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    TW: Rape (not in detail) Mary-Anne Furthers nee Quinton | Biological Mother | Approved Muggle | Real Estate Agent | 53 (b. 1965) Nathan Furthers - Stepfather | Approved Muggle | Head of Information Security at ANU | 60 (b. 1958) Darius Packard - Biological Father | Approved Muggle | Retail Manager | 58 (b. 1960) Charlotte Packard - Stepmother | Witch | Herbologist | 58 (b. 1960) Thom Mangino - Stepbrother (son of Charlotte) | Halfblood | 33 (b. 1985) Genevieve Furthers - Stepsister (daughter of Nathan) | Muggleborn | 33 (b. 1985) Winifred Furthers - Stepsister (daughter of Nathan) | Approved Muggle | 32 (b. 1986) Simeon Packard - Biological Brother | Approved Muggle | 30 (b. 1988) Rupert Furthers - Stepbrother (son of Nathan) | Approved Muggle | 29 (b. 1989) Mary-Anne Quinton was one of nineteen children born in a devoutly Catholic household in Melbourne. Her father died young, leaving her mother with too many mouths to feed and not enough money to go around. In later years, Mary-Anne would discuss with her sisters--in front of Effie--the fact that the expectation was that they would turn eighteen, marry, and get out of the house. One of Effie’s aunts thanked God every day that her husband was a good man, for she’d have married him--and stayed with him--regardless. Similarly, Mary-Anne was married at eighteen to a man she liked but never truly loved, Darius Packard. At the time that they were married, Mary-Anne’s doctors told her that she’d never conceive of children. Her first child, a boy named Simeon, born five years into their marriage, was a miracle, celebrated by Darius and Mary-Anne both. Three years and change later, Darius and Mary-Anne were on the verge of divorce, and news of Mary-Anne’s second pregnancy, this time with a daughter, was a less joyous occasion. Still, when Effie was born, both parents were in the room, eager to introduce her to her now four-year-old brother Simeon. They stayed together another three years--separately parenting the children while living in the same household so that Effie would know her father--before her mother moved to Byron Bay with both kids, leaving Darius in Melbourne. Effie doesn’t remember the divorce, nor does she remember being introduced to her parents’ new spouses, or their children. She was too little. As far as she knows, it’s always been her dad, Charlotte, and her step-brother Thom on one side, and her Mom, Nathan, and step-siblings Genevieve, Winifred, and Rupert on the other side, with herself and Simeon playing shuffleboard between the two families. Though Effie herself was a muggleborn, she was not the first child--on either side of the family--to attend Tallygarunga. Her stepmother, Charlotte, was a witch, and it was her magic which had ruined her first marriage to Thom’s dad, a muggle. Thom, halfblood, went to Tally seven years before Effie did. On the other side, her step-sister Genevieve was muggleborn and in the same year as Thom. She’d always been the black sheep of the family, and when Effie received her invitation to Tallygarunga several years later, she assumed it would be more of the same. In some ways it was--there were things about her life that her mum and Nathan simply couldn’t understand--but they’d had seven years to educate themselves, for Genevieve’s sake, and with Effie they did a little better. Going to Tallygarunga had other benefits as well. She was closer to her dad and stepmom than she had been, and would occasionally see them on weekends. She was also closer to her mum’s family, and actually moved in with an aunt and uncle the summer between her seventh year at Tally and her first year at uni while she was getting her bearings. For Effie, college wasn’t a time to let her guard down and get trashed. She wanted to go to muggle university in part because she felt her muggle education was lacking. She wanted to be able to connect to the educations her siblings had received, and she wanted a broader contextual understanding of the things she had learned at Tally. She worked three jobs to put herself through university--a fourth in summers--studied constantly, and rarely slept. Immediately after her undergrad degree she threw herself into one master’s program, and then a second, and though she was increasingly overwhelmed, she was also increasingly curious and eager to learn. It was towards the end of her second Master’s degree that things turned sour. She and her partner, a barrel-chested man named Victor, had finished their dissertation and went out for drinks to celebrate. She’d heard of the date-rape drug, but she’d never suspected Victor would be the sort. She didn’t report the incident. It felt intensely personal--private--and beyond that, Thom had a history of violent responses to things. He’d only just got his life back on track, and she refused to derail him with news that his baby sister had been raped. Instead, she ducked her head, worked harder for her degree, and then moved out. All of her siblings--from both sides of her family--had decided, at the time, to go in on a house. None of them were married, and only Thom had kids--partial custody. They figured a house would be a good investment, and that as they all married later and moved out on their own, the house could continue to be a vacation spot for their families. Effie jumped in on the plan, and they bought a 6-bedroom lake house. They spent the summer refinishing it, turning it into an 8-bedroom so that there were places for Thom’s girls to sleep when they came to visit and refining the sound-proofing so they could all have lives. In January, Effie started her first teaching gig--History of Magic--at Tallygarunga. It was a dream come true, but also a nerve-wracking experience, which is perhaps why she didn’t notice, at first, that the settling exhaustion and nausea taking over her body were not in range with normal nerves. By April 2018, she could no longer hide the truth--especially from herself. She was pregnant. Telling her family that she was to have a baby--and that she would not disclose the identity of the father--continues to be the hardest thing she’s ever done. It’s also been eye-opening for her as she realizes which family members are there for her through thick and thin--and which ones let their judgments get in the way.