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December, 2018
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  1. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Squiggy Lux House: Flinders Year Level: 1st Year Position: Seeker (If Available) Secondary Position: Keeper (If Seeker Not AvailablE) Interest in Interschool team? Yes
  2. Open In the Clamor and the Clang

    Squiggy Lux
    Squiggy was hungry. Mumma had been supposed to send a care package this month -- they were always the best, filled with homemade foods and the occasional new dress if zir mumma had fabric to spare. Squiggy lived off of those bits from home. Food at Tally was fine, but ze was so small, and the other students so big and intimidating, that most days ze only managed to grab a bite or two before sliding beneath the table and leaving. No one seemed to notice if Squiggy was there or not anyway. So Squiggy saved the foods Mumma sent in care packages and supplemented zir meals that way. Except this month there hadn’t been a care package--only a letter from dadda, spelled to talk since he could read any better than Squiggy could, saying mumma was having a rest right now, and that he was busy with Innocence and Freedom, and that he was sure Squiggy understood. Squiggy didn’t understand. Resting was something that took a few minutes, so ze couldn’t understand why other minutes couldn’t be spared to make zir care package. Ze had been counting on the snacks to afford zir extra time in the library this evening while the other students were at dinner. Instead, ze went down to the food hall uncertainly, one hand hovering just outside zir mouth--not quite sucking zir thumb in fear, but not far off, either. Once glance into the great hall was almost enough to send Squiggy running in the other direction, but ze put zir Big Brave Elf pants on, like zir dad would have told zir to, and went in. The furthest end of the Flinders table was mostly safe, almost, and Squiggy got a plate and put on a bit of meat and veg and a roll. And then a rambunctious boy--twice Squiggy’s size--shouldered zir, and ze fell off the side of the bench ze was sitting on. Squiggy closed zir eyes, tight, and fought the urge to cry. Ze didn’t even want the other kids to think of zir as an equal--ze just wanted to be seen, at all, and acknowledged. Squiggy had to get on tip-toes to grab the plate from the table, and then ze wandered the perimeter of the Great Hall, finally tucking into a corner of the room with the plate. If ze was invisible anyway, ze might as well have some privacy.
  3. Class Choose Wisely

    Squiggy Lux
    Potions class was a struggle for Squiggy. Of course, if ze was honest with zimself, all classes were a struggle for Squiggy, but potions was especially so. Ze had never been tidy—certainly not the way most house elves were tidy—and in potions class zir messiness tended to get zir into trouble. Ze tried—at least in this classroom—but invariably, by midway through a lesson, zir workspace was a mess. It didn’t help in the least that the professor seemed to have some sort of thing about it, either. Sure enough, the classroom was as meticulous as every when Squiggy walked in. Ze gulped, taking a spot in a back corner, out of the way of zir classmates and hopefully where ze wouldn’t get squashed. Ze dragged a stool over to the cauldron and clambered on top of it so that ze could see, and when the professor told them about the test… Well… Ze tried, in any case. The first part wasn’t so hard. Squiggy could see which of the two containers the other students gravitated towards, and ze followed suit, dumping enough of the ink into zir cauldron to fill the bottom. After all, ze had to have something to work with, right? Ze vaguely remembered the potion from last term—enough to remember that it involved candy. So when the professor told them to get to the next step, ze began fishing in zir backpack to see what kind of candy ze had on hand. Ze came up with a chocolate frog, which went into the cauldron, followed by a package of Swedish fish and, finally, a bag of tim tams. Ze left zir bag open on zir desk—ze might need something else from it, after all—and concentrated on stirring the candy into the ink. Sort of like cooking, right?
  4. Squiggy Lux

    Squiggy Lux
    Though the great sock rebellion happened years before Squiggy was born, Squiggy’s Head Family openly defied new Australian laws and retained control of Squiggy’s parents--and Squiggy--for years afterwards. Squiggy’s parents, Jumbo and Quinty, hadn’t wanted to bring any children into the world until their freedom was obtained, and Squiggy’s birth was accidental, and kept secret from the magical family that controlled them, though Quinty had to punish herself many times for keeping her pregnancy a secret from her masters. When Quinty again became pregnant three years after Squiggy was born, the anxiety of hiding another pregnancy--and another child--was too much for her. It was already proving difficult to keep Squiggy under wraps. At three--late infancy by house elf standards--zey were just beginning to walk and desperate to explore. Quinty knew it wouldn’t be long before Squiggy’s presence was discovered by the masters, and a second child would not be so easy to hide. As a result, Quinty defied a direct order from her masters and called magical law enforcement. It was an act that led to a great deal of self-punishment, and half of Quinty’s face had been badly burned by an iron before law-enforcement showed up. The wizarding family that had so long held the house-elves under their control was finally forced to relinquish that control, and Jumbo and Quinty took to the streets with Squiggy in their care. It was a difficult childhood. Jumbo and Quinty had no resources to speak of and precious little in the way of skills, and, pregnant, Quinty couldn’t find a job that first year. Jumbo got a job as a housekeeper in an inn, and the family was given a room to stay in as part of Jumbo’s payment, which meant that the actual check he brought home each month was minimal. Jumbo and Quinty welcomed a second child, Innocence, just after Squiggy’s fourth birthday, and a third child, Freedom, when Squiggy was six. Though Quinty eventually took up a job as a seamstress, money was always tight with the family, and opportunities for betterment were slim. Squiggy’s father was convinced that it would not be the case for his children. After working so hard just to keep them fed and housed, Jumbo was determined to ensure Squiggy, Innocence, and Freedom were given the opportunities he’d never had. He went to bat for his children, and just before Squiggy’s eleventh birthday had success in the name of Tallygarunga agreeing that Squiggy could attend their school at the age of eleven. Squiggy is proud of zir heritage and proud of zir parents, but terrified to be among wizards, who have never treated zim or zir family well. It doesn’t help that Tallygarunga, as an institution, was not designed with house-elves in mind. Though wizards have traditionally not paid much attention to house-elf development, the truth is that elves develop more slowly than witches and wizards, and though ze has been on the planet for eleven years, Squiggy’s mental and emotional maturity is more akin to that of a seven-year-old human. It’s a fact that all House Elves have had to contend with since the Legislation for Sentient Rights was passed: They are treated by human rights and human standards, and are considered “adults” at seventeen, though a 17-year-old elf has the maturity of an 11-year-old human. It’s this fact, combined with the lack of education available for house elves, which has led to the perception of elves as not as smart as humans--a perception Squiggy feels strongly every day of school when zey don’t do as well as zir “peers.”