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  1. Sunday night was not the best night to hold extra, non-credited theory sessions for students since it was the night students scrambled to finish off all the homework they’d put off all week that was due in the morning. Also, Leander had realized last semester as he waited for someone to join him, he should also maybe not advertise that he was basically a giant loser – preferring to study advanced potions theory with students than to go out and do something “interesting” during his weekend. But Lee had discovered he liked the quiet Sunday nights to himself in the potions classroom where he could work on his own projects as he waited for no one to show up. At this point it was a guaranteed time in his schedule that no one would bother him. So when Lee heard a noise by the entryway into the classroom at the appointed time of the advanced potions and potion theory session he was surprised out of deep contemplations of choosing the best emulsifier for the next potion experiment he was going to attempt. He was sitting at the demonstration table with a well-worn and used notebook in front of him that was open to a spread of a table comparing the pros and cons of different ingredients. There was a pot of tea to his side and various foodstuffs around him that could have been potion ingredients or snacks. The first few sessions for advanced potions and potion theory he’d planned out months ago were tucked into the bottom drawer of the demonstration table. “Can I help you with something?” he inquired to the student. The student looked young enough to be lost, but also vaguely familiar. Certainly unlikely to be interested advanced potions and potion theory.
  2. Leander watched his students get started with the selected potion and was quite pleased. No one had picked the decoy ingredient which meant he has going to have a nice accompaniment to his dinner tonight. When it was clear all the students were done and where waiting for the octopus ink to heat up he flicked his wand at the Chardonnay making it disappear to a nice cold place to wait for later. “Good work so far guys,” Lee said as his sipped more coffee. From the side of the room, however, he could hear one of the occupants of the portrait which unfortunately occupied space in his classroom start to tut tut. Experience told Lee not to try and shush them, it would only make it worse, but really, it was too early to deal with both grumpy teens and crotchety old people. He hoped they would be fairly pleasant this morning, but didn’t hold his breath on it. “Alright, now we need a stabilizer. Make sure you have everything you need ready before you need to add the next ingredient,” Lee cautioned knowing there were a few steps and choices that needed to occur properly and in succession in order to get the right potion in the end. He flicked his wand again, this time sending a bowl of mints his way. Before the students could reach them Lee stuck his wand hand in the bowl and grabbed a few to keep for himself. Coffee and mint was not exactly the tastiest flavour combination, but he could never pass up a mint or three. “The next part might be harder to remember, so talk amongst yourselves if you are uncertain.” Not exactly strict test-taking conditions, but for Lee it was too quiet in the room.
  3. No one wanted class first thing Monday morning, students or professors alike. Leander was still so new that he didn’t get the best class times to pick from and here it was, double potions before lunchtime on Mondays. And while his students might complain they had to show up to class before they were properly awake, Lee had to show up earlier for set-up and lesson-planning as well as a check in on his personal projects. It was honestly a minor miracle nothing had gone significantly wrong so far, with all the sleepy teenagers and often exhausted professor in a classroom surrounded by things that could go boom. With the cauldrons set out, the ingredients set up and a coffee in hand, Lee was ready. For a nap. However, it was time to start class. Thankfully there was going to be a bit of extra wine at the end of class. Leander let the students enter him classroom at their own pace and arrange themselves and their belongings as they wanted around the room before he started the lesson. “Today we have a test.” He sipped his coffee after the unpleasant statement. “You all should remember the draught of LinsLann we made last term?” he continued without really pausing long enough for the students to confirm or deny. “You are going to be making it from memory today. Books away, please. You can work in pairs if that makes it easier, but you won’t get that chance at the end of the year finals.” Leander leaned against the demonstration table and surveyed the students assembled in front of him. With the hand that held his coffee, he indicated the two large clear glass bowls of different coloured liquid on the table to his right. One was labelled ‘1963 Chardonnay’ and the other ‘Octopus Ink’. “As always, you first need to start with the basics which means you need a base for your potion. If you can’t remember, there’s two choices laid out for you. Choose wisely.”
  4. Second term lesson plan OCC notes: Read the following for information on the first class Professor Hue will be holding. It holds the answers (or for the differently minded, the opposite of the answers). If you wish to wing it and see what happens and how good you do, skip this post. There should be enough IC hints given by Professor Hue to follow along and get the right answer. While the right answer is provided here for you, please don’t take that as the only way to play through the class. Sometimes doing the opposite is the most fun. As such, please feel free to play around with random list generators for things such as colours, smells, tastes, textures, etc, to do with the potion you create. Excerpt from page 153 of Thormaccy’s Large Book of Small Potions, Edition 5.85 … We continue on our examination of 3 ingredient potions with the following potion of moderate complexity and minimal usefulness. The Draught of LinsLann – used to make any plant taste like brussel sprouts 1) In a cauldron sized 3A or smaller add 3 large drops of ink from the juvenile blue ringed octopus. Heat on a low, brown flame for 14 minutes and 19 seconds. 2) Add one peppermint candy to the cauldron (I personally recommend Boogalwort’s peppermints of quality. Such good mints). 3) Do not mix. Potion should from black to fire brick red upon addition of peppermint. 4) Wave your wand in the method demonstrated in Section 9, subsection h, variation 28.1 of Appendix iiiv of this book.*** 5) Once completed the potion will slowly change olive in colour and glitter dark turquoise. This will take a while so be patient. Do not mix. 6) Once the right colour, add one 5 cm strand of dandelion root. 7) Potion should remain the same colour, however will thicken and smell of bacon. Prospective potion makers will note that while this potion appears simple enough, an expert will no doubt immediately determine there are a number of pitfalls present in this recipe. For instance, the blue ringed octopus is highly venomous which has led many a potionist to theorize … End of excerpt. ***Notes written in the margin of the beat-up textbook in Lee’s tiny and neat handwriting: So I don’t have to keep looking this up everytime: this is a fancy greek letter Zeta with an extra curl on the end completed with the wand hovering horizontally over the potion [an image of the character appears next to the note]
  5. Classroom Signage: The protrait The portrait is a mix of all genders. Each is an alumnus of Tallygarunga how has made a name of themselves in the field of potion making and potion theory. They are upset at the quality of the potion-making skills in the room and love to loudly judge the students. They are also mad that somehow each one has ended up with noses that are too big and the wrong shape compared to their real life noses. Prominently displayed in large, block letters How to Die in Potions Class Sample your work. You can’t know it’s right until you do. Maintain a messy benchtop. All it takes is one misstake. Never ask for help. The professor doesn’t know what he’s doing so don’t waste your time. Also never read directions, they aren’t any more useful than the professor. Long hair and/or beard. Not tied back. It’s a must. Lay your arms and legs bare for all to see. Stick you head over the cauldron and take a big whiff. Is that burnt toast or burnt nose hair you smell? Always add salt. All potions need salt, especially the ones that say to never add salt. Note: Death results in automatic failure. A small, faded notice that is hard to miss Remedial potions Saturdays at 7 pm. A smaller, more faded notice, located under the judging portraits Advanced potions and potion theory, Sundays at 8pm. Clear addition to the notice Please come.
  6. The classroom The back wall is just cupboards filled with potion ingredients (highly organized and everything is labelled), with one cupboard containing knives, sieves, ladles, etc for preparing ingredients. To the right is a wall that has several sinks for washing out cauldrons, with various brushes, soaps and cleaning cloths organized on shelves and hooks above the sinks. Beside the sinks there are rows of shelves with various types, styles and sizes of forgotten and discarded cauldrons in various levels of beaten-upness for students to use if desired. One small shelf contains many different sized jars, glasses and bottles for potion storage. The left wall has windows and a few signs, notices and one large portrait that contains a group of stern looking people (see below). The front wall has a long demonstration table that doubles as Leander’s desk and experimentation space. There is typically 2 personal cauldrons with potions brewing off to one side. When needed another cauldron or two are squeezed into the space for demonstration purposes. The middle of the room has several specialized fire-resistant tables for students to work. They are of different sizes for different groups of people to work but all tables have the requirements needed to set-up cauldrons, heat or cool them and prepare ingredients. At the end of each table is a large bin for rubbish. There are two doors in the classroom. The entrance is squeezed between two cupboards. The other leads to a small supply closet for oversized storage (brooms) and the rare, deadly and expensive ingredients which are locked away. It’s located behind the front demonstration table.
  7. Leander was the second child (of 3) born to muggle parents, a lawyer and an electrician living very comfortable life in Melbourne. He liked to bake which his brother made fun of him for. Occasionally, something would go array during the process, and not always was it explainable by young Leander who would be just as confused as his parents as to how cookie dough chilling in the fridge managed to catch on fire or how the chocolate cake managed to turn out lime green when there wasn’t any food colouring in the house (and food colouring wouldn’t have masked the dark brown colour of chocolate anyway). In school Lee excelled at mathematics and did better than average in science. Teachers generally had a favourable attitude towards him for his tidy desk and careful lettering. When it was revealed he was a wizard and required special schooling, Lee’s parents were stunned but determined sending him to a private school (Greyheme Wizarding College) was more favourable and socially acceptable than a public school, especially one with a reputation in muggle society as being a place for delinquents. Leander was glad to be away from his bully older brother and hoped that his sister would join him when it was time (she did not). At Greyheme’s Lee quickly took to potions as well as herbology, charms and muggle studies, but hated history of magic and transfiguration. The potions master at the school, a favoured mentor of Leander encouraged him to pursue extra studies after he had completed his time at Greyheme. He followed that wisdom and chose to study in North America researching new and different potion ingredients. Coming from Australia which has very unique flora and funa, and thus atypical potion ingredients compared to other places in the world there was an adjustment period for Lee. Adjustment being code for many things blew up. It was at this time Lee learned something that had always kind of known but never quite realized: he liked experimenting in potion making. The second thing Leander learned during his time in North America was his liked teaching. Leander took extra time to finish off his studies as he decided to also take on coursework related to teaching, uncertain if he wanted to teach or be the next big potion maker when he was done. Teaching won out in the end, with Leander deciding to move back to Australia as he missed to comfort of his birth country. A major fight with his best friend in North America also helped push him back to Australia. Just over a year ago he took a position at Tallygarunga. He hasn’t stopped experimenting, but has succeeded in only making one big potions mess in that time, at least officially. Unofficially, it’s a different story.
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