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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Afternoon Soul

    Time did indeed fly when one was having fun, well, some kind of fun. Dancing around braless with no trousers on whilst keeping one eye on the oven was perhaps not the normal version of fun for a great many people. Holly, however, was enjoying herself immensely and it was that amount of enjoyment that made it so she completely forgot to check the time or actually set an alarm to let her know when it was time to try and be somewhat more presentable. So as she danced over to check the oven to find that the one single dish she had been cooking was suddenly a whole lot browner than it should have been. Muttering swear words under her breath the young Witch reached for the oven gloves she’d placed in the ideal location for such a job. It was just as her hands wrapped around the soft material that she heard the next issue. Jon announcing that he and Saffron were home. “Fork.” she muttered, dropping the oven gloves and walking over to the door, forgetting about the slowly burning bowel of food she had left in the hot oven. Music still playing she turned on her heels and made her way to the front door, picking up the key from the hanger and fumbling with unlocking it. When the click of the lock found its way too her hearing she pushed down the handle and opened the door, revealing the pair and also her own messy haired and half dress state. The sight of both Saffron and Jon caused a smile too spread across her face before ducking down too give her Daughter a tight hug. She had really missed Saffron during the past few days despite the fact that it was nice to have time on her own as well. “Hi honey, have a nice time?” she asked, pulling back from the hug too look over her daughter. Saffron responded that she had a good time though started to move around Holly to put her things away. This caused Holly’s attention too turned towards Jon, looking up at him from her crouched position. Standing up she stepped towards him and wrapped him in a hug that meant something entirely different too the one she had wrapped her daughter in. “Hello, did you have a nice ti-.” the smell of something burning cut off the question as she turned her head towards the open door. Then she remembered the oven! “Fork!” she swore, well, swore like she did in front of Saffron “I forgot about the oven.” she explained quickly before pulling away from Jon and darting into the kitchen, grabbing the oven gloves, throwing open the oven door and without thinking pulled out the incredibly hot dish of food, burning one exposed finger as she did so “Shoot shoot shoot.” she said, dumping the dish on the side quickly.
  2. Afternoon Soul

    Holly Bennett
    Music was playing as she wandered around the house. Holly didn’t often get free time, in fact, since she’d become a mother it was a rare thing. That was back when she was raising her daughter alone, juggling university and work on top of it. Life had changed so much in the past year that if she stopped and really examined it she’d be more amazed than she was at the present. After all, over a year ago she was a single mother and orphan trying to aim for her dream career whilst living in a flat that even rats refused to squat in. Now not only did Saffron have her Father actively in her life, she also had her own. She’d also discovered that she had a little sister, a sister that was around the same age as Saffron. She’d realized that she already had the career that she wanted and she had a house that rats would be happy to squat in. All that added with now that Saffron had more family Holly found herself with days where she didn’t have to watch every move of her precocious daughter. This is what had led to Holly playing music louder than she really should and dancing around bra-less and free. Her hair was un-brushed and sat around her face and shoulders in whatever way it damn well pleased and she danced around the living room, her wand making the vacuum suck up the last few crumbs on the carpet. Food was happily cooking in the oven and pillows were plumping themselves. So it wasn’t exactly the normal picture of freedom one would expect from a mid twenties witch who had a few days child free and off work, but, the house still needed to be clean. She’d spent the two days previously being much less house proud but since her child would be returning soon with her Father in tow it was a good idea to at least try and have a house that looked like the one single occupant hadn’t be a complete slob when left alone. A quick check of the clock ten minutes before had told Holly she had about thirty minutes more too dance around and clean before her hair would have to be brushed, her bra would have to be put on and so would some lower half clothes then food from her attempts at cooking could be put on the table and then the door would open and through it would come her Daughter and Jon. Something she was rather looking forward to, if she was completely honest.
  3. My daughter has just informed me that my cooking is terrible. She has claimed that it is so bad that she is going to phone both her Father and her Grandfather too inform them that I need to go to school too learn how to cook properly!😟😟😕😮

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    2. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      My cooking isn't that bad! It's not fancy, I agree, but it is good wholesome somewhat under seasoned and occasionally burnt food. My theory behind this complaint is her way of getting you over to cook for us and stay for dinner. She's sneaky like that sometimes.

    3. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      That sounds entirely awful and -that- bad. 

      And is it just her that wants me over or you as well?

    4. Matthew Belmont

      Matthew Belmont

      Swing by the Roo. Me and Phil can teach you a few things.

  4. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    “I think that is how it goes for everyone when they are very young.” Holly replied, internally wincing at a few of her own young and fumbling with magic memories. She knew some defensive and offensive spells now but when starting out she had been one of the worst students. The professor had once told her she not only lacked any real skill with that sort of magic but she was also not smart enough to think her way out of a box with two openings. That professor, thankfully, no longer worked at the school. This didn’t stop him from occasionally being mentioned on her show. “I am assuming that is because babies are much easier to mould into ministry approved Aurors.” a shrug followed that, since that seemed the only logical reason behind some of the Aurors and their ages. It was also likely because they would hopefully last longer on the job, especially those who worked in the departments that dealt with more serious crimes; crimes that Jon was probably well aware of and likely the perpetrator in a few. That thought should have made her pause this entire encounter and question whether allowing him into Saffron’s life was the smartest of ideas. Holly was sure it would stop many a witch and make them evaluate but, oddly enough, she was confident that this decision was a good one. That evening when Saffron had been kidnapped was enough proof that due to her half breed status she would be a target for one group or another. “Do not call me ma’am. I’ll never be respectable enough for that title.” she replied, playfully slapping Jon on the arm “You listen to my show?” she asked, she had been on the radio for more than a few years now and though she didn’t really think it was that popular compared to some of the others knocking about on the wireless, she had a steady enough following to go on for a few more years. She laughed at Jon’s comments of her home being saved with Saffron heading up the decoration procedure “You are probably right there, though, she is not exactly quite good with the colour coordinating yet and she’d going through a very bright colour phase, which, might leave me with a very orange home.” “I’m sure we can think up some way too test the durability of my poor bed.” she would not be against a round or two with Jon. He’d gotten more attractive as he’d grown and it would be interesting to see how they’d both grown in that area since being horny teenagers. Holly sipped her coffee slowly, taking in everything Jon was saying and trying to work out if there was some underlying meaning too his words. What she was picking up was simply he had no idea what his father did know, which could be any manner of things at this point “I can’t really imagine that your father would be very interest in me, but, I can’t pretend to know how the mind of a mafia boss works.” the fact that Jon outlined his job within the Yakuza as a hitman didn’t faze Holly, it was pretty much what she assumed – well after a fashion. “Oh, I’m enjoying that thought for some very bad naughty girl reasons. I mean, let’s be honest, you are almost literally a real life bad boy, hard on the outside with a somewhat forbearing core. Though, I do think the average bad boy loving girls likes a more pliable core.” she shrugged at the slight tease, it was probably better to pull away from the serious side of the conversation since she couldn’t see that there would be much else that would be safe to discuss.
  5. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    “Well, you aren’t as young as you used to be,” Holly replied, a slight tease. The truth was they were both still very young when it came to the average lifespan of a muggle, let alone a wizard or witch. The teasing continued though, after all, teasing someone about presumed old age was always somewhat amusing from the perpetrator “especially not young enough to be tangling with the Auror department. They are all young and highly trained.” there was also the fact that he was now a Father. “I am a radio host, detective work is part and parcel of the job. Well,” she smiled slightly “it’s more the producers job. Though, I promise if I do decide to go snooping around in your personal business I will be careful.” if Holly was being honest she’d probably say she wouldn’t be as careful as she was suggesting, as much like Jon, she enjoyed the rush that came with danger though likely to a lesser degree. “Oh, I’m so glad that I will be able to have some input into my own surroundings.” she replied drily, though, a brief look around would tell anyone with half a sense of style that perhaps a sense of style had skipped over Holly altogether “Though, honestly, I will follow whatever Saffron decides for most things. I will probably need help picking things out.” then she quickly added “If that’s something you fancy doing. As for my bed it is been repaired at least three times this year alone.” then with a straight face she added “You are always welcome to try it out though.” As conversation did it moved on to the things she had not told him and his response to it. It was a relief that even after she pretty much admitted her decision making at the time was made with purely selfish motives Jon’s view on it didn’t change. This opened them up to the entire issue he was now going to explain, well, after she made coffee. This was somewhat a relief as she was not the best tea maker in Australia. Once the coffee was made and she’d handed to him, pausing for a moment to sip her own coffee as she listened too Jon explain his place in life. This information put a whole new spin on the time they had spent together as teenagers but also opened up a cavern of issues for Saffron “I assume your father doesn’t know about Saffron yet.” the whole thing sounded like a plot line from a badly written action TV series “I’d like that too continue as long as possible.” she gently placed her coffee mug down before reaching out and taking Jon’s hand “Are you telling me that one day you are going to take over and that I am the mother of a mob bosses daughter?” the edge of her lips went up in a small smile to try and let Jon know she wasn’t upset or even, really, overly surprised by this information.
  6. Invite Time Out

    “My color preferences are always kyboshed by Saffron. Whatever color I say I like she tells me exactly why it isn’t the right color or how it’s not a color at all. So I find it safer not to have one.” Saffron was young enough to not really know a lot about the world but old enough to have an opinion about everything she did know. This could be tiresome at the best of times, especially when there were moments when she told Holly she was being ridiculous in one way or another “Both really good films. Saffron went through a Beauty and the Beast stage for a while. I had to try and make her a Beast soft toy which,” she exhaled a laugh as the memory of her one attempt to make a soft toy surfaced “needless to say failed in a spectacular fashion. Currently though, she’s watching Moana a lot.” Holly was somewhat pleased that her daughter was moving away from films that needed a man to rescue a woman or for a love interest to be a large part of motivation behind the female leads. “Well now you have time to catch us as well. You could play a team game.” she suggested, though, not one for playing games herself “If they have those. I’ve never really played a computer game, between university, work and motherhood not a lot of time.” though since she’d left university and was now juggling full time work and a motherhood, maybe she would find some time for something like playing a computer game “But, I recently quit university so more time. What game is it you play?”
  7. Invite Time Out

    When he apologized again for everything he wasn’t around for Holly automatically reached across the table and placed one hand around one of his, leaning forward slightly in the process “Please, don’t apologies, nor do you have to explain. It’s in the past, no amount of apologizing is going to change that. The important thing is moving on and into the future.” considering not thirty minutes ago she had wanted to punch him for his attitude about the whole thing he would no doubt find the three sixty change of attitude a bit odd. There was a thing she was going to do her best not to tell him, especially considering he wasn’t sure what sort of life he could have given her then and she knew it could be better than the one she did have to live through. That would only add to the guilt he was clearly feeling right there and then. She agreed with him when he stated he was glad she was there now, since, that was really all that mattered. Her hand came away from his and she sat back slightly, listening intently to the story of his family. There was a grandfather that wasn’t worth meeting, something she would likely try and find out herself over time. Though in all honesty she wasn’t worried about that; her concern was right here and now, with family that was within reach. Matt went on to explain why he and his wife, Kate, only had the one daughter and the sad story that no doubt surrounded that. There was a pause after he mentioned that and she assumed he was worried about how his wife would handle this entire thing. A wife meant that Saffron had a step grandmother as well. Holly wondered how that would go down if the wife was not aware of everything. Then he launched into his questions which caused Holly to give a small laugh and smile before answering “Well, as I have a young daughter I tend to read and watch things aimed as her age range, though, some of the Disney movies are really good. I like the lion king. If I absolutely had to choose one food item, probably shrimp. I do love shrimp. No favorite color or known allergies.” the boyfriend question was a bit more loaded than he needed to know “No, no need for firearms. I am currently single and focusing on Saffron and work. So, same questions for you expect firearms and boyfriends, unless you have those.”
  8. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    “Fun for you is having a scuffle with Aurors?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, though, no surprised registered on her face largely because this statement actually didn’t surprise her at all. Jon had always been a sort of mystery as well as a loner, something that has a child who in her own way was similar in those aspects was what drew her towards him. Though, that drawing also ended up with her having Saffron and then making the decision that she was now regretting. Holly also had to admit that some part of her rather liked the idea of a scuffle with the auror department as well, not that she’d vocalize that. “Well, that sounds like an invitation to try and find out information about you as well; If only to surprise and impress you with my detective skills.” not that she had many of them and the small amount that she did have was unlikely to uncover much about Jon and the secrets he keeps. Though she could agree that what he had found out what hardly a massive or destructive secret, but, something about the way he said it made Holly pause. It almost sounded like he felt this information could be used against her, though, she brushed that aside as her being paranoid. “No,” she said in regards to him asking about cancelling the order “The help would be appreciated, though, I probably shouldn’t show you the rest of the house.” though that was a mild joke, there was some underlying truth. If he felt her kitchen stuff was lacking Merlin only knew what he would make of the rest of it. Hell, her bed had been repaired at least four times the end of last year alone. Then they moved onto the serious side of the visit and for a moment she was surprised by his response and actually left it show on her face “If those had been the reasons, I’d agree with you. Sadly, my real reasons were much more selfish than that. As awful as this is going to sound, the real reason behind you never knowing about your own child was that...I didn’t want share her with anyone. I could go into on an in depth reasoning of what I felt like that or did what I did, but, the truth is. I was young, stupid and selfish.” She watched him sit down, then as he talked about how it might be hard to protect Saffron even now “Okay, well, you are going to explain that and everything to me. If there is anymore danger aimed at our daughter I want to you. First though, I am going to make you and I a drink, then we will sit in the living room which is a bit more comfortable and talk. So what will it be tea or coffee?”
  9. Invite Time Out

    The door was left open for him if he wanted to take it. That, Holly felt, was the best she could do in that moment for everyone involved. After all hadn’t her daughter just started to form a relationship with her own biological father, a man who had been absent from her life. How would the young witch take another absent male figure suddenly appearing? Holly already knew the answer to that, which was ecstatic. She had spent her entire young life feeling different from most of her peers in the family department, lacking any real paternal figures in her life. Two showing up at once would be Christmas all over again for her daughter. That thought alone made Holly hope that at some point Matt would want to walk through that door. Then he called out too her and she turned just in time to see him collapse back into his chair. This caused her to turn around and head back towards him, the last thing anyone needed was him falling and hitting his head on something. Stopping back in front of the table she listened to him for a moment, opening up a world of family for her and her daughter. Aunts, uncles, cousins and...A sister? That caused her breath to catch slightly. Holly knew about the sister, at least in part. A name she was aware off. She sighed again, taking her bag off her shoulder and placing it on the table, whilst one hand rested on the back of the chair. She didn’t hate him, in fairness, she didn’t feel that she had any grounds too hate him considering her own run decision making. “I don’t really think there’s anything to forgive.” she said with another sigh, whilst pulling out the chair she was holding “But I do want more of a family and I do want to know you. So, we can talk.” and with that said, she placed herself in the chair she’d just pulled out and waited for him to start asking whatever questions he may have.
  10. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    “Don’t worry, it wasn’t intentional.” she replied too his comment about her being caught bent over. She hadn’t expected anyone to come over and if she had, Jon would have been near the very bottom of that list “If you’d come in any other way it would give me permission to call the Aurors on you.” she said, now standing up straight with her arms crossed in a way that portrayed she may have been serious with that threat, however, it wasn’t long before her face gave away the fact that she was simply teasing him. That was until the rest of the conversation happened. “So information about me just happened to fall into your lap? Information only about three people had?” she asked, tilting her head slightly at him. Jon having that information was somewhat unsettling as it had been something she wasn’t going to generally broadcast too the wider world. It bordered a little too closely on him paying too much attention to what she was doing which she not only found unsettling but a dash of flattery was in there as well and that feeling was defiantly unsettling. Holly for the most part brushed over Jon’s comments about ideals being dangerous and her needing to live a healthy life for Saffron too also have one. This was something she was already aware of, but, there was little point her pointing this out too Jon. He likely knew this and was just filling the gap. Though she did raise an eyebrow at him when he mentioned burning buildings; that was something she was not planning on running into again anytime soon. The conversation then moved onto kitchen appliances and once again Jon did something some surprising. Apparently deciding everything she owed was insufficient, he called someone. Then moments later whomever it was on the other end of the phone was off and Jon offered an explanation “Perhaps, but, wouldn’t that favor have been better used on something else than on kitchenware?” especially kitchenware for someone he had a past relationship with. Holly busied herself with cleaning out one of the smaller boxes, laying out a few odds and ends that were more decoration for a kitchen than actual kitchenware. She thought for a few moments over the next questions that Jon had asked. When Saffron had come around she’d been vaguely aware of what had gone on, but not too the extent that she would be able to pick out Jon in a line up. “She is only slightly aware of what went on which had helped a lot in not scaring her forever.” a sigh followed that, knowing that the next part of the conversation was going to be a bit more difficult “She is aware that her Father’s name is Jon, she’s aware that you were there that night but we haven’t really talked in depth, largely because you and I haven’t talked in depth. I think; there are things that need to be said and aired out before. She does want to meet you though.” finally looking up from what she was doing, Holly lent against the counter and waited for Jon too launch into his questions and no doubt complaints about how she had handled this entire thing.
  11. Invite Time Out

    She really wanted to punch him. This was her first and second shameful instinct; as the wheelchair bound man before her confirmed her worst fears about this situation. That he knew and wasn’t interested then and most likely not now. As he had thought just previously it was a bad idea to follow through with that knee jerk reaction. In some part for the reason she had thought about earlier, punching a beloved and disabled member of the community was not only amoral but would also have a negative effect on her personal and professional lives. There was also the complicated fact that could she actually be angry at the man before her? Could she really get on a soap box about something he did as a much younger man? Something she herself had actually done herself. After all, she had not told Jon about Saffron and it took near a death experience for that secret to get out. The choice had been taken away from her in that moment just as she was taking the choice away from Matt. That thought quelled the anger that had surged up at first. It was almost funny had they both stood of different sides of the same divide. Taking another large sip of her drink she thought about what she needed to say next. Reaching across the table she pulled the official paper work back towards her, this was pointless now. “No, there is nothing you can tell me that I’d want to know.” slipping the papers back into her bag before knocking back the rest of the drink she had. She held the empty glass between both her hands for a moment, just looking at it as she considered the next steps. There were things she could reveal, but what was the point in that? Too make him feel regret and sorrow for a decision he was allowed to make for himself? “Thank you for being honest.” Holly said finally moving too stand up, pushing back some of her long hair as she reached down for her bag and spent some time getting it just right on her shoulder. Another sigh left her as she looked up to the sky slightly. She could offer him the same thing he offered her, allow him to ask about her life but she wasn’t entirely sure he'd care enough to want to know nor did she really want to be turned down for that. “Just so you know, um, Mum died a while ago. I don’t think she ever blamed you for your decision.” a said this whilst looking his directly in the eyes before turning away with ‘well, bye’ barely getting away from the table before she stopped, sighed again and turned back “You have a granddaughter, her name is Saffron. So...” she paused for a minute, unsure as to why she was going to offer this olive branch “if you ever decide that there is room in your life for her. The door will always be open.”
  12. Saffron goes back to school today. I shall contain my sadness at her growing up. I wish she'd stop :(

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    2. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      I don't think anything you have will solve the issue, but I appreciate it. 

      And I can always make time for her. The moment she has some free time from school or studies we can go all you need to do is drop the call.

    3. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      You never know, I'm very resourceful ;)

      I will phone you with the possible days. Though you and her can go together if you want; some Father/Daughter time?

    4. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      I have no doubt about that. 

      You would allow that. . .? Not that I am trying to convince you of otherwise. It's ultimately up to you if you want to make this a ah. . . Kind of family outing. 

  13. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Though she was by her very birth a magical creature, Holly had a habit of doing things with her hands when magic was the most convenient option. Yet there was something comforting about ripping into a box with a knife and ones bare hands, unpacking the individual contents and finding the best place for them to be within the house. Placing them there and then standing back and admiring that one decision you made, before promptly deciding it was the wrong one and changing it. Well, that seemed to be the way it was going for her right then as she unpacked the boxes of kitchen things and placed them in the cupboard she first thought was good before changing her mind and moving it. She really should just wave her wand and let magic do the whole thing, at least she could tell herself that the decision was already made and it was all done. It was just as she moved to reach her wand that had fallen onto the floor from the kitchen table that a voice floated over from the door way. Stopping in her very odd bent over position, she turned her head towards the sound, her eyes landing the last person she was expecting to see standing in her front door. Slowing she stood up, wand gripped in her right hand. His words though made her roll her eyes slightly, before a smile tugged at one edge of her lips. “Case in point?” she asked, with a raised eyebrow in his direction. Turning she placed her wand back down on the kitchen table before returning her attention back to the man standing in her doorway, waiting for him to continue on with his case. It stung a little that he was probably right, after all, hadn’t she been through a situation where not having alarms had ended in tragic circumstances? The honest truth was she’d not even thought about it with Saffron out of the house. If Jon wasn’t currently standing in her doorway that may have made Holly look at how she valued herself. Then he continued to speak and the things he said raised some red flags for her. How would he know the thing about her dropping out of university? She had broadcast that yet, it was an upcoming idea for the show. Discussing the complexities of making changes in one’s life for someone else. She watched him walk into her home and dig around in one of the boxes, picking up a cup. Moving towards him, she took the cup from his hand and placed it down gently keeping a lightly curious expression on her face as she set about quizzing him. “And how exactly would have come by that information?” another raised eyebrow “I haven’t mentioned anything on the wireless about it and I don’t blog about my life. The only people that know I’ve left are my ex-professors and the university board.” had he been spying on her? Would he admit to it even if he was? “After what happened I re-evaluated my life and the way I was living it, something needed to give. I like my job, they wanted me full time and I love our daughter. She deserves the best of me and I can’t do that if I’m pointlessly chasing some ideal that I had as a teenager.” a somewhat cheeky smile followed that statement as she prepared to add the rest “It also allows me time to go be social, meet people. Have my own life.” The question about help unpacking and setting up was a welcome one, even though a part of her wasn’t sure if relying on a man for anything was a good idea, but he was only offering to help unpack boxes not anything more substantial than that. “Help would be nice. I was going for this whole ‘I can do this alone, don’t need a man to move heavy things. I’m a witch with a brain and a wand’, turns out muscles really do help.” she said opening the next box on the table “I’m still on kitchen things, though I’m starting to think I should have thrown most of thing away.” she said holding up a kitchen implement she’d never used “I don’t even know what this is for.” the object in her hand was stainless steel pipe topped with a rubber handle on top, finished off with what looked like a small disc shaped rubber bottom that had ‘teeth’.
  14. Invite Time Out

    There was a very irrational and small part of her that hoped when he turned to face her properly that the truth would simply find its way into his mind and he would know all the information she was about to drop in his lap already. There was also another part of that thought that knew if that happened she would not only be hurt, but also likely arrested for punching a disabled and much loved member of the community straight in his child abandoning face. So, the rational and larger side of her knew it would be better if she was the one that exploded his world, again. She sipped her drink as he spoke about her Mother. A woman she could barely remember unless she sat and dragged up the few memories that actually existed. But the way her mother sounded, smelt and moved those things had been eroded by time and self preservation. It was easier to move forwards in the childhood she’d had when you forgot exactly what was lost. This also included the step father who abandoned her a year after her mother’s death. “I ‘am her daughter,” she said, glossing over the fact that he had better memories of her mother than she did. Ignoring that internal ache and drive that made her want to ask him for whatever memories he may have of her. Could he remember such things as the sound of her voice and smell?. Probably not. She was, after all, a week long fling for him. Opening her bag she pulled out a few bits of paper she had found, sent off for and generally dug up. All of which proved that the man sitting across from her who had gone from miserable too almost pleasant was in fact her biological father. “But I’m also yours.” there, no sugar coating the truth as she slipped the paper work and proof she’d complied across the table towards him, before picking up her drink and taking another quick sip. The truth was out, now all she could do was sit and wait for the response.
  15. Why did I decide to do the moving thing on my own?

    1. Gemini Demetra

      Gemini Demetra

      This is why you make sure there's a guy you know on hand who can haul heavy stuff, and promise him good cooking... or other things... for helping you move. ❤️ 

    2. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      I was trying to do the whole 'independent witch who doesn't need a man' thing. Sadly, some muscle would have been useful for this.

Holly Katherine Bennett
Mum / Radio Host 0
26 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her
Age  26
Date of Birth June 24th, 1993
Birthplace Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Mum / Radio Host
Player  Poppy
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Ocelot
Wand 9" 5' Eucalyptus, Phoenix Feather
Play-by Kristine Froseth

Graduated: Tallygarunga (Sturt)

Dropped out: VMU (Studying Magical Criminology)

  •  Knows the identity of her biological father, though hasn't told anyone else.

  • Suffers from both depression and anxiety, though is on medication and considered high functioning by the healer/mental health team who see her.

General Knowledge
  • Was been moved around foster homes since she was thirteen.
  • Her mother died of dragon pox.
  •  Is a known over achiever.
  •   Is a single Mother to Saffron Bennett (9)
  •  Saffron was born when her Mother was 16.

Holly is a little bit like Marmite. People tend to either love her or hate her, well, a less extreme version of that. She is self confessed over achiever and tends to value her own self worth on how much she knows, how high her grades are and how much she is managing to get done. If she were to fell in the ridiculously high standards she sets for herself, it has a knock on affect with her mental health. This tendency to judge her by a high bar is something she does to other people as well and often finds herself judgmental of people who are more interested of coasting through life than actually doing any hard work.

She sometimes finds these judgements are to keep to her and has been known to upset her classmates through the various years together and unwittingly insulting them without fully knowing their own personal situation. Holly routinely sets herself weekly, monthly and yearly goals and will almost single-mindedly follow these goals even if the route her life is taken makes a change.  Despite this almost boring sounding exterior she is also a deeply passionate person about other things and has on more than one occasion given money to support a cause she feels deeply about and has even been on marches and protests. Her way to relax is by exercise, though she can fly well she is not overly fussed about Quidditch. So her ‘sports’ tend to be running, usually around the Qudditch pitch when not in use and Yoga.

Though she is interested in a more hands on sport such as kick boxing, though as yet to find somewhere this can be done. That isn’t too say there isn’t a softer side, a side that has a sense of humor though it tends to run on a slightly more satirical track than many others or that she lacks kindness. It’s just that she is so focused on the future that she often forgets to live in the present. That is, until the present bites her in the ass.



Holly is considered beautiful by general standards, in a plain way. She also has no really defining features, weighing in with a healthy BMI for her height. Her height is also average, coming in somewhere at the 5ft’5 -5ft’6 range. The hair she possesses tends to come down to just before her shoulders, remaining her natural darkest brown colour. Her hair itself has a curly aspect to it that she usually straightens when it isn’t in it’s even more common ponytail.

Her eyes are blue and her eyebrows are thicker than she would like. Over all, she has the same coloring as her Mother but there are some defiant features of her biological father present as well. Clothes wise, if Holly isn’t in her school uniform, her work clothes or the clothes she uses to work out in. Then she tends to like to dress in a more modest fashion but wears a range of colors.

The story so far

Holly Katherine Bennett is the product of a roughly week long relationship between her Mother, Nadya Roundtree, and a local man. Though brief Nadya found herself pregnant and when confronting the father was told he had no interest in her or the baby. So for the first year of her life Holly only had her Mother, she doesn’t really remember this though as the Wizard her mum eventually married, Albert Bennett, treated her like his own. This section of her life was good, full of love and stability.

Shortly after starting at Tallygarunga Holly’s Mother became seriously ill with the Dragon Pox. Despite the skill of the healers attending to her and being given all the care given to people with the illness, sadly Nadya never recovered and the disease took her life. Holly’s Father could not cope with the loss of his beloved wife or raising a child and eventually the child services got involved.

After many meetings and several steps to help the grieving widower and his child the decision was finally made that Holly would do better within another environment and taken from the home she had known all her life too that of a strange foster family. The last gift from her step-father was a tiny baby Ferret who she affectionately called Clive; the idea was that she would never be lonely with Clive by her side.

Holly was placed with several foster families during this period, some good and some not so.

This new change in her life caused the young girl to focus on her studies deciding that she would work and work hard to make something of her life and to rely on no one else but herself to make it so. Life went on and because of the status she was often left at Tallygarunga on the holidays, expect the summer ones. She found a way to make life work for her. Things rarely stay the same, though, and the two things she learnt on her seventieth birthday are a testament to this.

The first was from her foster family. Since she had turned Seventeen and was considered an adult by the wizarding world, she was promptly told that at the of her seventh year she would have to make her own way in the world, that she would no longer have a home with them or any other family. The second came from the legal team that had dealt with her mother’s will and estate. It was a simple letter from her Mother detailing information about her biological father, including his name and where she might find him of she felt the need to look. It also contained a key to the vault where some money had been put back by her Mother for her.

These announcements were bittersweet, but it gave her the keys needed to starting a life outside of Tallygarunga, and perhaps, even discovering her paternal family

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