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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Melbourne Based Roleplaying Events

    Hine Parata
    Our horror event is an 18+ event. We are working with our venue to confirm the details for A PIRATES ACCORD, but it should be 13+ with parental supervision. Our events are designed to be family friendly normally.
  2. Melbourne Based Roleplaying Events

  3. Newbies United

    "Yeah, asking you to fix something you broke is a true blow for female empowerment. So glad you were here to explain it for me." She leaned back, pulling up her knees and kicking off her shoes. There was a period of long silence. Was the charm Reparo? Or did it need one of the specific sub-charms? Apparently she was feigning competence, so she didn't want to break the illusion. "What's a 'feminist sort' anyway?" She made air-quotes, her voice slightly aggressive. "Is that some kind of dig at me cuz? Cos the only thing toxically masculine around here is the smell coming from the male dorms."
  4. Newbies United

    "This?" She shook the flask and it sloshed audibly. "This is Hine's little helper." She slipped it back into her pocket, her demeanour quickly becoming less groggy. The wideeye potion was doing it's work quickly, and for that she was appreciative. "So..." She made her way over to the sitting area, taking up a seat opposite where Stanley was trying to reassemble the couch manually. "You are waiting for a princess to swoop in and fix your mistake? How very modern. Or Nek minnit you gunna blame me for it?" This was so much more interesting than Transfiguration homework. She wasn't going anywhere. "And, worth noting. When alone with a chick late at night, the words 'what are you going to show me?' probably are gunna come off hella creep."
  5. Newbies United

    Hine reached up to her forehead sleepily, feeling around before pulling away the paper and blinking at it slowly. "At least my face is fixable." Her eyes fell onto the couch again, and she pushed herself to her feet, pulling down the tshirt she was wearing that had crumpled from the way she was hunched, a grey "The Butterbeer Experience" band t-shirt under a black zipup hoodie.. Even as she crossed the room, she was still rubbing her eyes. "I dunno Bro, this couch looks pretty structurally sound eh? You got an abraxan hidden around here that kicked it in or something?" She reached into her pants pocket, moving her long wand in it's leather holster to the side and retrieved a silver hipflask. "I got a bed. Just gotta finish some homework." She took a long sip from the flask before using it to indicate to the girl's dorm rooms . "So, you gunna show me you can fix what you fuck up?"
  6. Newbies United

    Hine had fallen asleep, hunched over an open transfiguration book. She had been studying late, her knowledge of transfiguration was weak compared to her classmates, mostly because her experience had been mostly theoretical until now. Her mother hadn't had the proficiency to teach, a weakness that looked like it was going to be passed down unless Hine could catch up. Unfortunately, she had been burning the candle at both ends trying to get caught up in most of her classes, only Herbology and Potions were anything close to up to speed. So, this series of events led to the Kiwi student being asleep, surrounded by notepaper and notes about the nature of lightning storms and potions, and incantations. And for this reason, despite being obscured, and mostly insulated from the rest of the room's noise, the crash of furniture and swearing was enough to raise the dead. Hine's head popped up, a piece of note paper with the word "Animagus" stuck to her forehead. She blinked slowly, looking around, before her eyes finally settled on the boy sitting next to the couch missing it's arm. "Uh...." Hine started groggily. "I think your couch is munted cuz." Her voice carried across the room. "You in for it."
  7. Potions Class - Term 1

    Hine Parata
    Hine gave a very small smile, almost shyly while the professor was there, her previous confidence quickly retreating. She mumbled a thank you quietly and then looked up at the board, squinting. Palfrey Water, that's a quick one. And it is mostly a distillation, so she could do that almost by rote. She took the few minutes to bottle her draught of the living death, labelling it carefully and packing it away into her potions kit, before cleaning and drying her cauldron, and getting a metal alembic. She looked at the recipe. This used a huge volume of liquid, and that wouldn't do, not in the lessened time at the end of class. With her scratch pad she began to rework the potion to a smaller amount, even a tenth measure would use a half gallon of base fluid, but looking at the clock she thought she would be able to work it in enough time. She began running the half-gallon of sherry through the alembic, letting it collect once it had distilled into her cauldron, the runoff going into a large pot. The low heat underneath the cauldron began to bubble the sweet smelling liquid, and Hine was faintly reminded that she had missed lunch that day. Oh well. As she pulled the herbs together, she worked them with the pestal and mortar, just enough to break the herbs but not enough to crush them. Her mother had told her that when you needed to rush a potion, you could do that to make them absorb faster, and she hoped it would work in this case. As the foam began to form at the surface of the potion, she removed the heat, and moved the herb mix into the frothy spirits, using a cooling charm to begin to condense the potion. A quick rinse of the alembic, and she began to ready the potion for its finally distillation. It looked like she was going to make it after all, and with a sweet drink to calm her upset stomach as well. Sweet as.
  8. Law and Government 01 (Feb 11th '18)

    Hine had remained quiet, trying to just blend into the background, and not make a fuss. She had only selected this class to look good on ministry applications, and now she felt entirely out of her depth. She realised very quickly she had no concept whatsoever on how the Australian ministry worked. The New Zealand one was a tiny office to enforce laws, but not much else. Her notes were made up entirely of questions that she would look up later, in messy handwriting. She shook her hand, trying to work out a cramp, and realised it looked like she was raising her hand to speak. What was the question? What was the Professor asking? Uh.... "Uh... Government is the people we give permission to tell us what to do." Intermally, she cursed herself. That was the dumbest thing she had ever said.
  9. Potions Class - Term 1

    Hine Parata
    Hine leaned over to where Orion was beginning to Mantra out of his mind. She shouldn't interfere, she knew that. But then, without thinking, she was offering advice in a low voice. "Hey, Bro. If you are doing the Living Death, you wanna turn down that cauldron. Otherwise the Wormwood will boil off before you get the brain in there." She pointed at the flame underneath the cauldron, and gave a lopsided smile. "A cooked brain isn't a good brain, I'll tell you. Nek minit you'll have a soupy mess that doesn't do anything except make your eyelids droop."
  10. Potions Class - Term 1

    Hine Parata
    Hine nodded at the questions, and once instructions were given, she cleared her workspace, ensuring that the area was perfectly empty and dry. She gave a very careful look over her cauldron, ensuring there was not any cracks or chips, or anything else that could interfere with the potion she was going to be making. She wasn't usually this focused when it came to... well anything. But she was raised by a potion maker, and this had become a ritual. Perfection had been expected, and drilled into her, and she wasn't going to stop just because she was in a new environment. Also, due to that same training, when she made her way over to the ingredients she collected a wide-eye potion as well as a wiggenweld potion before any other ingredient. "Safety. First." She whispered to herself, before beginning her collection. She laid out her ingredients. The Valerian and asphodel were in her kit, and the wormwood infusion she had set going when she had arrived at the school looked ready to go. The sopophorus beans and sloth brain were among the things she had got from the 'specialised' ingredients area. And so she began. She started by setting a short burrette with a funnel to the side of her workstation, crushing the beans with her work knife above so she could measure the amount of juice later in the procedure. Once she had cut enough, the remaining beans were put aside into a "to be returned" pile. She removed the funnel and stoppered the long piece of glassware. That juice could straight up wipe your memory, and she didn't want to risk that. Finally, the young woman measured out every ingredient, and lined them up in order. She added the base water, a filtered and purified spring water first, and then the infusion of wormwood, putting the dirty measuring cup to the side. The powdered lily root followed the same procedure, and a slow steady clockwise stir, then a second. The brain was lowered into the cauldron, and heat was added to the base of the cauldron, and Hine waited for the potion to settle. The juice was added, as the heat was removed, and seven slow turns, each one slower than the last as though Hine was falling into a deep slumber. She wasn't sure the resonance would matter, but as she watched the purple mixture clarify to a clear mixture, she privately congratulated herself that it had been worth it. It was only then did she realise that she was probably supposed to be making one of the other potions for the lower years. "Tutai" she cursed, louder than she had meant.
  11. Cheery Charms (March 5th '18)

    Hine Parata
    For once, she wasn't late. She had managed to get to charms on time, and not get lost. Maybe she was finally finding her way around campus. Hopefully she could keep her hed down. Hine had pulled up a chair in the middle row, near the edge of the class to avoid this very thing. She just wanted to fly under the radar for a little while, get up to speed. But sure enough, here comes the attention of a Professor. Her Kiwi accent shone as she spoke. "Contentos. Developed in the 1400's by Felix Summerbee in Western Europe, is one of the original cheering charms, eh? When cast it causes the target to become choice as." There was a pause. "Uh, like happy, hey? But if you push it to hard they get all munted, can can't stop laughing. But countercharm for it aint hard bro."
  12. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Hine Parata
    Hine didn't raise her hand when the call went out on who had manifested a Patronus previously. Her schooling in practical Defence against the Dark arts was limited to duelling, mostly due to her mother not being overly proficient, but her theoretical knowledge was pretty decent. Or so she had thought. Some of the ethical details the teacher was providing didn't agree with the textbooks she had worked from, but they were old, and out of date obviously. Maybe the laws around Dark magic were different in Australia. When the hands lowered over the first matter she rose hers to speak on the latter. "Well, while I haven't manifested the Patronus before, I kinda assume it would be a shark, or other large sea animal. I've lived by the sea most of my life, after all hey?" There was a moment's pause. "It's pure manifested positive energy, so it's best for keeping away Lethifolds, but it's not very effective unless you can manifest a corporeal one, rather than an incorporeal one, right?"
  13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Hine Parata
    "I really hope so, it's a bit... it's really big." She indicated around herself, to the school. "I'm always late to everything because the rooms are so far apart, and I don't really know where I'm going..." Her voice trailed off, as Hine realised she was rambling. It was nice to talk to someone, really. It had been really lonely, not having someone to talk to. She was so used to a full house, people coming and going, but this was so isolating. "I think you are the first person I've spoken to outside of classes. Everyone seems to know everyone and..." Her voice was low, and then she paused. "Sorry, you wanted quiet. Did you want me to..." She began to stand, brushing her knees lightly. "give you some privacy?" She finished.
  14. Hine moving her hiney

    Hine Parata
    I'm away at a post apocalyptic larp until Monday the 11th of March. So no reception and... yeah. I'll respond to posts then.
  15. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Hine Parata
    "Hine". The name was pronounced Hee-nae, her confidence beginning to return seeing the other student seemed flustered. "Nah cuz, it's just a sumfin my dad taught me. You sing good enough to like do it proper though." The girl looked up towards the main building. "Lunch always seems crowded, you know. Full of people who have their own social things all sorted out, their dance cards full. Easier to sit alone if noone's watching, eh?" She pulled at the collar of her robes, loosening it. "Why aren't you in there? You new to the school too?" Direct as always.
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