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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Saffron is intentionally trying to be the end of me. She's started that ever so subtle questioning of, 'So, are you and Mom going to live together?' 

    1. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      That's our beloved daughter, as subtle as a curse shot up your nostril. My question is, what was your answer?

    2. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      @Holly BennettI should've known you'd prod the question as well. . . She has a lot of your qualities about that. I told her, 'We're working on it.' 

  2. Latest demands from my child: 'Stock up on Sparkle O's' 

    I don't think she means it as a suggestion at all.

  3. Afternoon Soul

    At the start of the Tallygarunga Break, Jonathan had taken Saffron for that small bit of time, while it lasted a few weeks before the term shifts he found it gave ample enough time in bursts to get a better idea of the daughter he never had the chance to know or understand. It placed him in a peculiar situation, having to not only keep her safe but mostly a secret from majority of his 'associates' that would see her as a target or even see her mother as a target. That had been a nightmare he wasn't fond of reliving, knowing that it could always be right around the corner either for what he was within his veins or what he had been in career that ran almost every aspect of his life. She'd been a strong willed young girl, one that he found reminded him quite a lot of Holly during their Tally years. Whether that had been a good thing or bad thing? He wasn't sure yet but he knew that in the end, Holly turned out to be a phenomenal woman by his standards. Energetic and crazy, spontaneous and though he wouldn't entirely admit it so easily it'd been those old traits emphasized in her now adult life that reminded him of the heated moments they often shared with one another in the past. Not a minute late or a minute early from the specified time, his hand raising up to wrap the edge of his knuckles against the door with a gentle hand resting on the top of Saff's head. In only a short time she'd become an important part of his life, often he berated himself and not Holly for the time that he'd missed. Alas, everything happened for a reason, an ancient belief often spoken amongst his own grandparents when he deigned to meet or see them. "We're here, Holly." His voice carried with a strength, not in any manner to rush the woman but at least to make her aware that they'd arrived. Though he did want her to rush, at least to be able to see her far sooner. The longer he stared at the door the lengthier it seemed the time had been even though barely half a millisecond even passed. "Make sure you have everything, Saffron. I don't think I will be able to travel back within the week to give you it all in a timely manner." A courtesy warning for her to double check that everything had been in order before they would have to depart from one another. He did have far more time currently to spend.
  4. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    "I'm unsure of that. If I remember you were quite skilled in several things." A coy smirk stretched from his lips with a side glance towards Holly. If anything, she'd been able to skillfully keep up with him in the sheets their time back in Tallygarunga. Though it perhaps couldn't be called much skill at that age, he understood that with true practice one could only get better and the correlation between then and now had been by massive margins in his opinion. "It is as they so, though, people go into schools and higher education institutions to get better. A bit of experience doesn't hurt either that's the route I prefer for myself." While the knowledge he learned in Tallygarunga couldn't all be called useless it also couldn't fully be called useful finding that it hadn't prepared him for much when it came to encountering the unknown factors of the world. "I certainly don't mind that route for them. It makes my job far more easier, as boring as that is for me." An easy job wasn't a truly dangerous job, nothing that caused his blood to pump or his heart to beat from his chest as if his life had been placed on the line. Maybe he hadn't been fully sane but it'd been the type of life he wanted, the need to hold that feeling of actually being alive. It did mean that he needed to put a few people in the grave far earlier than they intended but at least he would allow for it to be quickly and painless. That's the very least he could do for someone simply doing their job. Jon snickered as he felt the force of her playful slap against his arm. "Here I thought your aim was to become one eventually." His head nodded smoothly towards her question. "For a few years now. It hadn't been intended." The words were stated as a way to state he hadn't been stalking her. "My second had been messing with the radio at the office one day and it popped up. So if I can remember or if no other work takes me away from it I tune in." He had to admit that hearing her voice held a profound effect on him, Love? Lust? Some form of affectionate emotion that caused him to tether on to her through the years. The more that he thought about it the more he wondered if that even had been a healthy thing in the first place let alone supportive of her show. "Orange is still good, it could always be worse." He smiled towards her as he leaned his back into the cushion of the couch and raised an arm to rest on the back of it. "She could always douse it in the blackest black. Then you'd have people driving by saying, 'That's the creepy ladies house'." There'd been very few black painted houses but those that did exist didn't hold the greatest appeal or reputation where his Father came from. If nothing else, Jonathan had been a man that tested danger and daring by placing himself and those around him steady enough against that edge. As soon as the words left from Holly's lips his hand slightly waved, trying to apparate the cup of coffee from her hands on to the table neatly placed and then the arm extended to wrap around her waist and try to pull her fully onto his lap. His eyes lifting up to settle the Black and Indigo rings right onto her gaze. "When have we ever relied on a bed?" The couch would be as good, even the nearby wall or against the window. He hadn't been picky and was far more adventurous and shameless. An eyebrow arched his lips still held a smirk, no matter the conversation having her this close to him felt like an intoxicating drug. His mind flashed to the night of Saffron's kidnapping after the warehouse had been set a blaze. "Power. A Veela even partly one, holds power in them that could be used. Something that Wizard's and others hardly would know how to properly defend against. Have you ever wondered why the Government requires Non-Humans and Half-Breed's to register their abilities? Not just for identification. But to learn how to stop or even kill them." There had been a good reason he never gave that list to the Government, finding ways to avoid them entirely every step of the way in that regard. Jonathan shook his head lightly with a brief amused grunt that pulsed from him, one of his hands slipped lower and glided along Holly's ass. "And are you going to show me your 'Naughty reason'? Or will I have to just guess and feel my way around?"
  5. Something tells me I should've prepared more adequately for this school break. I have no idea what to do with Saffron.

    1. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett

      Saffron just loves being with you; but if you want tips I'll send you an owl. I'm also going too see if she wants to spent some time with her grandfather. If she does, I'll let you know what you can do with me ;)

    2. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      I can think of a few things to help us with child number two. I'm sure Saffron would enjoy a sibling. 

  6. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    "Younger me could hardly ever be called skilled in anything. Could barely avoid a pebble let alone an Auror." He let an amused chuckle ease out of him. He hadn't given much consideration to his age, while he held no extended life due to his Fae blood, it seemed like something frivolous to consider when his job had such a high mortality rate. "It does seem like they're taking literal babies off the street and trying to give them training doesn't it? I think 'Highly trained' would be giving them too large of a wand there." Jonathan knew the elite forces weren't anything to sneeze at, that even the more general department of Auror's were formidable, at least, formidable to those that could be considered fledglings in their talents. "I'm sure if you go snooping around you'd be fine anyways. Being old enough to be someone's mother, you're practically halfway to being called a, 'Ma'am'." It seemed it had been his own time to offer up a teased shot about her age. "It feels as if you've been a radio host for several years now." Admittedly, he had tuned in once or twice, aware that that it'd been her on the other end for sometime. But he'd never expected or intended to reconnect with his past, yet, here he had been. It felt much different than back then, they were in different places and mindset and no longer teenagers trying to hide their dirty deeds. "Judging by your taste, It's clear, Saffron had to receive all of what you never got. I think there maybe hope for your home yet with her at the helm of decorating." The way she spoke, it'd given him the impression that she had wanted a father figure in their daughter's life, that she fully had no intent to bar certain interactions. The escalation of the use of her bed piqued that hypothesis even further which caused a sly smirk to curve at the corner of his lips towards her. "If you're so sure, I would need to test its durability to see just how strong of a bed you will need. If it's been repaired that often then it may be on its last legs sooner than you believe." His own way of being coy yet letting his own intention of willingness be known. It seemed that the kiss on that night may have sparked old feelings that had long been assumed buried in forgetfulness. Jonathan took a sip from the cup of coffee, the various shades of indigo and black that laced the outline of his eyes stared into the dark liquid that swished in the cup. "I'd be an idiot to place an assumption on what he may or may not know. There are plenty of factors, but I do not intend to tell him of her or of you." Trying to keep the both of them safe meant as much anonymity as he could offer, as long as it could go. His eyes shifted towards her hand and then traveled up to stare at the Half-Veela's features. He hadn't expected her to take it so well, but then he'd have been selling her short after experiencing what she could do when pushed. "I don't know if I will 'take over'. I'm a Hitman, they typically don't, leadership doesn't often come as part of the package or capability. I'm just placed in a . . . Peculiar situation with it." He hadn't earned enough accolades to create his own family, not by the bylaws of the Company. "But if things manage out the way that some would desire it, then yes, in a way. Though something tells me that you're enjoying that thought for other reasons entirely."
  7. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    "Fun for me is danger itself." Auror's were a very unique kind of danger for someone in his predicament with the mere thought of it caused a small smirk to touch on his lips. A genuine sign of how enjoyable the thought alone had been to him. They actually presented a unique challenge that hadn't been common within the underworld. However, now, there had been the mix of responsibility within himself the kind of raising even in the Yakuza demanded an individual always take responsibility for their own actions and the actions of those that rely upon their covering. "Alas, I must actually act with more care now. Sad but perhaps better for my health." "Detective skills you say?" That had piqued his interest, what would his little skylark drudge up about him if she'd been stubborn enough? Brave or maybe foolhardy enough to jump into the black pool that had been the criminal syndicates? As he thought of it he realized that it would only be like beating a bat against one of the largest hornets nest in a tree. "If you do decide to go snooping around be mindful of your steps. Some pitfalls are a larger drop than they may seem." If she chose to do it that would mean on his table would be watching her from the shadows more intently than he did currently. Jonathan shrugged lightly with a brief sigh. "We'll just plan for a full refurnishing." A brief grunt of amusement pulsed from him. "I will lean on your view on what you'd want for the home. Something that you feel is your own style and fits the vision you have for it." He knew how important it had been to have ones home be an embodiment of who they are. His own had been very sleek and simple, the sense of 'Means Business' radiated from his abode along with the sense of a man who holds himself to an exceedingly high standard. "I'm sure your bed is probably nothing but springs at that." It had been easily told that she cared first for Saffron, sacrifice the self for the growth of the child. "Aren't the young often stupid and selfish? It goes with the territory. Sometimes it just tends to stick." Jon still held no fault against her, whatever her true reasons had been it hadn't made his own situation any less true nor much better after the passing of the years. Though he had let it intentionally slip harm could occur it had only been fair for Holly to understand the full grasp of what had been actually be unhinged with their reunion and this bond between the two of them. Before he even went into detail he started to make his way towards the living room. "Coffee, you Australian's butcher the art of tea." A slight gaze then had been tossed back towards her as he offered the tease then continued on his way to the couch and sat down. Waiting until everything had been prepped for the drinks and for it to be handed to him before he continued on. "Before going into this you must have understand how deep in this goes. The curse of being a criminal extends beyond even my own birth, the crime of my emergence into life had been an orchestration for a weapon." The cup held securely in his hand as he leaned back into the cushions and took a conservative sip. "My Father views power in the most sickening of way sat times and that includes. . . Unions. It is to solidify his power as a Yakuza Patriarch. The more that it grows the easier it is for him to claim not only a single family but an entire organization." While this next part hadn't been 'tricky' it had been the 'Catch-22' of the entire situation. "Which means by extension, I am Yakuza. Trained and inducted from a young age into the business."
  8. Furnished an entire bedroom for Saffron at my home.  . . . I had no idea she had such specific tastes. 

    1. Holly Bennett

      Holly Bennett


      She is a witch that knows her own mind. I laugh but it’s terrifying at times.

      Makes me glad that I now have you too share in the terrifying with.


    2. Jonathan Azai

      Jonathan Azai

      That is certainly -one- way to describe it. 

      I don't think that's supposed to be something you want to share with another individual. That would be just cruel. 

  9. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    "I didn't think it would be." If it had been, it would perhaps be one of the few times that he'd have been extremely surprised. For a number of reasons that would factor into it that he hadn't wanted to dwell upon. A small smirk creased on his lips. "Now you're just promising me a good time and chance to actually break loose." It had been quite sometime since he had been in a situation that required him to use the full extent of his capabilities. Most times he had hoped it would be more often than it was but the less blood that needed to be done meant the longer he could stay out of the grasp of the Law in any other activity that would run across his death. "Heh." It amused him to see her worked up in this manner, perhaps an amusement that had been dangerous close towards enticement in other avenues. "You've seen barely a fraction of what I am capable of without any form of remorse or care and you're surprised I could slip out information from a handful of people?" An eyebrow arched upwards while his head tilted to the side inquisitively on that thought alone. "One thing I've learned over the years is that a single person knowing is often one person too many in the knowledge circulation. Then again, that kind of information about you would hardly be thought of being too harmful in the eyes of Citizens." He still worked the old laws of the Yakuza even if his Father hadn't. No extreme harm or maiming of citizens unless they'd been under the understanding as 'partners' or loanee's. There had been no doubt within his mind that Holly had chosen the path she had because it had been a sense of awareness. However, taking people at their word or expecting something of them had never been a way he found reliable to trust. No, he needed to make sure that he understood her steps and mindset behind the reasons and motives before he could make a confirmation on what he assumed as a probability. Ever the calculating Sturt even in his later years. "It's just one of many favors that people owe me. Simple as that. Other things I prefer to handle myself, personal choice in that matter." If there was one truth in life that he held onto, it had been that he could only trust in himself fully. Even Mishi had his downfalls that made him undependable when it came down to the do or die buckle and truthfully, he couldn't put him in that kind of a situation if it could be avoided. "But if you would rather not have something new to help you out I can always cancel that order entirely." His lips curved into a taunting tease, he didn't expect that she'd turn it away but there had always been the chance that she'd do it simply on principle now. The thought on which it would be had been the real study. When the discussion shifted to the real reason he'd shown up a sense of serious swept in his expression and gaze, the indigo-black irises focused on the woman. "At least it didn't hold its full effect on it, that's extremely important to building back on normality." Whatever normal could be connotated as for a person. "Are there things that need to be aired out?" Eyelids squinted, maybe if he'd been another type of man all together it would have been an issue. Even though she had no idea of his affiliations, himself knowing them? He couldn't blame her for keeping the birth of their child a secret from him. Even more when he considered how it could be like for a young teen mother. "If you think I'm going to try and chew you out and make a scene of it? You'd be wrong on that. Would I have enjoyed being in her life? I believe I would, I can't say for certain one way or another. I don't think it's fair enough for me to make a scene simply for not knowing that." Jonathan grasped the edge of a chair and pulled it out and took a seat, unbuttoning the coat to the suit and gingerly settling it to the sides of him to avoid wrinkling the hem. "You did what you thought had been necessary. I also couldn't guarantee that at that time I would be able to properly protect her from what surrounds me. It makes the decision a no-brainer to me. However, now, I do have the resources and talents to do just that. Though to be frank? I'm unsure how sufficient it would be." There had been a larger issue at hand and it hadn't been the bigots that kidnapped her in the first place. It had been his own Father. "There are things about me you've never known that makes the matters much more. . . Difficult than I would like them to be."
  10. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Jonathan's head tilted slightly to follow the motion of her bending with his usual amused smirked donned onto his face. "I know being caught 'bent over' is supposed to be taken metaphorically. . . But to think someone would go so far as to make it so literal." He huffed out a brief snicker then his head straightened once more finding the leaned motion a bit stressful to his neck. "I will give you that, I am pretty odd. But at least I used the door. Windows tend to be much more fun to smuggle myself through. Occasionally the back door." Using the front door had either been to establish a sense of respect for the household to him or a way to determine that he felt no actual threat to those that would witness such a bold and forward activity. At least to those that would know of his line of work and activities. "I come by a lot of information. Sometimes it just falls into my lap, I can't really remember where or whom says it these days." Usually things that pertained to someone's schooling life didn't pass as proper 'information' to him but there were exceptions to rules for a reason. To make sure that the basis of safety had been covered he needed to cross lines as he'd usually done and he had seen no issue with doing it, having a lack of shame in the act did assist with it. "You'd be surprised how easily certain bits of knowledge can be obtained. Almost as if people want to just say it without any reason." Intimidation tactics tend to work that way: Low cost, high yield sort of situation. "Ideals, they're dangerous things at times. Not in the way of fiery buildings - not often anyways." His brow furrowed at the thought and then his arms crossed as he no longer held the glass he'd picked up. "But it's good that you decided to reorganize your priorities. Not just for our daughter's health but yours too." He nodded in understanding of the need for reaching out and connecting to others. Even in his line of work, no, especially in it he needed to do so himself. "For her to have a healthy life, you need a healthy life. That means not shutting yourself in or off from people. It'd also help so that you and her can forget about that awful night - you two don't really have any business in that kind of a world. Even if people did drag you into it." They'd been close to being in a position where the underworld could have snatched them easily, it was a good break that the criminals were more akin to idiots than seasoned schmucks. His eyebrow raised slightly at the instrument she'd pulled out of the box and his lips curved into a soft smile and then laughter bellowed. "It looks like something that you'd mash potatoes or other kinds of ingredients with. They do come in different shapes and materials - Wood, metal, Square, Circular. Cooking, it's a weird thing but I know someone that has a very odd habit for it." It hadn't been his kind of thing but Mishiba, with all of his loud and energetic fanaticism took to the art like a fish in water. He opened up the box just a tad bit wider and leaned forward to gain a better view on the various objects that had been packed on the inside of it. A soft hum resonated in his throat while his eyes darted from one object to the next giving a brief and quick appraisal. "This all really bad crap. You definitely need new things, something fresh for this new start. No need for you to go around toting the old stuff around." A hand pushed into the pocket of his jacket while he pulled out what seemed to be a smartphone and began to press a few buttons and placed it to his ear. Three rings and then the sound of the other end picking up with a somewhat muffled voice. "I have a job for you, it isn't much of one for your skill but I have need of something. Go out and get a box of cookware, silverware, and all relative things to furnish a kitchen. Appliances too, nothing too crazy but the normal kind of things." Along with an audible 'Huh. . .?' from the other end with clear confusion it had been followed by a confirmation and then an explanation on where to drop off the items. His indigo hues lifted to settle on Holly. "Someone who owed me a favor and a huge bill. I figured they could pay out this way. One stone, two birds I would say." His words came out smoothly without any hesitation or second guessing if it had sounded believable enough, an odd certainty. "How has she been. . .? Saffron, I mean. And is she aware of who I am? Or was she too out of it to really even notice there had been a second person?"
  11. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    "She is safe? Good. Keep an eye on her from here on out, that will be your new assignment." A finger ran along the fun to disconnect the call. Jonathan had been keeping tabs on Saffron and Holly but from great distance, He held a reach that expanded in many ways to let him achieve such a demand. It had all been with the intention that the women wouldn't know specifically for their own safety; Knowledge was often a means of destruction in ways that another couldn't perceive. The very idea of his background is what kept him from showing up in general and even now as he waited outside of the woman's newly minted home, a nagging part of his mind told him to walk away and leave them to a life of safety that didn't include being seen with him but protected by him. It felt that he could do that much from the shadows and be successful as for the alternative which would draw more attention towards them from his Father and the usual goons that huddled under his wing. With the sudden upheaval of leadership due to the various factions amongst the Yakuza meant that everyone was being watched much more intensely. Even himself. Jonathan just had to trust in Mishiba to watch after Saffron wherever she'd been at and keep her safe by -any- means necessary. Probably not the best idea considering that Mishiba had been more indicative of a obvious brute verses a smooth operator like himself. Attention had been drawn to the expanse from outside of the home, It'd been something he'd expected but still it was a home where the two females could call their own. Steps of caution forward while his eyes kept watch and hand kept trained in case there'd been the sudden trigger of a spell that had been intended as a ward for the home. Of course, it didn't seem to be the case and even more so a wasted point as the windows had been opened and the door left ajar which he could only assume had been the intention of the heat that rolled in the area. Eyelids blinked several times as the somewhat rookie mistake on his part and gave way to a self-mocking laughter pitched lowly to avoid being detected before moving into the home with his hands pressed into his pockets. His steps were feathery almost as if sound retreated from him like shadows from the light which had been one of the few gifts his Fae heritage had granted him control over. On first entering the home he hadn't seen the woman but heard the rustling caused from shifted items in a box and followed that sound with a calm countenance until he came upon her rummaging through the box situated on the kitchen table. Indigo and Black ringed hues settled on Holly silently for a moment, unaware on how to address or even approach her to make aware of his presence. "You would think that your doors would be trapped if you were just going to leave them wide open. Any odd individual could just walk up inside and settle." It could be a forgiven oversight considering that she'd just moved in but at the very least the thought and idea had been offered. He didn't want a repeat to occur again of not only a kidnapping but a pointless death of someone that hadn't even been involved in the first place. The thought alone reminded him that much worse would be done if anyone of his own 'Company' had caught wind and wanted to use the girls to try and bend him to their will. Taking a comfortable position by leaning his shoulder against the smooth opening of the doorway; Eyes scanned the room slowly as if inspecting for any potential opening that could be exploited while also granting an internal critique on the suitability of the household to them. It would have to do. Pushing off the wall after brief time had passed he walked closer to the table and reached his hand into the box to remove a small cup and looked it over while opening his mouth to speak. "Didn't expect you to quit University especially after all that work that you've put in to excel in it. Just going to focus on the job and providing then?" As his gaze leveled to look upon Holly the expression on his face seemed impassive despite the amused tone of his voice. The signs that he knew a lot more information about her recent life than he probably should have. "I can respect that. Sometimes you have to give up things that you probably don't want to. Do what is necessary for the growth of another or betterment of the self." Was that the way he'd have to go with Saffron now? Thinking ahead for what would benefit her more than anything else? It was enough of a consideration and revelation that it shifted his expression to be quizzical. "Anyways, it looks like you could use a bit of help setting up. Considering that you sent Saffron away - How has she and yourself been holding up of late?" Unfortunately, Mindsets were one thing he hadn't the time to unravel for the two women after the event only being able to keep at more than arms length.
  12. Pushing the Fronts

    Jonathan Azai
    Didja' hear? In the last few months while Authorities have been focused on finding and locating the mean ol' Wizard, Maj-Yakuza's have been taking the opportunity to expand their efforts and fronts! If their 'legit' dirty laundry wasn't bad enough, the bird on the street is that there's been a bit of an issue seeing 'eye to eye' on this expansion. With various 'factions' breaking off on the inside, business that were used as fronts are switching hands faster than a High School Couple! Already a few bodies of known or assumed associates are found in back alleys or old buildings. What kind of problem does this mean for folks?!
  13. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    Jonathan could feel the heat of the flame growing, being fed behind him as it stretched and threatened to consume the room the trio had left. The flames hadn't been satifies with just that small area, crawling along the hall and the papers and various fliers that had been left behind by previous tenants. Boxes that hung on metallic shelves caught in the blaze and fed its ever growing hunger that had shown no hint of ceasing, the roar it left behind lingered within the depths of his ears. Being part of the people who had been close to Nature itself he could feel it through the traces of magic that littered within his blood. By the time they made it outside the foyer of the abandoned building had become its own fiery furnace. Jon flicked his wrist with the wand in hand to shut the doors tightly and then performed a quick motion through the air. Charming the doors to be resistant to the fire and to keep it contained. Having it continue to burn and hoping for the best left too much to chance that just hadn't been the way that he had operated when it came to this kind of endeavors. Once fully satisfied enough that he could lower his guard briefly, he'd slide the wand into small sleeve on the inside of his jacket. Eyes shifted towards Holly and Saffron as the woman investigated any lingering wounds that may have been on their daughter's body, he wasn't sure if they'd made any injuries to the young girl but it hadn't mattered. They wouldn't get that chance again anytime soon unless someone knew how to raise individuals from the dead. "That would be a good idea regardless. They'd have the spells and training to help keep her rejuvenated - just in case those chains did more damage than we may know." While for those that weren't full-blooded Fae suffered from the touch of cold iron as if it were an allergy, sometimes an allergy was all that had been needed to place a normal body into a state of distress. After all the effort that they'd gone through to try and ensure her safety from the clutches of being murdered and made a burning display for some twisted ideals and belief, he'd have hated to see her suffer from what they weren't sure would actually be effective. It felt odd, being with her in that moment. His mind reminded of the younger days when he could easily get away with hiding his activities from his Father. That a connection of his past could actually produce anything positive and productive such as a child had been far beyond what he could have expected. Something that he perhaps should have anticipated and yet it had always felt as if it were unlikely or rather that he'd been running away from the truth of that possibility ever occurring. He didn't catch her movements until the action had already been followed through, her lips pressed against his. What had been stranger was that he didn't pull away from it and not from a sense of shock but closer to that of familiarity, a memory that had long been left behind pulled back to the forefront, memory of the touch and feeling. He was pulled back to the reality of their situation as she hugged him, his arms wrapped around hers in a securing response. "You don't need to thank me, Holly. I'd been planning to do something whether you were here or not." The prospect at that time, that she may have been his daughter hadn't been the driving force. Confirmation of the fact only made the reason even more driven than he'd expected it to be. He stepped back some from her, unsure of where his mind would be after the kiss and then the warming embrace of gratefulness. "You should go and take her away from here and quickly. It won't take long for someone to send some kind of word and the last thing you two need is answering questions on burned corpses and a building that has seen better days." By his personal opinion, they did a proper renovation of something that wouldn't be recycled for use for some time. "I'll come to find you both sometime when things have calmed down. I promise that." A small smile curved on his lips. "I'm sure you're eager to get home and hold her tightly after the ordeal she's been through." He wasn't sure how she'd deal with taking the life of another being, no matter how disgusting of a person they truly had been. "And if what you've done starts to eat up at you remember. . . It was necessary, to save the life of someone whose entirely innocent."
  14. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    A snorted chuckle emitted from him. "Who would have thought you'd have such a severe violent streak in you." He knew better that anyone could reach that point when pushed. Often, for parents that actually cared for their children, they'd tear apart an entire world just for their safety or their happiness, "At least you didn't need to sleep with him. Count that as the ultimate blessing." Sometimes to get a job done one needed to break free of many 'moral' collections, this had been one of those situations though which ones a person could easily let go had always been dependent on scenario. The natural allure that swung about the atmosphere around her was a weapon equally as sharp as any knife in almost any altercation. He'd only been peering into the side doorway for a moment before it'd been broken by the grasped touch from Holly along his arm. It was different, working with someone when the usual infiltrations and exfiltration's were done in a solo fashion. But the woman brought up a fine query that he hadn't been entirely sure of himself now that the thoughts raced through his mind. How likely would it been that the young girl would be inflicted by the iron? Even if it came to it, would the action be severe or more similar to an extremely slowed poison that ached at the body and her flow of magic? There would only be one way to find out, that had been for sure. "Often better to be safer than sorry. . . Not the kind of allergic reaction I would want to be found out on the fly either with the kinds of people that are out there." His worry hadn't extended towards those that were Pro-Pureblood sentiments rather the manipulators in the world that saw the use of such unique talents compared to that of the majority of Wizardkind. "The chains could potentially be a nuisance either way. Just being around them in close proximity is enough to be an irritation for me." Truthfully, it could go beyond that. It'd prolong a battle; one that would turn into pure attrition until he'd end up overwhelmed from the weakening effects of the chains. That wasn't an option to endure and one of the few reasons he'd been glad for having someone not hindered by the same kind of issues. His eyebrow raised up at the idea of needing a key, had she forgotten that she too had been a wizard? His head shook and chalked it up to just wordplay in general rather than expecting if she'd actually forgotten that keen talent on the inside. A soft hitch in his breath followed soon after the kiss to his cheek, mind unaware on how to process what had just happened but unwilling to be dominated by bewilderment. Jonathan's plan had been put into action as he used his Fae talents to create a blinding shade across the eyes of the assailants which brought the time needed for Holly to make her own move. He could hear the echo of the chains rattling as much as the men that had been much closer could perceive with their ears. His mind began to wonder what had been taking the woman so long, unsure of how long he'd be able to hold the enemy at bay. Fingers tightened securely around the grip of his wand and the tip of it started to be traced through the air. More time had been needed and with them being out numbered with a non-combatant it meant that he needed to opt for a large offense as a means of defense. A gust of wind plummeted through the hall, two separate streams that slide towards the most eastern and western side of the ring of fire. The current of air pulsed on the inside of the ring and then pushed outwards building up the fire and stretching it out in the form of a wall of fire that struck along the walls, various discarded boxes further off towards the side and the clothing of the three men that he'd been goading. While they may have been trying to advance with two attempting to force their way towards Holly and Saffron while the third attempted to make his way towards Jonathan, chance hadn't been on their side in that endeavor. It'd cut the time they'd expected dramatically in getting to their intended targets. Their arms flailed about while the fire on their fabrics continued to build, where no amount of patting out or any manner of dousing the fires could quell those ever reaching flames. The young man pushed forward in a sprinted run while his fingers gripped even tighter around his wand and he grasped hold of Holly's arm while she'd been slinging spells whenever she'd been given the chance to do so. "I don't suggest we hang around here for long. This build is going to start its own fireworks and I'd rather not be inside when it does." He assisted the woman with standing and positioned himself just behind her so that she and their daughter could escape before him, placing their lives as the priority.
  15. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    Jonathan's eyes shifted to the body that had been lit a flame. Quickly he took a tarp and covered the corpse of the man whose throat had been slit and then used his wand to move the scorched body of the now barely recognizable man on top of the previous one. "Sometimes you do things that are necessity, even at the risk of never being clean again. In this case. . . It's you hanging over someone like that. Hope you enjoyed it even a bit." An amused smirk curved on his lips while he turned around to take a cursory look around the area. It seemed as if nothing had been noticed and yet it'd only be for a moment, they'd eventually notice two of their own missing for an extended period of time. That meant someone would eventually be sent out to search out what'd be taken them too long. The group seemed to be small, insular, young and stupid but jumpy which spelled good and bad perks. "Our time has been cut slightly. . ." He mostly mused to himself while his sights slid towards the backroom that had seemed to be most used. There'd barely been any signs of dust, constant movement placing it in a state of use. The length of his fingers curled around the handle of his wand while he walked forward in gentle yet hastened steps. His should pressed against the wall just outside of the door way where he'd lean slightly forward enough that his eyes could peak around the corner. It seemed there had been three individuals on the inside, one paced about impatiently - he seemed to look more familiar than the rest of those that had been involved in this situation. One sat on the edge of a table that held various tools, ones that looked rusted and over used. "Hrmph. . . The torturing sort and with rusted tools. . . They add such an insult to any opened injury they cause." Even those in his business used pristinely cleaned blades. If nothing else for a sharper cut and for the sake of looking neat. Then his eyes drifted towards the center of the room where a little girl had been bound with chains made of Iron. The third individual placed at the further back wall. A heated cursed flowed in a whisper. His head leaned back against the wall as he shook it in annoyance. If Holly had followed behind him in his stealthy steps, his focus would shift towards her momentarily. "We'll have to adjust some plans slightly. They've her in chains, Iron. I unfortunately can't touch it without being weakened, proximity alone is going to be a bit of a bitch if we're not precise. She may not had much Fae in her veins but they won't do justice for her either. We're going need to be quick, extremely quick. No telling how long they've had her bound with it." Part of him didn't want to come to terms that they may have done that to a child with knowledge of the effects it could have on her. On the other end of it, they seemed to take pleasure in the slow festering kind of torture which added more irritation to him than anything else that had occurred. "Okay, so. I'll make main distraction - you. . . Can pop some fire around the chair to keep them from a distance. You get the lovely job of rescuing our daughter." He'd been used to playing the bait, if nothing else it made it easier to pick off his targets when they'd expected the upper hand. In a smooth motion he'd slide a few centimeter's away from the doorway, the entrance itself had been maneuverable. It wasn't a single corridor, rather passing through it put you right into the lengthy room. With an adept tracing through the air an orb of Shadow pulled from his own silhouette and then was propelled towards the more jittery individual to surprise him and knock him off balance, making some way for Holly. "Go, now." Jon hissed in a low tone at Holly. His voice picking up in a more cold surface. "Did you really think you could lure me out here and expect things to go your way? It's like you're children playing at being bigots. That's the worse kind." He'd send a few more orbs of shadow right in the sights of each of the three men, a way to buy Holly some cover and time - If she'd follow the plan it'd offer more of a blinding distance between the captors.
Jonathan Yun Azai
Liaison for ‘Azai Corporations’, Yakuza Hitman
27 year old Halfbreed Fairy HE/HIM
Age  27
Date of Birth July 22nd, 1992
Birthplace Narragyambie, Australia
Year Level 
Occupation Liaison for ‘Azai Corporations’, Yakuza Hitman
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Demiguise
Wand 8” Cherry with Thestral tail Hair
Play-by Godfrey Gao

Tallygarunga – 2004 – 2011 – Sturt House

  • He’s Half-Fae with an affinity towards the Shadow.
  • Is apart of the Yakuza though not by choice – Has committed more than his share of crimes.
  • Is trained in Swordplay and often uses that as it’s harder to track specifically in most cases.
  • Has a Tattoo on his back as a form of initiation, It’s of an Antipodean Opaleye.
  • Has a moral code that he follows despite his circumstance’s and will often find a way to avoid breaking that if necessary.
  • Though he is considered a ‘Liaison’ for the Azai Corporation the business is just a front to legitimize the Azai branch for the ‘Family’.
  • There are a few followers that would rather see him ‘Lead’ or at least take up a different aspect in life that doesn’t pertain to the Yakuza’s workings.
General Knowledge
  • Seems to be a businessman that offers loans towards companies as well as sets up minor bodyguard assignments for those that feel a need for protection.
  • Is always well dressed without a shirt out of place or a wrinkle in place.
  • Easily attracted to more dangerous or seemingly dangerous individuals.
  • His personal residence is in Narragyambie
  • A recently discovered daughter named Saffron

Jonathan is an enigma of switching phases and no one personality or image he shows is entirely true only a fragment of what he wants to be versus what he is forced to be.

On one end of the spectrum he is made to put up a front as someone that shouldn’t be messed with unless one wanted to pay for the cost. An air of confidence that shook about him often leaves the impression that not only is he always calculating his next move but mentally has already positioned himself to take it without remorse or consideration. Seeing some of the darkness in the world, coming from it directly, he holds himself to a standard that would benefit his father and those plans. Yet that is more of the face he doesn’t want to show even inwardly hates to show off towards others. He understands it is a must in their ‘business’ and that weakness is death and failure mean wounds, even still, there is a heavy weight inside of him that despise the walk of life that he couldn’t escape away from.

When he can be the more manufactured self, the person he desires and wants to be he offers a slightly more laid-back image. Someone who isn’t focused on the rise of his Father’s power and homes in one his own interests and hobbies. While not a fluent jokester he is no slouch in cracking a smile or offering up a jest-filled moment or two as the expense of feeling normal just for a brief second. There also seems to be a more scholarly aspect towards him as he finds a breath of fresh air when it comes to literature admiring the works of and intention to impart stimulation to the mind.

Between the two personalities that he must switch between he finds that the one that is always consistent is his desire to escape from his father’s presence and power. Knowing that escape is nigh impossible unless something works into his favor and even at certain instances he sets some things in motion to lessen his father’s control, a rebel while being under the thumb. There is also his natural pull towards creatures and individuals that have a dangerous and foreboding air about them. Vampires, Merpeople, and the like – it offers him a thrill and a chance to perhaps show that there are many form of Monsters. That they all wish some form of escape or release from the chains that bind them.


Jonathon Azai stands at the height of 6'0” and holds short and intensely jet-black hair beyond normal. A well-kept goatee lines his jaw along with a mustache that lines along his upper lip. His eyes are illuminated a unique color holding the color of indigo within the hues that seem to glow into darker colorations the closer one would peer into his eyes. A sign that he wasn’t all together fully ‘Human’.

Posture is always immaculate and stern which is fitting to the clothing that he tends to wear almost all the times. A suit that fits around his form and gives room to move without stretching or tightening around his body. The color is often either in black, tan, or a dark purple. Even with such a formal wear it’s often lessened by looking as casual as possible with the lack of a tie, top of the color and the second button undone. Sometimes he could often be seen wearing just a vest instead of an actual jacket which is depending on his mood, location, and the weather.

Even casually he seems to be well dressed just with less of a jacket or vest spin on it. Usually sporting a buttoned-up shirt with rolled sleeves to just above the elbows and khaki dress pants that fit comfortably, and the collar button still undone. Old habits are hard to break in that regard.

On both ends he wears black shoes with strong soles often of the Stacy Adams brand.

The story so far

Jonathan Azai had been born to a Wizarding First Lieutenant known as Homura ‘The Jade Dragon’ Azai as well as a Fairy named Shadowbloom who was more of a trophy fling. The elder Azai is part of a Wizarding Yakuza which often peddled various goods as well as attempted to run underground rackets that could funnel some of the more priceless artifacts and other dangerous creatures and entities through the Australian network towards other continents more occasionally towards Japan. The network is setup and designed so that while most of the proceeds end up within the ‘Corporation’s’ desk as a legitimate business link that it would fall onto their lap or doorstep with the Auror’s knocking on it or even the Muggle authorities. Keeping a business meant reaching out to both communities and reaping as much benefit as possible. The birth of Jonathan had been a strategic plan rather than out of love or a will to make up a family, Homura kept Shadowbloom of her own will by introducing shiny objects to her which only made the fairy happy to play with and hoard to her hearts content. The ‘mutual’ attraction had been faked by the elder male which resulted in a child that would have unique gifts that can be used to his syndicates desires.

Growing up Jon didn’t have much of an easy life being around heinous figures, sinister men, and those that used and abused people for their own means. His own existence included in this as he was expected to watch and endure to see that success was rewarded handsomely, failure was costly, and betrayal was permanent. He learned early in life what it meant to hold one’s tongue and wait for the moment to strike and he knew that being sly and precise was a method that succeeded often. To rush to a conclusion often invited disaster unless there had been no other recourse.

Shadowbloom served much of her purpose and instead of doing away with her, Homura allowed for the fairy to impart on their son the skills he would need to manage the sudden outburst of energy and magic that came with manipulating the Shadows much as she had just to a lesser degree in comparison. The split second was all the fairy truly needed, however, as she used her talents to escape her ‘Captor’ of sorts. Leaving behind a son left in a world not meant for any child to witness or explore and left without a true ally or someone to break him from such a control.

Appearances were everything and to appease the way the world worked and to better own his new ‘Weapon’, Homura sent Jonathan off towards Tallygarunga to keep a low profile and keep himself trained from revealing information that was sensitive. It was a warning, a threat, if he spoke or even gave an idea towards those around him that there had been more to him than met the eye both in name and association that punishment would be aptly paid in full. It didn’t matter if he was one of the many bosses in the Syndicate’s son. It was more severe because of this fact that showing weakness would be a sign towards enemies looking to take the head at the top out to replace him.

He grew up learning to hone both his Wizarding magic and that of the latent Fae magic that ran through his veins and body. Stuck within a situation where there had been no true way out he chose to endure and follow through with the precepts given to him by his Father, his ‘Boss’. Much of who he was during the time in school had been kept deep within himself and soon a false persona had started to develop to show off towards the world as a boy just trying to adapt, trying to survive.

After graduating he had no option to go towards advanced education and instead had been mandated to serving the needs of the ‘Family’ and further their goals and ambitions for prosperity. Due to his talents he wasn’t given the same mandate as typical grunts, being store front bullies or intimidation tactic goons. Melding into the shadows and various other talents of the sort meant that he was better suited to be a man who handled the problems that got a bit too loud, who watched over the deals that could potentially turn uglier than it needed to be. Jonathan became the problem solver.

Like a good little soldier, he listens and obeys but that doesn’t mean he likes it nor the inner turmoil to be more than just someone’s tool didn’t boil on the inside. Safety and survival demanded he obey, ambition demanded he either rise or cut open his own path. Whether not he is pulled in one direction or the other remains to be certain, but he knows he has the talents and the skills now to rise up in a rebellion if only necessary to accomplish either goal.

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