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  1. Luka smirked and clasped his hands, "There are always two sides to every coin." He nodded and pulled his wand out, spinning it a coin materialized in the air, "One side, might not like you, might not get along with you, or even agree with you." He flipped the coin, "But the other side, they will be there, they will listen and help you, guide you." He smirked and tossed the coin to Alex, "Always remember this lesson." Luka stood up and paced the room, an idea struck him and he walked over to his cabinet and smirked, "I got an idea." Pulling out an old book he nodded, "Written by my grandfather, not wandless magic, but then again I'm not your teacher for that." He walked over to Alex and proffered it, "It's about contact your ancestors, he gave it to me so that I never forget, but I think you would benefit from it more than I will." With asmirk he nodded, "This will walk you through how to get in contact,let you walk with them, learn from them."
  2. Luka nodded and sat down on the rock, "Leaving Charms sounds like a good idea, injured animals tend to stay in one area till they are safe." He nodded and pulled out his wand, "Charms are better with wands, let me help." He began to chant in a native tongue, waving his wand about, leaving various charms about. "I left some cage charms, a few trigger alarms, and a beckoning charm." He nodded and thought for a moment. "As for what you can give me, don't worry about it, if my grandather heard I were teaching someone outside of the school and charging for it, he would find me and tar me." He nodded and slide his wand away, "I hope the charms work, I'm not good at using a wand much, but it's better for precise charms and enchantments." He nodded and crossed his legs, "He instilled in me a desire to learn, to teach, and spread my knowledge, I only get paid by the school because I have to make a living some how, and it'smuch more complicated then one on one.
  3. He nodded and looked at the sky, "Things do like to hide, even more so when they're injured." He looked at her and smiled sheepishly, "Might have been me you heard, I come out and play this every so often, connect to my ancestors." He held up the didgeridoo, "I find it is relaxing, keeps me focused and centered....great for making my magic better." Looking Keely over he smirked, "You know, everyone think's they're rubbish at wandless magic, but it just takes practice, I'm rubbish at magic WITH a wand, never got mine till I was about fifteen."| He pulled out his wand and looked at it, Lacewood, and odd wood type for a wand. "Grandfather made it, or so he told me." "So, you own the Ranch, I've seen it a few times when I was exploring, bet there are a lot of animals there...seems like such a friendly place." He looked around once more, ears open for anything, "But you said you were hunting a flying animal, hurt...checking low might not have been a wise choice, always check high, even if it's injured they always find a way to get up high." "You asked if I like teaching, I love it, got hired on the stipulation I can teach my method, not the way they say to do it in books...Much easier to explain the way I was taught, so many less rules...more natural." He nodded and ran a hand over his cheek, smearing some of the paint on his face, "Maybe I can help you too, lessons for someone who wants to better their understanding...first lesson, forget everything you know about wandless magic."
  4. Luka snapped hard, "Sister, really need to meet more of the teachers and staff...I mostly spend time here or in the bush, more at home there than anywhere else." He looked at his books, they were ragged, torn and well read, "Don't tell her about my books, from the sound of it, she will come down on me like a tornado." He laughed at this and studied Alex, he wasn't sure why but he wanted to help this boy, and he was going to find a way. The Kookaburra faded and Luka nodded, "Honestly, forget everything you know about magic, that's my first lesson here, I rarely use a wand, forget that stuff too." He held up his wand and nodded, "Lacewood, good for enchantments, I rarely do enchantments." He set it on the table and looked about, "True, willpower and confidence are key, that's basic knowledge, but what you might not know, you can be a coward, terrified for your life, and cast a spell that could topple a dragon." He spin his hands, ice crystals forming in the air around them, "It's what you feel at the moment when you cast that is important, you sound like you're afraid of your magic, well, the magic knows." He clapped and the ice crystals turned to snow. "What you need to do, is sit, talk to your ancestors, learn from them...My family is wizards from way back before the white man came, they were practicing magic for generations, I learned so much from them." Looking Alex over he nodded, "I would offer you ways, but I don't think the school would appreciate if I did." He laughed and looked at the ceiling, "But I recommend that you sit down, go out to the bush, find a good rock...you're a musician, play alone, find good music leads to spirits." He smirked at this, "Play you a good song, listen to what they say, learn from them, you can't learn much from me from this."
  5. Luka lowered his hands and smiled broadly, "Injured animal, what type is it, maybe I can help." Looking around him he clasped both hands and looked at Keeley, "Expecto Patronum." He whispered into his hands, a kookaburra formed and laughed a few times, "Oi, buddy, there's something injured out here, find it for me." He smiled and scritched the patronus on the head, "My buddy will look, he's good at finding things." Looking Keeley over the large man stood for a moment, "I'm Illuka, but everyone here calls me Luka, pleasure to meet you." Kicking the instrument into his hands he stepped down from the rock and walked over to the woman, holding out his hand he flashed a bright smile, "Got a stick in your hair." He commented, "Oh yeah, I'm the wandless magic professor up the way, pleasure to meet you...wait...I already said that." Looking up at the sky the large wizard sighed, "So far nothing, Kookaburra hasn't spotted any animal, a few lizards, but nothing injured."
  6. "Right on you brother." He laughed once more, his deep friendly laugh, and sat down in the chair, ruminating over what alex had said. With a nod he summoned over an apple, "You say you're a hazard, how do you know that? I've been told I'm a hazard, dangerous, rely on wandless magic too much...Bah on that. I don't like the feel of a wand, restricts my magic, I only use it for when I need to be precise." He held up the apple and tapped it with a finger, turning it into an orange, "Dunno why the suck ups seem to think I like apples." He laughed and tossed the fruit to Alex. "Your brother, the librarian, never met him, I teach my own style of wandless magic...no need for those fancy books, a bit wild, a bit manky, I just do as I please." He pulled his wand out, looking it over, "Didn't get this till I was about fifteen you know, grandfather showed me how to do magic without." Setting it on the desk he studied Alex, "Now, how are you uneven, have you tried doing magic your way?" The wizard stood and stretched wide, "Now, show me something, focus on the magic in you, wind it to your will...Bend the magic, don't let it bend you." He held up his palm a small orb of blue fire appearing, "Magic is wild, it's alive, it's an animal that needs to be tamed." He shook the fire away and clasped both hands, "Expecto Patronum." He spoke the words with a calm tone, a Kookaburra appeared in his hands when he opened them, "Tame the beast inside of you, don't be afraid of it...Fear, that's the enemy, don't be afraid of the magic, if you are...well, the spell will get away from you." He released the patronus and it flew around the room a few times before settling on his shoulder.
  7. He stopped and lowered his hands quickly, the brooms and mops falling to the floor, "Bugger all." He yelled, a flick of his wrist and the music stopped, his face flush with embarassment. Looking at Alex he laughed, "Oi Bunji, caught me with my pants down huh." He laughed at this and looked about, "Class got a bit messy last lesson and figured I would clean it up...You won't say anything about the display will you?" He smirked, the large man was intimidating looking, yes, but his face showed he was one of the kindest souls you would ever meet. He looked at the new mess and flicked his wrist again, a slight twist to it this time, the cleaning supplies went up and away. Rolling his sleeves back up Luka looked Alex over, "Don't believe I've met you, you're not in any of my classes mate...How come?" He stepped from behind his desk and looked the boy over, "Got a look about you, look like you could do some of the wandless magics if you were to practice." Holding out his hand he flashed a wide smile, "Names Professor, never get tired of saying that, Illuka Wenz,...Either call me Professor Wenz or Luka since you're not in my class." With a grin he made a motion, pulling twochairs closer, "What's your name friend?"
  8. Luka stood there silently for a moment, looking out the door both ways and nodding. He was going to be judged so hard should anyone find out what he was about to do. Taking his place at the front of the class he grabbed his stereo and put in his favorite cd, the Fantasia Sound Track, now was time to do one of his favorite cleaning past times. The moment the song started up his hands were raised, brooms flew from cupboards and seemed to dance about, sweeping in time to the music. This was a guilty pleasure of Luka's cleaning to Fantasia, it gave him a chance to recreate one of his favorite scenes in the movie, his favorite movie...honestly, one of only a handful of movies he's seen. He danced about, directing the brooms with flourishes of his hands, humming to the music, the man oblivious to the world around him. He knew it was dangerous to do it in school but this one time, the only time he's done it here, should be safe he rationalized. Hoping beyond hope in the back of his mind that no one walked in he kept cleaning, getting mops and buckets out now.
  9. Luka had to sneak away from the grounds, he was feeling cooped up and the students weren't helping, many wanting extra lessons and tips to be better at wandless magic. He was a professor yes, but the man could only take so much. Now he was sitting on a large rock out near Korrowi Creek, shirtless, paint smeared over his body, a didgeridoo playing loud droning notes. To Luka this was a relaxing afternoon, getting in touch with his blood, feeling at one with the earth. He had a weird feeling though, that there was something out there, or someone. With a deep breath he focused his magic into the notes he was playing, weaving them into a relaxing tone, trying to dispell the feeling of unease. When that failed he set the instrument down and looked about. He didn't see anyone, bushes, trees, and the creek yeah, not a person in sight. "Oi, Bunji, if you're out there come on, I'm not mad, not bothered, but I am getting annoyed...I have some jerky I can share, maybe some water if you're lost." His voice was smooth, no sign of anything but a relaxed man. Standing Luka stretched wide, "So come on, I don't got all day, I should be returning to the grounds soon...less you're here looking for me for that reason, than maybe I was already heading back....did I have a class today?" He added as an after thought, "Don't think I did."
  10. Born to a family of Aboriginal wizards with a long line going back centuries, before even the white man came to Australia, he was taught the ways of magic from his family at a young age. His father and mother, not trusting the conventional structure of wizarding schools decided to keep him home and teach instead. This being he spent most of his time in the brush, learning the plants and animals, bonding with them as he grew. This connection allowed him to flourish in their teachings, the lessons he had with his grandfather, who had spent time and graduated from Tallygarunga back in the day, was insistent that he learn how to cast without the need of a wand, showing him tricks and lessons. These lessons took easy, he was doing rudimentary wandless magic at an early age of six, not getting his wand until he was already in his teens. When he turned sixteen his grandfather had enough of the homeschooling, putting his foot down that Illuka needed to spend time with other children, learn the way of the world from them, and learn lessons that the family couldn't teach. This was fought at first, before finally Luka was admitted to the school. The first few months he was there he had trouble making friends, already ahead of many of the students he was in class with. As the year progressed he managed to make friends, learning casual skills and how to deal with people. This helped him to learn how to better use his wandless magic, allowing for his emotions to be less confused, less crowded. When he graduated he took off from Australia, traveling the world for a few years. In his time abroad he studied education in muggle schools, learning the best way to teach, and how to hide his magic. Having had little interaction with Muggles as he was raised, this posed a bit of a difficulty for him. When he turned thirty Luka returned to Australia, spending time Queensland, a few months in New South Wales. Returning to the bush of Nari he settled down, taking time for himself, not wanting to do much but live on his families land. Now Forty he grew bored with his sedentary life, wanting something new he approached Tallygarunga with a proposition. He would teach wandless magic to the students if he was allowed to teach it his way. Sure it was late in term, but he was bored and saw the school needed the help.This was a chance to make his grandfather proud, to spread his knowledge, his teachings, and help the younger generations.
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