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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Just spent the last few hours putting the girls to bed. By music. Thank Heaven's for Music. . .

    Curse all that is living for them liking anything made by the damned Wiggles.

  2. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    "That's why we're gonna have good old plans to make to pull it off." Alex whispered lightly. Very rarely do people plan pranks for the sake of serenading the crowds with music. It had been what made it far more appealing and amusing in his mind as well as a way to engratiate the need to simply perform. An eyebrow arched upwards with a low chuckle that eased out of him. "I can't say most would be delighted. Plus they'd disturb the class in very odd ways of that I am sure." If people didn't stop to ignore their lessons to pay attention to the twins he was extremely positive that they would've made some magical hiccup that would've been questionable. His attention turned back towards the Professor who seemed to have a dreadfully mischevious grin pasted onto her features. What had they just walked themselves into? A smooth nod formed from him in agreement with his House member. "Duro, also known as the Hardening Charm." The thought of encasing something in stone hadn't occurred to him before, but it did hold several strategic advantages in a tight spot. It also held extreme benefits when it came to certain kinds of pranks or even showing a few bullies a 'What-for'. "Bombarda, The Exploding Charm could shatter the stone entirely. It would be an interesting fireworks display of stone pieces flying everywhere." Both of his hands met evenly before making an explosion motion with them. "The Defodio spell could do some damage too, less explosion. More digging through and kind of seperating through. One could probably surgically seperate stone that way too if they mind themselves." There had been others but he didn't want to start snatching them all out of the air.
  3. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    A childish grin curved along his features from the eagerness that Steve seemed to show about the attention. It didn't seem as if the water would deter his fun in the slightest. After sometime offering some praise to the animal, he stood up with a loosening stretch as if his muscles needed the release of tension. Tucking the hand designed plaque deeply under his arm. Adjusting the umbrella he wielded slightly at least to be able to compensate for the extra bodies that would most likely need to occupy it. "Well, I can't really leave you stranded then. Don't know when the next bus will show up . . ." He hadn't taken the bus in the last few months, the habit of checking the schedules for times had long passed. Given that certain types enjoyed to prowl the area as well meant that a young girl could be considered 'vulnerable' in such incliment weather. He knew he'd been no ace duelist by any individuals standards but at the very least a few tricks and knowing his own personal situation made him a far better choice of assistance in his mind. Alex smirked which led to a softened laughter. "Yea, I don't think he does either. Probably a water polo expert compared to the both of us in this situation." He was positive the umbrella wouldn't be able to fit the three of them comfortably. Glancing around for a moment, almost as if he were planning some major act of defiance before touching just the lower part of his umbrella with the tip of his finger enacting a spell to cause it to enlarge rapidly, required a bit of an extra grip from him but at least it could offer a better covering. "Me? Oh you don't need to worry about that at all. I would feel far better knowing you weren't just left here. I'm also in no real rush, honestly." At the very least he could've always translocated himself to where he needed to go after seeing MJ to her way back home. He then winked easily towards her "We also can't let the rain think this is a battle it can win." How could he face his Adoptive Father's grave if he just passed the young teen by anyways? It went against the values of concern for another that had been developed within him.
  4. 🤔 I'm quite sure Eva and Emma are conspiring to keep me from heading to class. I just can't prove it!

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Why don't you bring them to class with you? I'm sure some Professors won't mind and even love it :D

    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      I have considered it! They're pretty well behaved little tikes. Though I'm more afraid they'll be a distraction for me! (That cute factor is a weapon, I tell you.) My next step was to keep them in the Library. 

      I'm sure @Adele DeVylissea wouldn't mind! Being the BEST aunt in the world!

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I'm sure the Professors won't mind that cute factor, they will love it and will be as distracted as you. It's not everyday someone is bold enough to bring two babies to school. 

  5. Little Angel 2

    The other twin daughter of Alexander Winfield and Cassandra Sullivan.
  6. Little Angel 1

    One of the twin Daughter's to Alexander Winfield and Cassandra Sullivan.
  7. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Wandless Magic, it was one of those classes that seemed to have the 'never anything dull about it' atmosphere to it. The start of the term class last time making that as evident as the first term one had been. While he knew that someone could get hurt in many of the classes he wasn't exactly expecting the arm of a splattered dummy streaking across the room and smacking someone in the face enough to knock them out. It couldn't possibly get further hectic, could it? Either way he would need to keep his eyes out around what would end up happening for backfiring spells. That would definitely be bad news bear for him. Entering the classroom he took his bag off and placed it on top of the desk as instructed, there hadn't been anything really important inside of it but it seemed better to lean towards caution to avoid any accidental tripping that could occur. "Good morning, Prof!" He spoke in his usual cheery nature, even with the new bout of responsibility that found itself in his life, his energy had been at an all-time high. Eyes turning towards the miniature made chairs and desks, it didn't look like any 'sitting' was going to happen either. His gaze turning towards an all too familiar and friendly face for him which prompted a wide smile. "Hey there, Max. Didn't think I'd come across you not holding a violin." He offered as a playful jest. "Sorry I haven't been keeping in contact much! With the twins born it's been. . . Well, a rough couple of weeks to help give Cassandra a bit of a break." He chuckled lightly.
  8. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    Koonyah, it wasn't a place he tended to visit on a casual basis. It had been a generally rough neighborhood, the kind of place that someone kept their head down and their eyes ahead. He didn't even have his guitar with him, was just how cautious he'd been about being around the area. However, it'd been where the Cemetery had been and every so often he needed to tend to his Adoptive Father's grave. Proper respect and accolades offered to a man who took on a burden that wasn't his to do and chose to regardless. A small aged note in hand, surrounded by a thick magically enchanted glass designed to withstand the typical everyday shift of the elements. Written on it had been a single name, 'Alexander' - the hand-writing neat and almost regal in penmanship. His other hand had been full as well, carrying a durable storm umbrella with quite an extended covering to it. Water pattered against the surface of the fabric panel, echoing within his ears. While he didn't really need to go through this extent to travel, there'd just been something about the day that called for him to take in the surroundings a bit. Not so much the Neighborhood itself but rather the weather and the coolness that offered against the skin of his hands and face. Luckily, it seemed like a good instinct and choice as he started to come upon a nearby bus stop. At first uncertain on who it had been and had been about to stick with his method of 'Don't look, keep eyes forward'. Not until he caught a glimpse of the young Flinder's features which caused him to stop and double take for a moment. "MJ? Hey there, by the looks of it you seem a bit stranded." A gentle smile curving across his face as he glanced down towards Steve, kneeling down and brushing a dry hand across the surface of his fur. "Are you alright out here? Going anywhere specific or something? I can always walk you there." He wasn't in a rush to head towards the Graveyard for his own person reflection. And it wasn't as if he actually had much to worry about in general if trouble had ran him a foul while alone. Granted, not something he would ever tell Adele - the woman worried like a Den Mother about him.
  9. For the last day of the Festival you can guarantee seeing a triple threat live collabortive performance! By:

    @Amiradysébelle Blair

    @Gemini Demetra

    And yours truly! Mostly because they didn't know I secretly put them on! Mwahahaha!

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      With @Artemisia Bellerose too. Did I forget to mention that?

  10. Invite Torch the Moon

    It seemed to be a point they wouldn't reach a mutual agreement, which had been fine for Alexander. Not every point brought up needed to be that between two individuals and all he sought had been her happiness. Yet, she had to be the one to live with the actions and decisions she made and took. Oath's, they were important to her, something that had been obvious when she spoke of the ties between her Father and herself as well as the expected 'Obligation' given to her that had involved keeping certain individuals protected. Zane was mortal, at some point death will take him either by natural causes or someone outright killing him - the latter being a far more likely outcome in his mind. "I can't argue with that kind of thinking, honestly." He chuckled lightly, violet hues shifting towards the woman. "If you're loyal to someone such as Zane, how much -more- would you be for Vladimir, right? You'd be able to trust yourself fully with it, without a single shred of doubt no matter how long it would take to get there." Her brightness had been easy to see, the way it caused her expression to push towards the positive end. The sheer comparison that a single thought of the man could spring her from the pain she'd been feeling earlier in such a way. It was powerful, something that he knew had slung him from his own darkness many times within the last year. "Opposite. . .?" He closed his eyes, now that he thought of it, Adele seemed to have a difficult time with men in her own way, didn't she? It wasn't that she was bound, in fact, it was that she lost that chain of binding and still hadn't found something that coiled and grounded her since David. The following question caught him off guard, like a deer in headlights which showed in his expression. "Dedicate to me. . .?" Should he feel lucky? Abandoned? Did he even want that kind of a notice from the woman? He couldn't deny that deep inside he wanted her to notice him but it'd been in a way she most likely couldn't provide just yet. "Not that I know or am aware of. She hadn't expected me to pull through before, I think in that final moment she put all she did to try and see if it would be possible. . ." Understanding that -bond- further, he knew she'd always been aware of where her other half had been. Avoiding that part of her for so long only to reach out for his own survival. "I've. . . Actually never sat down with anyone to discuss what they 'expect of me' now. I know Bethianna had been saying that in time, people find their place to make their effect. Choice. . .I had a choice to her, which is how I ended up here." As he spoke the final word his hand reached out to grasp the book of Medicine. "Wizarding, but I'm hoping it would lead me to understand being a Healer. I was hoping to gain enough knowledge that I'd be able to be taught better, understand us better. . . So that loss would be less likely for those that are Male." His head lightly shook. "No dedication from Mamiere. A few from Bethianna: To live and to make sure the path I walked was my choice." Rubbing the back of his neck he sighs gently. "I know at some point I will need to talk to her too, not sure how or even when. Between myself and the twin's that will be born. . . There's a lot I need to get off my chest when talking to her about all of it."
  11. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term2

    Alex leveled the phone to look at the picture he'd taken with the Dolores he'd picked, luckily enough it'd been perfectly in tact. Not that he couldn't change that if he -really- wanted to but hadn't there been enough Doll-I-Cide for the day? "You know, you better hope Cassy Cat doesn't get jealous." The young man glanced towards the mannequin as if it were going to answer before he started to pull it back to place where it had been before he pulled it towards himself. Just as he'd been positioning the object he heard -another- crash and his gaze lifted up to spot that Chloe had been clean knocked out. "Chloe!?" The instinct to go and assist the young Sturt struck him, though it seemed that the Flinder's girl had taken the intiative on that before he could. It had been a while since he'd been in a classroom with -this- must excitement and for once? HE WASN'T THE ACTUAL CAUSE. Now, on one hand? That felt really good, he'd been glad that he didn't set the entire class into the next big bonfire of Tallygarunga. However. . . That newly-budding healer inside of him couldn't bare to see another individual hurt if he could've assisted. "Here, let me help you out with her." He made his way towards Chloe and kneeled down slightly to loop one of her arms around his neck to offer a balance in carrying as he waited for Meadow - it had been like autopilot for him. He didn't even -think- to ask for the Professor's permission in assisting with taking the young girl to the infirmary. Simply had been the way his brain had been operating, how he responded to emergencies of any matter. Waiting for confirmation in many cases seemed like a pretty bad idea in his mind than being proactive about it.
  12. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term2

    "Yeaaa, I'm good with going to the Hospital Wing. . . I don't think anyone in my family would let me live -that- down." Alex spoke in a low whisper, not that he'd been against the Medical arts. After all they were going to be his focus after he graduated. But being back in a place like that hadn't exactly been his idea of a 'Good way to spend' the final year or hopefully final year for him at school. Physical activity hadn't been as much of an issue for him within the last few months, far more healthier than he'd ever been in his entire life. Even so. . . There'd been a sense of uncertainty within him on whether or not he could actually move the doll itself in any noticeable way. Old habits and issues die hard, as they say. He'd started to stand up, the intention to find a Dolores that had been just slightly further away from most people. At least until he caught the sight of a literal blur from the side of his eye that caused him to instantly draw towards the Bourke student (That he did -not- approve of having a connection to his niece in -any- way.). It all seemed to go down like an action movie, the sound that vibrated through the classroom from a strong mass being smacked against violently and one of the arms from that particular Dolores vaulting wildly towards his direction and ping-ponging against the ceiling, arcing along the edge of the wall, bouncing towards the floor and hooking right out of the door of the classroom. "Merlin's Bear-!" He nearly exclaimed out while making a delayed ducking action. His head shaking briefly, what kind of training did this guy go through!? And why the hell was he poking at the mannequin as if he were an animal? That hadn't been his problem right now, that was a question that could be left for far later thinking, like when his own problem wouldn't be so much of one. This at least gave him a reasonable distraction, right? His hand raised up, though unlike others within the room he wouldn't have extended a 'rope' rather he'd will the dummy itself to shuffle its way towards him. He'd nearly forgotten that his magic, the way that it worked it moved, had been somewhat different than others and as such he could only use magic in a 'replicative' manner rather than mimicking it perfectly to try and fit in. As it hopped about it stopped just in front of him where he'd sling his arm around the mannequin's shoulder's in a somewhat casual manner. "Haha, take a picture with my favorite fan? Of course!" His hand fished in his pocket to pull out his phone where he'd take a quick selfie with it, a bright and winning smile that stretched across his lips. "Excellent~."
  13. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term2

    "Ahahaha, you got this!" Alexander shined the usual bright smile he wore. He then nodded smoothly and settled into the desk he'd chosen for himself previously. "It's no problem. I'm not sure if it will give the kick you need but it will definitely give one heck of a kick." At least it had worked for him in that manner but he wasn't sure how much of a charge it would offer to a person that hadn't felt as if they were physically dying from lack of energy. He wasn't entirely sure what he'd be getting himself into but understood that he would've needed to 're-imagine' his abilities to act in similarity to whatever spell would be the focus of the class. Luckily enough? He had studied long enough, had been acutely aware of magical theory, that the mental concept of doing so on the fly had been far easier. 'Dolores', That was an interesting name for a Mannequin or. . . Probably not, now that he thought more on it. It seemed that 'Delores', 'Peter' or 'Johnny' would end up names for such objects. "It's known as the 'Seize and Pull' charm, it lets you drag an object closer to you. Or, if it's too firm in its foundation, pull you towards it. It also can work with people too though that's a pretty big battle of wills a bit. It extends a tether from the tip of the wand." It was a useful spell, for a lot of reasons. He imagined rescuer's that sign on to the Ministry used it often enough to get to individuals or to get individuals from dire situations. "It's also one of those kind of spells that does react with your bodies capabilities. The better fit you physically are the better it works out for you pull whatever you're trying to pull, or just dragging yourself towards it." Unfortunately, he didn't have personal experience with ever successfully performing it. Only able to give personal account from watching others make use of it as much as it had been from random perusal through various study materials.
  14. Invite Torch the Moon

    One thing he hadn't forgotten had been that almost every one of his family members held some time to Tallygarunga, whether as students, staff, or simply being in the vicinity often enough. It seemed that Vladimir had always been an impactful individual within Améa's life yet it only made him wonder to himself. . . What took so long for the two of them to come to the conclusion that they did? Had it been that at the time they held two different interests? It would've made sense, the two were individuals whom shored up their honor and duty - fierce loyalty that held no true comparison amongst people he's met in his life. They were icons for the ideal which made them admirable, even more so when it'd been obvious that they realized certain obligations were bad choices and yet still tried to hold closely to the loyalty as much as they could've. "That's pretty cute. I think I get it a bit though I can't say I was ever as stealthy as you were." Alexander chuckled lightly towards himself, when he came across Cassandra one time it'd been when the woman had been dancing in an empty common room. Rather than saying anything at first he simply watched her, albeit, he watched -lower- on her back, but it'd been no mistake that his mind and attention had always looked towards the red-haired woman favorably. Knowing his own pull, gave him an understanding of where Améa had been coming from in that regard. From time to time he even found himself gravitating to try and spy on Cass when she did dance or could before the pregnancy had taken over her ability to move easily. "I mean, look who you're talking to about some bad choices?" A playful grin formed on his face, almost as if trying to bolster the young woman's confidence that not every choice that looked bad would be bad. "Head out to the States to celebrate a birthday, get drunk, comeback married. Some how missing the bit of information about how babies pop for us. . ." He then started to laugh at himself good naturedly. "All considerably bad choices given my situations. Yet, they're all turning out perfectly well." Softly sighing and allowing for his lips to curve into a small smile with his hand reaching up to gently touch her shoulder. "I'm sure we can convince her that this time? This time you've proven you -can- make good choices." Nothing had ever been simple, the time he spent with Bethianna enlightened him to that as much as the time he'd spent with Adele. Things weren't always so black and white and there'd been considerable amounts of grey and determining many things took an eventual intuition. He believed, truly, that Améa had started to exert that very intuition after being stripped from it for so long that it started to kick in bit by bit over the last few months. "I know what I'm about to say is a pretty bad thing. . ." The tone of his voice dropped, realization that the next few bits may not make sense or even be something that she could comprehend within her own personal morals. "It's perfectly fine to break Oath's that are toxic and destructive. Being a Wife, a Husband - It's something that requires a mutual respect, a mutual give. It isn't one person giving all or a single person doing all the protection." In terms of years in a marriage, Améa had him beat. Maybe at one point Zane did love her but that didn't matter to him, not with what had been given and the fact that the man knowing the life he lived didn't do his utmost to protect his niece as he should've. "The way you smile? Vlad clearly makes you happy. Probably in a way that you may not have known possible so. . . Maybe it's time to severe the rusted and toxic chain binding you to your Husband and start building anew? With someone who wants to be there and protect you as much as you want to protect them." Alexander's hand fell away from her shoulder and rested on his lap. "Because the way you smile? Like that? I think everyone wants to see that genuine and healthy smile. I know I do, because seeing you light up like that is refreshing and amazing."
  15. Invite Torch the Moon

    While he couldn't be called the shining example of 'How to get Married and keep everyone happy!', Alexander knew the importance of being with a person that made that inner heart sing and still be uplifted by them and doing so in return. Never giving it all but giving pieces, growing together instead of a stunted co-existence, he never heard the full details of the life she held with Zane but only enough through the issues that the family held and the disapproval that Bethianna had of the fact she'd given her all to a man who could only give pain and heartache to her and those she loved and wanted to protect and keep guarded. Tuning into her words his smile started to grow widely, a glint of awe seemed to spark within the violet hues as he stared towards the woman. The way she sounded, the brightness in her eyes and tone. The air that surrounded and shifted around her now, they became increasingly brighter, optimistic. She looked happy, truly happy, and what more could he want for his family than to be able to find some form of goodness they could hold onto? That had been theirs in a broken world where issues and hate were abound every corner? "You've found yourself some mutual love there, Améa. That's pretty good, it's rare too in all the best ways." People found themselves in relationships but how many could truly say that their connection to the individual could help them 'Soar'? Offer an abundance of courage in ways that wouldn't have even been considered. Vladimir? Now that, that he didn't expect and yet. . . Why did it seem to click within his mind? A hum resonated in his mind and his head nodded in personal revelation. "I think the two of you make a perfect fit. You compliment each other, in that way you're similar. You probably understand one another in ways that people hadn't understood you before." It would be no wonder of it, if he actually knew the amount of time the two of them had been in one another's company. He'd also been one of the poster children of 'Things are too early', which only made his next words feel as if they had been the right advice from his own perspective and believe - things he'd have done himself in her situation. "You two should go for it then." His smile beamed brightly and his shoulder lightly bumped into hers while the tone of his voice as he spoke still herald the presence of a whisper. "He's a good man, a strong man." By that, he meant more so towards the fact he knew Vladimir would never hurt his Niece or even conceive the idea itself. The man had been a gentle ferocity in a way that sounded contradictory and yet made absolute sense. "I don't think there's anyone in this family that could've been told, 'No', and not end up with the person they're the happiest with. I don't think anyone would've been able to stop me from being with Cass." Not even Bethianna would've been able to make a proper dent in him on the short red-head being the woman he wanted to connect himself to for as long as they could. Knowing that she'd been a good person, someone whom supported him in ways he didn't think would've mattered or given him a sense of strength and awareness. "I support you, both of you on that. I know that might not mean much since it's me but. . ." Alex spoke in a soft and warm tone.
Alexander Winfield
Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero! Seventh Year
20* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic HE/HIM
Age  20*
Date of Birth April 25th, 1999
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus N/A
Wand N/A
Play-by BooBoo Stewart

Greyheme Wizarding College - 2013 to 2017

Tallygarunga - 2018-2019, Sixth-Seventh Year, Spencer


- Holds Sorceraic Blood

- Had been kicked out of his last private school due to a series of explosive accidents from uncontrolled magic. The 'official story' that his father told Tallygrunga is that they moved simply for work opportunity that had been offered.

- Due to previous situations, Alexander has a keen sixth sense

- Had a screenname of 'BlueEyed' when he performed and uploaded his music or collaboration pieces. Only those that watch/tune in or have worked with him in music would probably know his full name.

- His true name is actually his Father's. 

- The name of Alexander came from none of his Parents

General Knowledge

- Is a Guitarist and Vocalist that sometimes records cover songs, Has recently started to branch out into several originals.

- Recently has had a noticeable eye color change, a form of bright Violet.

- Started at Tallygrunga in '18 as a Sixth Year due to starting education late for health reasons.

- Is a Spencer

- Ended up Married out of the country to Cassandra Sullivan. 

- That he will eventually become a father to twin's. 


Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now how it feels like to have your body trying to kill you day in and day out. This influences his outlook on life on always living it up with a smile and what better way than to offer his music as a way to reach other people like someone had reached out to himself?

Fun, that is what he seeks and not in some broad form. He wants a scene of parties and people laughing, a good time being given without an intense environment or overly stick up the rear-end attitudes spoiling the moment. To insure that he's always in such an environment music is always an option or sometimes in his opinion and view the very key to making sure people are giving into the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Weak bodied and strong willed - Alexander refuses to let anything hold him down anymore but that is only partially true. There is one thing that always weighs on his mind and it is the truth of his Mother, the lack that there is ANY truth of her. It's the flaw in his mind and personality and much of his need for music and perhaps even just the desire to reach out to people is the desire to have some form of comfort and stability. A form of understanding.

One could say his personality and life motto is: You never know when you'll die, so stay strong push forward and get into the moment. Make memories.

Storyline Influences

While he still holds much of his friendly and fun nature the core of his person is shaken by the death of his Adoptive Father, Darryl, and the absence of whom he considered to be a surrogate Mother, Bethianna. Often, he finds the correlation of their loss had been his very existence and while he doesn't regret life or what sacrifices have been made to ensure that he could keep it the weight of it still feels quite crushing to him. 

Weak in body no longer after the excruciating painful gauntlet that had been his Acceptance he finds that his will to live and experience love has improved. In equal measures this strength also stems from the support of the Family he never knew existed and the support of his wife, Cassandra who bares their children. What he does, struggle with, however, is the dimmed connection he holds with the rest of his family not being marked as 'One of Violet' amongst his Mother's people. 

While he no longer is severely optimistic and has seen that image shattered he does hold the belief that people aren't always what they seem to be. Choosing to withhold judgement until he could see the full character of the individual unless extreme circumstances give way towards reason. In this, he no longer holds a grudge against his Mother, Lillian or the choices she'd made concerning his birth. What helps to keep his more positive nature is the presence of his blood father, Rheldor, who reminds him with every interaction that life - no matter the years you hold- are precious and should be explored. There will always be more than understood and taking in each moment is important for the soul as much as it is for the mind. It is with these traits that he secretly hopes to connect better with both Lauren and Améa, his Nieces that seem the hardest to understand.

Since becoming aware of the dangers that not only his Sister had been in but also his entire family, a sense of protection has developed within. While he has a long way to go still in understanding how Sorceraic magic works and the various limits he holds considering his still fractured circumstances, chances are he will not hold up well or too long in a fight without risk. 


Standing at Six Feet and One inch with jet black hair that sets just around his neck in long well kept strands. His hair silk on form and always maintained for maximum bounciness. There are no blemishes on his face yet his eyes are a violet that are hard to not notice. He's physically fit enough to handle exercises and sports yet there is an underlying issue that makes it difficult to keep up and even makes him look ill at different times.

When not wearing the official House/School robes he often sports blue jeans, casual black sneakers and a variety of different shirts that range from color and length. Sometimes even with a jean jacket or vest depending on the weather and climate.

After giving Sapphire away to his nephew, Caleb, the guitar that now hangs from his shoulder is that of a vibrant emerald green. At the tail of it hangs a tightly bound crimson braid of some form of fabric that is enchanted from dirt, kept clean with the touch of magic. The strap that is attached to it is a thin yet comfortable sort, it is made conservatively to respect the namesake of the Guitar which he affectionally calls: 'Thia'. 

The story so far

“Music is the only way I can channel the physical and emotional pain that comes about sometimes.”

– Alexander

To understand young Alexander’s life is to understand that it started out as a very dangerous form of Soap Opera the moment he emerged from his Mother. Left at his Father’s door step wrapped up and bundled tightly as it was the first sign that he was unwanted and saddled on a man who had no idea he was a father than entire time until the final moments. The only thing that made this even more of a difficult time was being unprepared for an infant that would be much sicklier than a typical child even those with their own issues. Shallow breathing, occasional drips of blood from the mouth and what seemed to be a struggle to keep life inside a small frail body on Alexander’s end. It had been the Sorceraic blood in combative nature with his Wizarding nature always at play and rough on him but without the actual heritage of his mother doctors and specialists were at a heavy disadvantage at identifying the actual situation.

Time moved on and Alexander grew and while he managed to pass the more dangerous stages it left him burdened with a low immune system from the constant attacks on his body. It caused for him to be held back from education until supplements could be used to help bolster his health with assistance from those in the wizarding world’s Health ministry. In his time trying to get himself to at least manage through sheer willpower alone he discovered music as he caught a special program on the radio before of a phenomenal songstress who played the guitar and it mesmerized him. Perhaps it is better to say that it revitalized him in a way that medicine itself couldn’t touch. It gave life to his spirit and his desire to keep pushing on instead of just giving into the building despair of his situation. Gregory, his father, found it was a good sign and paid for a tutor to help teach Alexander how to play the guitar as well as one to help define and practice his vocals. There were blunders, of course, calloused fingers and extremely sore hands and vocal chords and yet it never slowed him down from trying to learn and further this skill into a talent.

Music became an integrated part of his life – it was how he coped when the pain became too much for him. Get his mind off it? Sing, play guitar, get his body moving to fight against it. There were, however, somethings that the power of music could never satisfy and that was his extremely chaotic magic. More than one guitar has suddenly combusted into flames while one of the painful episodes struck at him which was the first sign to Gregory that Alex needed to be sent off towards a private school, secrecy was better, and he wanted to avoid as much attention as possible.

It didn’t get better as he intended school, in fact, it became more severe and more dangerous. One moment the class would be learning about potions and the next? A sudden fire ignited a Professor’s desk like a neat little fire pit. It didn’t take long to link the random outbursts to him and even worse he got the ‘friendly moniker’ “McBurn”. That wasn’t the end of it either, Sir Burnsalot, Sparky, one could get a good idea of the ridicule he had to deal with not only due to his own ignorance on why his magical capabilities were so rapid but the proper way to deal with it. It did draw to make him slightly bitter at his circumstances but eventually he grew over it. So, what if they didn’t understand his pain and position? So, what if he was given nicknames for the sake of being bullied? A new understanding and desire for life and experiencing all that it can give built up within as time grew with the torment.

He managed to keep his head above water and do decent enough in the private school until much recent in his life. The pain and accidents started to increase beyond his ability to maintain them and when practicing magic with a wand? It grew worse than just the sudden mishaps to the point that a teacher’s entire attire caught a blaze like a Christmas tree that had its plug sparked. Well, that nearly ended worse until his father stepped in and offered a ‘nice enough stipend’ as compensation with the neat little fact that Alexander needed to get the hell out of the School.

At least he didn’t need to deal with all the fire puns that were tossed his way anymore but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again and the choices of school were limited. He couldn’t risk another private sector focused school and Hogwarts was just too far without enough pull to make sure Alexander could keep out of danger. This was when he remembered, Tallygarunga, it was a school that his son could be sent to and it was certainly a school with a short history, but it meant that he was closer. How would the pyromancer manage?

Alex has signed on as a Sixth year entering the school in the 2018 year and has yet to settle in and meet any of the staff. Even his condition is aptly ‘hidden’ from the school so that he wouldn’t risk rejection only giving the excuse that he was finished with Private school. In truth, Alex is hoping that the school has someone that can offer some answers. Being isolated without friends due to the circumstances has him yearning to seek the truth of what is wrong with him.

Across the years he has done a few collaboration music recordings that have been posted on the internet on an international video media site. Though his actual name isn't given only under the screen name 'BlueEyed' is he known on the wide net.

Recent Life Events. . .

The year of 2018 had proven to be a chaotic year, after enrolling in Tallygarunga, Alexander had immediately engaged himself into the student body festivities. It'd been after a scare of a meeting with Cassandra Sullivan and constant interactions that drummed up the idea of a start of the year festive party hosted by them. A scene that hadn't done justice towards his growing friendship with Geraldine Richter which ended up with a triangle of emotions that permeated things. During the process of trying to gather up his emotions and dealing with the new form of attention that followed romantic entanglements, he encountered Adele DeVylissea which led to the revelation that she'd been his older sister. The kind of revelation that occurred after her very verbal threat of him unveiling whom his parentage had been. 

In the dramatic moment of meeting his sister is when the arrival of their mother occurred giving that revelation further weight behind her words and even dismissive attitude towards Alexander and the plight of his life waning. Over time he'd learned more of his heritage, not much but enough to understand that it'd been the two bloods within him that had caused the various issues with not only his magic but the continuous health plummeting. Over the course of the year he became more familiar with the family he had never known existed, for the most part accepted by them even if most had been highly wary. The unique bond he held with his nephew, Caleb, established the fastest next to the doting sister that had entered his life. It'd even been an ironic shock to find out that the idol that had led to his love of music happened to also be a niece - luckily he never held any untoward ideas as much do about celebrities. 

After the death of Darryl Winfield, it'd been broken to him by his Mother, Lillian, that the man had only been his adoptive father. The response she'd given had shown she'd thought it'd been helpful to know that particular fact while his Father still laid warm on the hospital bed. An act that soured the view he held of the woman that'd given him life even further than it had already been. Not far after he'd encountered the woman Bethianna DeVylissea, the step-mother of Adele whom had attempted to get rid of his sister in her own childhood. Only to hold the ironic twist that for the last few years not only had she'd been the reason Alexander had been able to survive and recover from the sudden deadly turns with his health, but also that she'd been the reason he'd been protected from being terminated by his Mother and given the name 'Alexander' by Bethianna. It drew him instantly close to her in a way that marked her almost like a mother to him though aware that it wouldn't be entirely 'proper' ended up dubbing her as his 'Aunt'. 

The guidance she'd offered more actively made obvious impacts on him, not only to the information that had been gained that allowed him to understand where he came from on his true Father's side but also a bit more on how those of his Mother's people interacted with others. While it had been an easy tell to know it was uncommon for those of the Sorceraic pureblood line to show emotions or connect with others, he'd always assumed and felt as if she'd cared for him more than she'd ever intended. In a way to honor the efforts she had made towards his own health and the deeper understanding of her past, he promised himself and her that he'd follow the steps of being a Healer and a Doctor. That there would be effort towards finding out the cause that made almost all males of their kind face the cold darkness of death in the most excruciating pain. 

All the while, Alexander had finally faced his emotions and had made sure to set it straight with both women separately. That there had been a stronger pull towards Cassandra for him, which practically exploded into a heat a romance between the two. The first person to console him during the loss of his Father, which led to the first time that they'd openly admitted to one another the full intent of their feelings. They'd went to Las Vegas as a celebration of Alex's birthday and the first night there he had propose to her under the condition they would marry if he could survive his 'Illness' also known as his Acceptance ritual. It led to a night of drunkenness and eventually led to them getting hitched then and there, a action that hadn't set well with any of their relatives. For many reasons other than just not being able to be there on Alexander's Mother's side, it'd placed Adele in danger that he hadn't been aware even existed. 

(To be continued)

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