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April, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.


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  1. Cheers, welcome! Glad to see you tinkering around the place. Definitely looking forward to plotting a thing or three with ya!
  2. Yo! Let's see what I can cook up. I don't have any seventh years, but it isn't much of a stretch to imagine Claire getting along with sixth years, right? Plus, I have a few Flinders people. Let's see... Kai mentioned @Meadow Richards, so I suppose I'll start there. A fellow Flinders, sixth year, and resides in the dormitories as well (her roommate being @Remi Cornfoot). She is @Travis Franklin's best friend. She is kind by nature, though her closer friends would argue she turns out to be a bit strict and passive aggressive when they're under her care - it's more out of concern than anything. She's a gifted Healer and it's not uncommon for students to go to her when they need something patched up and don't want the school nurse to know about it (although, as of recently, she started charging for these services). Her amiable disposition has earned her a few strong bonds over the years, though given her physical frailty, she's also the target of bullying on occasion. Despite having these friends she seems to have a bit of a thing against hanging out with the vast majority of them outside campus - this is because her parents are pureblood supremacists and she doesn't want to get in trouble, a fact only known to Travis presently. That being said, she's working on getting the courage to defy those standards. For a connection, it's very possible that they've had to work together in the past, given they are a part of the same House and that the classes are shared with all years; they could also potentially be on friendly terms. I'm willing to hear any ideas out too As a side note, Meadow hangs out constantly with @Samantha Hammond and @Amber Cross, both of which also my characters, though I don't have much in the way of ideas for either of them presently. Though they're naturally ultra friendly and social butterflies, so it probably won't be so hard to come up with something there. Also from Flinders I have @MJ Clarke, a fifth year. She doesn't board but she's known to be a timid girl who is in actuality a complete machine when it comes to group works. She also has a seventh year student for a sister, @Aspen Clarke. It's common knowledge that whenever Aspen gets angry, MJ is the person to go fetch to calm her down. She's also a bit of a survivalist as a hobby, so even if she's not around campus very much, it's not uncommon to find her doing something, anything, in the Murrigal Bushland. She's a bit awkward though, so it takes time to break through that shell. As such, she doesn't have much in the way of friends, but if Claire has treated her kindly in the past, it's possible that they're on good terms. My last Flinders was made very recently, and he's @Ian Travers. He's a Dhampir with a very rough past hidden behind a relentless need to help everyone around him. He lives in the dormitories as well. Odds are they've ran into each other over the years, and Ian tried to help Claire in any way, shape or form. It's quite possible that they're good friends, even with the year gap, as he's a fifth year. I have many more students (ten in total, across all houses, either fifth or sixth years), and so I'm willing to hear out any other ideas. Please check my splotter out to get a grasp on how they work My ideas are pretty rough thus far but I'm willing to iron them out. Feel free to hit me up in Discord DM's!
  3. Kirupachi


    Hello, welcome aboard Speaking for myself, I've definitely heard of your country as a fellow European (am from Portugal myself). There are a few more European folks hanging around as well, never fear. Here's hoping we get to RP soon!
  4. Alright! Took me long enough. Let's see what I can cook up. Feel free to come up with ideas of your own by browsing my splotter! Student wise, I have two I can give you. The first is @Chloe Stewart. She's the quiet/robotic type, with very little in the way of social skills; as far as classes go, she's very much at the top of it due to actually having enjoyment in studying various subjects - Astronomy included, of course! Definitely one of the more well behaved ones, so she may be in her teacher's good graces due to her competence. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have @Amber Cross whom only ever decided to take the class because she's a bit of a geek (sci-fi!) and was very disappointed when she first realized the class wasn't what she expected. Nevertheless she stuck with it because she's fascinated with space. Not the best student when it comes to theoretical subjects, her genuine enjoyment of Astronomy specifically made it so she's survived up to her Fifth Year, and at the moment it's the only purely theoretical subject she's taking. Though, she's prone to be a bit loud/distracted/what have you. Just the other day she made a QuillBook post over being so bored in class that she just took out her smartphone and tinkered with it. Take from that what you will. @Jamie Collins can be an eventual possible friend, as they're in the same age range. Don't let his fame fool you, he's actually pretty humble and quiet himself. He frequently visits Tallygarunga for the sake of seeing his friend Olivia, whom is the school nurse, and to watch the Quidditch games as they happen for the sake of scouting out the seniors. @Diana Sharpe is in a similar situation, visiting the nurse at least once a week, and she has a little brother who attends the school - while this character is still an adoptable, we can easily say that he attends Astronomy to justify them having come across each other at one point or another. @Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons is the resident social butterfly of Narragyambie, as well as a prominent Auror. She gives lectures in Tallygarunga on occasion (more often than not in DADA) so it's likely for them to run into each other. @Natasha Roberts, like her, is unofficial school staff, although she's far more present than Evelyn in the sense that she's the Dueling Club teacher and goes to campus a few times a week. She's an easy pick for any help your Professor may need. She also bakes the best muffins in Narrie! That's all I got from a quick once-over, but I have 19 characters at this point so feel free to throw more stuff at me. Also go ahead and contact me on Discord directly to hash out some ideas!
  5. Kirupachi


    Howdy, Cam! Welcome to Tally. I hope you like what you see around these parts Also, no pressure, please just have fun, that's the most important thing! I'd recommend you joining our Discord server so to chat with us (there's always someone on), and feel free to bring up any questions you may have. Looking forward to RP with you too!
  6. Kirupachi


    Howdy! Welcome to Tally Here's hoping you enjoy your stay among us nerds, and am definitely looking forward to threading with you! I'd recommend you dropping by our Discord so we can all chat, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot.
  7. Kirupachi

    Hey Hey Hey

    Cheers, friend! Welcome to nerd city. Here's hoping you enjoy your stay among us dorks! I'd definitely recommend joining our Discord server so we can all meet properly, and I'll second the whole 'shoot any questions you may have and we'll reply' thing! Looking forward to see what you come up with.
  8. Hey, friend! Welcome to nerdville Tally. Here's hoping you enjoy your stay, and am looking forward to see what you cook up! If you have any questions feel free to give the staff a shout, and I'd recommend you dropping by our Discord if you haven't yet to meet all of us dorks and make new buddies
  9. Kirupachi

    Hello hello

    Aloha! We already met, but welcome aboard. Can't wait to see what character(s) you come up with, and to RP with you ASAP! Feel free to hit any of us up for plots
  10. Kirupachi


    Cheers, Mac! Welcome to Tally. If by app you mean you created your character in your player account, then you should be creating a character account separately for that instead of doing that in your main account. Feel free to drop by our Discord. There's always someone around willing to help with any questions you may have, and you'll get to know us nerds in the process (and vice versa!). Looking forward to RP'ing with you!
  11. Cheers Heather, welcome to Tally! Here's hoping you enjoy your stay with us nerds. I'm looking forward to see what you cook up and play with ya ASAP! If you have any questions feel free to question the staff, and I'd recommend you dropping by our Discord to get to know all of us nerds. There are folks across all sorts of time zones so there'll always be someone to chat with.
  12. Cheers, friend! Welcome to Tally, and I hope you enjoy your stay! I'd recommend you to check out our Discord to get to know all of us nerds as well as pose any questions you may have! There are around three (?) PT-speaking people in the server (myself included, though to my knowledge they're from the European side of things), so maybe that'll help you feel at home a bit Looking forward to see what you come up with, as well as RP'ing with you at the earliest convenience!
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