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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring


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  1. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  2. Taylor Woods' Birthday

    It's Taylor's birthday! Go pinch his cheeks.
  3. ~heyo~

    Cheers, Mellow! We've met on Discord already, but, welcome aboard I hope you like it here in Tally, and I'm looking forward to see what character(s) you come up with and what sort of plots we can write up together. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!
  4. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  5. Wayne Mosley-Blackwood

    PB is negotiable; Product of a drunken one night stand between Scarlett Mosley and Forrest Blackwood; Paige Breyman's cousin, who is also his teacher and frequent babysitter; Not allowed to approach his aunt Vanessa; Anything else is up to you. Wayne was an accident between two programming students, yet he's certainly not treated like such. From his birth he was cared for by his parents with a lot of love and treated well. He's lived with his mother in Narragyambie all his life and his father comes to visit whenever he can. His cousin Paige also lives nearby and takes care of him whenever she's able. He's enrolled in Whitlam Bilby as soon as he displayed magical abilities. He's occasionally made fun of over his mother being a Squib. Nevertheless he adores her and is starting to wonder why she and dad aren't together, given how friendly they are with one another... It just doesn't make any sense, and being told 'he'll understand when he's older' doesn't help it either.
  6. Forrest Blackwood's Birthday

    It's Forrest's birthday! Go pinch his cheeks.
  7. Reinhold Kempf

    PB is negotiable; Laurie Kempf's father; Renowned Curse Breaker; Married to Leah Kempf, a Muggle writer; Bilingual (English/German), might know more languages due to his occupation; Worked for the German Ministry for a long time, alongside Heide Auclair, whom became a close friend of his; Helped Heide get a position in the Australian Ministry recently; Quite... quirky; Anything else is up to you. Reinhold has made a bit of a name for himself over his daring antics within a very dangerous occupation, having a reputation of getting the job done no matter what. He started his career in the German Ministry of Magic at a very young age, where he was placed to work alongside Heide Auclair most of the time - their nigh unprecedented success rate granted him a steady rise in favour with relevant authorities and he soon came to a place of prominence and was entrusted with more delicate affairs. Such was the case when he was turned over to the UK Ministry so to help them in various tasks. Moving to London, he ultimately met Leah Rippner, a Muggle he fell in love with. They had a steady relationship throughout her stay in England but as fate would have it they were unable to keep her there after graduation - not only had she not managed to find a job, but Reinhold was away on a mission and unable to return and marry the woman. She left for Australia, her home country, and had their first and only child there, Laurie. He periodically visited his girlfriend whenever his job allowed him to and managed to afford enough time to get married four years later. The pair then stayed in London until his dealings with the UK Ministry came to an end. During this time he filled his daughter's mind with tales of adventure, as well as inadvertently making her obsessed with the idea of attending Hogwarts, which would later come as a back stab since the family had to relocate back to Berlin before she even had the opportunity of getting a letter from the famous school. Instead, she was sent to Durmstrang. A few years into it she inadvertently got sent to Tallygarunga, at which point Leah floated the idea of moving to Australia for the sake of their daughter. Having one of his usually silly ideas he told his wife to keep it a secret from Laurie, as he intended to surprise her at the end of the year - he planned to take her to Hogwarts for two weeks during Tallygarunga's Summer break so she could get it all out of her system prior to permanently enrolling in the Australian school. Once he established himself as a member of the Australian Ministry (fairly easy, considering his experience), he heard of the Auclairs wanting to move to Victoria as well and so he helped Heide get a job in the same department. The dynamic duo was back together again after nearly a year of separation and things were looking up...
  8. Leah Kempf

    PB is negotiable; Rippner is her maiden name; Laurie Kempf's Muggle mother; Accomplished writer; Married to Reinhold Kempf, a renowned German curse breaker; Bilingual (English/German); Graduated in Literature within a prestigious London university; Big horror buff, and named her daughter after Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise; Anything else is up to you. Leah was born in Sydney, NSW. Growing up she always had a knack for writing and her parents always fed that habit; that, coupled with a fairly mundane life, contributed to the girl being able to study to pursue her dream. She managed to attain a scholarship to pursue education abroad which was where she met Reinhold Kempf on complete accident. The two fell in love and had a steady relationship going through her stay in college, and just as she was about to graduate she became pregnant. Unfortunately she was not able to find some more permanent occupation to stay with her lover, ultimately having to fall back on her parents just before Laurie, her daughter, greeted the world. The pair lived for four years in Sydney, with the occasional visit from her boyfriend, until he finally found some time in his busy schedule to settle down and marry Leah. With the marriage finalized she moved once again to London to be by Reinhold's side, but it was around the same time that strange things started happening around her - or, rather, around Laurie. The man seemed over the moon over what was occurring as if he *knew* exactly what was happening and indeed he did: magic. It was then that Leah was introduced to a whole new world. It took her sometime to process the fact her husband had kept such a thing from her and was a leading expert in his chosen area of curse breaking (a very dangerous area, she'd come to learn later), but eventually she became used to it. As Reinhold's work finished up in the UK Ministry, the pair moved to Germany so the man could resume his work for the Ministry there while Leah stayed at home to take care of Laurie and write. Years later, as Laurie was inadvertently shipped off to Tallygarunga due to a mistake, Leah floated the idea of staying in Australia for a while so not to rip their daughter away from the new place. They both knew she hated Durmstrang and past the Auclair sisters she didn't have anybody to call friends. Reinhold agreed, but he said he wanted to keep the move a secret from the girl because he was preparing a surprise for her. Leah thought that was a very bad idea given her husband's usual shortsightedness of situations but agreed to wait until the right moment to tell her they'd moved to Melbourne...
  9. Kaoru Knight's Birthday

    It's Kaoru's birthday! Go pinch her cheeks.
  10. Pushing Through

    No worries Lily, take your time! Health, physical or mental, always takes priority over everything else and we understand. Just please make sure you're okay, or at least so I'm hoping If you're making an effort to come back, though, please hit me up! We've never had much of an opportunity to thread in the past and that's a mistake I'd like to correct. And, with a gajillion characters on my end, there's probably something that can be done eh?
  11. Never Let Me Go

    Awright, let's brainstorm a little... For Berk: - Luke Carver: Given that Berk is a Tally staff member, it goes without saying he should know who he works with. Luke is the Astronomy Professor and has been around for a few years. He usually goes out of his way to ensure he has a positive relationship with his co-workers (note: not necessarily as friends) so to foster a positive work environment. As such he most definitely approached Berk in the past at one point or another with this specific purpose. - Paige Breyman: Another staff member, although Paige is a Whitlam Bilby teacher - while their work doesn't necessarily overlap in any way, they're still coworkers. She's the friendly sort and likes hanging out with people, and I don't see why she and Berk wouldn't be friends, even if on a superficial level. - Ashley Estrada: She owns Charm-Me-Not, a magic-proofing store for electronic equipment, but the connection I'm actually suggesting is the possibility of her (and her sister Jo) having given him a hard time back in Tallygarunga days - they're somewhat unpleasant people at times and occasionally picked on others, and, as a Flinders, it's very possible that Berk was a target at one point or another. To note, both Estrada sisters were Sturts. - Natasha Roberts: A magical prodigy who's recently graduated from Tallygarunga, while maybe they don't have that deep a connection at all, it's more than likely that her charm work stood out in comparison to other students under Berkley's watch - to note, she was also a Flinders, which might be a source of pride. - Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons: Another Sturt from the time Berkley was learning rather than teaching, Evelyn was somewhat quiet when she first started her education in Tallygarunga but soon blossomed into a widely popular, flirting, teasing devil far too obsessed with tea whom seems to get along with most people. It's possible that the two crossed paths in the past in some manner. At the moment she's an Auror, though she does occasionally give lectures in Tallygarunga for Defense Against the Dark Arts, making it so perhaps they've at least interacted in the staff room at one point or another. For Dessa: - Brooke Outerbridge: A Spencer fourth year who knows everyone. No, really. If there's a person she's heard of them, if there's a rumor she's heard of it - Brooke always has an ear for the gossip around town, and, coupled with her ridiculous network, it makes for an abnormal amount of knowledge of people around her even if they don't know her. That said, since Dessa is a fellow Spencer, it's possible that Brooke takes her under her wing. - Gwendoline Auclair: Gwendoline isn't enrolled just yet in Tallygarunga, but she will be come the next school year as a fifth year Spencer. She's a bit of a geek so the pair could potentially have that in common to gush about as she very much enjoys manga & anime as well. She's also very loud and reckless, and is (secretly) partially responsible for the recent Spencer shower prank in the dormitories alongside her sister Colette, a Sturt. Gwen does occasionally wander into school grounds for kicks so it's possible that they run into each other at some point. And, of course, beware the Veela charms. - Ian Travers: Flinders, fifth year. While I have nothing concrete on this one, Ian is the type to go out of his way and help pretty much anyone on anything within his scope. Perhaps he's helped her before and they're on good terms. - Samantha Hammond: Bourke, fifth year. A half-Veela with an obnoxiously large following, Sam is the type of person to take younger people under their wing to show them the ropes in Tallygarunga, regardless of House. It's possible that such a thing happened during Dessa's first year, and as such they're at least friendly with each other. - Renee Hawthorn: Sturt, fourth year. A bit of a jackass. In school grounds, there's a low possibility at any given point that she might go out of her way to bully someone - and it could be that Dessa's been a target before, or will be in the future. For Haven: - Ashley Estrada: Pretty much the same thing as with Berk, though less likely as Bourkes usually put up a fight. - Diana Sharpe: A fellow Bourke, photographer and journalist for the Mage. Haven is her senior, and presently, Diana is painstakingly climbing through the ranks of the high profile newspaper they both write for. It's possible that they've either worked together in the past or they're obstacles to each other's progression in the career ladder, or anything in between. - Keira Hammond: Half-Veela squib. She writes an opinion column once a week for The Mage, although she's not employed by them - she runs her own internet Muggle news show, and as far as Wizarding material is concerned, she much prefers to work for Marcus Carsen than for The Mage. It's likely they at least know who the other is, but I'm unsure as for any actual existing connections. - Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons: See Berk's entry (sans teaching part). Given that she's a prominent face in the halfbreed rights movement, it's likely that Haven had to do some work on the Parsons family before as well. She's also a socialite, reinforcing that idea. - May Bowen: A former Bourke whom was around at the same time Haven was in Tally, if a few years her junior. She's Ian's sister, and the need to help people runs in their genes, so to speak. It's possible they knew each other at least from Tally days. - Willow Kennedy: There is no way Haven wouldn't know Willow, as she's the Minister of Magical Research & Innovation - definitely someone to keep track of. Whether they mind each other's existence or not is up for debate. That's all I got for now, but feel free to check out my splotters (yes, plural) for more!
  12. Hey, it's Fen

    Cheers, Fen. We've already met, but welcome We hope you have a fun time here too, that's what this place exists for after all! Remember that, like Tecri said, if you have any questions whatsoever, you can just shoot and a staff member will reply. Looking forward to all the plotting and threading to be had with you!
  13. Another noob

    Cheers Durin, welcome to Tally I hope you like it here among us dorks, and if you wanna say hi to us, I'd recommend dropping by our Discord! There's always someone there, and it's the easiest way to get acquainted with everyone and the site. That being said, if you ever have any questions feel free to shoot, and I'm looking forward to RP'ing with you!
  14. Con

    Cheers, Con. Welcome aboard at last If you run into any snags again feel free to let us know. Here's hoping you have a good time here in Tally, and that we can thread together soon!
  15. `` and that's a long ass ride

    Alright, let's see what we got, Felix! This is just some brainstorming, feel free to check both of my splotters (don't ask) to see if you can come up with anything yourself too Also preemptive apology over having too many characters to read through. Let's start with my Spencers. Finn & Brooke - She's someone with a ear to the rumor mill and a network as wide as the whole town - so in a way, if they haven't meant, it could be that Finn could be creeped out that someone knows about him like that, as she usually knows who everyone is on a surface level. She's a Quidditch player herself, being a satisfactory Keeper of the Spencer team but not good enough to make it to the Interschool team (and not half as much into the sport as everyone else seems to be), so they've definitely faced each other on the field before if he's a part of the Bourke's team. She's not really the rival type, she likes being on people's good side so to use and abuse the connection for any future favors she may need and vice versa. Though, she likes testing people's reactions at random, so, beware. Perhaps she's gotten on Finn's nerves before like that? Finn & Gwen - She's not enrolled in the school proper just yet but she does occasionally wander into school grounds (and is partially responsible for the recent prank on the Spencer House's showers, alongside with her sister). She's a new arrival to Australia as of mid August and is looking to meet new people and explore the town - what's better to accompany this loud girl than a loud boy in that adventure? As well as get into trouble, of course. Finn & Amber - Both Quidditch nuts, both as loud as they come. Amber has made a bit of a name for herself in terms of having the innate ability of befriending everyone under the sun, and there could also be a potential rivalry here of sorts - she's the Spencer & Interschool Seeker, after all, and always brings her best to the Quidditch pitch. It's also likely that they've run into each other before as she visits the Bourke Common Room a lot out of visiting her cousin Samantha and "hanging out" with Travis Franklin. Finn & Laurie - A remarkably calm person for a Spencer, Laurie's frequently dragged around by Gwen (and sometimes Max) to play pranks on unsuspecting people, although she's rarely motivated to do so on her own. She's very permissive when it comes to people so there's no reason why they'd be on bad terms, and I'd go as far as saying they could be buddies - she's new in Tallygarunga as well, although she's set to leave at the end of the school year since she's a Durmstrang exchange student. Up next, Flinders! Finn & Ian - While they probably wouldn't have ran into each other normally, Ian is the type to go out of his way and help people out. It could be Finn has been one of such targets before, and had to deal with a happy-go-lucky Dhampir watching his back for better or worse. Finn & MJ - MJ is the younger sister of the Bourke Quidditch Team's Captain, Aspen Clarke. As such, she goes to watch practice on occasion. If Finn is in the team proper, there's no way that they wouldn't know each other; in fact, he'd know to go get MJ in the event Aspen gets mad at something due to her uncanny ability of calming her sister down. She has a bit of a reputation to her of being a loony (unsubstantiated) due to the Clarke's father being a graveyard keeper and MJ being the quiet type, it's up to you whether Finn shares the sentiment or knows better. Finn & Meadow - Since Finn likes to get in trouble, it could be he often gets injured. Depending on how he achieves these injuries, he might not want the school staff to know... And that's where Meadow comes in. A prodigious healer, she's willing to heal pretty much anything within her scope of abilities under the table without asking questions, for a fee. She could prove to be quite the useful ally in his adventures that way. Now, Finn's House, Bourke! Finn & Sam - Samantha is a fellow fifth year. She's a very social individual with plenty of kindness to spare, and being altruistic as she is, it's likely that she took it upon herself to show Finn around once he transferred to Tallygarunga simply because they're in the same House. Plus, if he can resist the Veela charm perpetually surrounding her and doesn't act on it, it's likely that she can potentially see him as a good friend. She's the daughter of a legendary Quidditch player as well, even if she doesn't play it herself. Finn & Dani - She recently left campus and moved in with the Estrada family, but otherwise Danielle still spends a whole lot of time on campus. She's a fan of Quidditch but due to personal issues she doesn't compete nor go watch the matches. It would be nice to have someone to talk about it with every once in a while. And finally, the best House, Sturt. Finn & Renee - There's no way she wouldn't get under Finn's skin (and that's a theme you'll notice with my Sturts, as you'll soon come to realize). Nearly an anarchist and a bully, she spites others for her own amusement, seemingly having no concern for potential consequences. It's possible she's targeted Finn in the past due to her apparent complete disregard for her own survival. Finn & Theo - Theodore's quite the introverted young man but he'd be lying if he said he didn't get a kick out of making a fool out of others. He enjoys mentally running circles around people and making a fool out of them due to a disdain of humanity, save for a select few people (with whom he's still a bit rough towards anyway, such as Lexi Stewart and Gideon Sharpe). If he ever came across Finn, beware. Finn & Chloe - The one harmless Sturt that I have. She is Lexi Stewart's older sister and generally a bean, if a bit too robotic for her own good. She sees the world through a very naive lens of cooperation and 'live and let live', having a strong distaste for competition. While Quidditch isn't exactly her thing, she's a popular go-to for students whom are looking for free tutoring in nearly any subject. Finn & Lisa - She's the resident overachiever. Being the Captain of both the Sturt & Interschool Quidditch teams, there's no way she hasn't come across Finn before if he plays; not only that, but given that she's romantically involved with the Bourke Quidditch team Captain, there's a generally decreased morale for both teams due to their disapproval of the fraternization (which the pair doesn't really care for, as they're particularly competitive against one another). She's not the nicest person in the world, placing results above all else, and unless he's a friend of Aspen or MJ she won't pull any punches when talking to Finn. Finn & Rachel - Two fellow Irish people! Not only that, but Rachel can give him a proverbial slap in the face in the sense she's been a Gryffindor in the past (although, if my math is right, they completely missed each other in Hogwarts due to an age difference). She's the Sturt/School Quidditch team Beater, so like with everyone else I have who plays it, it's likely Finn's played with/against her at some point. It's possible that they don't get along too well, at least on her end, since she has a bit of a sharp tongue - too much so for her own good - and seems to put up some sort of wall between herself and other people, though she's occasionally spotted following Lisa around. That's all for students! Let's see people outside of school. Finn & Ashley - If Finn boards, it's likely he wants to have technology with him. If he does, he needs to have it all magic-proofed. That's where Ash comes in! She leads a business directed at providing that service, and if Finn is a recurring customer she may give him a discount or three to thank him for his patronage. Finn & Jamie - Jamie's the current Australia National Quidditch Team Seeker, and he's moved back to Narragyambie recently. It could be that Finn runs into him at one point or another, which might be fun due to their share adoration of the sport. Finn & Caroline - Caroline used to be a Chaser to Melbourne Manticore, a team in the Australian Quidditch League, until a recurring injury sidelined her permanently. Much like Jamie she resides in Narragyambie, and if Finn knows his stuff, it could be he recognizes her. That's all I got for now! Which is... a lot? But I'm willing to hear out more ideas, and even stuff for potential threads.
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