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  1. Open The Girl With No Name

    Holly wasn’t actually sure why she’d decided to do this. It was, after all, a stupid idea. A really stupid one. However, repeating the fact that she was stupid for even thinking about this; let alone actually doing it really didn’t have any effect on the outcome. She’d still found one of her nicer silver dresses, shoes with small tidy heels and had a long arduous conversation with her Daughters babysitter about where everything was, when bed time was and what to not allow a precocious five year old do. Instinct told the young woman that she would still come back to her small two bed apartment to some kind of disaster. Something that she really couldn’t be too annoyed about if it happens, since, she was essentially going to this event for the purpose of seeing the man who happened to come out of (insert years here) coma. This man also happened to be her biological father. The sad thing was he didn’t even know she existed, well, that was the impression she had always been under. Arriving at the Drunken Roo didn’t take as long as she hoped it would, especially since she’d walked slowly there, stopped a few times and at one point even turned around to head home. Curiosity won out in the end though, coupled with the desire to see not only this modern medical miracle but to observe him surrounded by his friends and family whilst she could blend seamlessly into the background. This thought had bolstered her confidence enough that she had pushed the door open and entered the pub. It was called a Mocktail Party, something that she appreciated, after all, when one was acting as an observer keeping your wits about you was a good idea. Dodging through the crowd lightly, apologizing every time she knocked against someone or trod of their toes. Finally she reached the safety of the bar. “Sunshine Swizzle, please.” Holly said whilst ferreting around in her bag looking for the exact money she would need, then quickly adding “Virgin.” Just in case the bartender actually decided to make her the alcoholic version.
  2. Invite Moment of Truth

    As soon as she knocked the young girl left out the breath she was holding. There was no going back now. Well, unless, no one was home. Nervously she fidgeted with her hair before moving her hand down to fiddle with the necklace she wore. She twirled the chain around her fingers tugging it hard enough that she could feel it cutting into the opposite side of her neck. The twirling and tugging got worse as she caught the faint clipping of high heels on a hard floor. The click of the latch and gentle creek as the door opened was enough to make her nervously tug that chain to hard. Then appearance of a sharply dressed woman from the other side of the door seemed to be the cue for the chain she was tugging on to give way. The woman spoke in a tone of voice that was as sharp as her appearance. For a few beats all Holly could do was stand there. Broken necklace held in her first and a look of confusion of her face as this stern woman snapped at her. The politeness that had been ingrained in her from a young ago nearly rose up and apologies for intruding on whatever it was she had been doing. A small voice in the back of Holly’s mind rather uncharitably made a snide remark about how this woman was probably annoyed because she’d been disrupted in her afternoon of writing degrading reports about people. She had the appearance of a ministry stooge. That two sides of her could have waged war on each other whilst she stood there slack jawed clutching broken jewellery but that would certainly not get what she needed done. So, pushing down the polite and not so polite sides of herself, she cleared her throat and spoke. “Is Mr Belmont in?” she asked, hoping that the woman that stood before her wasn’t his wife but not seeing any other alternative “I need to speak with him. It’s rather urgent.”
  3. Communication Mock Trial

    Name: Holly Bennett Role: Chief Warlock of the Wizengemot Reason: I have a deep interest in going into law when I graduate and the chance to take on the role of the impartial chief warlock would, I feel, act as a new challenge for me and broaden my skills.
  4. Open One Flight Down

    Holly Bennett
    Early evening was Holly’s favorite time to run. The pitch was empty for the most part; she looked up on one of her circuits and saw a few students practicing their flying. She had heard that Quidditch would be starting up again very soon. This meant that she would have to find somewhere else to run at times. This wasn’t to say that she wouldn’t be coming out and cheering on Sturt when they played, of course she would. They were here house, her extended family in some cases. This wasn’t something she would openly say to any of them though. As a rule Sturts weren’t known for being people who lived with their hearts of their sleeves or emotions open for everyone in the world too view. This was, she assumed, the main reason she had been sorted into that house instead of the others. She had never been one to show people what was going on underneath the surface. Well, with the exception of Clive. But he was a ferret, a more troublesome that usual ferret. The little stripped bandit had a habit of stealing things that belonged to other students and using them for both play things and bedding. More than once she had found someone homework in the small trunk he called a bed. Chewed, peed on and hand various other things done too it. There was something that time in her third year where he had taken a liking to chewing wands. Her wand had been no exception to this rule. The furry marauder was currently chasing her around the Qudditch pitch. As with all ferrets, Clive was not a fan of warm weather but liked to be near his human, doing whatever she did. So prior to her run she had placed a few bowels of cool water around and several of his cooled blankets so that he could rest for a while before taking up the chase again. It was on her forth lap around when she almost collided with the tail end of a broom. It was entirely her fault, not only had she put headphones in that was playing some lively music to jog to but she’s turned her head to check on Clive. As she turned to head back she saw the tail of the broom floating in her path, quickly she attempted to duck underneath the offending item only to miss one of her own steps and go skidding. Instinctively she grabbed the end of the broom to try and stop herself somersaulting into a pile.
  5. Invite Moment of Truth

    Holly Bennett
    She has spent too much time simply staring at the piece of parchment in her hand. She’d ignored important information in classes and had even taken to forgetting her early evening run around the unused Qudditch pitch since this piece of information had been transferred from the official document to the piece of parchment she now held. Hell, she’s wrote it down on more than one piece of parchment, sometimes scrawling it, sometimes writing it in large loopy lettering. There had even been that one evening when she had taken the surname and applied to her first name. Holly Belmont. She’s incedio'd that particular piece of parchment. Finally, after what felt like a life time of simply staring at a name. She’d looked it up and found an address. He was married, of course. It looked as though he even had a child now. A child he had wanted, unlike her, who apparently was nothing more than an inconvenience to his man-about-town ways. Taking a deep breath and then exhaling it slowly, the young girl tired to let all those feelings, all which anger that she didn’t even know she had float away. This man had made a decision and for better or worse it was one she had had to live with. A decision she had decided to take into her own hands and maybe change when after finding the offending address, decided to visit it. This was where she was right at that moment, standing outside the door trying to let the anger go, trying to push her mind to a place where she could understand. He’d not wanted a child then, but her mother had wanted her, had loved her and had given her all the strength and skills to attempt a life after she was gone. Years after she’d died, her Mother than gave her the chance to face her own biology. Face it, learn it and accept whatever the decision of that may be. It was...just allot harder to face something that could be another rejection when standing at its door about to knock. The idea to walk away had entered her mind, after all, what she never knew couldn’t possibly hurt her, could it? There was an answer to that question. An answer she would only know if she walked away, if she decided to close the door on him before he closed it on her, again. Taking another deep breath; holding it in her lungs whilst she closed her eyes and tried to push the middle of emotions aside, tried to find reason in the madness of anger, pain, uncertainty and hope. Hope. It was there, it was small and she’d done her best to squash it. It was, however, this hope that made the young Sturt raise her hand, ball it into a fist and knock firmly on the door in front of her.
  6. 2018 School Year Enrollment

    Holly Bennett
  7. Holly Bennett

    Holly Bennett
    Holly Katherine Bennett is the product of a roughly week long relationship between her Mother, Aromentia Roundtree, and a local man. Though brief Aro found herself pregnant and when confronting the father was told he had no interest in her or the baby. So for the first year of her life Holly only had her Mother, she doesn’t really remember this though as the Wizard her mum eventually married, Albert Bennett, treated her like his own. This section of her life was good, full of love and stability. Shortly after starting at Tallygarunga Holly’s Mother became seriously ill with the Dragon Pox. Despite the skill of the healers attending to her and being given all the care given to people with the illness, sadly Aromentia never recovered and the disease took her life. Holly’s Father could not cope with the loss of his beloved wife or raising a child and eventually the child services got involved. After many meetings and several steps to help the grieving widower and his child the decision was finally made that Holly would do better within another environment and taken from the home she had known all her life too that of a strange foster family. The last gift from her step-father was a tiny baby Ferret who she affectionately called Clive; the idea was that she would never be lonely with Clive by her side. Holly was placed with several foster families during this period, some good and some not so. This new change in her life caused the young girl to focus on her studies deciding that she would work and work hard to make something of her life and to rely on no one else but herself to make it so. Life went on and because of the status she was often left at Tallygarunga on the holidays, expect the summer ones. She found a way to make life work for her. Things rarely stay the same, though, and the two things she learnt on her seventieth birthday are a testament to this. The first was from her foster family. Since she had turned Seventeen and was considered an adult by the wizarding world, she was promptly told that at the of her seventh year she would have to make her own way in the world, that she would no longer have a home with them or any other family. The second came from the legal team that had dealt with her mother’s will and estate. It was a simple letter from her Mother detailing information about her biological father, including his name and where she might find him of she felt the need to look. It also contained a key to the vault where some money had been put back by her Mother for her. These announcements were bittersweet, but it gave her the keys needed to starting a life outside of Tallygarunga, and perhaps, even discovering her paternal family.