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  1. Bartender's to work at 'The Tipsy Mozzie' in Melbourne.
  2. You snakes are just feed for the Ravenclaw. Jokes aside, Welcome to Tally, Audrey! Hope you enjoy the setting that's put in place and are interested in helping to build, expand, and nurture the potential craziness that can be had! That being said, if you've any questions in any manner feel free to ask them! Someone will know and will try to get it answered ASAP or be able to point you towards someone that would know such answers!
  3. Hey there, Feerer, it's good to see that Tally has managed to find its way to you! While I'm not someone who had been with the site back in its earlier days it is still good to see people from its past getting interested in it because of their memories! If you need any help with anything always feel free to poke and ask questions! If I don't know it (Which is pretty likely!) Sadri or Lily will definitely know!
  4. Kaitore


    No problem and rest as much as you can! If you need nay help with the indecisive part I'm easily contactable here too through the message system!
  5. Kaitore


    Hey there Kat, and Welcome to Tally! To help a bit, we're pretty much Community first and the board is designed with that in mind! As a source of roleplay and good times, it's been geared towards the understanding that people just want to have fun and see where things take them! A word count tends to hurt that process and even more it makes it difficult to find that 'proper end' towards a thread so that the writers can move on to the next big planned fun for their characters. That said, if you ever any questions feel free to ask! And if you need any assistance regarding anything at all that is opened as well.
  6. Hey there Abyss and welcome to Tally, glad to have you here! If you have any questions or have any ideas you're not entirely sure about feel free to ask them and someone will try to help as best they can!
  7. Sounds like a plan! I can start something up with Travis sometime tomorrow! Can pace it before I toss Alex about!
  8. If there are any other ideas that come to mind, either with these characters or others Kai's Splotter there are a few here with a bit of a blurb about them along with their profile links. Feel free to poke at me! DM is usually the easiest way to catch my attention.
  9. Heya there, Alrighty, time to pop out a few ideas and get them snowballing down a hill! So, to start with a bit of a helpful foot in the door, @Travis Franklin Is also a Seventh year though a Bourke, he typically hangs around a few people but more prominently are two Flinder's - @Meadow Richards and @Remi Cornfoot. As a person, Travis is a complicated sort, often keeping himself distant and yet close to people. He's friendly but never reveals much about himself to those he doesn't trust, there have been few exceptions and mostly those that had the capability to gain the knowledge about his condition as a Werewolf. It's the kind of thing he doesn't speak about so easily and goes to great lengths to hide it. That being said, he tends to allow certain aspects of nature flow through which more notably is the necessity to be social to some degree. This is often taken in his shameless flirtations, which happen far more often than not, and his general friendliness though it isn't excessive. For their connection: It's possible they may have grown up together and went through school, Though he didn't attend Bilby he did start Tallygarunga in first year. The tendency of him flirting isn't really a glaring secret but whether or not he's done it before or if it's far more recent is something that can always be talked about! While his family is necessary broken, he understands the lack of a Father due circumstances of his past. He's also the sort to try and drag people towards random bushland adventures, which is always fun! In terms of studies, he intentionally performs average preferring not to draw too much attention to himself in that way. But it also works in a twisted sense that he could use it to spend time with people. There's also @Alexander Winfield , He arrived at Tallygarunga last school year and holds no long-standing connections with anyone in terms of learning with them in an academic institution. His view on things is optimistic, after suffering from a health issue that had pushed him near the brink of death; it ended up being one of the ways he kept himself less dreary and pessimistic. As much he tries to see another side of some people he isn't naïve enough to believe everyone holds a 'Better side'. Like most Spencer's he's a troublemaker of sorts or rather he finds himself seeking out the dangerous of adventures and travelling, wanting to see the world and view different aspects of it in a way that he never could before. Last year had been a year of chaos and sudden revelations for him but it hasn't dulled his desire to be a musician nor the newer feeling of wanting to be a proper healer. Alex is the kind of guy whose always extending out not only a hand of friendship but also often trying to help people find their way, either through motivation or talking with them to help see something in a way or light that hadn't been considered before. He understands problems can be difficult for people, what one person encounters that feels heavy might not feel the same to another and so avoids judging others situations on criteria's beyond what that persons cognition represents it as. I'd say Claire's friendly nature would be a reason for him to approach her, another person to befriend in his mind and a good way for him to understand someone on their level. While he comes from somewhat of a. . . Very hard to explain family situation, he also understands the presence of absence though more so the lack of a motherly figure. Something that could be a possible bonding point in the future.
  10. Kaitore


    Hey there, Destiny. Welcome to Tallygarunga, if you have any questions or ideas that you're unsure about in terms of how they'd work in Tally and it's ever expanding lore feel free to ask them and someone will try to give the best answer that's possible. There's usually always someone that has the answer! I've personally never heard of Estonian or Estonia but I understand the situation of being barely heard of as my State in the US is essentially the same even amongst others in my own country.
  11. Nonsense! I'm never too busy to up the threadage! I tend to always try to find time. (That makes me sound sadder as I read it. . . Oh well!) For Alexander either Reserve or the School is an easy fix, we can roll with what ever sparks! His Sister and young nieces are on school grounds so he has ample reason to be around regardless. The Library is a place he's seen more often than not too. (His Sister is the Scary Librarian, Adele.) Sometimes you just have to throw people in to aggravate the chaos and drum up the emotions! I can definitely work with impulsive too, I find that to be a far easier thing to get the hang of the characters. No grand idea, just a meet up, a place, and let things take off in storied fashion! If that's your kind of speed I think we can start tossing threads up (When ever you have the time, of course.)
  12. Kaitore


    Hey there, Cam. Welcome to the site! It's all good, some times off happens, who knows how often it's happened to me personally. (The signs show when you've been in the 'Game' longer than you remember, am I right?) If you have any questions or ideas, anything that you might feel be a character idea in mind that you're uncertain about don't feel shy about bringing it up! We're geared to trying to work out a good environment for people to enjoy.
  13. Heya there! I think it's time to nail my head a bit on the plotting nail! So, I think I can align the students first or at least the ones she'd encounter! Which one would be @Senan Connell, a recent transfer student from Ireland whose in her Astronomy class this year. (He's also Half-Fae or more accurately, less Human and far more Fae.) He's well aware of his heritage and often minute details that comes from the unique magical essence that come from the race. Always something to help explore! There's a distance with him and slight harshness with the way he may come across but recent incidents and exposures have caused it to be dulled from when he first arrived into Tally. @Alexander Winfield Is a student, a bit of an oldie due to circumstances in his life but he doesn't let it really keep him down. Not for long anyways. While he doesn't have Astronomy he does wander a lot and could be found nearly anywhere for one reason or another. Either due to where his Music may take him or assisting in places like the Victorian Reserve since he knows the owners personally and often tries to lend a helping hand there. He's and overall friendly person and is always up for meeting people and a bit of exploring. @Travis Franklin Can be contributed as a traveler of sorts, exploration for him means going into the depth of nature itself and mostly for a means of hunting or testing his innate senses. He's a Werewolf but doesn't shout it to the heavens finding that the look on those that aren't only Non-Human but quite dangerous to the health of a community isn't just frowned upon but hated. That being said he's the sort that would flirt with just but any kind of woman if it seems the moment or occasion is proper. It's one of the ways that he tries to deal with his personal issues. Always someone to run into that can help get her a bit more familiar with the new home. @Vale Windum While not a student like the previous three, the reason he comes to mind is because he is a Pureblooded Fae, A Sidhe of a couple of hundred years. While barely a blink in the lifetime of a Fae it's enough for him to have a bit of an idea of what to look towards when encountering the various races and the few Half-Breed Fae's that are out there. It's at least someone to help fill in the blanks of the Fae nature and kind and the potential growth that Half-Fae could expect or endure, not so much will as it'd be different for each one. But we can always talk about potential ideas for my other characters too! (It'd be a bit to type all of them here. XD!) I'm always free to be poked on the Discord Direct message or wherever!
  14. Kaitore


    Hey there Tee and welcome to the site. If you have any questions or thoughts that come to mind feel free to ask them, we'll try to get you the best information possible.
  15. Hahaha, It's fine if she's oblivious. I don't think he'd flirt with her due to the gap in their age but that doesn't mean there can't be innocent fun and adventures which he's always in for hopping on to.
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