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    Lilith H.R.A. Evenstar
    On Halloween 1993, the family convened for the annual ritual. In this year, the leader of the ritual was neither the family monarch nor her son but rather Lilith's mother, who used her labor pains to fuel and enhance the ritual. As a result, Lilith was infused at birth with a measure of the family's elemental magic. Owing to this infusion, she demonstrated from an early age a remarkable aptitude for elemental, wand-less, and other ancient magic, but has had a rather difficult time learning modern magic. Lilith's early childhood was an uneventful one, like all Redgrave children she was raised under modest circumstances among no-majes aware of the magical world (the 90s colloquialism was "briefs," as in "briefed on the magical world"). With "appreciate the value of money, not its worth" and "disdain "blood purity," and "always be aware of the needs of others" being core Redgrave values, her pre-Ilvermorny education consisted of a basic grounding in magical theory and a thoroughly comprehensive coverage of no-maj education. From a very early age, she demonstrated remarkable intuition and aptitude for mechanical engineering and repair and so was encouraged to focus her no-maj studies in math, science, and technology. Ilvermorny was an awakening for Lilith in many ways. In 2004, the Redgrave heiress was offered her choice of any house but Pukwudgie and opted for Thunderbird. During her first few years she came to appreciate that her family's broad and progressive values were not universally held in the wizarding world, being herself something of a pariah due to her lack of facility with wand magic in the early stages. As she came into her own as a young woman, Lilith discovered girls in a big way, falling deeply in love with her roommate. The angsty tendencies of teenager-hood led her briefly into a very quiet "like a fish needs a bicycle" mentality. She would soon find it much easier to make friends, however, and so outgrew it. In her second-to-last year at Ilvermorny, something in Lilith broke. Whether it was a mental block or biological barrier, something gave way that made her able to take the leap forward and catch up to her classmates in wand skill. While she was able to become competent and even capable in the use of a wand, she still prefers hand and elemental magics. She surprised many by turning down an offer from the Salem Institute when they wouldn't budge on facilitating her "expeditions." Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts was where Lilith chose to take her higher education. Considered strange by many and outright dangerous by some, mainly for being a mix of magical and non-magical both in curriculum and population, Miskatonic possesses a higher concentration of unique texts than any other extant library on Earth. For 3 years she worked and studied and poured over books you couldn't mention in civilized conversation, but it was the expeditions she loved. Lilith went on every school expedition she could while still completing her studies, magic was in high demand in risky areas like the open ocean and extreme climates like Antarctica. Graduating "only Magna" as Lilith herself puts it was nothing to sneer at, as Miskatonic awards exactly one Summa per year. During her years working among her family's best engineers, Lilith made it a point to become as expert as she could in no-maj physics and mechanics. When, two years after their graduation, Lilith's girlfriend from school left her, she went so far as to spend a summer working as hard as any Shop Dog in the family garage of the main no-maj line. Intense constant study of very ancient magical history, no-maj religion, and elemental magic have been Lilith's devotion in the time since, interspersed with the occasional clandestine escapade. During this same time Lilith has spent her time, romantically speaking, aggressively testing the bounds of the term "serial monogamy." Lilith is in Australia to apply for a research fellowship in Advanced Elemental Magic and Theory at the Victorian Magical University as well as to look into a number of promising artifact leads both on and off the continent. She is also recently come in to the first wave of her inheritance and is itching to do some good with it.
  2. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Lilith was suddenly very glad that she hadn't used one of the other family arts to distract from her wishful thought, patrons and staff alike were only just now turning away from openly staring. Idiot she chastised herself America-side wizards are used to seeing the family arts, hells they have nicknames for them. We barely have more than a branch office out here and almost all the business is through R.I. I doubt folks out here know the wand in the R.A.M.S. logo is the Elder Wand, let alone why. Besides, Elena's a dark wizard catcher, you think she won't be able to figure out where the family power comes from if you keep showing it off like that?! These thought were unproductive, though, to say nothing of highly preconceiving. Instead of berating herself, she decided to wipe the slate and focus on the future of the conversation, no more gimmicks and no more dodging what she was feeling. "I can promise I'll do my best to stay bipedal, but the nature of the condition keeps me from being able to make an honest guarantee," she gave her hair a brief waggle, "and don't sell yourself short, Officer, you may not be able to SPEAK cat, but you made a powerful enough connection to move me an entire step forward at least in terms of overcoming it." This was it, the time had come to put her cards on the table. Lilith polished off the final strip from her last rasher of bacon, feeling much closer to human with her belly actually starting to fill, always a good sign since the metabolic inferno of her episodes had been known to burn through multiple whole turkeys before subsiding to normal levels. "Maybe some of that is what Grandmom calls 'hot-mess-ste' or 'the hot mess in me acknowledges the hot mess in you'," she lay into the natural giggle this produced just enough to diffuse her nerves, "but if I'm honest I think the real reason is that your someone special, Elena, very special indeed. We've barely just met and I can see that already; at the risk of sounding cliche given what we are, you've ensorcelled me. I dunno if you're even into girls, but I want to see you again." As she'd made this little speech, Lilith had become more serious and direct in her tone, though the warmth never left her voice. She knew that before long the next phase of the aftershock was going to hit, and she needed to get to bed before she ended up passed out leaning against a lamp-post, but she wouldn't leave Elena until she'd made her feelings plain and found out if the gorgeous auror wanted to see her again.
  3. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    "Oh, well, of course I thank you, for this and for sweeping me off my furry little feet," she responded coyly, "I promise, Officer, the next date is on me." Oh unholy mother had she just...yes, yes she had. Well, there was nothing for it now, she would have to wait and see how Elena responded. Lilith felt suddenly nervous and pressed on to the other question as an out, "I can only tell you about some things. Chateau Redgrave's location is a secret even within the magical community. Almost the whole world knows my family, but there's a lot that's kept private. We have a unique magic only those of the main family line can use, it has its conditions" She held out her right hand, palm up, and partly closed her eyes. After a moment, the air around her hand grew dimmer, the dimness spreading as a point of blue-white appeared in the center of her palm. Frost coated the glasses of cider, Lilith's actually began to freeze as the point grew into a small blob of eye-hurting brightness which nonetheless seemed to consume the nearby light rather than enhancing it. Once she stopped feeding it, it sat in her palm, undulating gently as her hand tilted back and forth. "Most Redgraves can only use the unique magical energy that makes this, but those of us with elemental expertise can do the real thing. This is called the Flame of Ibis, it's the pure oppose of fire magic, and much more dangerous," she accentuated this point by slowly closing her hand, ensuring that the substance was perfectly sealed within. Reabsorbing the Flame was doable for someone with her skill, but it was intensely painful, her penance for not keeping tighter control of her tongue..and for using this as a distraction from her slip, if it even worked, though she was able to keep her expression neutral. "I was raised under very modest circumstances; it's one of my family's most deeply-held beliefs that one should appreciate the value of money from the perspective of someone who doesn't have it before being invested with it. Really the only unusual thing about my upbringing was that I was taught about magic and its use since before I started forming long-term memories." She had reached delicate territory now and had to be careful, "My birth circumstances led me to be...infused, I guess you'd say, with our family's magical energy. It's why elemental and old-school hand magic comes much easier to me than wand and object magics, it's also why I'm the first Redgrave in history to be able to master all the branches of the family magic." In point of fact she was, in addition to the current end of the ruling line, one of the family's eight Masters of the Craft, although the Flame of Ibis was not the art for which she held the title. "What about you?" Lilith pivoted gracefully, letting her now-empty hand relax with particular attention that the palm should remain down until the cold mark disappeared. "Somehow I picture a much less elegant and put-together youth, but maybe that's wishful thinking." There had been an impulse to back-peddle her out-wimping and ask Elena for a second date, blowing right past whether she thought of this as one, but something kept stopping her. She's special, she's worth the wait and if she thinks you are too, you'll never forgive yourself for ruining this. This is not a woman to play with, this is big-girl chemistry.
  4. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Elena's fingers had looked perfectly normal to Lilith, but they must have been made of some kind of advanced prosthesis running on a powerful magical battery...or at least so it seemed for a moment. Electric, freezing fire ran across her entire body from the point of contact, her eyes closed and a small gasp escaped her. When she looked back at Elena, the other woman's face was fading from red to a warm pink. "Yeah..."she replied automatically, not even realizing she'd spoken. Silence stretched out between them then for a few minutes, Lilith felt a bit awkward but couldn't find her words just yet and she found she didn't want to take her eyes off Elena's. Is this really happening?! she wondered, I meet a girl on my first day in the country and BAM, I fall for her? She's got to be feeling this too, she's still blushing...and that smile, ye gods... In spite of her slight discomfort at not being able to find her words as first one and then another plate of her food arrived, the quiet moment felt warm and companionable to Lilith. As late in the evening as it had gotten, that the second had only bacon was not surprising, this place seemed the sort that did its shopping fresh by the day. "Listen," she half-stammered, "Elena...I...er" Mortified at the words that had been about to come out of her mouth, she abruptly broke their eye contact and began wolfing her eggs. Elena, you are the most beautiful and captivating woman I have ever met. I want to make you forget he ever existed, and I think I could do it without any magic. Would you let me take you out sometime and see if I can?" It wasn't abhorrently terrible as lines went, but she wasn't about to spoil this by putting her foot in her mouth. Whatever was happening between them, Lilith had never felt anything of the sort before, this wasn't just a different level of attraction, this was something deep, something wide, something you could drown in if you weren't careful, she was almost positive of it now. A final egg disappeared into her mouth and she quaffed the rest of her second glass of soft cider in one long swallow. Wiping her mouth for longer than necessary, her preferred method for stifling any belches that resulted from eating so quickly, she looked back up to see Elena had not moved. Her smile was so forgiving, but not in a way that made Lilith feel that she had erred in some way. It was more like a willingness to accept her for who she was; she felt herself melting and hoped it wasn't showing too much on her face. "Sorry, sudden rush of appetite," now THAT had been weak, but she didn't care, her skin was heating up and her thoughts speeding up. "Listen, Elena," she said again, but once again her words caught in her throat, her eyes became trapped by the other woman's, Lilith half-bit her lip and hoped against hope her face wasn't showing how she was melting in that moment or that her tied up tongue wasn't destroying the moment.
  5. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Elena's replying question was really about the least unexpected thing possible, but it still made Lilith feel a twinge to think about her ex. "I haven't been seriously involved with anyone for a while," she began, "I was very serious with someone for a number of years and I imagine the magic slowly died out of it for her...I say I imagine because she just up and left me one day, but it wasn't for someone else." She was a little surprised to find herself having to tilt her head back a hair for a few moments while she continued, to keep a bit of excess moisture in her eyes. "After that I went through a long phase of short, passionate, but doomed affairs and one-nighters. I think I was hoping to forget about her by force of sheer quantity, but all I did was learn exactly how important feeling a connection to someone is to me." There was something about Elena, maybe it was the connection she hoped the other woman was feeling too, but Lilith didn't feel pressured to specifically enumerate her caution during her period of experimentation or the serially monogamous pattern; somehow she felt like Elena wouldn't assume the worst of her unless it wasn't assuming. At this moment, a delicious melange of fried aromas wafted towards her. Her first rasher of bacon and eggs and both the orders of artichokes were floating over, much to her grumbling stomach's approval. Had her episode not made eating a matter of immediacy and desperation, Lilith would certainly have eaten this first round of food in a manner that suggested she was really hoping this might one day be thought back on as a first date. As it was, she had eaten all of the eggs, using the bacon as her utensil, and was nearly finished with the remaining strips of pork before she was able to stop herself. "Excuse my unladylikeness there, I felt like I was about to die," she tried to chuckled off, a bit unconvincingly, "but to answer your question properly, No. I don't have anyone pining away for me, and I'm pleased to say I quit pining over her a long time ago." With the last strip of bacon folded neatly into her mouth, she set herself to the artichokes, which were scrumptious. She leaned in, all seriousness for a moment, "These are amazingly good! I can't remember when the last time I enjoyed something new this mu-" the lock of her pink hair she'd missed earlier chose this moment to interrupt her by dropping into the middle of her face.
  6. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Lilith laughed, she couldn't help herself. "Oh, don't worry, Officer," she said eventually, imbuing the title with a flirtatious edge, "I haven't been casing this place or anything. As it happens, I haven't the foggiest idea how much they have of either. What I do know is that I could easily eat all of what they have, but that would be a trifle selfish of me so I only order half of it. I already put away a fair amount of food, but my episodes really get my engine going. I become positively ravenous, insatiable even." Her stomach confirmed this audibly. She elected to do a little self diagnosis and drew her wand. A single slow sweep around over her head gave her the sensation of being back on balance excluding her appetite. "I hate robbing you of your drink, you seemed like you were after a bit of quiet relaxation," Lilith looked down a bit to conceal the blush that was rising in her cheeks, "though I confess I'm almost glad it happened." She pulled herself up straight in her seat, both feet now under her, and felt more stable. Among the hardest parts was always telling the girl you liked her and finding out if she was involved with anyone, she'd been on the verge of starting down that road when the episode had hit. I've never been able to develop the patience for beating around the bush, punvictory; confound it woman, just tell her you're into her...No, Elena's practical but she's classy, not at all blunted, you can see the diamond of her mind in her eyes...So, happy medium? Let's give it a go, and don't worry...she waaaay out of your league After a breath, she plunged, "I don't just mean because you seem to have caused something to click that may help me...or maybe I do, I dunno." This was proving difficult "Listen," she said, looking back into Elena's eyes and surprisingly feeling more confident as a result, "I don't want to be invasive or anything so please tell me if I've over-stepped," she brushed her hair back out of her face, not realizing she'd missed a lock, "What is your romantic situation like? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?" Lilith was proud that she hadn't sounded to hopeful on the last word and that she'd resisted the urge to telegraph having noticed the color differential on Elena's finger that signaled an ex-spouse.
  7. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Lilith made no effort to hide her happy blush as she turned to face the server, "I would like some fried artichokes and exactly half of the bacon and eggs in your kitchen. Now, I want you to bear with me while I repeat that, because I am worried that what you came away with was 'I want several orders of bacon and eggs' what I said was I would like half of the bacon and eggs you have in your kitchen, please and thank you. Oh, and I'll have soft cider please." Her episodes always left her famished, being overly cat-ified while still essentially human severely overclocked her metabolism even in the shortest bursts. The wait for the food was going to be unbearable, but the cider was refreshingly cool-tasting and soothed her tired brain. "It's a bizarre sort of stress reaction, best I know, though I'd gladly take skin breakouts over becoming something else. It got a lot better after I finished puberty...and today" she began, shamelessly reaching her foot out between and just behind Elena's while she spoke. "I've been told that my cat self is like a bad toddler, so you must be someone special to get her to behave. You've mentioned your job, do you catch bad guys and things? Maybe you just have a knack for the problem ones..." she finished with a wink before attending to her cider and water, she needed to recharge.
  8. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Gratefully, Lilith took Elena's hand and let herself be pulled the rest of the way up only to slip. She'd forgotten about the height of her heels and tipped forward almost clean into Elena. "Well hello," she said before chuckling and stepping back, playing on the humor of her lost balance rather than the tension...at least she thought there might be tension. "Seriously though, thanks for the hand, just now and...before" she continued, realizing she was still holding the other woman's hand. She released her grip and took another step back under the pretense of brushing herself off. A physical undulation in her gut shifted her focus immediately. Lilith looked back up at Elena with a smile, "I would dearly love a bite to eat so long as it's deeply unhealthy, please lead the way." As they walked, she made a point to keep quiet and pay attention. She thought it would be better to wait until she had some food in her belly before she tried to solve the Elena puzzle. The sequence of events replayed in her mind: she had a brief moment of clarity in the bar and then, once they were outside...no, she couldn't place any other trigger than Elena. None of her previous romantic interests, ones she'd ended up entwined with or ones she hadn't, had ever been able to spark her to consciousness during an episode. Perhaps it was the confluence of the head wound and healing this morning, her long day of exploration, and well... She had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she hadn't realized they were entering the restaurant.
  9. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Dimness and then darkness briefly descended, only after they reopened did Lilith realize that she had involuntarily closed her eyes when Elena touched her; the finger moving aside her stray bangs felt like sunlight moving across her forehead. She swallowed, working hard to keep it from being an audible gulp, and composed herself. "You're very kind, ma'am," Lilith said, fully enjoying the feeling of the smile and echoing blush on her own face, "It was kind of a first for me too. I became an Animagus by accident, I studied the theory of the transformation really well as a kid. It's a form of elemental magic, which I have an innate facility with. I never planned to become an Animagus though, I was trying to figure out a way to become a metamorphmagus, so I didn't study the theory of the conscious control of the power as thoroughly." She looked down at the ground, pulling her legs a little more closely underneath her, both to balance her seat and to prepare to stand. Her mind went then to her first totally clear memory of time as an animal, being carried in Elena's arms; she looked back up at the dark hair beauty, thought about how her eyes had drawn her up out of her cat self, and decided she had to know for sure. Under the half-pretense of continuing to get herself together, she stayed on the ground for the moment. "I've never really been myself during an...I guess you'd call it an episode, at least not before today. One minute I was a cat in an unfamiliar place and the next I was myself, something about your eyes sort of...woke me u-"she stopped abruptly when she saw the look of surprise on Elena's face, perhaps she had gone too far. Lilith had a habit of forgetting that the world was not as progressive as her family, her forwardness might have put Elena off and even if it hadn't it was quite a thing to say on such short acquaintance regardless of how Lilith herself felt. "I mean, I don't really know what did it, I guess...but I still feel like I should thank you. It's amazing to think I may be able to overcome this thing and have proper control over it soon. I should really find something to eat and some water, though." She began to pick herself up off the pavement.
  10. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Ohhhhhhhh this was the best day EEEVERRRRRR!!! She was getting carried! She. was getting. Carried. Cat-lilith relaxed and took in the view as she was taken outside and set down. I wonder why they don't like my fur. Wait, how am I thinking this right now? she thought, surprised that she was conscious as herself during her time as a cat. She looked up at Elena and found herself captivated by the woman's eyes. It's a day for firsts it would seem, I hate that you're seeing me this way. Ashamed of her lack of control, she hung her head; she was awash in a number of emotions, pride that she was aware during her change, embarrassment at having an episode in front of someone she liked, surprise at realizing she liked Elena on such short acquaintance. Lilith was unsure of when she had leaned in and put her head into the crook of Elena's arm, or when she had started purring. This was such a bizarre mix of terrible and wonderful, she didn't know what to do. Leaning back on her haunches, Lilith looked back up into Elena's eyes, wishing she knew how to change herself back. As the looked into the dark pools, she found them growing closer; before she had fully understood and attended to what she was doing, Lilith had gotten her wish. Her forehead bumped Elena's chin as she returned to her usual size and she, Lilith, scooted back in embarrassment. "I...Elena I am so sorry you had to see and put up with that," she said desperately, not bothering to stand up from her sitting position, "I became an Animagus by accident. I'm registered and everything, I just don't have any control over my abilities yet. I didn't mean to ruin your quiet drink, I'm really sorry..." she trailed off, unable to look away from Elena's eyes. Something in her eyes had sparked her waking up and, she was almost certain, her return change.
  11. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Elena's tone of voice and extended hand was all the permission cat-Lilith needed. She mashed her face into the woman's unprepared, tentative hand so hard that by the time the responding pressure was sufficient to arrest her forward motion, it wasn't a far reach for her, Lilith, to put on forepaw on her shoulder. While true savannah cats did not purr, Lilith's cat form did, though it tended to occasionally segue into the breed's usual chirps and yips. For a short time, and without her even realizing it had happened, Lilith woke back up. Never in her life had she experienced a proper animagus transformation, and she wasn't even aware it was happening. Wow, she smells AMAZING! I wonder if she's into girls at all. Why do I feel so skinny? By the gods I think I might be... But this was as far as she got before falling outside herself again. Cat-Lilith felt as though she was coming out of a petting-induced reverie and, par for her complete and total denial about being much larger than a standard domestic cat, put her hind legs each on one of the two staves crossing the front of Elena's bartsool. This choice proved to be a great mistake, as cat-Lilith was in spite of her lightness more than enough to overbalance the stool. Back and over the stool went, and down with it went the two witches.
  12. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Elena's air of innate self-control no longer seemed at odds with her friendliness to Lilith, a career in law enforcement made perfect sense with the vibe she got from the taller woman. She felt an odd little lurch in her stomach and attributed it to the beer taken mid-whiskey-stream, or the head injury (now healed) from this morning, or both; this would prove to be a mistake. Perhaps the only drawback of the incredible good quality of her first day in the country was that Lilith had, in what was a rare instance, forgotten about her condition. Unnoticed by her, magical energy had already begun to pool and to shift flows inside her. She casually put her hand around her whiskey glass, unaware that it and the other were starting to heat up. "It's not like it is in England, but it's also not like here. We don't really have degrees of awareness for no-majes. There is a great and growing percentage of the population who know about magic, and there is a much longer history of integration and inter-marriage with no-majes," this was one of Lilith's favorite subjects from her early education. "Ask any Redgrave who knows the real main family branch, right up to Grandmom, and they'd tell you one of the keys to the family's success is eagerness to introduce all manner of new blood into the family gene pool," she left out that the main family line, while immensely diverse in ethnic make-up, was concentratedly pure-blood (though only in the case of the line of family head's) the reasons why were too complicated, and nothing to do with anti-no-maj sentiment. "America is a nation founded on individual liberty. One of the toughest needles to thread is how stupid people have a right to be and in what fashion, so we have to slow down the development of society for the few leptons and cro magnons left," she explained with a chuckle which became a cough. Lilith had a sip of whiskey, which was pleasantly warm, more so than she would have expected. She was feeling a little stuffy, maybe the bar had a cat. "I suppose it comes down to protecting the right of a few to ignorance," she said seriously, "the ones who aren't ready, like your blind muggles." Her nose itched, there was definitely a kitty, she hated being allergic to them; with whiskey warmth crawling through her she could really go for a nice pettable animal...maybe a good long stretch out...but she was trying to have a conversation. Thinking she'd perhaps had enough, she lowered the glass but did not release it. "What branch of Law enforcement do you work in, if you don- don-"she held up a hand to signal a delay before calling a black handkerchief from nowhere. When she sneezed, the heat in her hands jumped and the whiskey in the glass ignited in a burst of steam; this is what finally awoke Lilith to what was about to happen...no, had already started happening. She stood up and backed away from the bar, slowing her breath down, but unable to keep a hint of a mortified sob out of her voice as she muttered, "this is so embarassing." Lilith made eye contact with Elena apologetically and said as calmly as she could, though her body began to jerk a little as she continued, "Listen, a thing is about to happen, it's a weird condition and I'll explain later if you're around. I don't really have any control over it yet, but I-ohhh" A strong cramp had doubled her over; the transformation was supposed to be a smooth transition across a spectrum in one direction, but her conscious mind and unconscious skill were at odds. Lilith forced her eyes up, "I'll be fine, really, it isn't nearly as bad as it looks, just a little diso-o--" her eyes filled briefly with tears before the pupils stretched vertically and she fell over. Lilith as she was to herself fainted. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This place was warm and had many lovely smells, even a new smell her brain wanted to call a friend smell. She kept her eyes closed while she stretched out her forelegs and then one-be-one the back pair, her tail swished playfully as if she was re-acclimating herself to having it before coming into it's usual place. At last she opened her eyes and gave her strawberry blonde fur a sniff, it would do for now. She felt a little giddy and disoriented, not that she had any memory of why. Unlike most animagi, Lilith learned accidentally and so was prone to transform both unwillingly and too perfectly; as a result, her Savannah cat self is more cat-minded than she should be and in many practical ways a distinct entity of her own. A woman, the source of the maybe-friend smell, sat in a high seat staring at her. She approached this lady, but emitted only a few politely curious yips and chirps as she tended to be very indoor-conscious.
  13. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    "I'm in Australia specifically to study at VMU. Salem started getting tagged with a lot of "oooh, old-ways, boogah-boogah nonsense in the 80s and the study of Elemental Magic never really got off the floor. Add to that their lack of a research library and I had to make other arrangements," the last of the beer was actually rather pleasant, Lilith smiled when she saw the barkeep already looking her the question -This guy is good-She tapped the whiskey glass, which flipped back over and cleaned itself as she held up thumb and forefinger. She couldn't tell if she was bothering this woman or not, but enjoyed having someone to talk to after a first day feeling foreign. It was already clear to her she was going to savor her time here but staying the feeling of outsiderness was tough at this stage. "If I'm honest, the appeal of expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere is undeniable," she chanced to continue, "I've worked mostly in Europe and Central America. Talking of work, what is it you do, if you don't mind my asking...and please don't hesitate to tell me to shut up and let you enjoy your beer." Her whiskey was smooth and smoky when it came, but she waited to see if more conversation with Elena was forthcoming.
  14. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Lilith liked this one, she liked this one a lot; she turned the empty glass over and set it on the bar, "I'll have another, and make it one of what this lady's having...and another plate of these delicious things." A crescent moon shape, all that remained of her burger, lay on her plate beside the lone few fries she had gestured to. "I can never tell whether I radiate 'American' when I travel," she said with a shrug that said she knew the reputation of her people on both sides of the Statute of Secrecy, "This seemed like the magical part of town, but I couldn't be sure of where the line was. You folks have such a remarkable variance in the level of integration with your no-majes, America is more like Britain in terms of the hard-line divide." What a country this was! She should have traveled far more often. Lilith suddenly found herself worried that she still smelled like engine oil. A sharp bite greeted her tongue when she took her first swig of the beer, it wasn't her usual taste, but there was something about it she liked. "I haven't had time to test this theory in the last 12 hours, apparated in this morning," she said as she began to shuffle the cards by hand, "but I have found that magic-less card tricks are fun for anybody. I don't mind the lack of an audience, though," she made the deck disappear by slight of hand, "after a long day there is nothing nicer than an empty bar so's you can just sit...and be." Turning to face the woman more fully, she had another few swallows of the IPA or whatever it was and smiled. "It's nice to have a little company though, but I confess I'd prefer it if I got to know your name," she extended her left hand on instinct, forgetting to switch for the handshake as she normally would, "mine's Lilith."
  15. Complete One For The Road (Nov 27 2017)

    Lilith had had quite the day. After her very strange meeting with Penny, she had gone to take care of some essentials. Several dresses, a handbag, two lunches and a dozen moments of pure touristy joy later, she decided to check out the wizarding shops. Along the way she had stumbled upon a fantastic No-maj garage and managed to talk her way into doing an oil change and tune-up as an audition. With a job under her belt, she felt an urge to celebrate and so stopped into a pub selected at random for a drink. It had taken a little wheedling and shot-buying to convince the bartender that her whiskey tastes were discerning enough for "the good stuff." "The good stuff" turned out to be Lagavulin 16, so Lilith was as happy as a clam all by her lonesome at the bar. She noticed a person join her as she finished the last sip from her first 3 fingers and, savoring the Islington flavor, she heard a voice from her right. She turned to see a west-asian statue come to life sitting at the bar next to her. Lilith was frankly astonished by the juxtaposition of flawless features with the eyes and set of a cop, it was austere and yet serene. "I wouldn't know," she smiled, not hiding her accent, "as you can probably tell, but you're right about it being nice. Although I have to say I like the way Aussies make noise." This woman was enchanting but something seemed to be on her mind and it showed. No, not something on her mind something on her back. There was something that Lilith recognized from business meetings in the woman that told her that she was here to unwind after a trying day. "I was especially disappointed because there's no one I can impress with my magic." She didn't know whether this place was blind or not, but the deck of cards in her hand made her meaning clear.