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  1. Open Skinny Dipping {Mature}

    Evony Wynter
    Saturday, May 26th 11:36 AM This was the place Evony had been told about. earlier in the week she had started asking about the local sites, more specifically where was a good spot for a swim. A few had mentioned that Korrowi creek had a few spots that were tucked out of the way. While most of the creek was shallow and not very wide, there were a few spots nearby that emptied out into deeper wider spots. One, in particular, was fairly close by and offered a scenic place to cool down when the sun got too high. It was described as having soft sandy banks with many grassy sections shaded by several nearby trees. The slow-moving current carried nothing but cool crystal clear water. In short, it was an oasis of sorts, a small slice of paradise for anyone who could find it. She had been eager to get here, even going so far as to prepare her things the night prior. Not much though, just a blanket, some snacks, one of her books, and some water. SHe had planned to spend the day in the shade reading and relaxing. Upon arriving Evony was shocked to discover that the descriptions of the other students fell short of the place she now stood. Yes, it had everything that she had been told about, but given the surrounding terrain, it made this small green gem stand out even more. SHe couldn't understand why other students weren't crowded around here on a nice day like this, but she didn't dwell on the thought, it was their loss and her gain. The first hour or so she spent laying on her blanket reading her book. It was one of those trashy romance novels that feature a chiseled hero on the front, with long blonde hair, and his shirt open. It certainly wasn't the kind of material that had any real value but for some reason, she was hooked on these kinds of books. The idea that there was always some overly dramatic love affair that always worked out, and was filled with unbridled passion just appealed to her. After a bit, she found that even in the shade she was becoming warm. Her focus shifted now from her book to the inviting cool water flowing just a few feet away. She had intended to go for a dip and now seemed like a good time to cool her skin in the water. Evony took a quick look around to determine that there was no one around. She wasn't worried about being spied on, but it was a habit now to look around before doing something like this. After a few moments, she stood up and shed her clothing, A white slip that covered her lower half and a t-shirt that bore the insignia of her old school, before making her way to the water. The water itself, while deeper than the rest of the creek, only came up to hips. For a normal person this would be deep enough to hide for sure, but for her, it meant she needed to kneel down in the water to soak up to her shoulders and hide from view. It was as cool and refreshing as she expected, and for a time she simply frolicked, splashing around and submerging herself entirely at points. It was absolutely lovely. On the shore, sitting on her blanket was her clothing, food, and her book, all completely forgotten for the moment.
  2. Open I've only just arrived

    Evony Wynter
    Aurors? Evony had had little experience with Aurors. In fact, she had never seen one in real life before, not that she had ever known anyways. From what she knew, they were highly skilled in hunting down dark witches and wizards. They were often characterized to be grizzled and ill-tempered, so the idea that they could just laugh at them seemed a bit strange to say the least. Furthermore, a more important question was raised. Why were they here? Was their fear of corruption among the staff? or perhaps there had been a threat against the academy? Now Evony's mind and curiosity raced and she made a silent vow to sleuth around for information later. For now, she had more important things to worry about. Alex had agreed to show her around a little bit. This meant she would have the opportunity to talk him up even more. She had to make sure to be careful, after all, this was just a tour of the grounds. "Oui. It would be a good adventure too." She added with a smile. Inside she was mentally scolding herself for how easy she was making things. This was not like her at all. As a rule, she was usually more stuck up than this, she was after all a centaur. Yet here she was making her own efforts to spend one on one time with a boy she had just met. Part of her even wished that they would not run into people he knew so that there would be fewer distractions. "So 'ow long 'ave you and Saphire been 'ere?" As she spoke she took a step towards the doors that would take them to the Great Hall. He stride was easily twice that of his, so she made sure to keep her movements a little slower so that she did not appear too eager to move on, but also so that he would not need to jog to keep up to her. In the last few years of her life, she had learned how to pace herself with humans very well. It was one of those things that few people actually thought about until they were actually in this position. She also made sure to keep her front in line with him as t allowed her to look over and see him easier, rather than having to turn around to see him if she kept him at her middle. Her curiosity was getting the better of her now, not so much for the school, but for him. She had read about the school, its buildings and even its layout before coming here. She was diligent that way and studied hard before doing anything. This didn't mean she wouldn't get lost, but it did give her a better idea as to where she was and what she was getting into. But now she had the attention of this young man, and he intrigued her. She wanted to know more about him, and if she liked what she heard she would be keen to spend more time with him. Of course, even now she was getting ahead of herself. She had no idea who he was and already she was thinking about what they might do the next time they hung out if such an event occurred. "I mean you said from one new student to anoz'er.". He couldn't have been that new, but then again he could have easily been just as new as her. How charming would that be if the new students started spending time together? She stopped, giving her head a gentle pat as if she forgot something. She needed to stop getting ahead of herself, this was not like one of her novels, this was real life, and things did not happen like those trashy books.
  3. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Evony pushed open the door to the classroom. SHe was late for class, not by a few minutes, but by enough to have missed the opening points. It was so embarrassing to say the very least, and not how she wanted to start her academic career here in her new school. She had gotten turned around trying to navigate her new surroundings, and after a series of wrong turns she had ended up in the wrong building altogether. She had been lucky enough to be pointed in the right direction by a helpful student who had been running late for different reasons, and after a quick dash, she had ended up here at her elemental magic class. "Forgive me professor for my tardiness." She said with a deepening blush on her cheeks. Without waiting for a reply she walked into the room allowing the door to close behind her, before making her way to an open spot at the back of the class. It was easier for her to stand next to the table at the back of the room so that she would not be in anyone's way with her larger body. She was careful to try and avoid anyone's gaze as she fumbled with the bags that hung over her back, placing them under the table, and pulling out her notebook and putting it on the table. From what she could see this was a water spell, and by the muttered incantations she could hear from some of the nearby students, it was Augamenti. The spell itself was used for the production of water, One could fill a glass, or put out a small flame. A small flame much like the strawmen that now burned harmlessly on all of the tables. Evony blinked for a moment as she looked around. How had she missed the small burning men? Clearly, they were meant to be a target for the spell so that the students could practice without having to simply fill a glass. it was a great way to inspire the proper use of the spell, creating a sense of urgency and reason for the spell. This was a spell she had studied on her own time the year before at her previous school. It had taken her a considerable time to actually learn it. Evony watched for a moment as the students around her cast their spells. SOme were succeeding in their attempts, causing the fires to go out and little columns of steam to rise into the air. Other were having difficulty. Some seemed to miss their mark altogether, dousing the table and even each other with water, while one student had even seemed to make the fire worse. For a moment she was about to get involved, but Alex had it under control as he grabbed a bucket of water and doused his flame. She looked at her own burning strawman and pulled her wand from her pocket and with a small flourish cast the spell. "Aquamenti!" She spoke clearly, though her accent made the word flow as smoothly as the water that now flowed from her wand in a small jet. It hit the strawman, causing him to sizzle and go out sending another small spot of steam into the air along with the hiss of boiled water. Evony smiled as she looked back to the front of the class, feeling confident that she had not missed too much.
  4. Open I've only just arrived

    Evony Wynter
    "Merci." Evony replied with a smile and a giggle. She wasn't fully able to understand why she was giggling now, even thinking about it, nothing particularly funny was even said. Sure it was sweet that he had complimented her name, Smooth he called it. No one had ever said her name was smooth. Maybe she couldn't help giggling. He was charming, for a human. More than that though, he was a boy, an older boy, and one she had never met. He was exotic and new, a foreign flavor so to speak. Back in her old school, she had not spent as much time associating with boys. While the school was co-ed, there did exist a certain level of segregation between the genders. Would she really be the victim of her hormones destined to break the conventional molds of her people simply because her upbringing was different? Evony snapped back to the moment, having drifted off into her own thoughts moments before and straightened herself up. Naturally, she was taller than Alex, but it wasn't by a much, which in its own way highlighted how small she was compared to her own people. She had wanted to distract herself from her thoughts and so she opted to start up a solid conversation. "So you play ze guitar. Zat is a wonderful talent. I am afraid I ave no skill in such zings." She said with a smile casting her gaze upon the instrument peeking out over his shoulder. She had only ever seen a handful of guitars in her life, many of which were played by students at her old school, though they never carried the instrument around like this, and none of them ever spoke so fondly of the instrument. Her well-groomed tail flicked sharply to the side. It was a habit of hers that she hardly noticed anymore, if ever. It helped her keep cool, and during times when bugs were out, it helped to keep them off her. At this moment neither of those things was a concern for her and this was just a casual movement. Alex had suggested he could take her to see the headmasters office, but to be honest, she was in no hurry to do that just yet. "Per'aps you could show me around instead?" As she spoke she looked over to where her trunk had been. In the few moments that she had been focused on the young man in front of her, it seemed that house elves had carried it away to her room. THose charming little creatures certainly were efficient. She pawed nervously at the ground as she looked back to Alex, holding her hands behind her back nervously.
  5. Open I've only just arrived

    Evony Wynter
    It wasn't long, barely even a moment really, before someone else entered the Foyer. A young man in his late teens with long black hair and striking blue eyes. Evony watched him for a moment, he moved with confidence and purpose, though he didn't appear to be in a hurry. and as those blue orbs fell on her, she couldn't help but get a shiver as if someone had doused her in cold water. Before she had left her previous school, many of her friends had expressed their jealousy at her being able to go and mingle with "Those hot aussie boys." She had dismissed the notion as nothing more than idle girl chatter, but now she had a better understanding of what they meant. For a human, he wasn't bad looking at all. "Oui. Je Viens de transferer. Je suis Evony..." She stopped a moment, blushing at her mistake. It was true her grasp on English was more than enough to get by. She had understood him perfectly, however, when it came to replying she had instinctively chosen her native tongue. As of yet, she had had very little actual practice conversing with those who spoke English, so she wasn't used to actually speaking in it first. "Err, Forgive me. I am ze new transfer student. My name is Evony. It is a pleasure to meet you and your Saphire." Her words were rigid and her tone a bit formal, but the message was passed on easily enough and with no stuttering. Without a second thought, she pointed her wand at a nearby wall, and her trunk moved swiftly over to it, setting itself down neatly out of the way. No doubt there would be a network of house elves ready to descend on her belongings and whisk them away to her room the moment she looked away. "I ave come from Beauxbatons in France to study ere wiz you." Her accent rolled her words smoothly making them sound delicate and whimsical. While she spoke she stepped towards Alex offering him her hand with a bright smile. SHe took care to lean down a little so as to make things easier. He was actually surprisingly taller than what she had expected, which made leaning down all the easier. "Forgive me, but I assume you are not ze head of ze academy ere to welcome me."
  6. 2018 School Year Enrollment

    Evony Wynter
  7. Open I've only just arrived

    Evony Wynter
    It was early in the evening as the older looking van pulled up to the front of the school. The temperature, while not sweltering, was still warm, warm enough to be uncomfortable. Surprisingly it was rather humid, which contributed to an almost oppressive heat. There was the promise of rain, though many of the locals had insisted it was not the case and that there would be several more days before any sort of relief would be felt from the heat. Evony peered out her window, looking at the Academy that would be her new home. She had been excited to see it, though now she had felt strangely disappointed. It was nothing like academy she had come from, Beauxbatons, which in its own rights was a palace surrounded by scenic mountains and forests. This was nothing like the home she had known for the last 5 years. Still, she had elected to this exchange voluntarily and was not entirely put out by the quaint look of Tallygarunga Academy. In truth, she now felt even more excited to see it inside, for it wasn't a secret that many of the quaint places in the magical world held many secrets and vast beauty just out of sight of prying eyes. Perhaps, like the cab she now sat in, which on the inside was more like a spacious train car, this place would hold similar secrets. The driver hurried around the outside of the cab, opening the back and removing her things, before making his way to her door and opening it. He gave her a nod and a toothless smile as he gestured hurriedly for her to exit the cab. As soon as the door opened she was greeted by the sudden and almost violent change in temperature. The compartment she had been relaxing it had been rather comfortable, and now she struggled to adjust to the sudden change. A small cough escaped past her lips as she stepped out of the cab. first her front legs, then her second. It had been a marvel, and perhaps a bit of magic, how she had managed to squeeze herself out the open door, which even now as she turned to look back at it, seemed far to small for her massive frame to fit through. Once she was free, and after making sure that her tail was not in the way, the driver closed the door again, locking the cool air inside the rustic looking vehicle. He nodded again to her, showing his still toothless grin, before scurrying off to the driver seat of the cab and driving off without a word, kicking up a trail of dust behind him. Evony watched as he left, before turning to face the school again. Her smile broadened now as she drew her wand and pointed it at her trunk. "Locomotor!" she declared, her accent causing the words to flow rather sweetly as her trunk lifted a few inches off the ground and began to follow her. With her large stride, it didn't take her long to actually reach the front doors, which seemed to open on their own as if to invite her in. She was shocked to see that there was, at that very moment, no one there at all. Had their been some kind of mistake? Was this even the right place?
  8. Evony Wynter

    Evony Wynter
    Evony was born 4 years after the fall of Lord Voldemort. More importantly, she was born 4 years after one of the largest incidents in the ever-growing list of conflicts between centaurs and humans. This, of course, was the untimely demise of Delorus Umbridge at the hands of the centaurs of Hogwarts. This one event would be the breaking point for the Ministry of Magic, and they would demand that changes be made to prevent future issues of this nature. It would be years later before any plan would actually be put into effect. As it stood, there were many centaur herds spread across Europe, many of which had chosen to isolate themselves from the humans who now demanded they comply with treaties and legislation to control them. While many of the herds refused to comply, bringing diplomatic relations to a standstill, a few herds would see the value in making some effort to amend the damages done, and try to bridge these gaps. The Wynter herd in France was one of these groups. Evony was chosen early in her youth for the opportunity of a magical exchange. She was to be sent off to a local magical school where she would study like a human. and bring her experiences back to her herd later. The idea was that if humans and Centaurs had a chance to become closer that the aggression that had become status quo might lessen or even stop altogether. She would be groomed until the day she was old enough to attend Beauxbatons, to which she had been accepted to years prior as a condition of the exchange. Her first year was incredibly difficult, though most of this came from the social stigma she suffered from being a centaur. Strangely though, despite her heritage, she still strived to make friends as all children tend to do. This was difficult for young Evony though as she quite literally did not seem to fit into the regular wizarding world. This only caused her to push her studies that much further, allowing her to advance her skill with magic and keep up with the more gifted students of her generation. As the years went on her own skills not only continued to improve, but her social skills began to develop. It seemed that as she focused less on trying to make friends, that suddenly these relationships began to present themselves. Of course, these were not the sort of relationships that one would consider healthy as many of the girls that befriended her did so out of the purity of her blood and the scores in her classes. Despite being of a different species Evony was, perhaps, purer blooded than anyone else there at the time, as her kind is unable to breed with others. To the elitists of Beauxbatons, that was enough to get noticed. In her fifth year, Evony was given the opportunity to study abroad with another wizarding school. She was told that the experience would be good for her and that it would do well to broaden her horizons. After some deliberation, she decided to take the opportunity. Over the last few years, her bonds with her herd had been strained, and she had determined that it would be better if she continued on her journey to achieve a magical education without being held back by the already weakened relationships of her past. Part of the reason she agreed to the exchange was that she had already learned English a few years prior and had been told that the school she would be going to was English speaking.