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  1. From the way that Amber's response sounded? She probably already won that award several times. Had she really been that common accident prone? He personally hadn't met any Spencer that found themselves tipped over face first like a kiddo hyped on sugar and tipping back in a chair. He didn't need to look to know Lorelei had been around and maybe a tad bit behind but he wasn't going to be a stickler, that's for sure. There had been larger problems like the fact she had decided to sit near a boy that hadn't been a family member. His brow furrowed in disapproval at this particular fact, something that he'll need to rectify at some point. As the questions slung a few voice seemed familiar, he knew Nox had been enrolled in Tally but didn't expect to run into her so soon in a class. It also seemed to make sense with her background and the confirmation behind it. Then a soft roll of his eyes formed as Lisa decided to speak up. "Where had the assumption been that there wouldn't be any instruction on learning to manipulate the magic? The question of, 'Does anyone know how to. . .' Is actually a pretty good setup to poll." He shrugged and shook his head with a soft grunt that rumbled. "Anyways, I've a bit of practice on getting the magic where it needs to go." Better than having the simple theory of it and unable to do much else with that kind of knowledge, that was for sure.
  2. A -HEADACHE-, How else was he supposed to explain the way his time at Tallygarunga had been since it all kicked off again for his Seventh year? Between trying to chase boys away from Lorelei to give her a bit of time to learn and understand the way things work in this new domain for her as well as trying (In vain at that) to keep Lauren in line so that her and Adele wouldn't have some all out slumber knocker? He had a sense of exhaustion that he hadn't even been aware of existed. Who would've known that him dodging the 'I may or may not die' bullet would end up placing him in the position of being the familial peace keeper. 'I'm pretty sure, Lauren is just aiming to take every tantrum snipe she can at Adele too. . . Probably doesn't help I am in no better favorable light.' It didn't seem as if the newly minted teen rebel had any specific issue with him but maybe it was better to say she didn't exactly -care- either. The sun had been out and for his own personal critique? He hated to wasted a good day like today not enjoying the presence of the light and having the strings of his guitar plucked by his fingers. He hadn't finished designing just the right kind of pick to even touch this new beauty of his and it couldn't be something store bought or substandard in material either. His mind had been torn away from what would be good and practical choices from the soft melody that emitted from what he could easily tell by ear alone, a Violin. There hadn't been that violinist's around now that he thought about it, had there? His steps were deliberately soft as he approached from the other side of the tree where Maxine had been playing and a smirk curved on his lips. He hadn't always been the one to say a vocal, 'Hello', when the presence of music had been in the making and he had no reason to start that kind of thing now. In a smooth motion he pressed his back against the trunk of the tree while standing up, left leg bent slightly and pressed the sole of his show against it to help in stabilizing his guitar as he shifted to rest the base of it against his leg, just at the curve of the instrument. It held a deep emerald shine, the edges of it growing into a darker tint of the color while the center of it had been bright and vibrant. A twisted reminder for him, something he knew no one would actually get the meaning behind. His fingers slide along the fretboard while the headstock fashioned a vibrant blood-red braid twisted in an elegant fashion that added an even further personalized touch to the instrument that he held close to his body. Alexander waited, following the melody that vibrated through the air as if he could feel the very notes lift off and surround him and then proceeded to piggyback with a complimentary set of notes to the much more classical instrument. Then he took the sudden jump by tossing his vocals in. "I've got sunshine~ On a cloudy day~, When it's cold outside~ I've got the month of May~" Leave it to him to try and showboat in a show that wasn't even including him in the program!
  3. Alex's otherworldly eyes cased the area once more, finding the sparkled hues of golden webs tucked away in corners and well hidden. Something that one didn't think could be missed so easily. A grin touched his lips and a nod followed suit. "Touché on that one, touché." Maybe this had been their own interpretation of a 'Golden Geese'? Just more of a 'Golden Tarantula', it would be a killing on the market that much had been sure in his own mind. It seemed he managed to score a critical hit in breaking the façade that had been placed up by Nox! SCORE! He mentally patted himself on the back for it, opting to not look weird actually doing it. "If they turn up, let me know before hand. You know, kind of like a large bright sign turned towards the sky. 'CROCS LANDED, WE'RE INVADED, KEEP YOUR PANTS JAW FREE'. Hrm. . . Might be a bit too long to read while crashing downwards." Lips pursed into an amused smile at the thought, not that he'd been in a position to really care about the kind of outcome that would happen if he met some toothy fiend that wanted succulent A-Flesh. "Carribean? Exotic. But a transfer student. . . I know that tale well! Sort of, maybe not in that I was in another place rather just another school." The Greyeheme days, not the best of days. A hand ran through his hair. "Seventh year myself but Spencer House. Going into my second year at the school so, I'm pretty fresh and new to it still a bit." Even if he found himself easily comfortable behind its walls as if he'd been there for all of the important years. Nomads, A kind of lifestyle that he hadn't come across. The thought caused him to hum lightly and his head tilted towards the side slightly. "That must mean you've probably seen a wealth of things and experiences in just a short time. . . That's pretty impressive." Maybe it didn't seem that impressive to someone that had lived it, to a person that probably knew others of their own age and even younger that followed the same steps and culture of it. "Can't say I have had the option to see that much of things, haha. But I can see the appeal of it." His eyes followed the lines as their colors shifted in unison with the speaker. Almost as if he were in some form of museum that had been moving along with a brief demonstration. "Cenotes and starry skies. Can't forget the starry skies, just isn't fair to them." Alexander's hands pressed into his pockets while he offered an amused laughter. There had been an obvious passion with the way that Nox had spoken. "In a world where you know Magic and other things exist, probably safe to say there are a lot of places around that can fit them. Of course. . . I don't think I want to turn a corner and find some kind of Sphinx hanging around. That's just a messy thing to find hiding."
  4. Oooh, goody, my Fan Valentines Day cards in the high numbers this year! . . . While I cannot return your love, I adore each of you as platonically as possible! 

    1. Cassandra Sullivan

      Cassandra Sullivan

      I'll try not to make everyone too jealous with the gift you gave me, babe. Though, you might not want to look at the stack I got this year. Seems I've become popular.

    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Hey, I can't be mad that you've gained some attention. I'd stare too. Of course, I think take two of the hottub from last year needs to be done.

    3. Cassandra Sullivan

      Cassandra Sullivan

      You would think that. Not that I'm complaining... Get the champagne and strawberries and chocolate sauce ready, babe.

  5. ". . .I was supposed to be making it family friendly?" His own smirk formed as a mirrored response, not that he wanted to give people a show. Though he found he'd been less shy about showing her any form of affection under the gaze of most people unless they fit a certain list that -shouldn't- be even thinking about it let alone seeing it. He'd been passively listening to the music, taking in more of it than he thought would have been with that kind of approach. The resonation of music, especially played by those gifted with some form of magic felt much different now. It hadn't been just the sense of vibration in the air but something more strung along, bits of magical will that hadn't taken their own form. "I didn't think I needed to talk about anything more than the toping of, 'Cassandra'. But, hey, if you want to derail me from that I won't fight you on it." Alexander snickered lightly. Then a soft playful scoff exhausted from him. "I don't think you have to worry about that for a short while. But I think under fifty percent for the most part should still give a bit of a fun!" He knew his full strength couldn't truly be there as long as he was still 'broken', the excruciating stitching's helped that issue so maintaining it all longer was a massive difference, one noticeable enough that he could feel it. "But, you know, I hear there is some massive endurance at full glass. You might not get any rest for -days-. If I'm being nice." A teasing gaze with his usual suggestive brow wriggling took place. A chuckled eased out once more and his smile brightened after the well placed kiss. "Only if you keep complaining about all the titles. I can't go wasting such golden developments you know!" Alex smiled brightly and his eyes narrowed. "You say that with such enthusiasm and excitement though, it makes me wonder!" The distance between them and the stage started to shrink until it seemed that Cassandra had settled on an area that had been comfortable enough. His arms wrapped around her waist as he held her closely against himself and their bodies had begun to move to the tune of the rhythm of the current song that had been within the bands set. "I don't think a foot would help there. . . I would still be touching by the tip." He bit his lower lip in a seductive manner as the none to innocent words fell from his lips. One would perhaps be surprised that the woman in his arms had been his first and only intimate partner. "Still here? What? In Tallygarunga or, you know, not kicking the dirt trail? Or both?"
  6. There had been a few courses he didn't think he'd end up taking or for that matter be sitting in on due to one reason or another. But some how he managed to have History of Magic slapped onto his schedule, admittedly, he probably needed it as one of his STINGRAY courses to help benefit towards a few goals. He entered the room and unlike is many entrances to his other classes, music did -not- proceed him as some form of eye drawing attempt. He didn't even have his newly crafted emerald guitar with the deep red braid that danced from the tail end which had been due to the knowledge of whom had been teaching. The last thing he had ever wanted to do was to bring Adele's mood down and any reminder of the woman that he admired would most likely cause it. Seeing the woman standing at the front of the room with her commanding presence did remind him slightly of their first initial meeting, a reminder that she could be scary in presence. Yet while a few may have been daunted by the appeal, he smiled all the while placing his bag down next to a seating area and taking up a chair to get a bit more comfortable in. As much as one could with what had been provided then placed the History of Magic literature on top of his desk and smoothly opened it up. 'I don't even think -I- would be excused for disobeying that book part.' The door slamming hadn't caught him off guard or even alerted him too much only hearing the sound of it whisk into his ear in a loud bang. Normally, Alexander would be one of the first people to answer but he found that of late he'd been more attuned to hearing others first. To examine them before speaking himself and as the answers unraveled with those that had decided to speak up their own response. He would need to actually participate too, so, his handed lifted up and a single finger pointed to the sky in his usual quirky way of signaling. "I'd say it gave society the chance and opportunity to move forward. If people stay just how they are stagnation grows and that goes for a group a people. Too many places like Greyheme and everyone will either be stuffy or dumped out. Experience speaking here." Being latched at Greyeheme hadn't been a fun time for him at all and though the 'Quality' had been lesser in terms of presentation between the two institutions? He loved Tallygarunga. "I guess depending on the person that's a good or bad thing for the Wizarding community. Without Tally people like me would have been far off in a lot of ways. Difficult to control magical potential isn't the kind of Wizard people like Penrose or Greyheme -want- to deal with and they don't need to. But this school? Opened themselves up to not only accept people that do but goes out of their way to make sure they have every option possible." Even if he wasn't a Wizard, even if the mistake that harmed the Professor at Greyeheme hadn't been his fault that wasn't what the world saw even at this point in his life. "I have to say, in just a year's time, Tallygarunga? Probably the best good to pop in for the community even with the chance of bad that could happen."
  7. The sound of music traveled down the hallway, strings being plucked in trained and a soulful melody as the sound danced from one chord to another. He may not have been able to play in class but nothing prohibited him from playing TOWARDS class. He'd take full advantage of that fact and it had mostly been for the fact that he needed to break in his new guitars exposure. She may not have the acclaim and noticeability of Sapphire just yet, but Thia, was much more cherished to him as an instrument than Sapphire could even be. The kind of thought that threw him for a major loop every now and then. As he approached the entry to the Wandless Magic class he slid the guitar on its strap gingerly to rest on his back while halting from playing it. Only leaving a melodic hum from him that resembled the tune that had been played. In a carefree manner he waved towards the Professor of the class. "Hey there, Prof, nice day." His luminescent violet hues scanned around the class where a couple of more than familiar faces popped out along with a few that had been barely acquaintances by even his own definition. As he passed by a few desks he gave a wave towards Chloe. "Hey there, Chloe. Didn't expect to see you in a class! Should be fun." Then gave a light gesture towards Amber in the same notion. "Looking to win Spencer's first fallen and crashed trophy? Sitting like that looks like it's bound to happen." A charming smile touched his lips, finding a seat somewhere in the middle he gently removed the guitar from around himself and placed it gently against a wall away from himself for safety and then picked a seat at the edge of the row.
  8. Attention Musical and MAYBE musical party aniamls!Have you been getting that feeling that you need the rhythm in your soul? How about at the tips of your fingers or in the tune of your voice? Bet you're having a hard time finding people to connect with or even just to toss a few ideas and training tips with? Well, look no further! Bringing to a Musiciary room near you sometime after school will be the 'Musician's Club'! It will be a club designed not only to cater to the Veteran's that have been in the fun of the musical life for a while but also those that want to learn or see if they're interested in that kind of hobby in the first place! It's going to be a place with some fun, uplifting moments, where we can rock out and draw out that talent even further! If you don't have an instrument? No problem! We'll do our best to find something that can be used one way or another! A bit shy? That's not much of an issue you either! If you need to work one on one to get that courage up, well, that's what everyone is here to do. For the Love of Music! You can sign up on this sheet right here! Let's make it a rocking time, right? - Alexander Winfield
  9. He wandered around the area slowly, taking in the environment much like a new babe exploring for the first time outside of their crib. Each experienced had been so crisp and a reminder of the things that he'd been missing out on for so long in his life. A small smile creased along his lips. 'To think, only a few short months ago, something like this would be entirely impossible for me. . .' It had been an uplifting thought that resounded in his own mind as a beacon of change and optimism. A renewed love for life and the many secrets that it held to be unleashed and he had nothing but a sweet and eternal time to unravel it. Finally he turned back towards Nox and her chuckle brought a smile to his lips. Eyes concentrated on giving them fair attention in their own domain. "Maybe, huh?" The smile dimmed slightly almost as if he'd expected that it'd been something much more personal. Which, now that he thought of it, made sense and had been more than unfair of him to prod about. Not only had there been an audacity to just tumble in on her personal musing and time in her own dream but to even inquire about the reasoning behind the 'cleanings'. His hand rose up and waved dismissively. "Hopefully, I didn't disturb you too much from that cleaning. I would offer a vacuum but I don't think that would work too well. Maybe the good ol' broom and dustpan. Oh! And maybe a duster in general. I hear there are some pretty bad cobwebs in the headspace." Alex's eyebrow arched upwards as the protest had been raised and his hand rose up to cover his mouth to try and hide the somewhat amused smile that had started to form, a laughter stifled from bubbling up. "Okay, I can give you social. I will one-hundred and seventy-five percent hand that to you! But textbook villain? Hm..." Arms crossed as he started to walk around them inspecting from head to toe then casted his gaze towards their personal working space, their 'Atelier' of sorts, as it seemed to fit the thought the longer he dwelled on it. "Maybe not on your Morgana against Merlin status but. . . Maybe something like her apprentice trying to find Peter Pan? You don't have some kind of croc around here, do you?" A playful jest laced in his tone. "The 'Up in the Air' tables don't really help the case either." He nodded gently and looked towards the book that had been displayed. "None of what you were doing seemed exciting to you? Sounds like I need to roll on by when you're actually doing something fun and crazy then." A hand ran through his hair while he tipped toed around the hammock floor just to feel the presence of it press against the soles of his feet. "School? What school are you in? Can't be Tally, I mean, unless you're transferring there or something this year."
  10. I plan to be proactive this year! If you're interested in music, finding out if you have that 'Spark'? Come by the Musiciary room sometime this year! We'll start up a little club!

    Like wise, for all you artistic nerds out there? I'm looking to help you all out by the Garden! Just... Not at the same time.

    1. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      Though this is not about your offer, this is related too it. I would love Mr Winfield to have you on my show sometimes. Show off your music, talk about your life. Things like that. You are one of my most requested guests. Just after the minister of magic himself.

    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Me?! Really!? I don't know what to say. . . Yes! I mean, I'm not as cool as Stu but I think I can hold my own a bit in comparison to the MoM.

  11. Alexander's eyes squinted - had it gotten unusually chilly for just a moment? His eyes widened and quickly he shut that thought even so swiftly behind a door. He'd nearly forgotten, his predicament had been much different. Wizards, they tended to use Willpower amongst other notions to weave their realities and shape probability. He and those like him on the other hand. . . It had only been pure will and desire alone that could cause tumultuous effects. That'd bring along way too many questions and his hand rose up lightly and a smile pressed almost in a goofy fashion. "Woah, hehe, sorry there! Can't go off letting that chill actually end up here. We'll have a no-cold-zone." He offered a soft laughter and a firm handshake had been returned. "Well, Nox, I'm no stranger to dangerous. I find I have this kind of insatiable desire to go on adventures and stuff. Means I'll have to come across the 'danger' part which, I mean, I bet that's what makes it fun." There hadn't been the chance before in his life to explore in the way that he wanted, but now? Nothing had been truly holding him back. Well, almost nothing at the moment, but eventually he'd be truly free to extend to his full nature. Maybe he'd been lathering that praise on strongly but he couldn't help the instinctual pull that came with seeing a persons work and evaluating it in his own gaze. He hadn't been extremely on board like this before which meant that something had changed about him, a process that seemed subtle but much more obvious now. "Hey, I resemble that remark." A smile tugged in good-natured jest. "I guess it'd be more accurate to say I need less sleep and got bored because of it. But the clutz part? Totally true." Even now he couldn't actively state he had been 'sleeping' as much as he'd been 'Meditating'. A thumbs up formed as his response towards their gratitude and then slowly lowered in comedic manner with his head slowly tilting. "Boring klutz is going to be my new moniker with you isn't it? Well, I guess it is better than a klutzily bore." His knack for turning most things into a optimistic positive had started to kick in in a smooth stride. There had been no attempt to question what had been meant by 'Go', though he'd gotten the hint as the street suddenly cleared, shops shut down and activity halted except for the most noticeable and lit up storefront on the strip. It seemed like a pretty obvious idea on the destination from this point. Eyes averted around the area as a whole, taking in the explanation of It being 'Spring Cleaning'. "You just go around cleaning up all that mess? That's some dedication or you maybe more bored than I was." He chuckled and gave a flourished bow before walking into the shop. "I can see why. . . This place is practically a secret hideout, something some storied Wizard would have just to escape being social." Most thought of towers, he thought of caves that had been somewhat designed like the one before his eyes. If only a bit more like an underground atelier. But here, it looked as if someone had taken tips out of the 'Sailor Magician's Guide to Home Improvement'. It had been unique and he found a fondness for the design. "And what exactly do you scheme here? You don't go around holding the largest tome, laughing manically and screaming, 'I SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!' Do you?"
  12. Sleepless hours, constant refitting and mistakes. . . Finally perfection! The new Guitar is fully complete and in need of being properly tested!

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    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      @Iris Glauert Sounds like a plan! I'm always up for showing off in some musical shenanigans!

    3. Iris Glauert
    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Just let me know when! I have recently gotten a lot of time on my hands. 

  13. Alex nodded gently a few times with an insightful hum. "Hehehe, You have a point there. Perception is an interesting thing, am I right? What's normal every day to you is well..." Mind blowing to him on some scale. "See, I was thinking that too with the snow bit when I first saw it." Or rather felt the chill of it. A visible shiver ran through him as he gave a gentle sigh from the memory of his Father's homeland it'd been such a cold, cold place. Far too much that it made him question the sanity of people that dreamed of being in the snowy mountains or anything in relation. "But I guess they could be pretty beautiful. Veeeery far away and from a safe, heated yet watchful distance!" "You picked the easier option?" From what he could gather it meant that they'd created it themselves on purpose. Not an impossible feat but it had been rare for him to come across a person with such control and focus on the details. Eyes scanned the area once more in light of this revelation as he took in the environment with a deeper acuity. Numerous people flooding the walkways, lights donned up on the shops that lined along the strip, then his eyes took in Jupiter and Venus and the lit up constellations that had seemed almost brighter to him the longer he stared. "That's pretty impressive. Doing all of this, I mean. I don't think I've come across anyone that could or if they could they've never told me! Haha." It had made him wonder if any of his own family held this form of talent or had it been something out of their depth? "HA! Yea, I get that. I don't think I could avoid the urge showing off myself if someone came traipsing around while I'm doing my thing. Makes it almost impossible to -not- show off." He chuckled lightly for a moment. Then his expression shifted into one of great intrigue while he walked over towards the newly formed port of the dreamscape. A window, in which when he peered down into it showed a coral reef that had a myriad of activity going about it which caused him to lean down and inspect it with his eye even further as a hand embraced the window gently. "That's amazing. . . Don't often get to see these kind of things. By often I mean never." Another chuckle rumbled in his throat. His attention had been stirred to looked towards them after seeing the nearby moment and the gesturing hand pressed towards him. "Okay, fair question! And~ fair statement since it was definitely much more a 'crash' than an intention plop." Alex stood up and slide the palm of his hand along his clothing smoothing out any imagined wrinkles then held the hand out in greeting. "Alexander or Alex, as most people call me. Cause you can call me a clumsy non-dreamer! These days I tend to get a bit bored during the sleepy-times. And stumbling into dreams has been a more recent uh. . . Discovery. I'm still trying to move my way around these kinds of things, hoping for a better understanding." A gentle shrug flowed from his shoulders and his smile grew bright. "That and I like to enjoy the expansive creativity of others! It's always been a guilty pleasure of mines. Seeing the different ways people create and design, toss themselves into the Arts kind of deal." Another cursory look had been offered to the area with arms extended out to showcase the entire scape. "And this is an art of the soul if I've ever saw one."
  14. The idea of sleeping had of recent lost its meaning to Alexander, finding that he no longer had the need for it as much as others did though he was still able to do so and even able to place himself in a more meditative state with enough of a push. Where he landed could never be determined for certain and by nature he wasn't any form of expert on the process of 'Dream Walking'. It'd been in trying to understand this particular phenomenon that he'd hoped it'd lead to some form of answers or at the very least the connection between the mind, spirit, and physical form of a person. It mean that he needed to understand the concept of the mind first and the dreams that they anchored to. What inspired these grandiose dreamscapes? How aware had people been on what has been created and even to the extent if they've done so of their own volition or if it had been more of a subconscious response . He hadn't been prepared for what he'd stepped into or rather, had been flung into. It'd been the Tallygarunga Road strip and yet it had seemed almost out of place to him. Luminescent violet eyes scanned along the various buildings and the people that had walked along the side walk casually. Even the shops themselves seemed to be bright and inviting in their own unique way. "Huh. . . Not what I expected at all." The palm of his hand embraced his neck as he rubbed it in interest and in equal levels bewilderment on the sight. The curiosity that had been developed only grew as the largest oddity came into play which hadn't been just the constellations that danced in the sky but also the individual that had been the most active of the bustling forms. Alex followed along watching and taking in the motions made because of the rhythmic nature that had come about the motions. The sound of drums resounded in his ears and he let a soft hum release adding in a subtle tempo through the vibrating rhythm to accompany the sounds that had thumped from Nox's fingers against the brick wall and then halted as the sound of a more finalized thump echoed through the air. His hand reached out and the fingers trailed within the air almost as if he could feel a physical nature to the notes, one of the few ways he used to commit the sound of various instruments and their tunes to memory. This time, out of all the times that this situation had occurred for him, he'd encountered a true blue person. Maybe they had been much more aware of this plane than the other people held? It hadn't been out of reason that he may have skimmed over them due to the lack of self-awareness in ones own dreams. It prompted him to move towards the bench and walk in a semi circle around it to look towards the constellation and mimicking the persons own tilted motion. "Hmmmm! Nope, this is just making my neck hurt just a tad bit much!" He chuckled light heartedly and then turned around with his bright violet eyes pinned on the individual that stood on the bench. "Makes me wonder though, what do you see exactly? Do you see just a series of stars or are you one of those people that can see something a bit more? Like notes or sounds?" A question derived from the fact that the impacting physical touches against the environment that had been made by them seemed to harbor some form of noise, the sound of drums. "That and to add I didn't think I'd just stroll onto Tally Road in someone's mind-place. Usually it's so much more vague or. . . Different? Yea, different, like snowcapped mountains or some kind of underwater city."
  15. Everything feel so much different now. The way the world feels and my very presence within the atmosphere around me almost as if I finally fit in the world much more than I had originally. It was strange, being in between Life and Death or in the middle of a chaotic maelstrom of magic against magic. When your entire body is a battlefield against itself you tend to have a very skewered view of how magic -should- feel. It's no wonder that now, partially put together, that I can feel the sensory of the world as if it were one of my senses finally gaining some clarity or cure towards being blocked for so long. Crisp and fresh, A clear air that brushes through and warps through my entire being. Even if I am not quite out of the woods yet I am enough out of it that it has nothing to do with two parts of me choking what little vitality rested on the inside of this frail shell. There is still that tear inside of my soul that causes my energy to flood out of me and it's even more pronounced that I can feel it and at times? It feels as if it actually hurts me physically simply by thinking on it for too long. Here I am, though, free enough from the shackles that magic is in my grasp and it feels amazing and unforgettable. It doesn't sputter or spasm, it doesn't cause mayhem that could make me doubt the efficacy of my talents - All the learning that I had put into understanding how to cast as a Wizard is worthless in its full weight but much of it is still something that I can utilize in concept. Willpower. These chains weren't broken without costs and without revelations which the latter I'm still trying to comprehend even in this moment; So far along in the days since learning of them and they boggle the mind. I lost the woman who had been my caretaker and mentor, Inspiration and One I had aspired to emulate on some level, A Mother and Guide. Bethianna, I don't think I would have ever fully understood what went through or mind but I knew enough that I could pick out what drove her and that had only been due to her own willingness to share part of herself and her history with me. She put much of whom she was into me and I don't mean that in the sense that most mentor's do - She literally pushed her energy into me and the fragment that connected two Soul Siblings into me. Even as I stare in mirrors and see the change in my eyes I can hardly believe that I survived and that she held such a slim faith in it all. But things weren't designed to go smoothly; Never in my life had anything ever been seamless and I was a fool to think that this moment would be any different. I held no awareness of what went down but the moment that Caleb connected with my writhing form I knew instantly who it was and when Thia moved from me I felt the absence immediately. As she gave herself to save Caleb from being turned into dust I held the all too fresh memories of the moment my adoptive Father, Darryl, passed away in that hospital room. Despair. Broken. Alone. Unfulfilled. Forgotten. She was the woman that instilled the want and desire to be a Healer and a Doctor, to find the true point of weaving the wound that grows into every male born as a Sorceraic bloodline. No one can truly understand the dark door that is other than a Man and oddly enough? Her. That was the connection I held, because of her connection to the Violet she could feel and understand and instinctively I believe I picked up on that. None of my family save for Caleb can truly comprehend the physical pain that is tortured onto the body and to be honest? Part of me holds great dislike that someone would willingly put MORE on me without even a second thought just for a chance at survival. I try not to let that bitterness bite at me but it's difficult. . . Either way I'm not sure where to go from here. The person I would want to teach me, to learn from, is no longer physically present. I felt more complete in knowing that at the end of the road that I walked I would be greeted by Nyx herself and ushered into the underworld and that had been before finding out more about my heritage. Meeting with my maternal family I have been met with happiness and an equal amount of confusion. I felt found and lost all at the same time and even now I wonder if I truly fit or maybe even -more- now I wonder if I am even a fitting piece. That's only on top of the fact that this entire time Cassandra's heritage had been connected to Bethianna - I'm not sure if I should feel amazed or setup. It doesn't dull the feelings that I have for the woman but it does make me wonder if it had been more of a choice or had someone been weaving the pieces intentionally? Easing us on some level to connect and grow closer. How twisted is it that none of them had remembered one another and all this time Thia had been doting on me, watching and keeping me juiced up from dropping dead like a ragdoll? That's something I'm still unsure on with my thoughts and what all of this would mean now moving forward. It's as my Adoptive Father has said in the past, "Life isn't something that you can control. You're giving what you get and all that's left for you is to take the punches and roll with it." I wonder if that had been in philosophy before picking me up? Now that I think on it I don't know much about his past and he didn't talk much on it at all. Almost avoiding it like Adele avoided telling me of our true Father's heritage; I hope I'm not some kind of double prince. That would just be too messed even for -my- life. Maybe uncovering those bits would help me gain better clarity? To. . . Find my path again after it had been darkened. I'm sure I can get away for a moment without anyone worrying too much. Of course, now there is one major hiccup. . . I was given the shard of an original Sorcerer which means that I'm connected to someone and that someone is Caleb. Or maybe Bethianna too if she ever returns. . .? I don't know how it fully works but he'd be more privy to things than anyone else because of this new connection we have. I have yet to truly hone blocking part of myself from him on that level and I don't think it will suddenly come along which means I will just need to learn to contain myself as best as possible with the feelings that are fed towards the little guy. If the Acceptance is any indication; if things turn out bad then he'd probably bolt right towards me or demand that his Mother to do so. And out of anyone? I'm more afraid of what Adele -could- do if I was ever in danger.
Alexander Winfield
Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero! Seventh Year
19* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic HE/HIM
Age:  19*
Date of Birth: April 25th, 1999
Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
Year Level: Seventh Year
Occupation: Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: BooBoo Stewart

Greyheme Wizarding College - 2013 to 2017

Tallygarunga - 2018-2019, Sixth-Seventh Year, Spencer


- Holds Sorceraic Blood

- Had been kicked out of his last private school due to a series of explosive accidents from uncontrolled magic. The 'official story' that his father told Tallygrunga is that they moved simply for work opportunity that had been offered.

- Due to previous situatuons, Alexander has a keen sixth sense

- Had a screenname of 'BlueEyed' when he performs and uploads his music or collaboration pieces. Only those that watch/tune in or have worked with him in music would probably know his full name.

- His true name is actually his Father's. 

- The name of Alexander came from none of his Parents

General Knowledge

- Is a Guitarist and Vocalist that sometimes records cover songs. It is a coping mechanism though it isn't known for what.

- Recently has had a noticeable eye color change, a form of bright Violet.

- Started at Tallygrunga in '18 as a Sixth Year due to starting education late for health reasons.

- Is a Spencer

- Ended up Married out of the country to Cassandra Sullivan


Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now how it feels like to have your body trying to kill you day in and day out. This influences his outlook on life on always living it up with a smile and what better way than to offer his music as a way to reach other people like someone had reached out to himself?

Fun, that is what he seeks and not in some broad form. He wants a scene of parties and people laughing, a good time being given without an intense environment or overly stick up the rear-end attitudes spoiling the moment. To insure that he's always in such an environment music is always an option or sometimes in his opinion and view the very key to making sure people are giving into the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Weak bodied and strong willed - Alexander refuses to let anything hold him down anymore but that is only partially true. There is one thing that always weighs on his mind and it is the truth of his Mother, the lack that there is ANY truth of her. It's the flaw in his mind and personality and much of his need for music and perhaps even just the desire to reach out to people is the desire to have some form of comfort and stability. A form of understanding.

One could say his personality and life motto is: You never know when you'll die, so stay strong push forward and get into the moment. Make memories.


Standing at Six Feet and One inch with jet black hair that sets just around his neck in long well kept strands. His hair silk on form and always maintained for maximum bounciness. There are no blemishes on his face yet his eyes are a violet that are hard to not notice. He's physically fit enough to handle exercises and sports yet there is an underlying issue that makes it difficult to keep up and even makes him look ill at different times.

When not wearing the official House/School robes he often sports blue jeans, casual black sneakers and a variety of different shirts that range from color and length. Sometimes even with a jean jacket or vest depending on the weather and climate.

Strapped around his torso at all times is a guitar with a loose strap, the strap is handmade and worn with decoration of stars and musical notes on the fabric. The guitar is a deep blue Rouge that is both an acoustic-electric guitar hybrid for when he need to plug it in for recordings or a new sound. It is something that is clearly precious to him as he keeps it close by and in times of relaxing or pain he could be seen playing and singing a bit of a jingle.


“Music is the only way I can channel the physical and emotional pain that comes about sometimes.”

– Alexander

To understand young Alexander’s life is to understand that it started out as a very dangerous form of Soap Opera the moment he emerged from his Mother. Left at his Father’s door step wrapped up and bundled tightly as it was the first sign that he was unwanted and saddled on a man who had no idea he was a father than entire time until the final moments. The only thing that made this even more of a difficult time was being unprepared for an infant that would be much sicklier than a typical child even those with their own issues. Shallow breathing, occasional drips of blood from the mouth and what seemed to be a struggle to keep life inside a small frail body on Alexander’s end. It had been the Sorceraic blood in combative nature with his Wizarding nature always at play and rough on him but without the actual heritage of his mother doctors and specialists were at a heavy disadvantage at identifying the actual situation.

Time moved on and Alexander grew and while he managed to pass the more dangerous stages it left him burdened with a low immune system from the constant attacks on his body. It caused for him to be held back from education until supplements could be used to help bolster his health with assistance from those in the wizarding world’s Health ministry. In his time trying to get himself to at least manage through sheer willpower alone he discovered music as he caught a special program on the radio before of a phenomenal songstress who played the guitar and it mesmerized him. Perhaps it is better to say that it revitalized him in a way that medicine itself couldn’t touch. It gave life to his spirit and his desire to keep pushing on instead of just giving into the building despair of his situation. Gregory, his father, found it was a good sign and paid for a tutor to help teach Alexander how to play the guitar as well as one to help define and practice his vocals. There were blunders, of course, calloused fingers and extremely sore hands and vocal chords and yet it never slowed him down from trying to learn and further this skill into a talent.

Music became an integrated part of his life – it was how he coped when the pain became too much for him. Get his mind off it? Sing, play guitar, get his body moving to fight against it. There were, however, somethings that the power of music could never satisfy and that was his extremely chaotic magic. More than one guitar has suddenly combusted into flames while one of the painful episodes struck at him which was the first sign to Gregory that Alex needed to be sent off towards a private school, secrecy was better, and he wanted to avoid as much attention as possible.

It didn’t get better as he intended school, in fact, it became more severe and more dangerous. One moment the class would be learning about potions and the next? A sudden fire ignited a Professor’s desk like a neat little fire pit. It didn’t take long to link the random outbursts to him and even worse he got the ‘friendly moniker’ “McBurn”. That wasn’t the end of it either, Sir Burnsalot, Sparky, one could get a good idea of the ridicule he had to deal with not only due to his own ignorance on why his magical capabilities were so rapid but the proper way to deal with it. It did draw to make him slightly bitter at his circumstances but eventually he grew over it. So, what if they didn’t understand his pain and position? So, what if he was given nicknames for the sake of being bullied? A new understanding and desire for life and experiencing all that it can give built up within as time grew with the torment.

He managed to keep his head above water and do decent enough in the private school until much recent in his life. The pain and accidents started to increase beyond his ability to maintain them and when practicing magic with a wand? It grew worse than just the sudden mishaps to the point that a teacher’s entire attire caught a blaze like a Christmas tree that had its plug sparked. Well, that nearly ended worse until his father stepped in and offered a ‘nice enough stipend’ as compensation with the neat little fact that Alexander needed to get the hell out of the School.

At least he didn’t need to deal with all the fire puns that were tossed his way anymore but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again and the choices of school were limited. He couldn’t risk another private sector focused school and Hogwarts was just too far without enough pull to make sure Alexander could keep out of danger. This was when he remembered, Tallygarunga, it was a school that his son could be sent to and it was certainly a school with a short history, but it meant that he was closer. How would the pyromancer manage?

Alex has signed on as a Sixth year entering the school in the 2018 year and has yet to settle in and meet any of the staff. Even his condition is aptly ‘hidden’ from the school so that he wouldn’t risk rejection only giving the excuse that he was finished with Private school. In truth, Alex is hoping that the school has someone that can offer some answers. Being isolated without friends due to the circumstances has him yearning to seek the truth of what is wrong with him.

Across the years he has done a few collaboration music recordings that have been posted on the internet on an international video media site. Though his actual name isn't given only under the screen name 'BlueEyed' is he known on the wide net.

Recent Life Events. . .

The year of 2018 had proven to be a chaotic year, after enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alexander had immediately engaged himself into the student body festivities. It'd been after a scare of a meeting with Cassandra Sullivan and constant interactions that drummed up the idea of a start of the year festive party hosted by them. A scene that hadn't done justice towards his growing friendship with Geraldine Richter which ended up with a triangle of emotions that permeated things. During the process of trying to gather up his emotions and dealing with the new form of attention that followed romantic entanglements, he encountered Adele DeVylissea which led to the revelation that she'd been his older sister. The kind of revelation that occurred after her very verbal threat of him unveiling whom his parentage had been. 

In the dramatic moment of meeting his sister is when the arrival of their mother occurred giving that revelation further weight behind her words and even dismissive attitude towards Alexander and the plight of his life waning. Over time he'd learned more of his heritage, not much but enough to understand that it'd been the two bloods within him that had caused the various issues with not only his magic but the continuous health plummeting. Over the course of the year he became more familiar with the family he had never known existed, for the most part accepted by them even if most had been highly wary. The unique bond he held with his nephew, Caleb, established the fastest next to the doting sister that had entered his life. It'd even been an ironic shock to find out that the idol that had led to his love of music happened to also be a niece - luckily he never held any untoward ideas as much do about celebrities. 

After the death of Darryl Winfield, it'd been broken to him by his Mother, Lillian, that the man had only been his adoptive father. The response she'd given had shown she'd thought it'd been helpful to know that particular fact while his Father still laid warm on the hospital bed. An act that soured the view he held of the woman that'd given him life even further than it had already been. Not far after he'd encountered the woman Bethianna DeVylissea, the step-mother of Adele whom had attempted to get rid of his sister in her own childhood. Only to hold the ironic twist that for the last few years not only had she'd been the reason Alexander had been able to survive and recover from the sudden deadly turns with his health, but also that she'd been the reason he'd been protected from being terminated by his Mother and given the name 'Alexander' by Bethianna. It drew him instantly close to her in a way that marked her almost like a mother to him though aware that it wouldn't be entirely 'proper' ended up dubbing her as his 'Aunt'. 

The guidance she'd offered more actively made obvious impacts on him, not only to the information that had been gained that allowed him to understand where he came from on his true Father's side but also a bit more on how those of his Mother's people interacted with others. While it had been an easy tell to know it was uncommon for those of the Sorceraic pureblood line to show emotions or connect with others, he'd always assumed and felt as if she'd cared for him more than she'd ever intended. In a way to honor the efforts she had made towards his own health and the deeper understanding of her past, he promised himself and her that he'd follow the steps of being a Healer and a Doctor. That there would be effort towards finding out the cause that made almost all males of their kind face the cold darkness of death in the most excruciating pain. 

All the while, Alexander had finally faced his emotions and had made sure to set it straight with both women separately. That there had been a stronger pull towards Cassandra for him, which practically exploded into a heat a romance between the two. The first person to console him during the loss of his Father, which led to the first time that they'd openly admitted to one another the full intent of their feelings. They'd went to Las Vegas as a celebration of Alex's birthday and the first night there he had propose to her under the condition they would marry if he could survive his 'Illness' also known as his Acceptance ritual. It led to a night of drunkenness and eventually led to them getting hitched then and there, a action that hadn't set well with any of their relatives. For many reasons other than just not being able to be there on Alexander's Mother's side, it'd placed Adele in danger that he hadn't been aware even existed. 

(To be continued)

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