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  1. Invite how do I...

    "I think you're missing something pretty important to be a good dad." That could be left open for any kind of interpretation, however, he chose to guide it. "Dad jokes, you need the worse possible dad jokes in history. And, I'm sorry, women just don't have a brain for that kind of a well." A faux dejected look formed accompanied by a sigh to try and sell the downtrodden expression. "It's always good to learn - at least to pick up little talents and traits you feel would mold you into a better Mother. Just remember that it's still your walk regardless. You're going to have to change it up and make it yours - learn with the mistakes that you will make and don't be too harsh on yourself about them." This was coming from a perspective that he had hoped to nip in the bud any form of doubt that may end up in her mind when trials come up during the raising of her child. His eyebrow raised up and a smirk turned upwards on his lips. "Plan to buy a bunch and store them in some secret hide away for you to get at easier later?" It was all in a jest but the idea that it could actually happen hadn't escaped from him. "Not even a bit of an idea of how they must view you? I mean, I bet they practically threw a party in relief once you managed to get back." Then his eyes narrowed slightly and he couldn't help a weak chuckle that slipped out. "Before they probably scolded you and told you that you shouldn't have done it and didn't need to do it." Alexander at least understood that whether she 'needed to do it or not' was a moot point. She had felt the need of it in her own mind and actions and it would always be something that was right for her. "At least it'd be a baby in a pretty good time of year. By then everyone is ready to break out the hard earned and saved up cash for the Christmas and other similar holidays. Your kids going to be rolling in the presents left and right - no one's going to have a real excuse! Hahaha."
  2. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    "The drinking age is eighteen." Alexander added in a confirmed nod. However, it had been quickly followed up. "But the Roo is a bit different. While they won't offer alcoholic drinks to someone under the limit, they do open up the bar for folks that are at least fifteen years old." It perhaps had been one of the larger points that drew a lot of Students to the Tavern. With a timed curfew and the potential time it could take to travel without use of magic and no license it had become the more over-used hangout spot for many. "You can always grab yourself a fresh pop or quality food - maybe not the best place to study but definitely a good place to work off the stress of school. More so when the exams start flying around the corner like a sparrow." He lifted up his own glass to take a sip from it, letting the coolness of it be as a relaxing relief. "Ahh. . . Fair enough, you'll find that in the magical community here things are a bit different in a few ways." At least from what he had understood, he hadn't left Australia often and certainly not far or long enough to get caught up in the magical system in other countries. A shrug flowed from his shoulders as he leaned against the bar counter. "I say take a time to test it out here, er, when it isn't so crowded. Sometimes it can be loud but most days it's actually pretty chill here." A smile seemed to stretch across his face naturally. "I can introduce you to a few of the workers here. Even give you the details of who to approach and how, some have a uhm. . . Quick swift bad mood if you don't approach them in a very specific way."
  3. Invite how do I...

    "Mmm. . . Fair. I mean, in your position I questioned that a lot regardless of 'how it seemed'." After all, who was he to say it was even her own mother that did such a thing? His own mother didn't place him at another persons doorstep, in fact, it was someone who hadn't even been related by blood. He did have to take into consideration the woman had a plan already in place for a 'what-if' scenario, but even then. . . It was the care he preferred than that of what his mother proposed. "Knowing you're better off doesn't stop the thoughts or wondering, it's probably why they try to give you the best life that they possibly can other than the fact that they care about you. You know, kind of finding that way to outweigh the good you have with the unknown bad that lingers." He wasn't even sure if there was a true way to balance that, in his case when he found out it felt as if he should have never known in the first place. "Hahaha, to be fair, I'd be frustrated too! Can you imagine one of the people you treasured running away? Never knowing if you'd actually see them again? It can be a rough thing, I imagine." Not that he was in that situation. He was in a kind of situation like that, but not entirely exactly. "That's good that you'll never give your child up. It means you have a stronger resolve than most and I'm pretty sure you'll be a pretty good mother." She was doting enough to know that she needed to make changes in herself, he had no second guesses about the quality of parent that she'd grow and amount towards. A chuckle followed suit from Alexander, "I heard that dark chocolate releases a chemical in the body that can help with it. Kind of like a happy trigger of sorts, may work out as an antithesis against anxiety. No reason not to try it, right?"" The young man couldn't help but reply first with a snorkeled snicker. "I'd say the type of daughter you are, is one that probably make your father's more proud than you might think~." It seemed that way anyways, the way they had taken to focus on her and tried to do their best to raise the young woman. "A few choices don't change that kind of perception easily." Some parents would have kicked their kids to the curb, instead they chose to rally around her and stand as a family. That was impressive and admirable in every way that he could consider. "Oho? It would? Well, looks like you'll need to be kept on your toes then! Have to keep your skills sharp!" Not that he would know the first thing about keeping a fashionista's skills sharp and tuned. "Yea. . . Time. . " The tone of his voice shifted the air about it lingered with a somber presence, truthfully he didn't think 'time' was anymore of a friend now then it was the last few years for that endeavor. What little time would have been more appropriate to his him, of course, he didn't have it in him to lay that kind of a thought-filled burden on to a woman nurturing a hopeful life inside. "So, when is the due date?" Alexander decided to ask to quickly distract his own thoughts.
  4. Invite how do I...

    Rubbed the back of his neck slightly as his head tilted left to right. "I mean didn't they love you? At least they showed a bit of it. Look at it this way, out of the ways she could have left you I mean. It could have been out literally on the street or in a gutter or maybe out in the wilderness with vicious animals. Instead you ended up in a home with loving parents." That's at least how he chose to glance at it, it wasn't something to ease the pain or 'slap a band-aid' on it but rather to give the idea that perhaps her mother cared much more by the act itself. "But even that said I don't think it's all the way irrational. On some level it probably can be true, you know, that whole thought of. . . Not being inspiration enough for a personal change. That isn't our fault though, that is the weakness of the parent or parents." It took a certain strength to stand up and be viewed as a proper parent and be someone that was willing to be a role model. Alexander's lips turned into a grin. "Probably sniffing out the nearest candy store instead, I heard chocolate is the next best thing for the anxiety." He stood proudly while a hand pressed through his hair. ". . . Are awesome creatures that walk this Earth~." He added onto her phrase of 'Men'. "Hahaha, I don't disagree that it's okay to have them. Though with how severe and. . . Cranky my family seems to get or at least most of them any ways. . . I think I need to have a bit more than the usual reserve." Even though he managed to shrug the expression on his face held a smile that spoke all of 'What else can you do?'. "Everyone has a role in a family it seems, even if it's small or a bit dysfunctional. Our personalities dictate what we mean to other members and the thread we offer. I am by far no where near the weighing stone that keeps everyone close and under a watchful care." That he'd attribute towards Adele the ever severe librarian who did the utmost for her family, while he didn't lack the will to be there he didn't have her. . .Presence. "I guess you can consider me the 'Doctor' of the family, nurture the wounds stitch up the insecurities a step at a time and help them heal up. Optimism is my pill and being there is my bandage, so to speak." "And your self-image, imagine - being caught walking with someone that held no style what-so-ever except shaggy sheik." The back of his hand coursed against his bangs as he flipped it dramatically, a proper fashionista pose. "Then it sounds like we have a plan! After the baby is born and things have calmed down enough for you we can begin the real challenge." It wasn't so much of a challenge, he had the resources now in a twisted round-about way and he had planned to make use of them. "What's in like. . . It's kind of like discovering some limb or scar on your body that you didn't know was there." He wasn't entirely sure how to phrase it in a way that would make even the most remote or relative sense. "It's like a punch in the face from reality and a shock of interest all rolled into the curiosity of if you even fit in. If you even have the capability to seem like family, as it stands I. . . Stand out in a very odd way. I am not sure if that's good or bad but I am not of the same mindset as most if not all of them. They've had such a specific style of being raised that's so vastly different than my own. That's on top of the fact that we have nineteen years wasted that we have to make up for."
  5. Invite how do I...

    "That sounds like such a hassle, I don't envy you at all." A bright smile continued on his face, a slight shrug of his shoulder soon followed suit. "See, cutting that six million in half would already reduce like. . . Okay, less than an actual one percent of stress. But it's such a smaller number that you may THINK it reduced a lot of stress!" He wasn't sure how many of those 'thoughts' ended positively but he gave the ball park amount of not many. "Also known as, it's pretty close, pretty accessible? Hahaha, hey it's no problem Ice cream is always a solid choice no matter the time of year or the troubles going around. Unless it's an ice cream outtage. . . That is a kind of trouble that's hard to bounce back from." He smiled as he acknowledge the worse as a mere banter filled joke. Alexander laughed weakly. "Faith, huh? Didn't expect you to pull that card out." Granted, it was all that one could do in a variety of situations. It was a term overly used and yet only because it's the part of common sense that is often easy to forget. "I mean, I know it's a good practice to have. Haha, some days I often felt like the poster boy for 'Faith - Having it means good things!'." His hand ran through the strands of his hair in thought. "Just some days I think it's a lot harder than my mind tries to imagine it is. Probably doesn't help when you have a family of crazy theatrics that's for sure." A sniggle resonated from him and it had been followed by a sigh. "But it had been faith I guess or pure blindless optimism and idealism that has not only gotten me this far but answered a lot of questions I've never thought would ever be answered." What had been the actual chances that he'd not only meet his mother but also his Father. That the two were so massively different and the story that related towards his birth wasn't the tragic tale he had imagined all the passing years. "Obliterate it!? Why. . . All my affection reduced to such a thing!" He peered downwards in faux offense, may as well play the card a bit! Though it hadn't lasted long as he chuckled. "Okay, about this, you make some clothes and it will keep me from ever picking ou that kind of a T-Shirt!" He had to admit, it was a much better deal that way. He hadn't wanted her to lose her passion for fashion and decided a while ago that he'd help out regardless of what would come about in life. "I don't think ANYONE has the same weight of stare as her. At times I feel those daggers could become literal daggers at any moment." From what he understood, that was quite equally possible. "Luckily for you, I am a master of ungrouchfying people. Well, most people. Really, I don't have MUCH of a track record but I have to sell myself somehow for you to keep me around."
  6. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    "Hey, it's no biggie man. I know a couple of people that have eyes that are a mark of their heritages." By that, he meant REALLY a mark. Not simple as 'My daddy held Hazel' or 'My mommy had green eyes!'. Cassandra, for example, held eyes so green that one could swear nature itself took up residence within them and his own were consequently extremely unnatural. Blue was a common trait amongst people but near cobalt-sapphire hues were quite entirely different even amongst Wizarding families. At the very least eyes tend to be ways he now knew people stood out more than how they looked more physically. Truthfully, by the time he had hit the stage and played what could barely becalled proper entertainment due to the lack of it being an actual set in his eyes, he had near forgotten the whole conversation or more or less placed it down for another time. All that mattered in that moment had been where his fingers would meet the strings, how quick his ears could pick up those that backed him up for playing on the fly like they held without proper chemistry for the song. The suaveness within his particular style had been developed over time and while he spoke with a sense of awareness the very feeling of being nervous never actually left. He just found new ways to either dismiss it or steel himself against it depending on the kind of adversaity he found himself in when it erupted. Needless to say, they did stumble and picked themselves up as quickly as they could with the chords of the song being played. He had intended to spice up the mood enough as a pre-preformer, the kind of people that would get the crowd revved up for the real show and he was honestly fine with that given that it was a spur of the moment. Alexander's hand curled around the drink offered to him as he nodded. "Thank you, thank you! I definitely could use a drink after that, always much more intense than I remember. But that thrill of it all is something I just can't get anywhere else." He glanced back towards the others that had been setting the instruments back onto their stands and cleaning up their person areas. "I know them a bit by face and name, never played with them but during the less party times here I listen to them with their own bands. As for me, I'm actually a soloist not for lack of trying! Just. . . I never actually considered signing up in a band due to life reasons. But I know a lot of muscians and artists so I try for collaboration works for compensation." It wasn't the full comraderie that a band could develop but it did cut out the possibility of a bad break-up that could end careers or the will to play music. At least with Collaborations it could be temporary and less likely to ruin the friendships. "You could hear a ton of neat musicians here during the week. Granted. . . By then most of us have to run off back to the School Dorms but it is easy to catch a quick moment."
  7. Invite Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    "Taking me on boats now? Someone is becoming super kinky by the second with the drink." He teased with his tongue stuck out towards her. The blush that had stuck to the young woman's cheeks were an endearing sight to be sure, a smile naturally curved along his features. "Could have been worse? Could have fell face first, ass up with your dress over your hind quarters. Luckily, only I get to see what's under those garments still~." A cheeky grin formed on his brow as they wriggled for a moment before a hand embraced the edge of her shoulder and rubbed in a slow movement to help ease any further worry of embarrasment. "If it's any constellation at least they now know I'm with the most beautiful gal in the room." With a smooth wink offered. "It's always been just myself and my old man so. . . All of this sudden major family is much more overwhelming." There was no 'Mother' or really any cousins, aunts, or uncles in the picture. Just tales and stories that were left about as mysterious as it could get for a Wizard. "Honestly, I feel as if I'm more of a burden than a proper family member. They didn't really ask for the dying charity case." A light chuckle ensued as he laughed off the thought, almost as if it didn't matter to him or was more of a teritary concern. "Which I don't want it to be taken the wrong way, I adore them more than I thought could happen in a short time. Even if I am, by all intents and purposes, the black sheep of the family." There was just a massive difference between him and them - the way he saw things and thought about them weren't in the same reasoning and connections as other members. A weak laughter bubbled out as well as a bright yet modest smile that shined through. "I think I remember you saying that a few times or another." Eyes closed in a gentle slide, a deep breath then was inhaled and exhausted in a stress relieved sigh. The feeling of their foreheads pressed so closely against one another made him feel as if he could practically feel the pulsing presence of her body and aura. "I know many would probably say it's still so early yet I can't mean this any more earnestly when I say that. . . I love you, you red-headed troublemaker." Alexander's right hand rose up as he pressed the palm of it just at the bottom of Cass's cheek and caressed it in an eased motion. "I'm more surprised you're willing to let the world decide 'how long'. Here I thought you were going to pull off some major revolution!"
  8. Invite Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    "Oh, I bet you like to stroke my ego don't you?" A roguish grin formed on his face as his eyes narrowed away from her to sell the cheeky response even more. "You -think-?" It was difficult to stifle the laughter, it pushed upwards and threatened to be unleash if he didn't hold the full lid on it. All the while his head shaking in pure amusement of her response, she had been about as much of a drinker as he was. "You inspire the utmost confidence, truly, the top of the top." He jested with her even as he assisted with bringing it back into the chair that had been tipped over from her sudden reaction. At least it seemed she was alright, she didn't show any signs of stiffness. "Usually, people who say they're fine probably aren't. But I guess I'll have to believe it this time~." The mumbled response that fell from her caused his eyebrow to arch a bit, did she catch that it was just a joke? He probably could have chosen a better time and moment to bring up the idea of 'Dodging' in a humorous manner. "Now, see, that's not true! I pretend a lot of things don't happen. Like when I stub my toe and drop like a sack of potatoes in a fetal position. I mean. . . What. . .?" Alexander's usual smile curled upwards to try and lighten the heaviness of the situation. It wasn't a heavy 'bad' but it was a weighty choice, a burdensome question whether being asked or asking. It wasn't something that should be done on the whim of the moment, rather, something proposition when assurance in oneself and the course of their relationship could see that kind of a starting point. 'Yes', She had actually agreed, even after the spectacle made where she could have said no easily - she still managed to say yes to it all. A fluttered presence reacted at the center of his chest and he took in a deep breath for a moment and exhaled. The nervousness wasn't passed but rather intensified from the knowledge that this was actually going to get much more serious than probably expected. "Well. . . It was a joke, at first. It wasn't like I truly decided then and there that it was a good idea. I'm good at decisions but I'm not THAT speedy." He could finally find his breath and his voice in order to speak with a bit more of his usual confidence. Even with the nervous shaky tone that enveloped just slightly behind his voice and words. With his hand still wrapped around hers he held on longer with no sign of actually releasing it. "There just several. . . Clues, I guess, that lead me up to feeling it was right. For starters. . . How you snuck into my bag when I said you couldn't come to the cookout. That and you seem to have no problem showing up to my family functions even when you know there are some less uh. .. People of the 'Kind' variety in my family." He wasn't going to lie, some were blunt and brutal when they were protective - others like Caleb were severe and firm if they didn't take to a person easily. Granted, Caleb seemed to take to Cassandra easily but that also could have been due to his own importance impressed on his lover, girlfriend, and one of his best and greatest friends. "You gave me a place to stay - or really you kind of pushed me to a place to stay. But that's still the same thing. Hehe. Point is, you've been good to me and have taken care of me in a way that.. Not many have actually done. Realized that I didn't mind at all doing the same for you as long as you wanted me around."
  9. Invite how do I...

    "Ah, so that's the reason why most ladies are always so grumpy. They make themselves into a bad mood." His eyes closed gently as he nodded his hand, a hand curled around his chin as if to do so within a sagely manner. A revelation! Or something of the sort, of course, he found that a bit of a detriment. At the same time he knew that each person was their own and a mind can be too complex to avoid that particular quirks in its thinking. "Totally explains the abundance of ice cream that gets stashed in freezers. At least dairy companies are making some big bucks." Alexander tilted his head slightly as he made an unsure noise. "Eeeeh. . . Maybe? I can't really say I figured anything out. Still a lot of things just up in the air like someone kicked my feet out from under me." A hand pushed through the locks of his hair with a sigh that accompanied it in a somewhat frustrated tone. "There are a lot of things that are just too big to be just figured out. " Other things, he couldn't even fathom trying to truly 'figure' them out let alone understand the true weight of the various situations. It was heavy, things that could potentially bog a persons world down to the point that it would crumble and deteriorate. "I'm still getting that T-Shirt, I'm going to look the best of the best with it. It's going to have a little image of a runway with models on it." Low laughter emitted from him for a moment and then gently started to die down. "You should write to him then. Establish that continuation connection and chain, don't hold back or let the chance slip." His mind began to wander about setting a more 'closer' connection support system, he didn't think she lacked one but maybe she didn't see it for the full picture? It was possible considering her intention had been to run off with Orion. "You should probably reach out to Cass, might be good to have a gal-pal around who understand a bit better on some level. Plus, doesn't hurt to have more of your friends around, you know?" It didn't escape him how it sounded. "Yeap! I am not even going to have Adele around if I can help it. That grouchy woman is stubborn to the core though." He would rather not have her watch, rather not have her come to the potential conclusion about Flora through what could happen with him if things took a turn for the worse. "But I do plan to pop around any moment I can. Can't squander the chances when they're there to grab, after all. Besides, between you and me. . . I'd rather deal with a Pregnant Frankie than a Pregnant Adele. She's been staring -daggers- everywhere." At least he knew where the daggers were coming from now. Eyes began to scan across the various flavors and options as he snickered. "I guess what they say about pregnancy is true, ice cream in the chilly months. You're probably going to make this a habit now, aren't you?"
  10. Invite Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    "Oh! OH!? Pulling that on me? My hurt heart, my wounded pride. . ." His own tongue stuck out as if to challenge her own playful jab. "Oh, it's always you. I can't help it if you enjoy being a purring kitty for my magical ways~." Or in this particular case, a Tiger with a pension for flesh-to-flesh. But it was ever a contest of getting there as much as it had been the intention to enjoy and take his time with her. He rather enjoyed the more feral nature that could come about form things. The young woman had the potential talent to get him to talk in some endeavors and yet, he had found that at certain moments he had to speak with his own timetable no matter how tempting the genie before him could be. "Ooh, Deciding to be drinking dare-hare, eh? You win this one! It's a pretty strong drink too, can you handle it?" With the drinks ordered it left him time to focus and prepare for the entire point of this moment - Granted, he didn't know how she would have responded towards it and couldn't have even come close to seeing just how much everything unfolded. Yet the silence spoke like a resounding gong as he could feel the presence of his skin grow tighter and a static course along the surface. It wasn't. . . What he had expected, a no or yes would have been more along those lines. That wasn't the case here and his hands slowly start to retreat as he placed them under the table. Everything went faster like a blur as he quickly stood up with both hands on the table top. "Cass!?" One moment he saw the red-hair in the chair and the next she had tipped over, smacked into the ground and all that had been left were concerned passerby's and the ever so watchful eyes of those nearby. Alexander quickly bounded around the table, first grasping Cassandra's arm and trying to help her stand up while also taking the chair to prop it back onto its legs. "You know, that's a bad way to try and escape a 'yes or no' question. At least use the 'I need to go to the bathroom' excuse like it's a classroom." He felt he needed to lighten the atmosphere, call to a move comedic presence. "Or. . . I can put it back and. . . W-We can pretend I didn't even ask. Ask what? Nothing. Ha. . . Ha ha. . ." There was no way he'd be able to take something like that back and he knew it.
  11. Invite how do I...

    "I don't think that's something anyone likes to do. Haha, just something you do." Perhaps he shouldn't be so surprised that there were actually people out in the world that would take to the idea of grueling and rigorous training as if it were a hobby, something to enjoy. He took in a gentle breath and exuded it out in a slowed pace. "Anything can change, that's right. But why worry about if it would? Thinking about it being a possibility won't do much to effect or change it. It's actually much more harmful - probably push yourself in a worse mood." His hand rose up gently and waved it dismissively. "Besides, for humans the lifespan is too short to worry about changes or the trial of time itself. That's the kind of thing better left to long-lived races. It's only our job to make sure every day and step is worth it and something we can say, even if it turned out bad that we're proud of the person it shaped us to be." Alexander had taken to heart many things told to him and it was beginning to shape his mind - the things and way he saw them had gradually yet subtly. "Yup! Not something I expected to consider but someone put the idea in front of me and the more I looked at it the more I liked it, I guess? One of those 'You don't know it until you're forced to face it.' kind of scenario." His studies towards medicine were put to the test in the last few months and while there was a larger underlying reason for it, it didn't dwarf the fact that he still wanted to put it towards good and proper usages. "It will take me a bit to get there but hopefully not too long." There was the lingering thought that maybe if he could prove he exceeded his current grades standards that perhaps he could get 'promoted' just in time to make the final years graduation. Maybe. "What that you called me your people? Nuh-uh, I'm making sure I put that on a T-Shirt!" A large grin full of humor stretched across his face. "Did you already come up with a name? I know some people have it already in mind and others just kind of. . . Wait until they look on the baby's face." A weak laughter echoed from him. "You don't want to be there for that, Frankie. It's going to be very painful and the last thing you need is to be stressed about it while pregnant. But after wards I'll probably be in a bed for a bit so... Some jello and pudding would be pretty awesome." It was difficult, coming up with a lie, unable to tell the true fact of things due to circumstances. Due to not being 'his own' - a though crossed his mind. . . How did Adele even do it? How deep inside of her were the pains of lying clipping at her morals or connections?
  12. Invite Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    "Oho! So certain! You remember that when we need to plan a prank again but get stuck in class! The bathroom break trick is just too cliché to use and you know it~." Not that he expected her to care for cliché or not. It was just as likely to pop up as an excuse as almost anything else when it came to escaping a classroom effectively - granted - some things had a shorter time-limit to work with before suspicion hit. "What?! This all golden! Full on cherries!" He grinned happily before his hand raised up and waved in a gentle dismissive way. "Okay, okay - Puns another night here! But they're coming!" Alexander then snorted while he peered over the edge of the drink menu. "Yea, I just thought -I- would be giving the bend over treatment, not taking it." His eyebrows wriggled a bit to sell the bawdy joke. A hum resonated and vibrated as he offered a firm and confident nod. "Oh, yeah, you won't even see it coming, dear." The thought alone of what he had planned caused his smile to grow and strengthen by the second. "I say not to go over board, you get the one drink that is a 'ladies best friend'? Hahaha, okay I guess that is what the choice of will be!" He was privy enough to know the dangers of that kind of a drink but given the circumstances a bit of early crazy was warranted as a double-celebration. Alexander started to parse out the cards across the table, the same amount that he had worked with the first time he gave the reading. "Fufufufufu." He made a stereotypical fortune teller's laugh coupled with a hand that rose to block his lips in a very bad mysterious fashion. ""Let us see what is in the future, dearie." A slightly high pitched voice with a shaky and scratchy undertone behind the words. The tips of his finger grazed under each card as one by one he flipped them over to reveal the exact suites of the arcana that had been displayed. Magician - Empress - Lovers and there seemed to be an extra as a sleight of hand proffered a fourth: The Sun. "Oho~ What is this. . .? It seems as if a new fate has opened up - A path that emboldens a great accomplishment and a question of importance to ones life. . ." That was perhaps as best of a setup as he'd give himself for this, his hand pressed into his pocket to grasp hold of a square box while he pressed it right on top of the card whose face was The Sun. "You know. . . Since I came to Tallygarunga it's been one crazy thing after another. Really, you kicked off the crazy in the whole 'I'm a Tiger, Raaaaawr' bit. But you've also always were there never judging - maybe a bit over protective but reasonably so, I think. You even manage to put up with my crazy family whom, really, are just about to get even crazier with this. . ." Ironically enough, she 'fit in', the amount of insanity that the others brought in followed this red-head like a call from a foghorn. The edges of his nails slide along the crease of the box as he opened it up revealing a ring. It was made without any form of metals that would be detrimental to her, a silver band woven through like some form of metallic foliage in a band-ring set. Emerald and Sapphire gems adorned along both in even and flattering spaces - Diamonds weren't symbolic enough for him. This wasn't the idea of a 'purity' or 'clarity' but rather oneness of two halves. "Cassandra Cate Sullivan - Bet you didn't think I knew that! . . . Will you marry me? I mean, after the whole 'Am I dying or not' bit. I don't want you to have this empty promise, I want you to know it's real. That I am intending it and proving to myself, at least, that I plan to follow through with this kind of a promise."
  13. Invite how do I...

    His hand rose up as he squeezed the tip of his index finger closely to the tip of his thumb. "Maaaaybe~ just a bit." A roguish laughter pressed outwards from him while his hands settled more comfortably inside of the pockets. "Sounds like you're going to be running a lot of laps and mission impossible obstacle courses to get ready." There was a wonder that came to mind, were a lot of women in that mindset during this stage? The idea that they needed to get back into shape and feel as if they could 'fit' again in their own skin. Part of him wanted to ask his Sister and yet. . . He knew that was a minefield in its own special way. "As long as he is excited that is really the important factor, right? Means when the time comes he'll be there in full force without holding back. Not the only way to proceed but it helps to relax burdens when someone is able to be enthusiastic too." It was kind of like dealing a concert - if you're looking up-beat then the crowd will follow suit and everything just seemed to follow the train. "Ah, well, you know. I got drunk and got married so. . . There's that? But no, it isn't really helping my bodies strength as far as stamina. That's for sure. But boxing has a bit so there's a bit of a workout offsetting the potential hurt and hit." Curiosity began to worm its way into his mind, in his current route, would such things even effect him? After all, Adele drank Alcohol like a fish swam through water. Or, at the very least, had enough of the substance TO do that once her pregnancy came to term. "It also isn't a good thing to have a future potential doctor afflicted with something that could have been prevented! Hahaha." Truthfully, Alexander was surprised he took to the idea of jumping into the Medical field. It wasn't even close to what his passion had been and yet it was something that always was a major part of his life in one way or another. A grin formed on his face - a large toothy one at that. "" 'Your people', huh? Dawh, schucks, I didn't think you had such a high opinion and claim!" He offered a teased jab even with a nod that followed to show he understood on the more important and serious level. "Big families get confusing. Who likes what, whose birthday is when - smaller much less chaotic. Granted, much more lonely. But I guess everything in life is a bit of pro-con bit, isn't it?" He bit his lower lip for a moment in thought, no exact date was settled but he also didn't want to wait too long. "Around mid-September - Don't know if it will work or not but not many options opening up and well. . . Sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit." 'Biscuit' - such a crude and miniscule way to even refer to life. Yet, it was a brief treat, something that some never got through or even made it to. Fitting.
  14. Finding Alexand-O!

    Have you seen the Blue-Eyed Spencer with his ever so stringy companion?! Neither have I! Since the start of the recent Term it's been said the 'Younger Brother of the Scary Librarian' hasn't been seen in any of his classes - barely on campus! Sickness? Death? On the run? Messed up one too many times in class and got the boot? Too many rumors going about on the reason, typical, Teenager's can never get the facts straight - Can they?!
  15. Invite how do I...

    "Pretty sure it isn't, but people will know the meaning. So. . . Win for a new word, eh?" He wasn't entirely sure what the 'proper' term would be for that, break-out artist? At any rate that was something that wouldn't be attempted by him in this current life. That he knew of anyways. "But I'm sure you'd be fine! Most don't expect the spit-fire looking gal to be the one sawing the bars for a person. At least until they realize it's already half-way removed." Even though he knew for Wizard's it was much more than simply 'cutting the bars' the amount of work it went into securing a person, even as a form of keeping an eye on someone could be extensive often. "Well, yea, it's not fair for several reasons. He won't get the chance to experience that budding moment of being a Father before the baby arrives. That will probably be a harder hit to him, at least until he believes he can break away." He wasn't entirely sure the stance on kids in general, the perception of how a person viewed their own child factored in so much and most of it at the end of the day was more conjecture than fact. "Hey, all I know is it's perfectly legal for me to drink in a bar~!" Alex offered a small shrug with a smile that stayed on his face. "Not that I go about engorging myself. Mostly because someone really disapproves of the act entirely. . ." He didn't think he took most of what Bethianna had an opinion on to heart but it really showed how 'damaged' he was. The need or desire to be in good standing with a 'Mother-figure'. Even if it was someone that had him conflicted in many ways than he could fathom. "Only proof of not really being an adult is that I maybe still at Tally next year. Hahaha." A hand rose up and gently waved in a dismissive way. "Woah, I didn't claim you were, Frankie. I don't hold harsh views like that, people have a different view. They're entitled to say what they see even if it sounds a bit abrasive." He snorted as his eyes rolled gently. "That's kind of what 'Friends' means, you know. Sometimes you need to vent and the stuff you think is silly aren't really silly." Then suddenly his eyes began to blink several times as if he tried to change the view of his surroundings, ears trying to replay if he heard what she had asked through gentle twitches. "Yea, I know about crazy a bit. I don't think I've ever known 'normal' on my mother's side and that's within only the last few months." His mind raced back to the thought of being a 'Godfather', he wasn't opposed to the idea at all. "Are you sure, Frankie? I mean, I'm definitely flattered, thrilled, and willing. But my 'problem' isn't entirely fixed, yet. I'm. . ." How could he phrase it? He couldn't even explain the full depths of what was going on - the deeper part of -what- he was. ". . . I'm going through a pretty experimental surgery soon to see if it would fix the issue." That didn't make it any better, that much he sensed within himself. "Ah, what the heck, it isn't everyday someone asks you that kind of question regardless. So, yea, I definitely accept. You also don't have to worry about walking back alone, I wouldn't have let you waddle about home alone."