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  1. The good part about this party stuff was that he was able to be social and all that with people. This had been a fun time thus far, and he'd just awkwardly made way through crowds of people to see someone who acknowledged him. "Indeed, it is very FUN here! A loud crowd, music...mocktails...yep a good old time!". He had been happy being here, and wasn't socially awkward about it at all. Dalton had no drink in hand still, but had been a tad bit curious now to try a "mocktail" or whatever it had been called. "Nice to meet you too. It's nice to see people I never met around here before." "Yes, enjoying it here indeed, and indeed again I am happy to hear the man woke up from the coma." He'd heard about the man, but nothing really more than he owned the bar. @Derrick Ackers
  2. Dalton had decided he'd take a break from all things Tally, and had ventured way to some sorta party going on. He's not new to events going on during his younger adult years around the area at all, but he hadn't been able to attend any due to studies at VMU. The entire mocktail party had been a tad bit awkward to him, but he'd sure enough get used to it. He's not a drinker whatsoever despite the fact this had been a no alcohol party. Dalton was looking alive and happy, just not used to attending huge parties of this size. He hadn't met any former or current professors at Tally in what had felt like ages to him, and so connecting with current professors seemed like a reasonable goal even if they are or aren't Tally affiliated ones. Either way, he heard a voice who'd spoke pretty excitedly maybe? Dalton overheard him encouraging the crowd and all of that around him. Well, he had guessed he could join in for once perhaps. Dalton kept quiet though and just approached the person who had looked to be an adult and possibly someone who maybe a part of Tally. It was somewhat hard to hear anybody speak at all here, but he'd been able to hear the voice. Anyway, Dalton was gonna get a mocktail soon enough. "Yeaaaah, this party is a bit crazy, but fun." He yelled out to the person, only hearing him speak about the party and other things he didn't really pay mind to as he walked thru the crowd to get to him. "But anyway, my name is Dalton". Dalton is a new professor at Tally at this time for the defense against the dark arts class. He had been excited about it and was so ready to teach kids. @Derrick Ackers
  3. Dalton was born on December 3rd 1989 during the cold winter month, and had been raised by a Muggle parent and magical parent. He knew nothing about the magical world until he became much older though. A few years later down the pipeline he had a little brother who is named Nathan. He grew up to be a bit more of a troublemaker than Dalton did, and so was usually the one who'd get in trouble the most at home. Dalton's father, Arden, was the Muggle of the family and had worked many jobs to support him and Nathan when they were babies and children so they'd live a good life. After so many years and when the two brothers attended Tally was when he was offered to be a Chef and become trained. Arden's family were Muggles and he was never introduced to magic at all as his parents scoffed at the idea of magical schools and all that.. Dalton's mother, Dakota, was the magical born of the family and had magically inclined parents. Arden of course never ever a student of Tally whatsoever. Dakota had been a former student of Tally, and after she graduated she just decided to find someone to marry and it had happened to be a Muggle. Dakota had no clue he was a Muggle-born until they got to know each other and were married. Dalton was the first to ever attend and know about Tally, and had been excited but kept the secret to himself as he didn't know if his brother would also be invited or not as it hadn't been his 11th birthday yet on Dalton's own. His mother did know of Tally and explained the basics to Dalton when it had been his time alongside Nathan when he had been given his acceptance letter. Dalton attended the school and had mostly stuck to his own things and had a few friends throughout his years as a student. He was very good at classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. A lot of professes and Tally staff saw potential in him and could see him leading a class someday. Lucky after he graduated from Tally he did just that and attended VMU to become a professor and also had dabbled in basic first aid. After being at VMU for a good 5 years, Dalton had been trained and gotten himself all prepped up to become a professor at Tally. He graduated Tally when he was around 18-19 years of age and was very willing to take many classes at Tally over the years when he had been a student.
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* year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Professor
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Rika
Pronouns: He/Him
Play-by: Christopher Larkin
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