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  1. Tasty's Troops

    David Gourdeau A Cajun student all the way from Lafayette itself. David is a mixture of cocksure flirt, adventurous rebel with a heart of gold. As a Dhampir he prefers to use his charismatic and seductive powers for mischief than getting a girl home; a task he prefers to attempt with his own natural witty charm. Or so he thinks. With a care-free attitude David attends VMU as a second year student of Magical Law & Practice. Be it on his motorbike, moonbathing on the beach or attempting rather death-defying stunts on a broomstick he's one for the adventure and tends to gel well with other extroverts. Given his interest in becoming an Auror David also likes those who teach related studies or even have a law enforcement career. Looking for: Friends, On-off relationships, a girl to bring him into line, rivals, criminals to chase! David's Profile
  2. Ey Boss

    Hullo! Tis I; Tastyhaggis. As you might have guessed I'm a Scottish lad looking to get involved. Lily dragged me in here so I figured I'd give it a go and try my best at the magical RP. Not really good at talk about myself but I figured I'd give it a go!