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  1. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Mm. I suppose so." It took Chloe one too many moments to realize what Tyson was referencing there - she wasn't exactly well versed in gaming culture, unless it had the words 'Gundam', 'Armored Core', or 'Front Mission' attached (among very few others). "Not much of a planner myself, to be honest." The joke had worked. The momentary relief with her success brought a small to her lips, although it didn't last too long. "Pictures?" Her hands weren't the shaky sort, but she had no experience with such a thing - outside of photos of her own built kits, that is. However, she wasn't someone to shy away of a new challenge, now was she? "I... could, yes. I don't see the point, but I could." She confessed. "Why do you need pictures of a place you live in as is?" The girl asked in confusion. Truth be told, she didn't understand her generation's obsession with pictures, Muggle-style or otherwise. Definitely not the new 'selfie' fad, at least. "I apologize if that sounds rude, I just don't understand why people would rather look at pictures of things instead of going to those places and seeing it for themselves." If it was educational, she understood - however, she really didn't get any sort of fulfillment out of looking at anything else in any way, finding it hard to process why people do such a thing.
  2. Must. Help. Now.

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  3. Invite A Stroll Through Bushes

    Much like the one before her, Chloe couldn't exactly recall Rue's name, or anything of the sort; she remembered her face from Herbology classes, even if just a handful of lessons - if that, at all. She wasn't one to memorize such things, but instead she knew what to expect from the people she worked with at one point or another. Adapting to them was the best way to breed progress, after all. Being invited inside surprised her. It didn't take much for her to accept the offer - she wasn't in a hurry anyway, and it would be rude to turn down the offer. "Thank you." After the smallest of polite bows with her head on reflex, she followed the instructions and stepped in past the opened gate. A silent sigh of relief escaped her lips as the temperature seemed to cool down, even if just barely, as she walked in. It was still uncomfortable, but at least she wouldn't have to worry about sweating through her clothes before she even made it out of the school premises. There was a very long walk ahead of her after all, and she wanted to make it as painless as possible. "Mm? Sure. If that's alright." She responded almost automatically to the beverage offer. As she waited for it to be served, her gaze kept on carefully inspecting the various plant life inhabiting the garden just like a few moments before, although now in much closer proximity. "How come I didn't know of this place? How long has it been here for?" Knowing her luck, it's always been there and she only happened to walk past it that one time. Just like she had told Tyson the other day, she really needed to go out more...
  4. Invite Break A Sweat

    "That's fine. You have more important things to worry about." It didn't sit well with Chloe to have someone who needed to save up in the first place, to spend any amount of currency with her. She wasn't about to let it happen, and was adamant about her decision. "It won't kill me to wait a few weeks for the armbands." As Tyson suggested making a list, she didn't have anything specific to say. "I'd rather just aimlessly explore, I suppose. I won't know about new things if I just stick to the sort of things I enjoy." And for all they knew, there was a nice store hiding out there that was right up their alley - they wouldn't know about it if they didn't go out looking. His ensuing choice of words took Chloe aback; or rather, word. Friend. Her eyes widened slightly at the implication that they did share a friendship, and she felt honored that he considered her such, even though she didn't quite understand what she did to earn such a thing. But, did she even know what friendship was, exactly? Could she say she was Tyson's friend? To her, 'loaning time' and 'helping others out' was just something she did for everybody. By that logic, was everyone her friend? Before she could continue the skewed line of thought, she saw a vertical object approaching her field of vision. That was when she realized she was about to walk into a post. Fast reflexes took over and she quickly sidestepped the offending object, jogging a few steps to catch up with her colleague once more. It seemed that she had gotten distracted and almost paid a dear cost for it. "...Right back at you, I guess." She eventually nodded, finally replying to his statement. "But I can wait for that, is my point. There are time sensitive matters in your hands, and I'll still be here when you're done with them. So don't think too much about that, alright?" Chloe thought it was a fair compromise. She glanced at him as she was making her point. "And the town will still be here. We'll have plenty of time. I'm fine with adapting." She couldn't adapt to social conventions, proper, but hell, she sure could adapt to help people no matter what. "It's not a big deal anyway." She continued as they walked down the road, her eyes actually trained in front of her lest she nearly crash into a foreign object once more. However, for once in her life, she tried to take a stab at alleviating the situation. "Besides, I can just comb through this place by myself, right? Just you watch."
  5. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    "...Fair enough, I suppose..." She hesitantly let it go. The amount of consecutive unsolvable issues Chloe was coming across that afternoon was leaving a bad taste in her mouth - something didn't feel right. She didn't believe in impossible situations, and was an advocate for trying as hard as necessary to find one's way out of things. So much complacency over bad situations and not finding creative ways around it wasn't sitting well with her - but try as she might, she couldn't figure out an answer herself. But then again, she wasn't the one in the situation. Her mental faculties could only apply to her limited knowledge of it. "Fire salamanders? I... could learn more about them, certainly... But anyway, you shouldn't pick up the pamphlet. I appreciate it, but going all the way for just that feels like a waste." Surely she could find information on her own somewhere. She didn't need Alexander to go out of his way - quite literally, in this case - to help her out. "Sign up?" She was visibly stunned that he was willing to go that far. "That's alright... You most likely have your own issues to take care of as is, I can handle myself." Chloe wasn't exactly sure how to feel about such an offer, nor could figure the reasoning behind it. She wasn't used to people being so altruistic, at least. "Just... Focus on your exams. Even if there's a good chance you won't pass, give it your best. Don't worry about me or the reserve, actually." Maybe if she gave him some time, he would have more room to control the magical oddities? "I can wait for next year. It's no problem to me, really."
  6. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Because... If I spend money on them, I'm unsure if I can grab something for my sister until the end of the month. My allowance is running a bit low right now." Chloe openly admitted. It was ironic that most of it consistently went for someone else, but she didn't really feel bad about it at all - it made her happy. "So I'd just rather look at the prices so I can do some budgeting for next month." She followed Tyson along the unknown path, careful not to trip or walk into any pole while looking around and paying attention to the scenery for a change. "Random shop hopping?" The inquisitive nature sprouted again. "You mean window shopping? I figured that's perceived as rude, at least from a retail worker point of view..." Then again, try as she might, she couldn't exactly please everyone. It was a ridiculous notion to begin with, and she shouldn't stop herself from doing potentially fun things just because of minor inconveniences to others. "...Sure. Why not? Maybe in days like this, after practice? To unwind." She didn't exactly understand how looking at random items you wouldn't acquire could be anyone's description of 'fun', but on the other hand, she had no reason to doubt her colleague. Going once a week after Muay Thai practice shouldn't be that bad. "I don't want to eat up too much of your time, though." She remembered he had exams to do, a girlfriend to please, and lodgings to procure. Being at Chloe's beck and call would most likely be a very bad idea. "I think that, at this point, it's easier for my schedule to adapt to yours than the other way around, so don't worry about it too much. But I appreciate it."
  7. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    "It's none of other students' business if you have exams tailored for you or not, and your case is justifiable." Chloe rebutted, lightly shaking her head as she did. That's what special education was for in some cases - while a harsh comparison, Alexander's illness was a handicap and thus it should be handled as such in her point of view. "That sounds doable." The girl nodded. She did have a bit of an obsession over taking care of such creatures, magical or not - her adopting little Frost was proof of that, and she has taken care of him with a lot of love ever since. "What sort of creatures do they have there? Might as well brush up on my knowledge before heading there." She was more experienced with lower level creatures, and couldn't exactly say she was prepared to handle a Manticore. "I think I can work my way up into the third level easily." Anything else and the owners/employees would just be incompetent to let inexperienced people near them, anyway. "If... they let me, anyway. I understand if they want me to work with lower level creatures, if only for safety's sake." She wouldn't blame them in the least. In fact, she was sort of hoping they'd display that level of reliability. "Is anyone from Tally working there?" Perhaps having a coworker also sharing the same school setting could serve as an easier way to fit in.
  8. Invite Break A Sweat

    For a fleeting moment, a thought invaded Chloe's mind - she had never really actually suffered, had she? Her upbringing was calm and uneventful, and outside of the occasional bully encounter in school, nothing really ever bothered her much at all. How would it be like when tragedy struck in her life? Such a thing was completely unavoidable and she had no idea how she'd deal with it. Was she resilient enough to take on emotional torture? Or was being numb to it all the reason why she felt so comfortable and well-adjusted emotionally in her life? She was nothing compared to Tyson, certainly. She couldn't begin to comprehend what it was like for one's own flesh and blood to ostracize you like that, for a reason she perceived as abhorrent - wanting to follow your own path. At least, unlike her, he had people whom were willing to support him every step of the way, even if it wound up being just a handful. Perhaps that sort of thing was why her mother wanted her to be social? "'Pressure' and this, specifically, are two completely different things. Or so I'm inclined to think." There wasn't a word in her dictionary that could properly define it, no matter how hard she tried. But she couldn't help but think the term 'pressure' was child's play in comparison. Pressure was something she handled on a daily basis and rose to the occasion consistently; this case was something else entirely. Do or die. "Of course you can." A nod followed in confirmation. She didn't owe him a thing, nor were they particularly close - it just felt like the right thing to do. Chloe would never be like his parents, and would help him unconditionally. That much was something she could do within her limited range of action as a simple Tallygarunga student. Finally, they were set to abandon the booths from hell. She put just enough money down to cover Tyson's meal as well, adding to the small sum of money placed on the table, and got up to her feet. She stretched her back slightly to bring relief to her muscles, the pain doing a number on her. "That's not gonna come out cheap." She commented as she proceeded to follow her colleague out of the cafe, and into the main road. "I'd like to look at some armbands, though I don't think I'll get any now. Mine are really worn out and I don't want to get chewed out on representing the dojo with bad equipment." She was the type to use everything until its last legs, so the prospect of buying armbands so soon was quite incompatible with her. "Lead the way. I have no idea where sports stores are over here... I probably should." She muttered the last part. "Is that bad? I don't know much about my own city." Chloe wound up commenting aloud as they walked, her gaze mindlessly going from store front to store front to see if she could put a thing in mind or two. "I don't go out much, really. Tally, home, dojo, Tally, repeat. At this point, I know more about Kagoshima than my hometown." The intonation of the city name came with the correct pronunciation of the word as said in Japanese, as if mindlessly emphasizing the fact she's bilingual. "I go there once a year at most..." Indeed, she could see how that could be a problem.
  9. Zoomies

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  10. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    "Rare health issue...?" Chloe repeated as Alexander spoke, curiosity making itself known in her analyzing gaze. Past the obvious odd shade of blue his eyes presented, she wanted to see if there was anything in his appearance that could be attributed to him being sick. Not that she was a health professional to begin with, of course, but it was something she could file under 'look up later' in her head, at least to bring some peace of mind. She assumed it was incurable for him to let it go on like this, but at least she'd knew what he was going through, exactly. "So, it's like playing Russian roulette with your wand." She didn't mean it as a joke, but more as a conclusion. Spells backfiring were known for being very dangerous, and having them happen on that frequent a basis could cause potential harm to him and others. She couldn't help but feel bad for him. "They won't make special exams for it? Surely they're aware you don't control these incidents, if it's a matter of pure randomness..." It didn't seem fair that someone whom would otherwise be able to perform things would be held back due to a factor completely out of his control. On the other hand, one could argue it was a matter of safety - the more complicated the spell, the more powerful the potential backlash, and the bigger safety hazard he'd be to himself and people around him. It went to show not every decision and outcome in the world was black and white. "Eh?" The Sturt blinked in momentary bewilderment, caught off guard by the sudden change in topic. "My... clothes? Why?" After a few moments, her posture relaxed. "I don't mind getting a bit messy at all handling animals... I don't think that'll be an issue." Didn't those places usually have a uniform, anyway? Did she have to pick out her cheaper clothing just to work there? It didn't bother her one bit, but it stuck out as strange. Needless to say, the good humor flew past her a mile a second. "Is this out of personal experience?" Perhaps he worked there before - she should prod him for information. "What can you tell me about the Reserve, exactly? What kind of work would they provide for someone like me there? I know a thing or two, but I have no formal college education in the matter, obviously..."
  11. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    "So... Every exam is an issue." Chloe concluded, as the vast majority had both a written examination and a practical one as far as she knew, when it came to SPIDERs and STINGRAYs. Was his wand one of those 'uncooperative' ones? How bad could it be, considering he got this far in his education? The more she prodded, the more confused she became. She felt like a fish out of water, and for once it showed in her quizzical gaze, almost as if she was analyzing the man. The joke indeed sailed right past her yet again. She couldn't entirely relate to the boy - she wanted to know more for the sake of knowing, rather than for the sake of impressing someone. She made a mental note she had to work on her own capacity of being able to be understanding and put things into perspective, which was rather difficult when you sheltered yourself so much. "Your health?" She attacked the angle that seemed the easiest to tackle, and the one that would most likely explain the incompetence in actually performing what they were born to do. "Would you mind me asking how it affects you in that sense, specifically?" She wasn't at all a Health expert - she wasn't even in the class, as he knew - but she couldn't help but be morbidly curious over the matter. "I'd say practice makes perfect so you should just get there eventually with enough repetition... Unless something gets in your way forcefully. Illness might be it, depending on what it is." She suggested. "Even people with little talent can get through the system if they apply themselves, so this sounds strange." Or so she had witnessed in a fairly frequent basis. "Is there any level of magic you dominate and feel comfortable with? Or is your performance affected regardless of difficulty?"
  12. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe wondered briefly if her lack of a sense of humor made her boring. It would explain why people seemed to have to go out of her way to engage with her. The sole exception to this rule was her sister, whom she felt immensely comfortable around and had a far easier time being naturally more playful with. But how could she attain that peace of mind with people whom hardly knew her? "I didn't mean study more at Tally, I meant study on your own time. Look up the books and train on your own." She cleared up what she meant. She was sure she had a few she could give him, but most of her material came from the school's library - she was limited in what she could provide. As he went on she nodded, half-agreeing to the explanation. "Well, so long as you don't push yourself recklessly, it should be fine." Hopefully. One thing was to withstand such strenuous situations, another was to let yourself break while training them. "...You're making me feel kind of glad that I still have two years to think on what I want to do." She confessed. "It's not that I can't deal with pressure, but I think my head would short circuit if I were in your position..." She looked down at the empty cup with a modicum of confusion in her words. "It's ironic. I can be classified as said 'jack-of-all-trades' I mentioned, but I don't know what to do with any of them." Perhaps she was thinking too hard over it. Maybe one's vocation revealed itself in different ways to each person, and she shouldn't take Tyson as the default example. She should talk to more people about it instead. "To be honest, I didn't expect to have such a conversation today when I first woke up..." Chloe finally looked back up to face Tyson properly, and exhaled a breath she didn't realize she had been holding over the mental dilemma. "...Thanks. It's giving me a lot to think about. And I hope I can help you in the future with this anyway, no matter what you end up doing. That said... My back is killing me." The seating was truly atrocious. "Perhaps we should make our way to buy your equipment. What are you looking for, exactly? Gloves? Shin guards? Something else?" She did want to get herself a set of armbands since hers were growing weak and frizzly, but it wasn't a priority.
  13. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    Taking a mental note of the name and processing the positive feedback Alexander was providing, Chloe found that the union between hobby and work in this matter proved to be potentially very fruitful and pleasant. Optimism filled her heart regarding the reserve, and she decided not to overthink it for a change. She wouldn't ruin it for herself, and she was truly grateful that Alexander would go out of his way to help her out in such a way. Indeed she hadn't heard of any rumors regarding Alexander - she didn't even know who he was prior to this chance meeting, such was her social inadequacy. She couldn't say she remembered half the names and faces within her own house. She wasn't that good with that sort of association."Well, if you need help..." She trailed off. She had already offered help to Tyson just the other day, and it wouldn't be any different in this case. She rather liked helping in such endeavors, even. It was very unfortunate that, no matter how hard Chloe tried to figure out a solution for this particular traveling conundrum, there was always some sort of obstacle lurking just around the corner so to block her path. For a moment she even considered suggesting some sort of fundraising so to rent out a magical bus - but how would they do that with so little time outside of studying for exams, and with most parents being unable to help financially? Apparition wasn't an option either. Most didn't have a license nor were capable of doing it without accidentally losing a limb. She couldn't suggest for the hospital personnel to deliver a lecture in Tally either, because there were always speech fees associated with it. It felt downright unfair. Maybe she was just thinking about it the wrong way, but perhaps it was the kind of thing that needed to be calmly thought of instead of having a rushed answer. No point in considering it now. They should just move on from it, at least for the time being. "No rush anyway. You got exams to worry about first, right?" If he was a sixth year, he had the SPIDER test to take on. "One thing at a time. Doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to where you wanna be, it just matters that you actually get there." Maybe things changed by the following year and he could have it easier - and be able to go. For all she knew, anyway. She certainly hoped so. "You come across as if you're not that hopeful with making it through. Is there any subject in particular that you're not handling to well?" Sixth year material wasn't beyond her after all. Maybe she could offer a few pointers.
  14. Invite Break A Sweat

    "I... suppose they do." The slightest of frowns tugged on Chloe's lips in a minute demonstration of disappointment with herself. "I need to work on that..." Perhaps she should ask her dearest sister for some pointers on how to catch humor, and react accordingly. She took everything too literally for her own good, and it was bound to get in the way of success within the social realm. "Oh, I don't mind. Like I said, I'm ahead in my studies. It won't really get in the way." She all but had the yearly exams in the beg - of course, she didn't have anything on the same scope as a STINGRAY. If anything she could learn from this, as well as have access to material well beyond her grade. That thought somewhat pleased her. Quid pro quo, just like earlier, even if she didn't necessarily need something in return. If she had to pick traits for an ideal Auror, what would they be? "Maybe focus on being a jack-of-all-trades first, so to speak, if you can. I hear the course is particularly intensive, so you want to have a solid foundation on everything Tallygarunga has to offer before heading in. Even subjects you're not signed up in." And unless someone could be in two places at once or reverse time, that proved to be an impossibility - nobody could take on all classes at once. "You'll have support if you have to take time off, I'll make sure of it. And I doubt the Ministry thinks how young you are trumps how competent you are. Slow and steady wins the race and all. If you go full steam ahead now without a plan, you might not even get in. That'd make you take a year off anyway, wouldn't it?" A harsh reality, but perhaps one Tyson hadn't considered just yet. "I believe you have what it takes. The work ethic, the talent, the determination... But playing it by ear won't do anymore, I don't think. There's a reason why so few are eligible to be an Auror to begin with." It was, once again, competition. Only the cream of the crop would make it, and nothing else mattered. She feared for a moment that her words were a bit too much of a downer but she felt like he needed to buckle down and think of an actual plan with more urgency than anything else - even if it was something as simple as a study plan to get himself up to par to the entrance examinations the following school year.
  15. Invite A Stroll Through Bushes

    "Hm?" Despite Chloe's complete distraction as she let her gaze be enraptured by the myriad of flora past the fence, she didn't seem at all jumpy at the sudden auditory intrusion. Instead, she straightened her posture and glanced towards the source of the vaguely familiar voice. She nodded in acknowledgement as the tease went right over her head - instead, she wondered if there was any plant present that produced such a chemical or magic to that effect. After having attended so many Herbology classes over the years, she could say that sort of thing existing actually made sense. "Good morning." She greeted. "I'm not lost. I just took a wrong turn at some point, and I figured I might as well appreciate the view." She had all the time in the world anyway - not like her mother would smack her over the head for talking to someone. Knowing her, she'd throw a party instead - that sort of thing certainly catered to her wishes. "Am I intruding?" She asked, almost ready to strap a rocket to her back and leave in case she was causing a disturbance. "I wasn't aware this was all yours. But then again, that doesn't surprise me in the least." She didn't mean it as an insult, looking honestly curious about all the variety contained in such a small space.