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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Stella shrugged. She supposed it was cool. It had not seemed that way when she was living it. Never settling, never making close friends, it had been isolating and then she went to Tally and she had friends, and now, because of her nature, she was isolated once more. It seemed like a cruel joke but what could she could do aside from burn to death in the sun. ”Oh that is nice.” Children were another thing that Stella wouldn’t encounter, That thought upset her a bit, but what could she do? she wouldn’t dare change a child. She at least remembered from some education that child vampires could be very dangerous. She smiled. ”Well good I am glad you get some time to yourself” Everyone needed that. She shrugged ”Sure, I can’t say I have spent much time around them but I don’t dislike them.”
  2. Invite Just One of Those Days

    There was not a lot that she shared here. She was not supposed to share anything anyway. Not with muggles- which was usually what she dealt with here, with a few notable exceptions. She looked at the young woman and smiled. It was one of those thing he had learned to be coy about. ”I grew up all over Australia. My parents moved quite a bit- we lived in an RV.” She had liked it honestly, they didn’t have too many material things and they were able to enjoy themselves. ”I didn’t go to uni so there was nothing to study really.” She shrugged her pale shoulders before she looked back at the young woman. ”usually I just sleep… since I’m up most of the night doing things.” She said with a smile as she looked at her. ”What about you? What do you usually do around this time?”
  3. Invite Just One of Those Days

    She nodded. There was plenty of cheap beer. However the club was not one that carried a great deal of it. They liked to at least look a little classy. ”Like microbrew?” she asked as she decided on one for the young woman. ”This one is pretty great, for cheap.” She tilted the glass as she pulled the lever keeping the foam head to a minimum. She was not a fan of it. She set the glass in front of her. ”Its smooth, easy to drink and not as bitter as most pale ales.” she said with a smile. She had gotten pretty well versed in the world of alcohol and she was able to make suggestions. That and she knew how to make most of the common drinks ordered It was a good thing. Especially for her. ”Oh that’s pretty fascinating… I don’t think I would have considered that when I was in school…” Which was pretty accurate. She had never really been interested, she loved animals, she had a small pet mouse when she was on the road with her parents. He was a good friend to her, slept in her pocket mot of the time. She smiled. ”Do you just work with the roos or do you have other things you like?” she questioned.
  4. Invite Just One of Those Days

    It had not been too busy of a night, but Stella preferred the busy honestly, the more she seemed to be occupied the faster things seemed to go. Though, tonight was not too bad, it gave her time to chat with the regulars. They always seemed to have something going on in their live and she enjoyed listening to them honestly. The lives they lived outside of the club had to be absolutely boring but they seemed to make do. Then again that had been the whole point to working in a muggle club, to avoid detection and the mass mob that would then chase her down and throw her into the sun. If she was going to die it would be by her own hand. Looking up she watched the redhead as she stumbled about the bar and she snickered a bit. Poor thing hadn’t had anything to drink, at least not here. The girl sat and Stella moved. Placing a napkin down in front of her she smiled. ”What can I get you?” She asked. ”Rough day?” She questioned. Pulling her long red hair to one shoulder she smiled at the patron. ”This is a good place to be…”
  5. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    The in crowd… even in school she had never believed that about herself. the truth was Stella never felt like she fit in anywhere. She had been lucky she met Kelsey because more often than not Stella had more or less felt as though she was being made fun of. It was not the best feeling that was for sure, but considering she had not left Australia, she wondered if she ever would leave given the fact now seemed like an opportune time. She supposed that she was not quite ready to leave someplace she had made some kind of home out of. She let out a small sigh as she watched as the waves crested a little further out. She had always liked watching it. Looking at him she shrugged. ”Death is also something that has become far more philosophical than I would like to get into.” She countered. Letting out a small sigh she looked at him. ”It is not that dangerous given what I could do to you.” It wouldn’t be the worst thing to deal with though she knew that if she had felt truly threatened she wouldn’t have come. She also felt given the last time she had attempted to make a connection had not gone so well, she needed to at least try it again. At least once or twice anyway. She let out a small smile as she looked back at the water. If nothing else this had proven to be interesting anyway. She looked at him and she wondered for a moment about what could have happened to her. Usually hose who hunted vampires didn’t draw it out. They were more mission oriented than most. Though she had been rather vulnerable with him. ”If it makes you feel better, no one really gets banned without some severe incidents. A woman who overdosed in the bathroom and we had to call triple zero for. Though we had to move her to the sidewalk before we could actually call.” which was a sad comment on the club scene but honestly, it was the same at her club as any of them. Having the police arrive was a rather challenging thing. Not to mention the paperwork. ”So long as he keeps himself from needing emergency services he should be alright. My boss cares about his money, and only when that is threatened doe he ever truly act.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. Though she found herself a little disappointed. He would handle his friend and that seemed to be the extent of it. ”I will be sure to let the others know to call you if he gets a little rambunctious.” Which seemed like the right word for the man in question. ”The bouncers don’t mind the messy ones, I think they actually like it. Sublimation.” It was her thought anyway. She thought it was anyway. ”Do you choose? Or is it something chosen for you? Shadows over something such as fire, or water?” It seemed like an interesting question, but then again she had no real idea about much of anything as it turned out. She listened to the explanation he gave and she then shrugged at his suggestion. ”I am not so sure I would want my head to be separated from my body either.” She shrugged. ”It will come when the time comes. I suppose I cannot say what method I would choose… or if I would choose the method.” She didn’t want to count anything in, or out at this point.
  6. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    She held no romantic notions about what she was. She had to admit some literature made it seem like one long gothic Romance but the idea of eternity seemed daunting now. It was possible Stella would choose to die when she had enough… she couldn’t imagine the way so many exist forever. She had a life she wanted to live- there were things she would miss out on, having children and the traditional family certainly… but now what sort of family would she make? Her muggle friend would have one, and each one would die… She hated that idea. The idea of death was not one she was friendly with, even in her current state. One might think otherwise but Stella wondered how much of this lifestyle she would be able to take. Personal worth…another interesting idea. What was a person worth? Would it be any less or more than a vampire? There were those who would put a price on her head, as if to say this creature is worth more or less than this creature. Even among her species she was not one who would fetch a high price. She knew that was not what he meant, but it seemed to beg the question. How much was she actually worth… and how did you label it? She did not want to be the one to assign that sort of thing. She felt it started to muddy the waters a bit. ”Even the outcasts have outcasts.” She said with a small smile. It was something she had heard once before. She had liked it, because it was true… she had seen it in school, in the community and even at the club. ”Right now, different is a death sentence.” she maybe was being dramatic but it was true. She was not in control enough to pass as one who had walked the earth for a long time, and she was something the muggles, and the magical would want to have contained if she happened to step out of line. She Shrugged. ”I could always handle him, he is like you? In that he knows about where we come from?” She questioned. It was not as though she had a good read of him, aside from the fact he seemed to think a petite woman bumping into his boss was a reason to snarl. ”I can always handle him- though not in the most traditional way… If he gets too rowdy he won’t be allowed to come back. The bouncers are pretty strict about the behaviors in the club. The police showing up does not make for good business anywhere.” Especially where she worked. Stella gave a soft hum as she considered. ”I can contact you just to handle your friend?” She questioned. Unsure of herself in the moment. Though not especially unfamiliar she had not quite understood why she asked the question. ”Yes.” She said in response to his question. ”As much as we can be.” There was very rarely complete understanding in her world. ”If nothing else we are headed in the same direction” That was a plus at least. ”That seems frustrating.” She commented. Much like she had found this vampire thing frustrating she imagined he must also be frustrated. It was one thing to know you had the ability and another to figure out how to tap into it. ”Shadow?” No wonder he was intrigued when he noticed she had none. There was nothing to manipulate- from what he had said. She honestly knew little about those things… ”I have become decent at finding them, for me they offer a way out of burning to death, which is not how I would want to go. At least not yet.” She wouldn’t count out someday.
  7. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Stella had been used to feeling like a throw away, his words while harsh, had only been true in her world. She had been left for dead, and then left once more by her family. It was not a very good feeling and she hugged herself. She had once been told that she had feelings to big for her body and this seemed like one of those times. It was if she was only trying to keep them from escaping and making a spectacle of her. ”You have no idea” She could hear his heartbeat in his throat, she could hear the creatures as they moved through the sand. At night it could be truly maddening. The club had been an odd choice, however it had been a way to help drown out and focus on the important sounds. Right now she was not sure what would be the important thing. It seemed like there was a lot to listen to, a lot to hear. There was a lot to take into account… She watched the ocean as the waves came in washing in and taking away sands. She looked at him. There was nothing truer than the fact her life had been changed completely. ”Different.” she repeated the word. It was something she had heard so many times since the attack. She was not sure just how different until she had come to fully understand her new lifestyle… though she really didn’t think she had any sort of understanding beyond how to keep others safe from her. It was not something he had put too much thought into…though she figured it was more about some of the other things that would have brought him to the club she worked in. In all honesty she had no idea why the patrons came and she didn’t actually care so long as they kept coming and she kept getting decent tips. She would always be pleasant to them that much she knew but she was not sure that she wanted to know what brought them in. However his presence was one she had taken note of. ”Is he going to be a problem?” She asked. Though she felt she already knew the answer. At least she knew she could handle them. ”That is not what I meant.” She had not meant they were uneven ground still, though in reality she was not sure there was ever truly even ground. ”we are on the same path now at least.” She suggested, it was a better metaphor and by nature a path could be uneven in many places and sometimes footing was different in different places. She let out a soft sigh. ”It seems we are in the same boat so to speak… have you put any thought into how you might uncover that information? Or is it something you don’t wish to know?” She asked him.
  8. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Leftovers. That was a rather harsh way to put it. Though she supposed he was not wrong. Even her family had not been willing to take her back in. Much like a baby bird who fell from the nest only to be placed back by a kind hand… The man who had come to the hospital and spoken with her had explained to her, and then to her family what had happened to her. They had then left the hospital and left her things in a suitcase in her room. She did not have many things then, and she still had not collected many things… but then she had not seen the need to start accumulating things. She was as stationary as she had ever been, but she was also not interested in leaving those things behind when she inevitably had to move on. She wouldn’t want to be held up on account of packing. Or just a habit she would never quite shed. It was not just the ears but he seemed to get what she had meant to say with that analogy. She nodded. It was like everything was rushing at you at once and you had no idea how to sort it because the basic things had changed within you. Your heart no longer beat to keep time, the blood that once warmed you no longer did… you were hungry but food no longer held the same thing it once. Which had made her rather sad honestly, she had always loved food. Always. She wondered if the memories of food would also fade from her. Stella had not wanted this. She had never thought she would want something like this… and yet here she was. There had been help from the ministry but there was regimen to it. She supposed that had been one of the things helping her through this process at the moment. The regimen that would keep her from straying too far and venturing into something dangerous, not just for her but for those around her that she could harm if she was not careful. The door, the way she kept herself from making personal connections beyond the regulars at the club where the interaction was always with the bar between them. She looked up at the moon and thought about the way it affected the world even without being visible all the time. The way it pulled the tides in…s he wondered if that was how she would be once he settled herself. ”Of course.” she said at the babysitter comment. She didn’t fully believe him… but then she may eventually come to learn he had not told her a lie. She had wondered often what brought some manner of men into the club, but she never attempted to ask too many questions… she knew what sorts of things may happen if one asked too many questions. She had heard a few things about the club, but she had more or less kept those things to herself. She looked over at him surprised. ’You are a Fae?”[b/] She was surprised he had said anything at all. ‘”I suppose it does in that we both know what the other is… so to speak.” She studied him. "You dont know?"
  9. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Complacency had not been something she had ever lived with. Even as a child she knew no such thing. The life of a nomad was one that did not allow for such things, not to mention they had not been the sort of nomads who blended well anywhere. Among the magical, among the non-magical… Con men rarely made real friends. She wondered if that was what she was falling into now, a con. She could spot them- or she should have been able to. The lack of personal details that he provided her. It was no longer just unnerving but familiar enough to put her a bit on edge. The way it may or may not play out- the fact she could be left like so many in the wake of what he had planned. His hands moved and though not unwelcome, she made a choice. Taking a moment her hands sliding to his biceps she pushed away from him. She was not so easily won over. At least she would have to prove to herself she was not. She had spent years without such touch. ”Regardless, I am not looking to encounter them. I am not quite interesting enough to be anyone’s target. So the only option is I was simply meant to be a meal, and not a calculated change… You would think, based on heavily romanticized idea of vampires, that there would be that invisible pull to something…. But in reality… it is just like being put next to the subwoofers at a concert.” She shook her head. Maybe eventually, she would run into them, but she wondered if she would know, or if it would be like meeting any other stranger. She sighed. She figured she would at least be able to tell that they were like her and beyond that… she didn’t think she would be able to make any sort of inference as to who they were. It would be a good vampire strategy. Though she had not thought about asking the ministry to see… she supposed she could ask if there would be someone willing to help. They would at least feel this was a decent idea, to keep her from potentially going crazy and killing indiscriminately. Though it would give her a vast amount of attention, it was not the sort of attention she wanted. She would have preferred something positive but those days were over, she was only seen as the danger she now posed. Stella had not a clue what she would be now had not been for the vampire attack- but she felt she would at least be able to move as she wished to move through the world. It was a strange world she operated in now. The fact she needed certain things to survive where she would have preferred anything else. Watching him for a moment she studied the way he labeled himself. The way he held himself. It was something she had not cared much for before, but she had always been a little more focused on the inside. Of course that was developmentally appropriate- according to one of the healers she had seen after the attack. She had not thought much about what was or was not developmentally appropriate except now she had new definitions for developmentally appropriate. Assault of the psyche- which seemed to make her wonder further if he was a sociopath. Or worse. ”Does that have to do with why you were in the club?” She asked. Though she was not sure he would tell her much more about himself at this point.
  10. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    It was not something she liked to think about. Someone with no fear. She wondered if this was a sign to leave. Or if he would eventually do what they all have done in the past. It worried her in many ways. It was likely why she had not been this close to someone before. Her secret was not a secret really- she was registered, she just kept her secret among the muggles and those who had not been in her circle of friends at school… though most had known she was the Tally student that had been attacked at the market… She wondered how werewolves felt when they were attacked.. would it have been an interesting topic of conversation since they tended to be attacked and left a well. How did one get along and learn the rules without someone to guide them… ”I am not particularly interested in meeting my sire. They clearly didn’t expect me to live… I doubt they know I did survive.” It was a strange thing. Stella felt no pulls to something anymore. She had not felt the pull to be with her family, or sire… or whoever she was expected to feel that pull towards. She knew her parents were out there but the tether to them had been cut as if by the fates. ”Maybe one would be nice… someone who knows what I am going through, how this whole process feels…” She said as she looked at him. She had wanted to be able to at least talk about the urges she had never had before. The desire to sink her teeth into someone’s flesh… It was not a good feeling for Stella. She had never wanted to harm someone before all of this. He seemed too sophisticated for her. She came from a family of cons. They moved around when they were run out of town. She had studied at school, but she did not have the same world quality to her. She was young, in more ways than one. ”There are rules to what I am and I don’t know them… not all of them really. I know the rules that have been put on me by the Ministry…” They were similar but she did not have the full grasp of her species just yet. She supposed she had plenty of time to figure it out. ”It is not as though there is any central reliable information for new vampires to check out and study… like the way muggles are given a handbook to learn how to drive.” she shrugged. It was what it was she supposed. She looked down. The question made her blush. ”I don’t know.” She said softly. It was a strange thing, to feel this particular desire so strongly. Though she worried what it would mean. He could take his pleasure and never be seen or heard from again. ”Can anyone be defined as one thing? I want to know what you would label yourself. You dodge my questions- I have answered yours.” She said. It was not often she was so demanding of someone but she wanted to know. ”You have me figured out, and it makes me feel exposed.”
  11. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Dark brown eyes narrowed as he confirmed there was nothing he feared. ”I don’t believe you.” She said honestly. There was always something. She had seen it many times, but she wondered why he didn’t seem to want to admit it. ”Fear is necessary- unless you are telling me you are a socio path and you feel nothing.” Which would seemed likely given the way Stella’s life seemed to be going. She looked at the man in front of her and wondered what went on in his mind. He seemed to know a lot about this sort of thing for someone who had no fear. Letting out a small sigh she wondered if this was the part where she pushed him away, out of fear that while he said he had no ulterior motives, she rarely took people at their word anymore. She had been promised unconditional love from her parents but they had not stuck by her. She was supposed to be loved by someone and she was loved by no one. That was one of the hardest things to accept. ”I suppose most like me have the one who turned them to turn to when they need guidance. The one who turned me attacked me and left me for dead. I have not heard from them, I have never sensed them… they abandoned me.” Like her parents. This was how one developed a complex about these things. ”I have not been around too many others like me honestly” she had not wanted to give up her humanity in any capacity. Though she supposed she had not hung onto it very well give the life she led, how she hid in the darkness and shadows now. She let out a small sigh. She should push him away and run. Leave before he could hurt her. Leave before she set herself up to get hurt. The man felt no fear… Should that scare her? She bit her lip for a moment. ”I wouldn’t know how to go about exploring…” Which was the truth. She didn’t have someone to show her and she didn’t want to draw attention to herself- more importantly she didn’t want to hurt someone with her abilities. Stella was worried about more things than she felt at ease with. Including this man. Who she was pressed against and she had yet to make a move to leave his grasp. ”As though you are complaining about your hands on my body.” She said as she looked at him for a moment before she took a moment to focus on the way his hands felt on her. ”Though you have been a gentleman about it.” She pointed out. His hands could have wandered to some not so innocent places. She looked at him. ”I hope that is true…” She never wished for things to happen to others and though he was only little more than a stranger she didn’t want to see harm come to him. She listened to him explain why she was a survivor and she was not so sure that he was right but… she was not going to debate that with him. At least not now. Letting out a small sigh she watched him for a moment. Studying his facial features and committing them to memory. ”What are you if I am a survivor?”
  12. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Stella was keenly aware of the way his hands moved along her back… Stella was always keenly aware of the way someone touched her. The incidental brushes had been nice, the way Kelsey would embrace her… and now the way he moved his hands, as though means of distraction. It was working, though she was not as focused on him as she was his hands she had to pull herself from the feelings. Feelings were something that could easily lead to her putting herself in danger. Though she had not sensed that he was being deceptive, she still found herself listening to the sound of his pulse. She could easily get lost in sensing the way the blood flowed through someone. Though for now, she could sense he was calm… even with her pressed so close. It was strange to not be considered a friend…. Even Kelsey got nervous around her from time to time. ”So you do not fear anything?” She asked him, that too was a very interesting concept. Stella did not have much to fear, the sun maybe- starvation if she was not able to get out… but she was a predator, she was an apex predator… Or rather she should have been but Stella was not one to hunt man. She was happier with the bags of blood in the fridge… not to mention she was not looking to bring attention to herself, something that she had not done so well with this man… but she liked this attention. He did not seem to want to destroy her. That at least mitigated her only true fear… to end up on the wrong side of a wooden stake. Though she supposed it would help with the desire to be either dead, or alive. She looked at him and narrowed her eyes. ”I don’t know yet… but I will know it when I get there.” Stella had not been sure what her boundaries were now, she had changed a great deal in three years and things she had not thought she would do, she was doing. She had thought she would be completely different and here she was… she looked at him and smiled. ”I have not explored many things about my abilities...” Mortal or otherwise. ”You could have come to my home, but I did not wish to make you feel as though you were being lured to your death if you figured me out.” She said at the idea of meeting at midnight. She then looked at the ocean for a moment. ”Many reasons, I miss the beach, the way the sun warms your skin, the smell of the suntan lotion and the salty air… As a child when my family stayed in the beach towns I was always happier… I don’t know what it is about the ocean but I find great comfort in it’s vastness.” She said turning once more to look at him. ”That is a very romantic way to put something.” She teased him. She liked the way it sounded. ”Is that how you see me? As a survivor?”
  13. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    While Stella was intelligent, it was fairly obvious that the man in front of her was very intelligent. The way he spoke, as though his words were elaborate tapestries of the wisdom he carried in his brain. She would live centuries… but she did not think she would ever find wisdom like this. She let out a small sigh as she listened. It was the sort of language you could get lost in. Not just in how it was strung together, but in the way he spoke. Sometimes when he talked Stella could feel herself not understanding. She had found she felt marginalized because of her new status, but this marginalization had also bled into other parts of her life. She wanted to make herself small. Because of this small feeling she had developed she had also found she felt unworthy of some basic things. For one she did not think she would be worthy to stand here like this. Though the possibility was this man wanted a thrill, he wanted to say he had been this close to a vampire. Or perhaps he was angling for more than just feeling her softness. That idea seemed to ignite something inside of her. Stella had been a good girl, her mother had been rather insistent that she remain chaste… and she had, so he would have been a bit disappointed in her lack of skill… her lack of experience. It was also not something you simply shared with someone. ”you know what I am, but I have sensed no deception in your pulse, in your body language. I don’t have that gut feeling that comes with knowing danger.” She then looked up at him. ”And you interest me. You are not scared of me, you speak like a man with great wealth and power. You have ventured out past the boarders of Australia.” she said as she looked at him. ”Or maybe I am so starved for affection I have simply followed the rabbit into the den of a mongoose.” She had to admit they were not the pair of people most would root for. She was a vampire, she fed on humans and he was something she had not put her finger on, but she felt as though he was involved in shady things. ”I suppose it is only fitting that we meet on the beach like this. In the cover of night.” she was not sure if that answered his question but she felt like it must have. She sighed as she looked at the man in front of her. ”I don’t have much use for them anyway… I don’t think a man would like to be with a woman who was stronger than they are.” she said with a smile.
  14. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    Balance was something that Stella had always found important, part of the issues she had with her family and how they made their living was that they didn’t have that balance, it was a mess in their home, in their household. It had bothered her that she had not been in balance there. She felt more balanced at school… then she lost the balance. She had not quite found it again. Not yet anyway. She was hoping that in some way, she could eventually find balance in the mess she had been dropped into. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”Balance is important in the universe, not just on the grand scale but the smaller internal ones as well.” It ws something she had noticed over time. That balance was not just cosmic but it occurred on the cellular level- but Stella was not in balance, she was the sort of thing that drove the universe out of balance. However, she existed, so there had to be some balance to be had. She shrugged at the idea there were worse evils than her. She was not sure if she believed it, or if she had seen herself as the true evil because of what she was. Stella had never met someone like her before. She had studied about them in school, but she had not actually spent time with one. She didn’t know what it really was like to be a vampire… the concept had been something she at least understood. ”So if they exist then, there should be others who balance them out...” To understand balance, you had to acknowledge both sides of the spectrum… Meaning there had to be good to balance out what she was. ”Me? I am not sure that I am soft any longer.” She said with a sigh. Though she was never that soft to begin with. Not when you traveled in the circles they traveled in. ”You have no idea what I was going to say.” She said with a small smile. ”I think you and I both know what happens when you trust the wrong person.” The wrong person would get you killed. ”Love all, trust few, do wrong to none…” She repeated a popular phrase from the bard himself. Stella had always loved Othello and As You Like it, she had been lucky enough to see Hamlet when she had snuck into the playhouse in Sydney. ”Do you trust me?” she questioned him as she looked at him… ”To allow me so near to you knowing what I am?” She made a loud pfft sound when he mentioned a sugar daddy. ”Hardly, no one has volunteered for the role.”[b/] It was not as though she had met any possible sugar daddy in all honesty, she wouldn’t know where to look. Though she did not really think that she would prosper in that relationship. Money was something people could use to control others and though the idea seamed nice- she didn’t think it would be for her. ”A proper damsel, I don’t think anyone would want to be that… it is much easier to save yourself instead of wait on some prince to stumble over and kiss you.”
  15. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Stella King
    ”If I am such a romantic, you are the very antithesis of a romantic.” She wondered if that meant they would be at odds forever. Well, for his lifetime. If he stuck around past this evening. Stella had come to accept most of the people in her life as transient. Even by mortal standards. She looked at the man in front of her and she wondered if he had been hurt by someone or if this was from years of being hardened by others. She had met both on the other side of her bar, though the ones with the sob stories tended to stay around a little longer. Like her they wanted some kind of human interaction, something to validate how they felt. That was something she had not been sure she would find among the vampires or the mortals. It was a very strange place to be. ”Life I suppose is not made for the feint of heart.” Neither was death. It was messy, and painful and often times you were left with this empty feeling in your belly. She had come to know the empty feeling well. It was a bone deep sensation that you never really got over. It lingered in your mind, and if you let it win, it was easy to turn into a hardened version of yourself. She had not had that luck- she felt this would have been a better fate if Stella had allowed her heart to harden. Maybe this would be less of a painful transition. She wouldn’t have cared that her family and most of her friends had abandoned her. Looking at him she frowned a bit. ”you should at least indulge in something softer.” She said. ”Everything does not need to be so harsh all of the time. It is about knowing when.” Letting out a small breath as she thought about it. ”Or you just have to trust someone to show you.” She said… whoever he trusted. ”Though I think you would need someone who were not as sharp around the edges as your friend Mish, or yourself.” She made a show of placing her hand on his shoulder and then pulling back and shaking it as though she had cut herself. Stella didn’t know what his life was like, if he had someone to provide something gentler for him to rest in. She nodded. ”Only time will tell, I am hoping that it is at least successful enough to keep me employed and my part of the rent paid.” She said with a slight smile. She was relatively okay when it came to money and honestly her friend’s family had only taken portions of their rent and paid the rest. Neither of them made a lot of money. ”Now, that is a very romantic idea, where you knight in shining armor or perhaps the antihero black knight?’ She asked him as she looked at him. He was a strange occurrence in an already strange existence. it was not everyday someone saved you.
Stella Marie King
bartender 0
* year old Muggleborn Vampire her/she
Year Level 0
Occupation bartender
Player  Kay
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Vampire
Pronouns her/she
Play-by Madelaine Petch
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