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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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    Scarlett Fate Midnight Pumpkins Potions DADA
  2. Class Choose Wisely

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett was humming under her breath. Potions hadn't been top of her desired list when she started Tally but she'd grown to really enjoy it. She thought it was just the mixing things, like mixing her paints, but there was always the chance she was wrong. She steered well away from the Chardonnay (Rosemarie's mother had given them chores for a week after they'd drunk a bottle of her wine. And they'd had to clean up the mess they'd made, including the vomit. Scarlett would never forget the vomit), and picked a base of Octopus Ink. Shed tried to use it in her art once. She knew you got sepia from cuttlefish and she wondered if octopus ink could be used for art as well. It was ok, but it smelled awful. So did fresh sepia, probably. She'd eaten squid ink pasta once. (Rosemarie's mother had a weird idea of what children liked to eat, in Scarlett's opinion). That was before Scarlett had gone on an animal rights "thing", as her parents put it. Well it was still a "thing". She was a vegetarian and she always would be. Potions was difficult since her mother wouldn't write her a note excusing her from using any animal ingredients. To make life easier Scarlett was still just using whatever she had to. She had a goal to eradicate animal ingredients from her Potions lessons by the end of her Fifth Year. She told herself she'd drop Potions after OWLs if she had to, but in her heart she didn't think she could. She sighed. It was a conundrum.
  3. Event Midnight Pumpkins

    Scarlett rubbed her eyes. She'd had to resort to a muggle alarm clock to wake her at five to midnight. She was embarrassed about it, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stay up that late. Sometimes she hated being twelve. Scarlett swung her legs out of bed and scrabbled for her hearing aids. With her dressing gown wrapped around her and her wand in her hand, she snuck out of the common room behind the disappearing shape of Alexander Winfield. He was already in the hall when she got there. "Hi Alex," She said, sleepily. She was almost betrayed by a rumbling tummy, but the feeling subsided before it got too loud. That was the thing with hearing aids, everything was so much louder and echoey. It was hard to judge what everyone else could hear and what you were picking up on because of your aids. Stupid microphones, she cursed. Scarlett knew better than to complain about things that were gifts. Immediately she felt guilty and started mentally listing reasons why she was grateful for the little devices. For starters, her's worked around magic. There were two other girls in the room. Scarlett didn't think she knew either of them. They seemed close, and she wondered if they were sisters. "Hello," She said, a little more alert now. "I'm Scarlett," She took a bowl and filled it with crisps.
  4. Ancestral Australia [Alexander Winfield]

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett’s face lit up at Alex’s remark about homework. She couldn’t help but giggle. “I know, they think we don’t have anything better to do. I’d rather paint. You’d rather play music.” She shook her head. “I wish there were more creative classes or clubs.” She tweaked her hearing aid. “It was good meeting you. Watch out for the random kid with a paintbrush next time you’re in the common room!” Scarlett turned and began heading towards the main buildings. She stopped a few steps away from him and glanced back to wave. With a smile, she pulled the galleon she’d found earlier out of her pocket and hid it under a bush. She winked at Alexander and held one finger to her lips. A lucky galleon for the next person to fall in the soil. Scarlett stretched her arms in a sun salutation she’d gotten off the internet in the muggle library. She breathed in fresh air, bracing herself for the stuffy common room full of bodies and animals.
  5. DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett dropped into a chair, hyper aware of her gangly arms and legs. She didn't say anything but her eyes were sharp and taking in everything carefully. She had her DADA notes and textbook on her lap. Scarlett didn't have much to share about her holidays. They'd mostly consisted of supervised Floo Powder chats with Rosemarie, painting and reading books. Her parents were at work all the time and she didn't know anyone in the local area. She put it down to boarding school, mostly, but also because she didn't have friends from the local primary school, like she would have had back in England. The best part of the holidays was the space to paint. Scarlett hadn't dedicated any less energy to painting at school, but she was restricted to the common room or the odd empty classroom she was occasionally allowed to use. Even then, she had to be careful not to make any mess. Scarlett was a messy artist by default. Not making a mess while she painted was like telling her not to paint while she painted. Completely impossible, and stupid! At home she could splash and flick and do whatever she wanted. She couldn't wait until she learned enough magic to be able to cast cleaning and vanishing spells. Scarlett's mind wandered to what happened to vanished things. She almost blurted her thoughts out loud, before remembering where she was. With a startled glance at the kids around her, she buried her face in her bag and dug out her ink and quill.
  6. Core Classes: First Year +: Astronomy, Defence Against The Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration
    Elective Classes: First Year +: Flying, Muggle Studies, Ancient Runes, Divination
  7. Ancestral Australia [Alexander Winfield]

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett tilted her head to one side. Alexander seemed older than his years. He seemed as if he’d been through things that had matured him. “You don’t talk like a schoolboy.” She said. “You sound older.” She wondered if all the upper students here were like that, or if it was just him. She imagined it was just him. There was something about him that was different. Scarlett began thinking about how she could portray it in paint. “Can I paint you one day? There’s something intriguing about you and I’d love to see how it comes out in paint.” Scarlett hadn’t been sure which house she would fit into, being familiar with Hogwarts houses instead. She had fully expected to end up in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, and ended up the other side of the world in Spencer instead. “I like Spencer. I think it fits me, but I’m not sure I fit it. I’m not very loud, but I am messy. I’m loud on canvas. And I do have a sharp tongue, I just try to bite it.” Scarlett searched her memory for information from the guidebook she’d read about Spencer. “Oh, and I’m ‘not someone you want to turn your back on’ either. Did you know you’d be in Spencer?” Scarlett studied his face. She was thinking about painting again. Something she’d said was ringing in her thoughts. I do have a sharp tongue. Maybe I’m sick of being the quiet, lonely mouse. Maybe I want to be the lioness now. Maybe Rosemarie should’ve thought twice. I don’t want to associate with a Slytherin anyway. She’s stinking rich, but only financially. She’s poorer than a church mouse every way that counts. “What was Greyheme like? Is it Australian? How long have you been at Tally?” Using the shortened version of the school’s name was a new thing for Scarlett. A bunch of the first years had adopted it after hearing the older students using it. It made them feel grown up and cool. Like they’d been at Tally all their lives and they owned the place. “One of my dormmates is called Sapphire. I would say she’s nice but she’s annoying actually.”
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    Still looking for plots! @LilyCat Do you still want to thread?
  9. Ancestral Australia [Alexander Winfield]

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett put the galleon in her pocket. She almost felt like sending it to Rosemarie as a joke. She didn’t think Rosemarie would get it, but it would give Scarlett some satisfaction. She listened carefully to the older boy’s words. He seemed very superstitious, and spiritual. Scarlett wondered what had led him that way, or if he had always been like that. She wasn’t superstitious herself, but she had often decided on games with friends by a coin toss. Scarlett decided that the galleon was going to be her lucky coin. She wanted a way to mark it, but she didn’t think her magic was good enough for a spell like that yet. “I guess when it rains, it would be like the tears you cry when you miss someone. And you’re right, that’s the purpose of this place. It’s to remember the ones who aren’t with you.” But why does remembering have to hurt? "I'm in Spencer too,” She said with a smile, not wanting to go too far with her thoughts on grief. “I’m Scarlett. Scarlett Fate. I nearly went to Hogwarts, but life brought me here instead. I was bitter about it, but..” She glanced around. “Maybe it won’t be so bad.” Scarlett noticed his outstretched hand. Unsure if she was meant to shake it or not, she stretched her own hand out towards his.
  10. Ancestral Australia [Alexander Winfield]

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett was jerked out of her angry mood by the sound of guitar strings. She glanced around, wondering who else was in the garden. Her eyes landed on a dark-haired boy with a guitar on his back. Scarlett bit her lip and focussed hard on his face. He was much older than her. She thought he might be in his last year, she didn't know how to tell. Fortunately, she could hear him. Scarlett unfolded her arms and sent a silent thanks to her mother, for making her hearing aids that would work around magic. He'd said something about it being a nice place, but she'd missed the first word or two. If he'd said anything before that, she hadn't heard him. Her anger came back briefly, but she picked up the galleon and focused on that instead. "It's the first time I've come here," Scarlett answered. "I found this," She held up the galleon. "Must be a good omen." She said, tucking her hair behind her ears. Scarlett clenched the coin in her fist. "It's nice here. I bet it sucks when it rains. Does it ever rain here?" She had a sudden pang for Britain. Scarlett had been struggling with the heat all summer, but as autumn arrived, it was less of a problem. She hated rain, but at least then she could wear sweaters. She hated heat, but at least then she could swim,and paint outdoors. Scarlett sighed. Would she be happy here? Or would she be as lost as she had been all her life?
  11. Ancestral Australia [Alexander Winfield]

    Scarlett Fate
    Scarlett had been exploring the grounds of her new school. She couldn’t stop thinking about Rosemarie and what her first term at Hogwarts had been like. Rosemarie still wrote once a week, but she was talking more and more about her new friends and she was less and less interested in Scarlett’s life. Scarlett pulled her sleeves down over her hands and squeezed the cuffs in her fists. Rosemarie had been at school since September. Scarlett had spent that time settling in to her new home in Narragyambie and growing increasingly more lonely as she was bombarded with excited owls from Rosemarie, telling her all about a school she would never see. Scarlett didn’t have anything to write back. I spent today with the neighbour because my parents were both at work. I’ve read sixteen books since we got here. I’ve taught myself to read bits of a dead language. It made her feel pathetic. Crouching down to look at a plaque, Scarlett wondered what Rosemarie would think of her now she had something to share. She’d been Sorted into Spencer and she felt like it fit. She was about to stand up when she noticed a galleon sitting in a flowerbed. Scarlett stood up with a snarl. Money. That was all Rosemarie ever thought about. Scarlett folded her arms and looked up at the sky. Maybe she should forget her. Maybe she could make new friends here. Better friends. @Kaitore
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  13. Scarlett Fate

    Scarlett Fate
    She was born in Australia but spent three years in Britain due to her muggle father’s work. He took a job in the Australian embassy in Britain. Scarlett’s mother is a witch. She was offered a promotion with her government job, but she had to move back to Australia. The family tried to get through apart, with Scarlett and her dad in England (Buckinghamshire) and Scarlett’s mother in Australia. Scarlett was ten at the time. She was halfway through her last-but-one year at primary school. Scarlett and her parents struggled apart, with Scarlett switching off more and more and her dad being diagnosed with depression. In the end, they decided to reunite but they had a problem with Scarlett’s schooling. Eventually, they decided that they should stick it out until Scarlett had turned 11 and finished primary school. Scarlett and her dad moved back to Australia during summer 2017. Scarlett had to leave her best friend, Rosemarie behind. They had been excited about attending Hogwarts together. They are keeping in touch via owl but Scarlett finds it really hard.
Scarlett Fate
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