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  1. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe shook her head at the notion of overloading herself. "I won't do it immediately." She corrected her own previous statement. While she did have a natural affinity for the relentless pursuit of knowledge, she was yet to become suicidal in terms of how much workload she'd put on herself - even if someone could argue that should they take a look at her current schedule. "The break's in a couple months. It won't hurt to look away from my kits for a few days and dive into Muggle Studies as a whole. It should prove to be enlightening." Of course, she couldn't forget about what was bound to be an avalanche of homework over the little vacation, as it was customary with certain Professors. Not that she minded it, really, but it did put a damper on one trying out new things or keeping up with their hobbies. "Yeah, I see what you mean. But we did go to a candy store, not a prank items store." Even if magical candy had some leeway as to what effects it could have on the customer, Chloe reckoned they still had some standards to abide by if they were to make it to the shelves - she doubted that some sort of edible item that had a common secondary effect of 'death', 'maiming' and equally egregious outcomes would be in plain view and reach of children without parents kicking up a storm about it. "Are there any known side effects to these?" She held up the box of Glacial Snow Flakes that she was about to purchase for Tyson. Perhaps it could induce brain freeze or cold burns? She found Tyson's display of disgust rather amusing - it was a wonder how something she found so normal could be horrendous to someone else, and vice versa. "A good mildly salty snack is peanut butter. It's also an excellent dip." Honey was a tad too sweet for her in large amounts. Caramel, however, was something she was yet to try. The only caramels she's ever had were the solid candy kind. "I'll give that a shot though. Maybe this weekend, when I swing by home."
  2. Tornado Warning

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe isn't sure why, but Lisa always enlists her help when it comes to any mandatory group or pair work in all the classes they have in common. Chloe is okay with this, but the competitive behavior is off-putting to say the least...
  3. Stuff

    The barkeep says, "Sorry, we don't serve time-travelers here". A time traveler walks into a bar.
  4. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe nodded to Tyson's question, not thinking much of it. Perhaps it had been arrogance when she was younger - she felt she didn't have to apply to a subject she was already intimately acquainted with out of having lived in a Muggle household all her life and she would have preferred to use her time with subjects which she had no knowledge about. As she got older, she never looked back on it. Perhaps it had been a mistake on her part, but as time grew sparse with taking on so many subjects at once and so many side activities, perhaps it was too late to do so. "I'll look up some books about it, in that case." It was a fair compromise in her point of view. As she read through the Glacial Snow Flakes box, she wondered if the candy itself was ice cold, rather than just attaining ice-like properties. That would certainly make it a hit with the crowd during the current season and she couldn't at all fault Tyson for the choice. If anything, she might pick some up during the blistering Summer herself. "Unless it actively hurts me, I have nothing to lose." She could see the gigantic version of gummy worms being too sweet for her, if they were anything like the Muggle ones. Hopefully not. "I'm not too picky, but I realize I have a bit of a bias towards salty food." It really, really didn't help her case. She had to maintain a good diet, but sometimes things like cheese and sunflower seeds looked rather enticing. "I'm just very ignorant of snacks in general. I wouldn't mind a lesson or two in that realm." Even Tyson was pushing her towards going out more, right? That was the perfect excuse, provided the stars (and wallets) aligned.
  5. 2019 School Year Enrollment

  6. Invite Break A Sweat

    "I don't have Muggle Studies, actually." Chloe wound up mentioning. Should she pick the subject up the following year? She was allowed to take on one more subject, after all. "I figured there'd be no point to it since I already come from a Muggle household to begin with, though I suppose it would be interesting to see how they're discussed in the point of view of a wizard... Do you have that class?" Perhaps he could tell her more about what went on there. "I'm not." She corrected Tyson while retrieving the requested package of Glacial Snow Flakes. She turned it around momentarily to read what the box said. "It's a first time for me, that thing. I've heard it was pretty popular though, so it can't be that bad." The easy pick to make, in her opinion. Hopefully her sister would enjoy the treat. "I suppose this will sound boring, but to be honest, I'm not one for strong flavors. I don't usually care for what I'm eating specifically so long as it provides the right sustenance." She did know how to cook well, though, for the sake of appeasing her family. It did bring her some enjoyment to know they actually liked what they were eating. 'Guess I'm just on a different wavelength.'
  7. Invite Break A Sweat

    Retrieving the communication device from Tyson's hands before he could pocket them, Chloe locked the screen and shoved the magic-proof smartphone back in the open compartment of her gym bag before zipping it shut. "I don't mind." She really didn't, but she didn't mind when her father sat with her to help put the little pieces together either. Maybe Tyson had a point - it was an activity to be enjoyed with others. Maybe it was something she should share with those close to her. She wondered if Tyson would actually take an interest in it, but it was an expensive hobby - bad idea to introduce the man to it for the time being. "Fair point." She conceded the discussion to her colleague, finding herself agreeing to it - in the end, the impact you made in the world was what mattered. It was hard to make a perfectly round wheel when all you had was stone and hammer, but if you did it, in this day and age, it would amount to nothing. People needed to learn to pick their battles and maximize their productivity output. "Never one without the other. What an odd thing that Muggles need the one thing they can never know to exist in order to survive, and how we have to keep themselves hidden for their sake." What should she take? "...How about a Jelly Slug?" Chloe suggested. It was big enough for her to split it apart with her sister upon meeting, and a few charms would ensure it stayed in eating condition until whenever it was she'd see her next. "Just one. Those are really popular, or so I've heard."
  8. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe's pace slowed as well so to keep up with Tyson. She kept the outer compartment of her bag open as they continued on their path, knowing there to be no danger of anything of worth to spill out and break anyway, giving her upperclassman all the time in the world to peruse the various photos she had kept in her phone. They went a few years back as well, so there would be plenty to go through. "No, I haven't. I don't know if there's any around here." She couldn't say she cared much for such a thing to begin with. She never did it to share after all. "I concur, for the most part. It's easier to make a stable income in the Muggle world. Not so many occupational hazards attached, usually. Plus, given that it's harder to get anything done in general, it should be more rewarding by default." It wasn't uncommon for wizardkind to die in freak accidents, even if they were just testing out a new spell. Though, in her point of view, it was comparing apples to oranges - they both required different sets of skills and different natures from which to approach. She would say that wizards should err in the side of caution, for example, while Muggles could afford to be more recklessly ambitious. It seemed that Tyson was every bit as stubborn as Chloe could be - one could argue more, as the Sturt sighed in defeat. "Okay, okay. Each buys the other something. Is that a good enough compromise?" She didn't even know what to request, she didn't have that big a sweet tooth. Although the way she just caved to the man felt very familiar, and she couldn't help but crack the faintest of smiles at it once regaining her composure.
  9. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Oh, a video. I guess I could do that, but, I do have pictures already. Let's see..." Chloe reached for the outer compartment of her gym bag, partially zipping it open, and retrieving her magic-proof smartphone. After unlocking what looked like a screensaver of a little white kitten, she quickly went to the image files she had, opened one and handed the device to Tyson. She didn't seem concerned over him potentially scrolling through something he shouldn't see, mostly because she had no such things in her phone - only pictures of the figures of varying grades, Frost, and her sister. "I can't imagine living in such a stifling environment." She found herself saying as Tyson brainstormed on what he would have become should he be just a Muggle. It was the proof to confirm she truly had it easy. Maybe actually meeting her mother halfway on occasion wouldn't be so bad, if only as a display of gratitude. "Like I said, it's a thank you gift. So, it's already covered for on your end." Chloe elaborated. "I didn't expect to be given so much to think about today, and I really like it. It's not like I'll break the bank with one piece of candy anyway." Equal exchange? If anything, in her point of view, what Tyson had provided completely dwarfed such a small expense. They walked into the store, and for once, Chloe seemed to be comfortable with the premises. She was all too familiar with the place, having made the detour more times than she could count for the exact same reason she was standing there today for - buying a treat for the ones she cared for. "No, just get to choosing."
  10. Complete A Stroll Through Bushes

    As Chloe took the glass she nodded in appreciation against one time before bringing it upwards to her lips, taking a sip. She couldn't ask for anything better than a refreshing drink in a hot Sunday morning, with the blistering summer just around the corner. "That explains why I didn't notice this place before." She thought aloud to herself as her gaze inspected every nook and cranny of the area with childlike curiosity. The area certainly wouldn't have looked as eye catching, and she could have very well just gone by without even noticing the bungalow's presence. "So to speak. My living beings of choice are magical creatures, but to deal with them, herbology doesn't lag too far behind." She spoke once her gaze found Rue's once again, curiosity momentarily satisfied. Medicine, potions, lures, most things had an over-reliance in plants when it came to creatures - provided they weren't strictly carnivore. "Although, I'm half convinced the Professor is green with envy with the existence of all of this. I've never seen so much variety in one place before."
  11. Invite Break A Sweat

    "Make little segments?" Chloe repeated in confusion. "What do you mean? I don't understand." She shook her head as she spoke, emphasizing how puzzled she was at his wording. "Mm. I guess that's just me, then. I think about it sometimes." She confessed. Would that make her seem as ungrateful for the magic she was endowed with? Did it matter? "My mom would be perfect to introduce you into such a world." She mused aloud. She had once been a competent MMA fighter herself, after all. "I think I'd get into programming by default. At least, I think that's what they would have wanted." A very competitive field. Of course it would have been pushed on her. To an extent it was regardless, but despite being Muggles, here parents weren't dim enough to completely reject Chloe's magical talents, wanting her to pursue something within that area as well. They were finally heading towards the Wizard shopping district. They still had to get to Zoom's Brooms, and they needed to check the candy for her sister. All in a day's work. "What's your favorite? Take it as a thank you gift." The irony of her words, for once, didn't escape her. It was a matter of seeing who was more stubborn about spending money they shouldn't touch at that point.
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  13. Invite Break A Sweat

    Chloe shrugged, mostly to herself. "What's considered as geeky usually, I suppose? Outside of model kits... Sci-fi, robotics, computers. That sort of thing." There was no point in going into detail about that sort of thing. Each was a massive world on its own right and she could talk about them for a week; they were pressed for time, so she let it go. Chloe nodded in agreement, having nothing to add to Tyson's statement. Instead, she posed a question. "Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we were Muggles?" She had, multiple times. If her elementary school progression served for any indication, she would either find school terribly boring or would advanced grades and be done by then. Would've she pursued programming? Or would've she found her love for animals and followed veterinary medicine? Even if it was useless to ponder on such things, she found it amusing to imagine them. As they approached the counter for payment, it finally struck her that they had been talking freely about such topics in a Muggle store. It was perhaps for the best that it was mostly empty, but it made her more cautious about her words and where she spoke them from then on. She muttered a 'thank you' as he held the door open for her and they headed outside. "I guess we could. Gives me time to ask her what she wants too." Chloe nodded as they went on with their planned path. The sun set later in the early days of Spring but the sunset could already be seen in the distance, noting they should hurry back. "So long as she likes them."
  14. Invite Break A Sweat

    "I don't prefer indoor activities." She corrected Tyson on reflex. "I don't know if I have a preference, for that matter. My interests seem to be in completely different worlds from one another. Maybe 'geeky' encompasses half of them, at best." If anything, she had more of a health concern over dancing in the rain than anything else. "It's ironic. Muggles have the need to appeal to fantasy and outlandish elements for power fantasies, to feel entertained, thinking their lives would be more interesting. In the meantime, someone like me wants nothing more than to live with what they have instead. It's not all it's cracked up to be." A lot of people usually forgot to account for the associated dangers of their imaginations. A lot of people thought it would be fantastic to live in a world with dragons. Dragons did exist, and if it weren't for the wizarding community, Muggle populations would be terrorized by them. There were always two sides to a story. By then, she had learned to at least mentally process Tyson's joking tone, even if she didn't get the joke right away - it made for saving herself from further social embarrassment, at least. "Yes, I'll take your advice. I'll just worry about it when the time comes." It seemed that the shin guards had been picked out. Their little shopping spree had been completed, sans for the check out process. "Mm, not from here." She shook her head while motioning them to walk. She opted not to look at the armbands after all as there was no point in concerning herself with it at that moment. If she really needed to see the price she could just look it up online anyway. "I was thinking of going to Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store, actually, to get some candy for her on the way home. I think she'd like that." For that matter, she probably had to keep her from becoming an employee, such was her sweet tooth. "I believe that's everything." She said, motioning to the items Tyson was holding. "Let's go. We've been killing a lot of time, we have to watch out for the curfew."
  15. Invite Break A Sweat

    The way Tyson put it sure made it sound a lot grander than it actually was. She scratched her cheek somewhat awkwardly, coming to the realization she was about to put the (admittedly fantastic) notion to rest. "It's... rather boring for most people, actually. I just need to use scalpels, tools and spray paint for model kits. I build them as a hobby." She explained. Even in the Muggle world it was a bit of a peculiar hobby, as far as she knew. Most people didn't envision sitting in a chair and building what was a small figure for many hours at a time with little room for error as their definition of 'fun'. "Still beats out dancing in the rain, I think. At least I'm indoors when I do that." Nevermind the danger of slicing your finger if you held up the pieces incorrectly. "...Mm. Yeah, I can see that, but still. I guess I just can't shake off 'Muggle common sense' so easily. Neither can you." Old habits die hard. "Even so. I don't really do it to improve myself, necessarily. I just like exploring that sort of thing. And maybe it sounds odd, but I appreciate what Muggle hands and minds can do more than what magic can." It took a whole lot more hard work and ingenuity to replicate similar things, and Muggles just dominated things already existing in nature. For as destructive as they could be, that adaptability was certainly admirable. It felt like beating a dead horse at that point, trying to work with the Sturts. Tyson was right - there wasn't a thing they could do to teach them how to work as a cohesive unit from an outside standpoint, and Chloe was just one person and knew first hand that they wouldn't bother to listen to someone as passive in general as she was, competition or not. Their own arrogance was their downfall, and since she didn't really held any Sturts too close to heart, she didn't feel particularly bad about it. It was rather ironic, however, because she would help them to the best of her ability if they so much as asked. The conversation was starting to be a bit distracting, and Chloe found some difficulty in actually processing the colors of the shin guards she was looking at while maintaining the extended conversation with the Bourke. "I know I can do it." She elaborated. "I'm just not sure if I'm the right pick for the job." She was of the school of thought that you should only do something if you sure you wanted to when it came to important life decisions - an actual job was one of them. Did she want to teach an art she had grown mostly disinterested in over the years? Would it be fair to the students if her heart wasn't fully in it? "...Last case scenario, we can just hire someone else." There weren't a whole lot of martial arts masters in Narragyambie, of course, but she hoped one of their more tenured practitioners would be up for the task instead. It was easy money in her eyes. "It shouldn't be that hard." Of course, she knew full well no one would move out to the sticks for a part time job in some random dojo. "...I shouldn't worry too much about it. One thing at a time." She ultimately settled with focusing on the upcoming exams. She wasn't one to worry too much to begin with. She needed to stop letting the prospect of doing something she didn't like far down the road get under her skin.