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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. LdyPayne's Plotter

    Welcome to it all LdyPayne! Well, let's get this started a little bit! Dylan & Arrah: Dylan has a background of being loosely connected to Death Eaters, his Parents being Dark Wizards and supporters of the cause. While they weren't a big named family, those in at least Ireland would have an idea of the 'Dodgy past of the Connell's.' As well as the fact that the Eldest son had been involved in some kind of incident but vanished soon after with minor reports that he would've been seen during the war but taking no active part against or for any particular side. Considering Arrah's own situation, it's possible they would've crossed paths either there or when he'd been moving about the various countries. Senan & Arrah: Senan is Dylan's younger brother, While he holds no positive relationship with his sibling the two have encounter one another. He's only been in Australia for a few months, coming on a year in about a month. He holds the Connell last name but is also a Student at Tallygarunga where certain bits of his Family name and their past connection may not entirely be known. Derrick & Arrah: Derrick is the Elemental Magic professor and acts as the Head for Spencer House. He's done a bit of travelling himself before trying to settle for an actual career. He's probably considered one of the many 'Wild and Odd ball Professors' that walk around the school but is often one who tries to meet all the newer ones that come in. Make their stay seamless and easy and trying to acclimate to the way Tally works in some capacity. Only thing that comes to mind so far for me! If you've any ideas or want to spitball always feel free to poke me on my Discord!
  2. ~heyo~

    Hey, Mellow Welcome to Tallygarunga. As was said, if you've any question feel free to ask them. Or any ideas that you're unsure if they'd fit in the Tallygarunga lore of things. If it's possible we'll try to find a way to work it in somehow!
  3. Hey, it's Fen

    Hey there, Fen Welcome to Tally, if you need any help getting to certain areas of the site or information that you can't seem to find feel free to ask. Feel free to explore your ideas too if you need a little assistance in trying to fit it into Tally's lore!
  4. Another noob

    Hey there, Durin Welcome to Tallygarunga, if you need any help navigating the site and finding certain bits of information feel free to ask. There are a few things that are pretty interesting for new players to know!
  5. Con

    Hey there, Con. Welcome to Tallygarunga, as stated before if you've any question feel free to ask them. It is a community opened to various ides and plot points and working them into the larger world of Tally!
  6. `` and that's a long ass ride

    Alright, time for me to get a few ideas out here for you, so breaking down on the 'Secret Walkway of Kai' ~ For Finn: @Senan ConnellIs being brought up because I think it would be pretty interesting having yet another Ireland native to encounter in the school. (Aside from the few that he has met so far.) He's a Sturt and it's pretty common knowledge that his only -actual- friend is @Maxine Williamsbecause he's a bit of an asshole. While not friends, maybe potential rivals or even frenemies. It maybe possible, depending on well informed that Finn is of the various Wizarding families in Ireland, that he knows that the 'Connell' family had been once known as Deatheater's and Supporter's of the 'Dark Lord' and only recently started to 'amend their ways' while underneath that surface it's known that many of them are still active agents of the Dark Arts with a different focus now. @Travis FranklinIs a Bourke, and odd one at that, as he's actually one of the few that isn't involved in any form of sports. (He finds it just outright cheating because. . . *DRUM ROLLS!*) He's a Werewolf, which is now no longer a well kept secret as it had been made known not only from a recent DADA class but also suspected by a few from the murder of his mother. He's always up for a challenge, however, if only to prove that he could do something and just holds back for the sake of doing so. (Currently, might be less challenge hungry, but it doesn't mean it can't happen even in the given circumstance!) A potential friendship there or even a best friend of sorts, given that Travis actually tries to extend his hand out to the new Bourke house members. Get them to feel at home in a new or strange place especially if they aren't fully aware of certain nuances. @Alexander WinfieldHe's a nice sort, friendly and the kind that walks up to just about anyone with a friendly grin and an extended hand of introduction. He's a Spencer and the younger (And overly protected brother) of @Adele DeVylisseawhom is the schools librarian. Though he brags about his Sister like she's the best thing since sliced bread their personalities are vastly different for a lot of reasons. He's a Musician who recently made it to the scene of Television, Radio's and other media outlets as well. I can see him greeting Finn, even finding out what kind of things he gets into as a way to try it out himself. @Phoenix AuroraIs a chaotic individual and by that I mean he's the sort that would intentionally push someone into an adventure they never asked for, his primary choice of meat in that regard? The broody and the moody! Whether that earns him more friends or more enemies it's hard to say, but he could be someone that tries ways to break the ever amount brood on Finn by just getting him into really high-end adventures that could be recorded in some diary.
  7. Silv's Plotted Splotter

    Hey there, Silv. I apologize that it has taken me far longer to get around to plotters than my usual timeline. Without further ado, however. . . For Gideon: @Tyson McKennisMight be someone whom he could encounter somehow. Tyson works at Chloe and Lexi's Mother's dojo and pretty much acts as an Older brother/Mentor when he can. Often trying to get Chloe to step out of her usual social bounds but also showing interest in the activities that seem to hold the expressionless bunny's attention. Since he's probably been in the school before Tyson graduated a bit of known tidbits: He was one of the top Bourke Quidditich players as both a Chaser and a Seeker, he was commonly known and seen as the Muggleborn that 'Practices that weird Body combat stuff' amongst the more ignorant Wizard-kin. Since Olivia has been added I could probably slip in @Travis Franklinwho, while currently is going through one hell of a time, often visits the Nurses office and wing. It has been recently known that he is and has been a Werewolf for much of his life, so pretty much can run with that anyway you want at the moment! @Phoenix AuroraIs the 'New Spencer on the Block' who recently pranked the entire Sturt team (Yet to be discovered, BUT IN TIME!) He is an adventuring sort and isn't afraid of dragging people along to the kind of trouble he finds himself into. Shy people tend to be as easily subjected to it as much as those that are gung-ho with him. (And who will have an eventual prank war with @Tecri's Colette. STAY TUNED~} @Alexander WinfieldThis guy is pretty much the friendliest of friendlies in my mess of characters. A 'Spencer's Spencer with a splash of Flinder's' essentially, pranks and adventure call to him but he holds an extremely kind heart that often tries to see passed someone and a bit of the good inside of them. Considering Gideon's introverted nature, Alex would most likely approach him on the premise of trying to pull him out of that bit of a corner. Though his life currently is a walking mess of crazy, he still finds time to try and reach out to people when he can.
  8. Decorating woes

    It's alright, don't rush yourself to try and get stuff done! Just take it a step at a time.
  9. Oi, FeLiX!

    Hey Felix, Welcome to Tallygarunga! It's good to see that the efforts put in managed to snag you twice and even to keep your interest. That being said, if you've any questions or ideas that you've in mind feel free to speak them out. We do have a Discord that most if not all of the members use for easy/quick connection with one another. Helps to keep a closely knitted community! There are people across the world involved too so usually questions asked are answered pretty quick or only within a few hours of being queried.
  10. Hola

    Hey there, Met. Welcome to Tallygarunga, if you've any questions or ideas feel free to inquire about them. We're pretty much here to make sure we can facilitate and fair and thriving environment for roleplaying. The aim is to continue building up a world where it's based in! We've a variety of people in different parts of the world so there will usually be someone around that can answer and if not, someone will try to get to it as fast as they can.
  11. Hiya

    Hey Rory, Welcome to Tallygarunga! I will start off by saying congratulations on the fun of planning a wedding. If you've any questions or ideas, feel free to let them be known. Always up for listening and helping to the best of our abilities. While not necessary we do also have a Discord which is an easy acceess to the community in a constant (or at least as constant as reasonable) connection. The objective is to be a community first and not just another RP Forum! After all, a strong community means facilitating things with greater excitement.
  12. Kai's Little Lies

  13. Hello, how are you?

    Hey there and welcome to Tallygarunga. Glad to have you around! (And joining the ironically small community of Australian's actually present! Hehehe.) If you've any questions or have any ideas that you aren't sure about and what a bit of clarification on feel free to ask and inquiry! Usually there's someone on due to the various time zones the community covers.
  14. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    @Lisa Sounds like a plan! I can always start it up! (Likewise, I do also have an Open up for Senan if that would be something Kairi would be interested in encountering!)
  15. <Insert clever introduction title here>

    Hello, Gemini and welcome to Tallygarunga. Hopefully you'll be able to find some good fun amongst the things that we have to get into. That being said, if you've any question or ideas feel free to voice them. We're geared and built towards expanding and exploring the full depths of what it means to craft an ever evolving and persistent (As much as we could get, anyways!) kind of world.
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