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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Eva & MJ - Always up for all the threads! Might be a funny thing to do as well. Awkward MJ would be like 'why is this pretty girl talking to me what did I do' because Veela charms are gonna Veela charm, but ultimately she'd be overjoyed about potentially having a new friend. She really needs those! Feel free to hit me up on Discord DM's over it so we brainstorm a few threads for these two nerds. Both not having a background in the whole realm of friendship could potentially make theirs all the stronger, since I'm sure they'd very much appreciate it. Now let's see if I can think of a few connections on my own. Eva & Meadow - Also a girl from Flinders, although lately she's had books up to her eyeballs due to the SPIDER exams closing in on her. Nevertheless, since this girl is bound to be hit on by Travis Franklin at some point or another, Meadow would more than likely be around to whack her best friend upside the head and tell him to back off. Being an upperclassman, she'd also be overprotective over younger fellow House members by default. Eva & Sam - A fellow Veela, and someone who would be able to tell Eva's a Veela. Sam is what I like to call 'diabetes' - she befriends pretty much everyone, regardless of circumstance, most of the time. She'd be more than happy to show Eva around both around Campus, as well as around town (as Eva, being a Fourth Year, would need a sponsor every time she is to leave campus - anyone at the fifth year range or older is needed to play the part, and Sam would be perfect to do it during non-working days). Plus, she has a Pygmy Puff pet now. Watch it, pet it, love it. Eva & Amber - Another girl who has the capacity to befriend pretty much everyone, and Sam's cousin. This girl isn't a Veela, but she's a walking Veela detector due to overexposure - her guardian is a full Veela, her sister is a half-Veela, all her cousins are half-Veela, so on and so forth (not that others are aware of this). As such, she'd know Eva to be one on sight and would be able to resist the charms accordingly without much difficulty. This girl likes to do stupid things for fun, is loud, brash, and if she hasn't met Eva yet, give her 2 minutes.
  2. Kirupachi


    Cheers! Welcome aboard the Tally ship, here's hoping you enjoy your stay. I'd recommend you join us on Discord to chat with all us nerds and get used to the place, as well as make friends, get cool plots and ask any questions you may have. There's always someone on due to there being members from all sorts of time zones. With that being said, looking forward to RP'ing with you ASAP! And give your dog lots of pets for us please.
  3. NOTE: This adoptable has already been taken in the past, despite there not having been any threads. This is the respective application. You can choose to either adopt that word for word and get back to me on plotting decided for that route, or take on what's written below, which is an entirely new idea and gives some flexibility. Don't worry about the account still being active as the player is long gone. NOTE: This is a take on the soul concept as presented in the Harry Potter series, and adding to that, the concept of a soulmate, and having both deal with the fact that they're fated to have their lives intertwined no matter what happens between them, or how much one wrongs the other. Only the middle name is negotiable, and the PB is as well; She is Lisa Knotley's ex-girlfriend, but isn't aware of the fact as the relationship was hidden in her mind; At least bisexual; Comes from money; Has had her memory tampered with without her knowledge or consent by Lisa Knotley, who, in a panic, erased any indication of a relationship after their fateful last night together in Penrose (during which they were each other's first time as well); She remembers Lisa as being a little ball of positive energy and jokes; Fantastic Quidditch player with potential to pursue a professional career in the sport if she so wishes; Her chemistry with Lisa should be very noticeable to others; Always been shorter than Lisa, and this used to be a running gag. Now, she stands 1 cm taller than her; Shares a wand core with Lisa, from the same animal, making it so their wands are twins; Cannot perform a Patronus in any way (not even non-corporeal) because her happier memories have been locked away; Anything not described is up to you. A way to describe her is 'a force of nature'. She's a bit of a chatty Cathy, making friends wherever she goes, and loves pranking people for a good laugh or two. Much like her other half, she enjoys a good challenge; unlike her, she has the ability of controlling herself and swallowing her pride far more easily, as well as having the capacity of being more understanding and caring of others - unfortunately, she's not the most forward person about her own feelings, and it has crossed a line into being mildly shy before (for example, back when she first started liking Lisa in their first year). She's always been one of the more popular girls in Penrose (until a certain point of her life anyway). Adding to that the fact she's a good student and athlete, one could think she has it all; that couldn't be further from the truth as the girl is deeply insecure of her abilities and needs constant outer motivation to keep her head on straight and move on with her goals. She used to heavily rely on Lisa for this (not that she recalls), and as such, from the moment the blonde left, things spiraled out of control. Jane first enrolled Penrose at the behest of her parents, whom wanted to ensure they had their daughter enroll in the most prestigious school of Victoria (which, when compared to Tallygarunga, it was an easy feat). Boarding the school due to coming from a distant town, she was roomed with Lisa Knotley, another First Year with whom she clicked instantly. The two soon became best of friends - Lisa needing attention, needing someone to reel in her ambitious nature and Jane needing someone to motivate her, the dormitory arrangement turned out to be a perfect storm for them. It didn't take long for them to develop romantic feelings for each other; just a little while after the first break started, Lisa went ahead and confessed her feelings in a heartfelt poem, presenting no fear for rejection, which was just like her - recklessness galore. The two opted to make their relationships secret - they didn't want to be relocated to other rooms in an effort by the school to keep them separate, nor did they want their parents to pull them out of the schools. As such, during most of the day, their interactions were mostly limited to studying together, joking around, pranking people and training Quidditch together and hope to Merlin nobody would find out, or notice. As it turns out, plenty of people suspected it, but not one raised any question about it. The years went by a bit too fast for their liking. As the third year drew to a close, they were hit with the news that Lisa's father had perished, and as such, she'd have to be pulled from Penrose at the end of the break due to her brother lacking the funds to keep her enrolled in a private school. They spent the break together obsessing over plans to keep in touch over the years; in the last day, as Lisa watched Jane sleep after they both finally cracked and reached a step in their intimacy that they hadn't before, she panicked. In a mix of self hatred, insecurity and self sacrifice, she cast a memory charm that hid everything Jane had ever experienced from their relationship to the fullest extent of her ability. She cleaned the area up, got Jane dressed, gathered whatever little trinkets they had acquired together over the years, and left. When Jane woke up the next morning, the room was strangely empty. The next couple years were very harsh on Jane. Even if the memories were locked away, her feelings and instincts weren't; not only that, but she had completely lost her main source of motivation. She figured that she had feelings for Lisa but hadn't figured them out until the girl had left, and no matter how hard she tried to know about it, nobody seemed to be aware of why she left or where she went. The girl didn't seem to have a QuillBook either, and her classmates stated the blonde had never really been interested in having one before to begin with. There was no way to reach the girl she had fallen for, and she was alone. The demotivation started to rear its head as well as her grades slipped and her competence in the Quidditch field took a nosedive. It was early in her sixth year that she was informed by school staff that they couldn't just justify keeping someone like her enrolled anymore, no matter how much money in the world her parents had. Begrudgingly they pulled her from the school, and enrolled her in Tallygarunga. Little does Jane know that this is the best possible thing that could happen...
  4. @Lee It all sounds good to me! From this point, either jump in one of their opens (if memory serves, most of them have one) or hit me up on Discord so we can brainstorm for new OP's between the nerds. Cheers!
  5. @Lee RE: Rachel & Keaton - Yeah, this one's a no brainer. He just needs to keep an eye out for both her outstanding bludger aiming and caustic insults on occasion. RE: Meadow & Keaton - In that case, he might have actually played a role in terms of making her 'explore' her healing talents, so to speak. She usually tries to keep those abilities on the down low because she doesn't want her parents finding out she's in all likelihood following in her sister's footsteps, but would have helped him when prompted and not ask questions because she wouldn't want to know. As far as crushes go, it's very likely that she had one in the past (perhaps even more than once), or if you want, she can have one presently. Either way, it wouldn't/won't last for more than a couple months. RE: Lisa & Keaton - It would take quite a bit for him to actually be considered her 'rival', at least in her point of view - she's well on her way to becoming an actual pro athlete with her talents, and coupled with that big head of hers, she has a bit of an issue recognizing people at her level (even if she sometimes might - it could be they played each other to a standstill before, which would most certainly contribute to a rivalry situation). Regarding flirting, it always depends very much on her mood in that given day. She does relish in the attention and occasionally goes for it to try and forget about her ex, and has in the past. She might also dismiss him, or she might even flirt back. The chance of the latter increases if she does deem him a competent rival, because, as she usually says, 'she has standards'. Given that she genuinely appreciates rivalries, the chance of hexes and jinxes decrease unless she doesn't manage to brush off his antics (or even take part in them). RE: Amber & Keaton - Please with a little cherry on top, huh? Hah, sure. She befriends everyone under the sun (hell, she's actively befriending Lauren god damn Burdett of all people, talk to Sadri if you want K to casually perish or something) but closer friends never hurt either. Flirting wise, if he has ever let it slip, he'd notice she's very easily embarrassed but always seems to make things worse: she's quite the masochist in that regard, and actually has an attraction to people who put her through the grinder (see: Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons, Travis Franklin). And finally, if they are on the closer range of friendship (i.e. hang out frequently), he would very likely befriend Samantha Hammond as well. She and Amber are cousins and glued to the hip.
  6. Cheers! Welcome aboard the dork house. Here's hoping you enjoy your time here with Tallygarunga, and I'm looking forward to RP with you ASAP! Time to stalk what you come up with 😮
  7. Kirupachi


    Howdy! Welcome to Tally, here's hoping you enjoy your stay with us nerds. Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I'd recommend dropping by our Discord! It's very active, and since there are people from all over the world there, you won't have trouble running into somebody who can help you at any time. Cheers, looking forward to RP'ing with you at the earliest convenience!
  8. You thought I wouldn't make more characters? Oh, honey... Added MJ Clarke to the splotter, and edited a couple things in other characters' plotting things.
  9. [TO BE REWRITTEN] Pointerinos: - Suggested name is Justice Alexander Clarke. You may change that, the PB, and the placeholder birth date - just ensure he'd be in the third year of school; - He is MJ Clarke's younger brother. He is the only boy in four offspring. His mother passed away shortly after giving birth to him and his fraternal twin, after a coma; - Their upbringing was quite rough - they never had much money since their grandparents refused to help, having to rely solely on their father's work. Even so, he ensured they never actually lacked anything; - His twin, Vivian, disappeared from their Muggle Elementary school one day, vanishing without a trace. She's never been found since. He and MJ were removed from this school and placed in Whitlam Bilby as their oldest sister enrolled in Tallygarunga; - I envision him and MJ being on friendly terms but perhaps not as close as they should be - Vivian's disappearance surely left a hefty scar on Justice; - How did he personally deal with losing his sister? What was his relationship with her before the incident? Has he recovered at all? - The rest is up to you.
  10. Name & PB are negotiable; She is MJ Clarke's oldest sister, and the first of four - after her and MJ there was a set of fraternal twins. Their mother passed away shortly after they were born, so it's unlikely that Aspen remembers her at all; How did she personally deal with losing her youngest sister? The rest is up to you. Even through the tragedies her family suffered, Aspen always managed to keep a visibly positive outlook in life, not believing that being down is productive for anything. She is brash, impulsive and doesn't like rethinking her actions after they're done. While she comes across as quite fickle and irresponsible at times, she actually has a good head on her shoulders and sticks to her duties like glue, seeing them through to the end every time. Aspen was the first of four children - she was followed by MJ Clarke a couple years later, and then the fraternal twins Justice and Vivian. Unfortunately, their mother couldn't withstand birthing two kids at once. She soon fell into a coma and perished, leaving behind a widowed father and four half-orphaned children. From then on, their upbringing got rather rough - it's difficult to raise four children on a graveyard keeper's salary. In a mix of hard work and the kindness of neighbors (as their grandparents washed their hands off of the trouble), they managed to make it through without ever really lacking any essentials. This of course meant that the kids had to get creative and resourceful when it came to their own entertainment and quality of life, which they most certainly did. They were all enrolled in Muggle schools growing up as Maxwell had very little knowledge of the magical world to begin with. Every kid displayed magical ability to a variety of degrees, and when Aspen completed her fifth grade in the Muggle system, she got her letter to enroll Tallygarunga. It was far more her speed, and she discovered her true love instantly - Quidditch. Despite the stellar start, everything would come crashing down just a few months in - Vivian disappeared from her Muggle school, never to be found again. It tore the Clarke family to pieces. Maxwell had the presence of mind to pull the remaining two kids from that school, at which point Aspen informed him of the existence of Whitlam Bilby. They were enrolled there and brought together again, something much needed for the grieving family. The emotional strain was always hard on them, but Aspen had the presence of mind to steel herself and be the rock for her younger siblings, and to help her father out. When she turned 15, she started doing paper routes for a local newspaper. She saved up for a whole year to buy a decent broom for Quidditch, but kept at it in the job afterwards to further help out in the house. Now, in her last year of Tallygarunga, she just has to hang in there a little while longer before she can really help Maxwell...
  11. [TO BE REWRITTEN] Pointers: - Suggested name is Maxwell Cornelius Clarke. You can negotiate both that and the PB; - This man is the father to MJ Clarke. He has four kids total, three of which enrolled in Tallygarunga - the oldest daughter in the seventh year, MJ in the fifth, and his only son in the third year. Said son has/had a twin whom disappeared when MJ was around 8~9 years old; - He is a graveyard keeper in Narragyambie. It's possible that he wants at least one of his kids to follow in his footsteps; - He once married a witch with whom he had all his children. Unfortunately, after giving birth to the twins, she slipped into a coma and passed away soon after. He's been taking care of the four of them on his own ever since, as no grandparent wanted anything to do with them; - One day, when they were all enrolled in a Muggle elementary school, his youngest daughter, Vivian, disappeared from the premises. She hasn't been found since. If you want to decide what's happened to her, feel free. As it stands, I left it somewhat open ended/have the family believe she was kidnapped; - He's become exceedingly overprotective of his children after losing his daughter. He took them out of the school and enrolled them in Whitlam Bilby at the behest of his daughter, whom had just learned such a thing existed because she had enrolled in her own first year at Tallygarunga; - I envision him being very close to MJ, although she doesn't wish to burden him. As such, whenever she does need advice, she sneaks off to talk to the graveyard ghosts instead of with him proper. It could be that they tell him of what she says; - It could be he knows that MJ sells little arts and crafts for spare change, to lessen the amount of money needed to be spent on her; - How did he deal with his wife's passing? How did he deal with Vivian disappearing? - Anything else is up to you.
  12. I hate my life. Character account profiles updated (not including shipper stuff): Chloe Stewart Jamie Collins Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons Samantha Hammond Alex Lin Rachel Ryan Meadow Richards Shane Robbins Keira Hammond Natasha Roberts Mark Sandoval Danielle Haynes Lisa Knotley Amber Cross Diana Sharpe
  13. RE: Bully, a while back, there was some idle chatter in Discord about @Sadrienne's Lauren Burdett being a potential bully when it comes to Meadow (and having another character punch her in the face for the trouble, but that's beside the point, and DON'T ASK HOW I REMEMBER THESE THINGS STILL AAAAAAAAA). Maybe we can all work up something eventually along those lines? That and keeping Amber from chasing down her likely frenemy and squeezing a joint until she hears it pop. As for Amber in class, she's a good egg. She's just dumb and hyper. Please take care of her, sensei. And as for Lisa, that's most likely the response she gets out of 70% of the people she meets, so sounds good
  14. Cheers. Meadow does take Wandless Magic! She's very studious for that matter, and would be one of the better students for sure since it's not a subject she outright hates (roughly half of the ones she takes are such a thing). Also, help in what manner? Regarding the other students, everyone takes the subject except for Samantha, to varying degrees of success. Lisa wouldn't be satisfied with anything other than top of the class, Chloe would be competent, Danielle doesn't really have to be there at all but has been told to 'rein it in and look ordinary', Rachel has the occasional burst of brilliance, and expect accidents aplenty from Amber (not because she sucks, per se, but because she likes not to do what she's told a bit too much).
  15. Kirupachi


    Cheers! Welcome aboard. Don't be intimidated by the initial confusion. I was a bit confused myself at first (mainly with the multiple accounts portion), but you learn a few tricks to get around and it becomes second nature. It's just really a matter of how used you are to this type of forum, and you can only get used to it by using it regularly, eh? I'm Portuguese so we're on the same timezone. Looking forward to RP'ing with you!
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