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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Greetings All

    Cheers, LdyPayne! Welcome to Tally We haven't met on Discord just yet, but I hope that's just a matter of time. If you have any questions while you settle in, feel free to shoot, that's what we're here for! Looking forward to RPing with you at the earliest convenience.
  2. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Four it is! I can start the ones with Ash & Ev, you can get to the other two I suppose. I'll DM you with the links whenever I get around to making them. As for Keegan, off the top of my head... Maybe something with Keira. She's a squib so she has her teeth firmly sunk into the Muggle way of living, plus she's a bit of a celebrity (at least online) because she runs a commentary type of show for politics. Maybe he's heard of her and maybe they could hang during the rare times she actually gets our of her office. I probably have a lot more for him but I'll have to give it some time to think about it, and we already have plenty to work with for the time being anyway
  3. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Rhys & Luke - Could potentially get awkward at times due to the superficial friendliness? And they probably don't know each other much at all. Rhys & Paige - Well she's not an overt drinker or anything by rule, but she does often take after whoever she happens to hang out with so it's possible that Rhys has made her drink (far) more than average. Skipping the students since that's mostly settled~ Rhys & Ashley - If my math is correct they worked together at least a year. At work she wasn't as unpleasant as her reputation would have one believe and might've even joked around a little since she's the more rowdy brand of Sturt. Maybe they catch up every now and then in The Drunken Roo over a few drinks? That and/or perhaps he's a customer of Charm-Me-Not at times. Rhys & Forrest - Forrest hangs more around in Melbourne although he does visit Narrie from time to time since his son is enrolled in Bilby. Much like with Ash it's possible that they run into each other in a bar rather than anywhere else due to his somewhat busy life. Rhys & Evelyn - Oh, I forgot to mention she occasionally joins Tally staff in the sense she's invited to give lectures at school when a teacher is missing (mostly DADA), and has a daughter there, and happens to be having an affair with one of the teachers which gives her reason to hang around at times. Anyway, her brand of manipulation is very subtle, as she's a cautious individual and a Legilimens so she can often tell when she's stepping out of line; plus, I doubt she'd be interested in manipulating Rhys for the time being past wanting to be seen in a friendly light. That said, expect a never-ending barrage of flirting from her, nevermind the fact she's married. Rhys & Willow - I can definitely work with them being friends from back in Tallygarunga days. Maybe she was his mentor in some manner (perhaps pranks? she was a notorious prankster) before she left. And perhaps he helps her sanity precisely by enabling her to let loose in one way or another. Takes some threading to find out how though Bonus round! Rhys & May: I forgot to bring her up last time. She used to be a Bourke back in the day, albeit considerably younger than Rhys (27). She might be of interest, however, because despite her somewhat stoic demeanor she gets along with pretty much everyone; not only that, but she's hanging around the school a lot to visit her brother, the nurse, and a couple teachers every other day. Even if they didn't know each other before it's possible that they do now. That being said, if they befriended each other, there was a point in time when she vanished without a trace and only returned four years later (March 2019) so that could be used as possible plotting stuffs. Anyways, as for threads, I'm up for anything you're more inclined towards, but if possible, I wouldn't want to go over 5 - we want the threads to move, after all! Though I wouldn't mind if there was some sort of short list of threads to get through with time. Let me know what you decide, I'll go along with it
  4. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Cheers, Bach! Sorry I didn't hit this up right away. Let's see what we've got here... Starting with Tally staff: - Luke: He is the Astronomy Professor, and Head of the Bourke House. He's been in Tallygarunga for a few years, but, like Rhys, he was born in England (albeit in Manchester instead). He's the type to try to get along with everyone minimally, believing positive workplace relationships foster a conducive environment for children to learn in. I can see him being moderately uncomfortable with all the drinking and smoking but he wouldn't comment on it. That being said, despite his charismatic ways, Luke isn't the most social person in the world and so perhaps their work relationship does not go past a polite & friendly tone. - Paige: She is a Whitlam Bilby teacher. While they're not necessarily in the same areas of school, it's likely that they're at least acquainted. She's the type to adapt to the other person's personality so it's unlikely that they've crossed each other in some manner, and perhaps they've gone out for a drink or two in their spare time. Now, the students he has to deal with... - Brooke: A Spencer whom seems to know everyone under the sun, even if they haven't heard about her. She's not anything spectacular in the subject of Divination but is very knowledgeable of the theory side of it, courtesy of knowing a tad too much of magical artifacts and their uses. She's a very friendly person even if she tries to keep people on their toes but it might just be she goes mostly under the radar in Rhys' class. - Jordan: A very meek Flinders whom can often be seen being shoved into lockers. He too is nothing much in Divination and is signed up to the subject out of curiosity more than anything else. He's the one magical person who wishes he was a Muggle instead and thinks everything and everyone around him is going insane. - MJ: Another Flinders, this one has the reputation of being a bit loony. Despite this she's actually very down to Earth. Even if she has a natural talent for Divination (it being the reason why she picked up the subject in the first place) she doesn't actually like it too much, deeming it 'impractical' and 'a waste of time' in most regards. However, as of recently, she's been quite upset over not having been able to predict her older sister's injury in a high profile Quidditch match recently and beats herself up over not taking the subject half as seriously as she should. And now for some misc. folks: - Ashley: The owner of Charm-Me-Not, a magic-proofing place for electronic equipment, Ash is known for having a bit of a sharp tongue and malice to her actions. She's Tecri's Jo Estrada's older sister, and was a Sturt, having been in Tallygarunga sensibly at the same time as Rhys. It's possible that they were coworkers at a point, depending on when he started working for the school, as Ash was the Arithmancy Professor there at one point in time. To coworkers she's cordial. She's also known for having a fairly long string of exes and that reputation has made its rounds. - Forrest: Another former Sturt in Rhys' age bracket, Forrest is someone who's abandoned the Wizarding life for the most part so to pursue programming, although he ironically wound up working for QuillBook. It's possible they knew each other in the past in some manner even if Forrest didn't have a whole lot of friends, but those whom he did associate with were fairly popular. He also makes for a solid drinking buddy. - Evelyn: She's a corrupt Auror working with the Narragyambie force, socialite and a known half-Veela. She used to be a Sturt back in the day, and a surprisingly popular one, having grown into being a social butterfly in her later years in the school. She comes across as a very friendly (if very flirty) individual who will always be there for whoever gives her the time of day, but in truth she is quite manipulative and out to secure a high position within the Ministry, willing to backstab so called 'friends' to get ahead. And if manipulation doesn't work and someone gets out of line, memory charms do the trick. - Willow: Despite being a couple years older than Rhys, Willow was as Spencer as Spencer can be back in the day, and was his senior. It's possible that they got along in the past. Unfortunately, things have happened in her life that made her outwardly take a turn for the serious, and it ultimately culminated with her becoming the Minister for Magical Research & Innovation. Though, the longer that goes by, the more she feels like she just has to let loose. Those are just some quick ideas, though I have a whole lot more characters! Feel free to check my splotter to give 'em a look and possibly come up with other things. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord for some brainstorming!
  5. ello loverlies

    Cheers, Bach! Welcome aboard! No wonder I was sneezing, someone's talking about my nicknames :V I'll second Tecri in saying if you have any questions, just shoot! That's what we're here for. Looking forward to threading with you!
  6. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  7. Ansley Mayfield's Birthday

    It's Ansley's birthday! Go pinch her cheeks.
  8. Mellow Splotter

    Howdy! So uh... I have a lot of characters so going through them all might be a bit of a feat to tackle, but let's get right into it. Relevant staff: - Luke: Luke Carver is relevant to Sunny in two ways: he is the Astronomy Professor, and he's the one in charge of the Bourke House. If Sunny ever runs into any problems, Luke is the one to go to. Spencer: - Brooke: She's a fourth year with a bit of a peculiarity - even if you don't know her, she knows you. A hyper social individual with a taste for trouble, it's possible that she and Sunny have crossed paths before and are on friendly terms. - Gwendoline: A French transfer, Gwen isn't presently enrolled in Tallygarunga but will be in the following year. In the meantime she spends her days getting to know the town, trying to make friends and figuring out what's cool and exciting to do in this new country. If you need someone equally loud with a tendency to blow things up, Gwen's your girl. - Amber: One of the more popular students on campus without even trying. Amber is a loud and friendly Spencer with a knack for getting herself hurt. She frequently visits the Bourke dormitories so to check on Samantha, her cousin, so it's likely that she's ran into Sunny at some point before. - Laurie: She's a temporary exchange student from Durmstrang set to leave at the end of the year. Her unflappable demeanor makes her tolerate most people, even if she does have a petty streak to her at times. Even if she isn't necessarily loud herself, she can likely keep up with Sunny as she often tends to associate with loud people (Gwendoline and Tecri's Max, for example). Flinders: - Jordan: I don't see much that can be done here, as he tries his hardest to fly under the radar. He's the type of guy that often gets shoved into a locker just for existing. He is, however, the relative of a seventh year Bourke. - Ian: With a bright smile to brighten your day and a helping hand to keep things going, few things tear Ian down. In fact, it's extremely likely that he's gone out of his way to help Sunny in the past, and they could be friends. He's also one of the more popular students in the school due to his absurd level of niceness. - MJ: A quiet girl with a bit of an undeserved reputation for being a loony, she is Aspen Clarke's younger sister, enjoying her protection from would be bullies (as well as Lisa Knotley's). While she doesn't like the whole loudness part of the deal, she'd certainly appreciate it if Sunny didn't give her as much trouble as everyone else. - Meadow: The resident mother hen. She often feels like she's surrounded by idiots but can't help taking care of them anyway. Given Sunny's tendency of getting in trouble, it could be that sometimes she needs to have a wound or two fixed without anybody asking questions; she'd better go to Meadow instead of the nurse. She'll fix anything without needing to know what happened. For a fee, of course. Bourke: - Samantha: Sam's a sweet bean and a fellow fifth year. I'd suggest them being roommates if Sunny boards! She is Amber's cousin and mostly well liked in campus as well, and would actively try to befriend Sunny since they're in both the same House and year. - Taylor: Also a fifth year, he happens to play for the House's Quidditch team. He's the serious sort and has a twin sister he's quite overprotective about, and often gets into fights as a result. But it could be that he and Sunny are friends and he's able to let his guard down minimally around her. - Danielle: A Dhampir slotted into Bourke at the end of 2018. She keeps mostly to herself due to fearing large groups of people but isn't against making a friend here or there, although I'm unsure if she'd tag along with the rowdyness. Only one way to find out! Sturt: - Moriah: Here's something that possibly would not get along with Sunny. She's not a fan of people with high amounts of energy and often throws scathing remarks their way; on the flipside she is an Astronomy geek, so if Sunny gets her talking about that, they could strike an unlikely friendship. - Renee: A bit of a bully, she's the one to run into if you want Sunny to get into some actual trouble. She's riding a strong rebelliuos streak due to familial reasons and the people around her are the ones who suffer (as well as her attendance record). - Theodore: Equal parts loner and smooth talker. When meeting Sunny, there's a good chance he'd tell her to go away, though every bit as good a chance he'd hit on her as well. Some say he's incurable in that regard and he's gained a bit of a bad reputation over it. - Chloe: While I don't see them necessarily having much going, it could be Chloe is a possible tutor in some sort of subject Sunny could possibly have trouble with given her reputation for being a patient teacher. - Lisa: Captain of... nearly everything Sturt, the overachiever dates the Captain of the Bourke Quidditch team, Aspen - and, as a result, there's a bit of a negative sentiment on both sides towards her. The Sturts see her as a traitor, and the Bourkes as the enemy. Perhaps Sunny believes the same thing? Nevertheless, she's a very hard person to deal with and some conflict could occur. - Rachel: Unfairly dubbed Lisa's minion, the Irish lass is a loudmouth whom seems to take on adversity head on. Perpetually angry and never seen smiling, it's possible that she's given Sunny a hard time in the past. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord if you have any ideas of your own! Please check my splotter while you're at it. I have many more adults as well, and a student character coming (Ansley Mayfield) so there's plenty more to discuss
  9. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  10. Moriah Wyrick's Birthday

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  11. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  12. Jordan Franklin's Birthday

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  13. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  14. Taylor Woods' Birthday

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  15. ~heyo~

    Cheers, Mellow! We've met on Discord already, but, welcome aboard I hope you like it here in Tally, and I'm looking forward to see what character(s) you come up with and what sort of plots we can write up together. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!
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