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  1. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    ‘I’d like to hear you play.’ The diminutive boy leaning against the bar next to Alexander took a long drink from his glass, sipping through a brightly coloured straw. The drink was a tropical orange deepening to red, held in a frosted mason glass jar and topped with a bright blue umbrella. Iggy blinked up at him, pausing for a moment before adding ‘Do you think the guitar is for public use? People can be awfully protective… and you wouldn’t want to be dragged offstage by an angry musician, they’re a passionate lot and that would be quite a scene…’ He seemed to become conscious that he was rambling and pulled himself out of it with a little shake. ‘Sorry. Like I said, I would like to hear you play.’ He gave the older boy a sunny smile. The weather was still cold, but Iggy had discarded the thick wool pea coat lined in white fluff over the stool he was sitting on. He wore a loose buttoned cream shirt, navy blue skinny jeans and a number of layered necklaces. None of them were silver in deference to some of the other non-human residents of Tally. Completing the look were a pair of pointy black boots and a sprig of orange blossom in his hair, which was out of season.
  2. Invite Rainy Days

    4th of May Winter felt very different in the countryside, the colours were brighter and while there was a lot of mud, everything smelled so much fresher than the wet streets of Melbourne. Iggy had found a bench beneath a sail which kept him safe from the rain. He was wrapped in a school cloak, the wool bunched up around his ears and pooled in his lap. There was a large stack of books beside him from a variety of subjects. Most were second hand textbooks from at least half a dozen classes. There was also a large writing folder on top, which he had been using to take notes. There was so much to catch up on, so many assignments to complete before the next term started. But for now he was taking a break. His latest project in his lap, with a bag of fabric scraps sitting beside him. He was making a quilt with scraps of yellow and blue, with some red accents. He doubted that it would be ready for winter, but it would be nice in the warmer months. Both his parents had donated shirts to the cause, so there was something to remind him of home. Iggy adjusted his glasses as they slipped down his nose, measuring the edge of a square against his ruler. If it wasn’t straight he’d have to unpick the whole thing and start again. Did he cut a crooked piece?
  3. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Ignatius Larue House: Bourke Year Level: Four Position: Keeper Secondary Position: Seeker Interest in Interschool team? Y