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    Rika's Plotter

    I have two characters, one is a secret werewolf, @James Almoor There is actually an open thread with him in Korrowi Creek going all werewolf. Then I have @Illuka Wenz Wandless Magic Professor...I don't know what to say, I'm terrible at plotting things out and am an organ writer...I'm sorry.
  2. James David Almoor Age: 30 Gender: Male James is a soft spoken, easy going secret werewolf. He is looking for people his age, or close to his age to hang out with. He is a musician at heart, always caring for his bass, sometimes more than himself, and talking about music nonstop. What I'm looking for Not sure, just looking for stuff to do, and peopleto hang out with, feel free to come up with any ideas and shoot them at me. I like pretty much anything and will work with your or anyone who could catch my interest...I am new(But I'm from old Tally too),so bear with me.
  3. Popping in to introduce myself. I was actually one of the old players at the Invisionfree boards, just wanted to make a come back. I enjoyed my time there and figured I could come back and have a free hand at this. Um, I'm a Texan so my times will be a bit odd, maybe...but I'm also an insomniac, feel free to ask my pretty much anything.
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