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  1. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Salt beamed. "An RV? Cool!" If there was one thing Salt was obsessed with about the muggle world it was cars. She'd even managed to bag herself a TV and watch Top Gear. She'd got the British version and momentarily fallen in love with the presenters' accents. Then Sienna Miller had come on, and Salt and remembered how much she actually liked women. It had been a long time since Salt had fancied anyone. She wasn't in the mood for relationships at this stage of her life though. Bringing up Acorn, the heartbreak with Acorn's father, seeing her sister torn apart by the man she thought loved her... Salt wasn't down for that any more. "I have a daughter, so mostly I'm taking care of her if I'm not at work. I do get my me time though. Usually in the pub. My sister loves babysitting, so it's a win-win." Salt thought for a moment, then said; "Do you like animals?"
  2. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Salt couldn't help but smile. Microbrew was a secret favourite of hers. "Microbrew sounds perfect!" Salt was dying to know where the barmaid went to school. School hadn't been that good an experience for her, apart from a few subjects where she excelled. Cruel and Unusual Geography and Care of Magical Creatures. Salt was just curious if the young woman was a muggle or not. "What did you study at school? You grow up around here?" Salt used to feel nervous, opening the conversation about school, since she could hardly say she went to Tally and studied Charms and Transfiguration, could she? But with her father's careful tuition and painstaking research, she had the muggle world licked. It was a pity Muggle Studies had been so formally academic. Had it been more informal and more practical-based, Salt would've aced it. Maybe even gone into that, instead of animals. But animals were her true passion and she couldn't imagine choosing muggle liaison over wildlife. "I work with a variety of things. The roos are the most mischievous though. How about you? What do you do in the daytime?"
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    Salt Morgan Just One of Those Days
  4. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Salt would've loved a Gillywater, but the club was a muggle one, so she'd have to make do with a pint. "Whatever beer is cheapest, please," Salt asked, lifting her head off her hands. Beer wasn't the most ladylike of drinks, but Salt wasn't the most ladylike of ladies. She worked on a nature reserve and usually smelled like earth, grass or some kind of animal. Add to that being a single mum and a tomboy and you got Salt. One half of a pair of twins ordering cheap beer she knew she was going to regret in the morning. "Yeah. Kangaroo. I work with animals," She explained. Salt smiled. It did seem like a nice place to be. "Chasing roos after a bad night's sleep isn't top of my wishlist." Salt dug in her bag for her purse.Muggle money still mystified her. She was half and half, but her muggle side had been conspicuously absent. She'd been brought up in the wizarding world, although her dad had done his best to ground his daughters in the muggle world. He wanted them to have the options the muggle world offered. And to protect them. It was something Salt aspired to do with her own daughter.
  5. Come and have a butchers.

    Salt Morgan
    Salt Morgan is a single mum too. Her daughter is 8. Do you think Sturn and Salt would be friends?
  6. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Salt stumbled into the club, knocking a stool over as she headed to the bar. She'd had that stupid dream again the night before, and she'd spent the whole day counting down the hours until she finished work. Salt normally loved her job, but the days Leo hung over her like a bad smell made everything suck. She picked up the stool and set it back on its legs. Salt was grateful for her seat at the bar. It wasn't just the alcohol, it was the atmosphere, the community. She didn't have any close friends, except her sister, and she didn't really count. It was nice to sit and chat with a bunch of friendly strangers and a drink. Bars were shelter from bad memories. People in bars had fun and seemed happy, even if most of them were doing exactly the same thing as Salt - shutting it out. Work had been rough and it showed on her face. She'd trekked the reserve for hours looking for a lost kanga and when she'd finally found him he'd put up a hell of a fight before she'd got him tranquilised and ready to move. He was miles from where he should've been, hopping about on a dodgy leg. She'd got a Patronus from the reserve vet just as she was leaving. The kanga was doing all right but he wouldn't be leaping about any time soon. With a sigh, Salt rested her head on in her hand and waited for the bartender to take her order. @Kay
  7. Salt Morgan

    Salt Morgan
    Salt fell in love with Leo Dixon when she was in her final year at Tally. She fell pregnant just after leaving school. She gave birth to Acorn Dixon in October 2009. The Morgan sisters attended Tally from early 2002 to the end of 2008. Salt's relationship with her sister is not close, yet they do stick together. They have almost nothing in common. Throughout school, Salt depending heavily on her sister's help to pass exams. She isn't unintelligent but formal education doesn't work well for her. Salt lost a dog she loved dearly when she was 21, and she still hasn't got over it properly.