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  1. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    There were several different ideas that rushed through his mind on the way that he could enter into this 'compound' unhindered and without alerting the ones that were on the inside. If he'd made himself known too soon he couldn't properly say the safety of this 'supposed daughter' could be guaranteed. Not with those that were fitted with a vendetta against half-breeds. Extremists of one of the most archaic forms of hatred were hardly ever deterred and the larger chance had been they'd attempt to kill the both of them, two 'impures' for the price of one plan. Yet, every plan that came to mind offered him the issue that he wasn't aware of the full layout of this building and being ill-prepared for what other surprised could be around. Such as a ward or aged metals that could be hazardous towards his health. Much like letting his guard even a fraction of a bit down that he noticed the footsteps of a person who seemed to be approaching towards him. A hand rose up slowly as he pushed it into the lining of his jacket to grasp at his wand, preparing himself for a quick attack the moment he found the opening suitable. At least until the voice that reached out disarmed him instead and the tips of his fingers fell away from the handle of his wand. "Of all the times and of all the people that would choose to walk up behind me. . ." Jonathan responded in only a partial disbelief. If there had been anything he was sure of it was that coincidences don't exist, if something seemed like a form of setup it probably was. Validation was granted even further to that idea by the fact that it had been a woman from his past, one unforgettable as much as her voice had been for many reasons. A huffed sigh escaped his lips and gave the facility one final cursory glance before turning attention towards Holly. "I would say 'that is my line' but I have never been one to think that this would all be random chance." Too many factors with their both being of non-human stock high on that particular list. "Apparently some hatemongerer believes I have fathered a daughter and has attempted to use that as bait." The unique indigo hues with void-black rings around the iris of his eyes side glanced the building just behind himself. "At first I thought it was just some drugged laden high, an. . . Enemy attempting to manufacture some kind of weakness." His particular brand of enemies would benefit much from that kind of a potential weakness. Jonathan's eyes fixated back onto Holly. "Then you show up. Now I believe they may actually be on to something if you're here to reclaim a lost daughter. That or they're sorely mistaken on who the father actually is."
  2. Give an answer, ask a question!

    There are a few good bars about, but if you're looking for less typical places. Well, there is this one paintball places - indoors. Anyone know of any good bookstores? I'm looking for something a bit active for a. . . Project.
  3. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  4. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    "Heh, Isn't it always, dear?" Had been Jonathan's quick witted retort. Death was never supposed to be simple despite it being a normal course of life it was always the intention of its design to spark the mind and to spark a sense of spiritualism, to question the world around oneself and to question whether or not their life had been going on the path that they deemed it. Those alive had the choice to make in carrying things on, of course, her situation also had been vastly different as she was now dead yet alive. A hum gently resonated within himself though he nodded in resignation towards the conclusion. "This is true, you have quite the advantage regardless. In such an opened scenario such as this I've placed myself at the largest disadvantage I could possibly have, aside from the portion of holding you." It was a gamble but that was what made everything exciting in its own way. Jon's very life had been a literal gamble and it was something he tended to take in his everyday walk to spice things up just a bit further. He had also been very aware that underestimation was a tool easily used in these particular situations. Vampires, they were never killed on the merit that they had been weak but rather outplayed. Their natural understanding of their strengths often played against them as they gave an impression that they were untouchable as the years passed them by through the centuries to the point that their guards were let down out of believing a prey couldn't rise up to the occasion in defense of themselves. He had no reason to expect it of Stella, at least, not yet in her life. An eyebrow raised up at her attempt to soothe him though it did very little as he didn't need such assurance. "The dire situation when it comes to the club scene as they say. Many go there to have fun and at times their fun often means a dance with death by their own hands." Drugs, had been the one thing he refused his father that he'd mess with as part of his choice of 'Business'. If he were going to be in the process of killing people he'd do so by his own hand, after all. "I also more often than not expect many to just let Mishima in." That was typically a presence you couldn't ignore if they were making a scene at the front door. Not that he cared for Mishima sparking up potential Police attention. That would be more situation than he wanted to handle especially if it hadn't been the easily manipulated pigs. "There are many ways a person money can be threatened, often why owners of clubs and other smaller establishments are targets in different ways." It was easier to make a 'Mom and Pop' business curl under ones fingers versus the massive corporate chains even the ones that are largely ignored by their parent owner. "They may like it, but do you? Being someone who is in a position to be a hunter I can only imagine you get a thrill out of manhandling the various creeps, troublemakers, and overall muscle bound lunatics that believe they can contend." It was curiosity that made him probe in this kind of fashion, did she enjoy getting her hands dirty? Did she find it all too risky? "No, It's chosen for you. In terms of how Fae work, they simply are what they are. Epitomes of nature, aspects that live and breath and give it purpose in the order by giving it an active voice of sorts." His arms crossed against his chest in contemplation of the words then shook his head soon after. "I suppose in technicality to the course of Nature I'd be an unattended mutation it never accounted for. I may possess many of the abilities but there are many things to that connection I do not hold." From his knowledge he hadn't even been close to the very idea of longevity of a Fairie's standard. Let alone the fact that he didn't harbor a miniature form, which, he was personally alright with not having. "Yes, losing ones head would be unimaginably awkward. Maybe not painful if someone was skilled and swift, merciful even." He never relished in drawing out pain unless the target needed it. In most cases it was swift, painless, no need to make such a horror persist for people. "Though your head is as lovely as your body. So perhaps such losses should be avoided."
  5. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    Jonathan had chosen to avoid ever bringing up something as touchy such as a future life with you children and the white picket fence. Some people just weren't destined for that kind of a lifestyle and in her particular case she wouldn't be able to enjoy the glare that it would hold off of the reflecting sun. She'd never be able to go through the woes and tribulations of what it meant to bear a child and care for one in that manner, though, it didn't necessarily mean she was out of the running for building a family. If she had chosen to swear of producing as most Vampires do she could take up the idea of adoption though very few would relish leaving a child in such care. Though in time. . .That would be something she'd need to design and figure out when she was ready for such commitment and potential paths. "Everyone is an outcast one way or another, there just those who believe they are fooling the world by believing they're the 'In' crowd." Outcast, the idea by its definitive meaning often only called one though to mind. But he was of the belief that perspective played a massive portrayal in everything and even those that could be considered in the in's were still in their own way an outcast. Outcast from the outcasts, as a redundancy, but more importantly an outcast to their inner selves most likely. "Though that is a concept that belies more philosophy than either of us probably would even want to get into. " His head tilted slightly with both of his pressed into the pocket of his slacks. "You're already dead." It was a partial joke but never the less he wanted to make the point that she should still find ways to enjoy life. "It's only an execution if you aren't smart, only an execution if those that harbor hate catch you off guard. Granted. . . Coming out here to meet a man you barely know is a bit daring even if you are a Vampire. Even to the point of enjoying my touch." He didn't need to hear her admit to it, her body already gave off enough detail to show she enjoyed the closeness. "That he does. He's Muggleborn, a Wizard who lost his family long ago. I met him during my time within Tallygaunga and we had been tight ever since." Granted the two of them didn't spend much time at the school beyond getting classwork done and doing just enough to pass but also staying under the radar. Too much academic attention either positive or negative could spell more issues about his particular background so they opted for a purposeful average approach. A slight chuckle formed from him as he shook his head somewhat amused. "Oh, don't worry, he'd be back even if the bouncers threw him out." The perks of being in Organized crime had been the control of channels when it came to clubs under that purview without much proof behind it. "It's a simple enough solution to the situation. Would limit the bruises that would be traded off between him and the bouncers, people can go into work the next morning afterwards with a shameful head held high. " A small smirk pressed on his face at the wording. "I can agree to that particular view, there is only so much we can view on the same path but what similarities are there make for better connection." Not every person would see the same things walking on the same road but those were always meant for them personally, the things mutually gained and understood were what bonded people. A small shrug flowed form him. "At first it was frustrating. Trying to understand, figure out the anomaly that very few could grasp of even explain without a broad and base idea." The amount of times he had been corporally punished for failing on producing anything worthwhile when he had first started out trying to learn these talents. "It is one of the elements that make up the natural world. You know: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, then there are the less primal of them - Electricity, Shadow and Light. Many others exist as well amongst Fae kind that are either subtypes or something different all together." "I wouldn't notch being burned to death as one of the ways you'd want to die if you ever choose to take the final death route. Do something more respectable, the path of less pain that at least shows you honor your final moments. Those that are you bond with that are around at the time would hardly want to watch as you burn away quickly but in sheer agony and pain. Unable to help ease that which would me left with them." Perhaps a bit sentimental or compassionate from him than one would expect but this was spoken from a scholarly viewpoint versus Humane emotions.
  6. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    "You're right, I couldn't fathom it." There was nothing wrong with admitting one didn't have a full grasp of certain situations and this had been a particular one he had no true depth or hand within understanding. No, he could only understand by becoming much like she was and would have had to go through the scenario of being abandoned entirely to understand the far-reaching effect it held on her. But he understood when ones creator of sorts had seem that as a mere tool and that was all they could ever truly be, either a tool of food or a tool of destruction. At times, both. His eyes drifted to look at her arms that wrapped around herself then drew the indigo hues to stare at her face. "But do not let the past consume you more than it needs to. The wounds are made now is the time to heal them and show those that have left what you deem as your personal worth." A pep talk of sorts. "Strange concept to hear considering the world we both come from, It's still in the realm of Magic and thus the Wizarding word and yet even by their standards. . ." Jonathan's fingers pressed the tips of the digits against his chin in thought. It was an irony that those who created such masterpieces and monstrosities could ever deem something 'Different'. The truth of the matter had been it was much like the Muggle world, different meant socially awkward or unacceptable depending on whose mind and words were being spoke out towards. It was the idea that different would cause a collapse and yet it was the saving grace that allowed society to grow. "Different isn't always bad, even in your condition. It means you have the purpose to show that it simply means a new growth and change of mindset in this world. You have time and ages to shift the opinions and steps walked by those like yourself." Not Vampires, people who had been victimized and left to deal with the wake of those that would abuse them. Mishima, A problem. . . The answer was obvious and yet the smirk on his face grew amused enough to write her possible worries out on that same expression. "Yes, unfortunately, some nights it maybe entertaining. But don't worry about his bluster he knows the rules and while he'd be rowdy tossing him out should suffice." He didn't allow for the same tactics to be used in his small group as others seemed to. The other leader's of sorts would allow their boys to run amuck as if they owned it but Jonathan preferred to lead in other ways and manners. "If you deem it fit you could always contact me to handle him. That will easily keep order." "Are we? A path of mutual understanding I take it that you mean?" At least of mutual knowledge though there still had been much he would have rather keep to himself, bound tightly. Though it was only a matter of time before it either had been picked up by the rumors or putting two and two together - or her perusing around within his mind. "Truthfully? No. I have received minor understanding from my Mother but the truth of it is that I hadn't the time or opportunity to seek out the information. Fae are ditzy yet evasive in many cases, finding the proper one similar aligned is even more difficult. Shadow isn't similar to the other elements - Not a true 'Main' element of Nature and yet it's always around. To find a place truly steeped in shadow requires much more effort than I can give at the moment."
  7. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    While cruel they were accurate, though it had never been his attention to make her feel as if her laugh may not have had any worth. The way of the phrasing could have been indicative that was how he viewed it but it was far from such. Knowing how her parents had treated her or the neglect there of after the scenario was something he couldn't know, in terms of how it effected the woman. Personally, he had pretty bad parentage himself but those were the things in his life he tried not to dwell upon even if they did shape a massive part of who he was. She offered a nod in conclusion that his analogy had more or less been correct in describing how the sensation could be. "It's a form of deafening, everything you once knew that held no true sound beyond what you knew not beats louder than what you had always grown up here." The screerching of a tire for example may not overpower the nearby heartbeat of a running man who had just exercised through an hour long run. The sound of blood pumping and viewing through the various portions of the body where the veins could reach to fuel it. "Your world is different, maybe not entirely in what you have access to or what you knew but now you have a new set of skills, talents, and lifestyle that must be accounted towards." As Jonathan stared at the woman he could understand there would be a sense of sadness maybe even hate or regret. Many things left undone and now she no longer can enjoy the rays of the sun. It was a tragedy. Jonathan's eyes rolled lightly as he shook his head, her sound came out in such a way that he knew she didn't believe that particular answer. Though it had bene the truth, he personally hated doing any part of his job in a club. Too many eyes as well as ears even amongst the rampant music that would shake the foundation of the building. "It is what it is, I can only explain what I know." He knew that Mishima could get a bit rowdy and often he had been the one to settle that dispute so that things wouldn't follow the hyperactive young man back to their everyday life. "You'll eventually find out anyways." A shrug flowed as he stated the finality. Mishima had taken a liking to the club which meant she'd get the full scope of how he acted without a minder at times. "Half." He repeated, there had been a massive distinction and it was something that wasn't wide known even to the Ministry due to his underworld connections and need to be on the more illegal end of the law. There had also just been the fact no Fae would truly claim hima s even part of their 'Kin' he still was on the fast track of death like any typical human nor did he have too many of their typical tendacies. "Oh? What else do you feel there is no even ground upon? From my understanding that is perhaps the one thing I had been holding back." A lie, though he wasn't about to oust himself in that regard. His very presnece of being a man of 'Insurance and Claims' was just a legitmate business cover up. "It isn't something that is well known, more of something that requires exploring and learning from mistakes. Any information, texts, or mentors, are near non existent or hidden deep within another part of the world." Though did he truly want such answers or curiosities within his life? The idea hadn't really crossed his mind if he were being honest.
  8. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    The presence of her hands pushing and distancing them a few inches caused a slight smirk to press on his lips. Whether she liked it or not had been no actual indication but she had at least seemed to put up a wall that spoken enough to the man about the possible view she held about him. Truthfully, he had chosen to be an enigma divulging nothing onto her ears to satisfy the possible curiosity and perhaps not even to curb the worry that he perhaps had been much more dangerous to her than most things that walked about. That was an ironic concept to him, while there were ways to handle Vampires it was always rare to even consider something 'dangerous' to them. An idea played within his mind whether or not he should tell the woman, while she didn't really tell him hers he expected she may not know so easily when it came to him as much as it was easy to pick out a Vampire. "To be left as a leftovers must be a harder concept to deal with than most would expect." It was essentially telling your victim they were nothing more than livestock, of course, the fact she now survived and became a Vampire. . . That would perhaps garner her sire's interest and in good 'conscious' as Jon would have liked to classify it, not something he could allow. Not only was the woman not entirely ready for such a meet up in terms of skill, yet, there had also been the prospect that undocumented Vampire's thrashing around made his own work difficult. "Displaced, everything so loud and beating yet drowned out at the same time. So much going on that you can't seem to get a grasp except for what's pounding within your ears." That had been the general idea he surmised that she was trying to explain to him. "When you're rare amongst your own kind finding the answers grows increasingly difficult, having someone who holds an idea does help but only if they have the help and true knowledge." Even amongst Fairy kind, Half Fae were an enigma, a quickened human with the touch of Natures calling. It was an irony to many of those who were known as the Slow aged Ancients. He couldn't help her out on the Ministry front but chances had been if she managed this far she had liaison that assisted her with such situations. How much longer did Stella have until she could be pushed over into a frenzy? What were the reigns she held on to so tightly to keep herself onto a well polished sanity. That alone gave him an interest in seeing how this woman would grow as both a predator and a person at the same time, fighting the duality within herself between a damning death and developing a redemptive life. "I suppose in a matter of speaking, one always needs to find a way to unwind in order to not be consumed." His head shook soon after laying the indigo hues of his eyes upon the woman. "But it is simply as I have said, I was being a baby sitter for a man who could get out of hand at the drop of a pin - As you saw." There could only be so much that words would settle his old friend down which often meant he had to knock him down in a more physical confrontation. Sometimes it did come to that but things were dusted off and back to normal the following day with no hard feelings. Shit happens, as they often told one another. Jonathan lifted up his hand as he gently started to turn it about in a ritualistic manner which caused the shadow that had been his own to warp and shift into more of a circular shape - a form of manipulation on the first minor level. He had many tricks and techniques that made use of shadows but the darker it had been the more volatile he could allow it to be. "I am Half-Fae, That which controls an aspect of nature. The scope of my abilities are largely unknown even to myself - Does that make us on even playing field?"
  9. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    Whatever had been going through the woman's mind about his idea or view of personal 'fear' had been lost on him, all he knew was what he could attest towards or at least the small speck of himself that he left hidden in enough of a dark corner that it could only be relevant when it showed its ugly head.Still she had never pushed herself out of his grasp even as his hands dance along her lower back, even as his fingers shifted their way across the surface of her waist and back. He figured she was already registered given that she was operating out in the opened, most that weren't found ways to hide in much more discrete places around. But either way the Ministry seemed to let people fall to the way side after an attack in most cases, some help may have been provided but it was only in the idea to keep the hunger at bay never to deal with the supernatural changes. "They most likely know one way or another. Either by watching you from afar or even the lack of any form of news following through of a death or pile of ashes in the Wizarding network. You were a target either by chance or with a purpose, never get complacent on that." As much as she watched her own life from those that hunted her, she would need to do the same for her sire. There was no doubt she was a cautious woman to some degree but when someone had the advantage of knowing what they are and all their talents and uses for them over yourself then you were left with the inability to properly defend. "I doubt the Ministry as a whole would allow you to look at their list of confirmed Vampires. Many would be afraid that such a meet up would start a series of planned killings. " Which isn't too far from the truth if it was someone unfit or known to be exceedingly volatile and conniving just without proof. Urges and feelings were things he couldn't assist on when it came to Vampires even meeting the few that he had, the feelings were just not in a situation where he could empathize and assist. The sense of air that swung about Jonathan had primarily been due to his desire to reading and keeping his mind ever sharp. One would believe that after schooling one held no need to keep literary devices around but that was further from the truth in his opinion. Without constantly and actively nurturing those parts of ones mind and brain they become less sharp and more likely to forget all the vocabulary, training, and drilling, that their minds had been pushed through in order to survive the various stages of life. "There maybe but it might be a bit difficult for you to get given your nocturnal necessity and that Libraries' don't really stay opened that long." A small smirk formed as he shook his head soon after. "In Wizarding schools it's often important for students to read and understand all manner of creatures, just in case they were to encounter them. Vampires are no different due to various reason, chief among them being how dangerous they are and how they could rip a person to shreds before they have a chance to wave their wand if someone isn't prepared. While it isn't ideal nor a true grasp or understanding of the scope even a bit of information on that level will assist you in getting a grasp." Shirking studies, especially in this pivotal moment would have done Stella and injustice and hopefully he had opened up her mind to the possible option - if she could find someone to go in her stead to attain such information. Uncertainty rang in her voice and so in curiosity to test just how far she was willing to allow for his hand to travel, one of them began to drift. Falling low below her back and settling right on the firmness of her rear gently squeezing but never moving past or beyond that form of attention, yet. If she didn't know then the only way to know was to put the action to a test. Exposed. . . Yes, he enjoyed those he met being exposed while he felt shielded and protected. This was one of many ways that he held control over the situations, there was no even ground for him when it came to potential threats. Yet, was she a threat? She could be by all means but he didn't see it within the woman. "I label myself many things. A fighter, a problem solver, survivor. I am a different kind of survivor, one who had to endure in different ways. The assault of the psyche is as intensive as that of physical realm." Most people would have mentally broken from many of the thing she had seen. Not him, his mind grew jaded, closed off and 'accepting' of what transpired before him day to day.
  10. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    "That's a line I often hear in my day of work." A light grunt formed from him though he wasn't offended by it, those were the risks of the job and interaction with people. But she was also right on that guess, no person is truly unafraid unless they lack the mental capacity to even conceived of feelings of such a magnitude. Being so untouched by the emotional psyche that made a person think and consider the various feelings. Revealing the fear, however, was a weakness and one that he had intended to overcome eventually by force and planning. "Whether or not it's necessary is more subjective. I find no need for it due to reasons, it offers much more complications for me personally. How others derive to find it as a survival instinct is of their own accord that I will not judge. It is simply how they are and it has helped them." Much like the woman before him, she survived and beat people to the punch for her life by being fearful. For him, being afraid meant another person could use that fear against him to keep him more in check. He at least showed he held no conventional fear, to say the least, anyways. "Typically, yes. Most tend to take their fledglings or child's however you want to define their taste in slang and formalities." From one Vampire to the next it often changed, mostly, those that had watched way too many monster movies or delved into Vampiric dystopia's that things began to meld into their belief and ideas on how a Vampire should operate and uphold themselves. "It seems you know the scars of abandonment in many ways then, but, you came out the better for it no doubt. Even if your sire did leave you behind at least you're not a thrall sent to commit butchery for him. That, was a favor done for you in the eyes of fate." Sometimes, things happened that while bad and traumatic were much better for ones situation in the future. Something you never see until much later down the line and realize how much of a good thing that it did happen the way it did, if it had to happen anyways. "Is that what you desire? To find more of your kind? Mm... I suppose I understand that kind of idea, one is often left confused without guidance from those who know." Unless you find someone who doesn't know as much as you don't know then things drag back to square one. At least with Vampire's that was a less likely scenario. "Do we ever? In most cases we're lift in the dark unless there is a manual or tutor. Those without simply learn by bumbling about, accidents. But there are sure to be some texts, documents, that could have a bit of information on it for you. Many Vampires have chosen a life of civility and culture, many don't actually follow the precept of instinct to be solely a predator without sense or concern." It was a small 'Many' but enough of a handful that could offer a proper understanding for the Young vampiress. "Mm. I would be foolish to complain about such a shame and form within my grasp. People are interesting, beings to be admired." She was a bombshell but that had never been a factor to him in attraction, everyone just held such a. . . Unique shape to them that warranted a gentle touch. "You've given no indication that you wanted my hands to do anything other than offer a caress. " Head tilted as he studied her expression and reaction. "Would you prefer they were going towards less gentlemanly areas?" He tried not to be like many of the pigs he had worked with, Yakuza men, they could be the worse with the idea of taking what they wanted because they simply 'Could' in their mind. That had never been his style and those that worked under him he never allowed, those that stepped that line had much more lost afterwards. A snicker expelled from Jonathan's lips and a smirk twitched at the corner of his mouth. "What am I. . . That I have yet to give a true definition. I am many things and yet not one thing can truly define the struggles or the platform that I stand upon, I guess."
  11. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    Touches, they were often the one thing that could distract a person much more than one could imagine depending on the personality and experiences. One who yearned for touch after being stripped of it, unwillingly, seemed to respond to such a teasing grazing in a manner that made them desire it further to stay within its reach of the caressing presence. That seemed to be the very case with Stella, he could almost see that need within her response. Being calm even in the most arduously dangerous of situations had been a forte of his and something that could be attributed to the life he had lived in and the things that constantly went around. There was also the keen factor that his Mother was enough hyper and constantly beating pulse enough for everyone in the world, for a Shadow aligned Fae anyways. "No, not a thing." Jonathan had stated plainly without even a hesitation in his words. Hesitation often meant a mistake or death and in this particular scenario it could tow the line between truth and falsehood. There had been fear but it was buried so deep inside that it became a non-factor in comparison to what he prioritized in the moments. This particular moment was for him to peel and unravel what kind of person, this Vampiric woman had intended to be and what she sought in the larger scheme of the world. "While fear keep many alive that isn't what makes the world spin and it isn't the way that keeps the more ferocious entities from coming back. Only facing ahead that which many fear, that which intends to destroy and coming out of the odds victorious. To that end, I wouldn't call myself courageous either. To be courageous one needs to understand the fear and cast it aside. I am more foolhardy than anything and I pay it more heed because it is often a much more beneficial choice and outcome." To even label himself as 'Courage' put too much of a positive spin on such base desires. Base desires that still had his hand curling up from Stella's back and towards her waist than travelling back again and moving upwards along the shoulder blade. "Starting out, one never truly explore the full extent of their capabilities. Many reasons along with ignorance is the uncertainty of how strong or destructive those gifts could be." It didn't matter what kind of species a person had been, in the Magical world if they held some form of power it was something that, when first starting out, was something barely ever explored. It took some time and in many cases people pushing to make sure that the ward in question could actually manage such gifts and not fall under the weight of what they offered. That they didn't destroy themselves or their minds. "Perhaps it is time for you to start exploring them then? You do not wish to suddenly be surprised or even put in a position where you accidentally use a gift and suddenly make yourself a target of someone." An eyebrow quirked upwards as he considered his next works before opening his mouth. "It would be quite the sad day where you wouldn't be so into having my hands all over you." Slightly a smirk appeared on his face. His eyes narrowed for a moment as that same smirk turned into more of a amusement one. "How courteous of you." Indigo eyes trained back on the red head. "But I assure I know when I am being set up for a death walk. " She wasn't in the mindset to what that death, maybe if she were in a bloodlust but even then that was a persons senses being overridden not a true scope of their thoughts and desires. "The ocean does offer a sense of calm some days, other days it reminds you that it has a ferocity towards it that makes other elements of nature pale in comparison." To claim you gave life and took it away. "Is it romantic? Not something I would truly know in terms of how I had been considering it." A brief sigh exhausted from him at her question. "You are alive, right? I don't mean in the clinical sense. Clinically, you're dead, but you have a quality of life however much that has changed. You survived an attack meant to leave you for dead and managed to even carve yourself a life through it. Yes, that's surviving, and you are a survivor."
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    Jonathan Azai
    Meaning, it was a word defined when one sought it out for understanding while given the idea to have a purpose it also had been to give a broader and grander concept that purpose existed in everything. Because of this desire, perhaps bordering obsession, for a need to find a purpose on why he had been pressed in the lifestyle that he now lived the only thing that could ever make sense of the horrors, could only ever give a partial reason for the things stuck in his mind and that he had to do. . . Was simple. The meaning was a need for balance in all that existed in nature and social nature. Thing simply were because they had to be, not that the balance couldn't shift momentarily but there would always be something to press into that space. A gang loses its boss? Either someone takes over a sthe new boss or a new gang moves in entirely. That was a balance based on interaction and ambition. What did he want? It wasn't so much as a thrill, but he wouldn't say this didn't have a form of rush in its own manner. He dealt with dangerous elements every day and there had been a moment where one picked up in second nature when the adrenaline rush needed to kick in and when being as calm as a low tide water could be. In this moment he know while she was a threat he was in no threat. True thrill of this moment came in the form of curiosity on the type of person she was and not so much what pressed out from her teeth. This softness was just another means of curiosity, the contact - to say that a Vampire would be in such a need perhaps even considered a desire for a mortal no less was unique in itself. A finger traced along her back simply the tip out of seeing what the rest of her reaction would be. "It will come in time. But you're right, there is no deception - no hint of an ulterior motive. " Not that he would be one to show such a hand so easily, being able to sense his blood flow put her at a disadvantage as a natural lie detector. Especially in a person like him that rarely would feel the pressure of being so honed in on that it'd create a false positive response due to fear or adrenaline. "You're of interest to me as well, though I feel knowing fear isn't important for someone such as myself. If I did that I'd have to be afraid of dealing with some of the most intimidating people in my line of work." His head shook lightly in consideration allowing for his fingers to line along the upper portion of her back. "But knowing what you're capable of makes me aware to not fool myself that you are a person to toy with. You're no such a person. As far as power and wealth well. . . Yes, a bit of both." He knew how to make money and he found it more often than what he knew how to do with it once he sent the proper cuts to his father. "And how much affection are you willing to risk for this starvation? Because the whole can delve so much deeper." If anyone had bene rooting for them it'd have escaped his notice in truth. Very few would consider a connected match up between what they'd known as a villian from a monster genre movie as well as a criminal form some old school gangster movie turned comedy. "Other than the fact it's the only times of the day we can meet?" He offered a teased smirk. "Though there would be manner places you could have met me, I am curious on why the choice of the beach." A shrug formed gently from him. "A strong woman is nothing to be ashamed of, they're a marvel, whether physiclaly or mentally stronger. It's a testament to what they've achieved and should be respected as such. Even if it meant of supernatural strength, you survived."
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    Jonathan Azai
    "This, I agree. Everything exists to offer a proper mirror." For people such as Auror's to exist those that are like himself needed to exist. A Necessary evil that produced readied and able fighters to defend against those that would harm and take advantage of the society they desired to protect. Vampires, were and odd entity, but even they have a balance to them with all the weakness they offer and the type of prey they are forced to choose, that prey holds the same intelligence and wickedness with tools that effect the weakness. Both of them, hold the others weakness in a sense. "The universe works and demands that there is that kind of balancing act, somethings exist because the opposite also exists. Without those parallel's society would be much different perhaps much more lost and less advanced than they are now. The polarity offers adversity." This was his belief, after all the books he had engorged himself on to find a purpose in what he had to do, this ideal alone was what allowed him to carry on even with the costs. Jonathan nodded towards her personal statement. "Exactly. Existence, as much as people wish to believe it's sudden and random it's much more systematic and precise. The reason why certain types of people exist is because there needs to be an environmental hazard that follows suit. Vampires and Werewolves, by nature, these creatures aren't truly unnatural by any standards. They're necessary because Human population demands a culling of the numbers. It keeps them fed and also keeps the numbers down, in most cases. If one creature becomes too over-populated the world will be tossed into decay." He nodded gently and then crossed his arms afterwards. "It's why inherent weaknesses inly within Vampire's and Werewolves, if ever a time comes that they needed to be reduced there is a way to fight such Apex predators. Much like man discovering the force of a gun against animals. The mind that creates offers up a new path to designing a weakness." Perhaps he was much more philosophical than he expected but he could blame the Elder's for such a mess. A hum resonated within him as he held her against himself. "Mmm. . . You feel plenty of soft to me." He had been examining her form not with his hands or eyes but rather with his own body. It was easy to tell someone's composition in such a manner. "Oh? Is that so?" He remarked as she seemed to find a correction in his estimation of her. While listening he gave a surprised chuckle. "The wrong person, in many cases, is extremely subjective." Perhaps that was her point, one didn't know the true depth of a person so easily unless such a thing had been revealed. His eyebrow arched intrigued by the question she had offered though it was no surprise that it was bound to end up there with the talk of trust. "I trust that you know how to manage yourself well. Even with this sense of a tease holding you so closely. " His head tilted slightly."But I could ask you the same question, even knowing what you are. You hold no knowledge of what I am yet you willing allow your body to be pressed against my own so intimately. " He was much like any other person, easily wounded. But he had to chalk it up to his confidence in this particular scenario. "Would not take you for the type anyways. You're too feisty, they enjoy their ivory meals to be much more docile. Less bitey." A soft laughter pressed from him. "Yet, here you are, on the beach with the Antihero Black Knight. I don't think you'll stumble over a White Knighted prince anytime soon."
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    Jonathan Azai
    Softened chuckle escapes from him at her hypothesis. "Yes, I guess it does at that. Often the opposites of such extremes are at a clutched battle. Yet, those opposites are often what bring balance to the world around them." His head tilted slightly examining the woman. Yin and Yang, they held their whole being but a dot of each other inside of them to emphasize the need of the balance. Somewhere, within the thick of the chaos, there had been a small presence of romanticism inside of him. Even if it were never to show vocally or visually it'd be there. Much like himself and his Best Friend, while Mishima was brash and rage-filled easily there was a calm about him in some situations and vice versa. Jon held no temper or rage outwardly but once that bottle had been uncorked it could be ravishingly worse. "Not always a bad thing to have someone with opposing views around. It allows for a greater clarity, many are afraid to have people against those ideals and views because they believe they must surround themselves with like-minded people at all times. But one remains ignorant if they have no one who collides with them, at least, constructively collides. Adversity brings change and change brings character building." It was adversity that changed him, adversity that stripped innocence, the change that made him who he was today. Whether that was bad or good was more of a perceptive than a fact or fiction approach. "Of course not. There are countless evils, much greater, than a Vampire for example. People are focused on the nature that you are because they believe that it is bad. Though that isn't the chaos. Who you are isn't solely defined by the instincts you have, doesn't make you less." He breathed in briefly in thought while his eyes averted towards the night skin with a growing smile. The night air offered such a refreshing countenance for him and the crispness of it being traced with the fragrance of the waters. "The unfortunate incidents of the world will be dealt with regardless and the evils of the world, the true ones, will always rule and make their way far beyond what people consider. Those that make sure that they take control and keep others down, those that enjoy the destruction of others and take glee from it within their minds and hearts." People like his father, Homura. There had been happiness in the elder Azai's heart when he stripped Jon of every innocent view of the world, ripped the blinders away without ease. "Oh? Something softer? Like you?" A smirk donned on his lips as his hand seemed to make their away around her lower back in curiosity. She had the image of being petite but there had definitely been this form of definition about the woman's body. "Those like me would only show and make me understand there is always harshness, So you're right on that." In there world trust was a commodity easily abused and hardly won. Those that did made sure not to take it for granted or hold a fear of their limbs and life for time to come. "Trust, is a weapon as much as it is a boon. I do not trust many, Mishima is a rare exception because of his undying loyalty towards me. Others tend to be questionable, yes, I know what you'll probably say - 'One cannot live a life without trusting more people'. But that just isn't the kind of business practice that Insurance allows for me to partake in so much." Yes, Insurance. . . He was still going through that cover even knowing that the Vampire could break through his mind to find that truth if she had wanted to do so. But something told him she wouldn't unless she felt her own life was on the line. "Part of your rent? Here I thought you had some form of sugar daddy willing to throw cash at you." A hum resonated in his throat as he made a jest. Then a legitimate low laughter pressed out of him from her words. "I'm always the Antihero Black Knight, because what I hold is hardly qualified to be a proper Damsel in Distress. Too much of a fighter, no, you're more of a Warrior Princess. Hiding amongst the robes there is a suit of armor and a collection of weapons under them."
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    Jonathan Azai
    "That is certainly one way to see that side of the spectrum." There had been two different kind of extremes versus Nomads and those that would be more in step with society and how engrained to their materialistic possessions and other more cemented roots in their lifestyles. The irony being that those very connections could easily be used to get the most out of those kind of people by exploiting those things. "I suppose it's a matter of what the value truly means. In one society sentimental is something that can be afforded and thus things aren't left behind so that people don't lose portions of themselves. On the other side, however, it's more along the lines the necessities of survival. Not bad on its own and yet a few lose the connection's they once held towards some of their past roots." It's often why many cultures placed a heavy focus on keeping things through the ages in order to supplement how important an artifact could be. "Very few things in the world are actually for the feint of heart. There are just moments where people can close their eyes and ignore it." "Some people are born and could afford it but others are never given that opportunity or have them stripped away. Many believe that they're invincible, untouchable. There are many in the world who make it their literal job to expose those faults." People like himself, those that often thought they couldn't ever be harmed it had often been his directive to show them that no one is beyond reach if one is diligent and sly enough. If a person had been ambitious enough to handle such a misinformed mindset. "I do not see the world in any form of softness. There is a subtle lie in how that is offered, not preparing people for how harsh everything truly is. Though there are extremes even in the world of hard souled people." An eyebrow arched upwards in consideration of how her boss had ran his establishment. There was something interesting about that kind of concept and he wondered in the moment if it was something that actually worked. Of course, the club seemed to be filled up that night. "I am curious on if he actually will manage to continue up such a momentum or end up in a thick rut. Though if those rumors of his underground connections are true then it makes sense in many ways." Such as why he and Mishima were even in the club at all. Not that he knew of it but he made sure to keep his right hand deeply engrained in the illegal works, handling some of the more bone-headed situations that he was beyond. "And I made myself known? I just thought I was trying to save you." Even with the surprise the woman didn't seem to be off kilter by the actions he made. Not that he expected as much but the fact she never pulled away gave him much more information than one would have ever considered. "Only the ones that seemed to be unable to not stare or keep their hands off of me." His head tilted a bit to stare at the woman with a brief smirk that danced upon his face. "You're touched with a sense of desire. . . Perhaps more at the mystery."