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    David Francois Gourdeau
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    VMU Student
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    Alexander Ludwig

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  1. Having a human mother and a vampire father in a loving relationship makes for interesting children. David was raised in a supporting household with a street-cop for the former and an immortal for the latter. For him this was normal. As was magic. David was taught his first bouts with spells, potions, incantations and other general hocus-pokery at the Louisiana Magical Boarding School for Boys. His time away from home only helped him to grow outward. While a talented student it was noted that his gifts were wasted on less academic ventures. For example David frequently scaled the walls of the Girls' Magical school miles down the road at night to offer guitar serenades to those in the gardens. At least until he was caught, hauled back to his own academic centre and given enough detention to dissuade him from doing so ever again. At least for a month. After earning grades respectable enough to attend a magical university David took to travelling for a year only to finally settle on his choice for further education. His desire to become an Auror was unbowed and while he knew that someday he'd need to set his antics and playful nature aside to achieve this dream. What David lacks in his studies however he makes up for in sheer will, street smarts and raw tenacity. He just hopes the lecturers see this.
David Francois Gourdeau
VMU Student 0
* year old Halfblood Dhampir His/Him
Occupation: VMU Student
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Dhampir
Player:  Guest
Pronouns: His/Him
Play-by: Alexander Ludwig
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