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  1. It was odd for Chloe to feel so refreshed - despite the constant workload even through the break, the fact that she was finally allowed to sleep at school and away from her obnoxiously strict grandparents made it so she crashed on contact with the pillow and slept like a rock through the night as opposed to study for hours. There were no dark marks under her eyes for a change as she walked in to yet another class that day, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She hadn't noticed her sister sitting there and kept walking on auto-pilot to her usual seat. Given her well-rested state she managed to put up a mental wall early enough that the lecturer's passive charms wouldn't bother her in the least. As she got to her seat, she noticed a familiar redhead took it already; it didn't bother the Sturt in the least, and she opted to sit next to Max instead, setting her bag down on the desk. "Good morning." She greeted both the teacher and her friend just before the class started. To her surprise, the girl she tutored promptly spewed out a short version of what was known of these elusive creatures, though she had gotten something wrong. Chloe decided to chime in, not to make her look silly, but to compound onto that knowledge. "What defeats a Boggart is laughter." She said after the lecturer gave her permission to speak. It had always been a bit of a weakness to her - Chloe had never been the laughing type, but fortunately that was usually counteracted by the fact the class normally burst out laughing at whatever form the Boggart ended up assuming with the spell. "The spell 'Riddikulus' serves precisely to incite laughter by turning the Boggart's form into something amusing against its will."
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  3. Positive reinforcement, as opposite to shoving decisions down one's throat - or, at least, that's what Chloe had understood from the boy's answer in comparison to her own situation. She felt content for Aiden having had someone who provided him that type of vocal support; in a way, it reminded her of her own father, whom had always stood beside Chloe and Lexi whenever needed and indulged in their antics hands-on. While the man had never pushed the Sturt towards any sort of career path, she figured she would likely feel similarly if she had taken a liking to baking and he had motivated her to continue, instead of making her. The question was promptly tossed back to her court; for someone who usually had replies automated to the tip of her tongue when it came to things about herself, that time it gave her pause. What did she want to do with her life? If she could do anything, what would she devote her being to? Silence reigned as Chloe turned her head away a second time. She looked down at the front end of the spaceship swing, brows furrowing mildly as the frustrating question kicked up a storm her brain. The first thing that came to mind, so drilled into her mind as it was, was to possibly pursue MMA as her mother wished. A resounding 'no' echoed out in her mind in response: competition was her antithesis and she believed in cooperation. Such was her aversion that the very thought of stepping into a cage to battle sent a shiver down her spine entirely dissociated with the cold temperature surrounding the pair. An alternative that her mother had presented was to become a permanent instructor at the dojo. While the component of 'teaching' itself was enticing, the highly competitive environment had a similar reaction out of her. Then came the second activity she was periodically pushed to pursue, mostly her grandparents: anything to do with 'those computer things', in their words. Chloe had always taken a liking to programming and robotics, but, despite the large amount of time she had spent in broadening her horizons in the topic, something in her told her she wouldn't want to sit behind a computer desk for the rest of her days. The fact her passion on the subject wasn't a constant didn't help as it was the first thing she gave up on when crushed by responsibilities earlier in the year. "...This is a difficult question..." The girl muttered while trying to push her train of thought forward. She realized she was thinking more about what she didn't want to do rather than what she would enjoy, but her tastes were so eclectic regarding what she did have a weakness for that it only served to add onto the conclusion. A hand let go of the chain so to pinch the bridge of her nose to bring herself to focus - the last thing she needed was a headache over the whole thing. "Would it be cheating if I said 'anything my mother doesn't have a say on' rather than picking out a specific profession?" She tried, as it was the only solid conclusion she had managed to land on. If anything, it told her that some soul searching was in order, but did she even have the time to do that at that point?
  4. "I see." Chloe had watched the fellow student as he spoke. He seemed like the smiley sort - while not being one to show positivity, the Sturt was finding herself hard pressed not to show a small smile in return, such was the infectiousness of Aiden's kindness and apparent upbeat outlook of things. There was no point in giving condolences over what he had gone through in her point of view, as everything was apparently handled, and thus momentarily she let the subject go on hiatus. Looking away and onto the darkened pavement a little ways in front of them, the girl idly swung back and forth on what was a miniature spaceship swing, given her size in comparison. The question hadn't exactly helped her as she had hoped, but she found an inkling of relatability in it - even if it had been nowhere near to the same extent, as none of Chloe's family members had endured such a horrible thing, she still did become tangentially interested in the matter of healing due to her own sister's fragility and accident proneness. While that curiosity had died over time, it had been renewed the year before because of Alexander Winfield - while she didn't find a thing to help whatever condition he had been suffering then (not that he gave her much to go on with in the first place), she still felt the responsibility to expand her knowledge and help someone she cared about. "...What keeps you interested in it?" She couldn't help asking, her gaze shifting towards Aiden once again. Her own interest in the matter had died over time in both bouts, workload excess notwithstanding, and inevitably went back to her old tricks every time. She wished she could comprehend and sympathize with such a long term commitment to a cause she wasn't inherently interested in of her own accord. Perhaps it would help her in sorting her mind around the fact her mother was pushing her towards inheriting the dojo with everything she had. A thought had ran through her mind before that she didn't quite like, and it had just been stirred up again: what if her mother was pushing Muay Thai instructing onto her precisely to force her onto that path? Alexander himself had made it so she started working at the Reserve, but not too long after Chloe was shackled with familial responsibilities. Would her mother be so cruel as to try to overwhelm her with work in such a way she'd quit her passions? It was a fact that the exhaustion was repeatedly getting better of her, as she had knocked herself out on occasion and repeatedly fallen asleep in class over the current term, but she hoped it was merely a coincidence.
  5. 'Time to get this show on the road.' A smirk covered Lisa's lips as her usual confident self came to the surface - even within the 'Advanced' description of the class, she had no doubt as to her future success. The girl got up from her seat as instructed by the teacher, walked around her desk and stood in front of it. There was no need to walk much more forward as she had already been sitting in the front row, after all. Raising her hand as the main aide for the wandless spell, it took her little to no trouble to conjure the needed rope-like energy, one end hovering near said hand, and the other sticking to a mannequin. After just a second to mentally calibrate her strength, she pulled at the energy - the doll flung itself forward at a steady speed, coming to a halt immediately in front of the Sturt. She'd need something more difficult than that to stump her. She reached to pick up the doll and have it sit upon her side of the desk, at which point she noticed her partner was very much asleep again. "Hey, Big Stewart. Wake up." She called for her, though her voice was drowned by the sound of another mannequin being violently dismembered. Her head turned on reflex to see the collapse of that particular Dolores, as well as the perpetrator whom seemed to have a personal conflict with it. It puzzled her as to why Travis would take anything out on a presumably innocent doll, but, ultimately, who was she to judge in that sense? The girl had always had a penchant for flamboyant destruction, after all. Turning around, she caught a blur out the corner of her eye. She managed to react by taking a step back just before a mannequin's arm collided with her; Chloe wasn't so lucky. It seemed that she had woken up with the commotion and tried the spell herself, completely miscalculated her force with the exhaustion, and sent the dummy careening in her direction. Lacking the reflexes to dodge due to having just woken up again, the figure smashed against her mercilessly; the impact was such that it actually got past the Sturt and came crashing down against a few of the desks in the area (which, fortunately, had enough awake students that were able to dodge the flying missile). Chloe herself had been knocked out on impact. "Holy..." Lisa muttered in surprise as she saw Chloe's body slump in her chair, completely out for the count.
  6. It was as if Frost's memory had some sort of wipe - the bird had been completely forgotten, and its amicable behavior came back as if it had never left; truly a sharp contrast from his hunting persona. While he wasn't used to socializing with strangers outside the Stewart family, he seemed to watch the little exchange with interest. Chloe hadn't understood what she had done to bring out laughter from the woman, chalking it up to her own ignorance of societal conventions. Instead she clung onto the more obvious thing - introductions. They hadn't had the time to do so in that little adventure, had they? And with the great help Tayla had been, it was only fair. "I'm Chloe." She responded with a nod. Deciding to hook Frost in her left arm for safety, she proceeded to outstretch a hand for a formal handshake; fortunately her gaze fell upon her hand just in time to detect the glistening sweat covering it from the exertion and she immediately hesitated, withdrawing her hand just in time to wipe it clean a second time. "...Sorry about that." She muttered, her cat mewling after the phrase as if trying to say 'hello' himself.
  7. It was finally their chance. Chloe quickened her pace after Tayla upon the warning, reaching the exit of the alleyway just in time to spot the cat darting towards the older woman. Keen instincts told him to steer clear of her and he gave himself a wide berth to her right, inadvertently racing closer to Chloe; the accidentally strategic positioning of the pair gave the Sturt a chance to crouch and reach for the little speedster she raised. Catching the body between both hands, she quickly stood up with the feline's momentum, her body twirling partially to the side before she managed to steady herself. The cat shrieked in protest and struggled violently against whatever it was that was restraining him. Little paws flailed in the air before roughly plunging down onto the Sturt's forearms, claws digging at the jacket as it was trying to get the person to let go. They managed to pierce through the fabric, as well as her shirt, just barely; Chloe flinched and bit her lip at the stinging sensation upon her skin, but didn't relent. Eventually Frost recognized who it was that was holding him, and, combined with the fact the bird was completely out of sight at that point, he finally managed to calm down, inquisitive blue eyes peering up at Tayla. "T-Thank you again." The girl winced mid phrase as she felt the claws retract, which caused her to stutter. She was used to some scratching, so it didn't bother her too much; plus the fabric of her clothes could always be fixed up with magic later on. "I owe you one..." She lightly bowed her head with gratitude, a display of manners drilled into her head by her mother from a young age.
  8. It seemed that the cat had veered to the left. Chloe was taken aback by the suggestion that the woman had presented, that of going on ahead, understanding it as potentially splitting up - a valid strategy, as they could work together to corner the animal and hopefully outmaneuver it long enough for the Sturt to take it in her arms. It could, however, be dangerous, in case Frost decided to run towards the road. "...Alright..." She spoke with cautious optimism. It was difficult for the situation to get much worse to begin with anyway, at least in her point of view. In the meantime, it seemed the bird decided to taunt Frost. Taking flight, it flew right past where they had once come from - it crossed the entry of the alleyway for what barely was a split second, and continued above the sidewalk down the street proper. Chloe was alerted by the blur, it giving a much needed shot of adrenaline into her veins - was Frost still chasing it? Could he be close? Surely enough, the cat hadn't given up. It turned around after the bird had gained a several dozen meters worth of distance and took off after it with dizzying speed, rapidly approaching the alleyway the two women were in.
  9. Frost raced past Tayla as soon as its paws touched the pavement, giving chase to its prey. As soon as it reached the start of the alley it turned left with frightening speed, taking the same path that the bird had - several meters down the road, the bird came to a halt atop the awning covering the entryway to some sort of shop. It peered down at its snow white pursuer whom had changed its running path without skipping a beat: it ran alongside the wall before climbing it as far as it could go and jumped off of it towards the awning. Unfortunately for Frost, however, the clothing cover was far too high up for its claws to even scratch at the hem, and the cat was eventually bested by gravity, falling to the floor below and landing on its feet. In the meantime, one of Chloe's eyes shut with annoyance at the blunt force pain nagging at the bag of her head, hand clutching it tightly. While she didn't think any blood vessel had been broken (or, at least, she hoped), it was most definitely not a fun experience to have come so close to experiencing whiplash at the paws of a fully grown feline - though, in a roundabout way, it was a welcome distraction from the exhaustion and excess heat she had been enduring. "I... I think so. Yes." The Sturt nodded. She couldn't help but wish she had crossed the seventeen-year-old threshold at that point - a little wandless magic would have made Frost tamable far more easily, at least within the confines of that very same alley. "Where did he go?" Chloe questioned as she turned around, eyes trained on the empty alleyway's exit, but just for a moment. Eventually her gaze came to fall upon the fallen garbage bin again. She wished she had the time to make things right with the respective owner and put all the trash bag where it belonged, but with Frost's speed and agility it would likely prove to be a horrid mistake to waste time in such a way.
  10. "I suppose that would be for the best... Thank you." A head bow accompanied Chloe's words in appreciation, somewhat strained due to the exhaustion, but at least she was starting to get a grip on her lungs. The Sturt approached the sidewalk curb with cautious steps, looking left and right to see if there was any vehicle incoming; as she did, she brought a hand to her forehead reflexively, wiping it from sweat. She ended up having to clean the hand off by rubbing it at the side of her pants, making the mental note to take a proper shower once in Tallygarunga - studying could wait. Jaywalking due to the absence of incoming cars, Chloe quickly made her way across the wide road while motioning Tayla to follow. Once at the other sidewalk she followed it long enough to arrive at the alley, hunching forth and peeking around the corner as she walked. She spotted the source of the ruckus almost immediately, that of a silver trash can knocked over with its contents now covering the ground immediately in front of it. She wasn't sure if she wanted Frost to be the cause of it or not: while on the one hand she wanted to find him and retrieve him as quickly as possible, on the other hand she didn't want her lovely pet to be the cause of such problems for the establishment the garbage bin belonged to. As she stepped further into the alley she came to realize there wasn't anything outside of the norm other than the unfortunate trash accident on the ground level. Just as she was about to give up on the search, she heard a hiss coming from above - perched upon the fire escape's railing just above the fallen bin was a little bird, and an agile white cat was climbing up the ladder with remarkable speed, presumably having jumped onto it from the collapsed container. "Frost!" She called for the creature in a bit of a hushed tone, although unfortunately it seemed not to pay any mind to its owner - it only wanted its prey, and it wouldn't rest until he got it between its paws. It took only a couple of seconds for it to finally strike, jumping from the grated platform at the railing. The bird took flight as this ensued, gliding past the two women and onto the street; Frost caught itself on the railing and jumped off gracefully, landing on Chloe's head and leaping behind her to give chase to the bird. The girl stumbled forward a bit with the sudden weight and force upon her head, clutching it afterwards and wincing.
  11. A rushed nod followed Tayla's repetition of the Sturt's inquiry. Chloe closed her eyes in defeat at the negative reply - she was too tired to give chase, and there was only one of her for the entirety of the region. She couldn't call upon the grounded Lexi, and Tyson was likely busy at the moment. Fate conspired against her that day and sided with the will of her grandparents to see little Frost disappear. However, she refused to give up. She had brought that little feline from the brink before, and refused to believe the surprisingly affable cat would just leave her care for good over some arbitrary fowl. It would likely come home on its own, hopefully to Tallygarunga, as she feared for its safety should he go back to Lausler Park on its own. "Yes, just now..." That much was too obvious for Chloe to say, but she lacked the self awareness not to say it. At least she could breathe a little better at that point, which was, all things considered, progress - the sooner she recovered, the sooner she could dash out after the white fur ball (with a more even pace, of course). "I'm pretty sure he came this way, but I lost sight of him... Too fast..." Just as she had finished speaking, some sort of sound coming from a nearby alley across the street pierced her ears - that of a trashcan falling, and its contents spilling across the pavement. Chloe's head snapped in that direction on reflex but she was unable to look into said alley from her location. Could it be that had been Frost's doing?
  12. Chloe resorted to digging a nail into the skin of her thumb to keep herself awake - perhaps the jolt of unpleasantness would be enough to keep her brain from resting. Nevertheless, she hardly processed the teacher's question, all too focused on steadying her shaky field of vision instead; every now and then her eyes would close, but she'd startle herself back into consciousness. Her desk companion that day was oblivious to this plight as she opted to pay attention to class proper. "Use it on them...?" Lisa muttered under her breath as she tried to work out the logistics of it. If someone were to pull the mannequin too strongly with their magic, it would serve for some visually spectacular, bone crunching effects; or, they could end up sweeping themselves off their feet and be sent careening towards the object. While she didn't find it exactly difficult to pull off, it was most certainly an advanced spell, fit for the class. It definitely beat out how the former term had been, now that they had cut out the people holding them back. "It's basically a rope." The Chaser piggybacked off of Alexander's explanation. "To maintain magical concentration wandlessly with this spell while gauging your physical strength can be a bit of a challenge, and there's no 'one size fits all' trick to it since everyone will have a different balance in that regard." Being someone quite fit for the sake of her sport of choice, she wouldn't be one to have a large amount of trouble with the spell, lessening the risk of something going wrong. Her desk partner was quite fit as well, granted, but she seemed very much out of commission - having leaned on her palm once again, Chloe had dozed off.
  13. As Aiden spoke, Chloe came to realize that their familial situations when it came to spending time together were complete opposites - while it was something apparently cherished when it came to the Longhursts, Chloe's mother had always gone out of her way to ensure the Sturt was socializing with anybody that wasn't an immediate relative. Growing up, the girl had been glued at the hip with Lexi. Their father always followed close behind with his own antics, and the three had always gotten along fantastically. It served to contribute to Chloe's reclusive ways which her mother tried to combat so ferociously, with the exception being whenever their grandparents came to visit. The thought that she would have been secretly glad over her escaping the house and spending time with someone else brought a rare, faint smile to her lips that didn't survive long. She was somewhat taken aback with Aiden bringing up Tallygarunga in such a carefree manner - did he know her to attend the institution? Or had she been so wary of keeping magic hidden from her grandparents over the course of a week that the discreet behavior had started bleeding into interactions with everyone else? "That's reassuring." Despite her words, Chloe didn't think they would be late - they still had a couple hours out until curfew, and despite the walk being long, it wasn't that long; coupled with Aiden's offer of transportation, which she assumed to come in the form of Side-Along Apparition, the trip would be instantaneous. "Thank you." A light bow of her head followed in appreciation. She didn't understand why Aiden had decided to tag along at the drop of a hat but it was something she decided not to concern herself with. Something else, however, did catch her interest. "Are you planning on becoming a healer?" That was often the aim of those studying such things in depth, yet she brought up the obvious question regardless. If anything, there was always the potential for it to shed some light on what she should do with her life.
  14. A hand took a hold of a knee as Chloe struggled to regain her breath. While she wasn't unfit by any stretch of the imagination, the sudden extreme exertion without any warm up had taken its toll on her body. Cheeks flushed red as it tried to increase the temperature to compensate for the excess energy expenditure, legs aching from the effort but eager to resume - Frost was out there somewhere, and she had to find him. The Sturt looked around to see if her eyes could spot any movement, any blur that would indicate the white feline's presence - or, in the absence of such a thing, the bird that it had been pursuing. Her free hand momentarily reached for a pocket so to retrieve her phone, but she stopped herself. Her first instinct was to call Lexi to help her look for the cat, although she then remembered the girl was grounded: she had told their grandparents that they were a 'waste of oxygen' after they had opposed Chloe keeping and caring for a pet, and as such she would be unavailable to help out. Remembering her grandparents' words had the rare effect of making Chloe's blood boil, but before she could redirect that spike of adrenaline into a second wind, words reached her ears that prompted her to look in the direction of an older woman. There was no hint of recognition on her end either. "Yeah..." She uttered out reflexively, a strained nod emphasizing it. Even in her obliviousness it did occur to her that her situation looked very out of place in that location. She looked like she was about to keel over. It hadn't been the first time she had been inadvertently in a curious situation to onlookers either, although the one from the night before hadn't been nearly as alarming as it was losing a pet. "Have you... Have you seen a white cat around here...?" She struggled to get the phrase out in one go, swallowing to appease the dull pain that had sprung up from the exercise - it made it harder to speak. Chloe forced herself to straighten her posture, though a light hunch of her shoulders indicated she was having a hard time composing herself still.
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Chloe Hannah Stewart
Nature Reserve Trainee, Muay Thai Instructor Sixth Year
16 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her
Age:  16
Date of Birth: October 27th, 2002
Birthplace: Narragyambie
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Nature Reserve Trainee, Muay Thai Instructor
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Scops Owl
Wand: 14'' 1/2, English Oak, Unicorn Hair, Hard Flexibility
Play-by: Yui Aragaki

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House


Chloe treats her friends the same way she treats most others - she is polite but mostly blank and deadpan, and as helpful as she can make herself be. Due to being an odd duck in general she's never had much in the way of friends and struggles with that very same definition, not exactly knowing whom she should call her actual friend or not, often submitting to other people's definitions of whatever relationship they may have.


Chloe gets along with most of her immediate family: they bond through their hobbies and indoor activities.

Her sister, Lexi, is her best friend. Glued at the hip since they were toddlers, one has never known life without the other; they have each other's backs whenever necessary (even when questionable). Although one can't help but wonder what caused the older of the two to be so withdrawn, and the younger so outgoing.

Her father was the one who initiated her into geeky hobbies and still enables her quirks to this day. She owes a lot to the man, and can't help but feel a little guilty that she never pulled much towards baking so to help him out in the family bakery. She takes comfort in knowing the man is proud of her no matter what she chooses to do with her life.

The relationship with her mother is quite tricky. The woman wants to ram socialization down her throat, and more often than not Chloe finds herself avoiding her. She's also under the extreme pressure that is succeeding her mother in being the head of their dojo, or even following in her footsteps and join MMA - both things Chloe isn't sure if she wants to do at all.

Chloe finds her maternal grandparents to be a very stifling duo and avoids the house whenever possible whether they're visiting her or vice versa. They manage to be much worse than her mother in her point of view, and they rank as the only two individuals on Earth she genuinely can't stand.


Both her mother and her sister frequently set her up with boys they believe to be good for her in an attempt to get her interested in romantic endeavors. So far they've both been quite unsuccessful in their quest - while Chloe generally accepts meeting with them out of sheer politeness, it rarely transitions into a second encounter due to the complete and utter lack of interest she seems to display outside of curiosity for one topic or another.

While she has never been romantically attracted to someone in her life, it's likely that the only way in which she would be would come about through routine - she'd need frequent encounters with this person regardless of importance to them and see them as a part of her life, and grow accustomed to them. In the eventuality that she does realize she has romantic feelings for someone, she's the type to just go for it and bring them up, figuring the other person deserves to know. When doing so, she wouldn't expect for it to be reciprocated in any way, and so a rejection wouldn't hamper her much at all.

She becomes more conscious of doting over her partner during a relationship, even if feeling awkward about it due to her lack of experience and know how over relationships of any kind, let alone something with such high stakes. She'd be inclined to let the other person take the lead and learn from what they do, and potentially imitate them.

While she accepts invitations to dates out of politeness, it's likely that there would be a hint of excitement bubbling within her if it were a woman that was the one to ask, much to her own confusion - not that she'd show it, but it would make her more nervous at the prospect. She is also not against flings with no strings attached, it's just that nobody has made a pass at her before in such manner. If anything, it would appeal to her more curious nature, and would be something she'd certainly wish to explore. For science, of course.


Chloe doesn't understand why people dislike each other, let alone why would someone dislike her - this would likely make her more interested than defensive and she'd try to look into things, and make any amends necessary to fix the issue.

She has, however, punched a bully in the face before, as they were bullying her sister. This is a really quick way to make her dislike someone really quickly. She will resort to avoidance in such instances, but would be open to talk it out.


She's an open book regarding herself to anyone who asks, although she can keep a secret if asked to.

General Knowledge
  • An excellent student to a scary degree;
  • Legitimately viable main Quidditch roster player, but she never bothered to sign up;
  • Ironically said to resemble those muggle-created 'robots' in terms of demeanor;
  • Known to be a very good tutor in all subjects she's taken, and even some she hasn't;
  • Addicted to studying and knowledge in general, although starting to specialize;
  • Seems to have a few interesting muggle hobbies, such as programming and model making (mostly gunpla, as she seems to be infatuated with the concept of muggle robotics and related fiction);
  • Has a white cat name Frost that she rescued as a small kitten a few months back; 
  • Taking after both her parents, she's an absolute monster at physical combat and isn't that bad a cook;
  • Extremely close to her sister, to the point that targeting her is a surefire way of actually getting some emotion out of Chloe for a change. Bullies have faced her wrath before;
  • Talks in Japanese with her family for the sake of practicing, and English with everyone else;
  • Can draw really well but only ever seems to use that talent for technical drawings and for decorating her gunpla with intricate details;
  • Has QuillBook but doesn't seem to update it at all.

One could say Chloe is a very difficult person to understand, or to try to get through. Her perpetually blank and seemingly bored expression grouped with her bluntness is off putting to most, and rightfully so. While she isn't at all lacking in the emotion department, she finds it difficult expressing herself or even sorting out what she feels. As such, she opts not to show anything at all.

She's actually quite generous and easygoing for those who bother to get to know her - she's very permissive of others in general and is willing to go along with most things, even if a stranger asks, for the sake of doing something positive for them. She also displays somewhat of an overprotective side towards the younger children and creatures in general, finding it much easier to understand them than the deceitful nature of humans & company.

She has a true passion of studying, finding it fun to pursue knowledge and challenge herself to solving complex problems. Added to that is her somewhat obsessive compulsion towards her hobbies and interests, making it so she becomes quite solitary and unwittingly ostracized from her peers - her brilliance at whatever she applies herself to is ultimately her downfall, at least in her parents' eyes. This doesn't seem to bother her much, though that's mostly out of ignorance of interpersonal relationships than anything else.

She's exceptionally hard to anger, even if deeply wronged; the only known verifiable manner to the community at large is to jeopardize her younger sister in some way. That said, it's definitely not something one should try for fun.


Chloe stands at 170 cm, her height contributing positively to the various sports endeavors she's undertaken during her short lifetime - as a result, the body hidden under the Tallygarunga school uniform is quite lean. Said uniform usually consists of trousers, as she finds them more comfortable to move around in; a sleeved shirt with said sleeves pulled up to the elbow; and a matter of daily choice between the standard sweater or vest, depending on the outside temperature.

Being half-Japanese, she inherited most of their defining physical traits, such as slanted brown  eyes and a long nose. Her hair, however, was taken after her father, being auburn in color (albeit every bit as straightened as her heritage demands). Her face fortunately isn't marred of any imperfection; she rarely bothers to put on any makeup as well, seemingly caring little about being pleasing to the eye to anyone that isn't herself. On occasion, she can be spotted with glasses for reading purposes, although it's not very common.

Her face is almost perpetually blank - she isn't very outwardly emotive. One can count with one hand the amount of people existent in the entire planet that have actually seen her smile, but animals and magical creatures seem to be quite lucky in that regard and spot that treasure far more often... Towards them, no less.


Chloe was born to an Australian father and a Japanese mother in Narragyambie, making her a natural of the small town Tallygarunga's located in. The two decided to move there before her birth due to cheaper land, as they wanted to migrate their businesses: her father owned a small time bakery, and her mother wanted to open a multiple martial arts dojo, wanting something closer to home and wanting to retire from her competitive career so to take care of Chloe. The fact that there was so much youth around their general area because of the Academy made it so their businesses minimally flourished and they never faced much of a financial burden ever since.

Chloe was soon followed by a younger sister, with barely a year's difference in between them. The two were inseparable from then on, even if Chloe took over the role of overprotective big sister more than anything else. Despite her solitary ways growing up, she always made time to either tutor her sister in school (whether it be muggle or wizard) or to spend some quality time with her, regardless of how busy she made herself at any given time.

She proved to have quite a bit of energy to waste as a small child, which led her mother to enroll her in the few combat sports and martial arts her dojo actually taught. Chloe seemed to pick up on all of them instinctively; the apple did not fall far from the tree. However, unlike her mother, she didn't seem to present a competitive edge at all. Rather, she liked to exploit, study and perfect the art and never really bothered with wins and defeats. Frustrations aside, her mother concluded it wasn't meant to be. Chloe agreed to continue practicing regardless, actually liking to have a sound body.

Her magic developed not too long after, and so did her sister's. Their parents opted to let them conclude elementary school first despite repeated pushes from the school to let Chloe skip grades. They didn't listen as they saw their child developing what seemed to be severe social issues, and didn't want to separate her from her peers and make things worse. As such, she only reached Tallygarunga to take on the first year, skipping everything that came before completely.

Growing up she demonstrated an aptitude for logic and mathematics, and eventually technology, having access to plenty of it within her own household - her father was a bit of a geek himself, and allowed her free reign over his devices so long as she was supervised. When she eventually proved to be competent enough to handle things, he got her a computer and she requested programming books. This only increased her parents' worry, as she'd spend days upon days closed off in her room during break periods just to tinker with the machine.

The next step to help their daughter was to send her to the dormitories during the third year, even though they lived within walking distance of the school (or walking distance for Chloe anyway, as she rather enjoys to walk). She was given a magic-proofed smartphone so to keep in touch with them, but outside of that she wasn't given any sort of technology whatsoever to keep. This frustrated her greatly as she was only allowed home during days with no classes, and so she took on a second hobby - model making. She would sneak her figure to school during week days to assemble, and once that was achieved she'd bring it back home to paint and finish. The idea backfired and Chloe isolated herself further.

As the years went on the parents seemingly got desperate as they didn't know what to do for their daughter anymore; but Chloe is far more concerned with other things. What does she actually want to do? Programming? Teaching? Join the MRI? Or dive into her newly developed passion for magizoology? She could only hope the last two years in Tallygarunga would send her some sort of sign towards what she should do before it was too late.


Through the influence of Alexander Winfield, Chloe made the decision to join the local Nature Reserve as a trainee; luck wouldn't remain on her side, however, as the work load she was subjected to increased from all sides as the year rolled over to 2019. A combination of pressure from the incoming SPIDER exams, the work at the Reserve, and the newly acquired responsibility of instructing Muay Thai to newcomers of the dojo, along with more students to tutor on top of that, made it so the Sturt is constantly exhausted and prone to falling asleep in class.

At the end of May, her grandparents came to visit from Japan. The strict duo has made her and Lexi's life unbearable for the extended duration of their stay, and, for the moment, they seek out every potential excuse they can get to avoid their household: in Chloe's case, even socialization. She started paying much more attention to QuillBook, increasing her activity on the platform deliberately, and started hanging out with her friend, Tyson McKennis, more than she normally would - the fact their stay coincided with his break from college greatly benefited her.

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