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  1. Invite Something Happened

    Alexander had to hold the hope that Bethianna would arrive when she felt it was suited, though in his opinion it had never been a 'late' arrival but surely one of impeccable timing. He'd been trying not to fall into a habit of constantly relying on her, to allow her to gain proper rest but also not to abuse or take for granted that established connection between the two of them. But the knowledge and the effects that could echo from the pregnancy had a cost that couldn't be ignored by him. The widest smile that he could have possibly grown shone and it had been from the simple sight of seeing his sister blush. Actually -blush- in embarrassment, it must have been an early Christmas present because it was one of those rare moments he never thought to see for the next thousand years or so. Though he made no call of attention to it leaving her that much dignity to keep her usual 'face'. "Caleb might try to induct you too knowing that, Cassy Cat. Better sharpen up quick to keep up with us long termers." He gently squeezed her shoulder playfully. "And you're totally going to play for me one night when you least expect it, Del." That she could hide such a thing from him! It hurt his musical soul! Not really, but he was happy to see that she did indeed hold that talent which seemed to be a trait many in the family did. An artistic nature even if it held varied degrees between everyone it was a way for them to connect. Curiosity struck within him if any of them have truly attempted to connect in that way, to send their message where words just wouldn't suffice? "Sounds good! Doctor Cook needs to do just that! Kind of." A shrug flowed as if he were just trying to make bad puns. Well, at least he had the 'Dad' puns in the bag whenever the time came for the youngster's to emerge and full grasp and understand. In the moment that the two women had left he turned around to face the counter and wall and the usual smile express dropped slightly and a soft sigh exhausted. 'Didn't expect exhaustion to hit me like this. . . But can't stop, won't stop.' Words of realization within his own mind rang. After another inhale and exhale his smile grew back as if trying to fight off the tide of darkness, natural. Afterwards he proceeded to gather up various ingredients. Primary ones that would make up, as expected, the 'Marshmallow Squares' had been the full form marshmallows, vanilla extract, only a hint of cinnamon for a gentle kick of flavor, and rice cereal - which tended to be a better options with vanilla and cinnamon addition. After the butter had been added to grease the pan, the marshmallows added and melted into it making a thick sticky paste, and finally the rice cereal smothered over and mixed around within it the process of putting it on a baking sheet commenced. He flattened the concoction out evenly and placed it into the fridge for the time being while he handled the clean up of the new mess. "By the time they get back and we put everything up. . . Should be close-ish to finish. . ." A lot of hijinks could happen between setting up a blanket and pillow fort that could make the time fly by unknowingly. At the very least, it seemed the two important people to him were starting to get a bit more comfortable around one another. But it dawned on it just for a brief moment. . . "Crap, I'm out numbered even more now."
  2. Invite Something Happened

    "Ah well. . . You know." Alex shrugged lightly at being the one pointed out. "Some people stay optimistic because the grimness of their reality is far worse." His hand raised and waved dismissively as if that hadn't been his own reason. "Others, like my lovely self? We know that ignoring the actual good things is how you get truly burned." After all, If he had chosen to storm out of the Library the day he met Adele? He wouldn't have a Sister, a family. No, if he'd be much more similar to some of the other family he probably would have distanced himself quick and fast. Though he nodded gently. "Right, their safety and yours is extremely important. They'll have yours and their best interest in mind. I promise tonight isn't a good way to gauge it." A good point had been made which caused him to laugh lightly. "Then it means I'll have to study hard to see where the difference would link to. The Fae are quite ancient in their own form of Magic. Unlike Wizardry which in consideration is far younger." His fingers tapped at the edge of the chair he sat upon the tune of it helped for his mind funnel through information. "I'll probably be working with someone else that is very aware of the condition of the Sorceraic blood. I'm sure between that knowledge and whatever can pop in my crappy noggin, might be able to get a good understanding of it." At the very least that meant he didn't have to worry about Cassandra as much in certain ways if the twins would keep her protected. A sigh pulsed from him as he started to stand up and headed towards his bag as he started to rummage through it. "You'll find Del is full of surprises." His eyes narrowed slightly as a grin touched his lips. "I have it on good authority that she's actually an accomplished pianist in her own right." That one he'd been holding in for sometime since Caleb had told him. The young lad desired a family band after all, well, an almost family band with a few being pushed out of the chance to do so. His handed lifted up as a finger pointed towards Cass. "Exactly! Blanket forts with a bunch of snacks to get the best snack hangover in existence." A small bottle had been pulled from his bag where he'd snap it open and roll out a couple of small objects from it, they almost looked gelatin-like with a deep orange-brown coloration. Then proceeded to toss them into his mouth and chew. "If you have marshmallows and a box of cereal, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and some vanilla extract I can make something up something quick." Alex held many 'survival' talents especially after certain events in the beginning of the year and he'd took to cooking quite easily. It did help that it went hand-in-hand with his desire for medicine. "Luckily you don't have to hear me play a guitar. I left Sapphire behind. Heart breaking, I know - Old gal probably misses me."
  3. Invite Something Happened

    Alexander always knew the subject was touchy that the effect of it all wouldn't be some easy to speak truth and he'd even been prepared for Adele to put up resistance. But it was a flood of emotions that stemmed from both women. A persecution on a level he couldn't relate towards, not in being what he had been as of yet. He was aware of the beginning of the things she'd spoken. Something of similar aspect said by the couple of their race that he'd asked, those that had offered up information for him to understand to break certain naïve penchants. Immediately he'd begun to look around for a chair because he couldn't stand and contain both such floods without being like a dam to brook them. Once located he situated just between the two and sat down and his hands extended out to both of them as he clutched. "Hey, hey. I understand this a charged subject. A lot of hurts and assumptions, hurts that are quite beyond me, let's be honest here." He kept his gaze forward towards the wall, looking at either of the women would be too heavy for even him understanding his own care to see the hurt he's always seen etched on their faces would do him no avail. "Del, I don't think either of us our naïve enough to believe it's time for the world to 'see'. Truth is the world of Wizards and Muggles will never see. There are those who try, most certainly, but the chaos will always be much larger because it is the hatred and fear that can never be stopped." It was a sad truth. One could consider that 'maybe in time things could change?' yet even the small victories won hadn't turned the tide of battle for any species. "I was never under the impression that we could just go blabbing. But I had been under the impression that as family we came together and tried to be forward, especially to those that understood that they need to hide themselves." A strong clutch of both of their hands to offer a physical comfort. If he could go back in time, to change those hurts - alter them? He would have. The most he could do had been to stitch at those festering wounds of pain. Of course, his own had to be opened up in this moment. He hadn't been aware of how strong the power of mind and desire had been to the point it could push life into the womb. Cassandra's confusion, the fact her life could be considered in danger from the pregnancy - This effectively had been his own fault. Not that anyone would point that obvious fact out but they didn't need to. Hands finally retrieved from the women as he settled them onto his lap. This had only been on top of the fact that his Mother -intended- for life. She wasn't as young as he was to make the mistake, she knew. It wasn't some drunken night of passion with man she told herself she barely loved. If Adele was meant to be 'tossed away', he'd been meant for the true disposal bin. Not the kind of fact he should be telling or emphasizing either as much as his mind screamed it. "Well, I've always known I wasn't wanted, right?" He made light of his own desirability or lack there of and moved on. "Regardless of her choice of our choices. . . We're here as family. I know it isn't the way anyone here wanted to do things, to have things happen. But we're in this kind of a battle together, the battle of defending and keeping ours safe. We will grow and more will be born. It's just the way of things." A hand weaved through his hair with a sigh that exhausted past his lips. "It's not stupid to want something that's natural, movies may grandstand it but it's still a natural thing on it's most basic level." He felt like he'd repeated himself again in that regard. They were romanticists and it had been their mutual stance on what they expected that had been touching. "You both seek something strong and there's never been anything wrong with that. But it won't just happen. . . It takes work, acceptance, and understanding. The fruits of that strength show up in moments like these." He honestly wasn't sure where to go from here with the two of them. But he also knew that wasn't his decision, he could push but it ultimately took both of their approvals of one another to make it work. "And more family does paint the pretty Christmas picture, am I right. . .?" "But I am sorry. I'm sorry that you have to relive those pained memories, Adele. . . I'm also sorry that you did also, Cass." The responsibility of these proceedings were on his shoulders. "It's . . . It's been one kind of a night. . . What do you say we get some rest? We can start the whole operation 'Get my Sister and Wife to actually be friends' in the morning?" A small smile curved on his lips.
  4. Invite Something Happened

    "At least load up on the mini-marshmallows. Need to get that nice frothy cover at the top." The least he could do is try to lessen the tension that had been this entire evening. Much of it wouldn't go away and the current conversation that had been suited more towards himself and Cassandra provided a distraction of sorts. Though he perhaps had been subjecting themselves to the weight he felt it was somewhat more bearable for the time being. At least in comparison. Hearing the hiss emit from the red-head he quickly went to the sink and pulled a few sheets of paper towel, turned the water towards cold. Running it over the sheets and pressing it just over the area Cassandra had burned herself after she'd served Adele. "It's like I told you before, the boys don't tend to have the best track record of 'survival'." His teeth nipped at his lower lip for a moment. "Means a few things have never actually managed to happen most likely. Like. . . A male getting a woman pregnant. Certainly not a woman of your own heritage, either." If she were fully a Wizard that would be something they'd have a bit of an idea about. The territory that they've embarked on was much too fresh and new for certainty even for some of the older members. Alexander nodded slowly towards Adele's explanation while he led Cassandra towards the empty chair and firmly guided her to sit down while he stood behind her and wrapped his arms comfortingly around her neck as a rest. "It's everyone is able to kind of keep connected even far away. You'll find that a lot of the women in this family have a unique. . . Headstrong nature to them." He smiled widely as he considered a fact that would be difficult to refute. Way too many examples in his mind that point out to it. "We're lucky to have you around, Del." If one considered that Adele truly had no one to guide her as he did with the absence of Lillian then he could see why mistakes happened. People by nature were still 'human' bound to mistakes and without a proper hand to help they would become bigger without the intention. "What. . .?" A quizzical look formed on his face a she stared at Adele. Not because she asked for them to move in but because it had been in a thought he'd been considering the moment he heard of David's death. That she would need someone here and one that wasn't truly bound to other things, that could make that change and that it wouldn't cause too many earthquakes elsewhere. "Are you reading my mind or something? Because that had been something I was considering offering after a discussion." His lovely wife seemed to beat him to the punch of agreeing of sorts, well, her and what seemed to be those that she bore inside. "They want to? Would you look at that, they already love being at their auntie Adele's." That was awkward for him to say and it was even more awkward for him to think that his Father would be excited about this prospect. Well. . . At least one of them would be able to enjoy it. "Well. . . At least they'd get to meet one of their grandfathers." A moment he hadn't considered that his adoptive father would miss. This year wasn't the 'best' for many reasons and that had been such a grievous bad that it tended to overshadow a lot of things that were intended for the positive route. Never-the-less he shored up his emotions and blocked that part of him from being thought on and even addressed as he quickly rolled into the request of knowledge from Cassandra. He'd remembered what Lillian had stated of it being Adele's choice ultimately, the efforts that she'd gone through to protect everyone from persecution and that many sacrifices made. "If we're moving in, it probably would be a good idea to know? She's going to see a lot of crazy things much more." Shoulder lightly lifted as well. "Especially since to get a better understanding and watch. . . We will need to contact Auntie Bethianna. At a later date, of course, I don't think we need to stress you out with her showing up now." While he had always been over-joyed to see the woman, that same couldn't be said of how his Sister felt of her. If anything he wanted to make sure that the rest of her evening and dealing with tragedy had been the easiest possible. At any cost that he could provide for her.
  5. Invite Something Happened

    A weakened sigh followed after the laugh. "She's. . .Told me a bit. No extended details but enough that I know about her." In terms of the scale of 'worse' his mind wouldn't allow for him to place Bethianna in the same bracket as his mother. Even knowing certain aspects, seeing that she hadn't denied things that could be considered damning on many levels. She was still the woman whom proctored his life, kept it sustained for many years, offered up more to him in knowledge of who he was than most, and placed herself in harms way for his life. But that didn't detract away from the fact that he didn't agree with her methods. A stance he had made as clear to her as much as his devotion and loyalty to her. "How about we plan for a day we call 'Siblings escape day'. Hang out at such kind of lodge and you can unload it all on me, yea?" In his mind he still needed to learn so much more of what made Adele tick, how she had been shaped as a person. To let her know he wouldn't shame her mistakes and didn't judge her as a person on them. "Only a little?" He couldn't help but shore up a grin as he shook his head. In the scenario of their life he wasn't sure who the most injured party had been amongst the secret of his birth. No father would ever want to be unaware of their children, he understood that now a bit. But he also felt even stronger about no Brother being without his Sister. His Sister. Alexander rolled slightly away to give her more room to pick up Caleb while he pushed himself up from the ground. It seemed like pure trained finesse the way she hoisted the small boy up and laid him to rest in bed. An image that painted her as the kind of mother you would see nurturing a child after a terror or a major grief. He followed close by to see the various ranges of guitar's posted along the walls and a smile firmly took hold of him. "Savage." This was the scene of a passion that he could condone. It may not have been bands but that meant he had the capacity to eventually move with various styles, that he could be one of the few style of musicians that never stuck to a single genre. Albeit, with guitars but that also had been his instrument of choice and focus too. "We're going to need a nice big room charmed with some heavy sound-proof so he can rock out full throttle without worry." And maybe give his mother a bit of a break from the strummed chords. They could grate on the nerves when learning songs or styles of play, after all. The ever out-tune chord had also been a possibility for any musician. In the living area he'd take a gander at the cleaned dishes and what seemed to be a quick bite to nibble on for Adele. How Cass sounded, however, caused his eyes to squint slightly in examination of her. Had something been wrong with her? Was she also crying? "Well. . . It is pretty scary. I've been trying not to let it get to me too much." Considering the tricks that the little ones had pulled tonight, re-evaluation of not letting it get to him maybe in order. "But we're also not going at it alone. I think that's important, that we'll have a strong support system to handle and manage." It was good that he at least told everyone before hand about it. Cassandra would have all the support necessary regardless of the outcome of other things. "It is also a congratulations to you, too. First time being an Aunt, get the fun of spoiling them and then making me deal with the headache of it all. Come sit down a bit, Del." Alex started to grasp at two chairs to pull them over as he turned his attention towards Cassandra. "You should probably sit down too when you get the chance." How long had she been on her feet? They hadn't rested much since she arrived aside from a brief sit down to collect a bit on what had occurred to her. Even that he imagined didn't harbor any satisfactory response of understanding of how severe the situation could be. "It would help a bit to know what to expect. You know, aside from Mother's usual pop in and pop out things." He had full expected Lillian to show 'interest'. The twins were girls and that much he knew from the power and will they exerted. It had been tacked on the fact that in any story spoken about the many children she always seemed to be there and something almost always seemed to have happened. "That way we can all prepare ourselves keep a kind of watch on that." Asking Adele these particulars at least helped to enlighten them on what he needed to watch out for, though the more extensive 'How would this effect Cassandra' bits would need to be held for another.
  6. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    He hadn't meant to seem as if his explanation had been another excuse, something to shoot down her goodwill. She'd been trying and that was something he had started to admire in this young girl, the effort that she'd gone through to try and help another person. It was an impressive sign to him that a person who wasn't by nature a socialite had that kind of heart and mind to extend themselves for another person. Not that he'd been too surprised not with the kind of interests that seemed to be held for the reservation and trying to nurture and care for Animals. Many needed it especially those that were on the cusp of being wiped out entirely and needed intervention as their protection. "Oh, it's never a waste - believe you me. I don't mind doing it, not really out of my way. That and I would be more than glad to do so." Part of the drive had been that he wanted some of Mrs. Mary's cooking. The stuff of legends in his opinion though it also had just been on the way to a lot of his stops involving family members and other friends he'd attempt to visit like Frankie. But he had never minded doing what he could for those that had been considered 'Friends', whether Chole knew it or not he'd already judged her as someone that is one. "Never look a gift Granian in the mouth." A smirk turned upwards along his expression. "It isn't any harm in thing I need to get done. I tend to spread out my time pretty well and I have no time extensive obligation. It'd be a cool way to hang out too." It seemed to be the best way in his mind to not only ease her into the daily things but to have someone close enough in age and that knew her to offer faster comfortability. It was never a good feeling to be in a place where a person could potentially feel as if no connection could be made with anyone that could be considered a colleague. A softened grunt rumbled in his throat, she didn't know and couldn't have known there might not be a 'next year' for him. "Hey, hey. It's fine, Chloe, really. It will be lots of fun too, I promise. And if it isn't we'll make our own fun, simple as that."
  7. Invite Something Happened

    "You already gave me that." Alexander spoke at a soft whisper. "I mean, I have family. That's as much of a world as it starts to get." To be given something he hadn't even conceived to exist before. It wasn't some distant cousin that called only when a death occurred, when they wanted a bit of the possessions as if they were obligated to gain it. A true family with all of its up's and down's. Flawed and hypocritically flawless, even with all the things that had amounted up to many hurts he would only change a few of them. But there had been reasons why he felt certain things he needed to struggle with and fight on his own. For years even until this very day he'd been nothing but dependent on others, the full weight of his fate in their hands. Music had been such an escape not only from the pain but to finally feel as if some sense of control belonged to his own hands, that he could shape the steps that to took there and not be halted. There'd been doubt in him that Adele could provide the entire world and so much more had he only wanted it. A question always rang in his mind had been -should- she? In denying that he became more independent and even with the pride from her it seemed to also cause pain in a double-edged twist. The desire for a sibling had been inside him over the years and yet it had been one that took a backseat. Selfishness demanded in him that his largest desire in the world had been to not be a burden, something he would have been to a sibling at such a young age and growing up. A feeling that even now seemed like a gong of truth in his mind even in the assurance that those of the family didn't mind, it never assuaged that logical fact to his mind. "Yea. . . I had a feeling they weren't the most accepting of people. Mostly from what Auntie B has told me about them. She also told me of the plan. But that's why I wanted to relinquish it." A genuine smile stretched across his face. "The path I want regardless of what I see will always to be a doctor, Del. I want to help mend people, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To spend time to find out what is wrong with those like myself, Caleb and the little one over there. To find the solution to stop it or limit the risk behind it." To do this he understood he couldn't truly be bound to a single place, he couldn't be seen as someone that is of a certain bloodline and held as a pinnacle in that way. "But I would like a tour either way. I didn't get to see much of it due to. . . A small interruption." A whirlwind of revelations had been the only way he could truly explain how that situation went down. "Hey, still have them. I don't like being left off the hook with that kind of stuff, my Spencer nature likes to rebel." He wouldn't be a true paragon of his House if he didn't fight against every fate that ordained itself to cut what he wanted to do short. "I'm expecting you to have a long list -when- there is an after." Alex could be positive for the both of them. She didn't need to jump that train with him but he knew that he at least needed to believe he had a slightly higher possibility with all the preparations that would be made. "As Mother said, we'll spare no effort. Between you and me, I'm a bit shocked that she's going through such lengths to actually help." A slight snort as he smirked a bit. "She isn't the best mother by any standard but. . . She does love us in her own weird way." He'd resigned that she'd never show it the way that perhaps both of them expected her to do it. But it was there in a way that made sense to the Elder woman's alien mind. "So, maybe there is hope for yet to. . . Well, at least not be so distant even just a bit. We might need to cut her a little break, just a tiny one. I think Dad would agree she deserves that." Maybe he'd been asking too much of the injured parties involved but he felt it had been time to start closing up a lot of their mutual wounds in life. "Now. . . How about we get Caleb here into bed to rest a bit? Cass is cleaning up the dishes and is helping out with some bottles. And you, probably need to eat and have something to drink." He never moved from his position laying next to her only waiting for the signal on whether it was alright based on her movements. "And you also need to scold your nieces. A bit of a wagging finger from their Auntie, they're going to need her as much as I do." Maybe even more so if he had to be honest.
  8. Complete Those Awkward Memories

    "I would say it's less about the other students and more about the future of things. It isn't simply knowledge, it's a force - a power. Something that is destructive and can be often used for various means." Alexander shook his head lightly. "It's justifiable to give a person the means to try and raise above those issues but not to alter that which is intended not to just show proficiency but proper responsibility. It'd be a disservice to the world at large for such a reckless alteration." It was something that he couldn't allow to be considered an option for success alone. Forces that people abuse on normal means shouldn't be something that should be bypassed for those with difficulties, not with his particular difficulties anyways. "I can't remember all of them off hand. . . But I do know they have a few Fire salamander's that stalk about in some tanks. If you want I can swing by sometime in the week and get a list of creatures that they have from their pamphlet." He imagined it'd also have the benefit of a map of the reserve etched inside of it as well which would be a massive assistance in knowing going in. "Pretty sure they'll start you off nice and slow, though. They're pretty big on people keeping safe and respectable of the wildlife." Alexander's head shook. "Not that I'm aware but there are a few people who have some ties to it. Like the Headmaster, It's a relative of his that manages it and all." He often forgot Alan and Stuart were cousins, a sign to him that the family practically spawned Spencer's. "And if you want I can always sign up to help out there. I'm sure Stu wouldn't mind too much on that."
  9. Invite Something Happened

    A soft silence drew after her explanation of the song and where it originated. He didn't doubt Lillian had her own lovely voice but expected the loving tone of 'Mamiere' referred to the woman that truly had been there to nurture her. "Sounds like something that you keep closely. Albeit, seemingly secretly." He chuckled weakly at the thought that the woman's stance on certain things had been more of a theatrical defense. Not something he'd have expected and yet it drew a better picture for him to understand her just a bit more. Alex shifted himself so that he'd laydown next to her with his eyes pinned against the ceiling. "Well, if you teach me the song I can probably sing it to you when you feel at your lowest. I don't think I have too bad a voice myself." To hear such a crack in her voice, it grounded deeply inside of him as his chest tightened. This entire time he'd been intent on trying to help mend all the pain she had still be dealing with years later. Yet, as life would always have it, more pain is always heaped up in more amounts. A gauntlet of breaking misery, unending sorrow, where the happy times are sprinkles in most cases. He listened, never interrupting or following up with his own words. This was a flooded that was necessary or rather something that had been a long time coming. Both of his hands rested just at the center of his abdomen stilled. "I. . . Realize it was a lot. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was add more to an already opened wound. Everything seemed to rocket and propel forward and I just felt if I didn't say it now then it wouldn't come out." Then he shook his head slowly. "Those aren't stupid things either. It's only natural you want to take care of those close to you, it's well. . . Who you are. For all your brooding and edge? You're probably the most caring person I know." A visible wince occurred. "Yea. . . I didn't want it to be a whole 'Well she rejected me!' speech. I wanted to know then say something. But well... Drinking like morons didn't do us any favors. I can admit when I let my stuff take me for a ride." Alexander let in a soft current of air flow through his nostrils. "But you're right and wrong at the same time. I don't need you for that kind of material stuff because I'm already relying on for so much. I'd actually feel worse if I let you do that. I needed. . . I needed to fight on my own in some arenas. Because of you and everyone else, Auntie Bethianna too - I live. Literally. How much more than that can I ask for?" Weakly he smiled as his teeth bit at his lower lip. "Sometimes I feel like just a leech. It isn't entirely wrong in that regard... I'm not blinded enough to not realize I am useless in a lot of the situations that come. Lorelei needing energy, Améa's predicament of needing to store it. Bethianna also ended severely wounded because of me." That had always been one of his bigger fears, one that had been poked and prodded at in the beginning of the year once. A walking entity of damage - one way or another. It wasn't the kind of depressing thought he tried to entertain but if fears were easily contained they'd like their effort and force in many ways. "But I do need you because I still have no idea about life in general. The pitfalls of marriage, how to even be a Father. These were things I didn't expect to happen in general, the kind of things I never even considered were -actually- options for me." Then he started to sniggle. "What do I even do to twin girls who make their mother walk all the way here on their own will? I am out of my depth in everything." What even could he do? Ground them? Where would he send them? DEEPER into the womb? It had all been very frightening in so many ways. "I will always need you, it's never something that just. . . Leaves. It changes, sure. But even now I still can't believe how I managed to get as far as I did with out my big sister. We're unique in the way that. . . We both know the feeling to be without and are learning to be with. It will take us time to get on the whole same wave-length then. But I get it..." He turned his head and stared slightly towards Adele. "At first I was angry that you kept our home from me. That you kept the cost of what my actions meant. But some guidance helped me to see and understand you did it for a reason. I refuse to let someone harm you or any one else, if I can do something to make sure that it doesn't happen? I will." The larger question always will be the big 'If' something goes bad or right. Everything had been a gamble or more likely to attribute it to fate. "The only thing I can hope for is that you'll have faith and hope in me that I can pull through even if it seems like it's going bad. Leaving you? Was never an option. That's why I want my decision to be sooner. Because if pulling through becomes that truth? Then there is nothing that my body can do to be taken from you." Heavy huff of air pressed through his lips. Alexander shifted to press the bottom of his chin just at the top of Adele's head and allowed for his eyes to close. Even with the fear inside that it could all be wiped away during his Acceptance he chose to hold on to the conviction that he could pull through. It had no longer been through the choice of rebellion but a choice of need and want, A desire to want this life and much more from it. "I plan to have bunch of Christmas'. Plan to spoil you until you get that twisted look of disgust on your face for it too. But the only way we're all going to get through these times is together. Not just you and me, but everyone. Including Cass and Lauren. We have a lot of type to make up all over the place but I like to think we'd get there eventually.
  10. Invite Something Happened

    "Yes. . .? Rest. . .?" While it was a common sensual action for those that exerted themselves to take a rest, many would fight against such a notion. Admittedly he'd been one such a person in certain instances. At the same time he had tried to show a sense of child's concern, uncertainty hung in his mind if either one of them had that actual right in such an attempt in the first place. Perhaps it was another wound to attend to at a much later date, many more needed to be attended and stitched up after all. A small smile formed on his face as he looked towards Cassandra. "You say you're alright, but I'm pretty sure you need to relax a bit. You're over here taking midnight jogs in your sleep, after all." More specifically their children had been doing that but that was something he wasn't sure how to actually 'explain'. There had still been so much knowledge that he wasn't aware of: Such as this change of a non-Sorceraic woman harboring the children. Linked with the effect of what it meant for a male to do so that was still in the stage that teetered between two worlds. Alexander waved a farewell to Jez and Lorelei first as they were leaving. "Make sure you demand yourself a stack of pancakes, Lei. Just... Don't have your mom cook it." Eyes narrowed slightly as he gave a grin. The expression didn't last long as it dropped to a more somber one. "Glad to see you're back to your normal self, Améa. Have a nice night." His gaze finally settled onto Lauren as he tried to offer a calm smile. "I know it will be a major change, Lauren. We can do something after things calm down." That didn't mean just for Adele's case, Alan was going to have a hell of a shock of his life. He wasn't sure if he'd try to make up for lost time between the two which meant he'd have to wait his turn in line to better connect with the newly christened teen. "Course, Stu. I'll let you know first thing, too. " He knew of few people who had been close to Adele as Stuart. Aside from the fact he was Améa and Jez's father, there always seemed to be something else there. The kind of bond that probably kept her up more than he could even fathom. Cassandra's question caused a brief halt as he bites at his lower lip. "It could keep happening." It could also get worse, if they're in need of energy to keep invigorated then it could cause some slight issues. "Other stuff too, Auntie Bethianna can help with understanding more. The stuff that we won't be able to know, well. . . We'll figure it out like we do everything, right?" For better or worse, whatever curve balls would be tossed their way he found solidarity in that stance that they would be able to figure out a proper solution. "Yea, you're right. I'm pretty sure I'm not her favorite person right now but... I'm too stubborn to let that factor keep me away." In a smooth transition he stood up and then leaned forward to kiss Cassandra's forehead. "If you start to feel faint, rest. It should pass." As long as the twins weren't too active he wagered the potential drain wouldn't be too harsh on her. Then he made his way towards Adele's room in gentle steps to avoid potentially waking up the baby and maybe even Caleb if he'd fallen asleep. The sound of the broken lullaby reached his ears and it caused his heart to melt and in some manner break. The amount of torture she must have been feeling was enough to break a persons resolve in many ways. The palm of his hand pressed against the door to open it lightly and then he slid inside, back pressed against the wall as he slid down slowly and watched Adele with Caleb slouched over her in slumber. Eyes lifted up to see the babies crib whom seemed to be quite fast asleep themselves. "A sadly beautiful song. You should sing more, it's a lovely voice." Standing up once more he made his way towards another part of the room to find some form of cloth, anything absorbent and walked over towards his sister. Then knelt down next to her to use it dry to at her tears. "You're stuck with me, hope you don't mind too much on that." Everything that he'd done to prepare himself the last few months, the planning and the thoughts that surged through his mind. All for the means to stay - the reason and every intention within his bones demanded that he not leave. The passing days only added more people, more reasons on why leaving was never an option. "You know, I'm pretty bad at this whole 'Brother' thing. I'm not sure if there is a rulebook or.. If someone was supposed to teach me the do's and don'ts."
  11. Team Dub A

    Alexander Winfield
    When two Alex's meet, music plays. It's practically a Oracle.
  12. Glaring Auntie

    Alexander Winfield
    The good ol' Auntie-In-Law! Until she kills Alex for knocking her Niece up!
  13. Box em'

    Alexander Winfield
    One of the only other guys around the family! One day we'll be more in numbers!
  14. Brood Niece!

    Alexander Winfield
    The Niece that broods a bit more than others! (She doesn't need to know he tries to honor her at the Memorial!)
  15. Stalker Niece

    Alexander Winfield
    The Niece that knows more about him than she should! Stalkers!