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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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    I’m going to be making myself scarce for a bit (I have been for a bit, and some of you know why.) Feel free to hit me up on discord or if you have my number.
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    Short, sweet, and to the point! Welcome to Tally!!
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    So, I've not been on Discord a lot lately, nor really on the board. I am being worked, worked, and worked some more. I'm overworked and overwhelmed. I won't have another day off for about a week, and this work week will probably be another 60 hour work week, much like the last few have been. Love y'all! I do check discord periodically, like right before I crash for my five hours of sleep. If you have my number, you're more than welcome to text me too.
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    Keith Anderson, Jason Miller, Dr. Bryan Hawthorne all done.
  6. Complete Nothing Else Matters (Feb 11 2018)

    Jason chuckled. "There is no move." He looked down at Silas. "It's time this one learns that you can't have everything in your life that you want. Sometimes you have to work for it." Jason ruffled Silas' hair. "So, if you want a new dog, you're going to have to work for it too. Chores." Silas groaned. "By hand. I know you've been practicing magic by moving things around the room." Silas groaned louder. "And, once they are done, you will earn a weekly allowance of money. If you choose to get a dog, then fine. But, you must save up for it, and get it all by yourself." Jason looked to Eudoxia, then back to Silas. "Time to teach you to be a grown man, buddy." "Like you daddy?" "Exactly. Just like me. You have to work for the things you want." "Fine." Jason stood up, and looked at Eudoxia as Silas walked off to go play. "Well, that went a lot easier than I expected...."
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  9. Complete To The World I Close My Eyes To See (Jan 3 2018)

    The sun was shining and the birds were singing…and the world just somehow seemed...wider, for a lack of better word. How had he never noticed this before? The Bourke teen had done his homework when he first came to Australia, having been told about the decidedly strange and exhilarating terrifying way of travel by Uncle Gawain before he ran off to try it out for himself. Clyde really was quite lucky, seeing as he’d never had a technical issue with this particular means of magical transportation, and thank Merlin his trusty coat hanger had never given up on him mid flight and literally left him to crash and fall on his face. That would have been a sticky end indeed. It had seemed like a good idea to show off to the redhead and try out something he had been thinking about lately, though apparently, the biggest issue wasn’t the reassembling of every molecule in his body, like he had originally thought. No, it was the landing part that sucked. Clearly, the brilliant boy had neglected to factor in the momentum of his arrival, and had fallen flat on his ass quite literally on impact. Very smooth indeed. So, that’s how the former lion came to be sprawled out on the ground, staring stupidly up at the clear blue sky while he blinked back the confusion of his latest crash. And to think, the beater was usually so sure of himself when it came to kissing the ground on the quidditch pitch. Clyde was suddenly pulled out of his daze day-dreaming by something dropping on top of him, literally knocking the wind out of him. When his mind had begun to function properly, he realized that it was actually someone that had fallen out of thin air instead of the bulldozer he had been thinking. The tell-tale fire-hydrant red locks in his face was a dead-giveaway as to who was currently using him as a fall-cushion. Lovely. “You know, if you’d wanted to be the one on top, you could have just said so. I’m ok with being swept off my feet…again.” teasing the redhead sprawled out on him as he chuckled at the memory of her crashing into him a long time ago. This was turning out to be a great start of the day.
  10. Complete To The World I Close My Eyes To See (Jan 3 2018)

    It’d been almost a week since he last saw the charismatic redhead, though it wasn’t like Clyde had been counting the days, because he hadn’t. He was perfectly busy with his new quidditch regimen, and it was only now that he’d finally found time to take his new friend out for a spin around the neighborhood. He totally hadn’t been looking forward to this, cause she was just someone who went to the same school as him and knocked into him and apparently strung him on his toes the last time they’d met in the games room. Nah, he could do better without her teasing. Yeah right. He had scribbled a note and owled her a few nights ago to ask if she was free today. Her reply came back quickly enough and that’s how they ended up on a strange power pole next to the local bakery shop, which, quite frankly, was just a cover-up as a platform to muggle eyes. They really didn’t wanna see people attempt what they would be doing in a few minutes. It was both ridiculous and exhilarating at the same time, and if you hadn’t tried Bush Telegraph, you haven’t been to Australia. Well it’s time to break her in and show her how it’s done. Oh yeah, he could remember the skepticism when he had first heard of this type of transportation, believing whole-heartedly that failed attempts were more often than not and the person falling stupidly from the sky would have broken their thick skull with a resounding ‘splat’ on the pavement. Yeah, didn’t fancy that for himself. But here he was, three years later, wired coat hanger in hand with the other gripping the power pole as he readied himself for impact and initiation of a new bush telegrapher. Absofuckinglutely brilliant! “Now just do what I do and zip down the power cable with your coat hanger. You shout out ‘Majorca Building’ about halfway through and hopefully we’ll see each other on the other side!” grinning cheekily, the beater hooked his coat hanger to the cable, purposefully standing backwards to face the redhead that was looking at him like he’d grown another head. Yeah, he had that effect on people sometimes. With an excited whoop, the kangaroo kicked off from his standing point and zipped down the cable backwards, feeling the wind whipping past his back as he gained momentum. “Majorca Building!” and with a shout, he was zapped into the cable and on his way o their destination. Hopefully zipping down backwards didn’t mean he would be reassembled backwards as well.
  11. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    A smirk tugged at the corner of Leanna's lips and she looked at the girl in mild amusement. "Look. Van Acker. I'm just teasing." She went back to focusing on her rows. "I know what you meant anyway, and I appreciate the fake sentiment and menial effort, but I'll be fine." She sighed and stood up again, straightening up. "And around here, most people seem to think that your muscles get bigger because the movements generate more magic in your body or some bullshit like that. It's like, broaden your goddamn perspectives. Being a pompous pureblood and knowing nothing except what's in your own little bubble." Leanna eyed her knee for a moment then immediately met her eyes again. The last thing she needed was someone accusing her of being overtly gay in the locker room. "Oh. Well. Hope that went well then. Knee injuries can be a bitch." She liked Charlie well enough, he'd helped her through a few injuries, but didn't know him or her well enough to comment anymore on it. Leanna started to put up the weights she'd been using and glanced over at her. "Look, don't leave just on my account. You're fairly new here, so you don't know me yet. That works in my favor. I only work my ass off because every one, including myself, gives me such a hard time. I'd like at least one person on this team to not give me a hard time. It'd be a nice change.
  12. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    Leanna heard the surprised voice at the door, but didn't let it break her concentration. She finished her set of pull ups, counting softly under her breath, then dropped to the floor and turned. "Van Acker." She said in a very professional voice by way of greeting as she detached the weight belt from around her waist. "That's the point. You have to burn out your muscles so that when they rebuild themselves, they grow back stronger. It's called biology." Leanna voice wasn't uninviting exactly, but it was dripping with sarcasm. Leanna picked up the ten pound dumbbell at her feet and bent over the bench and became pulling it straight up toward her shoulder. "Besides. If I don't I'll never make it to first string What are you still doing here anyway? Pot calling the kettle black much.?"
  13. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    The shouts of the Quidditch players practicing on their practice pitch in the middle of the Australian bushland had died down an hour ago. All that was left was the sound of animal calls outside of the protective magics surrounding the pitch. Unfortunately for Leanna Evans, the sun had only just set. It would be some time before it would cool off out there, and even then, it wouldn't cool off much. So she pounded back water constantly as she practiced her aim and strength, the pitch filled with only the sounds of her grunts and the crack of bat on Bludger. For Leanna, the grind never stopped. When she wasn't practicing with the team, she was practicing on her own from sun up to sun down almost every day, except for the time she allotted to spend with her family. Even when the team was practicing, she was the first on the pitch by a long stretch and the last one to leave by an even longer stretch. If she wanted to make it to first string Beater, that was what she had to do. She could hear the voices of her coaches the last few years, telling her that she was extremely talented "for a Muggleborn." It made her grind her teeth in anger, but she kept her mouth shut and let her anger at their elitist words fuel her ambition to prove them wrong. She was better than, or at least on the same level then, most professional and pureblood Beaters in the league. But still, a handful of Purebloods and a few Half-bloods had been recruited into a first string position ahead of her now and it was beginning to wear her spirit down. The only thing that had ever truly brought her happiness and distracted her from her problems was now the thing giving her the most trouble. But Leanna was a hardass. She wasn't going to give up. It just wasn't in her DNA. She would make it to the first string position, or she would run herself into the ground trying. Finally, Leanna landed on the ground and braced herself as the Bludger came whirling toward her. It hit her in the chest, knocking the wind out of her, but she grabbed hold and didn't let go. She wrestled with it for a few moments, then heaved it into the box and secured it. Leanna sat in the dirt for a few more minutes, catching her breath and chugging water. She stared up at the sky, filled with stars, and tried made out the constellations as she rested. Leanna eventually hauled herself up and into the locked room. She stripped down to her training shorts and training bra, refilled her bottle with cold water, and went into the training room. She stopped in front of the mirror for a second and stared at herself. Her fiery red hair was dark with sweat and water and plastered against her pale skin, and her muscles rippled and flexed as she observed herself with a little admiration. For a second, she thought, Damn. I look kinda good. But then her eyes caught sight of the burn scar on her stomach and she quickly grabbed a shirt out of her duffel bag and hastily put it on. Sure, no one else was around, but she didn't like the reminder. Today she would be working on her upper body. She decided to start with alternating sets of weighted pull ups and bent over rows as a warm up.
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