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  1. A Rare Opportunity

    Naoki Nakamura
    Tallygarunga had a musiciary. Naoki couldn't be happier. He loved to sing, don't get him wrong. But there was a large difference between playing music you like and singing along just for yourself, and singing and dancing on stage to crap music that someone else had chosen. And it had been years since he had been allowed to just... sing. To sit, and play music, and sing along. To sing without having to please the audience, or be ruthlessly berated by some trainer or manager. And so when he came across the Musiciary, empty aside from the welcoming instruments, he could have cried. The instruments were beautiful, well taken care of. Polished metals and oiled wood, carefully plucked bowhairs and perfectly tuned strings. But what caught his eye the most had to be the Grand Piano, for sure. Sitting off by its lonesome, it practically begged to be played on. And so he did. In a carefully practiced motion, he slipped off his grey light jacket, allowing it to hang on the edge of the stool, leaving him in his white muscle shirt. With that, he sat down on the bench, head high, feet flat to the floor, and back straight. Perfect posture from years of practice. A few quick keypresses to check the tuning of the piano, and he began to play. Notes flowed from the piano like water in a stream, long fingers dancing across the keys. Knowing the song by heart, he began to sing as though cued. "Azamuku ni wa ososugite sasayaku ni wa orokasugite Sono omoi o tsuki ni utsushi yoru o wataru hito wa minna zetsubou no kago no naka de kurasu kotori dareka ga kagi kowasanai to tobenai"
  2. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Naoki listened as the other students tossed in their own ideas of what water represented, writing down the ones that weren't the same as before. Inspiration, that was interesting! But he found inspiration everywhere, so why wouldn't water be inspiring? He chuckled quietly when the man said water was the mortal enemy of himself, able to see it. the man was rather fire-y in personality, and thus water would be his enemy. Now, Aguamenti! He knew that spell! It had been taught early on back home, so he grinned proudly and twirled his wand between his fingers. He startled somewhat when the star-men were set ablaze, but he was quick to put the flames out with the Aguamenti Spell.
  3. Class Choose Wisely

    Naoki Nakamura
    Naoki looked up at the teacher as the man began to speak, the glass of wine vanishing away. Ah, so they had all used the right ingredient then? That was good! Hopefully no one would blow themselves up today! Yawning, the student stretched in his chair, listening as the teacher spoke. He ws quick to stand, and strutted up to the desk, grabbing a mint and then, after a moment, a second, popping one into his mouth. He hadn't had the chance to brush his teeth, and he felt disgusting. It didn't fit him at all. Returning to his cauldron, he unwrapped the mint, and dropped it into the potion. The potion went from black to brick red, and he moved his wand in a horizontal zeta over the cauldron, watching as it slowly began to turn an olive color.
  4. Class Choose Wisely

    Naoki Nakamura
    Naoki was exhausted. He'd been up, studying, all night. The Spencer hadn't fallen asleep until the sun was almost up again, and had woken up only five minutes before class started. He'd jolted up from his desk upon seeing the time, and had only taken the smallest amount of time to get dressed before racing out, heading to the Potions Classroom. His hair was messy, incredibly so, the only attempt at being smoothed was when he ran his fingers through it, which really didn't help. By the time he had arrived at the classroom, he was sweaty and his face flushed, very different from his usual put-together, handsome appearance. He slid into his seat only moments before the teacher began to address the class, and bent double, taking a moment to catch his breath. As soon as he could, he sat up straight, and reached for the Octopus Ink - that, he remembered.
  5. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Naoki Nakamura House: Spencer Year Level: 7th Position: Keeper Secondary Position: Seeker Interest in Interschool team? Yes
  6. DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

    Naoki Nakamura
    "Make us free na Splash! Kasaneta hikari no KONTORASUTO abite Feel so free na kyō tobikomu ore-tachi no Brand new blue, yeh Omou yō ni sei! sei! sei! a-oh Jibunrashiku kick! kick! kick! a-oh Tsukamitainda pull! pull! pull! a-oh Todokisō na deep! deep! deep! Splash Free!" Naoki, compared to a great many of his peers, was in a great mood. His spine was straight, his head high, a cocky grin on his lips, and a skip to his step. His hands swung loosely at his side as he strutted through the school, looking for the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Vacation was over, and it made him sad, but he missed classes. He loved doing magic, and learned now Magics, especially foreign ones that he'd not have learned otherwise. Naoki entered Tarnagulla Center, hands sliding into his pockets. "PURE nai hi ga nai kurai back and fill na BATAFURAI! Shikōsakugo no shōritsu wam, Atode īdaro." Naoki slipped into the Defense Against The Dark Arts class, waving a lazy hello to the other students, and calling, "Ohayou gozaimasu sensei!" to the professor. Looking around, he chose to sit on one of the desks that had been shoved aside, sitting cross-legged lazily. He hummed the rest of the song until the teacher began to speak, and then shut up to listen. A pair of students announced they'd gotten married, and he flashed them a congratulatory grin, calling out, "Kekkon omedeto!" cheerfully. Another girl revealed that she and her dog had placed well at a camp, and he called out a lazy "Omedeto!" And then it was his turn, and he grinned, sitting up proper. "I want back to Nippon, er Japan, for my break! Visited my family, got to stay at an 温泉 and eat home-made カツ丼!" his stomach rumbled, and he grinned unabashedly. ------ 温泉 is pronounced (Onsen) カツ丼 is pronounced (Katsudon)
  7. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    "Hana mo ki mo bokura mo kanashii. Sora ni mukatte nobiru shika nai~, utsumuku tabi ni bokura wa kizuku. Soshite, mata, miageru~!" For once, Naoki found himself to be rather early to class. So he saw no fault in slowing his pace, crooning leisurely in his native tongue as he made his way to class. He turned to the main school building, slipping through the door. Spotting the entrance to the underground hallway, he slipped into it, looking for the door to the Elemental Magicks Class. Adjusting his backpack, he opened the door, stepping inside. Seeing it was just him and the Professor, he lowered his voice, approaching his usual desk in the front row. "Nemuru anata wa kanashi sou de, warui yume demo miteru youda. Boku wa koko dayo tonari ni iryuyo, dokoemo mou ikanai." He sat down at his desk, pulling out his supplies at setting them up, more humming then singing the last line, "How do I live without you?" He set out his journals, as well as his pens, hesitating a moment before deciding not to bring out his calligraphy set. He really needed to practice his English writing, after all. Looking up, Naoki tilted his head, watching the water system set up at the front of the desk. It was definitely pretty, and very intricate. And then the teacher was addressing the classroom, and he was surprised to realize he'd zoned out, missing the other students arriving while he'd been looking at the display. He took a moment to jot down a (rather simplified) drawing of the set-up, before looking up to catch the questions. Looking around, he'd raise his hand to answer. "Water makes me think of flowing, and change. It brings life back to areas without it, and comes in after destruction. Almost dead plants can be alived by getting water put on them, and humans too. It contributes to rain, and snow, and ice."
  8. DADA Homework Term 1

  9. Class First Class

    For once, Naoki wasn't hurrying to class. As a matter of fact, he'd even beaten the teacher, and found himself sitting in a front row desk. Thankfully, the teacher was quick to show up, so the boy wouldn't get bored enough to cause mischief. He accepted the papers, and passed the rest back, saving one for himself. The class, at least the first one, seemed rather easy, considering that it was only a small form to be filled out.
  10. Potions Class - Term 1

    Naoki Nakamura
    Naoki scowled as he looked at his watch, realizing he was fairly late. It had taken him ages to find the Potions Classroom, and he'd finally had to ask a wayward student. The student, however, had found it funny to send him as far away from the classroom as one could get without leaving the campus. Finally, another student had taken pity on him and directed him to the classroom. The boy slipped into the classroom, throwing an apologetic grin at the teacher. "Sorry ma'am, got some 嘘 directions to your classroom. I'm new." Then he strode over to a nearby desk, and sat down, putting out his supplies. Once he was done, he quickly read through the classroom rules. He finished that, and waited for class to get truly started. ------------ 嘘 is pronounced (Uso)
  11. Class Cheery Charms (March 5th '18)

    Naoki Nakamura
    Naoki panted, sprinting through Tallygarunga. He'd managed to end up on the wrong end of campus on his way to class, and he was very close to being late. Thankfully, he managed to make it in time, and he stopped before the bell rang. He took a moment to gather himself, running his fingers through his hair to put his hair back into place, and using his handkerchief to pat his face dry. He couldn't exactly walk in looking like that, could he? As he slid into his seat, the teacher dropped a... something, onto her desk. He tilted his head, squinting dark eyes, before realizing it was a shrunken head. The boy bristled, eyes narrowing. They dare?! Shrunken heads were, while not illegal, taboo where he came from; they were a complete desecration of the dead. He watched the woman speak with distaste, horrified when he saw the spello-tape keeping its mouth shut. It wasn't long before a student answered the teacher's question that he hadn't realized she'd asked, and the head soon landed on his desk. "Sorry." he muttered, a disgruntled scowl on his face. He pulled out his wand, performing the movement, before saying the spell, "Contentos."
  12. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Naoki Nakamura
    Naoki paid close attention as the teacher began to speak, jotting down little notes that he felt were important. He wondered what she meant that a person didn't simply die from the spell; what did it do? What could be worth than death? Was it like the Cruciatus charm? The boy grinned at the mention of a familiar spell, quickly raising his hand. When he was called upon, he was quick to respond. "I've cast the Patronus Charm before, with my tutor. It was a Hoo-Hoo, a firebird native to Japan." Once he was done, he sat back down, wondering whether the others had cast a corporeal Patronus Charm before.
  13. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Naoki Nakamura
    It was his first day at Tallygarunga, and it was time for his first class. And he couldn't wait! It had been years since he'd been in a class that had more than one student, and he couldn't wait to be in a class environment again. A tutor was good, but not as good as a real class. Defense Against the Dark Arts! What would they learn there? How to do some spells? He hoped he knew some of the spells already, so he could have a head start. It would be just awful if he was behind, he wouldn't be able to stand it. Jogging to the door of the classroom, he slipped inside. Dark eyes scanned the classroom, seeing a rather large amount of students; there was even a girl with a dog! He stood tall as he walked to the nearest desk, relaxing into it even as he put out his supplies. However, he was forced to put them right back away, as the teacher said they wouldn't need it. 'Well, alright then.' He listened interestedly as the rest of the class introduced themselves, before taking his turn. "'ello! I'm Naoki Nakamura. You all can call me Nao or Naoki, I don't really care." he was careful to enunciate his words, but he still couldn't quite hide all of his accent. "I'm from Japan, although I suppose it's kind of obvious!" he chuckled. "I'd like to learn more spells, especially those that are taught in Australia but not in Japan. As a class I guess we need to learn to work-" he forgot the word, and paused for a moment. '相前後して. What is that in English?' "together." he frowned. That wasn't the word he was looking for but, he supposed it was good enough. "I suppose a Dark Art is any spell that can hurt someone?" he shrugged, before sitting back down in his seat, reclining casually.
  14. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  15. Naoki Nakamura

    Naoki Nakamura
    Childhood: Naoki was born to a musical family. His father was a Music Professor at a well-renowned college, and his mother taught children to play various instruments. They were older when they decided to have children, despite having gotten married rather young. As they always did, they planned things out well, and talked over it for several years before having a child. When Naoki was born, they put what they'd learned in parenting books and classes to use, only to find that, really, they didn't seem to work for him. He was a rather easy baby, capable of self-soothing, but he didn't act like a proper child should. He wasn't quiet and withdrawn, only speaking when spoken to. He loved to dance and sing in front of people, no matter how many times he was told to be quiet and let the adults speak. As he grew, he remained like this. No matter how much his parents tried to get him to act proper, nice and quiet, he just kept going. Finally, fed up, and wanted him to get rid of his excess energy, he was put into singing and dancing lessons. He loved these, and would try to go no matter how ill he was. They were unable to ignore the odd happenings that tended to occur around him, and finally found someone who was able to explain that he was a Wizard. He was put into a school for Magical children who were too young to attend Mahoutokoro. At the school, he was entered into the theatre class, and quickly rose to the top. His parents began to enter him into singing contests at his teacher's insistence, and his career started. Performing: At first Naoki was only in small contests. Child contests and such. However, one of the contests managed to get him noticed, and he ended up getting a Manager. The Manager put in the leg-work, and it wasn't long before he was performing, and getting quite a following for himself. Mahoutokoro: By the time Naoki was able to attend Mahoutokoro, he had a good-sized cult following. He would be taken from Mahoutokoro on the weekends to do small performances, and as he grew up he was allowed to perform more and more. During one such performance, a talent scout approached his Manager, having realized he would fit the part perfectly for a character in a Musical. The Manager accepted the offer, and Naoki had to balance practices, rehearsals, and performances with his school work. It was worth it, however, as the part got Naoki launched into notice, gaining more of a following. As Naoki began to start puberty, people worried. What if his voice didn't sound good any more? What if he didn't look good? But their worries proved needless, as his voice sounded even better than before. He was able to perform more and more, and eventually became a household name. Pre-Tallygarunga: Due to the time needed for performing and traveling, Naoki was pulled from Mahoutokoro, and instead given a tutor. The tutor traveled with him as he traveled the world, allowing him to keep up with his coursework. However, he quickly found himself getting burnt-out. He'd liked performing when it was a part time thing, broken up with schooling. But after it became a constant thing, it was no longer as fun. But he couldn't stop, as he was still in contract with his Manager. So he boded his time, and waited. Australia: The day his contract was up, he fired the Manager. It took some convincing, but he managed to get his parents to allow him to move to Australia (chosen because he liked the sound of Tally), and attend school there.