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  1. Open Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That

    Seeing Alic's reaction was extremely priceless, especially when he realized that Cal was also a professor at the school. He offered out a hand to help him up, though honestly he wasn't sure if he would accept it or not. "Now, you do realize that there are easier ways of getting a cat out of a tree, right?" he asked him, raising an eyebrow in mild judgement. "And for the record, I've been in Australia for years now. I couldn't give two shits what you've been up to... until now". Shoving his hands into his front pants pockets, Cal shook his head and looked around to see if anyone else had seen the brilliance that was Alic's life, and to make sure that he hadn't just sworn in front of ickle students. Seeing that the coast was relatively clear, he looked back at him. "On a serious note, you alright? That was one hell of a fall. Quite impressive actually." He raised an eyebrow as he looked him over, never really realizing how cute he was.. No. No. NO. Those thoughts were NOT allowed inside of his head. Not even a little bit! It was Alic Eron, the kid who made school dreadful at times. He could absolutely NOT find that dimple on his chin adorable.. SHIT! "I think you lucked out that it was only me that saw you. Guaranteed everyone would have known my supper".
  2. Class First Class

    Caldwell Hughes
    First day of class, here it was. It was everything that Cal had worked and crossed the world for, so naturally he was prepared for it. Class was ready to start when he entered the room, handing papers to each row to be passed out to all of the students. "Welcome everyone to Muggle Studies. My name is Caldwell Hughes but you can call me Professor or Professor Hughes" he waved his wand so that his name appeared on the board, leaning against the front of his desk and folding his arms as he took everyone in. "Alright, I know that the first day can be a little weird, so I'm just going to get right to it. On your desk is a form that I want you all to fill out and hand in to me, and please answer honestly. I need to grasp what it is that everyone already knows" Cal said to his students, feeling even more so that his British accent stood out. He was almost annoyed with himself for not blending in, though that would be boring wouldn't it? Blending in. "As soon as you are finished you may leave, and don't forget your names!" His arms raised up in an effort to tell them to begin and he sat down, ready to ask possible questions to clarify when the students handed the form in.
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  4. Open Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That

    Cal had to admit that his day off was going quite spectacularly. He was left alone mostly, since he was new enough not to be bothered by children, and he had been able to quickly figure out which areas of the castle he could roam if he wished to be bothered even less. What made his day great? Well perhaps it was the fact that when he looked out of the window he saw the familiar face of his coworker, and old Hogwarts rival climbing a tree to get.. wait for it... A cat. Man, that just made his entire life so much better. Laughing the entire way, Cal just had to let Alic know that he saw. They had not gotten along at all in school so poking fun at one another was certainly on his usual list of things to continue. They just needed to keep it somewhat professional, which was somewhat easier for him since he had a bit more patience since the usual Slytherin seemed to be able to muster. He made it into the courtyard just as he fell out of the tree, somewhat curious whether he was alright, he made his way over, leaning over him to see if he was alive and awake. The moment he saw that he was fine Cal's face immediately turned into a grin before a boisterous laugh escaped him from deep within. "Beaten by a cat? Did you leave your dignity in England or did it run when you fell out of that tree?"
  5. Caldwell Hughes

    Caldwell Hughes
    Caldwell Hughes was the seventh born son of the seventh born son, and man was that always weird to explain. There seemed to be no magical anything in his family, but nobody could explain the random "instances" that happened whenever Cal would get upset as a child; glass shattering, stuffed animals blowing up. It was a mad house sometimes. It wasn't much of a surprise when he received his Hogwarts letter, along with a wizard who was able to explain everything to him and his family, in fact it was almost like a breath of fresh air. Everything made sense and he wasn't just some strange demonic child. Hogwarts was great fun for Cal. After being sorted into Ravenclaw he made some really great friends, the kind that enjoyed finding things out and then using what they learned on the grounds. Things like exploding a soda bottle, setting fire to water, or whatever other crazy shenanigans they found themselves into. He really enjoyed learning things that way, but his studies sort of faltered compared to his other housemates. He eventually graduated with Excellent grades and an opportunity to attend a college in Australia. On Cal's first weekend in Australia he ended up taking a nice walk around the area, not realizing when it got dark. Australia was beautiful and absolutely nothing like Wales. As he was making his way back to his car he heard some rustling in the trees. That was when he realized that there was a full moon. As he worked to get into his car there was a huge pain in his upper thigh. He had been bitten by a werewolf. He somehow managed to get the creature off of him, got into his car, and drove like a mad man back to the university where he called out for help (not knowing where the magical hospital was). He ended up passing out and when he woke up, he was filled in about his fate. Ready for a change of scenery, Cal began attending Victoria Magical University where he worked toward becoming a professor. He wanted to be one of those "cool" professors that everyone liked, though that certainly might not be the case after all. After graduating with good grades he was given a job offer from the Australian school of Magic, Tallygarunga, as a Muggle Studies professor, which seemed far too perfect for him... so he accepted! Though aspiring to be the "cool" professor, he actually found himself being more of a stickler for the rules and a kind of hard ass. Some people seemed to respect that, but often it just meant that people feared him.