion of the classroom had done at that point. Not wasting time, she drew out her wand, imitating the proper movement with it to perfection. She picked a very specific memory to flood her being - the one moment she had been the happiest in her short lifetime. "Expecto Patronum." The blonde had been correct - the figure of a wolf emerged from the shimmering light, and sat in front of her. Such a noble creature. Even with the past that led to its existence and manifestation, Lisa couldn't be help but be proud of it. Chloe, in the meantime, didn't bother to leave her seat. Casting the spell while still sitting down, a scops owl escaped from the tip of her wand, flying overhead before landing upon her desk. It was one of the rare times that Chloe could be seen with a small smile on her face - perhaps it was from her own memory itself, pertaining to her sister. That girl's smile was truly infectious.
  14. "Funny how you're blaming me for assuming things, when you're the one assuming my thought process. Don't put words in my mouth." Lisa was quick to respond to Alex, eyebrow raised in mild annoyance. She shook her head. She was all too used to being vilified, but that was an extra level of sensitivity. Turning forwards on her desk, she took a deep breath. The annoyance was beginning to cloud her judgment and perception, as she entirely missed the redhead next to her pinching the bridge of her nose and sighing in frustration. 'Instinctively is not the word I'd use... Uncontrollably.' Lisa didn't speak up throughout the explanation, although that didn't keep her from mentally correcting the teacher at every chance she got. It did get under her skin, however, that people were abiding by the whole 'each person has their own method' talking point. Of course they did, that was a no brainer. That didn't mean there wasn't a common point of entry into learning, something to grasp before finding your path. Telling people to 'do their thing' without prior knowledge of anything was just dangerous, and gave Lisa a very, very bad feeling. There would be people who would find it easy to catch on, certainly, but people who didn't might have extra trouble without guidelines. Her expression displayed that very same skepticism as she never bothered to hide it, but she didn't say anything. It seemed that they were to begin with a simple spell, the Unlocking Charm. The Sturt trio glanced at the chests neatly placed upon their desks. Without a hint of hesitation, Chloe raised her hand over the desk she was sitting down by, focused on the lock, and with a small hand movement, she recited. "Alohomora." A soft click was heard as the lock was opened. It was a spell she had performed before, and there was no difficulty to it for her. Rachel, two seats over, succeeded with the spell immediately after. She flipped the lid of the chest open as to confirm it. Lisa, however, was in a bit of a jam. The problem wasn't the spell itself - oh, no, she could perform it without an incantation -, rather, it was the fact that she was struggling to raise her arm just enough to find a balance between placing her elbow on the desk and not grimace in pain. "Hey, ya don't have t'do it." Rachel chimed in with a lower tone, seeing Lisa reach for her forearm and slowly pull it upwards. The blonde momentarily bit her lip from the inside prior to speaking up. "Shut up and help me." She wasn't going to quit, motioning with her head towards the largely useless limb. There was hesitation from Rachel - she really didn't want to hurt the fellow Sturt, but at the same time she knew that Lisa was bound to hurt herself more regardless, over a longer period of time. Swallowing her principles for the sake of lessening the length of the torture, the redhead reached for said arm, and in a swift movement, raised it and placed it on the table. Lisa, not expecting it, slammed her fist down on the desk to keep herself from cursing. "Sorry! Geez." Rachel felt guilty, but ultimately, the quicker it happened, the sooner it ended. She knew the blonde mirrored the sentiment as she hadn't been decked in the face yet. The redhead then crossed her arms under her chest and leaned back on her chair, watching as Lisa did her thing - with a light flick of her fingers and no incantation to go with it, the lock was undone and she had succeeded with the spell. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it...?"
  15. Chloe took a few deep breaths before being able to look back up at the teacher amid her various responses to the other students, finally able to settle down. The passive charm was still very much nagging at the back of her mind but the Sturt managed to focus through it. She failed to notice the victorious smirk Lisa had on her face upon the blue team being granted the points for her correct answer. "I have. Scops owl." Chloe spoke once permitted. It was fortunate that she knew enough about animals to be able to distinguish the species at first glance, as she had only employed that spell successfully once in her lifetime. "I assume it's due to my loner nature, and potentially alongside the common say that owls are very intelligent." She knew that she was considered both things, and it made sense. She wasn't aware of how pretentious that could sound as for here it was the mere truth. Lisa, too, raised her hand. "I can conjure a wolf. Quidditch aside I don't play well with others, so it may be a take on the whole 'lone wolf' thing, perhaps?" She didn't really know why that was the case, nor did she really care. It was a highly effective spell and it looked pretty cool to boot, and that was all she needed to know. Plus, the intimidation factor was quite nice.
Chloe Hannah Stewart
Nature Reserve Helper Sixth Year
16 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her
Age:  16
Date of Birth: October 27th, 2002
Birthplace: Narragyambie
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Nature Reserve Helper
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Scops Owl
Wand: 14'' 1/2, English Oak, Unicorn Hair, Hard Flexibility
Play-by: Io Shirai

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House


She's an open book regarding herself to anyone who asks, although she can keep a secret if asked to.

General Knowledge
  • An excellent student to a scary degree;
  • Legitimately viable main Quidditch roster player, but she never bothered to sign up;
  • Ironically said to resemble those muggle-created 'robots' in terms of demeanor;
  • Known to be a very good tutor in all subjects she's taken, and even some she hasn't;
  • Addicted to studying and knowledge in general, although starting to specialize;
  • Seems to have a few interesting muggle hobbies, such as programming and model making (mostly gunpla, as she seems to be infatuated with the concept of muggle robotics and related fiction);
  • Has a white cat name Frost that she rescued as a small kitten a few months back; 
  • Taking after both her parents, she's an absolute monster at physical combat and isn't that bad a cook;
  • Extremely close to her sister, to the point that targeting her is a surefire way of actually getting some emotion out of Chloe for a change. Bullies have faced her wrath before;
  • Talks in Japanese with her family for the sake of practicing, and English with everyone else;
  • Can draw really well but only ever seems to use that talent for technical drawings and for decorating her gunpla with intricate details;
  • Has QuillBook but doesn't seem to update it at all.

One could say Chloe is a very difficult person to understand, or to try to get through. Her perpetually blank and seemingly bored expression grouped with her bluntness is off putting to most, and rightfully so. While she isn't at all lacking in the emotion department, she finds it difficult expressing herself or even sorting out what she feels. As such, she opts not to show anything at all.

She's actually quite generous and easygoing for those who bother to get to know her - she's very permissive of others in general and is willing to go along with most things, even if a stranger asks, for the sake of doing something positive for them. She also displays somewhat of an overprotective side towards the younger children and creatures in general, finding it much easier to understand them than the deceitful nature of humans & company.

She has a true passion of studying, finding it fun to pursue knowledge and challenge herself to solving complex problems. Added to that is her somewhat obsessive compulsion towards her hobbies and interests, making it so she becomes quite solitary and unwittingly ostracized from her peers - her brilliance at whatever she applies herself to is ultimately her downfall, at least in her parents' eyes. This doesn't seem to bother her much, though that's mostly out of ignorance of interpersonal relationships than anything else.

She's exceptionally hard to anger, even if deeply wronged; the only known verifiable manner to the community at large is to jeopardize her younger sister in some way. That said, it's definitely not something one should try for fun.


Chloe stands at 170 cm, her height contributing positively to the various sports endeavors she's undertaken during her short lifetime - as a result, the body hidden under the Tallygarunga school uniform is quite lean. Said uniform usually consists of trousers, as she finds them more comfortable to move around in; a sleeved shirt with said sleeves pulled up to the elbow; and a matter of daily choice between the standard sweater or vest, depending on the outside temperature.

Being half-Japanese, she inherited most of their defining physical traits, such as slanted brown  eyes and a long nose. Her hair, however, was taken after her father, being auburn in color (albeit every bit as straightened as her heritage demands). Her face fortunately isn't marred of any imperfection; she rarely bothers to put on any makeup as well, seemingly caring little about being pleasing to the eye to anyone that isn't herself.

Her face is almost perpetually blank - she isn't very outwardly emotive. One can count with one hand the amount of people existent in the entire planet that have actually seen her smile, but animals and magical creatures seem to be quite lucky in that regard and spot that treasure far more often... Towards them, no less.


Chloe was born to an Australian father and a Japanese mother in Narragyambie, making her a natural of the small town Tallygarunga's located in. The two decided to move there before her birth due to cheaper land, as they wanted to migrate their businesses: her father owned a small time bakery, and her mother wanted to open a multiple martial arts dojo, wanting something closer to home and wanting to retire from her competitive career so to take care of Chloe. The fact that there was so much youth around their general area because of the Academy made it so their businesses minimally flourished and they never faced much of a financial burden ever since.

Chloe was soon followed by a younger sister, with barely a year's difference in between them. The two were inseparable from then on, even if Chloe took over the role of overprotective big sister more than anything else. Despite her solitary ways growing up, she always made time to either tutor her sister in school (whether it be muggle or wizard) or to spend some quality time with her, regardless of how busy she made herself at any given time.

She proved to have quite a bit of energy to waste as a small child, which led her mother to enroll her in the few combat sports and martial arts her dojo actually taught. Chloe seemed to pick up on all of them instinctively; the apple did not fall far from the tree. However, unlike her mother, she didn't seem to present a competitive edge at all. Rather, she liked to exploit, study and perfect the art and never really bothered with wins and defeats. Frustrations aside, her mother concluded it wasn't meant to be. Chloe agreed to continue practicing regardless, actually liking to have a sound body.

Her magic developed not too long after, and so did her sister's. Their parents opted to let them conclude elementary school first despite repeated pushes from the school to let Chloe skip grades. They didn't listen as they saw their child developing what seemed to be severe social issues, and didn't want to separate her from her peers and make things worse. As such, she only reached Tallygarunga to take on the first year, skipping everything that came before completely.

Growing up she demonstrated an aptitude for logic and mathematics, and eventually technology, having access to plenty of it within her own household - her father was a bit of a geek himself, and allowed her free reign over his devices so long as she was supervised. When she eventually proved to be competent enough to handle things, he got her a computer and she requested programming books. This only increased her parents' worry, as she'd spend days upon days closed off in her room during break periods just to tinker with the machine.

The next step to help their daughter was to send her to the dormitories during the third year, even though they lived within walking distance of the school (or walking distance for Chloe anyway, as she rather enjoys to walk). She was given a magic-proofed smartphone so to keep in touch with them, but outside of that she wasn't given any sort of technology whatsoever to keep. This frustrated her greatly as she was only allowed home during days with no classes, and so she took on a second hobby - model making. She would sneak her figure to school during week days to assemble, and once that was achieved she'd bring it back home to paint and finish. The idea backfired and Chloe isolated herself further.

As the years went on the parents seemingly got desperate as they didn't know what to do for their daughter anymore; but Chloe is far more concerned with other things. What does she actually want to do? Programming? Teaching? Join the MRI? Or dive into her newly developed passion for magizoology? She could only hope the last two years in Tallygarunga would send her some sort of sign towards what she should do before it was too late.

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