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  1. Really Awkward Hello

    Welcome! And you don't need pretty templates, I don't use them myself either. Upfront honest is great with me, because I get anxious about NOT knowing what someone means or thinks a lot of the time. But have a look around, ask questions, say hi in discord, and have fun! Look forward to seeing who you create! Also, the email thing can easily be done if you have a gmail account. You can use the one account and just add a '+something' after the first part. Eg: email+character{at}gmail{dot}com Easy!
  2. Happy Six Months, Tally!

    The only good melting moments are the cookies. Nom. But yas, I did say if could be done! And it was! And then there was light... and all was something something probably more blue-eyed freak nonsense. But that aside, backing up Mousie's words, this place is awesome because everyone who becomes a part of it makes it that way. As for the Mousieness herself, she's done an amazeballs job in kicking it back into gear, and ermahgerd all the autonomousness that she'd accomplished with the coding craziness. It's insane, but amazing. Fully loving having my Tally characters in my life again, with their weird and wonderful adventures, and looking forward to many more years of it. ❤️❤️ Your neighbourhood mamacat.
  3. Sadly Bowing Out

    We love you Deps, and totally understand that real life can make it difficult to be active, and naturally it also has to come first. You know you're welcome back at any point, and don't be a stranger in discord either. Feel free to pop in and say hi any time. I hope things settle down for you. Much hugs.
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  7. Come and have a butchers.

    Hue hue, there's already ideas for Sturn and Jez having known each other in school. But also, for more interesting things to come. That said, Gemini is in a local band so Sturn possibly plays some of their stuff, and maybe had the band in the studio before. They could possibly be friends or something? Same with Arti, actually, since she's a musician and an artist. As for Holly, she and Cass could totally have met or meet one another. Cass could totally used some more actual friends around the place. Of course, there's also the school counselor, the Headmaster's bubbly Assistant (and girlfriend) and the Quidditch pro who loves exercising as well.
  8. pyjamaviking's splotter

    Cools. Apologies for more questions, I'm just a stickler for details when it comes to how my characters know or are connected to others. Does Salt's twin teach/study Magical Arts then? Or would they have perhaps spoken to Gem after she performed a set? Coz she generally is only at the Uni for her classes or if she's playing some music to entertain a few people. Otherwise, she's trying to spend as much time with her daughter as possible. But yeah, if they're either in similar classes or like her music or something then she might know them. BTW, what's @Salt Morgan's occupation at the Reserve? I was just going to put her down as Assistant Wildlife Specialist/Guide, if that works for you?
  9. Lily does pretties

    So, this is pretty simple. Just offering my services for avatars and small photo manipulations like eye changes and things for people. As I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to aesthetics and maintaining same size avatars and things without stretching or warping, I am happy to sort anyone out with images that are cut to exact dimensions for the board. Examples can be found in my own avatars, but I can post some here anyway! (eye manipulation, color enhancement examples) Just post below with the name of the character and the name of the model, or any links to particular pictures you'd like used, if you'd like me to make up an avatar for your character, or even for your player profile.
  10. pyjamaviking's splotter

    Sure, what kind of idea do you have for Salt and Gem? Also, regarding the reserve, @Stuart Blair is the owner of it and his mother manages it, so there's always possibilities for threads regarding that (though, bodies turning up there might be a little overboard, it's pretty securely maintained, and more likely for the owners to be contacted if that happened, hehe.) But I'm sure @Marcus Carsen could do a good story on the animals looked after and work that's done there anyway with @Salt Morgan
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  12. Welcome Kai, our new Connections mod!

    Woo! Congrats Kai. Defs the man for the job!
  13. Totally a spambot -wink wink-

    Welcome spambot! Good to have you here, just please don't post the adverts for 'enhancements', if it's not too much trouble. Haha, welcome back, can't wait to see your character up and in action.
  14. Finally stopped lurking and made a thing!

    Hey there and welcome! Well if you're on at weird times for North America, then it's probably normal times for us in Aussieland, so there'll always be someone around somewhere. lol And if you want any help with anything, feel free to poke one of us in discord. We've got a lot of plotbunny breeders around, and are always happy to help someone find their footing. (Hufflepuffs ftw)
  15. Vil's wildlings

    I have... too many characters. But I'll list the ones more likely to be around the school. Audrey - Alan's assistant (and now girlfriend, the rumour will spread like wildfire), she's happy bubbly and friendly to everyone. Also occasionally a substitute teacher. But she can generally be found anywhere around the school when she's not organising Alan. Cassandra - Seventh year Spencer, she transferred from Hogwarts and spent the summer hanging out around the school before starting at Tally in Feb. She's the short girl with bright red hair, English-Irish accent, and can be caught dancing around in the rain or doing anything else pretty random when she's not glued to Alex's side. She'll talk to anyone, and generally just wants to enjoy her last year of school. (btw, there is also an open event thread just started, where some students sneak out of their dorms for a midnight feast, it's in the Great Hall, and you're more than welcome to toss Eugenia in there) Caitlin - Cass' Irish aunt, but also the DADA teacher, and also the school counsellor. She's an author of a series of crime novels that are loosely based on her old work as a criminal profiler and investigator as well. If Eugenia ever feels like she needs to talk to someone about any problems, Cate's door is pretty much open all the time when she's not already with someone. Elektra - She's a newcomer to the school, a former Spanish Quidditch star, and now the flying and Quidditch instructor at Tally. She's kind of brash and a bit awkward with young people, but she tries. She also spends a lot of time yelling back and forth with the Healing professor when one of them is hanging around the other to bug them.