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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Sunny Fairweather

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  1. Sunny Fairweather

    Sunny Fairweather
    Sunny Fairweather was not born into the Fairweather family. Her birth mother had been a witch, who lived in a small, rural, village in Poland. A wand maker by trade, her untimely death was most likely caused by a magical accident in her little workshop home. Whatever had happened had turned her humble cottage into rubble and her into a dead body. An infant was found among the debris, unscathed. She was taken to a Muggle child center but didn't remain in care there long for as she was adopted by the Fairweather's, two very business savvy British muggles who were looking for a Polish child to vanity adopt. The newly adopted daughter was cared for more by nannies than by her parents, who the child seldom saw. There were no other children around her age to befriend, and outside of the hired help, Sunny spent her earliest days in the large and empty family home alone. So, she made friends with the voices she could hear. Those voices belonged to ghosts. As Sunny attended school, she advanced rapidly through the curriculum and what had been intended as a adoption for clout became something the absentee Fairweather's claimed as their own, plans on boasting about the adoption axed in favor for passing Sunny off as their own flesh and blood. Being a strange girl who seemingly talked to herself with parents less active in her life than the average poshy parent, Sunny was bullied by her classmates. She dealt with the stress of this, as magical children under duress are wont to do, by manifesting her more latent magical abilities; glasses would explode in the cupboards, vases shatter in an array of ceramic shards, pictures would fling themselves off walls and break with the impact to the floor. It wasn't until neighborhood animals turned up inside out on the Fairweather's front yard that her Mother and Father humoured the pleas of their hired help and took Sunny to a child psychiatrist. As luck, or perhaps fate, would have it, the doctor she was taken to was a Half-Blood, who got in contact with the proper people to deal with the matter. Sunny's parents took the news well. Too well, really. The couple viewed magic as something "quaint", a kind of thing to round out a child and brag about, like horseback riding or violin lessons. And the pair wasted no time getting involved in the new market. Mr Fairweather found that house elves required even less pay than undocumented immigrants and Mrs Fairweather's pharmaceutical firm partnered up with a medical potions company and together they began the manufacturing of designer drugs. Her parents had insisted that she attend a "real" school, so after a summer of her parent's needlessly dramatic confrontations with the Board of Magical Education and the "liberal art's" school representatives with the facility at her Muggle boarding school, respectively, it was worked out that Sunny would be able to take her Muggle coursework with her to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. On the weekends and holidays, Sunny attended remedial classes at the Muggle school. This left her with no time for friends or clubs or any activity that wasn't school work. Much like life at home, her only company in the late nights were the many ghosts that haunted Hogwart's halls, with the added bonus of the silent, unspoken, fellowship that the other children spending their night's in the common's room and their lunch periods in the library shared. Sunny graduated from the Muggle school early, as expected of her, and so her parents had began to pressuring her to enroll into a University. The young witch in training was on the verge of giving into her parents demands of dropping out of Hogwart's when faculty stepped in on her behalf. While another dramatic scene played out with her parents, who were now rather established among the more open minded and modern elite echelons of the British wizarding community, Sunny was given the chance to participate in an career shadowing at the British Ministry of Magic; in the hopes that seeing tangible job opportunities would be enough to convince her to not just throw away her magical education at the whims of her parents. What was suppose to be a routine, rather boring job simulation ended up being a life changing experience. Sunny had caught the eye of an Unspeakable, who sneaked her away from the paper pushing and coffee getting, down into the Department of Mysteries. It was there she saw the stone archway and heard the whispers of the dead from the other side of a dark, rich curtain. She knew, in that moment, that she had to come back here, no matter what. And for once, Sunny stood up to her parents demands and remained in school. She stayed in school during the holidays and cut contact with her parents. With nothing to distract her, Sunny graduated with disgustingly high marks and was practically hired on her graduation day by the British Ministry of Magic. While the second war was waged, Sunny continued to work. Her loyalty to the Ministry, as a physical establishment, never, swayed. She was apart of a group, who took it upon themselves to defend the precious and dangerous secrets the Department of Mysteries held. The cost of such covert behaviors was complying to whatever was asked of them, as to not draw any unwanted attentions. During this time, Sunny was engaged in many horrific experiments, where humans were the primary test subjects. Once civil order had been restored, the memories of the Unspeakables who had acted in this way were erased and re-arranged, burying the secrets and awful deeds under powerful charms; they were then relocated. Sunny clearly remembers applying for VMU after a rather boring internship at the British Ministry. Much like her early school career, Sunny attended a Muggle University in tandem with the Magical one. She made full use of the VMU's dynamic program, and as her research gravitated towards her less than morally upright interests, headaches began to plague her. When the pain started to get in the way of her productivity, Sunny turned to self medicating; much too proud to see a real physician about it. After finishing the Practical Magic program, she gave into her parents instancies that she attend a "real" and "proper" school for a Surgical Residency. She finished her residency as fast as she possibly could and returned to Australia, where she pursued her varied interests in a restless sort of way. Her work in Automatic writing as well as the Muggle Paranormal Community was catching attention. Sunny butted her head into active cases that the Magical Law Enforcement dealt with until the persistent witch was hired as a Divination consultant where she worked mainly with the investigative and unusual homicide task force. Sunny quickly gained both notoriety and prestige for her abhorrent behaviors and accuracy of her Divination work. She was a key component in solving several cases (though when Sunny gives her rendition of events, she will claim that she was the sole reason the cases were solved at all.) In between case work, she entered the lecture circuit as well as published papers and books on the topic for Muggles and wizards alike. She would, as the whim took her, attend classes and pursue personal projects, feeling vaguely restless and unfulfilled. After earning her degree in Magical Education, she applied to the open Divination teaching position at Tallygarunga in hopes of a change of pace.