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  1. Preparations for plotting pandemonium!

    When is this starting???
  2. Squiggy Lux born.

    Squiggy Lux is born into illegal slavery in Melbourne, Australia.
  3. First Year (Hogwarts, Ravenclaw).

    Brinley starts his magical education at Hogwarts.
  4. First Year (Tallygarunga, Sturt)

    Brinley starts at Tallygarunga and is sorted into Sturt.
  5. Brinley Grisham born.

    Born in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England.
  6. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  7. Shio's Folks

    Hey! Happy to supply Squiggy, who, yes, is a House Elf and might be able to understand the outsider-ness that Iggy is trying to avoid. I also have Teddy . She's... a turd. BUT she likes to read, and would secretly admire Iggy's hand-made stuff, and loves quidditch, so if he could get past her overall turd-ness, they might actually have a potentiality as friends. Or they could hate each other. Either is fun
  8. Just poking my head in!

    Hey Boli! Welcome I'm one of the newer members myself--I joined a couple weeks ago--so I'm pretty open for plots as I haven't had time to get super overwhelmed yet, haha. I play 3 characters -- Brinley Grisham, Squiggy Lux , and Teddy Davis . All 3 are hard to get to know for their own reasons, so I totally get that. Teddy especially is a huge piece of work. Sometimes they're the most fun, though, haha. Anyway. I look forward to getting to know you. See you in Discord
  9. Cait Doesn't Know What the S in Splotting Means

    @Shell Brinley & Gerry should definitely hang out. Maybe she could be the one he borrows notes from after potions class? (Not sure if you've read his reply there, but he's p'd off that he's getting tested on something everyone else learned last term when he wasn't here). Might be a good place to start them. And Iris would be really good for Squiggy--Squigs needs someone who doesn't judge them right off the bat. I've got an open Squiggy thread in the Great Hall if that's of any interest to you, or we could start something new for them... Also, if she's moving past a love of fashion/that's in there somewhere, they might have stuff to talk about. Squiggy's mom is a seamstress, so Squiggy knows something about making clothes, but the clothes ze wears zimself are... rough around the edges, to say the least--mostly scraps of fabric zir mother sewed together for zim. So Squiggy has sort of that dichotomy going on between appreciating fashion on others and not being able to afford it zimself.
  10. Cait Doesn't Know What the S in Splotting Means

    I love that you just volunteered everyone to play with me ❤️ Hilarious. (Also, anyone who was tagged and read this... Please plot with me! Haha. Like, you're not being voluntold, but I liked all Kai's ideas, so if you also like them, hit me up! ) Kai--well. I'm chatting with you right now. But... all the threads!
  11. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  12. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  13. Cait Doesn't Know What the S in Splotting Means

    Brinley Abraham Grisham 11 | Transfer Student | 1st Year | Profile Link ABOUT: Sent to live with his uncles in Australia after pushing his step-sister down a flight of stairs (she’s fine!), Brinley is currently struggling with a lot of insecurity and self-loathing. He’s still grieving his father, who died a year and a half ago, though it’s not something he talks about. In point of fact, he doesn’t talk about much: He hides his grief, pain, and anger behind a facade of decorum and false pride. Initial interactions with him would show you a stiff, overly-formal boy who speaks with pretension and doesn’t seem to realize how much he holds everyone around him at arm’s length. Only in the potions lab can one see the boy Brinley could have been, had circumstances been different for him. There, he comes alive, bright with excitement and curiosity and interest. As a result, he spends as much time brewing as possible. When it’s not possible, you can find him studying in the library or playing quidditch (though he’ll tell you the latter is because physical fitness is necessary to keep the brain sharp--he won’t admit that he simply enjoys it). PLOTTING: Brinley could use some friends to pull him out of his comfort zone a bit and to teach him how to have a bit of fun. Options could include those who are studious enough to understand the amount of time he spends in the library or those who are friendly enough to try and drag him out to do something social despite his protests. Brinley is also struggling with a lack of adult guidance and could use an adult mentor or two to lean on in his grief. Ideas could include someone who sees his skill with potions and wants to cultivate it, or someone who notices his self-injury and decides to keep a closer eye on him because of it. ADOPTABLES: Though everyone in Brinley’s family is technically up for grabs (including a mother, step-father, two step-sisters, and two uncles), it is his Uncle Waylon (squib) and his Uncle Edmund (accepted muggle) who I’m most excited to have on the board (I’ll be creating adoptable things for them later). These two men agreed to take in a young boy whom they’d never met, and at the time the only thing they knew about him was that he was “angry, out-of-control, and violent” (in the words of Brinley’s mother). They had one week to get to know him before he was sent to school… I’d like to have them start to get to know Brinley throughout the school year via letters, and then over holidays when they eventually get here… Outside of that, though, there’s a lot of chance for you to make them who you want them to be and write your own stories for them. They would have had a whole life before Brinley got here, and should continue to have one! Squiggy Lux 11 | House Elf | 1st Year Student | Profile Link ABOUT: Coming from a master family of late adaptors to the sentient laws, Squiggy live the first three years of zir life in hiding so that zir master wizarding family wouldn’t realize ze existed. Since being freed, along with zir parents, at the age of three, Squiggy has lived in relative poverty, continually ill-treated by wizards who view themselves as better than zir elven family. Despite this, and despite parents who never had an opportunity to be educated, Squiggy has watched zir father fight for elven equality, even going so far as to fight for Squiggy to be allowed to attend school with witches and wizards. Ze is determined not to let zir parents down--especially zir father--a trait which has led to zir keeping zir head mostly down and fighting through schoolwork that is too difficult for zir. So far, ze hasn’t been willing to ask for help, fearful that doing so will make humans believe that elves aren’t capable of being educated. Diminutive, shy, and easily scared, ze has yet to make friends or learn where ze shines. Ze is also trying to teach zirself to read, since ze had no early education. It has limited success. PLOTTING: Open to most things, including Friends, Bullies, and Adult Mentors. Come at me! ADOPTABLES: Squiggy has two parents and two younger siblings, any of whom could be adopted if you’re yearning to play a house elf. Teddy Davis 14 | Sturt | 4th Year Student | Profile Link ABOUT: A foster child with a history of severe physical and verbal abuse, Teddy uses anger and insults to keep people from trying to get close to her. She is careful to come across as heartless and mean--an image she has intentionally cultivated--because she would rather believe that she doesn't want healthy relationships than come to terms with the truth: That she doesn't actually understand how they work. Bright, resourceful, and secretly protective of those smaller than her, there is a good side to this prickly bush, though she'll be damned if she lets anyone see it. PLOTTING: One of the things that I'm really excited about with Teddy is that she's at a true crossroads in her life. She still, at this point, has it in her to learn compassion, caring, friendship, and family, but the end-date on that is fast approaching. Will you help her learn to love, or will you fuel the darkness threatening to take her over? Plots I'm particularly interested in are rivals, enemies, friends, and -- if anyone has a character brave enough to tough out the worst of her -- an adoptive family in whatever form that takes (a single dad might be easiest due to her issues with women, but I'd be happy to try anything if you think your character can handle her) (Reserved for one of Kai's). She's fairly anti-intimacy, so romance probably isn't on the table, but closeness and companionship could be. ADOPTABLES: She's one of 17 kids, with a muggle mom and a squib dad. If you want to get in on that crazy Davis action, let me know and I can talk to you about some of her siblings, who range in age from 1-24. Some are more fleshed out as characters; others are pretty open. I suspect she's not the only one in the family with magic, though some others may be better at hiding it than she is.
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