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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Newbies United

    "I'm just- lining it all up. Why are you on my back?" Stanley grizzled as she took a seat to observe his imminent failure. Did it have a stench, or something, that was summoning onlookers? He stood back once it was all somewhat aligned, collecting his wand again and sitting down beside her as he rolled it between his palms. Pike gave the other student a proper glance over now that he was beside her, taking in the non-muggle themed shirt and the holster on her hip. That, and her goading attitude screamed a bred-in level of competence that he just couldn't compete with, so instead he focused on the other half of the scene they were in. "Ummm, you asked to 'see mine' first, weirdo. I'm here all vulnerable in my PJ's and quite frankly- you seem a little hostile." He lounged back, starting to admire his destruction like it were a piece of artwork they were discussing. "Besides, i'm a modern guy. Y'know- more afraid of you than you are of me. You look like the feminist sort, after all. In fact, why don't you stop pressing that toxic masculinity on me, expecting us guys to do all the fixing around here, and be all Rosie-whoever and do it yourself?" Stanley posed with one hand on a flexing bicep to imitate the logo he was referencing before sweeping a hand towards the broken couch for her to take the stage.
  2. Newbies United

    "Yeah, sure, it went that way- but I almost had him." Stanley agreed in a mumble, gesturing for the door. When she reached for her hip, there was a flash of hope that she might have been a show-off who would patch up the communal couch as if it were nothing at all. At least his disappointment was curbed by the flask she procured instead, replaced with interest. "Whatcha got there?" Stanley peered across bodily, distracted from his ails until whoever this was decided to issue a challenge. Immediately, the defensive attitude was riled up again and he shot her a sour look. "What? Who says I'm gonna show you anything? What are you gonna show me?" He scoffed back, though he started up some busy work with propping the arm rest back into place as though in preparation for repairs. Mostly, Pike was hoping to stall her out of his hair so he could ditch the problem with whatever shame-free anonymity he had left.
  3. Newbies United

    "Aa-AAH!" Stanley jumped so far as to throw his wand too at the sudden voice- he had been sure he was alone. He glared over his shoulder while pawing around under the couch for his wand, instinctively defensive after being surprised. "Yeah well, your face is munted," he countered in sullen immaturity, gesturing to his own forehead to imply hers. He looked back at the broken piece of furniture after reclaiming his wand, and deflated a little. You wouldn't call it a 'clean break'. "I don't think it's that bad... plus this thing must have been ancient to begin with, anyway yeah?" He got to his feet and dusted off his pyjama pants, less confident to experiment with his repairs now that he had an audience. He held his wand raised for a moment, but the company felt like eyes on his back. Stanley dropped his arm again, and turned to squint at the other student. "Hey, why're you sleeping in here, anyway? You've got a bed, don't you? I've seen you in here before,"
  4. Newbies United

    Stanley Pike
    Stanley's attempt at reading his text books had amounted in less reading and more pinwheeling in his position on one of the common room couches- from hunched over a coffee table to lounging horizontal and finally upside down with his feet hooked over the backrest. Back at home, his tutor had given up on getting Stanley to read anything compared to walking him through it with a handhold tactic. Now he was on his own though, and his brand new school books still creaked when he opened them. After another minute of squinting into his Magical Theory text, he groaned and tossed it onto the table, rolling over to pick up his Herbology book instead. "Alright. Memorising some plant stuff. I can do that." He announced to nobody, standing on the couch in his socks and pyjamas. Pike gave himself one stride across the 3-seater sofa to skim a page of details, and then the walk back to the other side to recite them without looking. Pike marched back and forth bouncing lightly on the cushions as he went, talking out loud to himself as he listed off plant species- looking pleased when he even managed to recall the names and properties in the short window he gave himself. The mild productivity came to a crashing halt however, as so did Stanley. Maybe the couch was at the end of its lifespan anyway, but his jumping around on the furniture was certainly the last straw to breaking the armrest from the body of the couch with an almighty crash. Pike went sprawling onto the floor as he lost his balance and tripped over it to boot, his book skittering and his limbs flailing. What was sure to have been only a mild irritation to any other Sturts in their rooms turned into a brief cacophony of broken furniture and cussing teenager, followed by silence. Stanley groaned quietly as he rolled over, wide-eyed surprise to have broken school property without the intent to do so. "Oh- oh shit. There has to be a spell for this." With brand new enthusiasm, he sat on the floor and reached for another textbook while drawing his wand. Ok, Pike. Time to be a wizard!
  5. Relieving the Frustration

    Stanley Pike
    The young-faced teen squinted as he pictured the peg-log obstacle vastly different than intended, his attention idling momentarily. What? But he left further questions on it unasked. Instead he grinned again, and sat himself down to be on the same level as Tyson while the other guy untaped his feet. "Taking a break, from taking a break from Magic stuff?" Stanley propped himself back in a lean and plucked at the grass. "Sounds complicated," Not really- if anything, he knew he was looking for someone to relate to about his own dissonance. Even though he had been avoiding most amounts of work and effort like the plague, he was still exhausted. It showed, too- he had a sleepy look about him. "Man, school, Quiddich, training and working? You really filled up your plate. Tell me this isn't really you 'taking it easy'?" Maybe he wouldn't be doing much relating to Tyson at all. Pike sat forward a bit again, and studied the other student. "I bet you're even one of those wild guys who knows what they want to do after graduating, right? Tyson's got a plan!" Pike guessed while pouring enthusiasm into his voice, to try and show some support- even though it was high on his list of 'most stressful topics' when it was pointed at himself.
  6. Flower Crowns of Friendship

    Stanley Pike
    Stanley Pike was not having an okay day, like most of them tended to be when there was no large body of water for him to escape on to- no, this was certifiably a Bad Day. The Sturt student had dragged himself out of the room he'd been boarding in for the last few weeks despite the urge to sleep through classes in a pile of unwashed clothes, and managed to pull on said unwashed clothes to stagger out into the sunlight. There you go, good job Stanley. Vitamin D. He picked a bench and poured himself onto it, limbs spread loose in contradiction to the tight knot in his chest. There was the writhing invasive thought to challenge the mandatory boarding school his parents had inflicted on him with the threat of homelessness- this bench wasn't so bad. He was tough enough to handle sleeping on a few, surely- but anxiety squashed the idea quickly and he curled back in on himself. Or maybe it was to make room for the girl who chose the same bench to sit on, as he was vaguely aware of her presence even as he folded his elbows on his knees and his head into a hand to block out some of the sun. Pike tried to focus on the breeze instead of the roiling unwellness flooding him, picturing himself riding over them like waves instead. He was good with waves, better than he was with all the foreign classes trying to drag his confidence under. With a deep breath, he sat back up again, eyes closed and pacing his breathing. He must have been that way for a while, because all of a sudden the student beside him dropped something on his head and Stanley startled awake. Friends! Stanley stared at her while his alarm faded to curiosity, a hand reaching up to feel for what he'd been adorned with. Judging by the petal texture and what was in her hands, he supposed she had crowned him with the same. A soft grin curved his face, and Mari earned a puff of laughter from him. "Oh. Well. Who could argue with that? Thanks," He vaguely recognised the girl beside him from campus- she was a Bourke he was pretty sure, though maybe not in his year level. "My friends call me Pike," The scruffy teen supplied usefully, sitting up a little straighter to focus on her as a welcome distraction.
  7. Relieving the Frustration

    Stanley Pike
    "Muay Thai? That's um. A style?" Stanley guessed as he stood by and watched Tyson move and wind down, glancing down only for a moment to inspect the contents of his pockets, choosing something to fidget with from the small collection of assorted goods. There was the glimpse of a lighter, to nobody's surprise, a variety of twines and braided cord and a few other bits of haberdashery - but he settled on a chewed on pencil to roll between his fingertips and weave back and forth. A lazy grin curled across his face when his actions got a laugh from the other student, and Stanley shrugged. "I'm durable- but i'm not so game to give it a go for that exact reason. Worse than making a dumb move would be getting stuck on crutches." When it seemed as though Tyson had eased out of actually practising on the dummies, Stanley stopped pressing the pointy end of the pencil between thumb and his fingertips and ambled in a little closer- ready to be shooed if it was decidedly not allowed. "What are the pegs for, and what's moving around them about?" The scruffy looking teen queried, glancing back across to his peer before reaching out to poke at the equipment and see how hard it was - eyebrows raising in surprise as he felt the level of resistance involved. He stopped manhandling the other student's property and stepped back to what he had deemed a safe distance, the soft sleepy features of his face lit up with a bit more enthusiasm, picked up in the clarity of his voice too. "Stanley. Pike- or just Pike is fine, really." He piped up in return, shrugging his shoulders and tapping the blunt end of the pencil under his chin thoughtfully. "And i'm too offended by manners or no manners- I mean, i'm the one who came up 'n bothered you." He grinned again- a charming look that emphasised his sweet nature rather than came off as cocky. "So is this like a normal thing for you- train for competitions or something? Or just bored with the sports options on campus?"
  8. Relieving the Frustration

    Stanley Pike
    "Woah, are you like the Karate Kid?" Stanley Pike had lazily dragged his feet across the grounds to investigate the intensive looking practice dummy, and the intense looking student making hard work of it. He was as dishevelled as anyone who noticed him tended to see with a long undershirt sticking out from his untucked uniform that gave his torso an elongated look, even as he slouched his height down from the shoulders, and the back of his trousers scuffed and dusty barely hiding worn-to-the-sole shoes. The smell of smoke stuck to him mildly- perhaps intensified by the fact he'd circled his way out from less monitored areas of the grounds, where he had just been feeding a habit. Now, despite the sardonic comment, his tone was playful-awe as he sidled up adjacent to Tyson and took up as similar a pose as he could muster to the training student's form. "That is some hardcore shit you're working on- you must be killer in the right atmosphere!" Pike praised, dropping the act without giving any attempt- joking or otherwise- to mimic what Tyson had been doing. "And all this stuff must take up your whole closet. It really does belong in a dojo- or a martial arts movie!" Pike seemed happy enough to commentate after inviting himself in as a spectator, stuffing his hands in his pockets and giving Tyson what seemed like a respectful distance for his workout. It hadn't been too common to witness skills admirable simply from muggle perspective, not uplifted by the touch of magic that far outreached Stanley's childhood aspirations, and so he looked on eagerly to admire the proficiency. "I've seen you on a broom before, but i've never seen this stuff. Explains how you're so like-" He gave an over expressive flex, with a bit of a grunt for extra emphasis, and then gestured to Tyson as though it still wasn't clear enough what he was referencing.
  9. Stanley Pike

    Stanley Pike
    -Grew up on the beaches of Torquay where his family's business revolved around the tourism industry -When they received the letter of invitation for his 11th birthday, it was a surprise as much as it was an eye-opener for the strange occurrences, but ultimately they used the opportunity to find Stanley a home tutor to give him some control over his gifts. As this halved his time on the beach and doubled the aspect of schooling in his life, Stanley was never a fan and dug his heels in regarding both muggle and wizard education. -The 'Schoolies' influence in his hometown led to a fairly irresponsible and party-driven adolescence, Stanley's parents finally cracked it and sent him off to Tallygarunga for his final highschool years to pull him away from the looming trouble of drinking, drugs and underage magic.
Stanley Mitchell Pike
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Play-by Matthew Clavane
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