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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Once Upon a Full Moon

    James Almoor
    James stood naked out in the grass lands, he was ready, did every precaution he could think of...He had been unable to get the potion brewed, a few of the ingredients were a bit hard to come by at the moment. So, here he stood, watching the sun set, ready for the inevitable. James was against this, but from what he read the bush was the safest place for him to transform, very little foot traffic, almost no one living out here, and a few wild animals. The moon rose now, his eyes locked wearily on it, "I always hate this sensation." He griped as the first spasm hit him, wracking his entire body in pain. The crunching of the bones elongating, his face distorted as he fell to all fours. It took only a matter of minutes for the transformation to full come upon him, a few minutes for hours of pain. When the was fully transformed he lost his senses of being human, the night was his now. Running wildly through the bush he ambushed a few wild animals, rending them, the small human part of him left knew they would be able to tell it was a werewolf. The animal in him didn't care, it just wanted destruction, to feed. He stopped, nose raised to the air, meat...fresh, human...he smelled it, he wanted it. A loud howl ripped from his mouth as he prepared for the hunt. Bent low, smelling the air as he moved, eyes adjusted to the night allowing him to see better in the dark than any human. Water, he smelled it, maybe it was near the water. He followed it, better than animal, human...bite, rip, tear...
  2. Cooling down

    "You know, I concur with you on everything." He laughed and put his bass back in the case, "But I have trouble that sometimes find me, getting hard to find certain potion ingredients of late." He brushed it off and shrugged, "I mean, I go to the store, order from catalogs, and online what I can, but still, certain ones are getting hard to find." He shrugged oncemore and locked the case with a wave of his wand. Thinking over things he smirked, "Muggles, they are the trouble that I tend to find, muggle women are so much fun, simple tricks and they melt, no real magic either." "As for a knack, I have a slight knack for wandless magic, can help me out in a pinch, sets off the pyros with a swipe of the hand, levitate the lead singer on stage...You know, show stuff...Nothing real practical." He shrugged again and tapped his glass, "I once set my pants on fire during a stage show, got distracted doing the spell and then, boom...flaming pants, not the worst thing I've done, but it's up there." He smirked at this and took a drink when his glass was full, "Swear, the drink is going to be the death of me, but hey...at least I'm enjoying it while I can!" He raised his glass and toasted the air. Thinking it over he smiled, "Your student could be useful to me, I need someone small who can fire off pyros with precision, they can be small." He tapped his chin with his wand and thought, "I might should meet him one day, take him to practice and show him the ropes...timings and everything, the proper blasts, both size and color, to set off at the right times....Wouldn't do to have the pyros for Love Gun go off during Sweet Child now would it."
  3. Cooling down

    James chowed down on the nachos and drained his glass once more, "Either bad or good, perfect thing after a set." He set the plate and mug aside for now, "You talk as though you know your way around a stage, maybe you played a bit in your younger days?" He smirked and patted his bass case, "This girl has gotten me through the past few years, taken care of me, and kept me fed...Often through the kindness of strangers, like yourself." He laughed at this and slid the cast onto the bar top, sliding his wand out the man tapped a series of locations and nodded as the latch came loose, "One day, I'm afraid I'm going to be either too knackered or tired to remember that, and the curses will fire off at me." He laughed and shook his head. "As for trouble, I once flooded the potions room with slime, it was fun, until I was made to clean it up without magic." He shook his head and adjusted the knobs on the bass, "You never learn how much you hate slime until you have to scrub it off of desks at ten at night." He nodded and thumped a note, "Magically amplified, the amp I use on stage is just for show, in case muggles show up for the show you know, always have to be careful." He winked and thudded out a bass line to an old eighties power ballad, "Yet to get in serious trouble, keep my nose clean enough to stay out." He checked his watch, not a normal watch, it showed the position of planets and the current moon phase, "I tried my hand at elemental magic, best I could do is make pyrotechnics for the shows when we get good stages, I mean...it's not hard, just not for some of us, right?" He nodded and looked at his strings, "Might need to change these soon, been about six months of steady shows since I did last, getting kind of muddled." He thought for a moment, "How many students you got that can make pyro's, might need a few for my next show, getting kind of hard to keep up with what's going on myself." He smirked, "Getting kind of old."
  4. Cooling down

    When the man ordered nachos he stopped in his tracks, his thoughts gone, when was the last time he even had nachos. With a laugh and a smile he raised his glass, "Ay, a true man never turns down nachos." He watched the man curious, he looked familiar from somewhere, but he shrugged it off, probably just seen him at the bar a few times. With a deep breath he drained his glass and looked at the nachos, "You know, these are the perfect thing after playing, my fingers are numb enough to enjoy them, and my stomach is empty enough to love them." Shaking the outstretched hand he smirked, "Names James, I'm just a bassist, contrary to the outward appearance, and being a musician, I tend to avoid trouble...Got in enough of that in my school days." He grinned at this comment, "So, you're a teacher you say? What is it that you teach perchance, anything I might know?" He smirked at this, :"I do know a bit, even though I'm a little young, I have traveled well." Motioning for another drink he thought for a moment, "Where do you teach anyway?" He squinted at the man, not sure why, but he felt he needed to know this. His animal instincts were usually well to trust, but he wasn't afraid to hide them most of the time.
  5. Cooling down

    James Almoor
    James sat there silently, his eyes on the empty glass before him, it had been a while since he had done a show and the time was starting to wear on him. He looked ragged, his hair stuck to the back of his sweaty neck, shirt soaked through and his jeans looking like they could fall apart at a wrong movement. With a sigh he motioned for another drink and looked about, he was bored now, now that the set was over and there was no more music to be played. But he enjoyed his time on stage, just glad for the little time he had gotten. Pulling his phone from his pocket he checked the time and sighed once more, still early, not time to go home yet. Beside him sat his bass, locked securely in its case, protected from pretty much anything, hells, he was the only one who could open the thing without being cursed. He was skilled at curses, jinxes, and hexes, and used them at their best to protect his stuff. He was a bit jaded with the world, not very trusting of the random people about him. He had lost two basses in the past, and was not going to lose the third. His eyes swept about once more, taking his drink and nursing it, "One of these days, I'm going to stop drinking." He laughed to himself, muttering softly under his breath about the state of himself.
  6. James Almoor

    James Almoor
    Born in January of '88 he was a winter baby, his parents were proud he survived, being born three months premature. He displayed a talent for music at an early age, learning to play his first instrument at the age of eight. When he came of age and got accepted to Tally he was excited, his mother had told him of her time there, everything she had learned and how she had made so many friends in her house. Now it was his time. Upon arriving at school he was ecstatic about being sorted, hoping to get into the house his mother was in, but he was not destined for Bourke, he was put into Sturt. A little disenchanted he shrugged it off and began to roll with it. Learning much through his years of study. He was one of the youngest in his year to learn to do a patronus, achieving it at 14, while the average age during his year was 16. He excelled at all task musical, learning what he could and applying it all to his love of music and sound. When he graduated he decided to travel the globe. Upon his twentieth birthday he was in Lancaster in America when fate decided it was time to throw him a curve ball. He was exploring old forests late at night with a group of old students when it happened, their camp was attacked by wild beasts. Most of the students died in the attack, but he was lucky enough to apperate away at the last second, having found his wand. But he did not escape unscathed,he had a bad bite wound on his leg, fearing the worst he fled to the closest magical hospital his worst fears were confirmed, he had been attacked by werewolves. A pack had been spotted near by, attacking muggle and witch camps alike. He spent the next few years traveling wide and far, searching for a cure for the curse. In his searches he came across a potion used by one of the old Order of the Phoenix members, it dulled his senses and urges when the transformation took him over. With this in his arsenal he returned to his home town, excited to try to live as a normal person, keeping the secret of his curse under wraps.