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  1. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    There had been so much between them in the moment. The internal struggle she had felt was not as strong as other things won out. The sensation of his fingers as they trailed across her cooled skin. There was a feeling that made her tremble- but not in fear, or because she was cold. It was a very different sort of tremble. One of the things she found quite interesting was how her usual modesty was not really present at the moment. There was no urge to cover herself as the garment was tossed to the ground. She felt vulnerable… but not in the way she had before, not because she was scared… she was just curious now. He didn’t seem to find shame in her skin and that was enough to keep her from worrying about how she looked at the moment. She did not have much time to think about it however, his mouth was soon pressed once more to his skin and she let out a soft sigh. It was a good sensation… one she had not felt before, it felt like she was on fire… it had been a long time since she had felt warmth quite like this. The coldness she had come to know intimately was thawing. She smiled her arms wrapping around him to pull him into her. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes. Fingers danced lightly across his flesh. Taking moments to map him with the featherlight touches. This was a much different way to be consumed… she already liked it better than the way she had become so accustomed to. Stella worried that this would leave her unsatisfied- having felt this, and knowing she could feel this again. ’More.” She urged him on. She wanted more, she wanted to feel everything he had to offer- may he spare nothing and waste no time.
  2. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Stella felt trapped in between two stereotypes. On one hand she had been the virginal teenager, a good girl who simply wanted to fall in love and have a family. The girl she used to be, the one she had not quite mourned. The life she had wanted for herself was not the life she had been used to, on the road- it was a stable one, it was one that included those white picket fences that people talked about. Children and happiness… It was not the traveling lifestyle she had grown up in, even there she was a a good girl, she listened to her parents, she did as was asked of her and when she went to Tally she continued to be the good girl, though she was not scared of the darker things in life, she had grown up in a world that was darker, she chose to be more concerned with the proper things. It was in her travel from the life she used to lead with her parents back to school that the second stereotype manifested. The bite on her neck, the injuries from the attack that had happened- it transformed her into another creature all together. It was a creature she didn’t know how to be. The seductive vampire, smooth and silky with their words- spinning webs to trap poor mortals. Sometimes she felt the silk as she spoke with someone, sometimes she knew she was attempting some kind of seduction but when she became aware of it- she felt out of touch with her new self. His hands traced delicately along the lacey fabric and she realized that he was in the process of seducing her- which left her once more in the in between. She was not the good girl, but she was not the seductress either. However that did not seem to matter to Jonathan. He was not afraid of the risk- and that seemed to ease her mind. If he knew what he was doing- then she was not about to stop him. ”Then show me.” She said, quietly, almost a demand, but more of a simple ask. She wanted to know what he was talking about… it was something she had not experienced before but she had heard plenty talk about it. The tingle in her chest, the desire that was growing… the vibrations that moved through her when he touched her- she had become more prone to taking such risks- like standing near the growing light of the sun. She hoped this would be a much more satisfying burn than that would have been.
  3. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    The idea of choice was something that had become quite precious to her. So much of her life had always been overseen by others- her family… the ministry the school… she looked at him and thought for a moment. It was not as though she was happy with the oversight- she supposed she saw it as the way for her to keep living what she had left of life. It did not make for happiness most of the time but that was alright she figured. Nothing was really a guarantee of happiness. It was also something she was not really looking for, that was how you ended up miserable. There was a lot pf pressure on being happy Stella was just sort of looking to survive. There were the more moral dilemmas she found herself faced with but those were for another time. This was about many other things. At least right now. She let out a small sigh and she pulled back just a bit. Simply looking at him for a moment. What exactly was she doing? Why was he welcoming this? There were so many questions… However none of them seemed all that important. She felt the warmth of his hands and sensations that used to tickle that no longer did. ’You so willingly take your life into your hands…” she said, more so mocking herself than anything else. She smiled at him
  4. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Though she did not want to murder him, she was aware of the fact she was now a predator. She had that very basic desire and need to hunt. To take the edge off she had been hunting some smaller animals, rats in the alleyway and the like. She ran still, that seemed to be the best way to curb the need to stalk something. Or someone. She let out a small laugh as he suggested she was of a different sort. Letting out a small hum she shrugged. ”I am not sure I am any different than any of my kind. I think we all have the ability to remember what it was like to be human, I myself am… just closer to my humanity.” She had only been a vampire for a few years in comparison. ”Perhaps it was the ministry early intervention.” She was closely monitored through her change. It was not the easiest thing to have an agency looking over you. Especially as you attempted to be a better person. They seemed to be as close as two beings could be at the moment and she smiled as she leaned into him. The fragile humanity that she gripped so tightly seemed to be at the forefront at the moment and the only she truly cared about was the fact she was connecting on a physically intimate moment. More so than the moment shared on the beach. She liked the closeness, it was something she had missed the past few years. The fear of rejection was not something she was worried about. She pulled back from him once more studying his face. She could feel the desire in the moment and she leaned over, a gentle kiss this time, not as hard as before but the emotion still there. She wanted to display he softness, she needed to show there was softness to her still- though she was not showing him, she was showing herself. her hands trailed along his chest, his biceps, and then finally they curled around his back her hands slipping under his shirt her exploration was bolder this time.
  5. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    The movies had not been too clear on what vampires actually were, many would likely be surprised to know that she did not sparkle in the sun, she simply burned to ash. Or that she was not quite like the vampires that Ann Rice wrote about, though she was much closer to what they were than those horrible books with a warped sense of romance. She would not have felt protected by someone who watched her sleep at night. What would have made her feel safe at this point in her life she was not sure. In all honestly, she felt very unsafe. It was not something she felt would change until she was able to feel safe as what she was now… something that may never come. So much had been stolen from her that night. Stella had to mourn who she used to be, and that was so strange and so hard to do. She let out a soft sigh. ”Not everyday someone has a vampire in their lap who does not wish to murder them.” She was enjoying the moment. It had been something she found happened with him often. She enjoyed the moments they spent time together. The time on the beach, the moments she turned to find him seated at the bar of the club. She liked when he was there, people left her alone. She assumed due to the man’s presence and her preoccupation with him. She smiled. There was no need for him to lure her anywhere, she was drawn in and doing her best to lure him to her. Though she was not sure how necessary this was. She smiled into the kiss as he responded to her. Though she did not think she had to worry, she was relieved. The warmth of his fingers made her shift just a little closer to him. She let out a small sigh. This was a part of her life that had not been explored very often, if it all. Stella did not have trouble getting someone’s attention, but she found she was not easily drawn in by those suitors. Not much had occurred beyond this and she was not sure she would be able to stop much of anything- perhaps her hunger was not one that needed blood.
  6. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    ”I have seen those horror movies and it never ends up okay for the predator.” She said, usually the humans outsmarted them. Though she had been a human… maybe one might call her the anti hero now… though she really didn’t see herself as anything quite so romantic. Though she did like the way he was looking at her. As though he might consume her. It was a strange thing, the idea of desire. How it was something she ultimately had no control over. She was always going to desire something. She smiled at him ”Does that mean I am not experiencing anything unique in my struggles.” It was a tease and nothing more. She wished she could see what he saw. Or what anyone else saw in her. She felt it would change her perception maybe, only she knew what dark secrets she his inside her pale frame. She smiled at him. Her thin fingers running over the pulse point in his neck once more. Her finger drummed the visible vein and she hummed softly. Taking a moment her eyes searching his face, wondering if it might divulge any more of the secrets he held inside of his head. She was fascinated by him. That went without saying. ”I just want to be sure.” She assured him her hand coming to rest on his face, her thumb gently ran along hit bottom lip as she decided she would show him what she was talking about. ”I was thinking more along the lines of this…” she said as she leaned over to kiss him.
  7. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    ”Everything can be tempting.” Especially when she was hungry. It was important for her to keep herself well fed. Letting out a small sigh she looked at the man whose lap she was sitting in. He seemed relaxed, something she found amusing. Prey usually didn’t relax in the hands of their predator. Though he seemed to know that he was not prey. At his words however her pale and deft hand on his neck gently tapping on his pulse point. ”Even well fed you have no idea how that smells.” It smelled intoxicating. Which was another strange sensation o be so attracted to him and to want to eat him at the same time. The constant battles in her mind seemed to extend to nearly everything these days. She looked at him and shook her head. ”I take no pride in the loss of anyone else.” She didn’t understand what had made her special enough to make it through the change. She was aware that not everyone could survive the transition. The need for the blood of other s to survive. It was not something she had thought she would be able to handle herself but somehow… she had managed. It helped that it came from plastic bags and not a live body. She let out a small sigh as she leaned in to smell and then leaned out. Feeling that familiar lengthening feeling of her fangs a sensation in her stomach as she gained control of herself. She needed to be more careful. Looking at him she shook her head. ”No blood until I know I can control myself.” She had not taken blood from a live human donar just yet. She didn’t know the sensation of the puncture and what it was like too feel the blood drain and pulse from a body. Event he idea of it now made her feel anxious… as though she needed to try it… she leaned in. ”I’ll settle for other things in the meantime.”
  8. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    That was probably true. She looked at him and she wondered ow she might explain to him. ”Everything I think and feel is intense now.” She had gone through quite the change. She looked at him. ”It is like everything has been turned up to 200 and there is not a reprieve. I cannot quiet my mind like I used to.” She could hear the beating of the hearts in the area around them- the rats, the neighbors cat. She could hear her roommates heart at night. It was so loud sometimes she had no idea what the hell she was going to do. Even now. ”I can hear the sound of your blood as is flows through your carotid artery. It wants to pull me into a trance.” She admitted to him. Though she had eaten in the past few hours and she could stave that urge off. She nodded. ”Perhaps I would have been better off not surviving the attack, or perhaps this is just another thing that happens.” She had thought much about it but she was unable to come with a conclusion. She had at least not turned into a rabid version of herself. That would have been a rather terrible thing. ”I am not one who enjoys inflicting pain in general. Though I have found some catharsis in feeling it.” Especially now when she couldn’t truly feel much of anything else. Letting out a soft sigh she shrugged. ”And if I have. Would be willing to provide more?” That was the true question, wasn’t it? She could want more, but unless he also wanted more… then it really didn’t matter.
  9. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Emotions were among the many things she felt more intensely. Jealousy was something that ran rampant when it wanted to. When another woman paid the man too much attention at the club. She could feel it flash like lightening through her. It was strange, she had no claim to him and yet she didn’t like when his attention would be diverted from her. she relished the way it felt when she could feel his eyes on her. She also knew the lows that she felt, were lower than she was used to as well. They were deep and wounding thoughts that ran through her mind. Things she had thought about It was something that made her prone to these impulsive actions. ”Sometimes my thoughts are intense to the point I am not sure how to quiet them.” She said in response to walking into the light. ”I feel driven to drown out the sounds that come with the constant idea of eternity with such deep and intense emotions.” It was not something he had verbalized before. Stella had been told the importance of not depending upon others but this man had kept her from a more permanent death. Looking at him she smiled. ”I have not seen myself as someone who is a beast, a creature perhaps, but I saw myself as something else when I was still a human.” She then looked at him and tilted her head. ”Would it be so wrong for me to enjoy and want more?” she asked him. She studied him. ”Or maybe you are worried about it?”
  10. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    No one had come forward, her sire had left her to die, and due to the nature of vampires she had not seen much in way of help for this new form she was taking. It was impossible to deal with. She felt alone, and lost and no one seemed to know how to help her with the transition except how they needed to hide her away. As though she was something shameful. It had felt that way honestly and she wondered how shameful she truly was. Right now, she was shameless. Sitting in his lap in the semi dark… she was not worried abut what he thought of her however. He had spent enough time in the dark to know what lurked there. ”I have no guidance, just what the ministry tells me and I do not feel they want me at my full potential.” She let out, what could be a soft purr as his hand came to her slim waist. She looked at him his eyes capturing her gaze. One of the many things she had noticed about the man was that when he looked at her, she couldn’t pull her gaze away. In the club it was distracting but she also liked when she could feel his eyes on her. Tracking her as she moved behind the bar, in the club. It made her smile now as he looked at her. The morning had been one she had been contemplating something else. She smiled at him. ”I would not dream of it.” She said honestly. ”I enjoy your presence too much”
  11. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Nothing was too long in the matter of eternity. She had learned a few things in her death that she would never be able to understand in her life. That was the most prevalent one at the moment. She smiled at him. ”Maybe you can help me adjust?” She asked him. It seemed like he would be able to show her some things about the dark life that he had mastered and she waned to master as well. If she was to live in the darkness, she needed to learn the way. There was a little she knew but there would be more he could teach. That and she liked the time they had been spending time together. Even if it was in her phone. The idea of her being in his lap was something she didn’t mind. Letting out a small sigh. She moved on the couch to slide into his lap. ’Too much for you?” She asked. She was small she had not lost her small weight, though she was stronger, her weight had not changed. At least she hoped she had not. Her arm snaked around his shoulders. She had not been sure how she was supposed to ask int his case but she was pretty sure she enjoyed this so far. She liked his attention, she couldn’t deny it. ”The bat is very very happily reaping benefits. But I do not think you are losing here.” she shook her head.
  12. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    The man beside her. The one she had become so enamored with over these weeks and months. Eh had nearly won her over that first night, in the club, and then the second night as he held her by the water. His various visits to the club with his friend. ”Maybe that is the draw for both of us. We can see both the darkness and the person who hides behind it.” Though she supposed she was the only one hiding. ”Or maybe it is because you have accepted and embraced it and I still cannot seem to find it within me.” She studied him, his features were always so perfect. It was amazing. She let out a small laugh at the idea of it and she moved closer to him. ”Are you in my lap then?” She would quite like him to be though she thought it might be a bit heavy. ”Or would it be better if I was in your lap.” She questioned him. Unsure of why, she was so aggressive, maybe it was the vampire inside of her. the hunger she felt was strange but she didn’t want to use him for food. That she had at least taken care of that. She found a few ways to handle herself when the hunger got to be too much. It didn’t sound like Narrie was doing well. ’Is that why you come here, to avoid the cats… in favor of bats?” She made a joke about herself. ”That seems rathe macabre of you.” She said with a smile as she looked back at him from the ceiling.
  13. Invite Just One of Those Days

    Stella shrugged. She supposed it was cool. It had not seemed that way when she was living it. Never settling, never making close friends, it had been isolating and then she went to Tally and she had friends, and now, because of her nature, she was isolated once more. It seemed like a cruel joke but what could she could do aside from burn to death in the sun. ”Oh that is nice.” Children were another thing that Stella wouldn’t encounter, That thought upset her a bit, but what could she do? she wouldn’t dare change a child. She at least remembered from some education that child vampires could be very dangerous. She smiled. ”Well good I am glad you get some time to yourself” Everyone needed that. She shrugged ”Sure, I can’t say I have spent much time around them but I don’t dislike them.”
  14. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    Stella was not expecting it. She nodded, it was not like she felt anyone cared much for the bartender. She had not paid much attention to them until she had become one and she learned what it was like to have to deal with drunk people all evening. She herself drank a bit during her shift, the alcohol didn’t have the same effect on her and so she could afford to so. She let out a small laugh. ”If only they knew that the charm and beauty is only to lure them to their deaths.” She said with as mall sigh. She was a natural predator now, she was built to hunt and kill now. All the while luring her poor victims into her lair to slaughter them. Letting out a small sigh she looked at him. ”Is that what you are seeking? The darker side to me?” she asked looking at him. She was the dark side. At this point there was no light side left. She was an unnatural force of death. It was not something she had thought she would be. She did not always thin k she had a bright future and she was sure that her adult years would have been spent figuring out who she was, she now had to decide what she was. It was not really something she knew how to begin to figure out. Looking at him she shrugged. Did she want to be hunted, not at all. But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. She had to be ready. She lept a low profile for the most part, until she had not wanted to have a huge fight in the club and someone noticed her strength… and her lack of shadow. She wondered how much of her was readable these days. Being undead had thrown off her natural abilities a bit. She was s till fine tuning them. Palm reading seemed to be the only thing that she could still do with little to no effort. She had looked at her palms a few times and she had noticed the lines had changed. She had heard of it, couples who had been together forever their love lines changed to mirror images of one another… but she had not seen it before now. ”So you travel all the way to Melbourne to party?” She questioned. It was not unheard of. She could remember the night life of Narrie being less than fun. ”Is Narrie not crowded with Aurors… does that make your business hard?”
  15. Invite Just One of Those Days

    There was not a lot that she shared here. She was not supposed to share anything anyway. Not with muggles- which was usually what she dealt with here, with a few notable exceptions. She looked at the young woman and smiled. It was one of those thing he had learned to be coy about. ”I grew up all over Australia. My parents moved quite a bit- we lived in an RV.” She had liked it honestly, they didn’t have too many material things and they were able to enjoy themselves. ”I didn’t go to uni so there was nothing to study really.” She shrugged her pale shoulders before she looked back at the young woman. ”usually I just sleep… since I’m up most of the night doing things.” She said with a smile as she looked at her. ”What about you? What do you usually do around this time?”