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  1. Parker Keenan

    Parker Keenan
    Marta Kelly and Felix Keenan had what one might call a whirlwind romance. They were much like Romeo and Juliet, they came from an old family feud no one was truly sure of how it started. At first they hid the romance then when Marta got pregnant, with much protest from both sides of the family, they wed. Like the rest of the men in the Keenan family Felix became an auror and then when little Parker was born his parents were thrilled. He was given everything he could want since the family had the world at their fingertips. As child it was plain to see that Parker was destined to continue the family tradition. Even though he wasn’t the eldest cousin he tended to command the attention of them all when the children were put together to play. His natural leadership continued and he seemed to be a fairly popular student. He had a cruel streak that would leave you hairless and with boils if you weren’t careful and with his many friends and cousins to back him up many people decided it best not to cross him. Parker however, also found he wanted to be the kid who did the right thing and so these boils often came with an apology and your favorite sweet. He wanted to be like the rest of the men in his family and so he studied hard. He became an auror right out of school, it was a good fit for him and he was happy where he was. He met and married a woman name Naomi, only their marriage didn’t last long, they haad married too quickly and after a year of marriage they divorced. Since then he has not had much interest in dating, and focused more on climbing the ladder of the auror world. He has a reputation for being a bit of a loose canon but he does manage to get results.