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  1. Hi everyone!!

    @Kaitore Thanks! I have, everything is sooo well organized! Omg, I know so much, I'm like pretty sure I know the books better than I like, know the states of America (Like, could not tell you where Illnois is with any confidence) Expanded U stuff's better anyway, the last HP place I rolled out of was like that too! The only thing I know about Australia is that kookaburas are really cute but this feels all organic I like how the site's lore takes the cultural and land differences into consideration! Omg, like a digimon tabletop?? That sounds incredible omg, yeah I like want to incoporate table top stuff into everything I do now it's like my eye's have been open to a whole new way of thinking about game structure! I'll be sure to ask them! Thanks for the warm welcoming!! @Rika Hi hi!! Thank you!!! Omg, Listen, that's completely valid. That wiki is like, so comprehensive!
  2. Hi everyone!!

    Hello! My name is Wednesday, I've been lurking a few days in the discord as premiergoth which I'l change to this name as soon as I finish with this post! Ummm let's see, I'm 27, my fave HP book is the fourth one (with the third being a very close second). I have strong opinions about the movies (this extends towards all movies tbh) and I've rp'd on other boards and even larp'd Hp stuff in the past! My other like fandom interests are Star Wars, Digimon (and other pet collecting stuff) and really shoneny things like super hero stuff and series with fighting tournaments. I've recently gotten really into games, like table top ones and game mechanics (like its always been an interest but now I'm like Learning) recently and I like podcasts and webcomics and indie art in general!! I'm big into horror, 'specally like interactive and immersive stuff. Sometime I do theatre as a job and I try to scoop up writing gigs when I can. I'm having like a quarter life crisis rn tho, so I'm joining a new forum instead of getting a convertible. I'm super gay and my pronouns are they/them! Its nice to meet everyone I'll be meeting! Hope we can play together soon!!
  3. wednesday