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  1. Back from outer space

    Heya there, Lucy! Welcome back to Tally then where we unleash our inner kid no matter how old! It's back, ready to rumble and ready to have everlasting RP drama of fun! If you have any questions always feel free to ask and poke at them. Either on the forum or the discord, either or is perfectly fine!
  2. Kiru's Splotter

    Very awkward, Alex isn't used to not being easily noticed on the count that his eyes aren't entirely a. atural blue hue that many would be accustomed towards. I think their slight difference in certain focuses could make it awkward. While he has been training in boxing of late he is no way privy to the various martial disciplines. He is however very keen in studies more so towards magical theory, healing and alchemy. (A very not so long tale on the why! Lol) But I think the re-discovery as a whole is the exploration. While maybe not well grounded in the past it's the familiarity or rather the imagined familiarity I think would be the starting spark of sorts.
  3. Kiru's Splotter

    @Kirupachi Sure, I'm game for that! I never gave much of indication on specifics on that so it's definitely an opened option! One that I like. I think that established background will help in a lot of ways too with the ever evolving personal plots.
  4. Kiru's Splotter

    @Kirupachi That sounds like a plan! Tyson is always up for trying to get folks into playing Quidditich especially if they have the innate talent for it! He had dedicated a lot towards Muay Thai enough to be an assistant in a muggle dojo for younger teens. The fact that she'd be talented in multiple branches of Martial Arts would be a trigger of interest for him - mostly wondering the kind of regiment she'd go under to make sure her body had been tuned to manage each one. Ever the bookling! Haha, fair enough and understandable! He might have a bit of an easier time a lapse in memory isn't in his alley. That he hadn't really encountered many people long-term in his life at a certain point so certain others would stick out. It'd most likely take him a few days to piece together, kind of like a haze from a dream that you're trying to not forget.
  5. Tasty's Troops

    Hoity Doity! After filtering through a few of my characters I can think of @Marcus Carsen as a potential Friend-ish person? While he isn't in the Law Enforcement career, exactly, a lot of his work essentially revolves around that as he is an Investigative Journalist. He probably would stop into VMU from time to time for clarification of facts with a few people in the Law department (As typically they have friends of friends that are somehow involved or close enough to hear details that he'd need to hammer out before chasing after them.) He's also a well known contact for a few Auror's as his information and work is typically on the up and up unless things have changed after he had acquired the information. @Jonathan Azai is a criminal through and through strictly for the fact that it's obvious that he is man in charge of some form of front. (No person should have a collection of goons around him in a club or restaurant or club just taking them out for a celebration, am I right?) Yet, no crimes can be effectively linked to him due to the way that he handles his particular 'mandate'. He isn't needlessly malicious but he is dangerous, so perhaps a future Criminal or even a Rival in the sense that he prizes order and a prefers to handle things in a less hazardous way to his "Company".
  6. Kiru's Splotter

    Hoi! I'm your friendly neighborhood WAKE THIEF I mean, Kai. It is taking me much longer than expected to do this portion since it's been a bit since I last looked at my own plotter! Had to do some double fact checking. *Puts on glasses with a bubble pipe.* Starting off with Friendship I do have two Tally student boyos, the first that comes to mind due to not only seniority and longevity in the school is @Tyson McKennis whom is a Bourke - starting Quidditich player as a chaser and a Seventh year in the school. He also is known for his constant desire to work out physically to push his bodies limits and get stronger while also keeping in shape. He takes up the muggle art of Muay Thai (So, there is the commonality of the love for Martial Arts in play there!) He's Muggleborn, however, so his ties to the Magical community started in his first year at Tally. If Chole's been around since her first year then they may have crossed paths enough to build up that mutual respect for martial combat. Next is the 'newly arrived' @Alexander Winfield , by that I mean he arrived at Tally December of 2017 building up a familiarity to the School before the 2018 year had kicked off. He's a Spencer and in a peculiar situation of being in a lower grade than he should be due to a magical imbalance. (Story reason, am I right?). Aside from being known probably across campus as the 'Sickly boy on occasions' he also decided to make enter in the school year with a big 'splash' by hosting an authorized party in the Main Hall where he played and sang. Kind of a breaking in the new year to get people together and familiar while, admittedly, trying to build up his own fanbase. He's academically sound yet it is also by now a known fact that his magic is cast at the whim of chance itself as far as successes go. His adopted father was a Wizard and thus has ties to the magical community, slap that with the fact that Alex has always been sickly since childhood it could place him right in the Narrie general hospital area. So, it could be possible that they may have been acquittanced more than enough times by visits to the Bakery to try and 'cheer him up.'
  7. Cheers!

    Ugh, Yes, time is horribly against me. I have played many of them but they require a lot of time beyond just doing the story. A bit of grinding is almost always expected.
  8. Cheers!

    I may or may not be a Shin Megami Tensei Franchise obsessed fanatic. Maybe.
  9. Cheers!

    Heya there Kiru and Welcome to Tallygarunga! I can't say I remember any of the like two books I've heard read. (Never casted eyes on it myself but hey, seen a few movies so good 'nough am I right?) Hopefully, the rust will come off fast but that's what the occassional shen-on-agains are for! Hope you enjoy your time and if there are any questions or ideas please, feel free to ask!
  10. Out of spoons

    Take as much time as you need - That's a pretty terrible collection to have together all at once. If you ever need to talk don't feel shy about giving a little poke! It could help with the sick at least - make it more bearable.
  11. Ey Boss

    Heya there, Tasty, and welcome to Tallygarunga! It's not too different from Supernatural styled roleplays (Albeit, less GRRRRs in some instances!) but in time it will become like a second nature! If you have any questions or ideas that you're unsure about always feel free to give a poke about them and folks will answer!
  12. Hullo!

    Heya Keel! or.. Kayley? Aaah, I'll get into a good tempo don't worry! Haha, Welcome to Tallygarunga you can consider me the 'Friendly Neighborhood Kai!' On top of other things. (I WILL NOT SULLY MY OWN NAME YET!). We're happy to have you interested in the site and it's all good about the busy schedule! Tally is a place for the Busy, sickly, or otherwise engaged roleplayers that still want to get themselves into the thick of it but want to pace themselves! There's no issues in that department what so ever so you can rest assure that you'd have a opened and relaxed community! A few of us are in Discord too if you ever want to join in on the community discord! We do various things such as chatting, sometimes we play games together for those that can show up too! (Nothing like an aggressive game of Boardgame Online!) If you have any questions feel free to reach out in anyway that's comfortable for you!
  13. Good Day

    Hey there, Athelney and welcome to Tally er.. Againish. No worries on the posting, it is a pretty understanding community with health and other issues! At any rate, if you have any questions in mind that you want to ask always feel free to voice it. Someone will try to get the answer to you ASAP.
  14. Hi everyone!!

    @wednesday I usually am always behind EU's - they tend to allow for much more creativity and in most cases give a much more compelling story and interest than the original series path. As far as Australia goes, I only know that they have really bad internet! Hahaha, that and the place tries to kill you every other day. But yes, a Digimon Tabletop. I mess around with a few tabletop stuff and often free source ones that others are developing to see if I can polish it towards a much better system.
  15. Hi everyone!!

    Welcome to Tally, Wednesday, and hope you enjoyed the perusal that you've seen! I don't know much about HP Books or the Movies - mostly because my interests were always lined elsewhere during those times. But always good to have more people that know the world as we build up Tally to be a masterpiece of its own. Digimon, Table Top and the like I know quite a bit about and even the two as one in one particular case. At any rate, it's grand to have you here and if you have any questions or ideas never be afraid to speak them out! We're all here to help out and answer as much as we are willing to have more ideas to help stimulate!