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  1. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    It was odd. Within the past couple of days, Chloe had gotten plenty of support regarding what she wanted to do, how to pursue it, what to ignore. It made her feel like her mind wasn't distorted in any way for a change - it served as means to relieve the guilt she felt over 'betraying' those paying for her studies, somewhat. It certainly cemented her willingness to give Alexander's suggestion an honest shot. It would be incredibly two-faced to request advice and not follow through with it anyway. "Yes, weekends are doable for the most part... I have practice Saturdays at the end of the afternoon but that shouldn't be too cumbersome." Provided they didn't want her to work the graveyard shift, that is; not that she could, though, because of curfew. She didn't seem worried about the actual workload that sort of schedule would actually impose on her though. In a somewhat masochistic and workaholic way, she kind of liked and thrived in it. "When can we go? I'm free whenever during those days." She resisted the need of proverbially underlining 'whenever' in her phrase as excitement started to rear its head. Perhaps this was the right path. Maybe that was why she became borderline obsessed with pursuing it the moment she was given the green light, not even giving herself any time to actually sit and reflect on it. Mild curiosity made itself known as Alexander expressed his surprise. "Is it a bad thing?" She asked genuinely unaware of possible connotations. "You're helping me, so I want to help you in some manner." Her own phrase gave her pause, and she felt the need to correct it immediately, her eyebrows lightly furrowing as she realized her verbal mistake. "Well, I would help regardless, but..." And just like that, she was lost in the maze that was social interactions. "...I'm sorry, I guess?" It was more of a question than a statement. "If you don't want any help, that's alright."
  2. Invite Break A Sweat

    The explanation didn't help. Not that Tyson didn't do a good job; rather, Chloe was too far removed from such a line of thought to bring herself to understand it. She preferred to take things slow and explore. She didn't care for being the best, she cared for appreciating what she knew and dominating it to the fullest. If anything, her only opponent was herself and her limits, and her struggle was what would it take to break through them. Slow and steady wins the race could be considered her motto. "Would you say it's a bad thing for people with particular skills not to use them competitively?" It was more than obvious she was referring to herself - her mother was a professional fighter at one point, and Chloe was expected to be the same in her childhood given the absurd talent she demonstrated when she first started practicing Muay Thai. Did her mother consider her talent a waste? Was that why she pushed her so hard back then? "We're more similar than I realized." She commented as Tyson went through his life story. "You know... Sans the booting part." It was something that made her feel uneasy, such was her innocent view of the world. She didn't understand how a parent was capable of cutting a child out of their lives based on a preference - it was still the same person after all, and they should live their lives according to what they want to do, right? "It doesn't seem right that they'd do such a thing to you..." As she put things in perspective, she realized she was very privileged. She had a very big house, a loving family, and could potentially do whatever she pleased without risking any poor consequences to interfere with that status quo. She didn't have to lead a pedestrian life nor abide by someone else's rules regardless of how much they wanted to shove them down her throat. Tyson's words confirmed her thoughts, and she nodded in acknowledgement. Best to go your own way, follow your path and be a stain to society than follow an optimal, pre-made path and be absolutely miserable. Not that her own path would make her a stain, per se; she'd just rather be such a thing than becoming a professional athlete. "I think she notices... I just don't know why she's so desperate about it. I don't think I should ask, either. It feels private." A thought struck her as she ruminated over Tyson's predicament. "Wait. You said, booted out? Where are you going once the school year ends?" Was he effectively homeless? Or was this individual he was dating going to help him? Concern started to form in the Sturt's mind, and it sickened her further that his parents would make his own child homeless based on what he liked to do.
  3. Invite A Stroll Through Bushes

    It was an early Sunday morning in Australia. The sun peeked down onto the Earth's surface past the few clouds that bothered trying to shroud it - the blistering heat was making itself known through the quiet Spring day, letting everyone know Summer was just around the corner. It served as a good warning for one Chloe Stewart, certainly, as she didn't bother to dress in her school uniform that day, nor take a jacket along - linen pants, sleeveless shirts and sandals were the way to go. Outside of a mostly empty small messenger bag, she didn't seem to carry much on her either. All she aimed to do that day was to walk home, sit at her workstation, and airbrush her figures until sundown. As she left the campus, her phone buzzed and she retrieved it from her rather large pants' pocket. It was a newsletter report of a couple brand new master grade kit reveals from across the pond, and her eyes found themselves glued to the small screen. Her pace slowed but she didn't bother looking where she was going that much as the images of assembled kits revealed themselves, and she could feel her inner child be overwhelmed with glee at the potential new toys. She wondered if she could pre-order them; regardless, the seemed to be announced to come out just before the end of the year. Maybe she could grab them on site during the break trip? Provided her parents didn't object to the detour too much, of course. It took her a few minutes to unglue her gaze from the screen - and when she did, she realized she wasn't entirely aware of where she was. "Hm?" She clicked the button on the side of the screen, shutting it down, and pocketed the device. Looking around, she realized she was still in Tallygarunga's immediate vicinity; albeit in a quite green portion of it, as if in a pronounced rift from the main road. "At least I'm not too lost..." She mumbled to herself in her native language. She felt relatively safe despite detour, and didn't think she'd turn into chyme anytime soon. As she looked around she noticed a little pathway that was more colorful than the rest of the surroundings, covered with snapdragons that really drew in attention; and it seemed to lead into a fenced cottage that looked like a Herbologist's paradise. Curiosity took precedence and her feet found themselves drawn to it, and as she got closer, she managed to make out a warning sign sitting on the fence protecting that lodging. 'DO NOT ENTER -- CARNIVOROUS PLANTS' Any person with half an ounce of self preservation would take a hint, turn tail and leave; Chloe, however, wasn't such a person. Instead her curiosity enlarged. Good thing she was minimally careful - it wasn't her first rodeo with plants of the sort, and she was aware of safety distances. Standing just inside of that memorized 'safety zone', the Sturt peered at the greenery in hopes of seeing a thing or two whose existence she was unaware of. Her concentration was such that she would be entirely oblivious to any immediate approach, or someone watching her from a distance.
  4. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    "It doesn't have to be 'or'." Chloe corrected, along with a light shrug of her shoulders. She truly never gave that option much thought, however. Perhaps she should? The best of both worlds, it would probably make her the happiest. However, a little voice in the back of her mind nagged her that she should become more personable first if she did want to engage children in anything at all, let alone make a career out of it. How should she even go about it though? Interest formed in her mind as Alexander brought up the reserve. She had never considered it, mostly due to lack of contact - but scheduling could also be troublesome, now that she thought about it. "Would they be willing to accept someone like me, under their wing?" Chloe decided to voice her doubts. "Probably not..." She muttered to herself briefly in a Kagoshima dialect, almost as if not meaning for the other teenager to hear. "I'd like to go there, but I can't keep up a consistent schedule. I have one of the busier school attendance schedules, and I have combat practice almost every day on top of that. Weekends might be the only days I make it consistently." At least she didn't need payment for her services. That might be a thing going for her. "Have you considered going during a break?" Chloe suggested. She traveled a lot during those, mostly to Japan - it was a very no-brainer to come up with that solution. "If you can't go on your own, I'm sure it'll be easy to find someone to tag along with. I doubt you're the only person in this school who wants to pursue that, or is even minimally curious." She would offer, but knowing her parents, they probably already booked plane tickets to a certain country for the duration of the holidays. While she was usually mostly indifferent to those travels, a small portion of her couldn't help but want to stay so she had more freedom to explore her future. Responsibilities called, however, and she had no choice but to visit her grandparents. "...If you wouldn't mind taking me there, I guess I could give it a shot." Chloe nodded. Something about the idea of working with both children and animals in a relaxed environment brought the faintest of smiles to her otherwise blank face. And they'd be stacked with supplies too, so she wouldn't be too limited on what she could effectively do to help out. "I don't mean to impose, though." Even if it wound up not being her calling, it would definitely serve to take her mind off things for a long time. If she was even considered for any sort of position, that is. "I suppose I can repay the favor. If you ever need to go to the facility and have no means to go legally, I can handle it." She was pretty sure one of her parents would be more than happy to drive them there. Social progress and all...
  5. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Thanks." Chloe certainly appreciated Tyson's availability to teach her something she should already know. She couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed at herself for forgetting such a mundane procedure. It was almost as if an imposter had taken her place. "I can meet up at any time, provided I don't have a class going on." For as flexible as she made that sound, she did sign up for a lot of classes, so it could be problematic. At long last, she conquered the beverage before her. She leaned back on the deeply uncomfortable booth somewhat, both her hands retreating to her lap. "Those aggressive types are the ones who need being knocked down a peg." Despite her statement, there was no humor in Chloe's tone whatsoever. It bothered her how people could be so aggressive towards one another - then again, if there was a reasoning behind that, she could understand. She'd conquer empires and move mountains to protect her sister; in fact, she did punch a bully in the face, and nearly got expelled for it. Would be quite hypocritical of her to judge people on that matter, wouldn't it? "You can find challenge without needing competition." She eventually spoke up again. "I like challenge. I like having to think and solving problems, or achieving difficult things. In that aspect, what's the difference? The human factor?" It was justifiable, but she couldn't say she cared for it. "It just doesn't feel like something that would promote growth to me, I suppose. Only stress. To each their own, hm?" Or maybe she really was just weird and unlike everyone else, and irredeemable socially. Who knew. "...I don't think my mom will ever forgive me for not being more competitive." Her gaze was cast downwards towards the empty cup, a rare mixture of anxiety and sadness sparkling in her eyes. "She's always pushed me to it. Muay Thai, Boxing, so on and so forth... I want to end up doing what I want to do, but at the same time it feels like a disservice to her that I don't do anything competitive. She raised me, after all... I just don't know how to appease her." She would have to sacrifice a lot to pursue any one of those activities that she didn't care much for. Should she?
  6. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    "If you like helping people, then that's that. That's what you should do, no discussion." Chloe spoke up, the attempt at humor sailing right past her once more. "I can... relate, I suppose. I want to help creatures, or children. That much I know I want to do, in some capacity... I'm just yet to figure out in what capacity, exactly." It was too vague. Even programming could help both, which didn't help her figure things out in the least. "And in the end of the day it doesn't matter if you're being selfish about it, because the intention doesn't really matter half as much as the act." What Alexander was saying - life was too short - brought up the negative thinking once again, however. Chloe was very much a slowpoke in all respects - like to slowly explore her options to a borderline ritualistic extent, not being in any rush, not caring if it took forty years to reach her destination so long as she was happy with both the journey and the conclusion. But could she really afford such a thing? People depended on her. Her parents. Possibly a future lover and children, for as unlikely she perceived such a thing. And most of all, her sister. How could she lead the way into the world for her sister when she didn't know what to do? She was snapped out of her thoughts as Alexander looked behind his shoulder, and her gaze followed his to a woman in the background. She hadn't even caught the last few lines he spoke. Perhaps it was a good thing her face wasn't that expressive at all, it made it so it was unlikely he ever even noticed her spacing out in the first place. "I... suppose." She eventually replied as soon as her brain caught up to her vocal chords. Shortly thereafter, as he apologized, Chloe shook her head. "That's alright, it's what I asked for. Although, I was hoping to get more of an insight on lectures. If the professor is gone, I suppose that's not going to happen." That was unfortunate. They didn't get a replacement? Aren't there substitute teachers? Chloe has faint memories of that practice in the Muggle school she used to attend before going to Tallygarunga. "I assume there will be no formal evaluation this year, then? It would be questionable to conduct a SPIDER on a subject that's not being taught." The thought of not being allowed to pursue an interest based on someone else's failure made her a bit sick. She felt happy over Alexander being able to chase his dream in an extra-curricular manner. Was Chloe pushing her luck by not abusing that privilege? Was she unconsciously putting herself and her wishes on a pedestal, as if a lion looking over their pride? "Where is this medical facility you speak of?" She tried to avoid talking about herself and keeping the ball on Alexander's court so to distract herself from those highly destructive thoughts creeping in the back of her mind.
  7. Invite Break A Sweat

    The light pain of discomfort from that booth made itself known as it raced up Chloe's spine - perhaps this was one of the reasons why this little café didn't see much clientele, despite its nice location. She could easily mistake her seating for a normal, cushionless stool if it weren't for the back padding. She shifted ever so slightly in her seat to accommodate her posture to the egregious seating conditions - maybe she should fast track her food and get out before her back gave out. To Tyson's question, she shook her head. "Not even a little." She didn't understand the concept of tearing each other down - in her innocent point of view, the world would be a better place if everyone built each other up instead. Besides, she would be no good as a part of a given team, regardless of talent: she didn't care for 'winning' after all, and would inadvertently drag everyone else down. "I don't need a spectacular broom." She eventually mentioned once the idea of ordering a Yajirushi floated around, agreeing with his transportation sentiment. "Something standard should be fine, so long as it doesn't break in two uses. I can probably keep the fact that it's not a professional athlete broomstick under wraps, not like my parents would know any better." She wasn't a big proponent of lying, but her mother was truly getting on her nerves with her helicopter type of parenting lately. "I'm glad they don't know school Quidditch teams exist, to be honest. I wouldn't hear the end of it." The idea of actually maintaining her broomstick in a proper shape started to sound appealing to her - she had grown a taste over the last few years about building and modifying things with her own hands. She'd have a big problem installing the kit in her dorm room, however - with her roommate, two pets, school books and model kit equipment and markers laying around, there was barely any shelving space available for anything else. "Can you teach me how to use it?" Flying classes were too many years ago for her to remember. T'was a mistake she made in not making it a habit, but one she was more than willing to correct. The little muffin was all but gone at that point, and only roughly a fourth of her beverage remained. "...What's the appeal?" She decided to ask, after a moment of pondering. "Of competition, I mean. I don't really understand it." Chloe decided to come out and be entirely honest about it. Perhaps an explanation would help in understanding her parent and why she pushed her so hard.
  8. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    It seemed her assessment was wrong - this guy was a sixth year, apparently. Perhaps he just looked older than he really was? Chloe knew she did at least, having been mistaken for not being underage a number of times before. She had to admit, though, it did have its perks. She didn't seem to realize the implication of the additional mumble with accuracy, but decided not to comment on it since it was really none of her concern. "I don't mind." She replied, almost automated to do so, once Alexander admitted to his curiosity. She really didn't; perhaps the secret to actually deciphering what the future held for her was in talking to people about it. Different walks of life would have different experiences to tell, and different points of view. Maybe she wasn't even looking at the right interests for all she knew. "Does it matter if it's a selfish reason?" Chloe interjected. "What matters is that you do something you enjoy. Helping others is a nice bonus." Now that she thought about it, maybe her own way of thinking was, indeed, selfish. But, was being selfish about one's well being that bad, so long as it was with moderation? Regardless, it was a sacred principle to her. "Just make sure you don't regret whatever it is you do." She rather liked the 'solution' Alexander then provided for her conundrum. She didn't owe explanations to anyone - and if she needed to talk, she could just nag her sister or her father about it for advice. Never her mother, though, she didn't want an earful about how she should be an MMA fighter to continue the 'legacy'. "Not a bad idea. Gives me more breathing room if anything else." She had become so engrossed in the current conversation that she had forgotten why she was there in the first place, the sole recommendation being locked away in the closed notebook; however, she had enough presence of mind to recall one tiny detail. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Chloe Stewart." She spoke while extending out her right hand for a weak, not so mobile handshake. "And, thanks for the advice." It felt awkward to speak to a sitting person while sitting upright for such a long period of time, so she sat on the chair across from Alexander without bothering to ask for permission. "I assume you're in the Health class, then? How is it like?"
  9. Invite Break A Sweat

    It seems they were settled on the idea of going to both Muggle and Wizard shopping districts once they were done with their light meal. Chloe briefly considered grabbing something for her sister on the way back as well, given the extensive amount of window shopping they would be doing. She did have enough money left over from her allowance for something nice after all, and she really liked making that girl smile. But what should she get in the first place? She took a bite out of the muffin, covering her mouth with her free hand as she did so out of habit as Tyson spoke about competition - something she couldn't care less for, honestly. She never really understood why people wanted to best each other and prove they were superior so badly; it felt like something that would chain them down for life. Chloe would much rather be free as a bird, and take things at her own pace, actually bothering to enjoy life rather than making it an unpleasant experience. "Law enforcement, huh." That would mean he needed to dive into criminal psychology. It was something she admired, being able to procure and deliver criminals to the justice channels made to handle them. "Well, whatever you end up deciding, the only thing that matters is it being something you actually like doing." She imparted the bigger portion of her worldview. Hopefully he wouldn't have half the same amount of indecision that she was facing. Was it meant to be that hard to figure yourself out? "Competition... No." She shook her head. "I don't really care for that." Competition was a non-factor in her life entirely. She won most of the time when forced into such situations, but when she lost, she never really beat herself up over it. It wasn't worth it. She didn't want to be a symbol of superiority; rather, one of knowledge. "My mother wants to get me a new broomstick for my birthday and told me to check some out, since mine's kind of on its last legs." Several years old, semi-regularly used for flight... She didn't exactly keep it in tip top shape. "I'm only used to Yajirushi brooms, though I bought mine back in a trip to Japan. I don't know if they sell them locally, or what they sell locally. Or even the differences between them... If it flies, it flies." But Tyson was a Quidditch player, right? Perhaps he could help. "You know a thing or two about this, right? I don't want anything over the top, just something to fly on whenever I feel like it. Not like we're allowed to go very far anyway." It was odd to her how that two people 'crew' got so many goals for one afternoon out of nowhere. Was this how socialization worked? She wasn't used to such spontaneous breaches of routine. She didn't really mind, though.
  10. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    As it is always the case with humor, it eluded Chloe completely. She presented no outward reaction to the joke, merely thinking to herself it was unfortunate if he couldn't tell the nurses apart - but then again, she could relate. She couldn't tell almost any student apart that she wasn't forced to have near daily interaction with. It was certainly something she had no grounds of holding over Alexander, so she let it slide. She never had any excess of concern over whether someone remembered her or not anyway. "I'm a fifth year, and she's a fourth year." She replied automatically. The year was soon ending, too, so that response was going to inevitably change. Time was going by too fast to her liking. Since the teen before her seemed to be older, she incorrectly assumed he was a seventh year - that meant he would soon leave the school. Upon spotting the reaction Alexander had to her formalities, she had to make a conscious effort to remind her mannerisms that she wasn't at home. She wasn't talking to her mother, father, or sibling. She didn't have to stick to the Japanese formalities of her upbringing, mostly because other people wouldn't get them in that area. Her spine straightened up as normal and she reminded herself not to apologize for the same reason. At the question, she opened her mouth to speak, but closed it in hesitation at first - a rarity for Chloe. What did she want to do? "No... Neither of those things." She ultimately replied, shaking her head. By then she had lowered her book and clicked her pen shut, as the topic had veered way off course. "I'm... not sure of what I'll do, honestly." She found herself revealing, for no reason in particular. Momentarily, her brows seemed to furrow as she gave it some thought. "I just don't think I'll be cooking or transmuting for a living, regardless of competence." It was easier to say what she didn't want to do than what she did want to do. As of recently, it had become her own little personal mental hell. The only answer she had come up with thus far was 'something ethically sound'. "I take it you wish to pursue Alchemy yourself?" She commented. If he had knowledge of material outside of the school curriculum, it led her to believe it was a big interest of his outside of school grounds.
  11. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe seemed ever so slightly taken aback at the chortle she got out of Tyson, her otherwise inexpressive features shifting just a little as her eyes widened in surprise. Had she said something funny? She couldn't really wrap her head around what could be construed as humorous about it. Did she come short of social conventions again? Then again, did it matter? With that thought in mind, she allowed herself to relax and quietly enjoy her drink as Tyson continued to talk. Being less of a talker and more of a listener, she just limited herself to hanging on every word, as if listening to a radio instead. Despite not knowing much about her occasional sparring partner at all, she had enough presence of mind to realize this was his last year in Tally. Soon he would be there no longer, and would move on with his life. She inevitably considered what she'd do once school was over for her, but felt an indescribable feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. Chloe wasn't entirely sure over what it was or why she was so attached to academia; it was probably a good thing she still had just over two full years to go. "Me?" She instinctively replied as the ball was punted back to her field. "I... suppose. I've got the time. I can't speak much for sports stores though, usually I just order all my equipment online." Chloe shrugged. Just like that, her drink was already halfway down the glass - had it really been that long since she last spoke? "While at it, mind going to Zoom's Brooms on the way back? Mine's on its last legs and my mom's been pestering me to check out one I like, might as well be done with it." Anything that inspired competition in her mother was an automatic priority, even if Chloe had no intention of playing Quidditch. "Quid pro quo, or something like that." Maybe if she indulged this sort of situation for long enough, or enough times (hopefully not both!), it would serve as enough proof of her goodwill and cause the parental cloud hanging over her head to back off. "Speaking of which, are you planning to pursue sports after school, or something else?" She asked out of genuine curiosity. She knew he pretty much had a guaranteed job at the dojo if he so wished to take it, much like she did; however, something told her neither would be very fulfilled in that endeavor. Definitely not for her at least, she couldn't stand the thought of dedicating her life to any sport - she didn't care to keep up with any of them much at all, whether it be live, on video, or just reading up on news about it.
  12. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    As soon as Alexander started talking, Chloe reached into her bag to retrieve a small notebook, as well as a pen, so to write down whatever recommendation he happened to say from that point on - at her level or beyond, it didn't really matter. "So long a second year in the subject can digest the book, I'll take anything." She spoke up after his explanation. She'd be lying if she said the though of studying non-curricular material didn't spark her interest, however. The question that followed caught her off guard, and Chloe glanced up from the book. She looked at him, and unfortunately, the man didn't ring any bells. She chalked it up to her being awful with faces in general, and couldn't help but feel horrible about it. This was quickly brushed aside, however, as he mentioned how they had hypothetically met. "A bakery? My father owns one, yes. Near the hospital." But after this confirmation, she shook her head. "You probably have me mistaken. I didn't go there frequently, my sister did. There's a higher chance you met her instead of me." Their age was so close, too. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility for them to be mistaken for one another. "She's in this school as well, so you should run into her sooner or later." However, something at the back of her mind kept nagging at her. Maybe she was mistaken. Maybe they met, and she was just horrible with people. That wasn't entirely out of the realm of possibility either, now, was it? "Regardless, thank you for visiting the bakery. I hope you enjoyed it." The formal side to her upbringing reared its head, and her back curved forwards in the lightest of bows to reinforce her statement.
  13. Invite Break A Sweat

    At first, the Sturt hadn't even noticed her colleague sitting down in front of her, lost in her own little world as her gaze peered out the large window adjacent to their seating of choice. It took him speaking up to catch Chloe's attention. The sudden noise didn't frighten her and she quickly relaxed once recognizing her company, not minding it one bit. "That's what I was thinking about, actually." She replied with a nod to the greeting. The faint humor of his quip went right over her head. "I don't see why I would bring a book to Muay Thai." Barely a moment after she spoke, the smoothie she requested was served. That was a larger cup than the ones her father served, and she made a mental note to mention it to him at some point. She nodded in acknowledgement to the waiter before he left. "Maybe not so quick, but a break nonetheless. I don't really like returning so soon." She rather enjoyed the sunset, or even night time; she always considered it quite unfortunate for Tally's curfew to be so early. Remembering her mother's lecture on 'social conventions', she decided to keep the conversation ball rolling - even though she wasn't exactly sure how to. Briefly, she entertained the thought of Mrs. Stewart sending him there, for as improbable as it was. "What about you? Not looking forward to going back either?" She asked, taking the time to sip on her beverage through the provided straw afterwards.
  14. Invite Those Awkward Memories

    It was a day off of exercising, and Chloe's sister had ran off to who knows where. Both model kits she had on her were fully assembled, and since it wasn't the weekend yet, she couldn't exactly take them home to spray paint and detail them. The school books in her room had been read twice over, and it was a slow day for news in any field of interest she had. She opted to spend her regrettably free time in the Library that day. Alchemy would be the subject she would study that day, or so she ultimately decided. Despite impeccable grades, she always liked to read far beyond what the school system expected of her at a given point in time - and, unfortunately, that subject was what she was the most far behind on. She had only made it very barely halfway through the sixth year content, which displeased her somewhat. It didn't help there wasn't exactly a rule of thumb on what to study, as she had been told previously to 'focus on what's being taught now'. As she perused the many shelves in the respective section within the Library, a small shifting noise caught her attention just beyond her field of vision. Turning her head, she saw a student she failed to recognize sitting down not too far away, mumbling something to himself. It was close enough for her to make out the title inscribed upon the cover of the book he was diving into. Alchemy. It was a title she didn't remember reading, meaning it was a title either at or beyond her level. Quite the coincidence, she thought to herself, but she'd be a fool not to take advantage of it. Careful not to perturb others, Chloe silently made her way towards the Spencer. "Excuse me." She spoke up in a low tone, once within earshot. "I see you're reading an Alchemy book. Could you give me some recommendations?" Hopefully she wouldn't be disturbing him too much.
  15. Invite Break A Sweat

    As with every other time as of late that Chloe had gone to train in her mother's dojo, she was practically kicked out of the building as soon as practice (and changing, thank goodness) was over. She could tell it was one of her efforts to make the teenager more social than she was - if she were to get to the dormitories much earlier, she'd have more time to socialize with fellow Sturts and even her roommate before lights out. She didn't particularly concern herself with this that much, however, walking at a leisure pace up the Tallygarunga Road. There were still a few kilometers left in her path, but she was sure she could make it back to the campus proper before curfew. Good exercise until then anyway. She briefly wondered if she should go eat something before the long path, or eat at school and spend her detour time at the local hobby shop. Once remembering her birthday was soon and her father's tradition was to shower her with supplies, however, she opted for the former. Would most likely be a healthier option regardless. Entering a nondescript Muggle café just around a corner, she ordered an orange smoothie and a small blueberry muffin. After leaving a small tip and retrieving the little bread treat, she decided to sit at a corner booth by the window of the establishment so to wait for her smoothie to be prepared. The place seemed somewhat empty. Was it new? She hadn't seen it before, as her usual go to was near the hospital. Speaking of which, she started wondering if her father would be upset over her bringing business to their direct competition...