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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter


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  1. <Insert clever introduction title here>

    Hello, Gemini and welcome to Tallygarunga. Hopefully you'll be able to find some good fun amongst the things that we have to get into. That being said, if you've any question or ideas feel free to voice them. We're geared and built towards expanding and exploring the full depths of what it means to craft an ever evolving and persistent (As much as we could get, anyways!) kind of world.
  2. Anybody Remotely Interesting is Mad in Some Way

    Hey Lanku and welcome to Tallygarunga! Can't say I know much about Doctor Who, never spent much time with the ol' TV. (That and I'm just generally picky about everything. It's a curse these days, that much I can say!) If you've any questions, ideas you're not sure would work out always feel free to voice it! Enough people around that can help give it the breath of life it will be seeking! We're pretty opened about ideas and like to see the kind of creativity that people can pull that adds more to our little world to build on!
  3. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    *Cracks Knuckles* Okay, Lemme see whose up to pat on my end! It's been a bit for me so I'll need to shake up my head slightly. Akira - Alexander Winfield: Alex is a current Spencer Upperclassmen and perhaps the Oldest student amongst the bunch. (There is a very important story about that but explaining it call could get a bit length! XD) He's a pretty friendly sort, reaching out to meet with people regardless of their House or lot in life. Even willing to try to place a smile on their face with a well meaning prank or by ways of Music. Sometimes a bit of both if it really fits his fancy. He is one of the members of the Music Club that recently started which is geared towards the Veteran and those that are still learning or want to learn. In the past year he's gained a bit of fame between posting up covers of songs on the net as well as a few radio and television gigs due to a few people that he knows that are in the limelight. I can see Alex trying to offer being a kind of Mentor for him - getting him to feel proud of the intelligence held. (As well as being able to get him an easy pass in the Librarian since the Librarian is his sister.) Kairi - Okay, So I'm going to offer this not just because they're in the same House but also because this guy needs some friends in his life and stop being a dork about it. . . Senan: Senan Connell, A Half-Fae who hides that nature from the larger part of the populace around him aside from those that could pick it up. He's a Sturt and recently transferred to the school as an exchanged student of sorts being of Irish descent (And it shows in his accent.) The two of them are very similar in how they approach things, Senan always referencing that his 'down to earth' sight is really just himself seeing the bigger picture and that things are simply not as easy as other seemed to expect of them. His darker routes and unfortunate lot in life, even though he's quite well-off himself, comes at a massive price that he's not interested in exposing people to. (For understanding - His Father is a well known associate in the Dark Wizard practice yet things couldn't exactly be 'pinned on him' as a means of proof of his activity and support. Like wise his Mother is a vindictive Ancient Fae who has plans he couldn't fathom on where they began and where they would end.) We could toss the two of them into a thread and see how it all could play out. The similarities might cause them to be far more opened or make things awkward and awkward can be good for a lot of reasons.
  4. Magic Proofing Technician - Charm-Me-Not

    Charm-Me-Not is a small magic-proof service shop in Narragyambie that enjoys a healthy amount of regulars; but, to operate to its fullest capacity, it needs a couple more employees. It's fairly difficult to gain entry to learn the Estrada family secret, but the salary is well worth the admission process. Apply now!
  5. Why Hello There

    Hey there Cyrus, welcome to Tally! Hope to make the transition back into roleplaying seamless (And fun!) If there are questions, ideas that seem to pique interest always feel free to let them be known! We're in the business of trying to make ideas work and putting them forth into a fluent and enjoyable kind of a plan!
  6. Should we talk about the weather?

    Nah~ No offense!
  7. Should we talk about the weather?

    Hey Laura and welcome to Tally! Ahaha, you'll find we're still of the 'Youngling' group amongst a few of the old foggies around! (I'll probably get a glare for this one later! Hah!) Nice to see that you have a passion for books and history too! Not many have that going for them, so much to learn from it as much as things to continue to discover that are for more hidden than what most schools and typical institutions would teach! Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here and if you've any questions or ideas feel free to speak them out!
  8. The Sweet Tooth Bakery - Bakers

    The Sweet Tooth Bakery is a popular establishment among the younger crowd, located near the local clinic. With a chipper owner willing to take young apprentices under his wing, perhaps it's time you choose to give baking and serving a shot!
  9. Narrie Kaizen Dojo - Instructors

    Led by a former MMA competitor, the Narrie Kaizen Dojo strives to bring excellence in combat sports to the small town of Narragyambie and to create and tutor the fighters of tomorrow. But to accomplish that, it needs instructors! Become one today!
  10. Hey, hello, g'day!

    Hey there, Hexiva! Welcome to Tally, as Lily said, always feel free to pop questions if you have any in mind!
  11. The Tipsy Mozzie - Bartenders

    Bartender's to work at 'The Tipsy Mozzie' in Melbourne.
  12. Hello, Tally!

    You snakes are just feed for the Ravenclaw. Jokes aside, Welcome to Tally, Audrey! Hope you enjoy the setting that's put in place and are interested in helping to build, expand, and nurture the potential craziness that can be had! That being said, if you've any questions in any manner feel free to ask them! Someone will know and will try to get it answered ASAP or be able to point you towards someone that would know such answers!
  13. Hello everyone!

    Hey there, Feerer, it's good to see that Tally has managed to find its way to you! While I'm not someone who had been with the site back in its earlier days it is still good to see people from its past getting interested in it because of their memories! If you need any help with anything always feel free to poke and ask questions! If I don't know it (Which is pretty likely!) Sadri or Lily will definitely know!
  14. G'Day

    No problem and rest as much as you can! If you need nay help with the indecisive part I'm easily contactable here too through the message system!
  15. G'Day

    Hey there Kat, and Welcome to Tally! To help a bit, we're pretty much Community first and the board is designed with that in mind! As a source of roleplay and good times, it's been geared towards the understanding that people just want to have fun and see where things take them! A word count tends to hurt that process and even more it makes it difficult to find that 'proper end' towards a thread so that the writers can move on to the next big planned fun for their characters. That said, if you ever any questions feel free to ask! And if you need any assistance regarding anything at all that is opened as well.
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