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  1. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "That must be a walking temptation - even more so where I so effortlessly keep walking into your path." He spoke as if he had no idea that he was a walking potential morsel, a tease of the blood that pumped. At least only as long as she was nearing the hungry moments which he had been lucky enough that she had been feeding on a consistent enough basis for when his random arrivals would occur. Even after such a description his body would instinctively relax into the seat of the sofa almost as if it lacked the survival instinct to realize the true extent of the danger. "The beast inside seeks to feast and feed - a roar that can hardly be ignored and only seems to get louder the longer you are without something to slake your throat." The raw personification of 'Hunger' and 'Ferocity' rolled up into a single humanoid. He snorted lightly as he glanced away from her for a moment before fixating the odd hues of his eyes on her once more. "Survival isn't something that should be looked towards as a bad thing. Anyone that has survived are forever different - yours just happens to be one of the few cases where it's extremely different. But you're still who you are, mentally, you ultimately decide how you want to walk forward. Maybe not in pride what you hate to do but more so a pride in knowing you came out where others may have died." From his perspective, the way she had been left could have caused a heavy mental lapse - Crazed vampires weren't uncommon. Especially those that found it a burden as the thoughts would eat away at their mind by the decades. The consideration that had thundered through his mind was a daring one - foolhardy and yet the potential result of it held an interest to him. "I would be willing to provide more and extra." He raised one of his hands upwards as the tips of the limbs gently traced along Stella's jawline. Jonathan sporting a short smile as an expression. "I suppose it wouldn't be too bad to supply you with blood every now and then either."
  2. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "Sometimes it's often better to ignore the voices by simply doing." It didn't escape his notice that it could be considered a deadly form of though and reaction for a Vampire - the multiple urges that perhaps festered naturally on top of other emotional layers that were woven in with firm intricacies. A slight tilt of his head formed while a hum resonated in unison with the movement. "Yet, curiosity does strike at me now. I wonder what such intense thoughts swim in your mind? It intrigues me to wonder what you keep locked up on the inside." A small curve upwards formed on his lips. One of his hands lifted up to graze the tips of his fingers along the lower portion of his lip in thought. "In time the emotions and thoughts may come into balance. Of course. . . That's only as long as you find the strength to keep your sanity. Perhaps, the biggest challenge that most Vampire face as the era's begin to multiply for them." It was something he couldn't understand in full depth, the knowledge of knowing you could beat time itself indefinitely with your age - one of the many perks that had also been a con depending on the view point. "Your perception was bound to either change or become more severe. It wouldn't be the first time that someone was turned and had turned erratically violent with self hatred - personal crusades of sorts. Count yourself lucky in that regard, I would say." An eyebrow raised up slightly as he chuckled with amusement. "It wouldn't be wrong and it's certainly not anything I worry about. Though I do think you just admitted to wanting more."
  3. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "Well, of course they do not want you at your full potential. They fear the power that comes from someone they can't control or more so, someone who has the potential to be much more destructive than they could if pushed." A small hum resonates and vibrates throug him as his eyes never leaves from the red-haired woman. "Many will consider you a 'creature' not a person, even those that have deemed to willfully stay classified as 'Beasts'. It's clear that the mind of people are narrow when it comes to people with thoughts and concerns." When it was all said and done, while the larger world may view Vampires as things - what he saw before him had been people. Potentially dangerous people, but that was something that anyone could claim with the right weapons or skillset. Jonathan caught the smile that stretched along her lips which had been much like a trigger for him, his hands sliding slowly along her waist as if to move with the purr-like sound that emitted. He wanted to feel every vibration in made, the curves of her hips while the tips of his fingers moved further upwards and curved around until they settled just at the center of her back. "Do you now? I didn't expect that you would admit to enjoying my presence. Especially since you had been trying to walk your way into the light not but a few moments ago." A snicker loosened from him as his arms tightened further around her, they pulled her further into his body where the beating of his heart pressed through his chest and against her form. "Are you sure you should be enjoying it, though? It could end up with you wanting so much more." He teased, yet, it was still a viable question. Something within his mind wanted to see what had been roaming through her mind, which emotions were swarming about.
  4. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Jonathan's head slightly tilted towards the side, that was the kind of idea he hadn't expected a person to ask of him. To teach someone to 'adjust' to the macabre world that surrounded around them, let alone someone who would end up outliving him if he understood his facts correctly. Nevertheless, there was a major benefit to having her learned if only to keep herself safe, survival should always be a paramount choice and if it would assist with that he held no qualms about being an instructor in such ways. Of course, it was also just another 'excuse' - something he could use as personal leverage for himself to spend time with the Vampiress. "I suppose I could stick around more, help you to get used to this kind of shadowy existence that you'll be living. I don't know what it's like specifically but hopefully experience will be an equal assistance in that endeavor." Truthfully, he wasn't sure how to go about that form of inspiration and revelation but he also figured that in time things would start to make sense in a way that only she'd be able to see. Something that would allude him due to their difference in species, at least on some level there would be similar relations that could help. As she slide onto his lap he leaned more comfortably into the couch without any issues, his hands rose up to rest on her waist gently without even a twitch of nervousness. Dancing the line of death was becoming much more literal and perhaps much more comfortable than one would usually expect. "Mmm... Not quite enough, you can move closer if you so desire. I have no plans on going anywhere or pushing you away." The shape of her waist still within his grasp, a reminder of the much more closer and gutsy embrace he had pulled back on the beach. Though from his perspective this also was much more intimate, after all, she was sitting on his lap - she had him in a compromising position more so than at any other time. "Oh, I'm far from losing in this scenario. It's not everyday a person has a Vampire sitting in their lap, even more so one that has no desire to use their abilities to take advantage. You're dangling quite the line here though, one might think you're becoming more interested in me by the second." A grin formed on his lips as it curved upwards, illuminated indigo hues angling upwards to stare into her eyes. "You don't plan to push me away this time, do you?"
  5. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Of the many things that he had considered he would be doing within recent days, spending time with a woman this often hadn't been one of them. While watching Mishima was a true fact, it was only a partial truth - he had used it mainly as an excuse to have a reason to be around. Much less pathetic for himself if he had made it that way instead of giving in the fact that he had been enamored with the allure that radiated as an aura about Stella. A light chuckle escaped from him as she shifted closer, a hand weaved through his own hair smoothly. "I think I just have had a lot more time to adjust to it. May take a few years, not too long - well. . . Not too long for you in comparison." A slight hook of his lips curved upwards into a smirk. She had that advantage of 'Time' if she could endure the insanity it could grind about depending on how her newish life continued onwards. An eyebrow arched upwards at the forward nature of her words to the point that it showed visibly on his face that he was amused by the unveiling of it. "I don't doubt at all that you actually have the strength to hold me up. In terms of raw strength even with your lithe frame, you far exceed me. Comfortability, is something entirely different." If he chose to sit on her lap that'd only make it very odd for him at the very list. "You on my lap is much better, more comfortable. I think I have enough strength to manage it too - best scenario that comes to mind. Less likely of you tipping over from not fitting. But me? I'd go over like a domino if I sat on you." "I've always prefered the bats, much more quiet. Besides they know the importance of having a nice place." A brief grin shaped on his face. "It's only natural. Have to enjoy the presence of night in all hours of the day. Better than the cats, they just want to slap the mouse around a bit for fun." Another soft laughter slipped from him while his shoulders shrugged casually. "Sounds to me though, the bat is reaping the benefits happily."
  6. Give an answer, ask a question!

    There are a few good bars about, but if you're looking for less typical places. Well, there is this one paintball places - indoors. Anyone know of any good bookstores? I'm looking for something a bit active for a. . . Project.
  7. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "That in itself is a good enough reason for many to chase after it. You know, a lot of death chaser out in this world." The indigo-silver hues of his eyed the woman before him, partially in an accusing manner to make a bit of his point. Though a smirk still layered on his face never ceasing or even faltering in the slightest. Tips of Jonathan's fingers shift through his raven hair. "Of course, I don't think it's -solely- for that factor. While you have that allure I imagine it was always there just now you don't have to worry about being confident about it. People just will fall into your lap if you desire it, if they're weak-willed enough as well." It perhaps was needless to expound on if her powers and abilities were at the peak of their talent as well. There were few things that could diminish a Vampire's talents but that didn't mean they weren't easily accessible, an ironic turn of things truthfully. He could only hum at her follow-up question at first, after all, it was a fair one to ask and seek out and he found that he had to actually think more on it and the deeper impact it held. As his fingers slipped from his head to crease along the outline of his lower lip a shrug followed suit. "I can't say for certain but I don't think it's your 'darker side' that I seek. I can get darkness anywhere I look. Both figuratively and literally, it's always around me and should I choose to dive into that pool I am but a ledge away." It didn't dawn on him how morbidly poetic that may have sounded until after it had left from his mouth. "No, I'm more interested to see the woman beyond the darkness - whether or not if she can see her self or is her vision is as obscure of herself as the rest of the worlds is about Vampire kind." A person to understand, to see the full depths of whom they are not exactly what they are. If it had only been so surface he would have long been satisfied back on the beach. This much he knew of himself. Eyes lowered to stare at the woman's palms in unison with her own gaze, yet, he didn't take much time to gaze at them unaware of the reason behind her stare. "I travel to Melbourne for a few reasons. It's out of reach of many and the less one knows me the more I can relax. Though not too much." Give too much of a good thing and others would take a mile with it had been his perspective. "Crawling, oozing - They're like roaches or a pit of Pixies. Always there, festering and doing little in the eyes of the populace. But, yes, they do make my business more difficult." Oh, did they, It was something that hurt the quota and there wasn't anything such as 'Leniency due to situation', the quota needed to be met regardless. "Money doesn't come in as quickly and it has to be carefully done as not to draw attention. They're already jumpy and jittery as is and the smallest irregularity would have them pounce faster than a cat on a mouse."
  8. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  9. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    A smirk danced over his lips as he watched her surprised expression, there was a thrill in that as well - that was something he secretly admitted to himself. His back pressed into the surface of the couch to become even more comfortable while he leaned his head just a bit more against his own hand studying the Vampiress. "Didn't expect that? I imagine not, most wouldn't think someone would try to remember others from a bar unless they woke up next to them after a heavy hangover." At least, not outside of that particular environment. Deeper consideration had always been one of his forte's at least after he had exited School and realized that a single hiccup could occur if he didn't try his best to observe every encounter. No one person will always get the full picture, facts, or information, but enough of it was still remaining to prepare proper understanding. "I am sure you linger in many minds, both men and women a like. Even without trying you cannot fully withold the talents your nature persists." While he'd like to admit he was 'resistant' to beauties it was all a false idea. There were just particular entities born of the magical world that naturally charmed and it was only by ones own wits could they surpress the call. If they held any wits left that was under their purview. "The call of your charisma will draw, it will entrance and ensorcell. It's quite funny in its own way, no? If you truly tried and exerted that power people would be dominated happily and yet even as you try to keep a low cover they want that darker side even if they don't see the true depth of it." Jon lightly chuckled and then let out a slight shrug followed by a grunt. "Eh, Blind loyalty. . . That would mean you don't believe the man has any form of negative depth, but you already know he could be an asshole. That still knocks you a bit away from blind, which is good I think." A finger traces along her lower jawline, the tip of it taking it the sensation of her skinn. "When one shuts their eyes to the evils of others they neglect to see what they could potentially become, or worse, what others impart on to them before it's too late." "Then it means I am doing my job properly. Information is power, it must be produced and give to give the most hit from it. Many don't respect that and most are too wiling to offer it up to be heard." Knowledge was a necessary weapon in every aspect of life, to defend, to assassinate, to properly protect others. It was also one of the many ways to tear a person down or build them up. "Mmm... I do find an appeal to it, almost like a cloak that offers me enimity. But it's more out of necessity too, it's a way to keep others distant and keep the most things about myself tight lipped." Even telling her as much as he had was a risk, part of him saw that risks as worth it in its own way. "Importance. . . It once held that, in some ways it still does in certain places. But everything isn't as it once was, tradition has been stamped out for greed and loss of self has occurred." There was more to being a Yakuza than most believe, than what media portrayed or what the authorities would have wanted to escape. While criminals in every aspect much of it still held an honor system - codes - that were forgotten or abused. "Touche." He conceded to that particular thought. "But just because you can handle yourself, does it mean you should be placed in a situation to do so? I don't take you as the type that is particularly alright with people trying to hunt you down." Enemies hid behind every corner and when came to control of territories, Fiefdom's, then it could potentially get worse if one feels a takeover is necessary. An eyebrow arched upwards at the woman for a moment. "I have an office out in Narragyambie, The Azai Foundation, where I handle a few things."
  10. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "That's quite the question." The edge of his finger rubbed at the indentation between his lip and chin within thought. "Often enough, it's true. Just because I haven't been able to visit doesn't mean there wasn't a form of consideration put in my mind." There were encounters a person would never have the pleasure or displeasure of forgetting, most times they were bad things that would forever stain memories. In the rare instances that they were better, they were memorable to a different and lightening degree. Not only that, but it was rare that a person could have a civilized conversation with a denizen of the night hours by nature. "Do we ever really ask for the chances given to us? It isn't something that we really chose, and if we do managed to chose it, then we have much more power over our fates than most." Life was designed for surprises, for hiccups, things that would appear that one would have to manage or fail at it. "You tempt it in many ways, Stella. Being out in the rising sun is one of those." Jonathan's head lulled a bit. "The other? Being around people, very few are accepting so taking that chance is a risk in of itself." It wasn't so much the danger that she possessed that he saw a problem with, rather, the ignorance of people who would perpetuate that danger to be much more realistic than it potentially was. At least given the woman's desire and willpower to not react on the notion of her natural demands. "Biased, perhaps, but one shouldn't dismiss genuine loyalty in that way." A person whose loyal would always be biased in view, almost always, anyways. "More importance is placed when you look at it in a different light. " An eyebrow arched upwards and a chuckle escaped from him with a light shrug followed afterwards. "I guess considering me an enigma is pretty proper. An air of mysterious adds intrigue and interest." Not that he wanted that kind of attention but he wasn't foolish enough to disregard the effects his attitude and hidden nature could potential drum up. There had also just been the fact he had been more elusive and it would only breed more questions of the 'WHo, what, when, where's, and why's,' of his day. "I guess you don't take much belief in me being -just- a scummy loan shark, do you?" A hum of consideration rumbled within his chest as he leaned his back into the couch. "Not knowing where to find me is where I need people to be at all times. Truthfully, being around me perhaps isn't even in your best interest." His hand rose up as he gently cradled the curved digits against his cheek. "To place it bluntly. I am a man of the Underworld, no more, no less. All form of scum and criminals acquainted and dealt with in diplomatic ways." Assassinations, while murder, were still ways of proper diplomacy in his world and walk of life. "I am Yakuza."
  11. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "A danger junky? Of the many things I would have considered of you, that, my dear, is not one of them." The tip of his fingers graze at his goatee as he inspected Stella from head to toe. What had been borrowing deep within her mind to make her seek out such a dangerous proposal of the Sun? His mind was no doubt perplexed, however, there was often understanding in due time and rushing ahead to gain the answer often offered only fractions of the truth rather than a much larger picture. "Even with the struggle do not give up the second chance that many will never have." There was a chance that she would have died and not 'live again', many don't even get that potential option when they come across those that seek to kill, maim, or other wise end an existence of life. "Your death would cause many vibrations in other peoples life and after all this time finding ways to survive you may as well go the full length of seeing just how much longer you can push on. " Unfortunately, much like crime, there will always be those that'd hunt Vampire's, those that would see nothing but evil. Of course, he was a form of evil himself and not one designed by instinct of nature but by conditioning of experience at that. Perspective of understanding was easy for him with this kind of knowledge in hand. As he watched her fiddle with the key to unlock the door and lead the way he followed without hesitation or reservation, much as he had done since the moment he had met the woman. Being around a potentially unstable Vampire didn't cause a fear within him but there was the mental caution that he'd need to keep himself ready to react, how little chance it may have for him in that regard. Indigo irises course across the room seeing the specks of light that threatened to push through and while it would take much more than that to kill the woman unless she sat strategically in its pathway towards a crucial part of her body it shouldn't end her life. Even so, it was best to curb such an idea if he was going to peel back a better of understanding of her and such his hand extended out warping the shadows of the room to tighten against the rays of light - blocking them from entering into the immediate room that they stayed within. "Being a potential criminal doesn't always mean one must be an utter asshole or jerk to those that work under them. Simply means that when the cards are drawn they need to take an. . . Unexpected step. Truthfully, that is much more of a boon than many may think. A man like that becomes unreadable to those that could never fathom and thus walks as an enigma to be wary about." That was how Jon preferred to walk himself. Something completely off the usual radar, a person that was unlike what most would encounter which gave him an upper hand in many negotiations and other less talkative scenarios. A smirk pressed on his lips as he sat next to her a single arm raised up to rest on the couches back. "It is so, and that is only a partial truth. I do need him to behave himself but I show up for more personal reasons and interests outside of his troublemaking. I can't be on babysitter duty all the time. Even the boss needs his fun and encounters, don't you agree?" Jonathan's eyes course along her form showing no sign to hide his wandering gaze before lifting back up to stare at the woman's face. In the same notion of checking her out his gaze offered a respect towards her. "I am easily found. There is no other place for me to go and I quite like the neighborhood's I frequently visit and the businesses that I hold council with every now and then. But to think you were waiting for my presence. . ." A smirk lined his lips as it shined his more mischievous and playful manner. "You must have enjoyed having me hold you on the beach more than you let on."
  12. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "Didn't think adrenaline truly effected Vampire." Both of his hands pressed deep into the pockets of his navy trousers while keeping the covering of shadows over Stella. The shade of it darkening - limiting the presence of light could slip through to hurt the red-haired woman. "You may want to start developing a concern about your life. Just because you're a being with an unlife doesn't mean you should treat it so frivolously in the moment." It hadn't escaped his sight that the woman had been hugging herself which was a sign of distress or struggle, depending on how one wished to view it and whatever roamed through the mind of the person. In this particular case he figured it was a bit of both that most likely struck within the woman's mind. An eyebrow perked upwards at her proposal which prompted his arm to shift across his horizon to check at a watch that he gleamed at to get a take of the time. He still had more than enough time to kill before any important 'meetings' needed to be held. "I don't have anything to do for several hours. So, I'm up for a little more understand of the 'beyond the scenes' aspects." He started to walk towards her pressing more of his magic into the shade-umbrella. "Taking a back entrance will probably be preferred, at least to avoid any strike of a strand of light from touching such a flawless skin." The follow up statement that had flowed caused a gaze to narrow towards her direction. As much as he wanted to be surprised by such an astute observation he expected nothing less. After all, a hunter is always aware of their environment. The moment a sudden change occurs that deters from the normality of it, it'd be caught easily. "No, work just took much more time than had expected for both of us. Even now I am technically on the clock." A chuckle escaped from him though it had been followed by a brief shrug. "But I can make the time. Most of the paper work and situations have been handled. A few more bits of things for clarification but I'll have Mishima handle that bit. He can be a diligent worker when the clocks winding down." Perhaps that was his top 'earner' when it came to what they had to make in quota and hand over towards the family. "You do have my sincerest apologies, I didn't mean to make you think I had abandoned you. I am more surprised you haven't tried to hunt me down yet."
  13. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    The rising sun often meant that his 'nightly' duties were churning towards an hand as he took a cloth and walked through the alleyways and dusted his knuckles lightly with a cloth. Remnant's of blood being swept away not enough to warrant the sense of someone that had died but he had to lay into a 'client' someone who decided to run an not pay what they owed the Azai Corporation. That was a big no and with the lighter patrolling sentries that were the Auror's he could move about this kind of life much easier, he should thank whomever has them on such high alert before gutting them. High alert also meant that they'd crash down even harder afterwards to make up for the fact that they had been much more lax in other avenues due to the change of man power. As he crumpled up the cloth and tossed it in a nearby dumpster he began to straight up his suit button it up tightly and elevating his shoulders a bit to better fit the coat. "That should take care of that. . ." He hadn't been able to make it to the club this night on the count of business but he made a mental note to make sure that he would step in for some convenient excuse. It wasn't until a embrace of red hair shuffled into view that caused him to stop briefly and squint his eyes in examination of the figure and shape - That was something he'd know anywhere. As his mind played vividly the imagery that had occurred on the beach that night. Purple irises lifted up towards the shifting sky which went from its lightless hue towards something that would start to stretch over slowly as time moved forward. Was this woman seeking a death wish? His hand rose up as calmly traced his arm about almost as if he were trying to weave something, which he was, the pure tendrils of shadow that started to overlap the woman in a tight shielding above her head - almost like an over arching umbrella. A loud scoff followed from him as he walked closer to Stella. "You do realize that you aren't supposed to be out at this particular hour if you want to make it home or actually survive, yes? Or is a death wish what you seek?" He was perturbed on why she lingered as she did and his arms crossed, eyes still watching the sky trying to estimate the chances of shooing her home. The odds perhaps weren't the best for them.
  14. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    "Heh, Isn't it always, dear?" Had been Jonathan's quick witted retort. Death was never supposed to be simple despite it being a normal course of life it was always the intention of its design to spark the mind and to spark a sense of spiritualism, to question the world around oneself and to question whether or not their life had been going on the path that they deemed it. Those alive had the choice to make in carrying things on, of course, her situation also had been vastly different as she was now dead yet alive. A hum gently resonated within himself though he nodded in resignation towards the conclusion. "This is true, you have quite the advantage regardless. In such an opened scenario such as this I've placed myself at the largest disadvantage I could possibly have, aside from the portion of holding you." It was a gamble but that was what made everything exciting in its own way. Jon's very life had been a literal gamble and it was something he tended to take in his everyday walk to spice things up just a bit further. He had also been very aware that underestimation was a tool easily used in these particular situations. Vampires, they were never killed on the merit that they had been weak but rather outplayed. Their natural understanding of their strengths often played against them as they gave an impression that they were untouchable as the years passed them by through the centuries to the point that their guards were let down out of believing a prey couldn't rise up to the occasion in defense of themselves. He had no reason to expect it of Stella, at least, not yet in her life. An eyebrow raised up at her attempt to soothe him though it did very little as he didn't need such assurance. "The dire situation when it comes to the club scene as they say. Many go there to have fun and at times their fun often means a dance with death by their own hands." Drugs, had been the one thing he refused his father that he'd mess with as part of his choice of 'Business'. If he were going to be in the process of killing people he'd do so by his own hand, after all. "I also more often than not expect many to just let Mishima in." That was typically a presence you couldn't ignore if they were making a scene at the front door. Not that he cared for Mishima sparking up potential Police attention. That would be more situation than he wanted to handle especially if it hadn't been the easily manipulated pigs. "There are many ways a person money can be threatened, often why owners of clubs and other smaller establishments are targets in different ways." It was easier to make a 'Mom and Pop' business curl under ones fingers versus the massive corporate chains even the ones that are largely ignored by their parent owner. "They may like it, but do you? Being someone who is in a position to be a hunter I can only imagine you get a thrill out of manhandling the various creeps, troublemakers, and overall muscle bound lunatics that believe they can contend." It was curiosity that made him probe in this kind of fashion, did she enjoy getting her hands dirty? Did she find it all too risky? "No, It's chosen for you. In terms of how Fae work, they simply are what they are. Epitomes of nature, aspects that live and breath and give it purpose in the order by giving it an active voice of sorts." His arms crossed against his chest in contemplation of the words then shook his head soon after. "I suppose in technicality to the course of Nature I'd be an unattended mutation it never accounted for. I may possess many of the abilities but there are many things to that connection I do not hold." From his knowledge he hadn't even been close to the very idea of longevity of a Fairie's standard. Let alone the fact that he didn't harbor a miniature form, which, he was personally alright with not having. "Yes, losing ones head would be unimaginably awkward. Maybe not painful if someone was skilled and swift, merciful even." He never relished in drawing out pain unless the target needed it. In most cases it was swift, painless, no need to make such a horror persist for people. "Though your head is as lovely as your body. So perhaps such losses should be avoided."
  15. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    Jonathan had chosen to avoid ever bringing up something as touchy such as a future life with you children and the white picket fence. Some people just weren't destined for that kind of a lifestyle and in her particular case she wouldn't be able to enjoy the glare that it would hold off of the reflecting sun. She'd never be able to go through the woes and tribulations of what it meant to bear a child and care for one in that manner, though, it didn't necessarily mean she was out of the running for building a family. If she had chosen to swear of producing as most Vampires do she could take up the idea of adoption though very few would relish leaving a child in such care. Though in time. . .That would be something she'd need to design and figure out when she was ready for such commitment and potential paths. "Everyone is an outcast one way or another, there just those who believe they are fooling the world by believing they're the 'In' crowd." Outcast, the idea by its definitive meaning often only called one though to mind. But he was of the belief that perspective played a massive portrayal in everything and even those that could be considered in the in's were still in their own way an outcast. Outcast from the outcasts, as a redundancy, but more importantly an outcast to their inner selves most likely. "Though that is a concept that belies more philosophy than either of us probably would even want to get into. " His head tilted slightly with both of his pressed into the pocket of his slacks. "You're already dead." It was a partial joke but never the less he wanted to make the point that she should still find ways to enjoy life. "It's only an execution if you aren't smart, only an execution if those that harbor hate catch you off guard. Granted. . . Coming out here to meet a man you barely know is a bit daring even if you are a Vampire. Even to the point of enjoying my touch." He didn't need to hear her admit to it, her body already gave off enough detail to show she enjoyed the closeness. "That he does. He's Muggleborn, a Wizard who lost his family long ago. I met him during my time within Tallygaunga and we had been tight ever since." Granted the two of them didn't spend much time at the school beyond getting classwork done and doing just enough to pass but also staying under the radar. Too much academic attention either positive or negative could spell more issues about his particular background so they opted for a purposeful average approach. A slight chuckle formed from him as he shook his head somewhat amused. "Oh, don't worry, he'd be back even if the bouncers threw him out." The perks of being in Organized crime had been the control of channels when it came to clubs under that purview without much proof behind it. "It's a simple enough solution to the situation. Would limit the bruises that would be traded off between him and the bouncers, people can go into work the next morning afterwards with a shameful head held high. " A small smirk pressed on his face at the wording. "I can agree to that particular view, there is only so much we can view on the same path but what similarities are there make for better connection." Not every person would see the same things walking on the same road but those were always meant for them personally, the things mutually gained and understood were what bonded people. A small shrug flowed form him. "At first it was frustrating. Trying to understand, figure out the anomaly that very few could grasp of even explain without a broad and base idea." The amount of times he had been corporally punished for failing on producing anything worthwhile when he had first started out trying to learn these talents. "It is one of the elements that make up the natural world. You know: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, then there are the less primal of them - Electricity, Shadow and Light. Many others exist as well amongst Fae kind that are either subtypes or something different all together." "I wouldn't notch being burned to death as one of the ways you'd want to die if you ever choose to take the final death route. Do something more respectable, the path of less pain that at least shows you honor your final moments. Those that are you bond with that are around at the time would hardly want to watch as you burn away quickly but in sheer agony and pain. Unable to help ease that which would me left with them." Perhaps a bit sentimental or compassionate from him than one would expect but this was spoken from a scholarly viewpoint versus Humane emotions.