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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Igor Drakov

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    Resident Psycho Vampire & School Defender | Violinist
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    Stuart Townsend

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  1. Invite drinks with Vivaldi

    Eudoxia was a strange case for Igor. She was perhaps one of the only people he did not have any thought to hurt on a nightly basis, and as a woman, not one that he had any intention of trying to woo over for a night of fun, or drinking her blood and sucking her dry. The fact that her companion was an auror likely had something to do with it; Igor did not want to be detained, especially not with his track record in Eastern Europe. ”Oh, you are most welcome,” Igor replied, laying on thick the charm as he took a sip of his newly arrived vodka. ”You’ll have to let me see the children at some point, I’m sure they look just as lovely as you.” Children were, after all, a soft spot for the vampire. Everything pure and good in this world, that ought to be protected from assholes like his own father had ben. His great-nephew and great-nieces were always under his watch, insofar as he could keep an eye on them. The perks of being a vampire, he supposed - always having the connection with your kin. A rakish grin appeared on his face at the mention of havoc and tickets. ” Well of course you’ll get tickets. Vladimir does get quite a few free tickets for family and friends, and since I’m the star performer, bonus for me.” Sitting back in his seat, Igor scratched at his chin as she talked about her kids, a laugh coming forth when she told him about her son. Not that Igor was familiar with the story about the goats, but that was neither here nor there really. ”If you want me to, sure,” Igor commented, ”If it’s absolute shit, I’ll be sure to let you know.” He wasn’t one to sugarcoat after all. Plus, he genuinely wanted Eudoxia to do well, so flowery truths needed to be accompanied with the thorns if need be. ”What’s the production about? Tell me everything.”
  2. Invite drinks with Vivaldi

    Igor was a man of many facets, all of them amazing, thank you very much. At least to him. Social drinking with people that he didn’t actively want to strangle and have for dinner wasn’t that common a phenomenon for the vampire. But, Igor could be a good boy… sometimes. Bars were admittedly not his usual place to drink, especially in the muggle districts where all those fresh and warm bodies piled together into a smorgasbord of mouthwatering smells. Gorgeous women to glance over. Men that often times Igor wanted to punch in the face or kick in the crotch. But, as with anything in the muggle world, Igor had to be careful not to make his condition obvious. Igor appeared in a back alley, the only creatures witness to this event being a stray cat that hissed and pounced away upon sensing what he was. He was, after all, a monster. At least, part of him was. Maybe a third. Half? Three quarters. Igor had dressed well enough, catching glances from some women as he entered the bar, his red eyes gleaming with mischief as some of them continued to stare in awe, while others looked away from the unnatural colour. Sniff. There she was. Igor approached and while he wasn’t entirely expecting Eudoxia to stand up and move in for a hug, the man managed to stop himself from stiffening up and instead returned the hug. “Eudoxia,” the man greeted, giving her a quick glance over. She certainly looked good; it had been some time since he’d spent any time with her. “You’re looking lovely as usual,” Igor said with a grin that was wide enough to show a hint of his fangs before he addressed her question. “Surviving, which is the most important. Causing havoc, and of all things, participating in a concert with the orchestra, organized by my nephew,” he explained, taking a seat at the table. “What have you been up to?” He questioned, ordering a vodka when he had the moment to do so.
  3. Cracks Knuckles

    Hello peasants.

    1. Artemisia Bellerose

      Artemisia Bellerose

      Hey Igor! Coming to visit the Gallery any time soon?

    2. Iris Glauert

      Iris Glauert

      Hello!  Hands a little stiff?

    3. Igor Drakov

      Igor Drakov

      Yeah, I guess I can stop by and visit, only because it's you though.

      As for you, kid, yes, yes they were. 

  4. Igor Drakov

    Igor Drakov
    Igor was born in Moscow, Russia, on October thirteenth, 1965. He grew up in a middle class household, as was common in his neighbourhood. His father, Sergei, and mother, Yelena, did their best to support their three sons, two of which who were twins. The twins were Igor & Ivan, and the younger boy was named Stanislaus. His father was a professor and a musician, while his mother was a Ministry worker. Everything was fine until Sergei began drinking heavily, and it was found that he was a very angry man when under the influence of alcohol. Igor and Ivan would get beaten for the smallest things, and Sergei would mix the two identical twins up. Igor grew to hate his brother, since he felt that Sergei would mix them up even when it was Ivan’s fault something happened, and then Igor paid the price. Igor was glad when he became enrolled at Durmstrang, where he could get away from his home life. He quickly adapted to school, and his skills in Musiciary grew at a faster pace than his professor expected. His cynicism grew quickly as well, especially when he was annoyed at other students. Herbology was a safe haven for him, as he would always calm down when working with plants. When Igor was seventeen years old, his mother and father divorced. Igor and his younger brother went with their father, Sergei Drakov, while Igor’s twin Ivan went with their mother, Yelena Valentin. Igor graduated from Durmstrang and attended the Magical University of Moscow, to pursue a career in teaching Musiciary. While studying, his best friend’s father, who worked with the city in landscaping, managed to get Igor a job working for famous muggles, and arranging their courtyards and grounds. The extra money helped him immensely, especially when some of the Muggle clients would give him a little extra money for his excellent work. When Igor was twenty-two, he moved to Romania to find work, where he met a young woman named Valentina Sokoll, and the two of them became friends. However a year later, Igor was attacked by a powerful Greek vampire, and after Igor realized what Nikolas was, begged him to turn him into one as well. Because of this, he seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth and made it seem as though he was killed, only to return four years later. Finding that his surviving brother had married Valentina, Igor had a fit of insanity and attacked the couple. When the twin boys Vladimir and Viktor were born, Igor came back to find that both survived, though Viktor had heart trouble. Igor left the family alone after that, though Igor kept semi-close tabs on the family in Romania, committing crimes throughout Eastern Europe that put him in various history books. In an episode of insanity, Igor attacked Vladimir when the boy was sixteen years old, but had underestimated the boy's ability to tap into his dhampiric nature. Igor suffered terrible injuries andwent into hiding for a time, preying on the weak and powerless. He then traveled to Australia, effectively hunting down the school the boy went to, and once there, did a little terrorizing of his own, only to be injured once again by the boy, with an intervention by Ivan. Whilst lurking over the school as its resident silent and vampiric defender, he tends to scare the daylights out of students who are out after curfew. It was through his musings that he met a young girl who, when he sifted through part of her mind, was being tormented by her father. Enraged, Igor eventually sought out and killed the man who had recently been arrested for the heinous actions. Igor spends most of his time these days in Melbourne, playing small gigs on and off, usually on the violin, while also engaging in work with flowers, both magical and muggle.
Resident Psycho Vampire & School Defender | Violinist 0
* year old Pureblood Vampire He/Him
Occupation Resident Psycho Vampire & School Defender | Violinist
Player  SanctusX
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Vampire
Pronouns He/Him
Play-by Stuart Townsend
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