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  1. diamonds are a girl's best friend 😍

  2. Open a map that sits on your doorway

    Though Kali had not been in Narrie for long she had taken the time to learn the players. For example the man who had been in a coma for years, he had woken and now they were throwing him party. Kali didn’t know the man and honestly she didn’t actually care about the miracle they were celebrating. It was not as though she knew any of the people involved. She just knew that they were important families and she wanted to see them in the flesh. This seemed like a decent way to observe them. They would be too concerned with the good news, and it would be a true show of what they were like. That and anything that she wanted to do would be hard to accomplish tonight. Most of the things Kali liked to do had been put on hold with the Auror’s crawling around. She was not going to put herself at risk to get caught with anything at this point and so she would indulge herself in the activities of the town she had moved to. The lithe veela walked into the bar tossing her dark sily locks over her shoulder as she did. She was rather casual, or casual for Kalliope, and she glanced around the room, getting a feel. The crowd was excited, happy and enjoying the night’s festivities. It was a good feeling she walked into. She sometimes felt as though she fed too much on the room to decide her own feelings for the night. She had been happy when she walked into the bar at least. The day had been successful, and she had enjoyed the passing hours. So at least the sense of contentment was not the reflection of the crowd tonight. Gliding to the bar she smiled as she ordered a vodka and soda with a cherry and orange garnish. She smiled at the person beside her. ”bonjour.” She said brightly. Taking on the cheerful tone of the evening. ”Have you been enjoying yourself?” She questioned. Casual conversation was something she enjoyed, figuring the other person out was always a treat.
  3. Kalliope Drago

    Kalliope Drago
    Rudolph and Alida Drago were both too rich to make any decisions for themselves and so in a grand gesture their parents arranged their marriage for them. luckily they both loved money and status enough that they happily took to one another and did the right thing by having a child. Kalliope was born. Kalliope was rather spoiled as a child she was given almost anything and everything she wanted, she was told she did not have to work for anything, she was beautiful and rich, and she would be taken care of by a rich man. if she couldn’t find on her own they would happily arrange it so she would not have to look. Kalliope was not happy with this laid back parenting style and did as much as possible to push their limits, but she never got more than idle threats. to punish her would take time away from their very busy schedules of nothing. rudolph was an investment banker by family trade and her mother the epitome of trophy wife. Kalliope was told she had to look pretty and take care of her husband so she would be taken care of as well. Kalliope happily helped her mother in the kitchen for years. baking and cooking, and of course shopping. Kalliope grew accustomed to having things go her way and her parents spending all of their time and energy on her that it was a culture shock when she went to school. now she was one of many with everyone attention being divided among others. Kalliope made a few friends who spent a lot of their time complimenting her. she liked this arrangement. Kalliope was happily going through school getting just enough work done to pass and not be on anyone’s list of difficult students. Kalliope got tired of school quickly she hated learning and she really hated the social status that she was supposed to follow. all of a sudden when she was fifteen she got lazy, she paid little attention to her school work and was tired of dealing with people. she started to spend more and more time alone, obsessing more and more about appearance and how pretty she was in comparison to other things. Kalliope is usually aloof unless flirting with someone in class, she is generally intelligent but has slacked in her studies doing the bare minimum just to get by, and her parents did not worry she wqas rich and so she doesn’t really need to work hard. she had never really stood out academically, this frustrated her parents and her family because she was smart and she could do so much if she only put her mind to it. Upon Graduating she moved to London. after attempting to find several real jobs Kalliope eventually started working with a family friend who was jeweler. the work was easy, she just had to give the client what they wanted and sell them the luxury and the story of luxury. One of her more frequent clients has managed to pull her into a little bit of the smuggling business, he pays her extra under the table to help him hide/smuggle/deal whatever it is he is doing for his boss. Kalliope was not entirely ready for this sort of job but she found she couldn’t pass up the money. Eventually using the contacts she had made she broke out from under the client and moved to another Magical Community in Australia where she has set up her front in a Jewelry store in Narrie that boasts of magical Jewelry.