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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite So... Friends?

    Ellie followed Lot into the living room with a smile, placing the bag of cookies on the arm of the couch as she sat down after she realized that's what he was headed to do. She looked at the kids while they played, her smile softening somewhat as she watched them for a moment; she loved to watch Zozo play with her brother. They played nicely with each other for about an hour before one of them inevitably threw something trying to be funny or cool and it ended up hitting the other on the head. Eventually Bryce would stop throwing his toys at his sister and his sister wouldn't feel the need to retaliate against her four year old brother. Ellie hoped it happened before Bryce started school next year, because she was not going to be very excited if she had to leave the hospital to pick up her kid for throwing toys at other kids. When Lot started talking about his family, Ellie laughed at the mental image his words brought to the front of her mind. "That sounds like it would be extremely energetic. I'm sure when your other siblings have kids, you'll get to be the cool uncle more often." She had had a few patients who had a Quidditch team of kids. They always made loving chaos in the hospital when they were there. Her own family was much smaller. "Well, my mother's passed away, but my dad's still alive and married. I've got a half sister but she hasn't had kids yet. My husband had five sisters and four of them have kids. The youngest just graduated from VMU." Kate was an energetic, fun-loving, happy young adult who was going to be staying with Ellie and the kids soon. Ellie was preparing herself for the house to be even louder than normal. It would be nice to have some of her husband's family closer. Remembering the cookies, she said, "Sorry! Did you want one?" She opened the bag and offered the open end to him.
  2. Invite So... Friends?

    Ellie smiled and stepped into the house when he let her in, tucking the hair that fell out from behind her ear back again. After saying hello to Lilah and Silas, she stood, unsure what to do now that she was inside. Did she walk to the kitchen? Stay in the living room? Or wait for him to show her where to go? She chose the third option as it seemed the safest, especially when she was in someone else's house. With a soft smile that came when she thought of her children, she said, "Zoe's at another friend's for a sleepover tonight. I was supposed to go in for an overnight shift tonight, but they called to say they had gotten it covered." She'd been annoyed at that phone call. The hospital was one of the only places she could feel like herself again, like her husband wasn't dead and was just working down the hall from her. She knew it wasn't true, but it helped. Staying home where she could keenly feel his absence wasn't the best for her lately. It just lead to tequila-filled bad dreams. It was time to think of something else, so she asked, "Silas is Lilah's cousin, then? Does she have any more?"
  3. Invite So... Friends?

    Smiling down at the young boy who answered the door, Ellie was slightly confused because she'd thought Lot only had one child. Did Lilah have a brother she hadn't known about? Or was this another neighbor boy, possibly a friend of Zoey's she hadn't met before. She looked up at Lot when he came up behind the young boy--Silas--and answered the question floating through her mind. Nephew. Lilah's cousin, then. She smiled down at him again and then looked to Lot again and shrugged. "Thought I should actually introduce myself? I mean, we've been neighbors for three years and I don't think I've ever actually had a conversation with my daughter's best friend's father." That sounded like a plausible explanation, even a likely one. There was no way in hell Elliot was going to admit to anyone that she was bored and needed adult interaction. She loved her children; she did. They were the angels in her life. But sometimes, she just needed to get away from them. Right now, Zoey was at another friend's for a sleepover later and Bryce wouldn't need to get picked up from daycare for another few hours, at least. "I brought cookies?" She held up a bag of chocolate chip cookies that she'd attempted to make, but she hadn't had one yet so she wasn't even sure if they were edible. She was a surgeon, a healer, not a baker, so she had never actually baked before. But having the house to herself this morning, she'd run out of things to do or clean and had decided to try and tackle something that was very mom-like and very un-Ellie-like. Hopefully they turned out well. She'd followed the recipe. She smiled slightly, trying to keep the nervousness off her face from interacting with people, something she didn't do often. Or at all. Not since her husband's death anyways.
  4. Invite So... Friends?

    Elliot Morietti
    Ellie was glad she'd decided to move to Narragyambie three years ago. It was smaller and she felt like she had more room to spread out than she had in Melbourne. After her husband's passing, she'd really just needed to get out, away, just leave everything behind. She'd packed up her two kids, the few things of her husband's she could stand to bring with her, and the car and drove the two hours to the small town outside Tallygarunga. It'd been three years that have helped her immensely. But she still had times where she just had to break, had to remember, had to stop. She'd drop the kids at their daycare on those days and just get plastered. Today was one of those days where she felt like she needed adult interaction. Adult conversation that didn't come in the form of explaining a procedure to a patient. Zoey had made good friends with the girl next door, Lilah, even though the other girl was two years older. Ellie liked that her daughter could make friends with anyone. It made Ellie feel like she didn't have to worry. Bryce was at daycare today, so Ellie decided to introduce herself to her neighbor, Lilah's father, to get that adult interaction. She still hadn't made many friends in Narrie, partially due to her angry, grumpy nature since moving. Walking across the lawn up to the door of the house next door, Ellie knocked and then crossed her arms, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear in a nervous gesture, not used to introducing herself to people beyond "Hi I'm taking out a bit of your insides today." She had no idea how to talk to other parents or other adults. Why had she decided to do this? Then she remembered Zoey asking her if she was happy last week and she knew she had to make an effort to make friends. Had to show her children that she was happy.
  5. Elliot Morietti

    Elliot Morietti
    Elliot was born to parents who had expected a boy, had wanted a boy. When she was born, they decided to keep the name they'd settled on prior to her birth, Elliot Lee. While she was a girl, she did a lot of the same things her friends in the neighborhood did, climbing trees, wrestling in the dirt, playing with bugs. As she got older, she started getting more interested in science, wanting to follow her father to work after school to sit in his office while he helped people feel better. She'd hand him things he needed like cotton balls or popsicle sticks but of course, she had to wear her own gloves. Her father started buying child's size gloves for her to wear while she helped him. When Ellie turned eleven, she got a letter saying she was eligible to attend a special kind of school that taught magic. Ellie thought it made sense, since she'd been able to help her father stock his office without picking things up for a while now. When she got to Tally, she was sorted into Spencer and immediately began applying herself to her classes. She loved transfiguration and potions and the second she entered third year, she had to sign up for Health & Healing and it became her favorite class ever. After she graduated from Tally, she attended VMU to get a degree in magical healing. Using this as her undergraduate, she went to the University of New South Wales for a graduate medical degree before doing her general surgery fellowship (FRACS) at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Following her fellowship there, she joined St. Ringo's for a magical fellowship, where she met her husband, an administrator at St. Ringo's. Two years later, they were married when she was 32. After they were married, she joined St. Ringo's as a healer who specialized in muggle general surgery. Two years after her wedding to Ian, two years of trying to have children and failing, they decided to adopt. The hospital had just had an infant patient whose parents passed away after all three of the family had been in an accident. After filling out legal paperwork, home inspections, and hours of support classes, they were approved to adopt the little girl, Zoey. The small family was happy and healthy. Two and a half years after adopting Zoey, Ellie found out she was pregnant. They had a beautiful boy who they named Bryce. When Bryce was ten months old, the happy family was broken. While packing their car to go on a vacation, Ellie was putting suitcases and Zoey into the car while Ian was carrying Bryce out of the house. He tripped down the stairs from their front door and landed on his back, Bryce on his chest. While their child was okay, Ian wasn't. After rushing him to St. Ringo's, it was discovered that he'd had a brain aneurysm that ruptured when he fell, causing him to bleed into his brain at such a rapid pace, he was pronounced dead when they arrived at the hospital. After that, Ellie packed up her kids and their house, sold the place, and moved to Narrie, needing a change of pace, a change of scenery. While she was much the same with her children, she was noticeably different from before her husband's death. She joined the general hospital in Narragyambie as a practicing general surgeon/healer and has tried to overcome her grief at losing her husband. She's begun coming out of her shell and being the old, happier Ellie, but she's still grumpy and short-tempered with people. But in the three years since his death, she has learned how to adjust, how to put herself together again, and how to heal.
Elliot Lee Morietti
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