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  1. 'Ello

    Cheers! Welcome aboard, I hope you like it here among us nerds. Looking forward to RP with you soon!
  2. Fenna says 'ello

    Howdy! Looks like I missed you on Discord earlier. Regardless, welcome aboard and have fun, fellow Pokénerd Looking forward to RP'ing with ya.
  3. Kiru's Splotter

  4. (First Name) Mackey

    Pointerbloopers: - Suggested name is either Austin Milo Mackey or Juliana Marissa Mackey, depending on gender, but you can change it at will (same with either PB); - This person is meant to represent something @Diana Sharpe forgot to erase about her past. For her to forget about it, they must have not had an actual meaningful interaction for an extended period of time/constant exposure that she was aware of back during her last two years in Mildura; - The connection is meant to be a one-sided romantic one to justify obsessive tendencies. It could be that this character had a thing for her from afar but never actually got to act on it before she, as well as her brother, vanished. They're the one who did notice her for a change, and when they did, they couldn't look away; - They can be a muggle, a squib, or a wizard. This will give multiple choices as to how they're aware of what's going on/how they chased her down, and how they're meeting again; - If they're a muggle, surely they would find it odd that nobody seems to remember her all of a sudden. It's harder to track her down like this, but they could run into her by accident - whether they have business in Melbourne and happen to bump into her, or they go to Narrie while she's there visiting her brother, or maybe they see her in Mildura while she's there to check up on her parents from afar. It could be that they knew her from high school, since she completed the 11th and 12th Muggle grades there; - If they're a Squib they might quickly catch on to the fact something magical is going on, from experience. They can find her on QuillBook via a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, or they can keep up with The Mage newspaper and see one 'Diana Sharpe' pop up as a writer semi-frequently over the past few months, indicating that she's in Melbourne; - If they're a wizard, they can't have gone to Tallygarunga and it's unlikely that they went to Greyheme/Penrose/VMU. In fact, if that's the case, their education might have been in another area. That said, an excuse needs to be made for they to go to Mildura frequently enough to spot her and want to be with her in some way, such as being a natural from there and going there during breaks; - What do they want with her? Do they erroneously think she'll remember them? Do they want to be with her? Will they blackmail her with their knowledge? Do they realize the power they hold over her with this important piece of information? How do they meet again? - Anything else is up to you.
  5. Amalea Evans

    Pointerdoozers: - Suggested name is Amalea Rhea Evans but feel free to take your own stab at it, same with PB; - She is @Diana Sharpe's best friend's long time girlfriend, and very close to Diana herself as well. The two met and became fast friends during their VMU days, and at some point in time she was introduced to Diana's best friend and started dating him. Things eventually turned serious; - She should be a bit younger than the two - she came into their life when Diana was in college and she started it 2 years late, making it likely she's within that slightly younger age range. Any course taken is fine, and it could be that she's presently completing her course as well (Diana's been out for just under a year); - What's the status of her relationship with the best friend? Are they about to become engaged? Are they happy with how things are right now? Is there trouble in paradise? Does this character go to Diana for relationship advice? - She should at least be bisexual; - The idea is for Diana to actually have a chance, regardless of the weight of this chance - it could be as small as this girl just being bisexual with a small attraction for Diana, or the journalist having her feelings 100% reciprocated and this relationship being a huge conspiracy, or anything in between. It should lead into a convoluted love triangle. Player's choice; - Is she aware of Diana's feelings for her? If so, how does she react to her seemingly unwavering support for the existing relationship? If not, is she placed in situations that make it worse (i.e. being asked for ideas for romantic gifts, etc)? If into her, does it bother her that she describes herself as asexual if pressed on it, and could it contribute to this character not showing anything? - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, she can double as @Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons' illegitimate sister and/or @Meadow Richards' sister.
  6. Kyle Fairgood

    Pointerinos: - Suggested name is Kyle Troy Fairgood but feel free to change it, as well as his PB; - He is @Diana Sharpe's best friend. They are roughly the same age and they went to Tallygarunga together (same year, he graduated by the time she was able to return). Despite the 2 year hiatus on their friendship, they always kept in touch one way or another; - It's possible that this character was the one to suggest for Diana to run away with her brother in the first place, as well as methods of doing so; - They should know each other inside out, and better than each realizes; - He offered Diana a place to stay for free for the duration of her VMU education due to being painfully aware of her very bad situation in life; - He was introduced to his current long term girlfriend by Diana a few years ago; - What's the status of his relationship with this person? Is he about to propose? Is he happy with what they have? Is there trouble in paradise? Does he often talk to Diana about it in any way? - Since he knows Diana almost better than she knows herself, is he aware of her feelings towards his own girlfriend? If so, how does he process her unwavering support for their relationship? If not, is she placed in situations that make it worse (i.e. being asked for ideas for romantic gifts, etc)? Does he find it odd that she claims to be asexual if pressed on the matter when she used to date a few people in the past? - How is their past like? What did they go through in Tallygarunga? What did they go through after it? - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as @Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons's illegitimate brother.
  7. Gideon Sharpe

    Here are some pointers: - Suggested name is Gideon Quincy Sharpe but I'm not too attached to that nor the PB; - He is @Diana Sharpe's (substantially) younger brother. She is his legal guardian. He's about to enter the fourth year in Tallygarunga and has been living in the institution since he was roughly 7 years old; - He was born in the rural town of Mildura to Muggle parents, Dwight and Carina, whom were against magic in general. His sister left to Tallygarunga roughly at the same time he was born, and thus they were apart for the first five years of his life. Nevertheless she sent him letters the moment she was made aware he could properly read; - His sister was taken away from Tallygarunga when he was 5. They were taught magic was wrong but she never subscribed to this ideology. Once this character started showing signs of magic, she both taught him how to control it and decided to run away with him for his sake - she wiped their existence from people's memories and magically manipulated her way to have the Muggle government grant her legal guardianship. Once leaving Mildura behind, she enrolled the boy in Whitlam Bilby while going to Tallygarunga to complete her own education; - Until a few months ago, his home was the actual dormitory he resided in due to Diana not having a home of her own, either residing in the Tally dormitories herself or taking shelter in her best friend's house. Only recently did she acquire an apartment in Melbourne where this character is welcome to stay during breaks or for visits; - How did this character take being ripped out of his hometown, whether he liked it or not? How is his relationship with his sister, despite her best efforts to provide for him? Does he want to go back or is he thankful for the sacrifice she made? - Anything else is up to you.
  8. Kiru's Splotter

  9. A Wild Ems appears

    Oh oops, I missed this one yesterday. We already met, but, welcome aboard! As a fellow Slytherin, it's very nice to meet you. I'm frequently on YouTube/Twitch, so if you wanna leave a link, I'll make sure to drop a follow. Though admittedly I haven't been on Twitch lately as much as I used to. Looking forward to see what characters you create even though you already have one! And since you're already on Discord, if you ever wanna do some convoluted plotting, hit me up. I'm on most of the time, but if I don't answer I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Enjoy your stay in Tally~
  10. Kirupachi

  11. Hailey Kennedy

    A few pointers on this one: - Suggested name is Hailey Summer Kennedy but take your own stab at it, by all means (same with PB); - She is a Sturt House member, and @Lisa Knotley's first roommate in Tallygarunga - and the second one Lisa's made bad decisions with, to boot; - She helped Lisa through the grief of losing her father once she first moved to Tally. They became best friends very quickly, although she witnessed Lisa's transition from an amiable grieving girl into an ambitious monster willing to slaughter everything in her path in order to achieve success; - Used to be in the dueling club and most likely isn't in it anymore; - At some point, Lisa was dared to defeat this character in order to be considered for the position of Sturt Dueling Club Captain, since the current one was about to graduate, as they didn't want someone as rude and reckless as her leading the charge. However, they didn't expect her to not only take on this challenge, but finish the job in brutal fashion. The two best friends had a very one sided duel and this character was left humiliated in public, before all fellow dueling club members to see; - This resulted in her asking to be reassigned to another room, and not speaking to Lisa again, effectively destroying their close friendship; - Does she still hold a grudge? Does she want to forgive her? Does she want her best friend back? Does she want to humiliate her in return? So many possibilities; - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as @Chloe Stewart's younger sister.
  12. Jane Reid

    Some pointers on this student: - Suggested name is Jane Katherine Reid but I'm not too attached to it. Same for her PB; - She is @Lisa Knotley's secret ex-girlfriend and roommate, from her days in Penrose; - She went to Penrose up until now. Why is she going to Tallygarunga? - She should be entering the sixth year now; - Obviously needs to be physically & romantically attracted to women in some manner; - Their relationship was a secret and they were cared for each other deeply, but once Lisa had to move, she decided to alter this character's memories. In her mind, she justified it as not wanting her to suffer like Lisa was, having lost her father and having to leave so suddenly. At the time, she made it so the only thing this character remembered about her was that they were roommates on semi-good terms, and she should remember her being more amiable than she is today; - Note that they never officially broke up as Lisa never warned this character that she'd change her memories, and probably performed the intricate spell after some sort of intimate moment between the two as self-serving goodbye; - Lisa was incapable of actually erasing her memories completely, and was also incapable of actually altering her own, so Lisa will recognize her invariably; - Is she still under the spell? If so, would feelings sprout up upon seeing Lisa again, since she didn't erase such a thing? Or would she go through life without caring for her? Would she fall for her all over again after starting from zero? - If she's not under the spell, how did she recover her memories? What did she think about them and how did she process the information? Does she want Lisa back? Does she hate her guts for enshrouding such an important piece of her past? Does she even understand why Lisa did it, for as wrong as her thinking was? Does she want revenge? Does she pretend she is unaware of all these memories? - Bonus points if she winds up being a Sturt and is her new roommate (the reaction to this would be fantastic, regardless of whether she remembers or not); - Anything not discussed is up to you.
  13. Eddie Knotley

    Some pointers on the fella: - Suggested name is Eddie Michael Knotley, but you may change the first/middle names, as well as the PB; - He is @Lisa Knotley's older brother and guardian. They are orphans - their mother passed away from Dragon Pox when Lisa was a toddler still, and their father perished in the line of duty as an Auror roughly two years ago; - His education was fully in Greyheme; - He should be in his 20's. When their father died, he was old enough to take legal custody of Lisa. He could be in college or in the work force, it's up to you; - He most likely had a closer relationship with their mother prior to her early passing than Lisa had, since she doesn't even remember her face (if not for pictures); - They underwent financial difficulty after their father's passing. This character withdrew Lisa from Penrose after the conclusion of the third year since they could not afford a private school anymore and enrolled her in Tallygarunga; - Lisa rarely comes home because she doesn't want to be a burden (financially or otherwise) to her brother, and it's up to you if he feels that way; - Does he like his younger sister's recklessly ambitious nature, or does he try to intervene? - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as @Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons's illegitimate brother.
  14. Andrea Haynes

    Some pointers for this girl: - Suggested name is Andrea Galilea Haynes, and her original surname was Owen. Neither surname may be changed, but the rest can be. You can also change the PB; - She is @Danielle Haynes' adopted sister. They are both dhampirs, orphans, and in the adoption system. As of 2019, they're both attending Tallygarunga full time; - She was born under persecution and had to run all her life along with her parents, as well as with Danielle and her own parents. One by one they dropped like flies as they ran and protected their little girls. This character's mother, Lily Annalise Owen, perished shortly after her baby girl was born. Eventually so did her father, Reid Isaac Owen, and Danielle's mother, Taya Jennifer Ramirez. She was adopted by Danielle's father, William Nelson Peterson, but he perished less than a year ago, leaving the girls fully orphaned; - Rescued by a part of their Dhampir sect in China, they were ultimately cast out for their own safety and exiled in Australia - it was deemed the safest thing to do for their sake as no enemy knew their name or age, or how they looked like, and some don't even know they exist; - Danielle is quite worried about how this character would process the loss of two separate sets of parents at such a young age, which is something that should most definitely be explored; - Danielle tries to keep her blood lust at bay via a steady supply of animal blood and blood-flavored lollipops; - She's roughly six years younger than her sister, and should be entering Tallygarunga's first year regardless of magical prowess for her own protection; - Given that she was raised during war time and taught to fend for herself since she was very young, it's likely that she's a very capable witch despite only being at the start of her academic career; - Danielle made sure this character never had to kill anyone during the various altercations they endured; - She was born anywhere you may like because the 'family' never stayed in one place for too long; - Most likely multilingual (Danielle herself speaks 5 languages fluently to facilitate the constant travelling); - Should have very limited knowledge about how the Muggle world works, as well as interpersonal relationships; - Anything else is up to you.
  15. Roxana Lee

    Some pointers: - Recommended name is Roxana Miriam Lee, but you may change it as you see fit. PB doesn't have to be Indian at all, just did it for a coincidence thus far; - She is @Natasha Roberts' step-sister's mother. She divorced from the father at some point in time, whom later remarried Natasha's mother. What she did with her own life is up to you (remarried too? Had more kids? etc); - Used to live in Melbourne when married and potentially still does; - Most likely a pureblood witch; - In all likelihood, she is minimally aware of the type of treatment both her own daughter and Natasha have endured at the hands of her ex-husband's new wife. Perhaps it would be in their best interest for this character to try and reach out in some manner to help them, and perhaps she has done so in the past; - Everything else is up to you.