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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Fans, both old and new! I thank you for your support! There is coming closer to an end which means. . . We're going to need a n end of the year rock out.

  2. Fade

    The one time in his life that he had ever forsaken his instrument in a time of need, fingers unfurling from the neck of his guitar as it dropped against the plush grass and both hands reaching to grasp around the center of Cassandra's ribs while she grasped for his shirt. An added assurance that she would be able to be balanced and stable from whatever had caught her attention and nearly her entire being. "Woah, there!" Violet orbs flickering around the area towards her question before focusing back on the red-head. "Uh. . . No? You were here by yourself and pulling a Houdini." He couldn't think of a better comparison to the sight of the woman who had been rapidly vanishing from his very sight. Once it seemed she had found her feet enough to use him as a physical post to lean on, his arms curled around her, tightening the grasp into a hugging comfort. "Breathe. . . Gentle breaths, try to keep your mind from racing too much. It will help with getting your heart and concerns under control just a bit." He needed to try and get her to the point of being lucid and coherent enough that the fear wouldn't stumble over her telling him what happened or at least what she witnessed. "Well, it wasn't like I originally was trying to find you." Alex added in playful banter, his usual way to inject a bit of destress in a tense atmosphere. "Caleb called me and told me you were gone longer than usual. I actually happened to just be on the way home early and managed to get her in time cause of that." His head shaking lightly with an accompanying shrug. "A couple of hours I think? But the Girls are fine, fussy because they're probably hungry. That and your transparent state made you really hard to find and sense. Usually I can find you pretty easily, was far harder and more so due to my sixth sense being able to follow that intuition." He had been grateful that particular talent of his had been so much apart of him that it even followed through to his Sorceraic side to some extent. His hand lifting up to shuffle through her blood red strands while lifting his gaze up once more to scan the area. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary yet something obviously had been wrong. "I don't think it was Wizarding magic at work. . . That usually leave a -very- painful ripple that I can feel. . . Though, you know, if you wanted out you don't need to get all transparent and all." Lips turning into a gentle smile from his jest. "You asked me, 'Did I see it', see what, exactly?"
  3. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    It had been easy to tell that the admiration towards her sibling, not so much from the signals that had been showing in her smile or the fake her spirits seemed to be improving. If anything, he could empathize entirely from his own adoration and pride in Adele without even a second thought. He couldn't comment on the kind of things that she might've done to make it easier for whatever track that Aspen walked for success and future endeavors. But part of him couldn't allow for MJ to not see her own potential. 'I blame my experiences for this. . . The girl looks happy to do what she can too. . .' The passing thought drawing out a smile of fondness for the energy that seemed to warp around the blonde. The 'How' had always been the difficult hill, especially when it came to those that hadn't considered it due to whatever drive that lured that particular thought. Did everyone have a place? What of the steps they can take to become better if they didn't think they did? On one hand, he knew he couldn't be pushy or else it would frustrate all involved despite the good intentions. On the other, support - Support would always be an important tactic to offer better chances. Alex didn't find it often, that the memories of his various pains could react with a phantom wound effect. That moment, however, had definitely been one that painted in his mind. The way that a Wizard's magic could cause the greatest torments against his own simply from the fact that the magical lineages were so adverse, so against one another, that it'd been violently toxic. But changing the subject not only had been the attempt to help ease her worries, there had also been the side intent that it could distract him enough that the memory would be forced away. "Call me a guy who likes to put a lot of hope in people, I truly believe you've good talent. And it doesn't need to be anything with long hours. Short term probably works best considering. You know, whenever you have the time and actually want to." His fingers grasping around the umbrella's rod to steady it from the heavenly torrent. "Plus, it's really about just having fun with it a bit."
  4. Fade

    Between setting up the tour, the various classes he had chosen to take up along with extended courses to try and qualify for the different certifications that he would need to pursue the potential idea of being a doctor, it almost felt as if he'd always been away from home. Even going to the extent of just staying at the dormitories somedays simply because it'd been easier for the tasks he'd have to do the following day, rather than heading all the way back home just to get up extremely early and prepare for his travels. Today had been a slight diversion into the usual plans he'd followed, opting to leave the Music Club's meetings to one of the other students to lead for the time being. He'd mostly been on his way home earlier to offer a small surprise to the household of him being around for a longer time during the day. At least until he managed to get a frantic call from Caleb, the young lad didn't need to tell him something had been off with how fussy the girls seemed to have grown on the other end of the line. Being notified enough that Cassandra hadn't returned home like she usually did after a run or whatever it was that she chose to do to get more exercise after the birth of the twins. He'd never known the young woman to stay away from the girls long, especially when it came to them becoming agitated the moment their usual schedule had been disturbed in even the slightest. It put him on enough of an alert, given the circumstances split between his own family and the reason the woman and her aunt decided to make their way towards Australia in the first place. Alexander had been mildly aware of the course of her usual track of running, however, there had been no immediate sign of her there in that moment. What trail had been left behind seemed to be the odd gathering of animals that seemed to follow as if it were some form of Disney movie. A larger sign than it implied in his mind, she'd been a Fae of Nature which meant creatures often would be pulled towards that aspect, especially if it had been going haywire or growing rapidly in spurts. Running would've been an exaggeration for the rate of his movement, trying to pick up as much speed as he could with the weight of his guitar that had been strapped around his shoulder weighing him down a fair bit, causing the motions to lag a fair bit. Until he managed to come across the red-haired woman or what seemed to be a lessening form of her, the violet hues of his eyes catching only the transparency of her form as if it had been a spell of some sort. Or maybe more likened to something trying to pull her out of reality or a plane of sorts. Even his heightened 'sixth sense' couldn't pick up anything out of the ordinary beyond what he saw. It hadn't been the first time that he had to chase her down to try and get to her, but it'd been the first time he wasn't sure what to actually do. "Cass?!" His voice picked up, as if trying to make her aware of her surroundings enough to notice him in some manner. Trying to remove the guitar case from his body while approaching her with a bit more haste added into the steps due to the adjusted weight. "Hey, Cassandra, can you hear me?!"
  5. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    The walk had been a good justice for him, getting the chance to put his body physically through the paces had been a refreshing change of pace in his life. Before, such a walk would've had him stopping far more often than he liked, even to the point of making up excuses on why he had to slow down for a brief moment. What made it all a great experience had been the feeling that he no longer needed to cough up a wave of blood from his mouth, that he could actually exercise and treat his body with the blood pumping and temporarily sore throbbings that occurred after pushing the limb's limits at times. "Your sister. . . Right, right, that's Aspen, right? I haven't had the chance to really meet her personally but it sounds like she's bound for pretty good things too." His 'too' referring to his belief that, MJ held similar chances in whatever could catch her attention that could develop that sort of dedication and focus. "Well, hey, how about this? If you ever need help there or if you find that you see something that has your interest that you want to go for? Feel free to contact me. If I can't do it I can definitely always find someone that can help out. Responsibilities and obligations are important but so is a persons dreams." It'd been the same stance he took towards Améa in that regard. While it'd been mildly successful with his far older niece, he'd hoped it'd be somewhat of an assistance to MJ as well. Alexander couldn't deny that it'd been a good idea and a sound argument at that, to have someone place an additional 'lock' in the form of a curse that could bite back at those that would even think to violate such an important place. His major concern still hung in the balance, that it could cause an unexpected effect - he felt the way a curse struck his Sorceraic blood and the memory of it caused a physical shiver that radiated in a temporarly pain from it. "Ugh. . ." Shaking his head lightly, lips curling into a smile to push away the memory. "Oh, no. . . That's fine! I mean, if it happens then I can just consider it my luck, right? I don't want to put someone out for something like that." A poor excuse, he knew it'd been a poor excuse. It'd been difficult to be unable to explain what he meant exactly but it did segue for him to be able to try and change the subject, whether it'd be successful or not he wasn't sure. "So, hey! I was wondering, would you like to get into assisting in a bit of the recording business? You don't have to sing or play if you don't want to! But I think you might have a unique ear that can be pretty invaluable."
  6. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    MJ held a nice smile, in his opinion. Something that seemed an almost natural look on the young blonde's face yet not an expression he'd seen given form on her face often. Perhaps it'd been due to shyness or even the potential presence of some tragedy that made it difficult for it to show around most people? It'd been a road of thinking that he had to place to the side for the time being, the reason didn't entirely matter as much as the comforting understanding that it hadn't been something that she could no longer do in the brief and calm moments that life could offer at times. "It's practically a backup system in defense then! Though I'd also be highly concerned that someone would not only be disrespectful enough to destroy a tome stone but also abhorrent enough to even give birth to that kind of idea." There were a few things he could understand even if they bordered the line of being entirely unacceptable in the light of others. Yet, when it came to the peace of the dead there'd simply been a different set of rules that he held himself by and that had been to respect the effort of the tears and wounds that had been left behind by the individual. Alex had to admit, he'd been impressed by the trained halt that simultaneously worked with Steve's barking. "That's pretty cool that he's extremely aware, almost like a service dog." An eyebrow quirked up wards, that had been an idea as well. He wasn't sure how to weave that form of charm with his own magic but it would also be something to learn anyways given the usefulness of the magical theory of it. "Keeping the Muggles away from it would be the far more important bit. I also figure if a Wizard's going to do it they'll find a way to do it." He found himself recounting various bits of history where a Wizard had somehow managed to slip and get something that had never been intended for their hands simply for tenacity and ingenuity. He followed close by MJ, hand adjusted along the shaft and handle of the umbrella to hunker down its panels just a bit more to avoid direct wind being taken under it. "So, is it somewhat a family business? Ground's Keeping I mean. I know for some people, it's been such a big part of their families history members just kind of natural gravitate towards it."
  7. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    Over the recent months Alex had heard outlandish things about many people, some straight from the 'Horses mouth'. Even still, it hadn't been in his capacity to judge someone's situation as a reason to demean them or even solely judge them in the typical gossips that swept through the school. Being a victim of it in his old school, knowing that many of his family members suffered similar situations at Tallygarunga from Students and maybe even staff alike in the hushed tones of the halls. It just seemed nonsensical to him, making such a leap of poor judgement about a person. "Hey, I hear Muggle's have magic of their own. These square boxes that flicker with a picture from their mechanical and electronic wands." A goofy smile stretched on his lips. He knew exactly what a television had been, the method on how they worked. After all, Media had been an important part of his life and understanding it meant he could widen his audience numbers. "Coworkers, they always like to think they know more than the person who dedicated more than enough time to the craft! I respect that kind of hard work." The way she spoke about her Father, it almost reminded him of the way he talked about Bethianna to others. Even when many of those that did know the woman couldn't agree on his own view and stance of her. "That's a pretty good point." Vandalism had been only mildly considered on his part, he'd originally thought robbers and the such wouldn't bother with what he held. After all, what would someone want with glass and the worn paper that it encompassed? A different perspective from someone colored his mind in a different sight on the original consensus. Offering a resounding nod as if to show he heard the advice MJ put up for him to take. "Could always try to have it embedded directly into the tombstone. It'd be a way to keep it mounted and safer from people trying to just pry it off." If he could think of a decent enough method most conventional instruments used for such would hopefully fail in their endeavors. "But I'm also always opened for suggestions! I mean, you know the places troubles pretty well and a good idea of the chances. Probably even seen things that worked for some that deterred those types."
  8. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    More times than he could count that it felt as if he were in a cage or at the very least as if Adele had been handling him with bubble gloves. Almost as a means to try and protect something that she claimed as 'hers to guard'. Not that he minded too much, it did make him wonder how ready the woman had been to the realization that he had also far outgrown that form of treatment or to accept that his current life held so many different paths that he'd been following that it would lead him away often. Something that he didn't expect to be something entertained by her until his situation had been fixed, mended to the point where death wouldn't be at his own hand. If the weather and the following potential environmental hiccups had been a concern for her then she needed to be given a reasonable solution to ease it. Luckily enough, it had been similar concerns for himself. Careless preparations had never been his style, everything required a methodical process and that included considering the bulk of the potential trials that could effect what he planned to do. A single piece of paper couldn't weather the various chaotic rages of the seasons, not without some strong protection. Even then it would've destroyed the purpose of being able to view what was being protected without a few extra contingency designs for the glass casing. "Oh?!" It was fortuitous or perhaps one of the many tinges and turns of 'fate'. The thought of the threads had always been one of the many headaches he had been glad to be rid of. "Okay, then this is -very- important! Code Orange level importance, top of the top priorities!" His eyes glanced back and forth as if he were about to unveil a big secret, a massive conspiracy plan that only a few needed to be privy towards. "He can't use any form of magic directly against it." He couldn't predict accurately what would occur if it did, explosion? The glass shattering instantly? The way Sorceraic and Wizard magic interacted had been as unpredictable as it had been volatile. "Pretty delicate weaving went into the case." It had been a vague truth, unable to really break the news on why certain influences of magic needed to be avoided.
  9. The Violet Eyed-Musician's Interview

    Alexander Winfield
    Sam Witch: Hey, Everyone and thank you for watching and even tuning in to 'Charm-U' for those that don't have a Television and are listening by radio - I am Sam Witch!. Today we've a guest that has found recent rising fame, some of you may even have heard some of his stuff! Please, Welcome Alexander Winfield! *A modest chorus of clapping echoes.* Alex: Thanks, Everyone! And thank you, Sam, for having me on your show! It's pretty cool to be here. SW: Manners with a laid back personality! Has anyone ever called you a modern happy? *The tone of her voice in a humorous inflection.* *A responding laughter from the crowd followed suit.* Alex: Ahahahaha, I may have been called that a few times, yea. I actually had one guy say, 'Hey, Kid, why don't cut your hair? You look ridikkulus.' and I just smirked and said, 'I didn't know your worse fear was not balding.' *General laughter resounds around from the obviously dry joke.* SW: So! You're a recent highlighting name and face on the scene but have been in Music for a while. I think the question on a lot of peoples mind is, How did you get started? Alex: Oh, the hard hitting stuff! Well something that a few people know is that I was actually a pretty sick kiddo. A lot of medical issues, one day I saw that Celebrity Jezebel singing. I just laid in the bed and thought, 'Dang, that's pretty awesome. I want to do -that-.' Against the better judgment of his ears, haha, I begged my dead to get me a tutor. Held the strings in my hand since I was five! SW: Dawh, you look like you're healthier now! It must feel pretty surreal being able to actually be on stage with the person that inspired you. Alex: The allure wears off with some of her pranks! Hahaha, no, it's great. She actually keeps dragging me to these really high-energy charity benefits for kids. *A picture of a few musicians in a picture pops up for those watching Television - wearing Power Ranger outfits.* SW: Oh, Merlin! Are you all dressed up like Power Rangers?! Alex: Haha, yeah. The kids love it, I usually going as the original White Tiger Ranger or the Green Ranger. Who doesn't want to be the guy who plays a knife-flute? SW: I'm fond of the ever flashy Yellow myself. Now, one of the biggest boggling things for people is hearing. . . 'Hey this Alex guy, He's married -and- has twins?' How did that even happen? Alex: Sam, I hope you're not asking me how that last one happened. *He laughs brightly, the crowd following in step.* Well, you know, at the time I was with Cassandra it'd been a rough part of my life. I did propose to her but it was one of those, 'When everything finishes'. But a few too much wine and we find ourselves eloping! Let's just say I got a very glaring scolding from my family. SW: Rumors say you actually have a pretty big family. Alex: Oh, yeah, a few nieces and a couple of nephews. Great nieces and nephews. . .Man, that makes me sound old! I swear I'm only twenty! I do have a Sister, though. Just the one, I think. She is my 'Overprotective Guardian' in a lot of ways, but she's definitely that person of 'My life wouldn't be the same without her' sort. SW: That's some love! I can't even stand my sister. I'm still holding a grudge from when she took my cupcake two years ago! Alex: Hahahaha! No, no. Though she can hold a grudge, I try to give my winning smile, the puppy dog pouting eyes. Hope it works! SW: That's going to wear out eventually! Getting towards the music again, you've this tour you're going on, an album coming out. Alex: Yup! It's the 'Shake your Heart, Shake your Spirit' tour. Just trying to spark that inspiration across Australia the best way we know how. I will be showcasing a few songs from that album too, 'Oasis' is the name of it. Make sure you pick up a copy, folks! *A jingle starts to play, the usual sound for when a segment ends.* SW: That's all we have time for today with this interview! Stay tuned for a treat at the end of the show, He's going to play one of his songs from the album, Oasis! If you need the schedule for his tour you can find the link right at our website!
  10. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    Being within the center of a morbid conversation or situation felt almost like 'home' for the young man. An odd way to consider such a thing in his mind yet experiences and what one had dealt with through life shaped in certain ways. Knowing when to try and smile, to offer a bit of humor in an uncertain or jarring situation or atmosphere felt like a necessary trait to have in his mind. To the point that even the pouring and dreary day held no power in halting how he allowed for his personality to shine through when he wanted or even when others may have needed it. A sense of comfort, maybe even emotional or mental safety that could be offered from it. "It's nutty, isn't it? A tough personality, that 'I can take on the world if I need to' appeal in who they are. But put the right person around them they're worrying like a mother hen." The thought of his own sister worrying about him cracked a smile on his face, for the longest time it'd always felt only one individual in his life ever seemed to care. To be in a position where that wasn't the case, where he'd been surrounded in a way that he never would've expected, it felt liberating and supportive. "Always trying to shield from the 'mean world', I don't think my Sister realizes I see more than she thinks I do. Or. . . At the very least I think she's -hoping- that I don't." Granted, his own sister had him marked by a margin in age, experiencing the seedy sides of the world in his ways his mind often tried to avoid ever thinking it had ever been possible to find her way into. "Oh!" Her words made sense to him now as well as the concern. His arm lifting up to hand her what he'd been holding, the glass that had been woven and encasing around the paper tightly as if it were sealing it inside. "Yeap, woven 'special' glass. Enhanced to withstand some of the far more basic elements that pass through, you know, potential heavy winds - the ever so lovely torrent of rain." Alexander even accounted for snow, as extremely rare as that would be one couldn't be too careful when it came to knowing what the Magical world could produce. "I was thinking of using a unique spell to have it click right onto the lower edge of the tombstone." His head tilted to the side for a moment in thought. "Though I should warn the staff at the grounds. Er. . . If they're magical sorts anyways." He hadn't been aware of MJ's own personal connection at the Graveyard. "Don't know if they use magic as a means to keep the grounds clean."
  11. Hey #VEGE fans! I know some of you are on the edge of your seats for this big journey we're about to take together! Stay tuned for the interview, may get to know a bit more about yours truly!

  12. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    The wounds of the lost weren't things that were stitched together so easily in many people. Even those that seemed to move on kept it within themselves, while not fresh the phantom wound of the feeling would always remain, always seemed to rear its ugly-head when least expected. It hadn't been that long ago for himself, encroaching on nearly a year since the death of his Guardian. The exacerbated wound that his mother had inflicted on the same eve in her cold handed 'attempt to help' in a way that only seemed to drive a sense of guilt in the young man, even now, even when things seemed to be far more settled in his life involving his relatives. "Oh, I'm talking to the choir here!" Alexander chuckled. A brightened smile increasing on his features as the dreariness of the damp day seemed to try its best to offset the optimistic hue of his personality. "Most times I do it I tend to get a very scowling glare from the wife and definitely from my Sister. Over protective types and all that." Not that he could blame them, not when they'd faced far more loss than necessary. And with him often being but a thread of a leg pressed into the grave, so to speak, it heightened that protective streak by margins in them. Alex's head tilted to the side quizzically towards the young girl's question. "What would be wrong about doing it today?" His fingers readjusted along the glass-styled plaque that surrounded the tattered paper. The cooling atmosphere of the rain causing the outside of it to build with a chilled condensation, not something that had been an issue to is touch but it still drummed up a sense of annoyance to his nerves. The likely scenario of someone trying to dispel and break the glass had been unlikely in his mind, not without causing a far more explosive reaction due to the type of magic that bound it all together. "It should be pretty fine, I think."
  13. Turning Fortunes

    Rumors abound, even the local magic and muggle radio's are announcing it! The first planned Musical tour of Alexander Winfield, slated for the end of November and starting in the local area and running through various places in Australia. It's even said that select artists from his personal, 'VEGE' label will occur to show their own talent. Between openings and main performances for the lot of them. It seems he'll also keep up with planned collaboration shows with the recently acclaimed @Gemini Demetraand the well known Celebrity @Amiradysébelle Blair
  14. Complete Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Maybe it hadn't been entirely smart to step beyond his bounds or at least make use of something complex while knowing he couldn't replenish his own energies afterwards. That it would just continue to funnel away gradually only dawning the worsening of his condition along the way. A softened sigh huffed passed his clammy lips. Adele was going to probably fuss over it and Cass? Well. . . She'd probably kill him figuratively with 'Reasons he should be careful.' Taking in a deep breath at least helped for him to keep his head steady, to refuse the dizziness that his condition could inflict. His lips curling into a smile towards Chloe that had been obviously weak in strength. "Just a bit of. . . Health stuff I guess." Parting his lips, wheezing out a chuckle. "May have gotten a bit over-confident at getting only slightly better." Which wasn't a lie. While he finally held control over magic, magical accidents occurring far less likely unless it'd been for some unknown circumstance. The capacity to perform without harm himself negatively was not yet in reach. A slight wince echoed on his features, the last thing he needed was to head over to the Hospital wing if the Nurses decided to try and use some form of invigoration spell on him. "I'm the height of health, Max. If health had a hammer smacked against it." An amused low laughter flowed out from him, head shaking lightly. "Oh, no. . . I just need to head to the Library." Going straight to Adele rather than having her trying to get to the Library in a furious worry was a safer choice in his mind. He couldn't even fathom the way she'd end up react making her way through the halls from his own carelessness on school grounds. Even if he wanted to fight the assistance, Alexander didn't have much strength to push an able-bodied individual away without more exhaustion.
  15. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    There had been a fair distance kept even with the umbrella hung over the three of them. After all, the Samoyed needed its own space to trot along with every bit of personality that it held. Which did cause Alex to smirk in amusement at the way he seemed to uphold himself. So much energy compared to the usually demure MJ. His hand curled tightly around the handle to the umbrella to keep it sturdy and steady in case errant winds decided they wanted to try and blow them down like the first little pigs home. "Nothing wrong with spending a bit more time than intended. Gives a bit of time for reflection and a lot of times is more needed than we expected it to be." How many times had he ended up staying out far later than he expected? A somewhat sad smile crossed his feature as the memories of his late adoptive Father's worried expression and response when he -did- finally get back home. "Just remember a heartfelt apology for being late. But don't promise it won't happen again, at least if you found it pretty good for the soul." His voice eased out in the form of offering a soothing comfort towards the inflection of shame that seemed to linger in her words. There had been no claim he could make on her life that everything would fall into place but he did believe each person needed to do certain things for their own health in many ways. "Ahehehe. . . Fair is fair, right?" Viole eyes turned towards her with a massive grin on his face. "I was actually heading out towards the cemetery myself." As the words flowed from his lips he pulled the transluscent plaque from under his arm that revealed a strip of paper that had been quite aged yet the only thing written on its surface still legible, 'Alexander'. "Planned to put this by the gravesite of my Adoptive father. Apparently this was what had been left with me when I was left on his door steps. Wanted to place a kind of reminder that I did manage to find the person who left me there." He found much, a lot of it he couldn't even tell the man before his demise. Only on top of the fact there had still been so much more that needed to be experienced that would never be. "Guess I'm too much of the sentimental sort."
Alexander Winfield
Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero! Seventh Year
20* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic HE/HIM
Age  20*
Date of Birth April 25th, 1999
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus N/A
Wand N/A
Play-by BooBoo Stewart

Greyheme Wizarding College - 2013 to 2017

Tallygarunga - 2018-2019, Sixth-Seventh Year, Spencer


- Holds Sorceraic Blood

- Had been kicked out of his last private school due to a series of explosive accidents from uncontrolled magic. The 'official story' that his father told Tallygrunga is that they moved simply for work opportunity that had been offered.

- Due to previous situations, Alexander has a keen sixth sense

- Had a screenname of 'BlueEyed' when he performed and uploaded his music or collaboration pieces. Only those that watch/tune in or have worked with him in music would probably know his full name.

- His true name is actually his Father's. 

- The name of Alexander came from none of his Parents

General Knowledge

- Is a Guitarist and Vocalist that sometimes records cover songs, Has recently started to branch out into several originals.

- Recently has had a noticeable eye color change, a form of bright Violet.

- Started at Tallygrunga in '18 as a Sixth Year due to starting education late for health reasons.

- Is a Spencer

- Ended up Married out of the country to Cassandra Sullivan. 

- That he will eventually become a father to twin's. 


Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now how it feels like to have your body trying to kill you day in and day out. This influences his outlook on life on always living it up with a smile and what better way than to offer his music as a way to reach other people like someone had reached out to himself?

Fun, that is what he seeks and not in some broad form. He wants a scene of parties and people laughing, a good time being given without an intense environment or overly stick up the rear-end attitudes spoiling the moment. To insure that he's always in such an environment music is always an option or sometimes in his opinion and view the very key to making sure people are giving into the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Weak bodied and strong willed - Alexander refuses to let anything hold him down anymore but that is only partially true. There is one thing that always weighs on his mind and it is the truth of his Mother, the lack that there is ANY truth of her. It's the flaw in his mind and personality and much of his need for music and perhaps even just the desire to reach out to people is the desire to have some form of comfort and stability. A form of understanding.

One could say his personality and life motto is: You never know when you'll die, so stay strong push forward and get into the moment. Make memories.

Storyline Influences

While he still holds much of his friendly and fun nature the core of his person is shaken by the death of his Adoptive Father, Darryl, and the absence of whom he considered to be a surrogate Mother, Bethianna. Often, he finds the correlation of their loss had been his very existence and while he doesn't regret life or what sacrifices have been made to ensure that he could keep it the weight of it still feels quite crushing to him. 

Weak in body no longer after the excruciating painful gauntlet that had been his Acceptance he finds that his will to live and experience love has improved. In equal measures this strength also stems from the support of the Family he never knew existed and the support of his wife, Cassandra who bares their children. What he does, struggle with, however, is the dimmed connection he holds with the rest of his family not being marked as 'One of Violet' amongst his Mother's people. 

While he no longer is severely optimistic and has seen that image shattered he does hold the belief that people aren't always what they seem to be. Choosing to withhold judgement until he could see the full character of the individual unless extreme circumstances give way towards reason. In this, he no longer holds a grudge against his Mother, Lillian or the choices she'd made concerning his birth. What helps to keep his more positive nature is the presence of his blood father, Rheldor, who reminds him with every interaction that life - no matter the years you hold- are precious and should be explored. There will always be more than understood and taking in each moment is important for the soul as much as it is for the mind. It is with these traits that he secretly hopes to connect better with both Lauren and Améa, his Nieces that seem the hardest to understand.

Since becoming aware of the dangers that not only his Sister had been in but also his entire family, a sense of protection has developed within. While he has a long way to go still in understanding how Sorceraic magic works and the various limits he holds considering his still fractured circumstances, chances are he will not hold up well or too long in a fight without risk. 


Standing at Six Feet and One inch with jet black hair that sets just around his neck in long well kept strands. His hair silk on form and always maintained for maximum bounciness. There are no blemishes on his face yet his eyes are a violet that are hard to not notice. He's physically fit enough to handle exercises and sports yet there is an underlying issue that makes it difficult to keep up and even makes him look ill at different times.

When not wearing the official House/School robes he often sports blue jeans, casual black sneakers and a variety of different shirts that range from color and length. Sometimes even with a jean jacket or vest depending on the weather and climate.

After giving Sapphire away to his nephew, Caleb, the guitar that now hangs from his shoulder is that of a vibrant emerald green. At the tail of it hangs a tightly bound crimson braid of some form of fabric that is enchanted from dirt, kept clean with the touch of magic. The strap that is attached to it is a thin yet comfortable sort, it is made conservatively to respect the namesake of the Guitar which he affectionally calls: 'Thia'. 

The story so far

“Music is the only way I can channel the physical and emotional pain that comes about sometimes.”

– Alexander

To understand young Alexander’s life is to understand that it started out as a very dangerous form of Soap Opera the moment he emerged from his Mother. Left at his Father’s door step wrapped up and bundled tightly as it was the first sign that he was unwanted and saddled on a man who had no idea he was a father than entire time until the final moments. The only thing that made this even more of a difficult time was being unprepared for an infant that would be much sicklier than a typical child even those with their own issues. Shallow breathing, occasional drips of blood from the mouth and what seemed to be a struggle to keep life inside a small frail body on Alexander’s end. It had been the Sorceraic blood in combative nature with his Wizarding nature always at play and rough on him but without the actual heritage of his mother doctors and specialists were at a heavy disadvantage at identifying the actual situation.

Time moved on and Alexander grew and while he managed to pass the more dangerous stages it left him burdened with a low immune system from the constant attacks on his body. It caused for him to be held back from education until supplements could be used to help bolster his health with assistance from those in the wizarding world’s Health ministry. In his time trying to get himself to at least manage through sheer willpower alone he discovered music as he caught a special program on the radio before of a phenomenal songstress who played the guitar and it mesmerized him. Perhaps it is better to say that it revitalized him in a way that medicine itself couldn’t touch. It gave life to his spirit and his desire to keep pushing on instead of just giving into the building despair of his situation. Gregory, his father, found it was a good sign and paid for a tutor to help teach Alexander how to play the guitar as well as one to help define and practice his vocals. There were blunders, of course, calloused fingers and extremely sore hands and vocal chords and yet it never slowed him down from trying to learn and further this skill into a talent.

Music became an integrated part of his life – it was how he coped when the pain became too much for him. Get his mind off it? Sing, play guitar, get his body moving to fight against it. There were, however, somethings that the power of music could never satisfy and that was his extremely chaotic magic. More than one guitar has suddenly combusted into flames while one of the painful episodes struck at him which was the first sign to Gregory that Alex needed to be sent off towards a private school, secrecy was better, and he wanted to avoid as much attention as possible.

It didn’t get better as he intended school, in fact, it became more severe and more dangerous. One moment the class would be learning about potions and the next? A sudden fire ignited a Professor’s desk like a neat little fire pit. It didn’t take long to link the random outbursts to him and even worse he got the ‘friendly moniker’ “McBurn”. That wasn’t the end of it either, Sir Burnsalot, Sparky, one could get a good idea of the ridicule he had to deal with not only due to his own ignorance on why his magical capabilities were so rapid but the proper way to deal with it. It did draw to make him slightly bitter at his circumstances but eventually he grew over it. So, what if they didn’t understand his pain and position? So, what if he was given nicknames for the sake of being bullied? A new understanding and desire for life and experiencing all that it can give built up within as time grew with the torment.

He managed to keep his head above water and do decent enough in the private school until much recent in his life. The pain and accidents started to increase beyond his ability to maintain them and when practicing magic with a wand? It grew worse than just the sudden mishaps to the point that a teacher’s entire attire caught a blaze like a Christmas tree that had its plug sparked. Well, that nearly ended worse until his father stepped in and offered a ‘nice enough stipend’ as compensation with the neat little fact that Alexander needed to get the hell out of the School.

At least he didn’t need to deal with all the fire puns that were tossed his way anymore but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again and the choices of school were limited. He couldn’t risk another private sector focused school and Hogwarts was just too far without enough pull to make sure Alexander could keep out of danger. This was when he remembered, Tallygarunga, it was a school that his son could be sent to and it was certainly a school with a short history, but it meant that he was closer. How would the pyromancer manage?

Alex has signed on as a Sixth year entering the school in the 2018 year and has yet to settle in and meet any of the staff. Even his condition is aptly ‘hidden’ from the school so that he wouldn’t risk rejection only giving the excuse that he was finished with Private school. In truth, Alex is hoping that the school has someone that can offer some answers. Being isolated without friends due to the circumstances has him yearning to seek the truth of what is wrong with him.

Across the years he has done a few collaboration music recordings that have been posted on the internet on an international video media site. Though his actual name isn't given only under the screen name 'BlueEyed' is he known on the wide net.

Recent Life Events. . .

The year of 2018 had proven to be a chaotic year, after enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alexander had immediately engaged himself into the student body festivities. It'd been after a scare of a meeting with Cassandra Sullivan and constant interactions that drummed up the idea of a start of the year festive party hosted by them. A scene that hadn't done justice towards his growing friendship with Geraldine Richter which ended up with a triangle of emotions that permeated things. During the process of trying to gather up his emotions and dealing with the new form of attention that followed romantic entanglements, he encountered Adele DeVylissea which led to the revelation that she'd been his older sister. The kind of revelation that occurred after her very verbal threat of him unveiling whom his parentage had been. 

In the dramatic moment of meeting his sister is when the arrival of their mother occurred giving that revelation further weight behind her words and even dismissive attitude towards Alexander and the plight of his life waning. Over time he'd learned more of his heritage, not much but enough to understand that it'd been the two bloods within him that had caused the various issues with not only his magic but the continuous health plummeting. Over the course of the year he became more familiar with the family he had never known existed, for the most part accepted by them even if most had been highly wary. The unique bond he held with his nephew, Caleb, established the fastest next to the doting sister that had entered his life. It'd even been an ironic shock to find out that the idol that had led to his love of music happened to also be a niece - luckily he never held any untoward ideas as much do about celebrities. 

After the death of Darryl Winfield, it'd been broken to him by his Mother, Lillian, that the man had only been his adoptive father. The response she'd given had shown she'd thought it'd been helpful to know that particular fact while his Father still laid warm on the hospital bed. An act that soured the view he held of the woman that'd given him life even further than it had already been. Not far after he'd encountered the woman Bethianna DeVylissea, the step-mother of Adele whom had attempted to get rid of his sister in her own childhood. Only to hold the ironic twist that for the last few years not only had she'd been the reason Alexander had been able to survive and recover from the sudden deadly turns with his health, but also that she'd been the reason he'd been protected from being terminated by his Mother and given the name 'Alexander' by Bethianna. It drew him instantly close to her in a way that marked her almost like a mother to him though aware that it wouldn't be entirely 'proper' ended up dubbing her as his 'Aunt'. 

The guidance she'd offered more actively made obvious impacts on him, not only to the information that had been gained that allowed him to understand where he came from on his true Father's side but also a bit more on how those of his Mother's people interacted with others. While it had been an easy tell to know it was uncommon for those of the Sorceraic pureblood line to show emotions or connect with others, he'd always assumed and felt as if she'd cared for him more than she'd ever intended. In a way to honor the efforts she had made towards his own health and the deeper understanding of her past, he promised himself and her that he'd follow the steps of being a Healer and a Doctor. That there would be effort towards finding out the cause that made almost all males of their kind face the cold darkness of death in the most excruciating pain. 

All the while, Alexander had finally faced his emotions and had made sure to set it straight with both women separately. That there had been a stronger pull towards Cassandra for him, which practically exploded into a heat a romance between the two. The first person to console him during the loss of his Father, which led to the first time that they'd openly admitted to one another the full intent of their feelings. They'd went to Las Vegas as a celebration of Alex's birthday and the first night there he had propose to her under the condition they would marry if he could survive his 'Illness' also known as his Acceptance ritual. It led to a night of drunkenness and eventually led to them getting hitched then and there, a action that hadn't set well with any of their relatives. For many reasons other than just not being able to be there on Alexander's Mother's side, it'd placed Adele in danger that he hadn't been aware even existed. 

(To be continued)

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