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April, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.


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  1. Kay

    Daria bishop

    Character Name: Daria Bishop Character Position: Narrie Nanny Link to Character Profile: http://www.tallygarunga.com/characters/narrie_residents/daria-bishop-r36/
  2. Kay

    Out of spoons

    I feel terrible for putting up another away. However I’ve been sick and injured and my grandfather passed. I’m not feeling very musey
  3. My lovely sister is getting married I will be leaving Friday morning- I will be back sometime next week... I have left it open because i honestly do not think i will be back to posting before Saturday ❤️ I also have no clue what Florence is going to do to us out here, you all know anytime we have Severe weather my internet/power goes out so who knows what will happen lol- im hoping for nothing who knows i may end up staying with Chromie if i come back to no power!
  4. Kay

    just a little detox

    Hey all, i am still planning on coming back I just received a bunch of notifications about my characters being archived and needing to post an abscence. My stress levels are still insane. I’m still here just not at a posting capacity yet.
  5. Kay

    just a little detox

    Arighty, So you may have noticed, or may not have honestly, i have not been around much if at all. Work has been nuts and due to the nature of my work its been pretty emotionally and physically draining- on top of some already super fun health conditions... I have decided to do a little detox from some things, and so i'm around on discord (though not on the server atm). I am not leaving, just taking a break. ❤️
  6. Kay

    midnight sun

  7. Kay


    Just a few years after he went to school he met and fell in love with Lexi Forest. Lexi was working in a restaurant having gotten fed up with her life in California she moved to a city she thought no one would ever think to look for her. It was one late night that Tony entered the twenty four hour diner. It was not quite love at first sight but it was close. Tony fell in love with her dark hair her tan skin and her Latin charm. It took a few weeks before they were head over heels in love and crazy about each other. Once he graduated from Western they were married, she was a muggle but Tony didn’t care, he thought there was no one better in the entire magical world. They had a life of blissful normalcy, he told her about magic after they got married, and she was shocked. It was hard for her to deal with the idea that her husband was not only magical but putting his life on the line to fight for a world she had not known existed. The normalcy was disrupted when he asked her to pick up the dry cleaning he had forgotten. They never really gave him a full explanation but a horrible accident cost Lexi her life. Tony was devastated and threw himself into his work, it was then he caught wind of a cult. They hadn’t been a major force in the US, but he consulted with England and then Australia to consult with them. It was during this that he was injured almost fatally and he felt like it was time for a change. Tony wished to be stable and not have to worry about who would take care of his Bella if something happened to him. His wide knowledge of various Magical Law systems and his experience had made him an excellent candidate. It also made him feel better knowing he would be in the same school his daughter was attending. I see her as being a bit of a spitfire, she is all about making sure she is heard.
  8. “Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Third rule of Fight Club: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two guys to a fight. Fifth rule: one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: the fights are bare knuckle. No shirt, no shoes, no weapons. Seventh rule: fights will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first time at Fight Club, you have to fight.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club Alright, so Lot Karras is one hell of an angry guy. He spent a great deal of time on the run and he harbors a great deal of resentment for being framed for murder. Lot has been trying to live on the up and up but he has not had much luck… So This is where this plot comes in. Lot likes to fight and he likes to fight others who like to fight. With his brother in law the head of the MLE, and having his daughter, he tries very- very hard to keep his nose clean. However he has not been doing a great job of it as of late. So after a night at the Roo talking with some of his friends Lot decided that he and his buddies could start an underground fight club. The locations change and you need to know the password for each fight. This ensures you have been invited. Lot is not the most organized and so he will need someone to help him organize the fights. He will need someone to handle the bets and of course he will need fighters. Coordinaators Lot Karras and TBD Bookie Fighters BY MITZI .collar { width: 400px; height: 400px; overflow: hidden; margin: auto; background-size: cover!important; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .collar .border { width: 350px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px #000; margin: 25px; overflow: hidden; } .collar .keep { width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: hidden; } .collar h1 { font: bold 50px/40px poppins; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: -2px; text-align: center; color: #ddd; margin: 125px 0 0 0; transition: .5s; } .collar h2 { font: 7px/8px helvetica; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: center; color: #eee; margin: 5; transition: .5s; } .collar .one { width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: hidden; background: rgba(255,255,255,.1); transition: .7s .3s; margin: -700px 0 0 -350px; } .collar:hover .one { background: rgba(255,255,255,.2); margin: -350px 0 0 0; transition: .7s 0s; } .collar .two { width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: hidden; background: rgba(255,255,255,.1); transition: .7s .3s; margin: -350px 0 0 350px; } .collar:hover .two { background: rgba(255,255,255,.2); margin: -350px 0 0 0; transition: .7s 0s; } .collar .three { width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: hidden; background: rgba(255,255,255,.1); transition: .7s .3s; margin: 350px 0 0 -350px; } .collar:hover .three { background: rgba(255,255,255,.2); margin: -350px 0 0 0; transition: .7s 0s; } .collar .four { width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: hidden; background: rgba(255,255,255,.1); transition: .7s .3s; margin: -350px 0 0 350px; } .collar:hover .four { background: rgba(255,255,255,.2); margin: -350px 0 0 0; transition: .7s 0s; } .collar:hover h1, .collar:hover h2 { opacity: 0; filter: invert(50%); } .collar .text { width: 300px; height: 300px; margin: -350px 0 0 0; padding: 25px; transition: .5s .0s; opacity: 0; } .collar:hover .text { opacity: 1; transition: .8s .6s; margin: -350px 0 0 0; } .collar .scroll { overflow: auto; height: 300px; color: #000; font: 11px hind; text-align: justify; padding-right: 10px; } .collar .scroll::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 1px!important; background: #eee!important; } .collar .scroll::-webkit-scrollbar-track { width: 1px!important; background: #eee!important; } .collar .scroll::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { width: 1px!important; background: #000!important; }
  9. Kay


    Petros had always been a little more on the Surly side, as the youngest he often felt left out and like he doesn't fit in. He can be a bit stand offish and prickly but he is able to at least pretend to be sociable. Petros' mother was an american muggle who met Atlas while he was on the East Coast for work. Petros and his mother moved to England to be closer to his siblings and his father. Petros felt left out due to his age and how he toddled after his siblings. Petros went to Hogwarts up until his fifth year and then his mother died and he attended Tally and lived with Eudoxia and her husband. The rest is up to you. None of the siblings have the same mother and so their experiences growing up could easily differ. If you have questions let me know!
  10. Kay


    Kora's mother is from South America and is a muggle. After Kora was born they moved to England with the rest of the family. Kora went to Hogwarts and then after school was not sure where she would go or what she would do. her occupation is up to you... she moved to Melbourne 3 years ago to be near her siblings She is much like the rest of the family, quick tempered, ambitious and gregarious She travels quite a bit. Moved to Melbourne 3 years ago
  11. Kay


    Is 9 years old Mother was turned to a vampire and abandoned her her father was on the run until 2 years ago, Lot attempted to keep he but her aunt Eudoxia had her most of the time. She is the first grandchild of Atlas Karras Lilah is 9 going on 30. She is very mature and takes her role as the oldest cousin very seriously. She is a rather outgoing little girl once she warms up to you. I am leaving most of this up to you- but she does have a bit of a serious side to her.
  12. Kay

    Flowers Made From Iron

    updated to reflect changes in my roster
  13. Kay

    out of spoons

    Hey guys, Sorry i have been so absent lately. I have been feeling pretty sick and struggling with some pretty disappointing things medically. So i say all this to say, I have not ghosted, i just need to save some of my spoons. Work has also been a bit intense... However i am feeling better and will be around and more active this weekend <3
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