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  1. Was he even ready for this? The demands of a class noted to be 'Advanced' could hardly ever be called a walk in the park. Especially for him, where dropping from over-exertion had been a realistic possibility. Attempting to replicate certain spells had been difficult enough and he mostly hoped that it didn't involve trying to counter-spell some form of curse or jinx this time around. At the very least to avoid him having to rely on Lauren or Lorelei, if they happened to end up choosing the Advanced course. 'Why wouldn't they? They're both far more confident and capable within the knowledge of their own magic. . .' He on the other hand had still been trying to learn, still stretching his wings to find the height of his limits and to see just how far that will and determination could take him given the current circumstances. He entered the classroom along with a few other students and took his position at the front of the desk. There'd been no mind paid to anyone in particular, there hadn't been anyone he really knew or interacted with. There'd been that one fellow that had gotten far too close to Lorelei in a few classes for his liking, though that'd been overprotectiveness that he slowly and begrudgingly had been working on as a means to let the girls enjoy their teen years without, 'Uncle Xander', staring over their shoulder like a hawk trying to protect its young. "Hey there, Prof. Woah, you look. . . Pretty warn out." Luckily? He had just the kind of thing for that, something he had designed not only for himself but had even given it to his mother one time. (The woman actually even held a look of approval when he did!) Reaching into his back he pulled out a custom made bottle that held a yellowish liquid and walked up to place it on Andy's desk. "It's kind of an energy drink of sorts. All natural, self brewed. I use it for myself when. . . I have to take care of my nephews." He stated in an obvious lie, though no one needed to know at every turn that he had to find unique ways to maintain his condition previously. After sitting back down he started to relax and settle in until the class started up.
  2. Alex had to be honest with himself, he wasn't sure how to pull that kind of act off with Wizard's magic. Maybe it wouldn't be far too different. . .? At least he held an understanding of its magical theory enough to have a hint, something for him to consider writing down and having someone test out for him as they learned. Nothing too hard, he hoped. "Ahaha, We'll have to see how you do." He offered Max a playful smirk. "No rush or pressure. Just wanted to let you know of a few options if you wanted them." The ideal hope had been to limit potential stress and not try to force her to believe she needed to do actually perform. Whether or not she took it, the choice of the options had been there and something that would up to her on taking up. He wanted to make sure everyone could take away something from the club or else what had been the point if nothing had been gained? Whether it'd been one they expected or a pleasant surprise, something needed to be gained as a constructive benefit as one of his beliefs. He nodded with a smoothness with a smile creasing in a good-natured flex. "Awesome, I'll try to see when I can set those up." The difficult portion had been the busyness of the people he needed to contact and not to mention it hadn't been the easiest time or situation for his family at the moment. Skepticism would've struck someone and he could only hope that his certainty of nothing being out of the ordinary would suffice to open them up to offer a chance for someone in the musical arena. "Ooof. . . Trying to put me through the ringer with some heavy Blackmail, Max?" A chuckle eased out of him and he sighed softly and with a joking tone. "I'll see what I can do." He winked towards her conspiratorially. While he didn't think Adele would actually chew him out. . . Much. . . For the use of the glasses at the very least he respected that she held a certain 'Air' that she wanted to keep up amongst the school campus. It couldn't be expected that there'd actually been a soft spot for a family member, especially a younger sibling. "Thanks for coming everyone!" The time that had been offered was respected, they didn't need to appear, their cooperation helped to validate the club further which hopefully could help future students. Afterwards he spent the time fixing up the room, preparing the various instruments that hadn't been part of the Musiciary class for transport to their proper storage and owners.
  3. Pooling that much energy had a detrimental effect on him, unfortunately, as a sense of weariness seemed to hit him if only lightly. Even so he gave a humbled bow after the finalization of his performance and his hand gently turned to allow the drumsticks he'd taken ahold of with his magic to lay flat and motionless on the table next to the several rows of wine glasses. "Now, that's not fair, Max. I did apologize before hand." He showed a cheeky grin her way, sometimes when the inspiration and thoughts hit him he gave no true consideration on how he would like to achieve that imagery. While the wine glasses may have been unorthodox it had been one of his many styles to incorporate different kinds of objects as musical instruments in their own right. It'd also been as much to open the potential ideas and creativity of the other members of the club in case they found themselves in a stump. From the look of things it also seemed as if Rachel had been rubbed the wrong way, either by the performance or his way of conducting it. "Uh. . . Yea, sure." There had been a part of him that felt that MJ might not have gotten the chance even though she did decline to go. He also felt it would've been far more difficult to help her if she didn't have an ide already on who she felt comfortable working with. The intention of the club needed to be able to reach all members where they're at and that might've stretched to even outside of club time. "If you want, MJ, we can pick a good day or time to see what you know. You know, a really casual kind of setting that feels right for you." "I'm thinking even with the different skill levels we'll definitely be able to play as a unit with a bit of practice and a lot of fun." He smiled widely towards Max and Laurie know they'd chose the club more along those lines. "And. . . For you, Rachel, I may have an idea of someone you can talk to. I know a person whose a conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, if that's the kind of thing you want to jump into. If you want a more solo kind of act going on I know someone that could help out there too, well, hopefully help out there." It would mean him calling in a favor from Vlad or Jez but he didn't think they'd mind too much. "But if anyone needs any help or want to work on something I'll always try to make that time even outside of the club. Also, uh, do me a favor and don't tell the Librarian about those glasses? I'll put them back later."
  4. Don't worry folks, everything will still be as scheduled! We'll be showcasing a few VEGE sponsored musicians in a nice street jam! Enjoy your lunch and daily shopping's with some music! 🎤

  5. An acceptable answer, well, he found any answer would be acceptable than 'I don't have a future' or any of its relative terms. "You know, I get that. When you had this expectation for yourself and find yourself with far more you're able to do and have no idea what you want to do." That had been how he felt the moment he gained the actual capability to live and not just have the end sight of death. He had ambitions, things that had been in his heart for him that he'd wanted to do. Were they viable at that time? He didn't believe so but it didn't mean that they shouldn't have been attempted. "Even though I know what I want to do now with everything else it feels as if it's still a pretty uncertain future in general." It did, however, mean that the world had been her 'Oyster' as many weird people placed it. "Well, how about we try different things? See what makes that right fit." An idea for when she felt fully comfortable with that kind of a step, it at least had been an idea to keep her active and searching. The news wasn't something he expected and while it had been entirely foreign to him, admittedly on some level, terrifying that she had committed such an act there'd been a response within himself that lessened it. Rather, it'd been how she began to explain the reasons and the sadness that lingered in her voice on the connection that she held with her father. "That makes sense. . . It is very sad. I. . ." He couldn't imagine if that had been him in that kind of situation. To be taken away from Cassandra or vice verse? Not something he would've sat down and allowed to happen even if it meant every fact of danger for his own existence. "It's breaking to the soul even. Love is a strong and dangerous thing, worth it every sense of the way too. When you've found a strong bond like that it's nearly impossible to imagine without it." That much he understood simply from the elephant in the room both he and Cass had intended to ignore but truly couldn't. Alex watched as she looked away from him which caused him to stand up slowly, he didn't want to set her on alert. Instead rather to keep her calm, to let her know that sadness had been fine given the circumstances. He didn't believe she should've been placed in that situation, no child, should be placed in that situation. But he had to also understand the world she came from, the environment and country had been different in traditions and beliefs. His hand reached out and touched hers gently. "I understand then. . . Every time you play it's painful, isn't it?" If it had been it'd been he could see why, in her heart it must've ached to be reminded of her actions. "You were placed in a harsh situation, Ruella. I couldn't fathom being stuck in that kind of a position." Someone was most likely going to die and she intervened, making the choice to protect through death. It wasn't something he could say he'd have been okay with in himself. But those close to him in a sense all had been in a place where 'Death' wasn't the intention of maliciousness but protection in a very odd way. "You protected someone, that isn't a bad thing. And the Music. . . Don't let that leave your heart or hands because of it." Actions were waves, wounds that could be created and if left to fester were difficult or near-impossible to truly heal. But at some point healing did need to happen, that had been his belief. She showed sadness, it hadn't been something he wanted to do it felt more as if she felt she needed to do so. Therein had been the difference in his eyes and heart. "Hey. . . I still believe you have one the most poetic souls of anyone I've met." To him, she hadn't been stained or unredeemable. Whether it'd been the blood of her father on her hands or the choice of Zane. Those actions weren't defining and perhaps he had too innocent or accepting of a heart than people would've liked to see him actually have but he couldn't and wouldn't change that part of him.
  6. Alexander nodded in appreciation as the two of them seemed to work in well-maintained sync. Of course, he expected that Max had an easy time with that kind of an act given their own suddenness not that long ago. And now he managed to get a good eye on how she'd been with a guitar which formed a feint smile on his face. It had always been good to see people using the instrument he preferred to actually play with his own hands. Others, if necessary, he tended to use magic if it didn't run him too dry of energy. Once it came to an ending his hands rose up in an applause. "Well done, well done. Nice awareness on the drums there, Laurie." A smirk pressed on his lips, he hadn't missed the motions and the obviousness that she'd been holding back in consideration of the singer's voice not being able to reach a certain point without a microphone. "It showed not only your comfortability in the instruments and its limits but notice for your partner's show." Then he pointed towards Max with a joke-filled wave with his hand. "And you, having me preform and sing on my own when you had a voice like that? I should feel bad for you holding back on me like that! But I'll let it go this time." It perhaps had been more towards the factor that he'd sang a song before that had been pretty old compared to their own age and most likely not as popular in certain parts of the world. Had it been his turn now? He scratched the back of his neck a bit, it had been the idea to hold a showcase of their potential skill and talent but he also knew how he could be once the guitar settled in his hands. For all his attempt at being humble he tended to go the full length for the sake of entertainment and the hope that it'd lift up the confidence and spirits of those who listened. "Guess that makes me next, right?" A causal shrug flows from him. "I apologize before hand." He had stated generally as he made his way towards his guitar and picked it up, settling the strap around his torso as the crimson twisted braid that hung from the head dangled, the emerald gloss of its tail gave a well-polished reflection. "I call this lovely beauty, Thia. She's a new addition to my life since I gave Sapphire away but she's every bit as beautiful with the strings." Rapidly his mind began to work as one of his hand stretched out as it waved to pull several empty wine classes onto the table top, summoned from Adele's cabinet. She. Was going. To kill him. Another wave caused water to form above each glass and then fall into them at different levels. Taking nearby extra drum sticks he began to enchant them to move on their own and sent them off towards the glasses with a few tested strikes at the edges in a crescendo, each one having its own unique and noticeable sound. They set the tone for him as the drumsticks started to move with far more purpose and meaning. Alexander's hand reached out once more except this time the digits of his fingers wriggled with the intention as if he'd been playing a piano which caused the nearby one to follow the lead that the water-filled wine glasses set. As his lips parted his fingers began to move along the strings, catching the sync of the previously enchanted instruments with on time fluidity. "I have often dreamed of a far off place Where a hero's welcome would be waiting for me. . ." The speed of the instruments started to build in a steady rhythm. "Where the crowds would cheer, when they see my face And a voice keeps saying this is where I'm meant to be." With timed inhalation through his nostrils his voice held with the tempo of the chorus along with a confidence that showed he'd been exceedingly comfortable. "I'll be there someday, I can go the distance. I will find my way if I can be strong. I know every mile would be worth my while. When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong~." Playing the full song of 'Go the Distance.' until finished with piano holding a gentle ending flourish to mark a finale to the song.
  7. There seemed to be a confidence that played on the pianist or maybe it'd been far more cockiness in her own abilities? It caused him to sit back and hum to himself in a low vibration. That could be problematic of some sorts but something he'd been far more prepared, something to be expected when it came to the arts. Finding the line between self-confidence and over confidence, she'd certainly been sure of herself but there had been a concern of his on how it'd play out with others that were either learning the instrument or that could eventually excel as a virtuoso within it. Something for him to consider and perhaps more so for the advisor's to help come to a constructive conclusion. His attention had turned towards Max and Laurie next it'd been a good sign that more wanted to show a bit more of their own talent. A curious thought pushed through his mind, 'I wonder if the two of them have played before.' From what he could tell the two of them were well acquittanced with one another. The prospect of whether or not they did had been irrelevant the act of seeing how well they could sync up in the heat of a musical moment had been the key that he'd been hoping to actually see. Alexander stood up and grasped his chair to move it back slightly and faced it towards Laurie and the set of drums. Not only to give a respectful attention towards the next one or ones to perform but also to make sure his ear didn't get take a harsh hit from the crashing that would emit from the drums. "Feel free to let loose whenever you're ready."
  8. While he'd been aware that his life had nearly ended, well, more times than he really cared to be counting anymore. There'd never been a part of him that felt the necessity towards being protected but maybe that had been the privilege of things? Nothing seemed a reason because a reason never showed and he might end up feeling far differently if something directly showed, not unlike the situation that had occurred at Jez and Viktor's 'Unwedding' event. The desire to protect someone, that he knew well enough, but that had been driven by emotion and not a sense of duty or obligation for him personally. It never occurred to Alexander that Améa and Jezebel hadn't actually known at the same time about themselves, the kind of training that must have occurred for Améa had to have occurred far earlier in her life in comparison from how it sounded. The mantle of Queen or King didn't seem like the easiest of burdens especially for a nation that didn't enjoy the idea of progress only a stagnant existence. Being King, even a Royal in general, still caught Alexander off guard as he'd never expected to be in such a position in his entire life. "Choices, they're a bit of a punch in the face sometimes, aren't they? But I think they're pretty important to still have. Have you thought about what you want to do then? You're not expected to be Queen, right? It brings a freedom." That's how he looked for it when it came to himself personally. But he also knew Adele had been trying to change that fate in general, a Monarchy, it doomed their family in their freedom. While he understood that her connection Zane took far more than it should've and mostly due to Bethianna's explanation, he didn't feel that alone should've damned her. So, it'd been herself that had been setting those barriers. He originally had started to think of a way to ask what caused it but her words slapped it right out. She. . . Killed her own father. That had to settle in his mind, it'd been foreign to hear and even think about. His own relation with not only his adoptive father but his biological Father since meeting him made it a difficult thing to conceive. Luckily, he hadn't been the kind of person to judge or condemn, well, not any more. Many things had been different and he found himself, this unique change, some emotions weren't just his own either. Alexander's hand reached for a nearby chair and then turned it towards Améa and sat down upon it. His eyes raised up, the violets settled on her overwhelmingly blue spheres. She had his full attention and he hadn't planned to break that because of this admittance. "Why did you kill him?" If her Father offered such a shoulder he didn't think he had hurt her, or did he?
  9. Whether it'd been too much to ask he wasn't entirely sure, but he wanted to understand her, to be in a position to appreciate her as an individual, a person. Like someone that had been part of a family unit. Language typically had been difficult at first to trying to understand her when she did grace an area with her voice but over time he found he'd been able to understand if he just took his time and think on the track where she'd been going. The most difficult had been today, when she had been hit with the wave of emotions that made trying to piece all of what had overwhelmed her heart. So, she'd been dutiful. But he'd been someone she'd been duty bound to protect? He wasn't sure how he felt about that, he couldn't judge her mindset but he didn't think of himself as someone that should've been considered in such a way. He didn't interrupt her, allowing her to speak fully until her words had come into a full stop and allowing himself some time to process the question he'd ask. It'd been. . . Far more complicated than he'd expected, it even made him wonder what prompted her to believe it hadn't been her place to need someone, that she didn't deserve more. What had been the missing piece? Was it something that he shouldn't know for one reason or another? "I hadn't realized that I had been under your protection." He'd hoped it didn't sound offensive, in fact he'd been more taken back that he'd even be considered to be under such guard. As someone who sought to heal others he could understand the prospect, maybe not as just a duty but as a desire as well. "I thank you for that, even if it's your duty it should be appreciated." Which he had been. Though the way she spoke it sounded if she'd been sculpted to be some form of . . .Assassin in the name of the family. "You were supposed to be Queen?" That would make sense, she'd been the older Twin, the oldest child of Adele. She must've been groomed and by Bethianna. "Are you the one who decided that you don't deserve more?" Frown formed on his face for moment as the gears in his mind started to turn and twist. "If that's far too personal then I'm sorry about that." There were something about it that seemed like redemption, atonement? There'd been a deeper story and history for her, that'd been obvious but the what once again lingered in his mind when it shouldn't have. Alexander nodded slowly, she'd been denied the right to deserve comfort. Whether it was by her or someone else that commanded of her had been irrelevant he supposed. "I guess family aren't exempt from offering that shoulder? I mean, I'd get it if it wasn't me in general. Far younger and my experience at life isn't really enough to offer much in that little arena of things." If anything he imagined she'd have far more knowledge in general, even it'd been experience. "Well, was there anything you wanted to ask me?"
  10. The look on her face caused him to sigh in defeat, he understood as much as what many would allow and even still had been learning, trying to grasp at multiple personalities in a short timespan. Out of the many of his discovered family he found Améa the hardest to relate to, the hardest to try and find a common ground of understanding. At first he expected it had solely been the experiences she faced that defined it but that hadn't been it in its entirety, a far more disrespectful thinking to even assume that on his part. It'd most likely been the mix of experiences, beliefs, and ideals that she held herself too that defined every step, every thought. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to be offensive." Her name had sounded nice to him but maybe it'd been the meaning of the name that held for her. Alexander's face shifted, one to show that he found her claim that Bethianna wasn't to be adored incredulous. A hint of wounding at that, how could he not adore her? It wasn't his way to hide his feelings or what he believed someone meant to him. The Elder woman never needed to earn his loyalty or care, it simply was there, he'd been willing to see her way refusing to stay closed off from learning and understanding. Admittedly, it'd been his own insecurities that nurtured it but that gradually changed the more opened she became with him. "I don't know what to tell you." His tone responded in a swift strong presence. "When someone is opened with me, even a step at a time? I don't take that for granted. Everyone has their own pace, everyone. I respected that as much as I made sure to say my own concerns." At the start of the Acceptance ritual there were words that struck with him, stuck with him. 'Survive, my Alexander. You have more days to conquer yet.' Those were heavier words each time they rang into his mind and in this moment the weight of them bore a mantle that he was sure had been difficult to maintain. Yet, he had to endure, to forge ahead. She'd been a caring woman, when she wanted to be, even if she never showed it so easily. "The way I've taught myself to care about others had been due to a time of uncertainty for me. But she wasn't the only one who gained my adoration either. Every single one of you did." It hadn't simply been because they were family, that had been shown that it made very little waves when pain and hurt festered. "I admire your dedication, yours is the kind that builds a wall to protect that which matters to you." She cared deeply, strongly, to the point she placed herself in the depth of things. In that way, he felt, she hadn't been unlike Adele with how their heart seemed to form and sweep waves in the path before them for those they cared about. He couldn't say he'd make a guitar for every single person but he'd honor them each in a way that meant something to him. It didn't matter what it said to others, what it may have felt for them, it'd be all for him to remember and understand. Even for his Adoptive Father he kept a keepsake, one he had no idea even existed until he started to clean out the old home. His hand gently lowered and he had turned to place the instrument back on the bed. "I can respect that." Then he stood up and started to slide the crumbled jeans into a smooth consistency once more. Her words from earlier struck in his mind and a nod of self-resolution formed. "Then help me to see, well, You. Who you are, what you stand for. I know it's not something that can be done in the blink of an eye." It seemed that regardless of who had been inside of him, certain quirks didn't seem to be too altered, the depth of his care being one of them. "I've never been sure how to approach you, the difference between us is like. . . A Chasm. So much so I don't think either us truly know one another at the core, as People." The truth of it had been that he'd been far more aligned in similarity to Jezebel than to Améa. But had that been so bad? It meant a broadened horizon, an understanding that people weren't lineal, they were complex ever changing, ever different. "I want to be able to be there if you or anyone ever need me."
  11. Perhaps one of his most unattractive traits by a lot of peoples standards had been the internalization of issues that he caused on himself, even when his adoptive passed away he somehow managed to find a way to reflect that it'd been his very existence that caused the downfall. These extreme cases, logically, didn't make sense in the grander scheme. It made more sense to understand that whether he willed it or not these people would've made their choices one way or another but that hadn't been enough for him. There needed to be a reason and in his mind it could only ever be the common denominator in these circumstances. A state of contention between himself and Cassandra that it often ended up with a silent understanding of agreeing to disagree. It had been in this moment that he been faced with the reality that he'd been running from his grief rather than appropriately facing it. 'Damn it. . . What a way to take actual responsibility instead of just growing up. . .' Alex could only mentally reprimand himself as the palm of his hand pressed against his forehead and he weaved the lithe digits through the length of his hair. It had been disrespectful the way he carried himself from the sacrifices that had been offered up for him to walk as he did, that hadn't been fair in the light of the revelation that he faced. He snapped at those who didn't deserve it, shut most of himself off from those that should know him the most and couldn't strengthen himself up enough to face the terror that had been grief. He still had been thinking as the small boy who had been facing a black room of death at the end of his tunnel called life. Alexander could never fathom the amount of teaching and effort Bethianna poured into Améa nor the struggles she'd endured to try and prove herself as able to meet the challenges given to her. "Ellazandre? It's a beautiful name." Knowing what little he did of the Elder woman that had put years into both of them, names held meaning, she'd never been a woman without meaning and purpose in the thing she'd done. "She made me more than alive, she inspired me. As a Healer, to someone like me who knew only a hospital? That was important to me." He'd never talked much of his own circumstances, his own childhood to people in his family, an odd situation he figured to not do so. "It was because of her I also had been able to actually know how my actions had waves it could make that I never would've known otherwise." Marrying Cassandra had never been a bad thing in his mind, he would've never counted it as a mistake in his short life. But he did admit that it should've been better timed, that it shouldn't have been under the height of drunkenness that pushed it ahead further than intended. "She made me realize the importance of caring for others and not to see the surface but to see the wounds. Before Auntie Bethianna? I would've held on to the anger that. . . Mamiere discarded me, tossed me aside. But now I understand what I didn't before." At least he thought he understood, the choice of his death or not wasn't one out of maliciousness. It had been to protect her own pain of loss while also trying to save him from the painful death the Acceptance would've brought under normal circumstances. The attention had been drawn to the guitar that he crafted with his very hands and he walked over towards it and picked it up gingerly, the color of it polished in a glimmering sheen as he laid it over his lap. Maybe he loved her because she gave him a presence to latch on to, at first anyways, but he understood she couldn't replace the void of a mother. Eventually he started to see her for her, a woman who made choices the best way she knew how even if he didn't agree with them he respected that. "I adored her, I can't speak for others because I only know my story. As for what I honor I . . . At first it was to trick myself that I could still try to feel her presence this way. But every time I strum, every time I make the sound of rhythm's and melody a bigger piece is understood." With the tips of his fingers pressed along the strings he played a gentle and tender progression of a soft note. "She's honored not just because I miss her but because this beauty of a guitar shows my desire to keep fighting." His lips parted for a moment and his eyes lifted to stare upon Améa once more. "Music has been one of the things in my life that had always allowed me to keep strong while I felt weak. Now? It will be a reminder that I will conqueror the days before me along with everyone and everything else that reminds me." This had been one of the few times that internalization had been a far more positive trait in his mind than a negative one. "I also plan to try and honor her by making sure I put every effort into being a proper Healer. Not just for physical wounds either." There'd been a need to understand the emotional wounds as much as the physical even the spiritual wounds that could occur. Eyes lowered gently towards the guitar and held it towards Améa. "Do you want to play it? Maybe music might help you, if I remember it speaks to you the same way it does me. It doesn't count as a violin, I see no reason to not play." He offered a soft smile towards her.
  12. The walk towards the room seemed eerily silent, while he would've expected it in their normal environment something just felt. . . Off? No, that didn't quite describe the feeling at the pit of his stomach that started to knot over. This wasn't going to be a good kind of gathering and he couldn't piece together the why, as if he'd been forgetting a crucial connection or situation. It'd been rare for him to forget anything in general, the fact that it must've been something important grinded heavily in his mind. After settling in he awaited for her answer and his head canted towards the side slightly. Nothing? What in the name of Merlin's hat had he truly been missing? Something wasn't adding up and he knew interrupting her would've only caused equal confusion due to the unique nature of the language barrier. It'd been far more preferential that he allow her to get all of her thoughts out first before he could actively start trying to help her, unsure on how he could actively do something that others around her couldn't do. As she spoke he regretted ever not interrupting her. He didn't like how this started to descend and the knot in the stomach only grew tighter, the optimism he often wore socked right out of him as she continued on. His mind trying to piece together her words, bit by bit, gaining an understanding of it all. What he took? The cost of what it meant for him to be there now? His lips parted to ask what she meant and then immediately clamped down tightly, the hook and connection that had been missed entirely overlooked by him. The name she spoke didn't need any form of clarification, she'd been placing the blame of his survival, the loss of Bethianna, on him. She'd been far closer to the woman, known her longer, been aware and taught by her than he'd been. This caused him to take a hesitated gulp on where to even begin with it all. How could he even defend himself when he thought the same as she did? It wasn't his mother's fault, nor was it or Adele's, Caleb was at no fault either he only acted in defense of someone he cared about which he'd expect of anyone with a proper heart of goodness. For the past few months he'd been trying to avoid the growling maw of sorrow that had been the loss of someone who had taught him more about his bloodline and family than anyone. His hand slowly slid to the emerald guitar, the red tassel that hung in a braid slapping against his body as it mocked him for attempt to ignore that which had been buried deep inside. A place within he even tried to keep Caleb or Cassandra from trying to sniff out. Alexander's hand wrapped around the neck of his instrument and calmly walked over towards his body and settled it down though the way he walked showed the weight of the words and his own personal conscious. "What do you want me to say? Hm?" He turned around to settle his Violet hues on the grief-struck woman. "Do you expect me to deny it? Listen to some of the others who say she took that chance? That she understood? That doesn't stop the fact that I know what I set in motion. I didn't want the cost of a life for exchange of mines." Better that she were to let him go than to sacrifice himself, the pain and the cost should've been his weight to hold and instead there'd been a harsher weight to the reality. That things of vast nature couldn't be obtained without altering the fates. "I understood a plan she had as so much of the use of her own twin, I knew the importance, I felt the importance in those last moments when it started to take place in me. Yes, I know the cost, I know what I took. You weren't the only one she invested in, Améa. . ." He took in a deep breath and bit at his lower lip roughly, drawing enough blood from it. "For years she put a bit of herself in me, maybe it was obligation or responsibility for letting someone live that shouldn't have lived in the first place. Didn't even know that until last year. The person who gave me my name, 'Alexander'. I lie to myself often, try to avoid the absence but I can't." What would Bethianna even think seeing them this broken up? Would she have disapproved? Remind them that it wasn't necessary? But their world had been different, emotions, connections, they were important. Heart building and heart rending, cannot have one without the other. The means of being a Human in heart and nature. "I know, Mother only teaches, only involves when she wants something. Maybe one day. . . That will change. And maybe on some level that change has started." His expression shifted to one of sadness, not sympathy, empathy. He had perhaps been one of the few people that understood the grounds she'd been on in her feelings towards the woman. "I'm sorry I took her away from you, Ruella. . . I only ever truly knew that she wanted me to only ever try and live, that she had wanted to try and. . . Give her twin a new life even risking him on me." That perhaps wouldn't ease the pain much. "But I also know I'm the one who took away our teacher, the woman who inspired me to be a healer for us, our people - to help the Male's like DJ, like Caleb." The weight of the sadness started to brook at the edge of his eyes. "And I know I took away the actual progenitor not only to my own Wife but to her Aunt, my own unborn kids. The weight I bear is great, the wound I inflicted more so. Even if others don't accuse me of it, even if you're the only one who accuses me of it? I have damned myself already the moment it happened. The only thing I can do? Is carry on the things she asked of me." He had no idea if Bethianna would choose to return, if she could even return or if she'd be shattered from what she gifted to Caleb. But there also hadn't been any guarantee that he could see her before his own will to live could diminish. One of his greatest fears, even more than the fact of death itself, had been that his very existence would cause the rupture injuries that it did.
  13. Studying had become more than a pastime for him, it'd become a necessity given the circumstances that he faced. He wasn't sure if the books and exposure that Wizard's held to the world would have everything that he needed to become familiar with but it held a good wealth and it couldn't be fully ignored. His eyes and attention pinned to a notebook which held different plants and herbs drawn on it with various facts that stated their singular component effects and then expanded to ingredients they paired well with and those that held a volatile and violent repercussion from even thinking it'd be a good idea to mix the two of them in the same cauldron. It had been called his 'Guide to the Herbal Life', a small joke he told himself to remind himself that the book needed to be kept nearby at all times and that it held expanded purpose beyond the school level for him. He'd been in the middle of writing down a few notes from a recent discussed plant from class when it suddenly hit him, a presence, something familiar which caused his hand to stop. Expression contorted in slight confusion, who could it even be? Several gasps and stumbled feet in the nearby distanced seemed to grow and then the whispers that seemed to follow soon after. There had been one certainty and that it had been a family member that had been close to him. While not as astute in the art of feeling out this new life he lived it had been the subtle keys that seemed more obvious as he went on. What hadn't been obvious? Was who it was and with the voice the emerged out that drew his attention the expression of being dumbstruck formed. Of all the people that he expected to actually come so boldly into the Common Room, She hadn't made that list in his mind never expecting it of her to actively seek him out. "Améa?" Though his tone had been questioning it'd been told by her own voice that she wasn't taking anything short of 'Yes, Okay.' as an answer. His gaze shifted towards the books for a moment and then nodded. "Uh, Okay, let me just get my things." Alex couldn't come to a conclusion on what the issue may end up being. Had it been Lauren or Adele? Whatever it was it had to be extremely important especially in her scope considering that in the short time he'd been aware and interacted with her, Améa, had never been a person that did or said things frivolously. As much as her walk indicated the absoluteness the way she tended to uphold herself, in his opinion, spoke volumes of the importance of only the important being spoken and stated. Books closed and were stuffed into his bag though with delicacy, he couldn't afford damaging the books for how important they'd been to him. The notebook, however, had been clutched in his hand tightly with the pen settled in the rings that held the pages tightly bound. He then grasped the strap of his emerald guitar which had been finished in the previous months as he wrapped it around his shoulder and pointed the way towards the Dormitory area and made the lead until his room had been reached. Deftly with two fingers he'd jostle the door until it opened and pushed it swiftly until they both were inside where he closed the door behind them and proceeded to place the bag of books on the nearby desk. The room had only showed the left side as being lived in, a series of posters that held very well known bands in different genres. From Pop to Rock, Hip Hop and R&B, even a few Jazz ones seemed to litter closer to the edge of the bed post. However, the rooms right side had been barren, a sign that no one had occupied it in quite sometime the signs that he still hadn't been given a proper roommate given the issue of his random magic from the previous year. Part of him had thought to go to the Headmaster to fix it but he had gotten used to the atmosphere that had built that he figured it may as well last just one more year or so. Honestly, he also wasn't sure how she preferred to be addressed. The names that had been used, he understood there'd been a unique intimacy to them for those allowed and had yet determined if the relationship between her and him had truly reached that part yet. "I would joke and say I don't think this is a social visit. . . But I'm pretty sure that would just get me glared at. What's on your mind? Is everything alright?"
  14. At least Lauren and Lorelei had been making friends, Questionable ones that will probably end up causing him to have more trouble than anything else to deal with. But at least they would be a bit more exposed to the trials of what it meant to be a teenager and the exposure of the various antics. Though he'd been combating the weariness that had started to swarm his mind and closed his eyes for a moment and hoped that things would calm down even a bit before he moved - at least until he felt a presence trying to push more energy into him. The pallor of his skin started to look less so and his eyes drifted around for a moment - It couldn't have been Lauren she'd been preoccupied with the clamoring boxes that popped around. His gaze settled on Lorelei as he squinted at her. Partially grateful but also partially scolding. He wished that she wouldn't put so much insistence on assistance for him but his hand rose up and rubbed the top of his forehead. What more could he really do? It'd been like trying to tell a brick wall not to stand so sternly when it came to telling the young girl she didn't need to help him out when it came to the situation of his low-energy. He started to stand up and glanced towards Nox and smiled at them. "Guess I'll see you later. We still have some scaping to do." He grinned lightly and started to pick his things up and pushed the chair in. Sights then tuned towards Lauren and Lorelei to make sure they'd been alright and didn't need for him to wait on them at that had been when he saw it - the rainbow of puff that exhausted from the box that the Burdett had tried to unlock after acquiring it. There it was, its retaliation left behind on her hair and her uniform and his mouth dropped agape stuck between surprise and the bubbling laughter that tried to roll out of him. "L-Lauren. . ." His hand rose up and clamped over his lips to try and clutch the smile that had been trying to grow but, alas, it'd been too late and he rolled a barely contained laughter. "Hehehe, that's a pretty good prank." Alex sighed softly as he pushed away what he considered the 'Giggle-fits' and walked over to as he rummaged through his bag and pulled out a fluffy towel and handed it to her so that she could dust herself off as best as possible. "I carry stuff like this for. . . Reasons." His own history of magic backfiring on him had been long and he often found that he needed to come prepared just in case. "Smile a bit, it doesn't need to be that serious." The final words were an added softness towards the usual smug severity that hung around her.
  15. "That's fine." Alexander responded towards MJ with a small smile. "It's nothing mandatory or expected of you to do." The idea had never been to force people to perform or 'show their stuff' as it were, it'd been to give one another an idea of where each person had been at in skill and then attempt to grow from there. Even then there'd been no reason to push someone passed their insecurities if they didn't feel up to the pressure that came with having others watch or listen. It could induce nerves that would obsecure the depth of someone's capability with their instrument they preferred to play. "The objective for the club is to meet the Musician in a way that feels inspirational to them." He chuckled at Max and his head shook. "It's alright, it wasn't about being accurate but showing what you can do, right? Now we've got a really good idea of what you can do. I think I'd count it as a blaring success." A hand rose up and his thumb extended out in a praised fashion. It hadn't been something he would've filed in the 'Amateur Musician's' category especially when producing it from ones own magic and will power to keep the notes in motion. Alex didn't think it had anything to do with her willpower for the skipped notes, maybe more of the pressure of having others listen? That seemed like a viable reason. The room didn't need to wait that long for someone else to step up to demonstrate their level of understanding. He leaned back in the chair comfortably and raised one of his legs to rest on the knee of the other, violet eyes pinned on Rachel and the piano as she prepared herself. It seemed to be another classical piece which caused an amused smile to stretch across Alex's lips with ease. 'Hadn't expected that many people to be to be so familiar with music of that level. That's pretty interesting.' The thought crossed his mind and he knew it probably held a higher probability due to the prospective instruments and their own history within the various orchastrae's even today. 'Too bad Vlad isn't around to take this in! I'm pretty sure he'd get in the zone listening to these two.' When the classical piece had concluded he waited for a moment to make sure she wouldn't continue on before giving reserved clap as had been often standard when it came to classics. "That was pretty good, didn't expect someone to pull out something from someone of the romantic era." He wasn't sure if that said more about Rachel choosing something from Chopin's repitiore or it had simply been a piece she enjoyed to hear or wanted to practice for the improvement of skill itself.
Alexander Winfield
Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero! Seventh Year
20* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic HE/HIM
Age:  20*
Date of Birth: April 25th, 1999
Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
Year Level: Seventh Year
Occupation: Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: BooBoo Stewart

Greyheme Wizarding College - 2013 to 2017

Tallygarunga - 2018-2019, Sixth-Seventh Year, Spencer


- Holds Sorceraic Blood

- Had been kicked out of his last private school due to a series of explosive accidents from uncontrolled magic. The 'official story' that his father told Tallygrunga is that they moved simply for work opportunity that had been offered.

- Due to previous situations, Alexander has a keen sixth sense

- Had a screenname of 'BlueEyed' when he performed and uploaded his music or collaboration pieces. Only those that watch/tune in or have worked with him in music would probably know his full name.

- His true name is actually his Father's. 

- The name of Alexander came from none of his Parents

General Knowledge

- Is a Guitarist and Vocalist that sometimes records cover songs, Has recently started to branch out into several originals.

- Recently has had a noticeable eye color change, a form of bright Violet.

- Started at Tallygrunga in '18 as a Sixth Year due to starting education late for health reasons.

- Is a Spencer

- Ended up Married out of the country to Cassandra Sullivan. 

- That he will eventually become a father to twin's. 


Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now how it feels like to have your body trying to kill you day in and day out. This influences his outlook on life on always living it up with a smile and what better way than to offer his music as a way to reach other people like someone had reached out to himself?

Fun, that is what he seeks and not in some broad form. He wants a scene of parties and people laughing, a good time being given without an intense environment or overly stick up the rear-end attitudes spoiling the moment. To insure that he's always in such an environment music is always an option or sometimes in his opinion and view the very key to making sure people are giving into the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Weak bodied and strong willed - Alexander refuses to let anything hold him down anymore but that is only partially true. There is one thing that always weighs on his mind and it is the truth of his Mother, the lack that there is ANY truth of her. It's the flaw in his mind and personality and much of his need for music and perhaps even just the desire to reach out to people is the desire to have some form of comfort and stability. A form of understanding.

One could say his personality and life motto is: You never know when you'll die, so stay strong push forward and get into the moment. Make memories.

Storyline Influences

While he still holds much of his friendly and fun nature the core of his person is shaken by the death of his Adoptive Father, Darryl, and the absence of whom he considered to be a surrogate Mother, Bethianna. Often, he finds the correlation of their loss had been his very existence and while he doesn't regret life or what sacrifices have been made to ensure that he could keep it the weight of it still feels quite crushing to him. 

Weak in body no longer after the excruciating painful gauntlet that had been his Acceptance he finds that his will to live and experience love has improved. In equal measures this strength also stems from the support of the Family he never knew existed and the support of his wife, Cassandra who bares their children. What he does, struggle with, however, is the dimmed connection he holds with the rest of his family not being marked as 'One of Violet' amongst his Mother's people. 

While he no longer is severely optimistic and has seen that image shattered he does hold the belief that people aren't always what they seem to be. Choosing to withhold judgement until he could see the full character of the individual unless extreme circumstances give way towards reason. In this, he no longer holds a grudge against his Mother, Lillian or the choices she'd made concerning his birth. What helps to keep his more positive nature is the presence of his blood father, Rheldor, who reminds him with every interaction that life - no matter the years you hold- are precious and should be explored. There will always be more than understood and taking in each moment is important for the soul as much as it is for the mind. It is with these traits that he secretly hopes to connect better with both Lauren and Améa, his Nieces that seem the hardest to understand.

Since becoming aware of the dangers that not only his Sister had been in but also his entire family, a sense of protection has developed within. While he has a long way to go still in understanding how Sorceraic magic works and the various limits he holds considering his still fractured circumstances, chances are he will not hold up well or too long in a fight without risk. 


Standing at Six Feet and One inch with jet black hair that sets just around his neck in long well kept strands. His hair silk on form and always maintained for maximum bounciness. There are no blemishes on his face yet his eyes are a violet that are hard to not notice. He's physically fit enough to handle exercises and sports yet there is an underlying issue that makes it difficult to keep up and even makes him look ill at different times.

When not wearing the official House/School robes he often sports blue jeans, casual black sneakers and a variety of different shirts that range from color and length. Sometimes even with a jean jacket or vest depending on the weather and climate.

After giving Sapphire away to his nephew, Caleb, the guitar that now hangs from his shoulder is that of a vibrant emerald green. At the tail of it hangs a tightly bound crimson braid of some form of fabric that is enchanted from dirt, kept clean with the touch of magic. The strap that is attached to it is a thin yet comfortable sort, it is made conservatively to respect the namesake of the Guitar which he affectionally calls: 'Thia'. 


“Music is the only way I can channel the physical and emotional pain that comes about sometimes.”

– Alexander

To understand young Alexander’s life is to understand that it started out as a very dangerous form of Soap Opera the moment he emerged from his Mother. Left at his Father’s door step wrapped up and bundled tightly as it was the first sign that he was unwanted and saddled on a man who had no idea he was a father than entire time until the final moments. The only thing that made this even more of a difficult time was being unprepared for an infant that would be much sicklier than a typical child even those with their own issues. Shallow breathing, occasional drips of blood from the mouth and what seemed to be a struggle to keep life inside a small frail body on Alexander’s end. It had been the Sorceraic blood in combative nature with his Wizarding nature always at play and rough on him but without the actual heritage of his mother doctors and specialists were at a heavy disadvantage at identifying the actual situation.

Time moved on and Alexander grew and while he managed to pass the more dangerous stages it left him burdened with a low immune system from the constant attacks on his body. It caused for him to be held back from education until supplements could be used to help bolster his health with assistance from those in the wizarding world’s Health ministry. In his time trying to get himself to at least manage through sheer willpower alone he discovered music as he caught a special program on the radio before of a phenomenal songstress who played the guitar and it mesmerized him. Perhaps it is better to say that it revitalized him in a way that medicine itself couldn’t touch. It gave life to his spirit and his desire to keep pushing on instead of just giving into the building despair of his situation. Gregory, his father, found it was a good sign and paid for a tutor to help teach Alexander how to play the guitar as well as one to help define and practice his vocals. There were blunders, of course, calloused fingers and extremely sore hands and vocal chords and yet it never slowed him down from trying to learn and further this skill into a talent.

Music became an integrated part of his life – it was how he coped when the pain became too much for him. Get his mind off it? Sing, play guitar, get his body moving to fight against it. There were, however, somethings that the power of music could never satisfy and that was his extremely chaotic magic. More than one guitar has suddenly combusted into flames while one of the painful episodes struck at him which was the first sign to Gregory that Alex needed to be sent off towards a private school, secrecy was better, and he wanted to avoid as much attention as possible.

It didn’t get better as he intended school, in fact, it became more severe and more dangerous. One moment the class would be learning about potions and the next? A sudden fire ignited a Professor’s desk like a neat little fire pit. It didn’t take long to link the random outbursts to him and even worse he got the ‘friendly moniker’ “McBurn”. That wasn’t the end of it either, Sir Burnsalot, Sparky, one could get a good idea of the ridicule he had to deal with not only due to his own ignorance on why his magical capabilities were so rapid but the proper way to deal with it. It did draw to make him slightly bitter at his circumstances but eventually he grew over it. So, what if they didn’t understand his pain and position? So, what if he was given nicknames for the sake of being bullied? A new understanding and desire for life and experiencing all that it can give built up within as time grew with the torment.

He managed to keep his head above water and do decent enough in the private school until much recent in his life. The pain and accidents started to increase beyond his ability to maintain them and when practicing magic with a wand? It grew worse than just the sudden mishaps to the point that a teacher’s entire attire caught a blaze like a Christmas tree that had its plug sparked. Well, that nearly ended worse until his father stepped in and offered a ‘nice enough stipend’ as compensation with the neat little fact that Alexander needed to get the hell out of the School.

At least he didn’t need to deal with all the fire puns that were tossed his way anymore but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again and the choices of school were limited. He couldn’t risk another private sector focused school and Hogwarts was just too far without enough pull to make sure Alexander could keep out of danger. This was when he remembered, Tallygarunga, it was a school that his son could be sent to and it was certainly a school with a short history, but it meant that he was closer. How would the pyromancer manage?

Alex has signed on as a Sixth year entering the school in the 2018 year and has yet to settle in and meet any of the staff. Even his condition is aptly ‘hidden’ from the school so that he wouldn’t risk rejection only giving the excuse that he was finished with Private school. In truth, Alex is hoping that the school has someone that can offer some answers. Being isolated without friends due to the circumstances has him yearning to seek the truth of what is wrong with him.

Across the years he has done a few collaboration music recordings that have been posted on the internet on an international video media site. Though his actual name isn't given only under the screen name 'BlueEyed' is he known on the wide net.

Recent Life Events. . .

The year of 2018 had proven to be a chaotic year, after enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alexander had immediately engaged himself into the student body festivities. It'd been after a scare of a meeting with Cassandra Sullivan and constant interactions that drummed up the idea of a start of the year festive party hosted by them. A scene that hadn't done justice towards his growing friendship with Geraldine Richter which ended up with a triangle of emotions that permeated things. During the process of trying to gather up his emotions and dealing with the new form of attention that followed romantic entanglements, he encountered Adele DeVylissea which led to the revelation that she'd been his older sister. The kind of revelation that occurred after her very verbal threat of him unveiling whom his parentage had been. 

In the dramatic moment of meeting his sister is when the arrival of their mother occurred giving that revelation further weight behind her words and even dismissive attitude towards Alexander and the plight of his life waning. Over time he'd learned more of his heritage, not much but enough to understand that it'd been the two bloods within him that had caused the various issues with not only his magic but the continuous health plummeting. Over the course of the year he became more familiar with the family he had never known existed, for the most part accepted by them even if most had been highly wary. The unique bond he held with his nephew, Caleb, established the fastest next to the doting sister that had entered his life. It'd even been an ironic shock to find out that the idol that had led to his love of music happened to also be a niece - luckily he never held any untoward ideas as much do about celebrities. 

After the death of Darryl Winfield, it'd been broken to him by his Mother, Lillian, that the man had only been his adoptive father. The response she'd given had shown she'd thought it'd been helpful to know that particular fact while his Father still laid warm on the hospital bed. An act that soured the view he held of the woman that'd given him life even further than it had already been. Not far after he'd encountered the woman Bethianna DeVylissea, the step-mother of Adele whom had attempted to get rid of his sister in her own childhood. Only to hold the ironic twist that for the last few years not only had she'd been the reason Alexander had been able to survive and recover from the sudden deadly turns with his health, but also that she'd been the reason he'd been protected from being terminated by his Mother and given the name 'Alexander' by Bethianna. It drew him instantly close to her in a way that marked her almost like a mother to him though aware that it wouldn't be entirely 'proper' ended up dubbing her as his 'Aunt'. 

The guidance she'd offered more actively made obvious impacts on him, not only to the information that had been gained that allowed him to understand where he came from on his true Father's side but also a bit more on how those of his Mother's people interacted with others. While it had been an easy tell to know it was uncommon for those of the Sorceraic pureblood line to show emotions or connect with others, he'd always assumed and felt as if she'd cared for him more than she'd ever intended. In a way to honor the efforts she had made towards his own health and the deeper understanding of her past, he promised himself and her that he'd follow the steps of being a Healer and a Doctor. That there would be effort towards finding out the cause that made almost all males of their kind face the cold darkness of death in the most excruciating pain. 

All the while, Alexander had finally faced his emotions and had made sure to set it straight with both women separately. That there had been a stronger pull towards Cassandra for him, which practically exploded into a heat a romance between the two. The first person to console him during the loss of his Father, which led to the first time that they'd openly admitted to one another the full intent of their feelings. They'd went to Las Vegas as a celebration of Alex's birthday and the first night there he had propose to her under the condition they would marry if he could survive his 'Illness' also known as his Acceptance ritual. It led to a night of drunkenness and eventually led to them getting hitched then and there, a action that hadn't set well with any of their relatives. For many reasons other than just not being able to be there on Alexander's Mother's side, it'd placed Adele in danger that he hadn't been aware even existed. 

(To be continued)

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