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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter


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  1. Hey, hello, g'day!

    Hi! Hello! Howdy! Welcome to tally and if you have any questions, any of the friendly staff or members would be happy to help out over discord. Good to see you finally joining after recommending it years ago! Haha
  2. Becca's Bebe's

    I have @Lorelei Valentin-Blair, who could always use some more friends. She's a little odd, but a sweetheart. I've also got a few staff members (Audrey, Caitlin, and Elektra). And I'll have a new girl at the school soon, who will be also a bit out of place (probably even worse than Lei. lol. If you want some Veela connections, maybe her dad wants someone to give her a little help with adjusting to any 'growing pains', I've also go Sibylla, who's a full Veela and a local doctor. And her granddaughter, Gemini, who will be teaching Musiciary a little at the school.
  3. Changes to profile system

    Transferred profiles: Amiradysébelle Blair Artemisia Bellerose Audrey Adagathguarde Caitlin Sullivan Cassandra Sullivan Gemini Demetra Lorelei Valentin-Blair Sibylla Townsend Stuart Blair Elektra Devereux Stardust Aisling Sullivan
  4. Splotting Lee's Imaginary Friends

    (Alex is Lorelei's uncle too, and he is trying to keep boys away from her, so there is potential for funny scenarios there too.)
  5. Splotting Lee's Imaginary Friends

    Hi there and welcome! I'm Lily and I'll see if I can throw a few people your way (sorry for the late introduction, been away a bit due to family stuff). Oh, I also have to move my character's profiles from the old system too, but I'll do that right after I post here. lol Lorelei - She's a 'sixteen year old' sweetheart who is considered new at Tally since the end of last year. But some people would also know that she is the granddaughter of the Minister of Magic, and daughter of music and movie star, Jezebel Blair. And that only a year ago she was attending Bilby and was a rather odd child. But now she's a rockin' teen, which is confusing the hell out of some folks. Either way, she's got the emotional and mental development of an adult most the time, so it seems to fit. Anyway! Her mum and grandpa are popular Spencer Alumni, and she's a little sad coz she was placed in Sturt, but figures it's because she needs to stay near her aunt/counterpart Lauren, who is almost an opposite of Lorelei. Lei herself does love to make friends, she will try to help anyone who looks like they're in trouble, and will join in on pranks if invited. Always up for tossing her at people and seeing how they interact. Aisling - Is not yet a completed character, but she is on the way, and will be interesting to see how that goes because she has never been in the human world. To stay tuned! They could even end up in the same House! Caitlin - The school counsellor, originally hailing from Ireland, also a criminal profiler, psychologist, and a famous crime novelist. She's pretty easy going despite the serious-sounding titles, and her door is always open to any students who need someone to talk to. She's very motherly in nature, and always has cookies in her office. Cassandra - Was in Spencer just last year, and graduated. She is also Alex Winfield's (another Spencer) wife, and Caitlin's niece. She is likely to visit the school and hang out. I hear that she may be given a job helping out in the library or something if she gets too bored (and considering Adele is teaching HoM again, and Cass is pregnant so she has to put dancing college off for a year). Likely to stick out because of both her head of blood red hair, and her general bright nature. She's tons of fun almost all the time. I have a bucket load of other characters, some of which might also be good candidates for interaction, but going with the easiest ones to think of for now. Let me know if anything else catches your interest!
  6. Lily's Lovelies

    Heya! sorry it's taken a few days or so. I got lost somewhere. Lorelei & Jez: Well, Lei is both in Sturt as well as interested in non-human cultures and relations. But, she is also Jezebel's eldest daughter too, which isn't a secret. So there could always be the 'omg, can I get your mum's autograph/meet her?' type thing? Not to mention, Lei is also Stuart's granddaughter, and spends some time occasionally out at the Wildlife Reserve with her great gran. So there's a few ways that they could interact with or get to know one another. As for the possible butting heads with Lauren, Lei would more likely try to play peacemaker then take sides. She's much less aggressive than Lauren, and tends to calm her down a bit when they're near one another. Stardust: She remembers everyone who's come to get a wand from her, so would certainly ask how Nox is going, about her adventures, etc. Cass & Cate: On top of being Alex's wife and babymomma, Cass is also Cate's niece and has helped her a little bit on a couple of her investigations. She's probably also going to stop by the school a fair bit during the year. Cate will easily talk about her books, though not about the real life investigations that she took part in which often served as the inspiration behind the books. Since she'd the school counselor, she'll be pretty easy to catch around the school, and will also be a good person to talk with about any problems or anything as well. @JazZay
  7. Event Australia Day at the Lakes

    Welcome to Australia Day 2019! (Realistically set on the 26th of Jan) As one might expect, this is an open event for anyone to join in on. I figured it would be a great opportunity for characters to meet one another, have some fun, listen to music, enjoy some water sports, and nom on barbecue food and salads. It is held at Narrie Lakes, surrounded by lots of greenery and there are marquees and portable shelters and shades set up all over the place, as well as vendors for cold drinks and very well maintained and renovated public toilets. So dive in! Bring your Australia Day cheer! But no fireworks, because there's a total fire ban, given the state of the climate right now. A fun day for the whole family! (Dhampirs should wear extra sunscreen and cover up a bit, or have a very bad time... the sun is quite strong this time of year).
  8. ....And Hello From The Other Side Of The World!

    Welcome, welcome! And a pleasure to meet you! I do so love when the lurkers decide to say hi and join us. XD If you need any help with anything, don't be afraid to poke one of the staffies or a member, and totally hit us up in the Discord as well. Looking forward to seeing what character(s) you bring along with you. ❤️
  9. Bingo Challenge - January!

  10. Sterile Rooms

    hey, no worries. just try to feel better, yeah? health comes first.
  11. i like pokemon and over the garden wall

    Hi Zee! Welcome to the madhouse. There's plenty of weirdos around who will love to plot/RP. Looking forward to seeing what character(s) you come up with! ^^
  12. Fenna says 'ello

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what characters you come up with, and as Kai said, don't be too shy to say hi in char or poke discord if you have any questions about something.
  13. Arti and Sparky are OFFICIAL

    They just had to clarify it.
  14. Stuart Blair and Tanya Hart are no more

    After finding out that she'd been cheating on him for a few years, and was about to have another man's child.
  15. Jezebel Blair charmed Viktor Valentin

    Their first date, which led to many more and the legendary couple that is Jeztor.
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