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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe was taken aback with the spell she was told to cover. Salvio Hexia? That was fifth year material, and Gideon came across as younger than that on first glance. Her gaze fell on the book the boy was exploring, focusing on the spell proper. She had recognized the book as a fourth year's guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and couldn't recall seeing that spell at all; was her memory getting affected from all the studying she had been doing? Luckily for the both of them, the Sturt knew that spell by heart. For a moment, she didn't reply. Instead, she peered over Gideon's head and towards the long corridor leading to the various aisles of the library. It was mostly deserted and there was little danger of them having the Librarian walk in on them; of course, it didn't hurt to be safe, rather than sorry. They weren't supposed to be practicing *spells* in the Library, after all. Using her sole free hand to reach for her wand's holster, she freed the magical instrument from its container and waved it once. Past a certain range, the sound around them was muffled and muted. It was an easy way of ensuring less attention was targeted at them if an accident were to happen. "Salvio Hexia." She repeated, once her job was done. Could it be the new edition of the book was just making it harder on Fourth Years? Lexi had told her nothing about tougher material. "It's usually an area type spell, so it's a bit difficult to practice here. And the smaller the area you want to work with, the harder it gets because you have to be more precise." The area they were in could perhaps be a bit too small, but, Chloe could pull it off; perhaps, with some practice, Gideon could do it too. "Try to do it now to see what your issue is. Blanketing this area will suffice."
  2. Class Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    A correct answer, and five points. Chloe never cared much for those, and the question had been so simple she felt like she hardly deserved them to begin with, but she wasn't going to complain. It seemed Luke had a speech prepared for that precise question, but to her it was all material she already knew, despite the eloquence injected into the explanation. At least with that general ease of the subject matter she felt like she could relax minimally instead of paying attention at all times, something she valued greatly with the stress she had been enduring throughout the year. A shiver ran down her spine as a familiar sensation was felt the moment she spotted the new student, and she swallowed dryly, promptly looking away in discomfort. It all harkened back to the same way she felt like one Samantha Hammond was around, that very same feeling of wanting to ignore everything else and watch the girl in particular; the feeling of relaxation she had just felt quickly went away as she forced herself to focus on the class precisely to be able to ignore what often felt like a charm cast upon her. The lights illuminating the room disappeared and the class proceeded. It seemed another student had given the first reply that she thought of, meaning Chloe had to improvise. "The stars we see aren't spread out evenly in the sky. They're scattered and in groups, with big chunks of the sky being dark and others being very bright. Some of these formations are what we call constellations." Quick and easy. She had never been one to talk much, and that felt sufficient in her point of view.
  3. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Defense Against the Dark Arts. Chloe's gaze moved from the boy towards the manual. From the title she deduced he was a fourth year. It came as mild surprise as the boy looked younger than that, but she was quick to digest her initial error. She wholeheartedly disagreed with the notion the manual was hard to get through but she figured it might be some sort of difficulty Gideon had from earlier learning that he had to work through to understand the material. Usually those were the hardest to correct as they had to be traced to their source. Something struck to her as odd, however. Why go to her when members of the dueling club would be more suited to tutor him in that regard, at least when it came to the practical part to it? From his uniform, she could tell Gideon was a Flinders; Ian Travers, a fellow dojo inhabitant, was a Flinders as well and she was positive he was a part of the dueling club, or so she believed he had mentioned it to her before. It made the girl wonder if Gideon had trouble befriending his peers, much like herself, but ultimately it was none of her business. "...Alright." After a moment's hesitation, a finger pushed a cover of her book upwards, right until it started to fall the opposite direction, closing with a small thud. Arithmancy wasn't in the cards that day. She doubted she'd make a whole lot of progress to begin with due to Frost's recurring interference, but a human talking to her made it much harder to stick to the activity. Nevertheless, she couldn't just say no. 'It can't be helped.' "What parts are you having trouble with?" She relaxed somewhat in her chair, which gave the opportunity for Frost to climb out the desk and onto her lap, curling up for a nap while Chloe idly scratched the back of his ears.
  4. Class Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    It was the last term of the year, meaning sixth and seventh years were back for the hardest study grind of the whole year. That included Chloe, as she was in for her first year of exams. Given the stress she had endured throughout the year through her various responsibilities, she was starting to dread the moment classes came to a close so they could focus on studying - despite her grades she couldn't help having the feeling she was lagging behind and her intuition told her there would be some people trying to take advantage of her 'free time' to have her do various other tasks instead of giving her room to drill the various subjects she was meant to pass into her own brain. Nevertheless, she was one of the few students that day whom wasn't at all bothered by having Astronomy slotted into a Friday night that week. To her, being in class was actually a relief from her various tasks; especially that subject, which she deemed one of her two favorites (alongside Care for Magical Creatures). It seemed that the Professor was looking to give a relaxed tone to the class that night, something Chloe couldn't say she minded either. Sitting on her usual chair, she took notice of the telescope not being prepared for the class. She set her bag down against the leg of her seat and crossed her legs, leaning back on the chair as the lecture began. Would they be discussing the various types of observation? Unlikely, as they'd go through them too fast. Nevertheless, the Sturt opted to reply to the question. "With our eyes." It was a fairly straightforward question to her. In the dawn of civilization people had been watching the skies without help, and some even charted various constellations before the first telescope was even made. It was what people could see that made them curious about what was above the little rock they were standing on in the first place.
  5. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Frost could hear Chloe just fine, but the cat didn't understand a single word; at least, if it did, it would have ignored her anyway. To claim the Sturt as his territory was the current goal, momentarily thwarted by very pleasing scratches to the area behind his ears, though the sound of a young man's voice made its ears twitch. Looking up from the snow white cat, Chloe's gaze landed on a boy she minimally recognized but couldn't put a name to. He referenced to her by name. Either they had spoken before or she had grown more popular than she realized. Perhaps it was over the tutoring reputation she'd been acquiring through the years? The stutter stood out as something strange but she took it as a normal speech impediment rather than any embarrassment or awkwardness, even if Gideon's expression betrayed such a thing. She had never been the best equipped individual to pick up on such cues, after all, and she could imagine her dearest sister becoming aggravated at the fact Chloe didn't remember who this younger student happened to be. "Arithmancy." She replied nigh-robotically, although a glint of curiosity shone in her eyes. What did he mean by not thinking she'd be there? Did he somehow know her schedule? Having a reputation of being one of the more studious inhabitants of that campus, she figured people thought she lived within the confines of the school's Library. "How can I help you?" She decided to go straight to the point. As she asked such a question she reached into her bag, retrieving a small snack that she proceeded to hand to Frost whom was quick to nab it off her outstretched palm.
  6. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Most people would attribute it to complete lunacy that Chloe had chosen the middle of the final week of the third term to sit down in the school's Library for a good old fashioned study session. In her mind, it was perfectly justified - she knew that she wouldn't have as much time during the next term as most others to study for the SPIDER exams due to effectively having two jobs (and some things just demanded that type of sacrifice), so she might as well get some preemptive material done with. At least her grandparents were no longer in the country to bother her. Her mother had, fortunately, granted her leave for that day from Muay Thai. She told the woman she was to stay at school, and didn't give much detail as to why - she was fairly suspicious over Aneko only ever agreeing to it because she was under the belief it was some sort of social event. At the same time she managed to dodge Lexi, whom would most certainly drag her away from books if she were to see the Sturt. Fortunately, that day also coincided with the LARP Club meeting she was so fond of attending so ducking her sister's line of sight didn't prove to be too difficult. Though, despite that isolation, she wasn't alone. With her came Frost, a white cat, whom presently sat atop the lone table she had taken for her own within the deeper confines of the library. Knowing the creature to be somewhat loud at times she decided to stay away from others whom could be using their free time to study as well; and, right on time, the cat started mewling for her attention. "Hm?" The girl looked up from her Arithmanncy book, her gaze falling upon the cat. Frost quickly approached the girl's forearm and rubbed its head against it, as it stood upright so to hold her chin with its palm. Knowing that to be an indicator of territory marking along with its usual call for attention, Chloe set her pencil down upon the open book she was studying and reached to lightly scratch at the area behind the critter's ears. This earned a continuous purr, as well as the faintest of smiles from the otherwise borderline robotic reserve trainee. "I have to study, you know." She muttered as if the cat could understand her, although not exactly expecting it to - it was just something Frost had always enjoyed.
  7. Room to Breathe

    Chloe nodded in agreement with the sentiment. Despite feeling like a fish out of water in the middle of that philosophical conversation, she found herself to be enjoying wondering about the metaphysical concept of what came after death - it was something impossible to know, something someone only like them could only hope to take a highly uneducated guess at, but it was a thought exercise that got her gears turning positively nonetheless. Unfortunately, it made it so she didn't quite detect the sadness plaguing Aiden with her own response, as well as his initial submission to the idea he'd never be seeing his mother again. "It's easy to assume it's better, whatever that may mean in the end." What was 'better'? Was it even something they could grasp? "It's generally accepted that ghosts are tethered to the mortal plane and can't pass on due to deep emotional ties and unresolved issues, but they would rather pass on, save for some extraordinary cases... Maybe they know more things than we do about it. Maybe you should strike up a conversation with one sometime." They had ghosts in Tallygarunga itself, so it wasn't exactly a feat; and she had heard the Wizarding part of the local cemetery was teeming with them. "I think that, whatever happens to them... How can I put this... If you know the least bit about Astronomy, you'd know about the theory of the Multiverse. How it's possible that there are an infinite amount of universes alongside ours, but it's likely that they operate on different rules, a lot of which we wouldn't be able to comprehend. Maybe that's something that can be applied to this hypothetical realm? We won't really understand until we're there, even if we have it spoon fed to us." Maybe they even had a way of watching over them from that 'location' after all. Admitting that there was something someone as studious as her wouldn't be able to figure out was a hard pill to swallow, but at least she could allow herself to entertain a silly scenario or two in her head out of accepting that fact. How would family members wait for one another beyond mortality? Everyone was related to everyone else if they bothered to go deep into their genealogy. A kid would go meet with their parents, who would in turn go to meet their parents, who would also in turn go meet their parents... So on and so forth, save for some exceptions. She truly couldn't grasp the logistics of such a thing, reinforcing the notion it was completely out of her reach - and she was okay with that.
  8. Room to Breathe

    A nod followed Aiden's question, although Chloe chose not to elaborate. It felt like she was mentally being a broken record at that point - reminding herself over and over of what her mother wished for her to do, all of which related to competition and combat. She had an inkling of a suspicion that her father wanted her to pursue Computer Science and/or Robotics, but at least he had the common sense not to shove that ideal down the Sturt's throat. The conversation followed on a tangent she never expected. An astronaut? For as cliché as it was, Chloe looked up at the dark sky reflexively, her gaze rapidly shifting back and forth as she took in the spectacle that was the assorted dotting of stars right over their heads. Becoming an astronaut sounded like a child's fantasy for the most part, but Chloe saw merit to the notion. The girl was very fond of science fiction and robotics, and loved when both things came together - such as whenever she watched Gundam, her favorite show - and so she had envisioned herself riding an armored suit throughout space on more than one occasion. While the respective professions weren't exactly the same, being an astronaut was the closest she could get to such a silly fantasy with the current technology available to mankind, even with magic involved. Before she could voice any of those stray thoughts, however, Aiden brought up an even odder question. It was enough to drag Chloe away from dreamland and make the girl look at him in mild confusion. Ghosts were proven to exist. They were the souls of people whom hadn't passed on - but, on to where? Was the question truly that odd? What did the realm of the dead comprise? Were they among them? Were they above them? Were they in a completely separate dimension and permanently out of reach in both ways? "That idea has a few issues along with it." She replied, completely missing the point and nature of the discussion. "That's not taking into account the possibility of life elsewhere. Would you say a soul is tethered to their planet? Or they can watch all over the universe, omnipresent?" For has fantastic as the idea sounded, Chloe had learned the hard way that not everything in their world could be justified by logic and numbers. Magic had taught her that. Occam's razor was often flipped on its head whenever the supernatural was involved, and the soul was no exception. "I think I'm more partial to the idea of them being in a separate realm." She continued as she looked back up at the stars. "If a soul is trapped when they stay here and it's permanent, I figure they'd be trapped if they remained above us as well..."
  9. When fear controls life

    Whatever happened, happened. Such were Lexi's words, and it was a sentiment Chloe herself agreed with; however, they left a sour taste in her mouth as she felt quite uneasy about the prospect. Death was inevitable. Some passed on sooner, others later, but everyone (save for a few species) who was ever alive inevitably met their end, but that didn't mean Chloe had to like it. The idea of a life without her dear sister at her side made Chloe feel somewhat ill even if she wasn't that good at sorting out her own emotions. Lexi's smiling face had always been a bit of a weakness for the Sturt. Despite the morbidity and seriousness of the situation, it was soon minimally reflected on Chloe's lips even if it had been a simple minute change - truly a rare sight, even if one would have to know what to look for. She couldn't tell if it was genuine or if Lexi was forcing it to lighten up the mood, but in any case, it worked. "I have to go to work, but we can do that Sunday." It then occurred to her that they hadn't had lunch, and most of their time had been spent on the trek to their father's bakery to retrieve some edible treats - the girl's stomach was constricting with hunger despite being yet to announce it to the world. "But we should probably eat something before then. Do you want to eat in the Great Hall or do you want to head outside?"
  10. I'm starting to think @Lexi Stewartlikes watching horror movies with me precisely because I don't appreciate them very much.

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      Chloe Stewart

      My face shifts when watching those movies? I wasn't aware of that.

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      Lexi Stewart

      It's okay. 

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      Chloe Stewart

      I guess so...?

  11. When fear controls life

    Perhaps it just was the case that the matter was too fresh for Lexi to make heads and tails of it. Chloe certainly couldn't judge her for that minimally - being one who was illiterate in the intricacies of emotions for the most part, it would have taken her a long time to decipher such a thing if it had been her. While she did quickly figured out her own Boggart, she had a few people to thank for that - Alexander, Tyson, Aiden, all of whom had indulged her in a line of questioning that made her think deeper about issues she otherwise wouldn't have bothered with. "I think you should give yourself some time to think about it. If it's something so important to you to the point of showing up as a Boggart, it's probably something that needs to be addressed." The hold around her sister's shoulders tightened as she tried to get the Spencer to lean sideways on her. Even if her words, tone and expression were mostly neutral, it was something she could do to display support. "I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I'll say this. I'll do anything in my power to keep anything from happening to you." She had since they were little. The recent event hadn't changed that or instigated it; if anything, everything was the same. Hopefully it would remain the same far past Lexi's sixteenth birthday.
  12. Complete Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    "Certainly." Chloe spoke up as soon as the Professor mentioned someone should take Alexander to the Hospital Wing - even if there were other students who were more adequate for the task, the quiet Sturt decided to indulge in her own selfish wish of ensuring the man was alright for once. He had always been quite sickly, and ever since they met Chloe had worried herself sick for him; even when he displayed signs of getting better, she still took to books so to uncover whatever mystery ailment (used to) plague him. Much like Max, Chloe held out an arm to help out the Spencer. "Come on." She didn't believe his claim that he was the height of health - visible symptoms spoke volumes to how untrue that was in her perspective. "The sooner we go, the sooner you can rest." She never understood why people were almost always so adamant about not getting help for their physical ailments. To her, it felt like it was a complete no brainer. "Eh, whatever..." Lisa muttered under her breath as the class drew to a close, paying no attention to the slight commotion nor to Travis' protective posturing. Rolling her eyes, still very much under the influence of the re-energizing spell, the blonde crossed the classroom once more to retrieve her own bag and left without another word. She needed a few gallons of coffee, and she needed them fast.
  13. The break's just around the corner again... This year is going by very quickly.

  14. When fear controls life

    There was no escaping death. It was a grim sentiment displayed aloud by Lexi, yet Chloe seemed to be mostly unaffected by her choice of words, watching the girl as she spoke with a straight face and no semblance of existential dread - it was just a fact of life, and given her occupation, she had unfortunately faced the end of many a creature she held close to her heart throughout her short magizoology career. Yet, to picture her sister meeting her demise felt different. Overwhelming and suffocating, and something Chloe felt like she couldn't face if that day were to arrive; was it fair to hold her life above everyone else's, or was it just her heart telling her the rowdy Spencer was the most important person in her own otherwise mundane life? What followed, however, struck fear in the confines of the Sturt's heart. The date had been the 13th of January? Why did her sister hold such a fear regarding that date? Had the family gotten a prognosis of Lexi not leaving past her sixteenth birthday in the past and kept it from Chloe? Was it something else? "Why do you think that is?" A Boggart's shape shifting was a representation of a fear. It didn't mean something that was to come to pass, or a peek into the future; it was simply what terrified the individual that faced it the most. Fears were irrational by nature - not only that, they were learned behaviors through one's trials and tribulations, so widespread and dissimilar as they were. Chloe figured that a good reasoning for Lexi fearing her own death so soon was her somewhat frail constitution, despite her best efforts. Did she fear failing?
  15. The "horror" movies @Lexi Stewarthas me sitting through lately are so flawed the fear factor is removed through its very production... What am I missing...?

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      From what I understand, TCM it's kind of like... I don't wanna say "cheap thrills", but its one of those movies you sort of, shut your brain off to enjoy.

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      Chloe Stewart

      I don't think I'm capable of doing that, now that you put it that way... Thank you for the warning.

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      Gideon Sharpe

      Ah, you are welcome!

Chloe Hannah Stewart
Nature Reserve Trainee, Muay Thai Instructor Sixth Year
17 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her
Age  17
Date of Birth October 27th, 2002
Birthplace Narragyambie
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation Nature Reserve Trainee, Muay Thai Instructor
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Scops Owl
Wand 14'' 1/2, English Oak, Unicorn Hair, Hard Flexibility
Play-by Yui Aragaki

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House


She's an open book regarding herself to anyone who asks, although she can keep a secret if asked to.

General Knowledge
  • An excellent student to a scary degree;
  • Legitimately viable main Quidditch roster player, but she never bothered to sign up;
  • Ironically said to resemble those muggle-created 'robots' in terms of demeanor;
  • Known to be a very good tutor in all subjects she's taken, and even some she hasn't;
  • Addicted to studying and knowledge in general, although starting to specialize;
  • Seems to have a few interesting muggle hobbies, such as programming and model making (mostly gunpla, as she seems to be infatuated with the concept of muggle robotics and related fiction);
  • Has a white cat name Frost that she rescued as a small kitten a few months back; 
  • Taking after both her parents, she's an absolute monster at physical combat and isn't that bad a cook;
  • Extremely close to her sister, to the point that targeting her is a surefire way of actually getting some emotion out of Chloe for a change. Bullies have faced her wrath before;
  • Talks in Japanese with her family for the sake of practicing, and English with everyone else;
  • Can draw really well but only ever seems to use that talent for technical drawings and for decorating her gunpla with intricate details;
  • Has QuillBook but doesn't seem to update it at all.

One could say Chloe is a very difficult person to understand, or to try to get through. Her perpetually blank and seemingly bored expression grouped with her bluntness is off putting to most, and rightfully so. While she isn't at all lacking in the emotion department, she finds it difficult expressing herself or even sorting out what she feels. As such, she opts not to show anything at all.

She's actually quite generous and easygoing for those who bother to get to know her - she's very permissive of others in general and is willing to go along with most things, even if a stranger asks, for the sake of doing something positive for them. She also displays somewhat of an overprotective side towards the younger children and creatures in general, finding it much easier to understand them than the deceitful nature of humans & company.

She has a true passion of studying, finding it fun to pursue knowledge and challenge herself to solving complex problems. Added to that is her somewhat obsessive compulsion towards her hobbies and interests, making it so she becomes quite solitary and unwittingly ostracized from her peers - her brilliance at whatever she applies herself to is ultimately her downfall, at least in her parents' eyes. This doesn't seem to bother her much, though that's mostly out of ignorance of interpersonal relationships than anything else.

She's exceptionally hard to anger, even if deeply wronged; the only known verifiable manner to the community at large is to jeopardize her younger sister in some way. That said, it's definitely not something one should try for fun.


Chloe stands at 170 cm, her height contributing positively to the various sports endeavors she's undertaken during her short lifetime - as a result, the body hidden under the Tallygarunga school uniform is quite lean. Said uniform usually consists of trousers, as she finds them more comfortable to move around in; a sleeved shirt with said sleeves pulled up to the elbow; and a matter of daily choice between the standard sweater or vest, depending on the outside temperature.

Being half-Japanese, she inherited most of their defining physical traits, such as slanted brown  eyes and a long nose. Her hair, however, was taken after her father, being auburn in color (albeit every bit as straightened as her heritage demands). Her face fortunately isn't marred of any imperfection; she rarely bothers to put on any makeup as well, seemingly caring little about being pleasing to the eye to anyone that isn't herself. On occasion, she can be spotted with glasses for reading purposes, although it's not very common.

Her face is almost perpetually blank - she isn't very outwardly emotive. One can count with one hand the amount of people existent in the entire planet that have actually seen her smile, but animals and magical creatures seem to be quite lucky in that regard and spot that treasure far more often... Towards them, no less.


Chloe treats her friends the same way she treats most others - she is polite but mostly blank and deadpan, and as helpful as she can make herself be. Due to being an odd duck in general she's never had much in the way of friends and struggles with that very same definition, not exactly knowing whom she should call her actual friend or not, often submitting to other people's definitions of whatever relationship they may have.


Chloe gets along with most of her immediate family: they bond through their hobbies and indoor activities.

Her sister, Lexi, is her best friend. Glued at the hip since they were toddlers, one has never known life without the other; they have each other's backs whenever necessary (even when questionable). Although one can't help but wonder what caused the older of the two to be so withdrawn, and the younger so outgoing.

Her father was the one who initiated her into geeky hobbies and still enables her quirks to this day. She owes a lot to the man, and can't help but feel a little guilty that she never pulled much towards baking so to help him out in the family bakery. She takes comfort in knowing the man is proud of her no matter what she chooses to do with her life.

The relationship with her mother is quite tricky. The woman wants to ram socialization down her throat, and more often than not Chloe finds herself avoiding her. She's also under the extreme pressure that is succeeding her mother in being the head of their dojo, or even following in her footsteps and join MMA - both things Chloe isn't sure if she wants to do at all.

Chloe finds her maternal grandparents to be a very stifling duo and avoids the house whenever possible whether they're visiting her or vice versa. They manage to be much worse than her mother in her point of view, and they rank as the only two individuals on Earth she genuinely can't stand.


Both her mother and her sister frequently set her up with boys they believe to be good for her in an attempt to get her interested in romantic endeavors. So far they've both been quite unsuccessful in their quest - while Chloe generally accepts meeting with them out of sheer politeness, it rarely transitions into a second encounter due to the complete and utter lack of interest she seems to display outside of curiosity for one topic or another.

While she has never been romantically attracted to someone in her life, it's likely that the only way in which she would be would come about through routine - she'd need frequent encounters with this person regardless of importance to them and see them as a part of her life, and grow accustomed to them. In the eventuality that she does realize she has romantic feelings for someone, she's the type to just go for it and bring them up, figuring the other person deserves to know. When doing so, she wouldn't expect for it to be reciprocated in any way, and so a rejection wouldn't hamper her much at all.

She becomes more conscious of doting over her partner during a relationship, even if feeling awkward about it due to her lack of experience and know how over relationships of any kind, let alone something with such high stakes. She'd be inclined to let the other person take the lead and learn from what they do, and potentially imitate them.

While she accepts invitations to dates out of politeness, it's likely that there would be a hint of excitement bubbling within her if it were a woman that was the one to ask, much to her own confusion - not that she'd show it, but it would make her more nervous at the prospect. She is also not against flings with no strings attached, it's just that nobody has made a pass at her before in such manner. If anything, it would appeal to her more curious nature, and would be something she'd certainly wish to explore. For science, of course.


Chloe doesn't understand why people dislike each other, let alone why would someone dislike her - this would likely make her more interested than defensive and she'd try to look into things, and make any amends necessary to fix the issue.

She has, however, punched a bully in the face before, as they were bullying her sister. This is a really quick way to make her dislike someone really quickly. She will resort to avoidance in such instances, but would be open to talk it out.

The story so far

Chloe was born to an Australian father and a Japanese mother in Narragyambie, making her a natural of the small town Tallygarunga's located in. The two decided to move there before her birth due to cheaper land, as they wanted to migrate their businesses: her father owned a small time bakery, and her mother wanted to open a multiple martial arts dojo, wanting something closer to home and wanting to retire from her competitive career so to take care of Chloe. The fact that there was so much youth around their general area because of the Academy made it so their businesses minimally flourished and they never faced much of a financial burden ever since.

Chloe was soon followed by a younger sister, with barely a year's difference in between them. The two were inseparable from then on, even if Chloe took over the role of overprotective big sister more than anything else. Despite her solitary ways growing up, she always made time to either tutor her sister in school (whether it be muggle or wizard) or to spend some quality time with her, regardless of how busy she made herself at any given time.

She proved to have quite a bit of energy to waste as a small child, which led her mother to enroll her in the few combat sports and martial arts her dojo actually taught. Chloe seemed to pick up on all of them instinctively; the apple did not fall far from the tree. However, unlike her mother, she didn't seem to present a competitive edge at all. Rather, she liked to exploit, study and perfect the art and never really bothered with wins and defeats. Frustrations aside, her mother concluded it wasn't meant to be. Chloe agreed to continue practicing regardless, actually liking to have a sound body.

Her magic developed not too long after, and so did her sister's. Their parents opted to let them conclude elementary school first despite repeated pushes from the school to let Chloe skip grades. They didn't listen as they saw their child developing what seemed to be severe social issues, and didn't want to separate her from her peers and make things worse. As such, she only reached Tallygarunga to take on the first year, skipping everything that came before completely.

Growing up she demonstrated an aptitude for logic and mathematics, and eventually technology, having access to plenty of it within her own household - her father was a bit of a geek himself, and allowed her free reign over his devices so long as she was supervised. When she eventually proved to be competent enough to handle things, he got her a computer and she requested programming books. This only increased her parents' worry, as she'd spend days upon days closed off in her room during break periods just to tinker with the machine.

The next step to help their daughter was to send her to the dormitories during the third year, even though they lived within walking distance of the school (or walking distance for Chloe anyway, as she rather enjoys to walk). She was given a magic-proofed smartphone so to keep in touch with them, but outside of that she wasn't given any sort of technology whatsoever to keep. This frustrated her greatly as she was only allowed home during days with no classes, and so she took on a second hobby - model making. She would sneak her figure to school during week days to assemble, and once that was achieved she'd bring it back home to paint and finish. The idea backfired and Chloe isolated herself further.

As the years went on the parents seemingly got desperate as they didn't know what to do for their daughter anymore; but Chloe is far more concerned with other things. What does she actually want to do? Programming? Teaching? Join the MRI? Or dive into her newly developed passion for magizoology? She could only hope the last two years in Tallygarunga would send her some sort of sign towards what she should do before it was too late.


Through the influence of Alexander Winfield, Chloe made the decision to join the local Nature Reserve as a trainee; luck wouldn't remain on her side, however, as the work load she was subjected to increased from all sides as the year rolled over to 2019. A combination of pressure from the incoming SPIDER exams, the work at the Reserve, and the newly acquired responsibility of instructing Muay Thai to newcomers of the dojo, along with more students to tutor on top of that, made it so the Sturt is constantly exhausted and prone to falling asleep in class.

At the end of May, her grandparents came to visit from Japan. The strict duo has made her and Lexi's life unbearable for the extended duration of their stay, and, for the moment, they seek out every potential excuse they can get to avoid their household: in Chloe's case, even socialization. She started paying much more attention to QuillBook, increasing her activity on the platform deliberately, and started hanging out with her friend, Tyson McKennis, more than she normally would - the fact their stay coincided with his break from college greatly benefited her.

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