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    Sage Morgan
    Victoria student available now.
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    Sage Morgan
    The Morgan sisters attended Tally from early 2002 to the end of 2008. After school, Sage attended a muggle academy in England to gain A Levels. She studied Art, Textiles, Business Studies and Design Technology. She went on to University in Cardiff to study Business. She did well and achieved her degree, but she was unhappy with the subject. She missed art. She missed her sister in Australia. Sage moved back to Narragyambie after five years in England, at the age of 23. She spent a year working as a waitress in a muggle cafe, before she was able to get a place on some art courses. Suddenly the world felt right again. Art became increasingly important and at 26, Sage applied to Victoria Magical University. She is now in her second year. She focuses on fine art, with some textiles and design, and how magic can be used in and affect art.