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  1. Back from outer space

    Hello, person I don't know! Welcome back. Looking forward to being 'slightly inconvenienced' as you put it. I second checking out Discord to hang out with all the dorks.
  2. Kiru's Thread Tracker

    Chloe Stewart Tallyrunga Road - Break A Sweat - @Tyson McKennis (ONGOING) Library - Those Awkward Memories - @Alexander Winfield (ONGOING)
  3. Kiru's Splotter

    Alchemy is a subject they have in common, but it's mere curiosity for Chloe rather than a passion in that case. Regardless, that's more common ground. But anyway, sure. A little something over time would do all that recalling and we'd go from there.
  4. Kiru's Splotter

    Alright, that's settled. We can also assume they run into each other in a semi-daily basis because of it, too. As for Alexander, we could go with the whole 'he remembers but she doesn't' thing. Could that lead to awkward acquaintances of sorts? I'm unsure on what to explore there.
  5. Kiru's Splotter

    @Kaitore The bold part made me curious - would it be possible for Tyson to have trained (and assisted) at Chloe's mother's dojo, specifically? Since that's where Chloe trained all her life and would definitely make for a much bigger background between the two.
  6. Kiru's Splotter

    @Kaitore Okay, let's see one by one. Regarding @Tyson McKennis, I'll go one step further and I'd say they could have been sparring buddies in the past. Muay Thay is actually one of the few disciplines she's studied since she was a kid, but I assume he's far more qualified in it than her since he focuses on it, while Chloe branched out to a whole bunch. Another idea is that, considering he's very much into Quidditch, he might be painfully aware of Chloe's innate ability in it - which might serve for some curious interactions, should he want to push her in that direction. Definitely agreed on the mutual respect angle here, that's very much a given, perhaps we could say they're acquaintances on good terms. Onto @Alexander Winfield. Chloe probably doesn't even remember his face from that singing experiment because she wouldn't particularly care; she would glance in curiosity at best before her attention was pulled towards her food inevitably instead. As far as the bakery goes, it's possible that they've seen each other a handful of times (Chloe didn't care for visiting a lot since she'd rather sit at home and read). If that's the case, unless they had some sort of important conversation during one of those times, it's likely that she doesn't remember him at all once again - but perhaps he has an easier time remembering her?
  7. Kiru's Splotter

    I have an absurdly bad design taste so I won't even bother trying to make this look pretty. This will only ever belong to one character most likely anyway, I'll cross that fancy bridge if I ever get down to it. Until then~ (btw you can answer here but I prefer long term discussion on Discord DM's) Introducing Chloe Stewart, a tall sporty nerd/annoyingly brilliant fifth year in Tallygarunga, in the Sturt house. She's just shy of 16 as of this writing, and it seems like her social butterfly wings aren't to sprout anytime soon. That is, if you don't help! You want to help this weirdo? Takes one to know one I guess. Current ideas: Friendship: Those whom tolerate her standoffish composure might find it easy to actually befriend her. While she's not the best conversationalist in the world, she's definitely a good listening ear and someone who can help people through tough times quite selflessly. People might also try to take advantage of her generosity in general. For genuine friendship, the best way to grab her attention is to be a constant in her life to the point of routine, rather than randomly doing things 'for fun'. Perhaps someone whom takes a genuine interest in her could opt for this route. Romance: Not mincing any words, she's as dense as a brick wall in this aspect (an unrequited crush on her is very possible in this case, and might be fun to play out just how oblivious she can be - would be extra interesting if it was someone 'from another world' so to speak in comparison to her, such as a bully or a popular/social person). She's not exactly looking for it nor actually felt interested for anyone yet because all her attention is in her intellectual pursuits/hobbies; it doesn't help that she's more attracted to women than anything else, which absolutely destroys her already non-existent dating pool. However, it's possible that someone could catch her eye, in a slow burn kind of way - perhaps an assistant in one of these pursuits, someone who hangs out with her sister, or even a dorm room mate. Speaking of dorm room mates... Interests: Chloe has several complex interests that might make it easier for someone to approach her in any capacity. The first of which would be the pursuit of any and all kinds of knowledge, she can often be found in the library or otherwise buried in books somewhere in town. On the Muggle side of things, she is very much a fan of programming, robotics and computers; she also has a guilty pleasure of watching stuff regarding robotics/mecha in some manner (i.e. Transformers, Gundam), sci-fi and space operas, and anything in the realm of shounen and tokusatsu. Inspired by Gundam in general, she also took on the activity of building and detailing gunpla figures, and occasionally military ones. She's also well versed in martial arts and combat sports (Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, Judo) and seems to be a talented flyer despite not really caring for anything Quidditch related. Finally, she seems to have a huge affinity with animals and magical creatures, as well as teaching - the younger, the better. Dorm Room Mate: That's a thing, isn't it? I asked. Also Chloe has a cute white cat. His name is Frost. Love it. Tutoring: She's quite known for her patience with people, so colleagues in the same grade and ones below it might find themselves seeking her advice. Future: Chloe is very undecided about her future. Should she program? Join the MRI? Become a magizoologist? Pursue teaching, and if so, in what area? The girl is ridiculously undecided, it being a major source of stress in her life - she feels like she's at the best point of her life to start specializing in something, and she can't pick for the life of her. Perhaps someone can influence her in one of those directions, or onto something entirely new instead... Instant Death: If you mess with her sister. Yeeep. Adoptables: If after reading her profile you're interested in either playing one of her parents and her sister (good god please her sister PLEASE) hit me up and we'll chat. If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to mention them. I'd also like to come up with previously existing interactions/possible connections to gain a steadier ground here as things start. Thanks for reading EDIT: Added a couple ideas in. Again.
  8. Cheers!

    Much respect. Would like to branch out to mainline stuff myself, but time is a fickle thing.
  9. Cheers!

    Nothing to ask here right now, just a compliment your way for that Tatsuya Suou picture.
  10. Cheers!

    Howdy. I'm Kiru (or whatever you wanna call me I suppose), and I'm from Portugal. My RP experience is 12 years young and this isn't my first HP rodeo, though I'm admittedly very rusty. Read all the books, watched all the movies, don't remember much of the specifics. Welp, time to dive right in~