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  1. Cleaning up

    "You're the animated kind of person aren't you? Hahaha." A smirk that shined more like a smile drew on his lips as he watched Luka perform another magical demonstration to emphasize the point. Honestly, he wasn't sure how to take this form of lesson when the 'two parts of him' were part of the reason for his current decay amongst other factors. One of his hands shifted through his hair in consideration on how to truly answer - of course - every thought came to the same response. "I'll try to keep that in mind. Can't really guarantee it will always pop into mind! But I also can't really make that kind of promise but anything." The most he could ever do is put effort into it anyways, which he assumed had been the point. Alexander's eyebrow raised up for a moment as he watched the Professor move away from him and then return with a book in hand. "Say what now?" The tone in his voice was at first a clear confusion while he grasped for the book that had been presented to him. "Ah ha, in time maybe? Have to see what this year and my final year brings out!" If there -was- a final year of school for him, chances had been amounting that this would most likely be it. "Contacting my ancestors? You know, last time I tried to contact someone that preceded me it didn't actually go to well." It was a partial joke on his part. Yet with a grain of truth, finding his 'Real Mother' turned out to be a larger let down than anything he had experienced in life, that much was for sure. "Are you really sure you should be giving me something like this? It seems pretty important to your heritage - you know to pass on to your own kids." He wasn't entirely sure how to feel holding this book in hand or even if it would work for him in particular. A long hum presented itself in him as he considered the larger dangers behind even attempting it.
  2. Cleaning up

    "Tell her? I'd be scolded for not bringing it up to her sooner than when I found out! I'd be in equally the same amount of trouble." He snickered as he rubbed the back of his neck with a slight shake of his head. As anal as she could be about books that was a rare passion to hold in a lot of librarians, something he managed to admire. "I'm surprised most of you teacher's don't hang out and pow wow or something. There are a lot of you that are uh. . . Eccentric - yes." The scholarly way to say 'Weirder than two peas in a pod on a winter day. "I'm always fearing for my life, Prof." He spoked jokingly, maybe it was a bit morbid. He had to remember that Cassandra didn't entirely approve of his more 'Macabre' humor when it came to his unique health situation. "Wand woods don't really do much for me currently - More specifically - I don't actually have any capability to bond with any that I have come across." Of course, being in a position where blood rejected the ties of magic in more ways than one probably played a major role in that situation. "Afraid? Well, more so afraid for the safety of others." The nail of his index finger scratched just above his right eyebrow against his forehead. He chuckled a bit at the spiritual nature behind the explanation. In Alexander's eyes it was the actions of his 'Ancestors' that caused the issue in the first place, other than it being a factual reality. "Oh, no doubt! Music is a type of healer that most don't even know. It has the potential to wake a man in a coma from pulling on the strength to just listen in on the melody, it has the power to ease the aches and pains of a child stuck on a hospital bed for one reason or another." That much he experienced personally which held a stronger bind on to him and his reasons for continuing to play music. "But I'm pretty sure half of my ancestors won't ever answer me. They tend to be the mean type of folks."
  3. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    "Say what now?" Caught off guard from the sudden voice his eyes glanced around for a moment until he found a somewhat short-looking young male leaning against the bar counter. The way he drank from the glass slapped a smirk on Alexander from the amusement of it. The tip of his finger slowly traced the lining of his own near-empty glass for a moment before grasping it within his hand to bring it to his lips and take another gulp from it. "I think every instrument is for public use. Private is just a way to get out the personal feelings but public is that moment you're ready to belt it out with a strengthened resolution. That or just so you can psyche yourself up and the crowd." A small snicker vibrated from him. "Passion is pretty important in 'The Game', without it you can't really pump up your ambition to try and make it. Some folks play to be famous, some just to reach others - and the rare few? Both. Those duality ones have the heaviest passion you'll see." He coughed a bit to jostle his own mind from talking about the thematic of music. "I guess I could play a bit. I haven't had the time lately to practice but I don't think I'm really too rusty." He leaned back for a moment as his mind began to wander a bit. "Man, when was the last time I played for a massive audience- Oh right, that major party at the beginning of the school year." A fond sigh puffed out from him as he nodded in satisfaction. "I'll need to pull a song out of thin air to play, probably better to play one I use often. Second nature and all." Alexander extended his hand out towards Iggy. "The names Alexander, I don't think we've had the chance to really meet."
  4. Invite how do I...

    Alex wasn't sure if he should have seen it coming but he also wasn't going to curse the fact that he had managed to get more time to hang around her before she had decided to run off. "I get it, I mean. . . For a few months I didn't really feel like I 'belonged' with my Sister and her family that she grew. I was. . . So out of sorts, a stranger amongst strangers. I took them easily but even then there was so much that I didn't know, I didn't understand. That I still don't truly understand." His teeth bit into his lower lip to chew lightly as he took in a deep breath before exhaling it out. "But I know now that it's really the struggles that make the belonging hold a feeling, you know? When you go through ups and downs and the tough times they either push people away or make them grow stronger together." Whether they were truly 'closer' would remain a bit of an enigma, at least until his own situation was closer to 'fixed' as it could be. "Why not? I mean, you belong with your dad's that much is true. It may not feel like it but their home is your home and they try to make it that for you." He glanced towards her with his head tilted to the side. "Besides, you also belong around me. Well, more so you're -stuck- with me, but that's just me making it sound nicer." A friendly wink beckoned from him as he smiled widely. As they exited his hands pressed into his pockets to protect from the chill. "You're, like, one of my best friends and all after all." Something inside told him he needed to make that clear to her. A weak chuckle escaped from him. "I'm happy - we're happy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried or concerned. When you know time is every bit of a commodity than usual, it makes you wonder if you're going to be impactful enough to offer that happiness before 'Times up.'" That was his problem, across the board, it didn't extend just to Cassandra. To his friends, family, and, of course, the fans. Would he have enough of a life to invest productive intentions? To inspire someone, anyone, to find their own greatness? "That's why I'm still supportive of your fashion dream. Being a mother just means you'll be even MORE admired, someone who took to their dreams and provided for the life in them. Granted, I think you'd make an awesome mum too."
  5. Cleaning up

    "Aaaah, I think our two definitions of hazard might be a bit dangerous." Alexander laughed weakly, his eyes focused on the apple that had its form shifted into an orange. His arm raising up so that his hand to catch hold of the fruit, bringing it to both hands after a moment. "Just, you know, a slight difference between a Wandless mishap and a 'A sudden blaze erupting' mishap. Just something that happens really." He offered a short shrug casually, as if the very idea of it hadn't bothered him. It was more due to a better understanding of why's and what's behind it that gave an eerie 'comfort' in knowing it wasn't within his technique or style. A small snicker escaped from him, imagining Adele as a male. That would be a kicker imagery that he'd try to keep from his mind, if only to prevent the woman from foraging through it. "Sister, She has a very high love for books on a scary level. Very, very tough rules with how to handle books and making sure they're in the same quality as you've received them." Rubbed the back of his neck as his head tilted towards the side, trying to find the proper words to speak. "Ah. . . It's less about doing it my way and more of stuff just tends to happen even when that wasn't the intention. Even if the motion is proper just. . . A different effect occurs that is often not related." Alex blinked several times as he watched the man stand up - Was he trying to instruct him? Fingers traced through his raven-locks in a slight amusement. "Oh, I know magic theory! That willpower and confidence breeds in a stronger spell, as well as wand compatibility. That and how magic is an ever present wavering presence inside waiting to be tapped into. I've had to fall back to scholarly pursuits and focuses for reasons." He leaned back into the chair as his arms crossed against his chest loosely. "More than one reason I have to be careful with magic and all."
  6. Cleaning up

    Alex's hand shifted from his pocket as he waved it up in the air as a form of surrender. "Woah, hey, I didn't catch anyone with their pants down. I don't think the wife would appreciate at that too much." He stated casually, he wasn't in the business of busting people anyways for having a bit of fun in their downtime. Or even just handling whatever messes had been attributed towards the constant traffic of students all day long. "I don't know nothing, I don't see nothing. Besides, I doubt the Headmaster would mind anyways. He's a pretty relaxed kind of a guy." His oddly blue eyes glanced over the mess that had collapsed for a brief moment before the man's wrist twitched once more to shuffled the supplies back into place. "Oh, no, I hand it earlier in the year but had to drop it due to circumstances." He didn't entirely comment on having the 'Talent' for the wandless magic, it was a reminder of everything had been learning about himself since the start of the year. "At the moment I'm kind of a uh. . . Academical hazard with magic. Health reasons and all that jazz." Partial truths, as much as what was in his file at any rate. Hand extended out to grasp hold of Luka's firmly as he nodded towards him with a bright and widened smile of his own. "Alexander Winfield, from Spencer House. I'm also the little brother of the Librarian. So, there's that fun." He laughed briefly while making his way over towards the chair to sit down after it had been pulled closer. "I was actually assigned to Wandless magic by the Headmaster to test a bit on my very er. . . Uneven magic proficiency issues."
  7. Cleaning up

    Alexander hadn't been in Wandless Magic since he had dropped it with the last Professor - the entire reason behind taking it being shot in the foot upon certain revelations. The truth of it all had been currently it was a lot more of a risk than he was willing to take, if only to avoid DADA and Elemental Magic fiasco's. He couldn't manage another practical course without suffering a massive hit to his grades. His reason for being in the area? He was just passing by on his way towards the Spencer Common Room until the sound of music seemed to vibrate from a room and into the halls which was only seconded by the brushing chorus of brooms that seemed to work in a tempo. He'd always held a ear for music of many different varieties, catching a tune in the air was more second nature for him than using magic in the most basic of manners. As he leaned in the doorway with a guitar case in hand he watched the symphony of the janitorial chorus - as he'd aptly name it. What else would one call the systematic motion of cleaning with this kind of a collection? With his head tilted towards the side a single hand delved into the pocket of his trousers while the other gripped tightly onto the handle of his instruments case for security. "You know, you might end up missing a spot that way. Wait. . . I think I see several missing already!" It was a brief joke that held a small smile to accompany behind it. "But at least it isn't hot so no sweat breaking, right?"
  8. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    Miracles - they happened everyday and in many cases in ways you wouldn't even expect it. He hadn't met the 'Man of the Hour' but there had been bits of information here and there which had only been due to whatever would slip out from the young man who had been dedicated time and energy to finding a cure. Whatever the true cause of the cure had been alluded Alexander and truthfully it was that perplexing state of affairs that had him sitting at the bar counter with a mocktail in hand, deciding to eschew from an actual drink. His hair had been pulled back into a pony tail, a somewhat formal white button up shirt with tan slacks were worn. That was, after all, the best he could do considering his time and energy had been focused towards other areas that were much more important for him than being fully dressed up. With a drink in hand he leaned against the counter and exhausted a brief and tired sigh. "Who would have thought a celebration like this would actually manage to take a bit out of me." It was lightly spoken, mostly intended for himself at the disbelief of it. Typically, he was a social butterfly, yet, today was different as it had been the last few days. While people were celebrating the continuation of life the knowledge of potential death stalked the back of his mind no matter the amount of effort that he had put into trying to redirect it. The people he still had to meet and talk with, the amount of preparation that still needed to be done for others to get ready to cope with the inevitable. "Maybe. . . I should get an -actual- cocktail. . .? Nah. Getting plastered probably isn't the best choice in any situation." A light chuckle pressed outwards as his eyes shifted to gaze at the cobalt blue acoustic guitar that leaned against the lower wall of the bar, then the gaze traced towards the stage then back towards the instrument. "To play for the crowds or not to play for the crowds - the ever lasting question of a musician on break." He hadn't been paying too much attention to the surroundings, the place was packed and there had been an equal chance that he would run into someone he knew or a new face to him entirely.
  9. Invite how do I...

    There often was only a few ways a story could go when it came to a place like Vegas, and almost always, it was the same one that many if not all landed on. The other being they may have lost a kidney or some other organ in a card game. The truth of it all, the original intention had been to be an inspiration consider that his own 'Rest of the Life' was unlikely in the bigger picture - at least from what he knew and understood. It didn't mean not to fight but meant not to be surprised. "Guess that explains one of the reasons why you were out on that bench that day, you were thinking about it then too I bet." If it had been all year then it seemed to be a likely thought to come across for him. "I mean, does anyone 'really' belong? Hehe, I think belonging is just something you have to make for yourself in a way." Maybe that was just too idealistic of a view? It was a thought and consideration that struck within his mind. "But you know, just because others don't say it or act a certain way, it doesn't mean that you aren't important to them. What one person sees as a funny way of showing it - another may think they're fully secure and ready to trust that distance can't break up that bond." That, of course, was when communication would need to be at the forefront of mutual understanding. Alexander's hand rose up and rubbed at the back of his neck with a weakened and bashful laughter that echoed after the accusation. "Yea, wasn't the original plan. It was actually just supposed to be an unveiling of proposing. Not . . . Actually go through with it then and there. But one too many drinks got the best of us." He had wanted to make the deal that if he survived - if he could live that there would be groundwork towards some kind of future. "A kind of. . .'If I manage to survive the operation - then we can we start that future' kind of idea. Let's just say. . . A lot of people weren't happy what so ever. Er. . . Not that I blame or anything. Of course, most aren't really in my shoes so they don't know my mindset too much."
  10. Invite how do I...

    "Woah, hey, you don't owe me an explanation - I mean I am hardly a person to judge about anything in any situation anyways. You were doing what you thought has been right for you." Whether it was right or wrong, that was his opinion to make - for him it was more important that she had some form of strong support when things would get rough. Even more so when he could empathize due to his own experiences that seemed to be growing by the days. "The person in the situation always has a much different view than others that are looking from the outside. Many might judge or have opinions from beliefs or past experiences, but the current experience will always be something that is unique to the person." Alex pressed one of his hands through his hair to shift some of the strands from his view. "His dad must be quick on the up to catch up. Two magical folks can be hard to track under the best of circumstances." He offered a friendly light laughter, the expression that showered over her face showed enough that he had assumed she felt her plan had been foiled by some nosy adult. "Sounds like you have a pretty good support system then and didn't even know it." A firm nod flowed from him. "And your child will still have connection to their family too, which is usually an upside if they're about as excited as you are." Usually, he had almost said always at least until he had to look at both of their own childhoods - what had lacked. He could see where embarrassed could come into play, people didn't take certain news easily and judgement often came like a boomerang with blade embedded into the edges. "Oh, that I get what you mean. Things have been happening left and right so I figured I needed a bit of a vacation with Cass. Turns out, getting drunk in Vegas makes you accelerate plans you had for much, much later." He had intended on continuing, until the sudden embrace formed. His own arms wrapped around her tightly into a hug. "I've missed you too, Frankie. Hehe, It's hard to find what to say sometimes. And you're right they weren't great but... Not really for the expected reasons." What was he supposed to say? There were many things he couldn't say, information and knowledge that were like weights crushing him. Each held in secret felt more like a 'Lie' than a way to protect people, not from the truth either but from what could come from it in the larger scheme. Yet, being around them physically was perhaps just as much as inviting that risk too. "Oh, THAT reason, yea, we didn't expect that one either I guess, huh? Haha. Ah, well, you know it happens when it gets to the covers being tossed around." Unless, they didn't use covers, but that wasn't an image he wanted implanted in his head. "Oh, no, I have plenty of time! Well. . . Okay, that's kind of relative considering stuff. Gives us chance to catch up. That and for me to probably tell you something person to person anyways. Let's just say it kind of re-routes back to the whole 'Vegas - drunk' fiasco."
  11. Invite how do I...

    It seemed as if Frankie was in good health, as one could be carrying about a baby and probably dealing with all of the issues that come from it when having to deal with schooling and parents. Admittedly, he was more surprised to see her working as a Cashier but at the same time it seemed like an attempt by one or both of her fathers to start her on a different track of provision. The tip of his fingers tapped against the countertop in thought while his head shook lightly in an attempt to stay as modest as possible. "You don't need to thank me. And not really~, I still feel shocked." The usual smile that embraced his face grew with a light laughter to accompany it. "There are just. . . Somethings you just don't or can't go around telling people about. That much I get, someone may not understand or take it to mean something that it doesn't." Both of his hands pulled from the counter and pressed into the depths of his jacket pocket. "The important thing really is if you feel you have your support system worked out and if they're positive enough for you to not stress out about too much. That and having cravings met no matter how crazy they may sound - Might find yourself with a pickles and ice cream feel." Not that he expected that, he's heard rumors but has never seen such a drastic craving. "I'm. . . Alright, It could always be worse." It was more so a lie he told himself enough that he had to sell it to others. Nothing had truly been 'alright', Things before April were already bad and April just made the tipping point of everything roll down even faster in an avalanche of issues. "As far as school goes I'm not doing as well as I hope to in certain classes but hopefully that will change soon." That was something that would change one way or another, either in something unexpectedly good or forebodingly bad. "Though, I am glad to see you too. Missed seeing you around school or even outside of it and all." Maybe it was a twist of fate, he was told to 'Make peace' with those he considered closest to him. It seemed more than coincidental at this point - in this moment. "I hope you didn't think that having a kiddo would mean I was going to let you give up on your dream. You can start making baby fashions and work your way up as the years go by!"
  12. Invite how do I...

    Things hadn't been adding up towards the 'positive' note for him, not for quite a while now that he had time away from others to just think through everything he had to endure. There were plenty of stuff he still couldn't even believe had been in actual existence and learned more about people that he was probably better off being ignorant about. Knowledge, it could be a very dangerous and damning presence and he was given a bit of a taste of what he had put a few people through his 'admission of truth' about his not so healthy countenance. Even if the very extent of what it was had to be kept as a larger secret and purely for the safety and comfortability of other people in his life. Today was intended to be awkward one, at least for him so far that he had known. He had started early in trying to figure out a proper compound for at least 'easing' the issues with his state of existence and by connection the fate that awaited for any male that came from a line of his Mother's people. He had ran out of fresh rowan and needed more to see if it could be concentrated enough to assist in application for a more 'spiritual' wound - something that couldn't be managed outwardly in the flesh. It had landed Alexander at not only the Apothecary he knew of but also perhaps the only one he could feel he'd trust. Before he had entered there was a bit of anxiety that welled up inside, he had worried where Frankie had been - if she'd be inside or not. He had inhaled a deep and brief breath before pushing inwards where his odd-cobalt hues settled on the person he had felt anxiety over seeing first. Not from any dislike but it was just one of those things that tended to well up within after some time apart, that gap of uncertainty on how things would go. "Hey there, Frankie, didn't expect to see you! . . . In. . .Your own home. Haha" He rubbed the back of his neck as he approached the counter not aware of her condition until he made it there and could see the formation of the bump along her abdomen. "Woah, I. . . Didn't know. Congratulations?" He wasn't sure if she were happy about it, it certainly was a different kind of work and life altering existence than he would have even guessed at, but it did put a few pieces of the puzzle that lingered together. "How are you holding up?"
  13. There are a lot of tough things to do in the world. . . Didn't think that trying to find different ways for the same thing would be -this- hard.

  14. A Rare Opportunity

    It had been quite sometime since he had graced the endearing Musiciary room, ever since things had started to spiral out of control between the suddenness of his relationship advancement - the other issue that came way before then that seemed to surround his family like a plague waiting to infect all that got within proximity enough. Truth be told, he hadn't been practicing music as often as he used to aside from the small meet ups he'd have with those that he had connected with on that kind of bond, a bond of music. A guitar case in hand to protect Sapphire from the elements, Alexander figured he may as well give the old gal a good session of play just in case he wouldn't be able to do so again. That had been the plan but like many plans that were devised there was a major change as the sound of strings from a piano being plucked by the mechanisms radiated from the room before he even had the chance to step through the entryway. It was only placed in second as a unique sound to his ears due to the lyrical notes of a foreign language following in unison with the notes that were being struck on the keys. With light foot steps he proceeded into the room trying his best not to make any sudden noises that would halt the process that had been flowing from the young man. After all, a musician who had sought to find the solace of silence to make joyful noise onto their own ears probably didn't have much of a chance to do so - that or needed the sound of music to think through the struggles that may be surmounting. Taking off the somewhat weighted jacket to protect him from the brisk evening outside he'd set it down over a small table that had been nearby a stool. Deftly as if it were second nature itself he'd press the guitar case on top of it to unlock it open and slowly pry it open to stare at the glossed cobalt hue of his guitar that nestled inside. His hands curled around the head of the neck to carefully lift it up and bring the strap over his shoulder while he turned to sit down on the stool that had only been a short walk. With his right leg lifted up the foot would plant itself against the second bar to the stool. Alexander just listened, the tempo that had been the strings to the keys, fingers first shadow followed on his own guitar mental checking and tuning it from memory and familiarity with his instrument. Without a word spoken he began to play following along as a background player, the tone similar and adjusting bit by bit until it had been as close to unison as possible - A complementation to the song being played on the piano.
  15. Window to the Sky

    "Had a lot of time on your hands, eh?" A small smirk stretched along his face as he nodded gently, almost as if it were some form of sagely intuition. Of course, it all made sense, someone who had been tasked with being a guide of sorts to the quickening world around them most likely would have had to deal with many readings and ramblings. Things to help them understand their quarry better but also to get an idea of where the present world was at and its potential on where it could go. That kind of time he couldn't fathom, he spent most days trying to juggle school, relationships, and the ever so often jam-session. It is an ironic phrase, but only time could tell if that would change. "But isn't that the twisted beauty of it all?" His hands tugged at the gloves to tighten them further to block away that chill that threatened to break through the warming garments. "Mistakes and failures, because others don't live long it becomes more immediate to them to make up for it some how. Either with those that were effected most or those that could be effected by the same decision occurring again." That was something he noticed switched between good habits and bad habits, a person who had always been ridiculed would do their utmost to avoid making a decision to be in that place again. While a person who in the same position could be on the more volatile end in response and rationale. "It's why family is important, can take them less for granted when you know a time is up sooner than the blink of an eye. Sometimes way too soon. . ." Alexander's gaze dropped as the thought of his adoptive father pressed into mind, it was a night that wouldn't be forgotten and that would leave an impression within himself for many reasons. It was instantly snatched away, however, as Bethianna spoke of his chance. "The best kind of will. Slapped on with all the perfect reasons." This wasn't for others, this was purely because he wanted those he had made connections with to be in a life - an actual life. Eyelids fluttered as he felt the presence of her hand make an impression against his cheek, an odd sensation to be sure. Confusion, she had never been so physically adorning before and yet there was this sensation of longing. Even with what he knew, witnessed and saw, she still held the essence of a 'Motherly' figure to him. His hand rose up to gently touch hers curling the fingers around loosely. There was an actual loss of words for him unsure of how to respond or even if this would be the last time for such a presence but it was memorable and something he wouldn't regret if things had ever ended up back at this place once more.