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  1. all the pretty lights

    Patrick Kelly
    It had been a relatively long afternoon for Kelly. It always seemed when he was least expecting to be busy, he had some of the busiest days. He figured that by this point he would have known better. However he had found himself consulting with a professor and heading back to his home. It was a small house on the outskirts. It was not like he wanted to be left alone, but he did find that enjoyed being alone at night. He liked being away from the lights, you could see the stars better. He’d made the stars important in his life- he needed to make something important at the time. The truth at this point was that he probably should be in the stars instead of glancing at them now. There was a lot about his life he felt should be different. However, instead of what he wanted he lived a like cloaked in secrets. It was more about his job than it was anything else, but like most things, professional and personal blurred and he had not had much of a conversation with anyone he was not related to. Moving himself from his home, from his sisters… it had been a choice. He had needed to get away, to leave the feelings of failure and uncertainty behind him. The man’s face twisted into a smile- an unfamiliar thing as of late. The stars however were brighter without the pollution. A million points of light… he could almost see Rebecca’s smile. A sight that in those last few years had been rarer a sight than his own. He had spent a lot of his time cursing the gods, bargaining for his own life, if he would take their place. Both of them. However, the fates did not work that way and instead he looked up at the stars and cast silent apologies for the ears of those who would never hear them. Maybe he was fighting a losing battle but at the end of the day, he needed them to know he was sorry for his failings as a man. He tracked the stars, the constellations, and smiled. They were small comforts, but he valued them more than he had ever thought he would before. He knew the way to his small rented home he could make it with his eyes closed. So looking up as he walked was not an out of the way, or unheard of thing. However, something happened that he had not expected and that was the sensation of someone just ahead of him as he walked. He paid attention to the person as he approached. He attempted to figure out just who and what he was coming to. He spent a lot of time sizing people up. He hands came from where they had been in the pockets of his jeans and he paused a comfortably social distance from the other traveler. ”Evening… having a look at the stars as well.” He pointed up as he looked at them. They were rather bright this evening.
  2. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly
    TW: Death, suicide Born to Seamus and Cathleen, Patrick was the first generation of the Kelly family to leave the island they had grown up on. Seamus was a garde and his wife stayed home with the children. by the time Paddy was ten and in addition to his promotion Seamus had a family that had grown from three to six Patrick was the only boy his younger sisters Colleen, Aiofe and Sinead became everything to Patrick. His father made sure the young boy knew he needed to care for them and his mother Patrick never understood this, as far as he was concerned his father was invincible. Seamus would never die he would never fall apart and he would always be there to watch him play baseball. Patrick was a rather average and normal boy. Being rather laid back he let his younger sisters steal the show. Patrick would give them the world if they asked. When Patrick was 11 his family was surprised when an owl left a letter for them. It turned out his mother was a witch something she had not told her husband. It created a bit of strife between the parents as each year Seamus’ children went to Hogwarts causing Patrick to feel guilty every year he went to Hogwarts. While in school Patrick took to DADA. Patrick had however the desire to study law and become a barrister. However, Patrick was recruited after school to be an unspeakable, It was not something he had not considered but it seemed like a decent living. While working in the ministry a few months later he met Rebecca. Rebecca was the love of his life and they after a whirlwind romance they were married and just months later they were expecting their first child. Patrick was over the moon and he loved the idea of having a family. Patrick was excited to be a father and once his Son was born he felt like he had everything. It was December when his son died, the doctor explained it was SIDS. This had changed things for the couple. Rebecca grew continually despondent and Patrick unable to see or admit there something wrong with his wife he kept working and carrying on like things were fine. His lack of recognition and his lack of action lead him to blame himself when Rebecca committed suicide. Since then Patrick had grown more volatile and angry. Deciding he needed to get away he found himself in Australia- it seemed like a relatively safe place to hide from the past.