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February, 2019
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  1. "Cheers to that!" There was very little hesitation to have a party in this family, and it seemed ver quickly that it spiraled into inviting most of the town into it. Here she was, talking to someone who was a complete stranger who had become part of this celebration. "Oh nice! I should pop by at some point. I mostly live in Melbourne while I'm going to school, but I come back here to hang out a lot. Get away from things." Keeley was pleasant enough, and just the few minutes of interaction with her had Sue glad that they had bumped into each other. Spilled beer already forgotten. "Yeah, for a while. Been part of the family for about 7 years now, but I've known Alan for a bit longer than that."
  2. Already a couple drinks into the part, Susan was thrilled at the events that had transpired. She had only known Mat a short time before the accident it seemed, but he was still family and she welcomed him back just the same as anyone else. She was greeting one of her former classmates from Tally, and had taken a couple steps back right into someone, and she slopped some of the beer she was holding down the front of her sweater. "Ah! No worries!" she grinned and held the glass out a bit to let it settle and drip onto the floor. She was close enough to the bar to grab a couple of napkins to clean up the small spill and start sopping up what was on her sweater. it wasn't the first time she had spilled a drink on herself, and it probably wouldn't be the last. "Yeah, Its been a while since Matts been around. It's good to have him back." Susan downed a good third of her beer now, to prevent any more spills, and nodded a bit. "I'm Susan. I feel like I've seen you around Narrie occasionally, right?"
  3. So... Has anyone ever experienced seeing your own doppelgangar in real life?

  4. The diversion away from her was welcome, and was glad that they moved onto something that was less woe-is-me and more reason for celebration. And despite his insistence that there couldn't be any sort of celebration, she was already plotting to figure something out. "Hah! Let her try to raise hell and tear this family apart." She still remembered the doubt that Cam had. The dreams that she desperately tried to soothe. "No one's gonna let that happen Al. You worry about being happy, and Audrey, and the baby." A wicked grin crossed her face when she was told to keep quiet. It was too tempting, but this was personal matters, and Sue understood how important this was. And the ring was beautiful. And she nodded knowing that Audrey would love it. "I kinda wish someone was gonna be there taking pictures when you do propose."
  5. "I'm just exhausted," she admitted with a slight eye roll. Tired was the norm, but when exhausted happened, everything was thrown out of whack. "It's my last year, and I still sometimes feel like I'm back at square one in my classes." Her thesis was going well. The research and writing was never an issue. And she had been traveling to others dreams less and less frequently, only by choice, to preserve her strength for the day, but that was starting to fail and all of the progress she had made towards performing spells was for naught, it seemed. His confirmation that he was indeed happy caused a big grin to slide across her face. Never mind that the occasional check in to her family dreams to make sure that all was well had already told her that he and Auds were happy. But hearing him say it was far better. "What?!" She was now far more alert. Grinning and trying to contain the excitement. Rachel, despite having given birth to her nieces and nephews, was not great for them at all. And in her opinion, divorce was long overdue. "Al, thats great. This is so great. Have you told Mum at all? Oh gosh, now I might have to make supper tonight. How do you feel about cake too? I can get something together."
  6. "Well maybe sometimes I just wanna surprise people and pop in for a visit?" She heard the creak of the bed frame, and the familiar sounds would eventually lull her into sleep if she didn't get up and moving soon. Surely Barry had something that needed another pair of hands. "I don't have to be back for class until Monday, so it's not like anyone is missing anything today." How could she say I just want to take a toolbox and go repair fences for a couple hours on my own and not talk to anyone, or think about how or why magic works without hurting anyones feelings? She chuckled, and the movement caused the cat to get up and sulk at the bottom of the bed. If Susan wasn't gonna lay still, then Frey was better off at the foot of the bed. "I'm sure she does. What does she think the baby is gonna be called?" She sat up now, rubbing her face and brushing hair out of her eyes. "Congratulations, by the way. Are you happy?" She suspected that he was, and that is what mattered to her. That her family was happy. Everything would work out somehow just as it had in the past. His trip to England would go well, and she would find out sooner or later if the tummy troubles surfaced or not. She was stalling though, answering his question. No interrogation needed, but she also didn't quite know how to express her self doubts and regrets to someone who did so well in school. She shook her head softly. "I mean, I guess I'm okay?"
  7. She heard the front door open and close. Footsteps down the hallway getting closer. Dammit, she hadn't had a chance to mess with anyones stuff yet. Oh well ,before she left everything would be shifted ever so slightly so that toes would be stubbed, and reaching for the lamp switch on the nightstand would have you fumbling int eh dark for a minute. Still, the groaned at the use of that nickname. "I did not sneak!" Still, she opened the door to see Alan there and she smiled. "I called a cab, and walk right up the drive and into the house. Hardly sneaking." She left the door open and stretched back out on the bed, absentmindedly playing with the fluffy ears of her cat who purred loudly and paid Alan no mind. "Is Sarah here? She coulda come in too ya' know?" She might constantly be tired, but even on her worst days, her nieces and nephews were welcome to come in for a snuggle, and maybe midday naps should they be needed.
  8. What on earth was she doing? Back to school when she knew that she was absolutely horrid at any srt of practical magic. In fact, having failed a couple of classes because of it pushed her into one more year of school, which of course her friends and professors had mentioned to her at least once a week, if she was lucky. And she was doing her best to not let on that she felt like she was drowning. That she had made a mistake. But admitting defeat, so close to the end, just the thought of it made her nauseated with the anxiety. That of course, meant that returning home was necessary. A familiar routine and a change of scenery would make her feel better, surely would help quell her nerves and self doubts. The weekend did provide a good opportunity to get her head on right, and she left her books locked in the private study room, and let her homework sit and be dealt with come monday. The nice thing was, the room hadn't changed. On the door, a carved wooden sign with three names on it, and tacked on underneath, the addition of her name. She ran her fingers into the worn groves before opening the door and inside, four beds crammed into one room that felt like home, and she felt the tension in her shoulders ease up as Frey rubbed against her leg and jumped up onto the bed with the deep blue and purple quilt, stretching luxuriously and taking up as much room as a 16 pound cat could until Sue flopped down, pulling Frey up to snuggle the furry creature. Home always felt good.
  9. Susan laughed and greeting the hug with open arms and a kiss to the cheek. "What can I say? I just gotta know how everything works. And all of those papers and books aren't gonna write themselves." She shrugged and looked around again. "It looks so good in here! I'm proud of you." But she nodded emphatically. Lunch sounded amazing to be honest, and lunch with a friend was far better than lunch eaten on the run, or while studying. "That sounds like an amazing idea. All of it. I've got a practical charms exam coming up soon, so I've scheduled some tutoring time, so let me know when the opening is. I'll rearrange if I have to." By then, her coffee was ready, and they had moved out of the gallery. Who cared if it was boiling outside. The hot mug in her hands felt like a spark of energy waiting to be released. It would push her those extra couple of hours through the day.
  10. Forget what Em had said, Liz and Liams idea of dressing up as Team Rocket, despite the theme for Fairy Tale". At least they dressed up and Susan teaming up along with them and finding a wicked costume of Meowth to go along with them. The tail was a bit of a hassle to drag around, but all of the little kiddos loved it, and the umbrella she had brought along provided shade too. She bumped into the two of them, grinning before going off to mingle and say her hellos before she settled down to just enjoy everything. It didn't take long for her to find Arti with her 'plus 1'. "I'm loving the outfits," she said cheerfully, playing gently with her friends hair before sitting down with them. "She's right though. You won't have much luck with it, but supplying Liam with some photos might be more helpful than trying to blackmail him yourself." Her trailing coat tails were flicked out behind her and she watched the curious happenings at a distance. She needed to sneak around and perhaps do a little bit of spying. It didn't take much to piece together what had happened and she ran off, heels catching in the grass along the way, to find Liz and Liam to let them know what she had overheard. "Guys... so obviously Alan and Audrey, right?" She began a little out of breath, but still excitedly. "Now, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure...That Auds is not sick from too much chocolate." ((Five million years late... sorry bout that! Feel free to have people poke at Susan as she wanders about!))
  11. Susan was quite proud, as she approached the gallery and admired what works she could see from the street. Arti had done good work, and she felt that it would be a successful venture for her. She was curious, like the people that passed by on the street, but she was able to walk in, while they had to keep going with their day. She was already exhausted from her morning classes, but then again, when was she not? She definitely could use more coffee to help clear the fog, and just walking inside, the smell from the small cafe was heavenly. She ordered a coffee, and asked if Arti was around, she was directed further inside while the man prepared her drink. "Arti?" Susan removed her sunnies and put them in her bag, pulling out a little handkerchief and patted at her forehead and the back of her neck. She had been wandering around outside for several minutes and she was cursing herself silently for forgetting to cast a minor cooling charm. It wouldn't be as effective as others, but at least she wouldn't feel like she was melting. Susan was taking her time though, to find her friend, as she was distracted by the art in the main gallery. People were working on hanging pieces still, and she kept her distance to let them work until she caught sight of her friend.
  12. The discovery of her magic was something that had opened Susan to a much wider world than she thought she would ever have access to. Money would buy her way to a lot of places, but magic. Magic would make the impossible happen. She grew up not wanting for anything, but the flip side of that was that she had everything planned out for her. What school she was going to, what clubs and societies she would be part of, and as she got older, what boys she might possibly start dating. Her letter from Tallygarunga sort of ruined all of that, and Susan was absolutely delighted. She was far too curious for her parents liking and this school only encouraged her, much to her parents dismay. It only took two years for Susan to figure out that she would much rather be at school than with her family. Her love for the school, and for magic helped her succeed in her classes so long as they did not involve her wand. It frustrated her to no end that she was not as successful as her classmates. She was doing everything right. Her wand motions were precise. The words correct with emphasis in all of the right places, yet her results were dismal. She eventually played it off as the result of exhaustion, as she was constantly tired, even after a full eight hours of sleep. That was not the case though, and it worried her. A night, her dreams were odd. They did not feel like her own, and so she did what she knew best to do. She kept a journal with meticulous notes, and she spent more time in the library than her classmates. She was a familiar face with the librarian, who thought her requests were odd, but directed her to books that might contain references to dreaming. Casual conversation with her friends and housemates revealed that Susan was often a person in their dreams. Not just a feeling or impression of her. Not a body with a face that was never quite right, but definitely Susan and no one else. That year, when she was 14, a trip to the library at VMU she found something that eased her mind and confirmed what she only had a vague notion of. Dreamwalking was a rare occurrence, and not often recorded or spoken about, but at least she had something to go off of. It got better after that. With a name to it. A realization that she had control over it, she was able to rest more by not wandering. It was not the same as sleeping, but she would wake up feeling more well rested than she had in years. And for the first time, she was not struggling to cast spells. Susans fifth year was better than she could have hoped for. She was excited to study more subjects. Excited for trying out for the house quidditch team.She was excited about that little kitten in the pet-store window in Narrie. And because Susan had grown up spoiled by most standards, and had an allowance given to her before she left for school for the year, she got the cat and named the small fluffy thing Frey, which very quickly became a large fluffy thing. She was so hopeful, and so excited when she returned to her parents home that summer. By then, Susan was under no illusions that her parents considered her run at Tallygarunga a phase. They entertained her fantasies in the hopes that she would be compliant to their wishes in the summer and when she graduated. They were in Melbourne having lunch with another affluent family. A boy around her age was there as well. He tried to talk to Susan awkwardly, and she noticed their mothers chattering happily, casting glances at them. This was not going to be her future, and she wouldn’t sit and watch it happen. Susan doesn’t talk much about what happened, other than she left her parents and Brother in Melbourne three days before Christmas. She grabbed a cab into Narrie to find Alan Burdett. He would be able to point her in the right direction, but the fact of the matter was, staying with her mother and father was not good for her. She stayed with the Burdetts that summer, and Laurie and Marie took care of her. Had her help around the farm (which she was opposed to at first as waking up before dawn was the last thing she wanted to do), and welcomed her into their home. The transition was rough for Susan, who would have much rather have been on her own, but that changed quickly. She quickly grew to like the farm, and the people that treated her more like family than she thought possible. Paperwork was finalized before her 6th year started and she would be staying with the Burdetts will she was 18. And it was the last time she had spoken to her mother and father as she returned just once to the house she grew up in to retrieve what she could fit into a trunk and did not look back. Finding this new family was more that Susan could have ever hoped for. She had fully believed that if she did manage to graduate, no one would have been there to watch her. But there were, and she cried happily, her heart swelling with pride. She was encourage to go to university, if that was what she wanted to do, or if she wanted to do anything else, that was okay. Whatever made her happy, was what was good.
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