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February, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. *Waves* @Becca Heya there! Heh, No need to apologize about that kind of stuff! I'm always interested in the plot stuffs. I don't mind the lil baby crush bit for either of them! Travis is less likely to annoyed by her and he'd probably be seen around the Flinder's area easily (Not inside the Common Room, at least not of his own volition at all.) Due to his Friendship with the Flinder Meadow, easy to say Travis and Eva have met and became friends! Senan is. . . An odd little duckling, hahaha. MORE Likely to be annoyed by her, so the prospect of a lil baby crush is very amusing idea that could be fun to play out! He understands the heavy Pureblood culture where he's from, not so much Australia, though he is in the position of his Father not realize that he isn't actually purebred Wizard. I can see Eva being one of the few people that would trigger his conflicting natures on wanting to be suspicious of her but finding no evidence of it.
  2. Kaitore


    Welcome to Tally, Becca! Glad to see you're interested! If you have any questions or need anything cleared up don't be afraid to poke around and ask. If someone doesn't know the answer, can always point you to someone who should know it with out a doubt!
  3. Feel free to start them up when ever! Don't worry about drowning from me, XD I can assure, it will be swiftly and elegantly done. @Tecri
  4. Keaton & Alexander - Alex pretty much follows that himself though he's also not really worried about himself getting into any form of actual harm. Doesn't stop others from worrying about him, always someone worrying about him. XD! Ahaha, there is that as well. Alexander is the over-protective Uncle of Lorelei and the 'I need to help you have a good time about life' Uncle to Lauren. But is also much more widespread known that he is the recently discovered baby brother of the ever so scary and cranky Librarian, Adele. (The contrast that they could be siblings is quite the amusing thought, isn't it?) And yah, Chances are if there is a good rapport with Cass there would be a good rapport with Alex regardless. Only about once has it been a somewhat untrue statement but typically is accurate. Haha Keaton & Travis - Ahaha, I figured that one would catch your eye! Yea, being extremely close wouldn't be necessary! (Besides, building up to it and finding out Travis secret is part of the glory with the kind of character he's designed to be!) I find it will really help to develop both characters to a very unique degree! Like the idea of 'Okay, so complimenting a woman's ladies? Yea, not effective. Unless they REALLY do not mind which.. I mean, I haven't met enough to count on my fingers that wouldn't slap you for it.' moment. Keaton would probably be the only one in the current position to actually know that Travis' father had been killed but without any extensive information give on the who, how, and why. Keaton & Senan - If there is any firm quality that seems to hold strong for Connell men, it's that they're awfully blunt with a lot of things and have an interesting range of confidence. Even more amusing that much of Senan's actions is also testing boundaries but for the sake of experimenting. To see how 'Social interactions' play out in an environment that he's never been in. Keaton's reactions would end up being a sense of exploring and prodding in a way, though it's ironically not out of malicious intent. That he saves for other moments, which, depending on who gets involved him they may actually witness a few sides and plotlines that stream from him.
  5. Okaaay, Let me get up in here like swimwear! *Cracks knuckles* ' Keaton & Alexander - Alex (as briefly explained!) Is Cassandra's Husband and pappy of their unborn creepy kiddos and also a Spencer (In his words the MOST Spencer). Though he started Tallygarunga in the year of 2018 he has made it a habit of making himself well known the moment he stepped on Tallygarunga's grounds. Not only in finding nearly any opportunity to play music (So, most likely every so often in the Common Room jamming out on his Guitar), He's already known after the last year as someone whose magically unstable, nothing -seemingly- went right in the year and there had been a slow but odd turnaround towards the end of it. While pranking isn't his forte per say, grand machinations that some how include pranks to get to the goal are known to be in his repertoire. He's the type of Spencer that would go exploring in a place he shouldn't be, some secret chamber under the school, A series of tunnels long forgotten, that sort of thing. Much like Keaton, he actually is the type to pop up to a new person without even thinking about it often calling himself the 'Tally Welcoming Committee'. I can imagine the two of them probably approached each other on the premise of that similarity. Keaton & Travis - Another person whose a year ahead of Keaton but this guy is a Bourke and though he is friendly he tends to keep himself distanced from people due to a personal reason with himself. However, he tends to befriend people of various houses simply because he doesn't care so much for those kinds of divides, they're insignificant to him to some degree. He's also pretty much a ladies man, a flirt when he wants to and apparently one when he doesn't entirely intend to be. This ends up causing him a few troubles here and there so far (Troubles is always good.) Unlike most Bourke's he's uncharacteristically not sporty even though he holds the capability and physique to be an exceptional Quidditich player. Since he's had the longest stint in Tallygarunga of my active Tally Students, I can imagine Keaton and Travis may have crossed one another a few times. Maybe even passing some minor flirt tips that could or could not work. (Even though Travis' target audience is USUALLY older women. TEACHER LADIES BEWARE!) ANOTHER ANGLE! Is that they could have been aware of one another early in life, Travis' Father was once an Auror before his death and his Mother ended up going into Ministry work in order to facilitate better conditions for Half-Breed's and other similar beings. Keaton & Senan - Senan is new to the school, this current year is his first and he's only ever known Private tutoring under the most strict of ways. He's also not of Australia, coming from another place entirely where the way things are viewed and managed are actually quite different than how the Wizarding Community of Aus does things. Due to his personal situation he's extremely severe in most instances and can be a level of cruel that borderlines as heartless out in the light. It's a defensive mechanism that he sets up to keep his true identities or "True" identities secretive and be able to do what he actually needs to do. Tallygarunga is a distraction and a way to pretend to be something that he knows he isn't. At times his façade can drop but only when the circumstances find it fit enough (Example, with Maxine in the Aus day thread where there are so many people around that no one is -really- noticing.) I would imagine at the start of things, with Senan and his nature, it could fall along the lines of potential dislike. Senan holds no illusions on -how- he treats people when seen, he does it purposefully. (Though his underlying self is actually quite different, creating somewhat of a identity crisis. STAY TUNED!)
  6. @Tecri Maxine & Alex Ahahaha, He can be as much of a cinnamon roll as he is a troublemaker. Though his brand of trouble is probably the more unique kind compared to most Spencer's that would grace the school in that it isn't so much pranks but getting into things he probably shouldn't be getting into. I'm game for that! Usually something that happens to Alex on both sides, either discovered or discovers someone and suddenly jumps into it without them noticing until the moment the music hits. Maxine & Derrick Coloring is definitely not harmful, He'd let that slide with the biggest side glance of 'I don't see a damn thing'. I'd say he'd even try to challenge her to think bigger, non harmful but inspiring and memorable pranks and then show her all of the collected pranks in the big book of Spencer that's locked in the Common Room that go back years. (Showing her that not only is the Headmaster of Tallygarunga in there but that the Head of the Whole Ministry is too.) And a few students that are currently around or have recent left. Maxine & Travis Haha, I wouldn't say Travis is 'Proud' of his but he's at least grateful it is with people that aren't entirely insane or moody. It would be amusing to see if it would get worse! His flirtations typically take the idea of 'worse' in another direction entirely. Personal space or boundaries isn't a thing with him, he doesn't really care to register them. But I am definitely up for a thread around the school somewhere!
  7. @Tecri Maxine & Alex Alex has only a single year of Tally under his belt, but he's made a habit of trying to make big 'splashes' in things for personal reasons at that time. So, it's very likely that they'd have met in class if she took: Law, Musiciary. Wandless Magic, Elemental Magic, or DADA in 2018. There is also the fact that he's done a gig for the School at the start of the 2018 year and occasionally visits Bilby to play for the kiddo's there. He also records and places up his own musical covers and any original work he tends to use other media to push their popularity. Maxine & Derrick Hahaha, Yes, He'd most likely be familiar with her if she made it a habit during his first year of teaching at Tallygarunga. Probably allowing her to get away with a few here and there as long as they weren't too much for the target to handle or manage. Can't stifle the Spencer's creativity, just have to make sure they don't get themselves into too much of a hole! Maxine & Travis Travis doesn't see different Houses with people, in fact, he actually disregards them entirely as majority of his circle is a very twisted mixture of every house. So, It's extremely likely that they may have crossed paths especially if he's tried some of his more light-hearted flirtations as a way to break the ice. (Usually his light flirtations are him being nice too, the kind of thing that gets a guy in trouble if he isn't turning up his charm fully as an excuse.) Maxine & Senan So I see!
  8. Hey there, Lee! Welcome to Tallygarunga and the chaos that stitches it all together in a neat package of various things! If you have any questions don't feel shy about poking at the Discord or even messaging somewhere here, there's usually always someone around. Either way someone will try to get back to you and give the most accurate information or description that is possible!
  9. Kaitore


    Hey Lia and welcome to the board and the insanity! Glad to see that more people are becoming interested, which is always a good thing. If you need any clarification on certain things, concepts, or simply how to access certain features on the site don't be afraid to give a poke about it. Hopefully you find that this can be a place to set your feet up and have some fun.
  10. Hey Zary, Welcome to Tally! Looking forward to roleplaying with you and seeing the kind of stuff you'll.bring into the chaos and shenanigans. If you have any questions or need something cleared up don't be afraid to ask. Someone will be able to answer as soon as they can!
  11. Characters Updated: Alexander Winfield Dylan Connell Marcus Carsen Tyson McKennis Jonathan Azai Derrick Ackers Travis Franklin Vale Windum Senan Connell Jasper Mitchell Cole Lin Character's listed so far in this thread have had their Old Applications moved to the Archive.
  12. @Tecri Marcus-Andrea: I would probably saying Healing would be more of his difficult subject, mostly because he doesn't have the need to use magic for that particular perk for himself. Derrick-Andrea: Sounds about right! Could have always been a victim of one of his and Audrey's VMU paper-war's or some kind of classic 'Exploding pie in the face for giggles' moment. Adds awkwardness moment to finding out she's one of the many new Professors. Yes! All the threads! I'm always ready for tossing people into the mix and seeing how it unravels! It'd be a good way to really see how shenanigans unravel Both of the students will be very interesting, especially with dealing in the different hiccups each one might have due to other reasons. Mhm! Australia wise, it will be the School Year in like. . . Half an hour from me typing this particular response. So, we can always try a run in.
  13. @Tecri Marcus-Andrea: That sounds pretty fair! Considering he had been given a bit of help in getting into and stay in VMU he'd be in the Library often to make sure that he didn't flunk his studies. While not overtly serious he takes those kinds of debts to heart. And with the potential magic course crossovers they could have had a class or two together and be on a friendly level! An amicable understanding. Derrick-Andrea: Ahahaha, Yes, Derrick being the prankster (And I imagine annoying bundle of crazy back in his VMU days) I can only imagine the shaky ground it could be since the two of them seem very 'Night/Day' in comparison which makes some of the most interesting moments, in my opinion. Going through a rocky road of misunderstandings and annoyances until an eventuality ends up causing the two of them to become friends later down the line. (What the eventual thing could be we could always discuss or just see where the crazy shenanigans seem to take us.) Travis-Andrea: Travis would be one of the students in the Wandless Class, mostly taking it to fill up a space to keep himself a bit busy. Maybe not one of the ones who would 'Give her a hard time' but I imagine one of the ones that would somehow end up with him getting some form of trouble with a few antics here and there. (Being the shameless flirt that he is.) Alex-Andrea: Alexander is also a Student whose taking Wandless Class (Again this year), while he took it last year his practical uses of magic in scores and tests were absurdly low even with the occasional high level spell bursts that would occur. In the last few days of the 2018 School Year it had suddenly became much more stable and the chaotic moments that would occur don't seem to actually happen in the slightest. (This is the kind of thing that would most likely be noted in his file. The he had been set on a program under Headmaster's orders to take Wandless Magic to find out what the issue had been with the inconsistency in report and activity of his capacity in practical magic and then the sudden unexplainable shift from being flawlessly unsuccessful to succeeding.)
  14. Kaitore


    Welcome to Tallygarunga, Tecri! Prowl around a bit and enjoy the chaos! I think messing with the site and exploring it will help too, which is always one of the larger benefits of lurking I believe. If you have any questions feel free to ask them, if someone doesn't have the immediate answer they can always show you to the person that will most likely have it without a doubt!
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